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  • Marissa Bruno
    Marissa Bruno Hace 4 horas

    Katie is me when I see a babie "I love you"

  • Sunita Giri
    Sunita Giri Hace 11 horas

    Nice song But I miss something here..... what is that OMG I miss Simons team here and his teams strong and rich comment.

  • Bri Dae
    Bri Dae Hace 13 horas

    35:55 The pianist is feeling her. That's amazing, made me smile.

  • mel carrullo
    mel carrullo Hace 13 horas

    did you guys also watched shane dawson's video about all of this being fake and will never watch american idol the same??

  • עמית בן אריה
    עמית בן אריה Hace 22 horas

    39:57 katy perry said "חוצפה"

  • Lina Lundh
    Lina Lundh Hace un día

    Omg the girl in red too and Blue jeans rocked

  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat Hace un día

    Best judges😍

  • siri sophie
    siri sophie Hace un día


  • lambing99
    lambing99 Hace un día

    Here they are..best judges ever...! I like them very much...Lionel, Luke n Katy...they never judge the contestant!

  • TailsTheFoxTV
    TailsTheFoxTV Hace un día +1

    The first ones are like, the Weasley Twins, but singing!!!

  • Ayla Ayla
    Ayla Ayla Hace 3 días


  • Ayla Ayla
    Ayla Ayla Hace 3 días +2

    Omg the audition of the Guy with the baby🤧I’m in tears😢👏🏼❤️❤️❤️

  • Wonder Boy
    Wonder Boy Hace 3 días

    This is gonna be very cringie but Trevor and Katy even a better love story than Twilight!💙💙💙

  • Wonder Boy
    Wonder Boy Hace 3 días

    "Don't respect me" 😂😂😂😂 tjay was hillarious!!

  • puma lyn
    puma lyn Hace 3 días

    I think their pianist deserved a ticket too! He was awesome!

  • puma lyn
    puma lyn Hace 3 días

    I'm still crying! God bless them all!

  • Alin Y
    Alin Y Hace 3 días

    To the lesbian girl... if you ever change your mind.. hollaaa

  • Reno van Zanten
    Reno van Zanten Hace 4 días

    I love these judges. They are real and fun! A perfect combination!

  • arun tamang
    arun tamang Hace 4 días

    don't worry ketty ,"i love you"

  • tarno hasan muchtar
    tarno hasan muchtar Hace 5 días

    make...me, crying...

  • Marg SR
    Marg SR Hace 6 días

    First guy is so handsome and nice and talented!

  • Luna Blue
    Luna Blue Hace 6 días

    I really hope Noah was able to get his alpacas

  • KusanagiMotoko100
    KusanagiMotoko100 Hace 6 días

    Good singers, I fucking hate the sob stories of these shows.

  • PureTalent
    PureTalent Hace 7 días

    The 18 year old her voice was amazing!! Sad she’s lesbian. I just don’t understand. She’s like “I started dating guys just to get out, and found out they weren’t for me.” You gotta try harder, not just step back and be like that. Like it just doesn’t feel right at all. Her voice is still amazing though, I just wish people weren’t like “Guys just aren’t for me.” Or “girls just aren’t for me.”

  • Normand Duchesnil
    Normand Duchesnil Hace 7 días

    Mara Justine competed in America's Got Talent during season 9, she was 11 years old... esclips.com/video/OuK_FGMwcPQ/vídeo.html&t=194s

  • Zeke Osta
    Zeke Osta Hace 7 días

    Him at 17:53 is literally me around any baby

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson Hace 8 días

    Katie perry jealousy 10:25

  • Hamalama Dingdong
    Hamalama Dingdong Hace 8 días

    the guy thats in wheel chair. his friend or girlfriend is one hell of a woman! its nice to see there is still beautiful,kind hearted people out there.

  • Stale Frenk
    Stale Frenk Hace 8 días

    Ironic, 21 century machine, I thought she was bitter about it, why did she join the very essence of it by joining idol? Disingenous

  • andrea salinas
    andrea salinas Hace 9 días

    I'm loving Katy and Trevor 😂😍

  • Taylor Renee
    Taylor Renee Hace 10 días

    What does "wig" mean??

  • lieutenant lu
    lieutenant lu Hace 10 días


  • Alice Herman
    Alice Herman Hace 11 días +1

    Trevor's gf is jealous asf I didn't like her by the way they don't match .....

  • John Z
    John Z Hace 11 días +1

    Ohhh Myyy Gawd!! Mara Justine has got to be 30+! There's NO Way a talent like that can be in a 15 year old's body. She is over the top AWESOME!

  • John Z
    John Z Hace 11 días

    David Franscisco IS that good. With or without America's Got Talent, we'll be hearing him on the radio.

  • Robert Oti
    Robert Oti Hace 12 días

    Journey is real good, the devil has the best voice though right. lol 😂😂🤣

  • Margie Bauer
    Margie Bauer Hace 12 días

    Who would have thought that Katy Perry could be so much fun! I enjoyed her so much!! ♡♡♡

  • midhun S Kartha
    midhun S Kartha Hace 13 días

    Katty is too hot without Hair

  • Dela Fuente Ericka
    Dela Fuente Ericka Hace 14 días

    These judges are the best match for this show! I love it!!

  • Rashawn Matthews
    Rashawn Matthews Hace 14 días +1

    My favorite auditions!!!

  • Joshua bove
    Joshua bove Hace 15 días

    Oh no not the corncob
    I hit the corncob lol that girl is funny

  • McKenna Chestnutt
    McKenna Chestnutt Hace 16 días +1

    luke’s laugh is everything 😂😂

  • Terrance Barrett
    Terrance Barrett Hace 16 días

    Haha Katie is adorbs..

  • fxx
    fxx Hace 17 días

    The guy who’s playing the piano tho! 😂oooff

  • Kush Sharma
    Kush Sharma Hace 17 días

    I love perry Beautiful lady

  • Zack Poling
    Zack Poling Hace 17 días +1

    Imagine being able to tell your child that they were once held by Luke Bryan.

  • Mia Garduno
    Mia Garduno Hace 17 días

    Oml Journey gave me goose bumps

  • Sirfi
    Sirfi Hace 18 días

    Best man ever, good bless you !

  • Hary Aldi
    Hary Aldi Hace 19 días +1

    35:20 I'm dying hahahaha

  • Zaira09 LShevziq iaheba
    Zaira09 LShevziq iaheba Hace 19 días

    Wow I didn’t notice how long it was .

  • Skäggulk Bergström
    Skäggulk Bergström Hace 19 días +1

    Best judges on this show, never been so happy =)

  • the golden growlithe
    the golden growlithe Hace 19 días

    Wait what...a girl and a girl married?!?!??!?WOAH!Witch one is the wife?Is one of them considered a husband???Is one of them a boy???

  • Sara Campos
    Sara Campos Hace 20 días

    I love Katie

  • Rj the great
    Rj the great Hace 21 un día +1

    If I was that guy and Katy suprise kissed me I wouldn't even flinch but quickly and aggressively grab her head and hold it into my face while i longe my long ass tongue down her throat making her gag ..while still aggressively holding her head so she can't go no where...as the moment intensifies I would stare deep in her eyes making her see how crazy I'm getting

  • Midman5
    Midman5 Hace 21 un día

    34:57 lmao that guy was like oh shit

  • ervan n
    ervan n Hace 22 días

    Save palestina

  • Typical n0rway
    Typical n0rway Hace 22 días

    54:07. Katy checking out Randys girlsfriends butt. 😂

  • Tadele Basazenew
    Tadele Basazenew Hace 22 días

    we are negroth

  • Bobbie Daniel
    Bobbie Daniel Hace 23 días

    Lol that girl was like a Zumba instructor

  • Lily Lily
    Lily Lily Hace 23 días

    What was Noah’s last name?

  • Celia Rolleston
    Celia Rolleston Hace 23 días


  • Jessie J
    Jessie J Hace 23 días +1

    Hi random person scrowling through the comments Edit : plz dont be rude say hi back :p

  • Irfan  Syazwan
    Irfan Syazwan Hace 23 días

    what's the guy's name at 23.00 ?

  • jose Alvarado
    jose Alvarado Hace 23 días

    👀🙅🏻‍♂️❌ awkward ASF @45:20

  • 24k_annie
    24k_annie Hace 23 días

    Love the first one

  • JooheonsDimples
    JooheonsDimples Hace 24 días


  • Kudzi M
    Kudzi M Hace 24 días +1

    Young people so talented 😭😭😭😭

  • Mark Vozelj
    Mark Vozelj Hace 24 días

    Katy is so damn beautiful

  • Brett Tickell
    Brett Tickell Hace 24 días

    21:22 damn

  • Riki
    Riki Hace 25 días

    32:47 she pissed herself

  • What’s my username Boy
    What’s my username Boy Hace 25 días

    I’m dead

    When Katy went running out

  • leo bt
    leo bt Hace 25 días

    love you katy 😍😍

  • Wilhelm Nymark
    Wilhelm Nymark Hace 25 días +1

    Marcio Donaldson💕💪🏻👍🏻 your son is the luckiest baby ever!!!!!!!!! What a man and rolemodel you are not just for your son but for mankind. Watching you makes me want to be a better father and person....

  • Slytherin
    Slytherin Hace 25 días

    21rst century machine is incredible!!!!!

  • Anna Larmour
    Anna Larmour Hace 25 días

    The most heartbreaking but amazing audition I have ever seen on American Idol.

  • Just ME Onlyme
    Just ME Onlyme Hace 26 días

    30:26 brilliant. 34:31 chills. 41:00 reaction! .. 47:08 ohh boy!

  • Jennifer Verghese
    Jennifer Verghese Hace 26 días

    Tervour ...was a toads name 😒 in Harry Potter. ..nevialle longbottom

  • Lana Pokemon
    Lana Pokemon Hace 26 días

    Noah Davis looked like he was lip syncing.... anyone else??

  • Ganna AKA Jannah
    Ganna AKA Jannah Hace 27 días +1

    that girlfriend got so jealous she rannnnn jumped on Trevor and when Katy left she stopped once she came back she kissed him again likeeee ur mad pettyyyyy

  • KittyLoveTreats Goat human


  • wan kyrol abbas
    wan kyrol abbas Hace 27 días

    That guy on left are so humble always stand up to greets good contestants

  • wan kyrol abbas
    wan kyrol abbas Hace 27 días

    Oh so disgusting when they thought sinful relationship is blessed get yourself kill

  • Tricia Tolentino
    Tricia Tolentino Hace 27 días

    what does wig mean???

  • Flank Afish
    Flank Afish Hace 28 días

    wig,snatched,its in arknisaw

  • manusia kocak
    manusia kocak Hace 28 días

    best judges so far, best positive and fresh vibes spreading and affecting the contestants

  • dana khereba
    dana khereba Hace 28 días


  • Spaghetti Bird
    Spaghetti Bird Hace 28 días +1

    Katy Perry always sounds like a sexual predator

  • Laielli Morvicc
    Laielli Morvicc Hace 29 días

    A katie gamou muito no rapaz, nossa, hahaha estou rindo muito aqui, sério mesmo.

  • patti church
    patti church Hace 29 días +3

    God the real man who saved that baby from the system and I just want to say that that’s a real man! What a true man should be! God bless you and that baby!

  • H B
    H B Hace 29 días

    Lean back

  • Philip Snegirov
    Philip Snegirov Hace 29 días

    50:51 Katty Perry just kissed a guy. No wonder, tho.

  • Ani Qaqa
    Ani Qaqa Hace 29 días

    #WIG 😘

  • Grace _B
    Grace _B Hace 29 días

    Katy running away from Trevor’s girlfriend was literally everything

  • mazlima5 omar
    mazlima5 omar Hace un mes

    Can't believe Katy Perry can be so funny!

  • Majebeth Labador
    Majebeth Labador Hace un mes

    Wig! 👏

  • Aung Zin moe
    Aung Zin moe Hace un mes

    Only we know what that is’’ hmmm

  • Aung Zin moe
    Aung Zin moe Hace un mes


  • LONEWOLF9701
    LONEWOLF9701 Hace un mes

    im sorry but the first video was terrible they were both not in sinc and it was hard for me not too cringe

  • Sadee Nafus
    Sadee Nafus Hace un mes +1

    Anyone going to talk about the 18 year old already married?

  • Julian Ramsey
    Julian Ramsey Hace un mes

    Those twins at the beginning... the one on the left who sang most of it was not very good at all lol