John Cena - “Elbow Grease” & Bringing the WWE to China | The Daily Show


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  • Dean j
    Dean j Hace un día

    Trevor Noah

  • saballi KB
    saballi KB Hace 2 días

    Lol, yo bruh, did you see how John pulled his coffee cup away as you started talking? Like you spit talk, now that's messed up 😂 what was John thinking, very disrespectful. This made ma day 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Yassir Safwan Maahir
    Yassir Safwan Maahir Hace 3 días

    All I missed is the STF and attitude adjacement

  • Julio Salatiel Rodriguez Euan

    They is amazing love fantastic!

  • Mrfam101
    Mrfam101 Hace 4 días

    What a guy

  • Baveshen Pillay
    Baveshen Pillay Hace 4 días

    This is so AMAZING!!!! Trevor Noah and John Cena in the same room!!! DAMN! This is do Great!

  • LVL 95
    LVL 95 Hace 5 días

    Anybody catch cenas new lisp? Since when did he have it? Has his entire career been scripted around it?

  • CH santoshkumar
    CH santoshkumar Hace 6 días

    Love you cena

  • Karen Jackman
    Karen Jackman Hace 8 días

    John Cena should be in "The Walking Dead."

  • Precious Mwanika
    Precious Mwanika Hace 8 días

    John Cena u r the reason why ara watching WWE

  • Rahul Suvarna
    Rahul Suvarna Hace 9 días

    No one can take john cena's place in wwe he is best of all time😎

  • david lester
    david lester Hace 9 días

    Became a fan at 13 during the Ruthless Aggression/Thugganomics Era of John Cena and still a fan today at 29.

  • Tushar Singh
    Tushar Singh Hace 10 días +2

    John Cena is a great person inside and out! ❤️ ❤️ Love him so much💗💗 he is the face of america in my opinion 👏👏👏

  • The game of game
    The game of game Hace 11 días

    No John Cena is not the most hated character in wwe history.

  • Rodolfo Carrasco Correa
    Rodolfo Carrasco Correa Hace 12 días

    Waaay too much blinkin Juan Cena. Not cool.

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A Hace 12 días

    he looks funky

  • Ying Li
    Ying Li Hace 12 días

    Who’s Trevor talking to?

  • Saket Arora
    Saket Arora Hace 12 días

    Trevor Noah looks at Cena in such awe!!!

  • kntwing
    kntwing Hace 12 días

    show is scripted ..j.cena new hair style?he doesn't go bald anymore?
    manderin is hard to learn...look at his big red hands?
    i used to be his fan...when he started wrestling..
    the only door you be knocking is john cena bedroom..

  • Nassour AL-Hilal
    Nassour AL-Hilal Hace 13 días

    Who is Trevor talking to? I don't see anyone. He seems confused at his own show.

  • MNRH investigator MNRH investigator

    May i correct that Mr John Cena was the nost loved WWE star who has won a huge number of fans feelings.?

  • DeniseN
    DeniseN Hace 15 días +1

    He didn't teach himself Mandarin....he had someone help him. It was on his reality show.

  • Jeoni Tao
    Jeoni Tao Hace 15 días

    I can't see shit!!!

  • Josey Wales
    Josey Wales Hace 16 días +1

    Love Cena. His kids book is awesome. My kids also just told me about his new show on facebook called Double Take. They said it's great.

  • Alvin Peh
    Alvin Peh Hace 16 días

    APA!! Where's Faarooq??

  • lokesh shrestha
    lokesh shrestha Hace 16 días +1

    John cena is very good guy

  • lokesh shrestha
    lokesh shrestha Hace 16 días +2

    John cena is very good guy

  • Devis Kerthi
    Devis Kerthi Hace 17 días +2

    The champ is here.

  • Shaikh Zeeshan
    Shaikh Zeeshan Hace 17 días +1

    Became his fan when i was 10 still is his fan at 25. 💪
    U can't hate this guy.....#Respect

  • sam G
    sam G Hace 17 días

    John Cena does not want to go to Saudi Arabia! But go to China! What is this contradiction?

    SCHIAV' Hace 18 días

    Dislikes are The Nexus Team 😡🤬

  • karabo succed Phora
    karabo succed Phora Hace 18 días

    Just here for my country men treavor✊✊

  • Nomthandazo Nomkhosi
    Nomthandazo Nomkhosi Hace 18 días

    John Cena is such an amazing guys nd i love the fact that hes so positive 😍😍😍😍i love him somch

  • Nomthandazo Nomkhosi
    Nomthandazo Nomkhosi Hace 18 días

    Trevor plz tell John Cena:ukuty ngimthanda into engapheli😍😍😍😍😍

  • Mzokuthula Innocent Zulu
    Mzokuthula Innocent Zulu Hace 19 días

    Wait, Cena is slowly starting to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Ehsan Khan
    Ehsan Khan Hace 19 días

    Umm.who is trevor interviewing? I dont see anyone

    • v. i.
      v. i. Hace 18 días

      John Cena :you can't see me?

  • Abdul Hadi
    Abdul Hadi Hace 19 días

    Jhon cena, Mark walberg and Matt damon look so alike.

  • Aisha Dorcas Mwamalopa
    Aisha Dorcas Mwamalopa Hace 19 días

    Error John Cena

  • Aisha Dorcas Mwamalopa
    Aisha Dorcas Mwamalopa Hace 19 días

    John Dena I like your voice!! Reall man in the building!!RESPECT

  • Shane Bakker
    Shane Bakker Hace 19 días

    oh I get you have to mentally visualize the person he's TV is getting advanced!

  • ttalgi
    ttalgi Hace 19 días


  • stick man
    stick man Hace 20 días

    Crazy wonderful fantastic people of China ...xD omg I cant stop laughing

  • Matador Batista
    Matador Batista Hace 20 días

    Don't like him nothing more to say,he seems like a nice guy but i don't like him maybe because of his bad very bad terrible horrible acting in the WWE and in movies yep that's why.

  • jjdippzX
    jjdippzX Hace 20 días

    damn John Cena's mouth is so darn biggggg!!!!!

  • cain velasquez
    cain velasquez Hace 20 días

    when roman reigns is in the house your damn right cena suck

  • Zibalule Mdeni
    Zibalule Mdeni Hace 20 días

    Cena is smart.

  • 1Love_66
    1Love_66 Hace 21 un día

    When is the movie gonna come out ?

  • Son Gohan
    Son Gohan Hace 21 un día

    He looks like Jean-Claude van Damme with that haircut!

  • tungs barrow
    tungs barrow Hace 21 un día

    he is not dead is still he is alive ?

  • blayysian
    blayysian Hace 22 días

    Who is Trevor talking too?

  • Zagara Gara
    Zagara Gara Hace 22 días

    My Idol John Cena

  • George
    George Hace 22 días

    Jona Cena for president

  • bhanu singh
    bhanu singh Hace 22 días

    Hey look Senator Cena!

  • Wahab Gool
    Wahab Gool Hace 22 días

    Im getting my son Elbow Grease

  • Dach .....
    Dach ..... Hace 22 días

    Jhon is a class act and he deserves every penny hes got.

  • Tlou Manamela
    Tlou Manamela Hace 22 días

    If you do what you only good at you'll never learn anything.

  • linah Atieno
    linah Atieno Hace 22 días

    John Cena is very eloquent...Interesting

  • Xoliswa Nyandeni
    Xoliswa Nyandeni Hace 22 días

    been waiting for his Theme song😂😂😂💦💦

  • WSN vevo
    WSN vevo Hace 22 días

    I'm worried that you are looking old.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Petrika Miçinoti
    Petrika Miçinoti Hace 22 días

    Best Trevor Noah monologue ever

  • George Morris
    George Morris Hace 22 días

    Is Mark walberg related to Jon cena

  • The Girl Pill
    The Girl Pill Hace 22 días

    Why is Trevor talking to himself?

  • Wambugu
    Wambugu Hace 22 días

    John Cena 2020

  • Triple R tv
    Triple R tv Hace 22 días

    John Cena should be the next USA president... Remove that busted called Donald Triumph.

  • Tshepo Matlhare
    Tshepo Matlhare Hace 22 días

    John Cena you are inspirational.

  • Annette Ikua
    Annette Ikua Hace 23 días

    "You want to read it and then you can give it to your kids" 😂

  • deba_singha
    deba_singha Hace 23 días

    You are an inspiration for us always and ever John...

  • MCShvabo
    MCShvabo Hace 23 días

    John Cena is truly the best humanity has to offer.

  • javed ebrahim
    javed ebrahim Hace 23 días

    Cenas a legend

  • thetruefinale
    thetruefinale Hace 23 días

    I like his subtle Chinese pronunciation of Shanghai. Not completely English, not completely Chinese

  • Simon Petit
    Simon Petit Hace 23 días

    Thank u John

  • Lilia Popova
    Lilia Popova Hace 23 días

    That is why Trevor is just that damn good. Not a single Nikki Bella question and the interview was amazing!

  • Yahya Khan
    Yahya Khan Hace 23 días

    He looks genuine!

  • kod
    kod Hace 23 días

    If you only do the things you're good at you'll never learn anything 👌

  • Wangshol Penbersing
    Wangshol Penbersing Hace 23 días +1

    I would say i was the biggest fan of your time until I watch this. Why did you both skip your sentence? Why why ? You would have answer

  • Imna Longkumer
    Imna Longkumer Hace 23 días

    Trevor taking interviewing to a whole new level.

  • lydiah kwamboka
    lydiah kwamboka Hace 23 días

    U can't see me😁😁

  • aby0ni
    aby0ni Hace 23 días


  • boipelo polite
    boipelo polite Hace 23 días

    Can Trevor just explain to Cena how huge he is in SA?

  • Mia van Heerden
    Mia van Heerden Hace 23 días

    John Cena looks like his on his way to go and run for president

  • Stafford Bomester
    Stafford Bomester Hace 23 días

    John Cena is so strong, he has an Adam's Apple on his hand :)

  • Rokal Lobust
    Rokal Lobust Hace 23 días

    Why is Trevor interviewing a suit?

  • Buck Legend
    Buck Legend Hace 23 días

    First time I've seen John Cena without a my life

  • Natalie Naidoo
    Natalie Naidoo Hace 24 días

    So proud that a south african gets to really meet celebrities like John Cena!!!

  • nobody nowhere
    nobody nowhere Hace 24 días

    I feel weird seeing him with his hair grown

  • The Put On
    The Put On Hace 24 días

    Make sure to keep up with everything happening in the South African music scene here : ⚡

  • Christian Green
    Christian Green Hace 24 días +1


  • greshy09
    greshy09 Hace 24 días

    Who are you interviewing Trevor??? I can't see no one

  • BlackPower BlackPower
    BlackPower BlackPower Hace 24 días

    Tbh I'm no longer interested in wwe since JC is a part timer.
    Cena the age is still on your have 4 years left.after that you can hang your boots.I hate roman

  • King NaeS
    King NaeS Hace 24 días

    John Cena is so awesome

  • Victor Blom
    Victor Blom Hace 24 días

    He looks strange without the roids

  • Don Elion
    Don Elion Hace 24 días

    How does this guy sound better and more mature than 🍊

  • ahmed jamal aldoseri
    ahmed jamal aldoseri Hace 24 días

    This man can be leader one day ❤️

  • Jessie Eleena
    Jessie Eleena Hace 24 días

    Wow never knew trevor was a john cena or wwe fan.❤

  • If sambo was easy It would be called jiu jitsu

    After almost 8 years of quitting watching wwe .. Jhon Cena looks OLD ! Wth happened !

    • zarin shapurjee
      zarin shapurjee Hace 17 días

      Uh newscast he is old dummy secinfky he looks his age because of his hair

  • jay Pazare
    jay Pazare Hace 24 días +3

    How Trevor addresses John Cena as a third person in front of him


    • Ranjan Kumar Jena
      Ranjan Kumar Jena Hace 17 días

      jay Pazare yeah,he introduces him like they r doing it on d show for somany times..really feeling bad.😞😞
      i think , next time Trevor is making it in d right way👍👊

  • jay Pazare
    jay Pazare Hace 24 días +1

    0:57 that gonna be my *original reaction* when I meet John Cena
    Damn it God when will I meet him
    I hate being poor ......

  • serious
    serious Hace 24 días

    He looks so weird with his hair like that.

    • serious
      serious Hace 24 días

      Well...5 minutes in and I see why his hair is like that...I really like this dude.

  • Tommy Tikka
    Tommy Tikka Hace 24 días

    Still undertaker is the goat 🐏