MASSIVE Box of Chocolates CHALLENGE (for valentines day)

  • Publicado el 9 feb 2018
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    Ever get that desire to purchase that giant box of chocolate thats always looming on the store shelves during Valentines day..?
    Well I do not recommend..
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Comentarios • 8 183

  • Janete Do Vale
    Janete Do Vale Hace 3 horas

    Brasillll Ta co migo

  • Janete Do Vale
    Janete Do Vale Hace 3 horas

    Até eu como

  • sʜᴀɢɢʏ ʀᴏɢᴇʀs

    When te los comes porque estas solo :"v

  • NaeNae Beam
    NaeNae Beam Hace 5 horas

    Diabetes man is your jaw good

  • tru
    tru Hace 19 horas +2

    Disappointed didn’t eat the box.

  • Sergio Nuñez
    Sergio Nuñez Hace 21 un hora

    bro how are you not fat?

  • Aidan Mckeown
    Aidan Mckeown Hace 2 días

    Is it just me or does Matt stonie remind you of Lui Kangs brother who gets killed by Shang Tsung at the beginning of the Mortal kombat movie

  • saurabh joshi
    saurabh joshi Hace 3 días

    He need some milk

  • France Trinidad
    France Trinidad Hace 3 días


  • shadow2.O shma
    shadow2.O shma Hace 4 días +1

    While watching this i hope matt doctor is not watch

    CineplexOFFICIALTECHNO Hace 4 días

    Theyre fruit flavored..
    He acts like fruit is poison

  • Geethika S.Pradeep
    Geethika S.Pradeep Hace 4 días

    Eat to live and not live to eat.

  • vertex_44
    vertex_44 Hace 4 días

    Lol y don't girlfriend because I'm little ( not my dick )

  • lucky _ lyfe
    lucky _ lyfe Hace 4 días

    ' __ ' 4:06

  • Halime İlen
    Halime İlen Hace 5 días

    Nasıl yiyebiliyor

  • xBUTTERBALLSx games
    xBUTTERBALLSx games Hace 5 días

    “Momma always said life was gonna be a like a box of chocolates, never know whatcha gonna get.”
    Forest Gump

    POTATOHEAD 9000 Hace 5 días

    You can't not get a cavities from eating all that

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury Hace 6 días

    You are getting diabetes

  • Jazmen Ross
    Jazmen Ross Hace 6 días +1

    He is going diabeted by eating all that chocolate

  • Angela Eng
    Angela Eng Hace 6 días

    You should go buy another one for your girlfriend!😂

  • Joe Norman
    Joe Norman Hace 7 días +1

    It’s all fun and games until you bite into a fruit one.

  • Victoria Santillan
    Victoria Santillan Hace 7 días

    Very ballsy ....kudos

  • Ariannah_W olf
    Ariannah_W olf Hace 7 días

    *diabetes wants to know your location*

  • Floofeh :3 Wolfeh
    Floofeh :3 Wolfeh Hace 8 días

    Gimme some ;-;

  • BearBear _05
    BearBear _05 Hace 9 días

    My bf got me a box of 84 chocolates for Valentine's Day

  • Hannah&Gracie Thomas
    Hannah&Gracie Thomas Hace 9 días

    Does this man say Valentimes...

  • nicole rasuk
    nicole rasuk Hace 9 días

    Love you 🤤

  • Ingrid Belles
    Ingrid Belles Hace 10 días

    I could eat that! A challenge would be 5 lbs of chocolates. Stonie I'm disappointed.

    GHOSTBOY 64 Hace 10 días

    Every single

    GHOSTBOY 64 Hace 10 días

    I looooove choklate but I can't eat it because it turns me fat but it's sooooo good

  • Max
    Max Hace 10 días

    That’s the dream, eat so much chocolate that the chocolate stuck in your mouth leaves you unable to taste any more chocolates you put in 😂

  • Chris Amaya
    Chris Amaya Hace 10 días

    When his dentist sees this vid, he’s ganna kill himself💀

  • Monte Davis
    Monte Davis Hace 10 días

    No haters but 17 minutes?? I could probably eat that in 60:00:00

  • Guiomla ibrahimp
    Guiomla ibrahimp Hace 11 días


  • notayoutuber butacommenter

    I eat more than that

  • SimLov3r4ever Taurus
    SimLov3r4ever Taurus Hace 12 días

    I envy you lol

  • Kelly-Ann Payne
    Kelly-Ann Payne Hace 13 días

    At first I was like, one box is not a challenge for him, but those candies are hard on your teeth.

    TERESIA KAMAU Hace 15 días

    try a cake challenge

  • Brandy The dog
    Brandy The dog Hace 16 días

    6:11 these are hard that’s what she said

  • Samnitium
    Samnitium Hace 16 días

    *Cavities has entered the chat*.

  • Bella Gutierrez
    Bella Gutierrez Hace 16 días


  • Someone Who Watches YouTube

    Diabetes have entered the chat

  • reghid
    reghid Hace 17 días


  • Chey Louis
    Chey Louis Hace 17 días

    How is your jaw not broken?!

  • Lashell Johnson
    Lashell Johnson Hace 17 días

    You lokked like a little kid trying to open a present that you got for christmas

  • יהונתן אלפסי
    יהונתן אלפסי Hace 17 días

    Ha i so love choklat so i can to do that in 1 sec

  • Shyla Rae
    Shyla Rae Hace 17 días

    Him - eats one by one
    Me - literally inhales them

  • Aly Hayes
    Aly Hayes Hace 18 días

    I love how he says Valentine's

  • Stefan Kurzmann
    Stefan Kurzmann Hace 19 días

    European Chocolate is defenetly the best in the world. For Example this stuff here @t

  • Roblox pepe Pepe
    Roblox pepe Pepe Hace 19 días

    Happy valentines day!

  • Roblox pepe Pepe
    Roblox pepe Pepe Hace 19 días

    Happy valentines day!

  • Makenzie Jackson
    Makenzie Jackson Hace 20 días

    I was sooooooo annoyed by the tiny peddle on the side lol

  • GleichTot
    GleichTot Hace 20 días

    8:00 When your Girlfriend give you a hard blowjob

  • Mando Mendoza
    Mando Mendoza Hace 20 días

    Ugh!! Thats to much chocolate

  • Loki Gods
    Loki Gods Hace 20 días

    Bruh how you so skinny

  • vanquished voltaic
    vanquished voltaic Hace 21 un día

    I saw one that was 4 feet long and 2 feet high it was like 108 choclates


    You eat this but what is some one wants to give to him girlfriend 😂 end the guy of mrket sey to him matt eat it. ❤️

  • erekllama
    erekllama Hace 21 un día

    They don’t even tell you what’s what!! No ID card or anything.

  • Yux Yux
    Yux Yux Hace 21 un día

    Dam I want some chocolate

  • fariha gul
    fariha gul Hace 22 días

    My teeth hurt just by watching this...

  • potato chips15
    potato chips15 Hace 22 días


  • dreams catcher
    dreams catcher Hace 23 días

    Stupid chinees

  • Fabio Teixeira
    Fabio Teixeira Hace 23 días

    Your the best stonie

  • Fortnite Clips
    Fortnite Clips Hace 23 días

    3:45 I have them ate my house and they are almost all fruit flavored I do not like them

  • amira Amoura
    amira Amoura Hace 23 días

    😂😂😂the caramel one is too hard for him

  • Zieg Peter Nava
    Zieg Peter Nava Hace 23 días

    How am I getting a sugar spike just from watching??

  • Alex da fwog Orozco
    Alex da fwog Orozco Hace 24 días

    im suprisses your not dead

  • Jenni Turner
    Jenni Turner Hace 24 días

    Hi camera person in the box of chocolates😂😂😂

  • Teela Sullens
    Teela Sullens Hace 24 días

    You said valentimes

  • Charles Ashley Cruz
    Charles Ashley Cruz Hace 24 días

    Matt’s body be like:
    Diabetes has been invited to the chat
    Cavities has entered the lobby

  • Villanueva Melvin
    Villanueva Melvin Hace 24 días +1

    youre teeth?

  • Top 5 In Hindi
    Top 5 In Hindi Hace 24 días

    My friends is going mad about this valentines day

  • Top 5 In Hindi
    Top 5 In Hindi Hace 24 días

    My friend wanted to send you a real huge box of chocolates but didn't know the address

  • 郑美美仔
    郑美美仔 Hace 24 días

    its was 46 second

  • Yumi Tokushige
    Yumi Tokushige Hace 24 días

    I do buy flowers for my dead f mother these days 🐶

  • JoieLuvsFood
    JoieLuvsFood Hace 24 días +1

    It’s almost my birthday,
    \/ Likes determine how old I am.

  • Gecho Berhe
    Gecho Berhe Hace 25 días

    YOU said valentimes day instead of valentine's day

    LITTLE BIT Hace 25 días

    Diarrhea !!!!!

  • Elif Su Öykü Asilkan
    Elif Su Öykü Asilkan Hace 25 días


  • Emily Sargent
    Emily Sargent Hace 25 días

    I'm mad that there's only 59 chocolates.. they couldn't fit in just one more? Like damn..

  • Mvsam Together
    Mvsam Together Hace 25 días

    your videos are great! even my classmates liked you. they say that you are crazy.

  • Carsen Mertz
    Carsen Mertz Hace 25 días

    Valentines day***

  • Anna Khatee
    Anna Khatee Hace 26 días

    Three things that could never be answered
    1.did aliens exist did MJ die
    3.what is the size of Matt stomach

  • Jazz-E Jazz
    Jazz-E Jazz Hace 26 días

    Yeah..this time half of us women beat you on this one Matt. . Ive done more of this during my period..

  • Tokatlı Fıstık Burhan
    Tokatlı Fıstık Burhan Hace 27 días +1

    Furious Pete olsa 1 dk içinde hepsini ağzına atardı, bu yavaş yiyor

  • The Black Hood
    The Black Hood Hace 27 días

    😂😂😂😂 Yep

  • Champagne Babygurl
    Champagne Babygurl Hace 27 días

    Valentimes day.

  • Gabriel G
    Gabriel G Hace 27 días

    I can do it but I don't wanna get diabetes bro

  • Gabriel G
    Gabriel G Hace 27 días

    18 min so disappointed in you

  • Gabriel G
    Gabriel G Hace 27 días

    Here comes the diabetes

  • Gabriel G
    Gabriel G Hace 27 días

    What a lonely little man

  • Gaming Element
    Gaming Element Hace 27 días

    Be careful when you’re eating large amounts of chocolate dude

  • Tana Murphy
    Tana Murphy Hace 27 días

    You've seen that Lucy episode where she eats all the chocolate right?

  • Brinden Hyde
    Brinden Hyde Hace 27 días

    GIRLFRIEND:Only one?
    ME: buys 89 more
    Cashier: 😕
    GIRLFRIEND: still not impressed
    ME: 😑

  • Brinden Hyde
    Brinden Hyde Hace 27 días +1

    Y you no impressed

  • Cosmic Schwanz
    Cosmic Schwanz Hace 27 días


  • oB7 nxuq
    oB7 nxuq Hace 28 días

    Tbh I’m not proud of this but I’d eat like 6 a minute cause if I ever get chocolate it’s pretty much gone instantly

    SHANNON SA Hace 28 días

    Don't forget the orange centred chocolates.....

  • Nichole Marunchak
    Nichole Marunchak Hace 28 días +1

    I literally had that yesterday........

  • Ilver camacho
    Ilver camacho Hace 28 días

    Aun me pregunto como ese hijo de puta es tan delgado ? Yo con eso me vuelvo obeso de una !!