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  • peter mcdonough
    peter mcdonough Hace un hora


    This was great.

  • camille mcaloon
    camille mcaloon Hace 2 horas

    Katy perry is a whore

  • camille mcaloon
    camille mcaloon Hace 2 horas

    God I hate this fake phony show take it off take em all off total fucking shit tv sucks

  • camille mcaloon
    camille mcaloon Hace 2 horas

    None of these special

  • camille mcaloon
    camille mcaloon Hace 2 horas

    Ahhhhh sob stories🤥

  • LillyBug 0719
    LillyBug 0719 Hace 6 horas

    Welp, I guess there’s a new Beyoncé

  • Moz MWhite
    Moz MWhite Hace 9 horas

    Fucking hick has no idea how to pronounce Venezuela. What the fuck do they teach you Yanks in school?

  • Moz MWhite
    Moz MWhite Hace 9 horas

    Oh, this is fucking brilliant! American fruitcake. And they're all on the panel. Mostly.

  • Lora Smith
    Lora Smith Hace 10 horas

    Fuck all the people that disliked this video

  • Ricardo Nieto
    Ricardo Nieto Hace 16 horas

    me parece una persona tan pobre que usa a su hermana para causar lastima ... que ser humano tan miserable

  • Rongomaiwahine Higgins
    Rongomaiwahine Higgins Hace un día

    Im bugged right now what does WIG mean? Can someone please let me know

  • gavin _
    gavin _ Hace un día +1

    Katy perry can’t focus on the music. Only the baby

  • Hope mcgallion 123
    Hope mcgallion 123 Hace un día

    I DIED when Katy “tried” to dance

  • azraelbatosi
    azraelbatosi Hace un día

    "Don't respect me!" Truer words were never spoken by a woman to man she wants to fuck, lol.

  • Stephler
    Stephler Hace un día +2

    i...just...balled...balled my eyes out over little baby Rashaad...sweetest most beautiful baby and beautiful man for taking him..im 7 months pregnant w my first..my son..and im so thankful that this baby has a chance...bless you

  • Fluffy Fish
    Fluffy Fish Hace un día +1

    oml katy fan girling i died laughing😂😂😂❤

  • Angeles Redreagast
    Angeles Redreagast Hace un día

    *Katys heartbroken*

  • llyxco
    llyxco Hace un día


  • Candy Swirl
    Candy Swirl Hace un día


  • sara watson
    sara watson Hace un día

    The twins are fine as hell

  • Jeanine Solagnier
    Jeanine Solagnier Hace un día

    He says to the baby;we did it daddy going to work,how cute,im crying

  • Jannatul Ferdous
    Jannatul Ferdous Hace un día

    The way Katy ran away seeing Trevor's girlfriend, it cracks me up every fucking time!!! HILARIOUS!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eight Of Hearts
    Eight Of Hearts Hace un día

    Isint she lovely-harry styles

  • awesomehailie
    awesomehailie Hace 2 días

    My wig is sister snatched for everyone oh my gosh

  • awesomehailie
    awesomehailie Hace 2 días


  • awesomehailie
    awesomehailie Hace 2 días


  • kyaraissamushroom
    kyaraissamushroom Hace 2 días

    what are all the songs called

  • 1d 1d 1d 1d
    1d 1d 1d 1d Hace 2 días

    i guess david is inspired by harry styles

  • Wildlife 01
    Wildlife 01 Hace 2 días

    10:29 sounds just like her

  • Tejashri Sopan Gavhane
    Tejashri Sopan Gavhane Hace 2 días


  • Camila cabello
    Camila cabello Hace 2 días

    Excellent judges 2017- 2018 loved them they make it fun to watch.

  • Camila cabello
    Camila cabello Hace 2 días

    I love this years 2018 American Idol. Lionel , Kathy, and other judge. It so good they are so cool funny. My favorite judges

  • AK297 Sisters
    AK297 Sisters Hace 2 días

    I cried for the one with the son I did not stoped😍😢😭

  • AK297 Sisters
    AK297 Sisters Hace 2 días

    Love it all omg so good 😍

  • Princesa Evie
    Princesa Evie Hace 2 días


    SLIMEY SLIME SLIME Hace 2 días

    Katy is shook

  • Glori Snow
    Glori Snow Hace 2 días

    that girl who's wife's a soldier said that she was 18?? and married?? whut?

  • Stqic
    Stqic Hace 2 días


  • ultra nut
    ultra nut Hace 3 días

    "Don't stop believing. hUeHgh"

  • Lorena Guillen
    Lorena Guillen Hace 3 días

    That was funny when he said can I please hold him aka the baby lol

  • preia Eubanks
    preia Eubanks Hace 3 días

    Lol I love katy

  • preia Eubanks
    preia Eubanks Hace 3 días

    Lol it was funny how Katy react when the 15yearold said she was born in 2002. What's wrong with 2000's babies

  • Aneta Rosa
    Aneta Rosa Hace 3 días

    Katie perry is a nut job

  • Armius 063
    Armius 063 Hace 3 días

    45:00 oh, hell no xD

  • Heaven Parker
    Heaven Parker Hace 4 días

    46:46 daddy and daughter

  • Linda 204
    Linda 204 Hace 4 días

    God is watching you and your baby you got this made you are a incredible young man with a heart of gold

  • Sugarpaws121
    Sugarpaws121 Hace 4 días

    This shit makes me laugh with the “wig” kid

  • Sugarpaws121
    Sugarpaws121 Hace 4 días

    “Search alpacas running” omg I was dying

  • Sugarpaws121
    Sugarpaws121 Hace 4 días

    Wait what’s the baby’s name??? Did he say his names daddy? I couldn’t hear

  • Joshua McGill
    Joshua McGill Hace 4 días


  • Gabriel Cantu
    Gabriel Cantu Hace 4 días

    Anyone else peep the slap 32:01 lmao

  • pen0rprick
    pen0rprick Hace 4 días

    this show has devolved in quality. its just the judges acting stupid and sob stories

  • NG B
    NG B Hace 4 días

    Marcio Donaldson ... wonderful!!! Aww geez, you made my eyes sweat!! Excellent, young man, excellent!!!

  • Chassi Kirby
    Chassi Kirby Hace 5 días


  • skater _boi
    skater _boi Hace 5 días

    did Richie really just say at 53:41 to kiss a couple men?

  • Sonya Yanez
    Sonya Yanez Hace 5 días

    Beautiful girl and voice

  • Tiara actress
    Tiara actress Hace 5 días

    The second one is amazing!
    God bless Marcio who took in his sister's baby.

  • Star Tetrahedron
    Star Tetrahedron Hace 5 días

    Katy Perry is annoying as shit. Sometimes people just need to shut the F up and realize that its not all about them.

  • Landry Schneider
    Landry Schneider Hace 5 días

    Isn't she lovely was the song I danced with my dad for his wedding

  • SuperTailsPrower7 7
    SuperTailsPrower7 7 Hace 5 días

    When she said “He’s in construction so he has lots of tools” I was ooooooooooooo katyyyy

  • Matilda
    Matilda Hace 5 días

    How Luke laugh, omfg it´s hilarious 😂

  • Dear Kim
    Dear Kim Hace 6 días

    The guy that got hit by car, full of love and positive energy. Wish him all the best.

  • Kristijan Samanov
    Kristijan Samanov Hace 6 días

    This is the Fakest thing ever, Jesus.

  • Bertel Westermark
    Bertel Westermark Hace 6 días +2

    Dearest Katy Perry! You are the finest person there is! You made the judging fair again, You must be full of love your fellow citizens! I love you so much! Next step: I want to meet you in person!

  • Angel
    Angel Hace 6 días

    Wow, all amazing and beautiful. Such a treat to listen too. 👌🏻🌺💫💫💫🌟

  • alexzandra souler
    alexzandra souler Hace 6 días

    50:09 I wish my dad was that proud of me

  • juan fregoso
    juan fregoso Hace 6 días

    they should call this show the real voice.

  • The Wenzel’s
    The Wenzel’s Hace 6 días +1

    i am not trying to be a drama queen but Noah Davis made me cry and i said that is my dream.All of these voices on this video are beautiful!

  • Ashton Hall
    Ashton Hall Hace 6 días

    I cried wen the
    Guy talked about
    His life and how
    He had to take
    The baby thats
    So sad 😥😥😥😥😣😣😣😣😣😣😢😢😢😭to

  • Darko Bonovil
    Darko Bonovil Hace 6 días

    i gonna puke . army gloryfying. american bullshit is better

  • KD
    KD Hace 7 días

    24:15 thats okay fergie took that title back in March

  • KD
    KD Hace 7 días

    2:45 he was the guy evidently ended up on the ellen show

  • Echo 9970
    Echo 9970 Hace 7 días

    Who walks into an audition with a guitar, and goes and puts it on the floor and doesn't use it? It makes you think is it just for show?

  • galaxy flys
    galaxy flys Hace 7 días

    Is this spontaneous or fakness

  • IEatCreepypastasXO Quotev
    IEatCreepypastasXO Quotev Hace 7 días +1

    Am I the only one who found it kind of rude when Katy cut Trevor off while he was talking about having to pay for his moms medical bills to say hes hot?

  • Lydia Selena__43
    Lydia Selena__43 Hace 7 días

    Young man with your baby , i wish you all the best♡♡♡ god bless you and your family!

  • Olivia K.F
    Olivia K.F Hace 7 días

    Holy sh*t 18, gay, and married. Sorry... It's kinda hard to believe the world has gotten to this... I don't know if I like it or hate it.

  • Amanda Nicole
    Amanda Nicole Hace 7 días

    i cant stand katy perry anymore :(

  • Dungeons Heroes
    Dungeons Heroes Hace 8 días

    who doesnt want an alpaca?? lol

  • Medical Opinions
    Medical Opinions Hace 8 días

    That paralyzed guy arms were in the air for a hug and he didn’t collapse. I call bullshit as a medical professional who knows if you are paralyzed, you can’t stand up on your own even under the best of circumstances if your arms are not down In those straps.
    That piece of shit to fake such a traumatic injury. He was injured from something else, recovered and we don’t know what that was. Damn media.

  • Margrette M. Wilson
    Margrette M. Wilson Hace 8 días +1

    I LOVE Katie Perry's hair cut , that cut makes her face come alive . Short hair looks amazing on her . I never realized how pretty she actually is , big beautiful eyes ! You Go Katie Perry !

  • Giselle Reyes
    Giselle Reyes Hace 8 días

    lukes laugh gets me everytime

  • Ma'Rynn Thomason
    Ma'Rynn Thomason Hace 8 días +1

    noah was amazinggggg

  • Moonlight _Draws
    Moonlight _Draws Hace 9 días +1

    Trevor was makin Katy blush heheheheeh 😏😏😏

  • Mirica Woodley
    Mirica Woodley Hace 9 días +1

    married at eighteen tho

  • FJ M
    FJ M Hace 9 días

    The 21st century machine is great

  • Talea G
    Talea G Hace 9 días

    The song Catie wrote I just want to go back to this video every time to listen to that song

  • Talea G
    Talea G Hace 9 días

    I cried all these people are so talented and will have a good life well I hope they have an awesome life and the one when the guy brought in the baby and the dude that got hit by a car made me cry even more

  • raelle anthony Añana
    raelle anthony Añana Hace 9 días

    the pianist's reaction at 34:56 tho hahahaha

  • Samantha Taylor
    Samantha Taylor Hace 9 días

    bless the third audition
    bless his sweet heart

  • Samantha Taylor
    Samantha Taylor Hace 9 días

    The man who moved to Nashville and got hit by a care is so inspiring... his journey is inspirational.

  • Sapphire Panda
    Sapphire Panda Hace 9 días

    i thought ppl werent allowed to use instruments in idol auditions?

  • Mae JilesenHancock
    Mae JilesenHancock Hace 9 días

    Wait journey is 18 and married

  • Ursina Brunschwyler
    Ursina Brunschwyler Hace 10 días

    Who is that ugly thing or individual in the middle? Really ugly! my eyes hurt now

  • Rahat Jabeen
    Rahat Jabeen Hace 10 días


  • Joce The Gamer
    Joce The Gamer Hace 10 días

    19:20 he is from Arkansas to and I live there! The reason I am typing this is bc not a lot of ppl from Arkansas come to things like this and I get excited when I hear that someone from my state are at big paces like this

  • starwindflowersun moo
    starwindflowersun moo Hace 10 días

    47:42 POOR KATY 😂

  • Fernanda Rojas
    Fernanda Rojas Hace 10 días


  • my favourite song
    my favourite song Hace 10 días

    O my god they r so cute......I love your spirit