MASSIVE Box of Chocolates CHALLENGE (for valentines day)

  • Publicado el 9 feb 2018
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    Ever get that desire to purchase that giant box of chocolate thats always looming on the store shelves during Valentines day..?
    Well I do not recommend..
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Comentarios • 6 570

  • David Way
    David Way Hace 13 horas

    I wonder if he gets his books at the liberry as well

  • David Way
    David Way Hace 13 horas

    It's ValentiNes NOT Valemtimes!!!

  • Buk Lau
    Buk Lau Hace 16 horas +1


  • Joshua 141
    Joshua 141 Hace un día

    You just ruined the purpose of chocolates. Jk

  • Cant think of a cool nickname

    Dont you just hate how disgusting those sometimes are? Like, just put in milk dark& white chocolate and make everyone happy

  • Rodney White
    Rodney White Hace un día

    When Matt said: "Oh yeah. These are hard." I didn't know what the fuck to think.

  • Naomi Taylor
    Naomi Taylor Hace un día

    Your poor teeth and blood sugar

  • alexander pro
    alexander pro Hace 2 días

    Y no En Gordas jajjaj

  • okibumfl
    okibumfl Hace 2 días

    Why is it so hard for people to pronounce Valentine’s Day and not Valentimes Day?

  • yoongi's honey girl
    yoongi's honey girl Hace 2 días

    why am i soft

  • Mimi
    Mimi Hace 2 días

    “New got”....nougat. Nu-gut.

  • Elina Pani
    Elina Pani Hace 2 días +1


  • BluePanda Jr
    BluePanda Jr Hace 2 días +1

    Wish I have that 59 chocolate valentine box All girls in my school will chase me and 😝😝😝😝so Exciting

  • Lazyjulio 20
    Lazyjulio 20 Hace 3 días +1

    Every kids dream to eat that whole box of chocolates by themselves

  • William Fields
    William Fields Hace 3 días


  • SimpyBenSavage Anime
    SimpyBenSavage Anime Hace 3 días +1


  • SimpyBenSavage Anime
    SimpyBenSavage Anime Hace 3 días +1

    0:51and you are still not fat but thin?

  • Verónica Sánchez
    Verónica Sánchez Hace 3 días

    i need one of those...

  • Erika House
    Erika House Hace 4 días

    It hurt right in my heart when it said 59 chocolates I started screaming just 1 more chocolate just 1 more for some reason I hate uneven numbers.😂🤷‍♀️

  • Sans Undertale
    Sans Undertale Hace 4 días

    My boyfriend gave me a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day

  • Lorya YouTube lover
    Lorya YouTube lover Hace 4 días

    He’s going to have a lot of kavity

  • chim chim
    chim chim Hace 4 días

    How come you still dont get fat ?? 🤔😂😂

  • Kevi N
    Kevi N Hace 5 días

    Anyone in comment section a dentist

  • chocklate-vanilla- Cupcakes

    Fucking yummy...the chocolate. ...yeeeeeeasss....that's it..😧😩😍

  • Luzinete Andrade
    Luzinete Andrade Hace 5 días


  • Casiey Fran
    Casiey Fran Hace 6 días

    "Just one" ? XD Just for himself AHAHAHAH XD

  • Paulheyman Guy
    Paulheyman Guy Hace 6 días

    cringey even for Dolan.

  • Gulsen Bozbey
    Gulsen Bozbey Hace 6 días

    Vah 119 chlkatles

  • Lol Z
    Lol Z Hace 8 días


  • *AyHerAim IsGettingBetter*

    In his other videos it makes me want the food or drink but this one is sad.#Not hate comment

  • *AyHerAim IsGettingBetter*

    It's MATT STONIE..WHAT! I thought his name was like Matt Stone but spelled different. OML. 2:02

  • TNT Master303
    TNT Master303 Hace 10 días

    I don't get the challenge this is just a normal lonely Valentine's Day for me

    Ven ВЭНТОРИИ Hace 10 días

    That was my question, just one?

  • Marcus James
    Marcus James Hace 11 días

    You are a champion I am going to subcribe to you and smash the like bottom

  • Soumik Hazra Choudhuri
    Soumik Hazra Choudhuri Hace 13 días

    I heard

  • Diogo Moreira
    Diogo Moreira Hace 13 días

    I probably ate a bigger one last christmas

  • Justice Jackson
    Justice Jackson Hace 13 días

    Nuu- got

  • fofiax
    fofiax Hace 13 días

    This is going to sound really weird but you look like you’d be the lead singer in a pop punk band like the ready set or hot chelle rae lol

  • Skyview1661
    Skyview1661 Hace 14 días

    *_-Who can do this???-_*

  • Shania Lopez
    Shania Lopez Hace 15 días

    This hurt my teeth just by watching this! 😷 Loved the video though!

  • KabutoPvP '
    KabutoPvP ' Hace 15 días

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    All this chocolate per day
    Makes the dentist ready for you

  • T Kayra S7 Edge
    T Kayra S7 Edge Hace 15 días

    you dont seem like a good chocolate fast eater you should practice

  • Blk Palms
    Blk Palms Hace 15 días

    would expect you to destroy this

  • zunkim lian
    zunkim lian Hace 15 días

    Diabetes 😐😐

  • Mark Laurence Alarca
    Mark Laurence Alarca Hace 15 días

    Does your teeth ache?!!

  • Had Have
    Had Have Hace 15 días

    8:00 When you nut

  • Evərthing Mattərš
    Evərthing Mattərš Hace 16 días +1

    *Pure Diabetes*

  • Alphina Gumi
    Alphina Gumi Hace 16 días

    watching this made me felt alot better about being rejected on valentine's day

  • Mihwa lee
    Mihwa lee Hace 16 días


  • Starlight Starlight
    Starlight Starlight Hace 16 días

    This box of chocolaté does not look yummy and delicious.

  • Aye Grimzy
    Aye Grimzy Hace 16 días

    R.i.p. to his skin

  • Ramisa Tora
    Ramisa Tora Hace 16 días

    I could do this one in even less amount of time.

  • 2 Simple
    2 Simple Hace 16 días +2

    What did u tell your dentist😂

  • im cool
    im cool Hace 16 días

    Young strongjaw

  • michel carolina cardona mesa

    No puede ser hombre...comete eso con leche no con agua 😐

  • Dezarae Siddall
    Dezarae Siddall Hace 17 días

    Im pretty sure I heard your cavities forming.

  • Deyan Lobo
    Deyan Lobo Hace 17 días +1

    Indian +1

  • Deyan Lobo
    Deyan Lobo Hace 17 días +1

    His girlfriend will kill him... saying u didn't gave me a chocolate and u r eating alone .....hahaha

  • AidanDoesRobloxx And More

    Gonna take me 3 days to finish that chocolate

  • Antón López
    Antón López Hace 18 días

    I think this channel would be better if you show how much you can eat instead of how much you can eat in some minutes, I can eat fast some times but some scenes can be almost disgusting. I hope to be helping you

  • John Do
    John Do Hace 18 días

    How often you Go to the dentist?!

  • Zakayla Walton
    Zakayla Walton Hace 18 días

    Wow cool😍😍😍😍😍

  • MetaMorphQuanta
    MetaMorphQuanta Hace 18 días

    How to get cavities tutorial xd

  • Sofiya Samreen
    Sofiya Samreen Hace 18 días

    I love this boy😉

  • Block Chain
    Block Chain Hace 18 días

    How this guy is still alive from 12k calories

  • RED- _NEX
    RED- _NEX Hace 18 días

    I can eat it 2 minutes

  • Steffy Alment
    Steffy Alment Hace 19 días

    I would have been sick for a year if i ate so much Chocolate at once...and im a choco fan😂 still have some choco left from last Valentine 😅

  • Tony Lindholm
    Tony Lindholm Hace 19 días

    what an ass that guy is

  • Idkwhat thisis
    Idkwhat thisis Hace 19 días

    How did his teeth not break?

  • Idkwhat thisis
    Idkwhat thisis Hace 19 días

    How did his teeth not break?

  • Sky Andropoulos
    Sky Andropoulos Hace 19 días

    Valentimes Day?

  • Mary Acevedo
    Mary Acevedo Hace 20 días

    8:14 it was so funny

  • Forever Destiny
    Forever Destiny Hace 20 días


  • Forever Destiny
    Forever Destiny Hace 20 días

    jUsT oNe?¿

  • Guest
    Guest Hace 20 días

    This reminds me of an avocado smoothie

  • Alexis roblox gaming
    Alexis roblox gaming Hace 20 días

    How did you do that🤔🤔🤔

  • Raka Haikal
    Raka Haikal Hace 20 días

    the box of diabetes

  • Mon-mon Mangligot
    Mon-mon Mangligot Hace 21 un día

    This is me every valentines day. I gotta buy my own chocolate ofcourse😐

  • Jessie B
    Jessie B Hace 21 un día

    She is impressed she just wanted more for her and you!

  • Jessie Guillen
    Jessie Guillen Hace 21 un día

    How can he eat all that and not get fat

  • Erin shaw
    Erin shaw Hace 21 un día

    aww I think that girl was your gf and wanted some love aka food awww

  • Ava
    Ava Hace 21 un día

    Skinnier and skinnier every video

  • Quishanty Coffy
    Quishanty Coffy Hace 21 un día

    I hate Valentine day honestly I think it's because I'm single😒

  • Chef Excellence_
    Chef Excellence_ Hace 22 días


  • Alonzo
    Alonzo Hace 22 días

    Good luck on the pimples

  • Aika Papa
    Aika Papa Hace 22 días

    Poor teeth !

    MR. STORM Hace 23 días

    Do you have diabetes

  • nataly lopez
    nataly lopez Hace 23 días

    me muero con uno atorado, de que tamaño estará su garganta 😣😢

  • Bryce Gaming
    Bryce Gaming Hace 23 días

    The fruit flavored are the worst

  • RainIML
    RainIML Hace 23 días

    my teeth hurt watching this

  • Army Hobbie
    Army Hobbie Hace 23 días

    My God, you are amazing. I've only been watching three of your videos and I was speechless, your voice, your eyes fall in love. cute luck

  • ThrobbinHood
    ThrobbinHood Hace 23 días

    Any dude who is alone on valentines could probably do this.

  • Romina Bendezu
    Romina Bendezu Hace 23 días

    Enjoy it . Dont eat fast

  • MoDoC 86
    MoDoC 86 Hace 23 días

    quess his valentine said no,..:p

  • fofura com loucura
    fofura com loucura Hace 24 días

    Então tá né 😂😂😂
    Br passando pra dizer q já tmo dominando o ESclips kkk

  • MissyLynn315
    MissyLynn315 Hace 24 días

    Anyone else bothered by how many times he said Valentime’s day?

  • Hallie Keppen
    Hallie Keppen Hace 24 días

    does anyone know that it’s pronounced Valentine’s day not Valentimes

  • R & H
    R & H Hace 25 días +1

    I bet that song in the background is going to be playing when he’s in the bathroom

  • Naruto Sasuke
    Naruto Sasuke Hace 25 días

    Triabetes to Cuadribetes

  • harry diep
    harry diep Hace 25 días