The Largest Sandwich I've Ever Made! (Turkey & Swiss)

  • Publicado el 30 ene 2018
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    I've done bigger challenges, but this is legitimately the Biggest Sandwich I have ever made! Over 70oz of Turkey, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatos, Mayo, Mustard and Bread, this single sandwich clocks in at over 6lbs....
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Comentarios • 6 347

  • Amy Buttermore
    Amy Buttermore Hace 5 horas

    I hope MattDeBlanc is watching.

  • Dingo
    Dingo Hace un día

    I love turkey sandwiches

  • Bilarian Whiteman
    Bilarian Whiteman Hace un día

    2:16 lol

  • Ben Ben
    Ben Ben Hace un día


  • sriracha shrimp
    sriracha shrimp Hace 3 días

    You want some bread with that turkey? Lol

  • Unknown Hidden
    Unknown Hidden Hace 3 días

    Who tf puts mustard on their sandwich 🤢 🤮

  • jnnh mnoban
    jnnh mnoban Hace 4 días


  • jacob mynenko
    jacob mynenko Hace 4 días

    He should have put everything on the bottom and top so that he got everything while eating both halves. Also, I thought sandwiches like that only existed in scooby doo

  • Ezequiel II
    Ezequiel II Hace 4 días

    Who is the class of person who disliked this.

  • Nasreen Prodhan
    Nasreen Prodhan Hace 5 días


  • Suga My Aesthetic
    Suga My Aesthetic Hace 6 días +1

    Matt: "I now crown you king"
    *sandwich falls over*

  • Señor Raccoon
    Señor Raccoon Hace 6 días +1

    But my question is.....


    SALTY NUB Hace 6 días

    How is this dude still skinny

  • K F
    K F Hace 7 días +1

    I know one thing that can beat Matt


  • Kool Burn
    Kool Burn Hace 7 días

    Should have baked a turkey then put it on a slice of bread, then go from there.

  • J R
    J R Hace 7 días

    I Like That Mustard. ! ! !

  • Zachary Scott
    Zachary Scott Hace 7 días


  • Talesha Montgomery
    Talesha Montgomery Hace 7 días

    Awesome video 💯

  • blackout Epic
    blackout Epic Hace 8 días

    Would you like some sandwich with your turkey?

  • AwAkE FoR TwO WeEkS
    AwAkE FoR TwO WeEkS Hace 8 días

    Türkiye = cahilistan

  • A Mean Girl
    A Mean Girl Hace 8 días

    That's how much time it takes me to eat a normal sandwich.

  • Turjo Arnob
    Turjo Arnob Hace 8 días +1

    3:04 "Err man thats a lot of MEATto puncture through..." 😂😂😂😂😂 made my day

  • Amiyah Paige
    Amiyah Paige Hace 9 días

    WHEAT BREAD?!? Stop trying to be healthy on this channel

  • Donut Hole
    Donut Hole Hace 9 días

    Matt puts 500 pounds of turkey on his sandwich, and it doesn’t tip over. He puts a light piece of toast, the entire thing tips and ate shite.

  • Redver The Hedgehog
    Redver The Hedgehog Hace 10 días

    "The largest Sandwich I have ever made in this yt Channel"
    Me: OwO

  • Aaron Stewart
    Aaron Stewart Hace 10 días

    Where is the bacon?

  • mr. poprovolski
    mr. poprovolski Hace 13 días

    When ur mum made your favorite turkey sandwich and u have'nt for 10 days

  • 737446738384 73782886383784 675

    I think I can finish that sandwich but it will take me about 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Haktan Ergenç
    Haktan Ergenç Hace 14 días

    As bayrakları as as as

  • Jermaine
    Jermaine Hace 17 días

    I had anxiety when he nearly dropped the sandwich

  • le polite cat
    le polite cat Hace 17 días

    Lmfao it fell

  • AllOut Everything
    AllOut Everything Hace 17 días

    They added Matt Stonie to GWR!
    Here is the clip: bit.lylqT6zt

  • çağan servi
    çağan servi Hace 20 días

    that's true matt you are animal

  • Justin2231 Hadlach
    Justin2231 Hadlach Hace 21 un día

    Man...Other people's heart's whould stop beating....

  • MizzSophie Kio
    MizzSophie Kio Hace 21 un día

    What if he suddenly vomits on one of his videos..

  • Nader Mahmood
    Nader Mahmood Hace 22 días

    next time you make it like a slice of Turkey then cheese it would be better 😁

  • SHD Clan
    SHD Clan Hace 22 días

    How big was his dump afterwards?

  • Teddy human! PLAYZ
    Teddy human! PLAYZ Hace 23 días

    past Matt stonie: this is huge!
    Past fans: woah!
    Future fans: that’s nothing
    Future Matt Stonie: hold my beer

  • Hollow Soul73
    Hollow Soul73 Hace 23 días

    For future reference, you can put the plate on the scale and press Tare and it'll take the weight of the plate off of what you put on it :)

  • Bao Pham
    Bao Pham Hace 23 días +1

    Gotta have that wheat bread

  • Bao Pham
    Bao Pham Hace 23 días +1

    You know you are on a diet when you use that wheat bread

  • George LoveBone
    George LoveBone Hace 25 días

    That was the most half assed sandwhich construction. It nakes no sense lol 4 pounds of meat, 7 slices of cheese. All stacked on top instead of layered evenly along with thebkettuce and tomato. Come on bruh

  • Martin
    Martin Hace 26 días

    *keeps on eating*

  • Mikko Hoppa
    Mikko Hoppa Hace 26 días

    i could do that

  • IREZ BlueJr
    IREZ BlueJr Hace 26 días

    Join honey/MattStonie

  • Spotlight Band
    Spotlight Band Hace 27 días

    stupid dumb

  • Daniel Cordero
    Daniel Cordero Hace 27 días

    this is my 12:00 AM sandwich.

  • The Riot
    The Riot Hace 27 días

    Hold The Mayo

  • Joseph Thom
    Joseph Thom Hace un mes

    “We’re going for the top first.”
    I’m disappointed, Matt. I thought you’d eat the bottom first.

  • Waleed Ammar
    Waleed Ammar Hace un mes


  • Justin Yoo
    Justin Yoo Hace un mes

    all about the layering. would've been much more pleasant to eat had there been cheese, lettuce, and tomato between every bitw

    EFE BEY Hace un mes

    Türkiye turkey türkei

  • Tanja Horton
    Tanja Horton Hace un mes

    I just take my and eat the sandwich

  • Sohail Hai
    Sohail Hai Hace un mes +1

    When i saw the mannase i thought he was going to put the whole thing on it

  • DJaria Thomas
    DJaria Thomas Hace un mes

    Honey does not work I joined

  • Jimin Lost his jams
    Jimin Lost his jams Hace un mes

    Btw, I literally screamed when the sandwich almost fell!


  • Jimin Lost his jams
    Jimin Lost his jams Hace un mes

    No wonder he needs the money saving app, honey
    because he EATS SO MUCH FOOOOOdd

    ALPEREN GÜLER Hace un mes

    Türk olanlar +1

  • spyroboy
    spyroboy Hace un mes

    If u would drop dat sandwich i would have cried (poor sandwich)

    Jay NICHOLL Hace un mes

    What if vegetarians were watching this they would be like🙀

  • 9I_JLI-06JlIo_EJLeHa Skills

    That means Matt can take one Turkey 🇹🇷 alone :3

  • Reece Meme review
    Reece Meme review Hace un mes

    Cut your hair not a hater


    Ben türkey

  • Gamingrev 123
    Gamingrev 123 Hace un mes

    Where is shaggy and scooby

  • Muhteşem Oyuncu
    Muhteşem Oyuncu Hace un mes +3

    Sandviçin içine mayonez koymuyoruzki gikkigiy

  • dmoney141414
    dmoney141414 Hace un mes

    MONEY MAKING IDEA FOR MATT: continue to post your challenge videos on youtube for free.
    Have people pay a subscription fee to see what comes out the other end. Ive always wanted to see how big your dumps are

  • totally jesus
    totally jesus Hace un mes

    *I would eat that.*

  • JetPax
    JetPax Hace un mes

    Surprised it didn’t fall off

  • Necla Pehlivan
    Necla Pehlivan Hace un mes

    Turkey l love you 😍

  • Triple Legendary RaidZ

    Let's grow together:-
    1.Sub and like my vid
    3.dont un sub

  • Shahela Kayum
    Shahela Kayum Hace un mes are really so matt...😘

  • Çok cool'sun Oğlum
    Çok cool'sun Oğlum Hace un mes

    Turkiye turkiye yazanlara bosu bosuna dil dokmeyin arkadaslar hic akillanmicaklar bosu bosuna sinir olmayalim birakalim mal olmaya devam etsinler ayrica bu yorumu okuyan kisi hala turkey kelimesini ulke olarak anladiysa bilinki turkey ingilizcede hindi demek

  • ko gaming
    ko gaming Hace un mes

    Tar kalo masak jangan bacot anjing

  • Yoran van de Werken
    Yoran van de Werken Hace un mes

    Those are some thick slices of turkey

  • Italian_ ice _ 23
    Italian_ ice _ 23 Hace un mes +1

    0:08 sewitch 😄

  • Francesco Magnanini
    Francesco Magnanini Hace un mes


  • Nada Nagy
    Nada Nagy Hace un mes

    Technically it under 10 minutes cuz he started eating at 32 seconds

  • Topuzlar Sülalesi
    Topuzlar Sülalesi Hace un mes

    şimdi biz türk oldugumuz için hindimiyiz yani

  • Yagizzy10
    Yagizzy10 Hace un mes

    Turkey 🇹🇷 Love You Matt

  • Kill shot 360 with a scope

    Me: Yo Matt can I take a bite?

    Matt:(shoves the whole thing in his mouth) mmmm whatcha say

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith Hace un mes

    Should of made it like a big mac fuck eating all that meat alone 😂

  • Gray filter Guy
    Gray filter Guy Hace un mes

    Was some bs..he stopped the timer and his mouth was full.

  • Höddi 04
    Höddi 04 Hace un mes +1

    Why so much turkey

  • Willie Boy Aniog
    Willie Boy Aniog Hace un mes

    how did that fit in his small stomach

  • Kenneth Mensis
    Kenneth Mensis Hace un mes

    You could be a bit faster if you dont talk while doing the challenge

    TINA CONDIC Hace un mes +1

    Matt Stonie See you on my iPhone

    TINA CONDIC Hace un mes +3

    Next year 2019 New Show on ESclips video

  • at kafası
    at kafası Hace un mes +1

    As bayrakları as as as as

  • J Dirt
    J Dirt Hace un mes

    Are u sure that's bigger the roast beef sandwich

  • christopher IS MY NAME

    And here is my mom who only puts 2 pieces of turkey in my sandwich

  • Elraen- Twich Haberi
    Elraen- Twich Haberi Hace un mes

    Türkler kendini belli etsin bakim

  • princepernell#10
    princepernell#10 Hace un mes

    I Wasted my 20s on drugs sex and fun. Wtf was I thinking! I wish I knew this was a thing then.

    PLUS_ ULTRA GAMING Hace un mes

    Love the Mr.t voice impression made me laugh hard lol

  • Dain Gopez
    Dain Gopez Hace un mes

    Fuck you a lot

  • Dain Gopez
    Dain Gopez Hace un mes

    Fuck you

  • denaiza Corner
    denaiza Corner Hace un mes

    U should have placed bread in the middle lettuce and tomatoes in the middle like 3 sandwiches I'm one

  • Hazeos
    Hazeos Hace un mes

    Just go vegan and your challenges will be a piece of vegan cake..

  • Alfie
    Alfie Hace un mes

    Vegans be triggered

  • Cow Yeeter
    Cow Yeeter Hace un mes

    and he's still skinny

  • Asier Galera Estepa
    Asier Galera Estepa Hace un mes

    I,m hungry