Lie Witness News - Christopher Columbus Supreme Court Edition

  • Publicado el 9 oct 2018
  • Columbus is one of the historical figures we learn the most about in elementary school. There's a lot going on in the country now, so we decided to combine two of the big stories. We went on the street and asked people what they thought about Trump's decision to put Christopher Columbus on the Supreme Court. Christopher Columbus has been dead for about 500 years, but did that stop people from having opinions on whether or not he should serve on the highest court in the land? Of course not. #LieWitnessNews
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    Lie Witness News - Christopher Columbus Supreme Court Editionídeo.html
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Comentarios • 674

  • Jillian Angel
    Jillian Angel Hace 8 días

    omfg they cant think this country was discovered like 30 years ago!!! Cmon I know nothing but thats common sense!

  • Roby Curiel
    Roby Curiel Hace 10 días

    "I mean what are you going to do about it".....How about you vote and get active in the community

  • JaÉl Thomas
    JaÉl Thomas Hace 10 días

    I love her probably Obama’s because he more relevant 💕😂

  • Cheshire 0088
    Cheshire 0088 Hace 18 días

    MARCO POLO buahahaaa

  • Elizabeth Leday
    Elizabeth Leday Hace 18 días

    This is crazy. 😂

  • Crusher L
    Crusher L Hace 22 días

    JIMMY KIMMEL is about as funny as a sore tooth what a DICKHEAD!

  • Jermaine Stubbs
    Jermaine Stubbs Hace 23 días

    I feel like we all set the Guinness book of world records for the most false palms

    KRAZe4KiCKS Hace 25 días +1

    The ignorance of these answers will haunt me for a while

  • Canada
    Canada Hace 27 días

    Stupid americans

  • Cassandra Molina
    Cassandra Molina Hace 28 días

    My life has been a lie! God is dead! The Government's lame! Thanksgiving is about killing indians! Jesus wasn't born on Christmas! They moved the date, it was a pagan Holliday!

  • Deena K
    Deena K Hace 28 días

    Only proving how stupid California is!

  • jack larkson
    jack larkson Hace un mes

    wow another video thats shows americans are super dumb,thank you jimmy god bless you and your family.
    and they all like we went to the moon with imperial system...
    yeah moon landing my ass.

  • John C.
    John C. Hace un mes

    thank goodness we have smart people wanting to come here

  • ya Boy Jonez
    ya Boy Jonez Hace un mes

    Ironic cause Christopher Columbus didn't find America.

  • raj dabhi
    raj dabhi Hace un mes

    When you know nothing about a question in an exam and still choose to write about it... lmao 😂

  • Danny Tabooli
    Danny Tabooli Hace un mes

    I think I had a stroke watching that

  • TheGoodwill123
    TheGoodwill123 Hace un mes

    Wow, i hope they were paid actors..

  • Jaeger Rydall
    Jaeger Rydall Hace un mes

    “he’s just more relevant i feel like”

  • WindMaker KC
    WindMaker KC Hace un mes

    Dumb girls are hot!!!!!!!!!

  • RideOrDieRaider
    RideOrDieRaider Hace un mes


  • Jennifer Isaacs
    Jennifer Isaacs Hace un mes

    I love lie witness news lol

  • kao long hang
    kao long hang Hace un mes

    The 1st person was a dum blonde probably work at Hooters and 2nd person was stephen curry on crack LMAO

  • Saki Maro
    Saki Maro Hace un mes

    Even a french knows what the supreme court is. Just delete your life, retards.

  • Michael Ruschmyer
    Michael Ruschmyer Hace un mes

    So out of 942 people you pick the three f****** most retarded ones to put on to your s*** f*** you thumbs down b****

  • Juliannee Castillo
    Juliannee Castillo Hace un mes

    Lol wtf

  • ATA 2012
    ATA 2012 Hace un mes

    Definitely Hilary supporters

  • Kacey Kent
    Kacey Kent Hace un mes +3

    😂😂😂😂😂😂As a History teacher I laughed so hard and then I realized the seriousness of the situation. The Italian seafarer died over 500 years ago. Then I wondered to myself why is he being celebrated??

  • The Rideshare Hub
    The Rideshare Hub Hace un mes

    she's hot

  • Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash Hace un mes

    Wow...using a blonde on the thumbnail to have people click on it. Well it worked! She’s so stupid though smh

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A Hace un mes +1


  • Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan Hace un mes

    You have to feel sorry for those stupid Democrats, it's really sad.

  • Yas C
    Yas C Hace un mes

    Wow! American's really are dumb!

  • Martin McMayer
    Martin McMayer Hace un mes

    So they a think Christopher Colombus is alive? Lol

  • sepehr vakili
    sepehr vakili Hace un mes

    America is a country that intelligent people are in power, exactly opposite in iran where crazy and stupid people are in charge


    So called Blacks Hispanics and Native Americans come back to God's laws


    So called Blacks Hispanics and Native Americans come back to God's laws


    So called Blacks Hispanics and Native Americans come back to God's laws

  • killertrap fame 1000 gaming

    Christopher Columbus wyd skrt aye

  • killertrap fame 1000 gaming

    Jimmy Kimmel savage asf happy Columbus day ❤ 🎂 skrt aye

  • Kirim Salfeux
    Kirim Salfeux Hace un mes

    I wonder how long it takes to find 4 idiots for an interview.

  • Where's my wallet?!
    Where's my wallet?! Hace un mes

    I’d respect you more if you just said “I don’t know, I can’t answer that question”.

  • Lyn Cohn
    Lyn Cohn Hace un mes

    they are hearing "trump's nominee" and not looking for the name - the first few.

  • Gengar Girl
    Gengar Girl Hace un mes

    I thought that the girl in the thumbnail was tana

  • Flowers4Astronauts
    Flowers4Astronauts Hace un mes

    Andre Drummond is that you??

  • selenalove1971
    selenalove1971 Hace un mes

    This has to be fake!

  • david white
    david white Hace un mes


  • Turtle Boi
    Turtle Boi Hace un mes

    Why couldn’t y’all pick some other people maybe not trump supporters??🤦🏽‍♂️

  • meadydoheny
    meadydoheny Hace un mes

    Blonde played along!!

  • Dylan Bell
    Dylan Bell Hace un mes

    1:05 Stephen?

  • Christina Crocker
    Christina Crocker Hace un mes

    This is so sad.. I hope they edited the smart people out....

  • john great
    john great Hace un mes


  • M Y
    M Y Hace un mes


  • Alex Avery
    Alex Avery Hace un mes

    This is so fake haha

  • Logos XYZ
    Logos XYZ Hace un mes

    God help us.

  • jessicajnsm
    jessicajnsm Hace un mes

    I know people are stupid but I would also believe they sometimes put in the interviewer audio after the interview

  • Exzaf
    Exzaf Hace un mes

    y'all it aint that deep. People here in Los Angeles OR America as a whole aren't that stupid. Most people here have common sense, but of course there are those few in the herd that are airheads. Like honestly, when Jimmy's crew asks people these stupid questions, i'm sure majority of them realized they were trolling (but you never see it because Jimmy never releases the footage.) You only get to see the idiots.
    I would say Jimmy's crew must have spent hours going through people, just trying to find that one gullible idiot, but that would be a lie. Since it is the notorious Hollywood boulevard I am sure it could have taken like half an hour. People are always going through there. It's busy and filled with tons of people; you're bound to find an idiot faster in Hollywood Boulverard than anywhere else

  • Shawn Marino
    Shawn Marino Hace un mes +1

    This generation sucks.

  • Chris Wiharja
    Chris Wiharja Hace un mes

    Jesus Christ............

  • Naughty Moose
    Naughty Moose Hace un mes

    California people are weird and stupid

  • JesDaBest Gamez
    JesDaBest Gamez Hace un mes

    That girl is literally LEGALLY BLONDE! Geezuz what an idot! LOL

  • Lena Longbottom
    Lena Longbottom Hace un mes

    oh my god i would have shut it down so fast

  • DavidPacificVlogs
    DavidPacificVlogs Hace un mes

    Obviously nobody knows about politics. Meaning of all these liberals always saying they hate Trump now we know they know nothing about politics

  • Daniel Terestenyi
    Daniel Terestenyi Hace un mes

    There you go,, all in favor of the new supreme court justice. Let's keep the people's vote.

  • P mc
    P mc Hace un mes

    So many stupid people it's scary

  • Jhon Shephard
    Jhon Shephard Hace un mes

    you idiots do know this is staged right? Even Smosh did a sketch about it.

  • tarsem Bhaker
    tarsem Bhaker Hace un mes

    IQ of a dog

  • HaphazardKarma 8
    HaphazardKarma 8 Hace un mes +1

    They straight played them omg

  • DannyB Plays
    DannyB Plays Hace un mes

    Remember guys, they interviewed hundreds of people and got a few dummies

  • Atul Rathi
    Atul Rathi Hace un mes

    I am Indian and know more about their country than them. WTF!

  • Ooh Oops
    Ooh Oops Hace un mes

    i don't think Americans are ignorant but i think they're probably high all the time.

  • Adam M
    Adam M Hace un mes

    I'd still do her.

  • Carbon
    Carbon Hace un mes

    gotta be fake

  • Dr. Thomas Fister
    Dr. Thomas Fister Hace un mes

    what the heck

  • Rami Sadiq
    Rami Sadiq Hace un mes

    American government loves these folks, who said you have to be bright to live the American dream? American dream is for the corrupt and the idiot.

  • Amanda Hoyle
    Amanda Hoyle Hace un mes


  • Millicent Mo
    Millicent Mo Hace un mes

    Love your videos. It inspired me to make a video based on one of your videos I saw last week

  • QueenTreehuggerr
    QueenTreehuggerr Hace un mes

    omfg, im sad about people now. lmfao

  • boula takla
    boula takla Hace un mes

    @btak_1 is the one with the white shirt

    MODESTA DUNAGAN Hace un mes

    Can't believe people are actually this dumb!!!!

  • br0ken86
    br0ken86 Hace un mes

    I hope some of the people interviewed weren't dumb enough to fall for that lol.

  • lamia Algeria
    lamia Algeria Hace un mes

    Oh my god 😲😲😲.iam not an American but I know some of America history. They are really stupid people 💤💤💤💤

  • Shawn Mcgnnity
    Shawn Mcgnnity Hace un mes

    This is were the hate starts in America,jimmy kimmel

  • parabolicpawn
    parabolicpawn Hace un mes

    The super hot blonde must of been referring to Kavanaugh..and she's cool with it..speaks volumes...stay away from the Ambien honey!

  • Yusuf Booley
    Yusuf Booley Hace un mes

    Some of these people are really dumb. It’s ok to admit you don’t know things🤦‍♂️

  • Joe Meatballs
    Joe Meatballs Hace un mes

    Good job america, winners like these are why you have Trump

  • Sierra Nicole
    Sierra Nicole Hace un mes

    Marco Polo 😂

  • Alyssa B
    Alyssa B Hace un mes

    I know they pick the dumb ones, but this is just bad

  • Derek
    Derek Hace un mes

    Classic trump supporter LOOOOOOL

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side Hace un mes

    *Christopher Colombus did NOT discover America.*
    *Millions of people were already LIVING in America before then.*
    *The Vikings already been there 500 years before.*
    *The Asians did too.*
    *Colombia is the guy that slaughtered natives and established a settlement for Europeans.*

  • tipperary links
    tipperary links Hace un mes

    Painful to watch. And they will most likely be raising children in the future....

  • utubedano
    utubedano Hace un mes

    Donald Trump president. Yep, now it makes sense...

  • waheed iqbal
    waheed iqbal Hace un mes

    start lair lair burn on fire in the background as they start lying

  • Dianne Woo
    Dianne Woo Hace un mes

    This is ridiculous- yet in perspective they probably interviewed many ppl and they only showed the handful of dumb responses. I’m sure more people caught on to the joke

  • Nabila Moussa
    Nabila Moussa Hace un mes

    America is great but Americans are so stupid.

  • BrickFilmsCinema
    BrickFilmsCinema Hace un mes +1

    If it wasn't a giveaway from the walk of fame in the background, you know Kimmel's show was filmed in California based on the answers given.

  • Edgar Navejar
    Edgar Navejar Hace un mes

    We are all doomed💀

  • CusWeAre
    CusWeAre Hace un mes +1

    Her having no brain makes her even more fuckable

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III Hace un mes

    Who's this girl? 0:34 And this girl? 1:20

  • Jordan Bivins
    Jordan Bivins Hace un mes

    I always had a feeling these were fake. The guy at 1:34 is an actor, he’s from Chicago. His name is Eric Lane. He acted in Trapped in the Closet with R Kelly. He’s also acting in Lil Rel’s show “REL” on NBC.

  • StopBeingRacist
    StopBeingRacist Hace un mes

    And this is how Trump became president, because this is the IQ level of too many voting Americans.