MASSIVE Box of Chocolates CHALLENGE (for valentines day)

  • Publicado el 9 feb 2018
  • Get you Valentines Flowers!!! ---
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    Ever get that desire to purchase that giant box of chocolate thats always looming on the store shelves during Valentines day..?
    Well I do not recommend..
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Comentarios • 7 744

    JJY REACTS Hace un hora

    Now people will think they are never alone

  • ItsMillie Whyte
    ItsMillie Whyte Hace 8 horas

    I bet he was desperate for the fricken toilet after that!

  • Chewbacca FU
    Chewbacca FU Hace 10 horas

    My mrs could beat u on this challenge Matt 😂
    6 years of ESclips 👌🏻

  • The Vigilant
    The Vigilant Hace un día

    Why's he saying "Valentimes Day" ?

  • Vial Void
    Vial Void Hace un día

    He Broke My Heart

  • David Parker
    David Parker Hace un día +1

    I think I’m gonna call the freaky eater
    specialists for him.

  • Majed Chelhot
    Majed Chelhot Hace un día

    Am scared bc all this chocolat killed !!!

  • Mumine Ocal
    Mumine Ocal Hace 2 días

    who is just started that chocolate grab memes in comments lol.

  • XXX_Ariana_XXX Xx_Lopez_xX

    My biggest high store on chocolate bites is... 3 -_-

  • Gabriella Farley
    Gabriella Farley Hace 3 días

    am i the only one who thinks this isn't that hard? i'm pretty sure i just ate more than this just now

  • rock climbing33
    rock climbing33 Hace 3 días

    holy shit, great but weird eating challange....I would puke, That's why I watch Matt stonie

  • Sophia Tiffany Parrel
    Sophia Tiffany Parrel Hace 3 días

    try the challeng giant toblerone

  • Kayden Fortney
    Kayden Fortney Hace 3 días +1

    Heart heart were are you Diabetes gone

  • Hector Trillas
    Hector Trillas Hace 3 días +1

    This may be that only challenge I can do lol

    DIVINE SQUAD_BASIC Hace 4 días

    Why cant you eat it peacefully

  • flow
    flow Hace 4 días

    0:17 aww she thought it was for her, but the Lord made Matt Stonie to eat it all sweetheart.

  • shahad aid
    shahad aid Hace 5 días

    oao hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Bobi Clarck
    Bobi Clarck Hace 6 días

    You are handsome 😁😊

  • The Bender Boys
    The Bender Boys Hace 7 días

    3:54 when you go trick or treating and at the door it says take one piece of candy

    BIGBOY DOOMS Hace 8 días

    y you are eating like that

    SILK HOUSE Hace 9 días


  • Greta Schneider
    Greta Schneider Hace 9 días +1

    This is just me every Valentine’s Day. Ya know buying myself a giant chocolate heart. Eating it all at once

  • gottablast
    gottablast Hace 10 días

    Matt kinda cute tho🤩🤩

  • bolly
    bolly Hace 10 días

    this guy is foo foo goofy

  • skyjj 8
    skyjj 8 Hace 10 días

    Rip toilet

  • zaheer khan
    zaheer khan Hace 11 días


  • Hey Mümy
    Hey Mümy Hace 11 días

    Rip my teeth

  • Chatofis Campos
    Chatofis Campos Hace 11 días

    When you finally find that kinky video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 4:06

  • Shimpity Dumpity321
    Shimpity Dumpity321 Hace 12 días +1

    When ya gotta buy those chocolates for yourself coz no one will do.

  • Nathan Grima
    Nathan Grima Hace 13 días


  • Roseline Karsor
    Roseline Karsor Hace 13 días

    Mom:just one
    Mom:I thought I was going to get one
    Me:oh hell nah

  • Majed Chelhot
    Majed Chelhot Hace 13 días

    Enjoy ur time in the toilet !!!😂

  • Sparkling Boi
    Sparkling Boi Hace 14 días

    Bro who're you eatin' the whole f'in box- yo I can only eat one and I'm already choking

  • fortnite show off 195
    fortnite show off 195 Hace 14 días

    Personal trainer's : eating too much can make you fat

    Matt stonie (eats the whole KFC and my Donald's menu) looks thin as a paper

  • Junji Eusebio
    Junji Eusebio Hace 15 días

    my birthday is feb 14,2008

  • julle huu
    julle huu Hace 16 días

    suddently he feel that weird rush around the spot where insulin is created if that even works anymore

  • Khristopher Marte
    Khristopher Marte Hace 16 días

    Hes going to get a massive poop and stomack egg for Valentines

  • Khristopher Marte
    Khristopher Marte Hace 16 días

    4:45 can i have just one ok sike this for me

  • Eric Chun
    Eric Chun Hace 18 días +1

    When you give that to your girlfriend

  • Mr. Dumdog
    Mr. Dumdog Hace 18 días


  • Rowan Fisher
    Rowan Fisher Hace 19 días +1

    My teeth hurt for him

  • George LoveBone
    George LoveBone Hace 19 días


  • George LoveBone
    George LoveBone Hace 19 días

    The fact they couldnt squeeze one more piece in there to make it an even 60 really triggers my OCD......not really but its still mildly annoying

  • XxitzyagurlkoalaxX dx
    XxitzyagurlkoalaxX dx Hace 20 días

    6:10 to 6:13 that's what she said

  • Cr1spyy
    Cr1spyy Hace 21 un día +1

    when you see a take one bowl on halloween

  • Medina Bilalović
    Medina Bilalović Hace 21 un día

    *next time u should eat the flowers*

  • Kimberly Banks
    Kimberly Banks Hace 21 un día

    The toilet is waiting for u

  • Jason Chow
    Jason Chow Hace 21 un día

    why do u keep saying valentimes day? you got a short tongue?

  • Shahela Kayum
    Shahela Kayum Hace 22 días

    Oo..i love chocolates... 😃

  • Leavish Julloo Julloo
    Leavish Julloo Julloo Hace 22 días

    I like chocolate a lottttttttttt i can eat more than you if it milk chocolate

  • TGabrielC13
    TGabrielC13 Hace 22 días

    Low key those are some badass roses. Very full and healthy

  • Mayra Hernandez
    Mayra Hernandez Hace 22 días

    Can you stop monning

  • LuXianWolfert
    LuXianWolfert Hace 23 días +1

    “Just one?” I think that was a warning cry. She probably also wanted a box. 😅

  • LuXianWolfert
    LuXianWolfert Hace 23 días +1

    That poor girlfriend thought that it was for her. 😅

  • sky chan
    sky chan Hace 24 días

    When it was Valentines day my dad bought me and my sister some candy and chocolate and a bear I ate my stuff in one day 😂😂

  • Valentin aldrete
    Valentin aldrete Hace 24 días

    This reminds me of when I gave my girlfriend chocolates in 5th grade

  • Thilini Weerasinghe
    Thilini Weerasinghe Hace 24 días

    I overestimated him. I thought he was going to do it under 5 min

  • Sierra Schlieper
    Sierra Schlieper Hace 24 días

    So like... that's not a lot of chocolate 😂😂😂

  • Blackpink*Bts BB
    Blackpink*Bts BB Hace 25 días +1

    You should've sent the girl to get you the water....

  • Le Ainz
    Le Ainz Hace 25 días

    7:06 *sluuuurp.*

  • Alana Williams
    Alana Williams Hace 26 días

    You should do a Skittles challenge

  • Victor Ulhôa
    Victor Ulhôa Hace 26 días

    she wanted u to buy another one for her

  • Breelyn Colgrove
    Breelyn Colgrove Hace 27 días

    It sounds like he is eating rocks not chocolate

  • AaronZevs 123
    AaronZevs 123 Hace 28 días

    Matt stonie is not fat

  • Arvind Kumar
    Arvind Kumar Hace 28 días

    Delicious chocokate

  • ItsEthan HD
    ItsEthan HD Hace 29 días

    I just realised that I'm unhealthy because I eat that amount for a fucking snack lol

  • jian wen Li
    jian wen Li Hace un mes

    I eat chocolates while watching this

  • PresidentWordSalad
    PresidentWordSalad Hace un mes

    I think that the pure-sugar challenges (like this and the Peeps video) are way harder than ones featuring savory food.

  • Wopezh
    Wopezh Hace un mes

    At least if a dog kills u and eats u it will die too.

  • Sheryl Baltzer
    Sheryl Baltzer Hace un mes

    You picked the worst candy? Go with Fannie May.

  • Miscellaneous Nerd
    Miscellaneous Nerd Hace un mes +2

    This is me every 28 days

  • D.J. Ango
    D.J. Ango Hace un mes

    Its vases not vazes

  • Popcorn 101
    Popcorn 101 Hace un mes

    *rip his toilet*

  • Krish Vasita
    Krish Vasita Hace un mes

    what happened is Matt would hav proposed a girl with these chocolates.... nd she would hav he used em to make a video.

  • don gyol
    don gyol Hace un mes

    I don't even know how you feed youself

  • Virginia Roberts
    Virginia Roberts Hace un mes

    this one i could do

  • Alia E
    Alia E Hace un mes

    I can only eat 7 pieces of those chocolates and no more Haha

  • my galaxy
    my galaxy Hace un mes

    What Matt got in valantine's day:sugar rush and diabetes

  • Nathan Morales
    Nathan Morales Hace un mes +1


  • Marshall Mathers
    Marshall Mathers Hace un mes

    Bye chocolates

    Hello diabetes

  • daim sarfraz
    daim sarfraz Hace un mes


  • Kallista Metropoulos
    Kallista Metropoulos Hace un mes

    In retrospect all that chewing does make his jawline extra sharp.

  • Aaron Godfrey
    Aaron Godfrey Hace un mes

    6:57 chocolate Carmel hi you tube

  • Joy Kearney
    Joy Kearney Hace un mes

    How old are you

  • secondgamerIsDead!
    secondgamerIsDead! Hace un mes

    I’ve been locked inside your heart-shaped Box, for weeks

  • Stacey Dash TV
    Stacey Dash TV Hace un mes

    bro im married

  • Keira Ng
    Keira Ng Hace un mes

    Is that girl your sister, girlfriend or friend?

  • TJ Hartley
    TJ Hartley Hace un mes +6

    Please start eating and stop saying "valentimes"

  • Lauren Icha
    Lauren Icha Hace un mes

    0:27 music pls??

  • Ryan Lowry
    Ryan Lowry Hace un mes

    6:12 that's what she said moment

  • Yt Fan am Start Ja Moin
    Yt Fan am Start Ja Moin Hace un mes +1

    *JuSt oNe?*

  • Oana Dumitru
    Oana Dumitru Hace un mes

    Bro u should of got her one don’t be rude like dat

  • Avocado Shadow
    Avocado Shadow Hace un mes

    What is ValenTIMEs day?

  • Natasha Gregg
    Natasha Gregg Hace un mes

    Holy Lactose Intolerance, Batman!!! 😂

  • Ameen Mateen
    Ameen Mateen Hace un mes

    Matt will be sitting on the toilet all night long 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ameen Mateen
    Ameen Mateen Hace un mes

    just one box of chocolates that is very sad matt i, am going to cry now 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • bilkis begum
    bilkis begum Hace un mes

    How was the taste ?? It looks yummy

  • Chewy Suarez
    Chewy Suarez Hace un mes

    You now what matt stonie suprised the chocolates in 1 pack in the heart Killing a chocolate

  • xxtranicerxx Cao
    xxtranicerxx Cao Hace un mes +1

    this what you came for

  • Embear
    Embear Hace un mes

    when they say valentimes day......... Matt... no.. just no.