The Largest Sandwich I've Ever Made! (Turkey & Swiss)

  • Publicado el 30 ene 2018
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    I've done bigger challenges, but this is legitimately the Biggest Sandwich I have ever made! Over 70oz of Turkey, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatos, Mayo, Mustard and Bread, this single sandwich clocks in at over 6lbs....
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Comentarios • 5 752

  • Ijustwanttocommentfugoogle
    Ijustwanttocommentfugoogle Hace 56 minutos

    3:03 That's what she said.

  • Pac-Man :v
    Pac-Man :v Hace 7 horas

    En un día come lo que yo como en un año ;-;

  • a a
    a a Hace 8 horas

    Dude you lose everytime morgan isnt there

  • Oanh Đồng
    Oanh Đồng Hace 11 horas


  • Deven Erdman
    Deven Erdman Hace 16 horas

    I get so hype every time those kicks come in 3:45

  • Deven Erdman
    Deven Erdman Hace 16 horas

    My favorite part of every video-
    *Que double kick pedal

  • The Musicmaster107
    The Musicmaster107 Hace un día

    4:08 Carnivores delight

  • Monica Chan
    Monica Chan Hace un día

    That is one thicc sandwich

  • Alin skuuu
    Alin skuuu Hace un día

    Man vs food

  • Kain R Heinlein
    Kain R Heinlein Hace un día

    Needed more bread in between tbh to balance it out

  • Madisyn Garcia
    Madisyn Garcia Hace 2 días

    idk how you like honey mustard

  • Violet orange
    Violet orange Hace 2 días

    R.I.P Turkey hill...

  • ملاك الحب
    ملاك الحب Hace 3 días


  • Diego Thick
    Diego Thick Hace 3 días


  • by Foink
    by Foink Hace 3 días

    I love sandwiches but that thumbnail just makes me sick to my stomach...

  • Austin Hunter
    Austin Hunter Hace 3 días

    I really don’t like the taste of large no giant no XL no MASSIVE!!! sandwiches like this 1 because after your done with the lettuce cheese and tomato it’s all turkey which gets boring after a while so I would’ve put the sauce between some of the layers of turkey to add more variety to it and make it taste better. Just my opinion though.

  • Michel Temer
    Michel Temer Hace 4 días

    Matt, por favor! NUNCA, NUNCA pare de fazer vídeos assim, man!! Você é o MELHOR!!

  • Jabroni
    Jabroni Hace 4 días

    Shaggy is pissed.

  • Shak 123
    Shak 123 Hace 5 días

    Could have done with a touch more sauce

  • Furkan Ayas
    Furkan Ayas Hace 6 días

    You should make video with Diet foods, and show to people how your limit calorie. Like you eat a lot again but this time calories will be 4000 maybe.

  • Brittany Rice
    Brittany Rice Hace 7 días

    That's nasty

  • Chrissy Pissy
    Chrissy Pissy Hace 7 días

    I don’t know why these are so entertaining

  • Suely Souza
    Suely Souza Hace 7 días


  • Masterpro 098
    Masterpro 098 Hace 7 días

    Anyone from MarioGaming?

  • renato donoso
    renato donoso Hace 8 días

    viva el pinche ingles jajaja

  • Esmanur Bulut
    Esmanur Bulut Hace 8 días

    Türkiye 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • abdou abdou
    abdou abdou Hace 8 días


  • Josh Beebe
    Josh Beebe Hace 8 días

    No miracle whip you suck

  • TheDreamJP
    TheDreamJP Hace 9 días

    Bro why don't you make it looks nice and taste good? Do: bread mayo mustard, tomato, salad, turkey, bread en repear that combo. Now thats massive, looks nice and is tasty

  • Megenay Musa
    Megenay Musa Hace 9 días

    I 💜his challenges but it could be impossible for anyone else to do,😂lol

  • adel Bourabah
    adel Bourabah Hace 9 días

    O M G

  • Berk Asci
    Berk Asci Hace 9 días

    Bize hindi diyon he sen tırrek

  • Mahmut Tuncer Fan
    Mahmut Tuncer Fan Hace 9 días

    As bayrakları as

  • mms i
    mms i Hace 9 días +1


  • NuggetTV
    NuggetTV Hace 9 días +3

    I’ve seen a nyan cat at 0:06 Who Else Does?

  • ريم كعبي
    ريم كعبي Hace 9 días

    أشتركو بقناة زد شو زد عربي

  • Joshua 6hd
    Joshua 6hd Hace 9 días

    Needs to be toast

  • Abiel Ordaz
    Abiel Ordaz Hace 9 días

    Dude imagine if he smoked ganja that would of been 4 minutes flat lmfao!! I love these videos it inspires me to make outrages foods lol

  • MC5 Arnold
    MC5 Arnold Hace 9 días

    Turkey with mayo so guuuud

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando Hace 9 días

    is this a jojo reference?

  • Mr. Karamsar
    Mr. Karamsar Hace 9 días


  • asylum.mp3
    asylum.mp3 Hace 10 días

    Русские есть?

  • Fat Gamer
    Fat Gamer Hace 10 días +1


    MYSTIC Hace 10 días

    The girl behind the camera should do a face reveal

  • Hamza Furkan Çanak
    Hamza Furkan Çanak Hace 10 días +1

    Herşeyi yedin mk çocu

  • Minecraft Vadder
    Minecraft Vadder Hace 11 días +1

    I would call the video "Eating turkey with some other stuff." :D

  • IT, your games
    IT, your games Hace 11 días

    You susk you susk you susk

  • Chidori Nagashi
    Chidori Nagashi Hace 11 días

    that black bandana or hairband (whatever) must've some powers.. i bet he couldnt eat that much without it

  • jana Harki
    jana Harki Hace 12 días

    ئه فه توجه نددخوي

  • Potatoo Nafi
    Potatoo Nafi Hace 13 días

    All of the vegetarians are screaming

  • Павел Жинжаров

    я пукнул сори

  • Anime Love Couple
    Anime Love Couple Hace 13 días

    5:58 that reaction 😂😂

  • Ada SOYAD Türk
    Ada SOYAD Türk Hace 14 días

    İ'm Crazy Turk

  • Lexus
    Lexus Hace 14 días

    10,2 times

  • 王鹿晗
    王鹿晗 Hace 14 días

    You re gonna need a bigger mouth

  • Werbson Almeida
    Werbson Almeida Hace 15 días

    Seria mais legal se tivesse legenda em português

    GENESIS Hace 15 días

    Vegans worst nightmare.

  • Cardboard Robot
    Cardboard Robot Hace 15 días

    Ahh this was funny, the biggest sandwich I’ve ever ate was a 6 inch subway sandwich

  • Michael schroeder
    Michael schroeder Hace 16 días +1

    How are u not thicc

  • Hasna Kafa
    Hasna Kafa Hace 16 días

    Beyler hindi demek turkey djf djndnrnfjd

  • well done
    well done Hace 17 días

    Its You Girlfriends Matt Stonie????

  • enüs patur
    enüs patur Hace 18 días

    as bayrakları kürshtan bayraklarını

  • Xx X
    Xx X Hace 18 días


  • AKMD __
    AKMD __ Hace 19 días

    Introducing a vegetarians worst enemy...

  • Guillermo. com
    Guillermo. com Hace 19 días

    You should put more cheese

  • Rylee Manion
    Rylee Manion Hace 20 días

    Every time I watch these videos I always think of that vine "can you eat pussy like that" 😂

  • Kenneth Gonzales
    Kenneth Gonzales Hace 20 días

    after eating that, might be hell dumping it out in the loo

  • Naithan Valondo
    Naithan Valondo Hace 20 días

    you can't do that

  • Naithan Valondo
    Naithan Valondo Hace 20 días

    Drink 10 liter of cooking oil

  • Vontae Armstrong
    Vontae Armstrong Hace 21 un día

    u a fuckin 🐷

  • gabii veselinov
    gabii veselinov Hace 22 días

    you spend 30 secs of your time deciding where to bite

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen Hace 22 días


  • chris boss
    chris boss Hace 23 días


  • ظل الظلام. العبدالله

    هل من عربي هناا؟

  • Lazer Canon
    Lazer Canon Hace 24 días

    Reminds me of that sandwich spike made in Tom and Jerry.

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Hace 24 días +1

    How can u poop that OMG XD

  • Miraculous Love
    Miraculous Love Hace 25 días +1

    yavas ye lan Bogulcan

  • Miraculous Love
    Miraculous Love Hace 25 días +1

    ne çok Turk buldum XD

  • TheBobbleBubbingShow Of Bobbling

    He makes it look soooooo easy!

  • Feyza Kara
    Feyza Kara Hace 25 días

    Turkey = hindi

  • Fahad Ishtiaq
    Fahad Ishtiaq Hace 25 días

    Rip toilet

  • MrTahsinPvP
    MrTahsinPvP Hace 25 días

    I Love Turkish #IM TURKISH

  • Mills 33
    Mills 33 Hace 25 días

    Wow! Where did you learn how to eat so fast?

  • patrick duruji
    patrick duruji Hace 25 días

    how does he not get fat

  • axl alden
    axl alden Hace 26 días

    ur a good tower maker :D

  • Adonis Eiland
    Adonis Eiland Hace 26 días

    sad 😪😲😲

  • TRaKs
    TRaKs Hace 26 días


    • TRaKs
      TRaKs Hace 26 días

      Are u not fat

  • ali Fadil
    ali Fadil Hace 26 días

    You are a king

  • Naga Raju
    Naga Raju Hace 26 días +1

    He wasted first half a minute.

    • hey pls
      hey pls Hace 2 días

      Naga Raju he always wastes time during his challenges

  • mary05 s
    mary05 s Hace 26 días +1

    WOW JUST WOW!!!!!!!!

  • Nasty n.n
    Nasty n.n Hace 27 días

    *Xfavor para :'v ya e visto muchos de tus videos y no se como sigues con vida*

  • Mustafa Kemal Erdoğan
    Mustafa Kemal Erdoğan Hace 27 días

    Yanında arkadaşı yok , yemiş olabilir.

  • Miguel Celocia
    Miguel Celocia Hace 27 días




  • Daouda Ndiaye
    Daouda Ndiaye Hace 27 días

    When I first saw the thumbnail, I somehow thought that this guy had the biggest jaw in the world😂😂

  • DuperDupy 123
    DuperDupy 123 Hace 27 días

    Thats not a sandwich any more thats a stack

  • qeqe sosis
    qeqe sosis Hace 28 días

    hindi diyo arkadaşım ülkeden bahsetmiyor

  • Three Brothers
    Three Brothers Hace 28 días

    Oha Adamsın Matt Stonie

  • TruckerMurph
    TruckerMurph Hace 28 días

    I don't understand why you didn't layer your ingredients.....

  • Sarah Chae
    Sarah Chae Hace 28 días

    while matt binges food im binging his videos