MASSIVE Box of Chocolates CHALLENGE (for valentines day)

  • Publicado el 9 feb 2018
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    Ever get that desire to purchase that giant box of chocolate thats always looming on the store shelves during Valentines day..?
    Well I do not recommend..
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Comentarios • 7 403

  • Ashley Clutinger
    Ashley Clutinger Hace 2 horas

    Gaint jar of peanut butter challenge

    I СΟΟΚΙΕ I Hace 12 horas

    4:06 Those chocolates are surely pleasing him.

    GB BALA Hace 13 horas


  • THE RISING PHOENIX Lovedbynature

    Stomach ache, tooth ache SMH. He's like real deal upset at the box of candy 😂

  • firecrown
    firecrown Hace 21 un hora

    "valentimes" day

  • Winter Gaming
    Winter Gaming Hace un día

    Me during Valentine’s Day to stop my depression

  • Emilia Levin
    Emilia Levin Hace un día

    6:56 haha eww

  • White Hat entertainment

    This is me on Valentine's Day

  • Renad Hamiton
    Renad Hamiton Hace un día

    ew you nasty don't open your mouth full of chocolate ew respect youtube and us for sure gush

  • Gene Baliwas
    Gene Baliwas Hace un día

    Rest in Peace Men

  • Judisha Blackwood
    Judisha Blackwood Hace un día

    I hate mystery chocolate🍫

  • Azoz Alnafei
    Azoz Alnafei Hace un día

    What a fat Matt

  • Azoz Alnafei
    Azoz Alnafei Hace un día

    Stop eating unhealthy because you can make people or kids will be hungry by watching those videos bro stop eating to much food and those chocolates should be for your girlfriend Matt

  • Azoz Alnafei
    Azoz Alnafei Hace un día

    Bruh you will be fat

  • Sean Hota
    Sean Hota Hace 2 días

    Honestly he could have downed them faster if he did then one by one

  • Nick W
    Nick W Hace 2 días

    He needs Jawzercise! 😀

  • C -ROD
    C -ROD Hace 3 días

    I can easily do that.

  • Lanay Banks
    Lanay Banks Hace 3 días +1

    “look at all that chocolate”
    Me: look at all my cavities

  • George Lynn
    George Lynn Hace 3 días

    I have learned your French frie eating ways it is rly rly quick

  • Andy Ok
    Andy Ok Hace 4 días

    Kebanyakan ngomong coy

  • the 3 dark queens
    the 3 dark queens Hace 4 días

    *diabetes has entered the chat*

  • RSD Productions
    RSD Productions Hace 4 días

    And my dad says it’s unhealthy to eat 3 chocolates in one sitting

  • WaaDoku 【和ァ独】

    **JOST WAN??!!** ownd

  • tailtactics
    tailtactics Hace 4 días

    Eat the flowers too..both vases..and the glass..with the chocolates container

  • Susan Wachowiak
    Susan Wachowiak Hace 4 días


  • Arya Anwar Mohammad
    Arya Anwar Mohammad Hace 5 días

    Jancok kontol asu

  • Rocky Sky
    Rocky Sky Hace 5 días +2

    I would hate to be him eating those chocolate because almost all of them are fruit flavored and supposed to be chocolate because that's what they are called and i hate chocolate fruit flavored candy. .....😑😑😑 I love chocolate...🧡🖤🧡🖤 .....hehe

  • Wyatt Doolittle
    Wyatt Doolittle Hace 5 días

    TRIGGERED "Valentimes day"

  • Where.
    Where. Hace 5 días

    When Matt calls it V A L E N T I M E S

  • Alysha C
    Alysha C Hace 6 días


  • weird gal
    weird gal Hace 7 días

    anyone notice he was saying *valentimes* day

  • hyper aniime
    hyper aniime Hace 7 días

    My birthday is on valentines :D

  • Autumn Byers
    Autumn Byers Hace 7 días

    How do you stay fit

  • Kimberlee Neill
    Kimberlee Neill Hace 7 días


  • Chloe Stovall
    Chloe Stovall Hace 7 días

    Why is he still skinny

  • hadoo R
    hadoo R Hace 7 días

    your more handsome without the headband

  • Jifiter 79
    Jifiter 79 Hace 7 días

    Do you have diabetes???😎😎😎😎

  • znooly
    znooly Hace 8 días

    i dont understand how this is a hard challenge...

  • Innocent Child
    Innocent Child Hace 8 días

    Can u eat pussy like that

  • D'may smoker cherish
    D'may smoker cherish Hace 9 días +1

    Imagine his cavity ? .....😰😰

  • Monir Alam
    Monir Alam Hace 9 días

    When a guy buy chocolate and saw that this he break up with him and he eat chocolate like matt

  • Afrinpreeti Preeti
    Afrinpreeti Preeti Hace 9 días +1

    I can beat you at least in this challenge

  • Pony4 MSP
    Pony4 MSP Hace 9 días

    Can I have on?

    One pod those boxes I mean 🤣

  • Aurora Thing
    Aurora Thing Hace 10 días

    Wow i like chocolate

  • iam rachel 2ne1
    iam rachel 2ne1 Hace 10 días

    Just one

  • Ramadhani 0614
    Ramadhani 0614 Hace 10 días

    0:22 🖤🖤🖤

  • Milka Ruiz
    Milka Ruiz Hace 10 días

    cc no tienes a nadie a quien darle ese regalo :v

  • Aron 08
    Aron 08 Hace 10 días

    This was posted one day after my b day

  • Melia Chee
    Melia Chee Hace 10 días

    Lmao now im craving valentines day chocolates but guess what its september😂

  • Malizsa Jolly
    Malizsa Jolly Hace 11 días

    Yep 😂

  • Cameron Atkinson
    Cameron Atkinson Hace 11 días

    it doesn’t seem like he’s enjoying them

  • Amna q
    Amna q Hace 12 días

    Me:woah a box of chocolates😍
    Matt stone:my new food challenge ✋bringiton

  • Avery Brewer
    Avery Brewer Hace 12 días

    Lol this is gross xd

    CRAZY SQUAD NATION Hace 12 días +1

    Why do you talk while the timer is still going

  • Frank Miranda
    Frank Miranda Hace 12 días

    My jaws hurt just from watching

  • Aarshi Kumar
    Aarshi Kumar Hace 13 días

    Please don't do this to food

  • morgan hilfiger
    morgan hilfiger Hace 13 días


  • Marluxia 88
    Marluxia 88 Hace 13 días

    I could eat all that three times faster!

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith Hace 13 días

    Mmmmm MMMMMMMM the noises though

  • Christine Winston
    Christine Winston Hace 14 días

    Omg, so much chocolate Matt!!! Enjoy bro. :)

  • 女王香烟
    女王香烟 Hace 14 días

    thats easy to eat for me

  • Lourens Strydom
    Lourens Strydom Hace 14 días

    $54 for

  • Dufizz Gaming
    Dufizz Gaming Hace 14 días

    That freaking JAWLINE though ❤🔥

  • Angelina Garcia
    Angelina Garcia Hace 14 días

    I could eat like 2 boxes of those if I were on my period

  • Justin Packard
    Justin Packard Hace 14 días

    RIP jaw muscles

  • Miss Nosa
    Miss Nosa Hace 15 días


  • Queen POTATO
    Queen POTATO Hace 15 días +2

    Me on Valentine’s Day lol

  • Dorian Damboiu
    Dorian Damboiu Hace 15 días +1


  • Supa Jupa
    Supa Jupa Hace 15 días


  • You Tube PRENSESI
    You Tube PRENSESI Hace 15 días


  • thereisnocarolinHR
    thereisnocarolinHR Hace 16 días +4


  • Jordan Schwartz
    Jordan Schwartz Hace 17 días

    Steven Russell chocolates are disgusting

  • Jasmine14
    Jasmine14 Hace 17 días

    That’s not a challenge lol.. at least not for my lonely heart............

  • TheHonourableTeddy
    TheHonourableTeddy Hace 17 días

    Valentimes??? It's Valentines, do learn to speak the Queens English.

  • sajeed shaikh
    sajeed shaikh Hace 17 días

    it's so tasty 😋😋🍫🍫but so eat😬😬😬

  • Jackson Rynd
    Jackson Rynd Hace 17 días

    Is he saying “valentimes”

  • Irela 4life
    Irela 4life Hace 17 días

    4:06 when you stick your dick in 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • random videos
    random videos Hace 17 días +3

    His dentist is shooketh.

  • Irela 4life
    Irela 4life Hace 17 días

    I'm dead the intro I'm weak asf 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • tara kim
    tara kim Hace 18 días

    This is me when I see couples together and I'm still alone 😂😂😂😂

  • Planty
    Planty Hace 18 días


  • وردة النرجس
    وردة النرجس Hace 18 días

    HI Matt how could you eat all that mount of food and stay fit and on shape as if you have never eaten any thing

  • Clancy Brady
    Clancy Brady Hace 18 días

    Anyone hear him saying ‘valentimes’ day instead of ‘valentines?’

  • Hana'a F.
    Hana'a F. Hace 18 días

    For anyone who thinks they can go faster than him just acknowledge how quicker he would be if he did this off camera without having to talk to us or show us. I would say like a minute or sometimes 2 off his time also that 40 seconds of him getting water

  • Anna Vandercook
    Anna Vandercook Hace 18 días

    this boy saying valentimes day hahaha

  • The Fandom Life
    The Fandom Life Hace 18 días

    You didn’t get to enjoy the chocolates? What’s the point of buying chocolate if you’re just going to wolf it down and not enjoy it?

  • Call MeBLUR
    Call MeBLUR Hace 18 días


  • Christine Rainbow
    Christine Rainbow Hace 18 días

    I have you met me during Valentine’s Day ? I can finish that in less than 5

  • علي الكناني
    علي الكناني Hace 19 días


  • Raviel
    Raviel Hace 19 días

    4:13 Omg 😂

  • Legit Boss Sasha Banks
    Legit Boss Sasha Banks Hace 19 días

    So u have more energy than hulk

  • no one special
    no one special Hace 19 días

    When your alone

  • CrazyCatLover 56
    CrazyCatLover 56 Hace 19 días +4

    I love how he said Valentimes Day....

    • CrazyCatLover 56
      CrazyCatLover 56 Hace 19 días

      I also love how there were 59 chocolates, why not 60?

  • حمِـؤدُيـے شّـخٌصِـيـےهِہ

    Hlo plaes kef me skspraet

  • Qatrina Qaim
    Qatrina Qaim Hace 19 días

    Just one no more

  • Qatrina Qaim
    Qatrina Qaim Hace 19 días

    Nice I think I try is chocolate because I'm chocolate lover

  • kavinda gunathilaka
    kavinda gunathilaka Hace 20 días

    His jaw muscles are bigger than my pecks holy shit

  • Tricia mae Papauran
    Tricia mae Papauran Hace 20 días


  • bs project
    bs project Hace 20 días

    ma è ancora vivo?

  • Fany Erwanti
    Fany Erwanti Hace 20 días

    Is he still alive now?