10 Foods You'll Never Buy Again After Knowing How They Are Made

  • Publicado el 19 sep 2017
  • 10 Products you'll never want to eat again after watching!
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    From Pringles and salad dressing to ready meals, marshmallows, jelly beans, and even Skittles, the food industry is doing a good job at hiding what actually happens behind the process of making these popular foods. Today, we’ll reveal ten foods you’ll never buy again after knowing how they are made!
    Let’s start with the sweetest of them all. Marshmallows look like a perfect treat that’s often added to our ice cream, cake, and cookies. In reality, this famous candy is known to contain animal parts that come in the form of gelatin. You’ll be surprised when you learn what gelatin actually is!
    Ready meals have been a subject of discussion of many years, and many people wonder how healthy they actually are. A food journalist found out a gruesome truth about UK-made ready meals, and it’ll blow you away when you find out how they’re made!
    Skittles come with the ‘taste the rainbow” slogan, but little do you know that you’re tasting a lot more than just a rainbow in these delicious treats. Are you a fan of red Skittles? We’re pretty sure you won’t be for much longer after you watch our video and find out they contain a controversial ingredient that Starbucks had to ban from their popular Strawberry Frappuccino!
    What’s your favorite food in the entire world? Is it Pringles or do you enjoy salad dressing, ready meals, marshmallows, jelly beans or Skittles? Watch our video to find out which ten foods you’ll probably never buy again after finding out how they are made! Don’t watch this video if you’re hungry!
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    Wan to to know how the best pranks are made? X-D esclips.com/video/2b-AX80yxdI/vídeo.html

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    That’s amazing .. after seeing few of these disgusting fake food videos it’s for sure now that everyone must start local co-op organic gardens .. a united effort all over the country is needed to put these food gangsters out of biz .. how dare they contaminate our food supply and Monsanto should be stopped in its tracks for hoarding seeds and creating mutations .. it shocking that we the people have been in the dark for years about these greedy controlling companies .. revolt I say .. don’t wait another day .. get your green houses built and get going into an organic vegan life .. New Zealand has only organic farms .. and has three crop harvests a year and feeds the world ..! we can do it too .. let’s get it on ..! Ya na ?

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