MASSIVE Box of Chocolates CHALLENGE (for valentines day)

  • Publicado el 9 feb 2018
  • Get you Valentines Flowers!!! ---
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    Ever get that desire to purchase that giant box of chocolate thats always looming on the store shelves during Valentines day..?
    Well I do not recommend..
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Comentarios • 7 036

  • Athif Athif
    Athif Athif Hace 12 horas


  • PrimeNebula 04
    PrimeNebula 04 Hace 21 un hora

    Sounds like he’s saying valentimes

  • Shanan Sanchez
    Shanan Sanchez Hace 23 horas

    Doo Doo 💩

  • Galaxy Cloud
    Galaxy Cloud Hace un día

    Pfft! I can finish that whole thing!

    *just not in one day*

  • Claire Matris
    Claire Matris Hace un día

    Love how you eat lots of foods 😂😍❤

  • helenHTID
    helenHTID Hace un día

    That was a massive box of diabetes you downed there sir!

    WOMBAT DJ Hace un día +1


  • Izzy Attempts_to_ride
    Izzy Attempts_to_ride Hace un día

    I'd eat all of that in one sitting if someone would let me😂

  • Demoted to Bronze 6
    Demoted to Bronze 6 Hace un día


  • Kasandra Llanos
    Kasandra Llanos Hace 2 días

    i would eat them chocolates but without water it is eat them

  • ryan mareposque
    ryan mareposque Hace 2 días

    Heart Shaped Box: by:nirvana

  • Jeremy Dunne
    Jeremy Dunne Hace 3 días

    That's a lot

  • savage diamonds
    savage diamonds Hace 3 días

    Dark chocolate nasty as fuck

  • Alyssa Chansler
    Alyssa Chansler Hace 3 días

    thatsss why his jawline so defined

  • anita Ha
    anita Ha Hace 3 días

    Do you have a girlfriend? Are you single?😉❤

  • celia velazquez
    celia velazquez Hace 3 días

    I love the intense music in the background

  • celia velazquez
    celia velazquez Hace 3 días

    He cute

  • frankieaazz
    frankieaazz Hace 3 días

    Just one box easy challenge

  • DRock7977
    DRock7977 Hace 4 días

    This is the worst Matt has been struggling on a challenge love it.

  • frankieaazz
    frankieaazz Hace 4 días

    Just one 😂😂😂😂

  • Blue Grass dude
    Blue Grass dude Hace 4 días

    This is painful to watch because I’ve felt similar jaw pain

  • scott horton
    scott horton Hace 4 días

    She's not impressed because you never brush her hair and knew u were going to inhale them like a slob

  • triêm nguyễn thị
    triêm nguyễn thị Hace 4 días


    TAMAN SARDAR A Hace 5 días


  • Vaylen
    Vaylen Hace 5 días


  • Garrin Hutson
    Garrin Hutson Hace 5 días


  • Farid Hidari
    Farid Hidari Hace 6 días

    This makes me sick 😷

  • ra
    ra Hace 6 días

    Actually you’re cute

  • 1984chicklet
    1984chicklet Hace 6 días

    Can't enjoy the taste of chocolate

  • Xanthe Walker
    Xanthe Walker Hace 6 días

    I went to buy myself Valentine's Day chocolate and the shop was out of stock.
    I couldn't even buy MYSELF chocolate •_•

  • Yoihenba Pebam
    Yoihenba Pebam Hace 6 días

    Your gonna have cavity

  • Destiny Boykin
    Destiny Boykin Hace 6 días

    Imagine you making him dinner....😂😂 "I need mooorrreee"

  • ClayNus
    ClayNus Hace 6 días


  • HERO 777
    HERO 777 Hace 6 días


  • Shalini Kumari
    Shalini Kumari Hace 6 días

    I wish, some day I will get that chocolate gift....

  • GM xbox gaming
    GM xbox gaming Hace 6 días

    He moans like a girl and sounds like he's have sex

  • K Butler
    K Butler Hace 6 días

    Excellent way to get pancreatitis

  • K Butler
    K Butler Hace 6 días

    Next time.
    Get candy bars...

  • Francie Boothe
    Francie Boothe Hace 6 días

    It’s valentines not valentimes ugh

  • _Hubex_ YT
    _Hubex_ YT Hace 7 días

    His a fucking ugly FATASS

  • Suely Gama
    Suely Gama Hace 7 días

    Eu sou a única BR que assiste ele?
    Cadê vcs tbm? 😊😉

  • rocco spag
    rocco spag Hace 7 días +1

    0:23 “Just one?”
    he gonna be single soon

  • Jerien Rodriguez
    Jerien Rodriguez Hace 7 días

    7:45 What is Matt Stonie doing?

  • Kacy T
    Kacy T Hace 7 días +1

    Ironic how he's sponsored by a flower company when he cuts flowers.

  • Enzo Viana
    Enzo Viana Hace 7 días

    My valentine's day

  • Kierra H
    Kierra H Hace 7 días


  • Ziga Tibljas
    Ziga Tibljas Hace 7 días

    that is not hard for you... I saw your other videos🤣😅

  • That Guy From Lazy Street

    My birthday is on Valentine's day!!

  • imanasaurus rex
    imanasaurus rex Hace 7 días

    Ew fruit in my chocolate? Ew.

  • j.t. rinnie
    j.t. rinnie Hace 7 días

    the caramel must of killed your jaw lol.

  • Notoast Roast
    Notoast Roast Hace 7 días

    Still Single XD

  • Luke Dimler
    Luke Dimler Hace 7 días

    I really want to see how fast you can peel Crawfish

  • The Javs
    The Javs Hace 7 días

    i feel like he doesn’t enjoy his food

  • Who's Daraa
    Who's Daraa Hace 7 días

    when Matt's talking about the flowers, I feel like there's pink hearts coming out of the screen😂😂

  • GodHatesGlobalists
    GodHatesGlobalists Hace 7 días

    I want to chew on molasses you insensitive asshole lol

  • Ameen's Tv
    Ameen's Tv Hace 7 días +1


  • khamei traps fire
    khamei traps fire Hace 8 días

    Glad he got one

  • whiteboi
    whiteboi Hace 8 días +1

    Bro I could do that anyday in 9 hours

  • phimppiraastin
    phimppiraastin Hace 8 días

    4:12 somebody tell what is that thing on his neck

  • jimMCY hengboed bobsGeChenge

    R u at review brahs house?

  • Preminence
    Preminence Hace 8 días

    **how to get diabetes in 18 minutes**

    LE REGLEMENT 2.0 Hace 8 días +1

    Am I only to hate that chocolate..

  • Helia Toledo
    Helia Toledo Hace 8 días

    Alone! how sad :'/

  • Ленард Абдулгазиев


  • Ice Cream Man
    Ice Cream Man Hace 8 días +1


  • Najwa Syarifah
    Najwa Syarifah Hace 8 días


  • SkateCraze BM45
    SkateCraze BM45 Hace 8 días


  • Chanunthida Oay
    Chanunthida Oay Hace 8 días


  • Guilherme Alves
    Guilherme Alves Hace 8 días

    R.I.P privada!

  • Cade Allen
    Cade Allen Hace 8 días

    Who the hell eats chocolate with water?

  • Sebastian Avalos
    Sebastian Avalos Hace 8 días

    I feel like matt always smokes a fat J before each video

  • Melissa Alvarado
    Melissa Alvarado Hace 9 días

    That is actually a challenge i could do myself without any problem

  • Cathy Landry
    Cathy Landry Hace 9 días

    Diabetes alert

  • おベ
    おベ Hace 9 días

    may i ask how much will this one box cost?

  • AJ Evans
    AJ Evans Hace 10 días

    Chocolate is my Valentine

  • Samantha Goodman
    Samantha Goodman Hace 10 días

    That is me on Valentine's day. Buying myself a box of chocolates. Cuz I'm loney and no one loves me enough to be my Valentine. Or lover. People don't love bc they think I'm weird.

  • Tash Campbell
    Tash Campbell Hace 10 días

    Evreytime you go to get water or do something that’s not related to the challenge you should pause the timer cuz it doesn’t count ❤️LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  • Gaming Is Life
    Gaming Is Life Hace 11 días

    Should’ve done it with milk

  • Roman Rashid
    Roman Rashid Hace 11 días

    Matt stonie please don't eat chocolate's it is injurious to health because it have extra sugar and can have diabites

  • Qx2 Qx1
    Qx2 Qx1 Hace 11 días +1


  • Crushers S
    Crushers S Hace 11 días


  • Deisianne Silva
    Deisianne Silva Hace 12 días

    Vc e uma graçinha viu bjs parabens pelos vdeo manda um oi eu sou da Bahia 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • mish b
    mish b Hace 12 días

    how was it that hard

    ROBLAX BOY Hace 12 días +1

    Does it take you 13 mins to finish that 🙄🙄🤷🏼‍♂️ill stop ok stop.........any minute now I can't shut up ok I'll shut up bye guys

    ROBLAX BOY Hace 12 días +1

    Surprise your teeth is rotten 😜😜😂😂🙄👏🏻😄🤔🤔 its not funny isn't it I don't know comment me back if it's funny

  • vendrea visperas
    vendrea visperas Hace 13 días

    hey matt i love cheese too!!! yum yum!

  • Nathan Cleary
    Nathan Cleary Hace 13 días

    Holy crap I thought this was go na take less than 4 minutes

  • lori clements
    lori clements Hace 13 días

    What is Valentime's Day, Matt?? U are way too cute to say that!!! Diabetic coma alert. May God continue to bless ur competitive eating.

  • Lis Byun
    Lis Byun Hace 13 días

    I can eat all of them, too.

  • John Levin
    John Levin Hace 13 días

    Dude I am not impressed. I could totally eat that! Also, I wish Matt would just slow down with the eating when he isn't doing a timer video. He could take his time. He isn't doing anything like a "Eating giant box of chocolates in one minute!" He is only eating the chocolates. Please Matt take your time.

    I AM SECOND Hace 15 días

    Question do u ever do the 4th July hot dog challenge?????

  • Darinka Stojkovic
    Darinka Stojkovic Hace 15 días

    U eat like a pig

  • Sofia Kurttila
    Sofia Kurttila Hace 15 días


  • Hazel Williams
    Hazel Williams Hace 15 días

    My valentines day routine.
    1). Buy my crush a teddy beat and some chocolates
    2).buy myself some icecream, chocolate, and cookies.
    3). Watch romantic films on Netflix.
    4). Cry while watching becuase im single
    5). Go to sleep.
    BTW my crush kissed me a few MONTHS later. But I'm not complaining. We never went out though

  • Keili Key
    Keili Key Hace 16 días

    Mom: only one
    *leaves the room*
    Me: 3:55

  • Tiến Phát Nguyễn
    Tiến Phát Nguyễn Hace 16 días

    Ăn thôi mà nhìn khổ sở vậy

  • Jose25kingg lugo
    Jose25kingg lugo Hace 16 días

    Soy latino quisiera saber que es lo que dice..jjj se pero un poco no tanto...

  • Volt
    Volt Hace 18 días

    She was hinting, "buy me one" she was flirting

  • Ruben Hernandez
    Ruben Hernandez Hace 18 días


  • Ruqaya Saad
    Ruqaya Saad Hace 19 días +1

    طيب نطيني وحده بس 😔