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    In the two hundred and forty-third episode Lady Colin Campbell reveals how and why Prince Andrew has been stripped of his royal rank and patronages; the parts played by The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William: their motives and the effects; the political forces at play on both sides of the Atlantic and why all parties need to be careful of a rebound; how Tramp's club rules forbid the presence of minors, who can't be legally served alcohol until their majority at 18, meaning that all attendees are adjudged to be over that age; V. Robert's activites in the decade before she met Andrew; how her father's 'introduction was the entry into that world; sympathy for her troubled past; how she went to Australia and was living a peaceful life until she was induced to jump on the bandwagon by a journalist offering her vast sums of money; the unforseen consequences and how they have exposed her to possible loss of lifelong freeedom; the sweetheart deal that protects her as long as she plays ball with certain powers-that-be; why the prince has been the only person sued; incendiary gameplan behind the lawsuit; imparting information gained from disapproving high-level sources within the Democratic party in the US as to what is really going on and what the real aims are; how the protection of President Clinton and the furtherance of Hillary Clinton's ambitions for the White House have come into play; why Kaplan and Preska were appointed; their reputations anything but pristine; how the UN and Amnesty International have condemned their roles in lawsuits involving Chevron and Steven Donzinger; when the law is used to prevent justice; what Americans can do to ensure that their judiciary performs as it ought to function; and what Andrew's gameplan should be in the light of the possibility of entrapment if he pursues the civil suit to its natural conclusion.
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Comentarios • 4 032

  • Luisa Levinson
    Luisa Levinson Hace 4 meses +1085

    As an American, I agree with you. Unfortunately corruption is the problem and it has brought great countries to ruin. I am, like you, seventy years old and I cannot express enough how much the U.S. has changed, and not in a good way. I fear one day citizens will rise up against them. Politicians are disgusting. We need leaders with integrity and love of our country and have respect for other countries.

    • S.L.S
      S.L.S Hace 4 meses

      @Janet MWMW - I'm not asking you to agree with me. I am asking you to separate the wheat from the chaff or the FACTS from Lady C's presumptions.

    • S.L.S
      S.L.S Hace 4 meses

      @Janet MWMW - It's very odd because of the way Lady C has presented them !

    • Janet MWMW
      Janet MWMW Hace 4 meses

      @S.L.S thank you for your two replies. I gave no credit to the point Lady C raised about PA not being attentive to Fergie etc! I think you need to revisit Lady C’s videos as ‘facts’ are referenced e.g. in the very recent Maxwell trial a witness Carolyn A stated that VG told her that she must not reveal her true age of 14 to Maxwell or anyone else. That is someone speaking under oath in a court of law so it is a fact, Lady C didn’t surmise on this point. That statement does not put VG in a good light as an alleged young girl being trafficked herself, combined with looking very happy on that photograph and sending it to her auntie to show off that she’d met a Prince! (another fact) Who knows, having a photograph taken with PA may be all that VG did as far as PA is concerned. I do agree with you that I feel PA is innocent on what is being alleged; however he has been extremely foolish to move in such unsavoury circles. In addition I still cannot understand why VG is not going after the many other high profile people (fact, as she is pursuing only PA) because if I had been forced into this situation against my will I would name every last one of them! Let’s see what transpires in this truly awful case over time.

  • Connie Cooley
    Connie Cooley Hace 4 meses +179

    As an American, I can tell you that we are already worried sick about our country. It is just pitiful. Thank you for clearing some of this up

  • Kitty
    Kitty Hace 4 meses +435

    Dear Lady C, please, do not apologize for the length of your videos. This was a very interesting episode: enlightening even. The level of information and insight that you share with us, and the manner of your approach to how you share with us, is pretty much unparalleled. So, all I can say is thank you for continuing to do what you do, and for giving your time to us so frequently and so generously!

    • Bellus
      Bellus Hace 4 meses

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      Bellus Hace 4 meses

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      Bellus Hace 4 meses

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      Bellus Hace 4 meses

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    • Kitty
      Kitty Hace 4 meses +6

      @Jessi Lerue Did she? really? Well, she appears to be the kind of person who'll sell anyone and everyone if it's in her favour.

  • Moma G
    Moma G Hace 4 meses +174

    I'm American and I agree. So much evil is hidden by these horrible distractions. Be safe please, suicide seems to follow those that anger that politician. 😬
    I so respect your knowledgeable opinion and am grateful that you share your insights. Thank you. 💖
    Hugs to you and Mickey!

    • Patricia May
      Patricia May Hace 4 meses +4

      I’ve been concerned that he’ll be so backed into a corner that suicide is a way out 😢

    • Lucy Morey
      Lucy Morey Hace 4 meses +9

      Dear Moma G, You are right, and it is very horrible that that person is so
      useful for some people! Lady C. is so brave and I love her truths!

    • Brenda Briggs
      Brenda Briggs Hace 4 meses +13

      You are so right, Moma G. Interesting that this fact is so well known and yet this person is not in prison.

  • Valerie White
    Valerie White Hace 4 meses +132

    I have just rewatched this, and am amazed at the content, the hints you let out carefully and leave us to work out ourselves are very enlightening. I do hope that you haven't let too much out that you may be in trouble, but I m pretty sure you know what to say and what to leave to our imaginations.
    I wish this episode could be televised so that all the nation will hear the level of corruption at play.
    I have been turning this over all night and am now wondering if Meghan Markle could be part of the whole plan to destroy our monarchy...she also knew a lot of the people from her Yacht girl days.
    You have layed this story out in such a way that even I could understand it.
    You are a treasure Lady C.
    Much love and blessings to you.
    What do you think of the Markle bit.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses

      That’s how propaganda works !

    • Louise skip
      Louise skip Hace 4 meses +1

      @Marion Holtzmann yes, he is the one with the trump card on her. That's why he told her to keep her mouth shut or it was gloves off

    • helena davies
      helena davies Hace 4 meses +1

      @Hilary Johns b

  • Robin Kennedy
    Robin Kennedy Hace 4 meses +210

    Lady C, those of us who have had the benefit of your wit and insights are deeply grateful for you. When I think of what I thought I knew the day Diana died, and the things now I understand were going on.....oh, my! You are a true lady and I am just one who appreciates who you are, what you have been through, and the courage with which you carry on in difficult moments. Sending you a virtual curtsey, as you deserve it, ma'am!

  • anna demo
    anna demo Hace 4 meses +220

    The Clintons defending innocence? That's the best joke I've heard in years.

    • v b
      v b Hace 3 meses

      @Sadie Black 😳

  • Michelle K
    Michelle K Hace 4 meses +27

    It should be a compliment when these media outlets attack you. You must be doing & saying something VERY right! You hit the nail on the head & they can only attack you personally. They attack your character because they can’t argue against your truthful facts & info! Thank you for ALWAYS speaking truth Lady C! We appreciate you & we all have your back! 🥰

  • KeepOnSwimming
    KeepOnSwimming Hace 4 meses +136

    Lady C, thank you for another riveting commentary on what is going on in the whole Andrew case. You had touch on tonnes of questions on why P.Andrew is being drag to the guillotine and no one else (celebrity or politician) or even being considered.
    Your storytelling always amazes me.
    Thank you ❤️❤️

    • Ruby Nibs
      Ruby Nibs Hace 4 meses

      @Lyn76 Glad to hear your husband's life was saved. For every anecdote such as yours there are many more that go the other way; when one country has excellent care, and the other mediocre care, this is what happens.

    • Lyn76
      Lyn76 Hace 4 meses

      @Ruby Nibs my husband had his life saved by the preventative heath care here in the UK! He had a test which was routine here which he would never have had in USA ( available for sure but not routine and he isn’t the type to visit doctors and use his insurance up) here it was offered for no cost and he discovered he had a developing aneurysm he was followed 3-6 monthly until it needed an operation.He had six hour surgery 3 days intensive care etc etc.I know where I’m glad we are living and he’s not dead! I do wonder if you’ve had to have care in a hospital in the UK or Europe? I actually feel sorry for the way Americans are brain washed to believe everything is superior there when it’s clearly not the case.

    • Ruby Nibs
      Ruby Nibs Hace 4 meses

      @Lyn76 I used US government statistics, and valid, reliable studies showing the differences in quality and price of health care in the US, compared to other countries. It all matched my experience, and reports coming out of various countries as well.
      You should know that Americans who can't afford health insurance -- it's _insurance_ we're talking about, after all, are given health insurance by the state.
      I'm afraid you've been sold a bill of goods on your inferior health care and insurance.

    • Lyn76
      Lyn76 Hace 4 meses +1

      @Ruby Nibs yes,I agree first principle of government is to the safety of its citizens.As to the rest I was a nurse in UK and America and married to an American military officer .I lived in USA 20 + years and I do not believe your stats on only the young not having health insurance.If you have worked in American health care you would see how many have no or inadequate health care and can’t afford basic care.The cost of medication alone is ridiculous,my daughter has just returned to the UK,medication that cost her $300+ there cost her approx $50 here( including repeats for 3 months) I’m afraid Americans are sold a bill of goods about many things in USA versus the rest of the developed world.

  • Sandra Amstutz
    Sandra Amstutz Hace 4 meses +206

    Lady C, you are a star! I am a Swiss citizen - ohhh so forever neutral - and I eagerly listen to you while cooking every time you publish content! I learn a lot!
    I admire your wisdom, your common sense and of course your timeless class! We need such strong and wise people like you more than ever in this politically correct era!
    I wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to resume my language studies after quite a few years, your command of English is too sublime to be ignored!
    Keep up the great work and keep shedding light on these dirty affairs!
    Much love,

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses

      @kay why Well that's the Americans doing that not the BRF.

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses

      @kay why How so?

  • Valerie White
    Valerie White Hace 4 meses +136

    Dear Lady C. I was absolutely Gobsmacked by today's video.
    Your knowledge and wealth of information about they law, here and in the US, added to the things you manage to glean from your wonderful array of friends and relations , is unbelievable..
    I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open in amazement.I will watch it again in the morning in case I missed anything.
    Thank you for all the work you do to bring so much really useful information to your fans, and we are fans, no doubt about it.
    Thank you so much.

    • MaryAnn Hall
      MaryAnn Hall Hace 4 meses +4

      I found myself exactly as you…..mouth wide open. I had chills up my spine as well.

    • Maria Lopez
      Maria Lopez Hace 4 meses +5

      @M49 yes!😄😄 Me too..

    • M49
      M49 Hace 4 meses +9

      I always watch twice bc it is chock full of great info I hate to miss a thing Lady C. Has to say. I look forward to her next. This woman has to be one of the most interesting woman in the world big big fan.

    • Mira Maric
      Mira Maric Hace 4 meses +8

      Lady C is a treasure of valuable infos , reaserched , confirmed
      And expertly put together in her wonderful presentations .👌❤

    • M. Emily Onglatco
      M. Emily Onglatco Hace 4 meses +9

      I also rewatch as I miss details when Lady C mentions some information and my mind processes the info or tries to keep up with the next tidbit.
      So grateful for the insight 🇬🇧

  • D. H.A.
    D. H.A. Hace 4 meses +203

    My sympathies for HMTQ. Andrew is definitely not blameless and this whole issue was poorly handled by the RF, but Virginia doesn't have clean hands. As you so aptly presented, she wasn't underage, she actively recruited young women who were underage, etc, etc. As for the wife of the American diplomatic killing the young man, I was outraged and embarrassed for the handling of that case.

    • judith gray
      judith gray Hace 4 meses +1

      Perfectly said 👍

    • CJE
      CJE Hace 4 meses +3

      @thailandsnippets 🙄 This is in civil court not criminal court. There is no guilty or not guilty in a civil court.

    • CJE
      CJE Hace 4 meses

      There is no age limit for trafficked women.

  • Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani
    Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani Hace 4 meses +38

    Dear Lady C,
    I am an Indian Alumna of the University of Warwick and Durham University. I think that your observations are rather astute and I am writing in support of my very many friends and family in the UK, who by extension, are continually being slandered by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle every time they allege or imply that the British public are racist. I have holidayed in Britain all my life and have also completed my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees there, apart from participating actively in social and political life in your very gracious, open and friendly country as a citizen of the Commonwealth. Not once have I felt excluded, ridiculed or discriminated against because of the colour of my skin or my nationality, and neither, to my knowledge, have the other international students I went to university with been subject to this so-called widespread racism, to the best of my knowledge- and I would know as I served on the International Forum whilst at Warwick.
    If I may be so bold, Lady C, for Faux Sake: Prince Harry & Meghan may be widely disliked, but they're nowhere near being the most hated people in the UK. If the likes of Tommy Robinson can go about without police escorts and threats to their "security", so can the Sussexes. Is the latest statement another PR attack against tolerant Britons?
    Also, what ever happened to the COVID-19 relief that Meghan and Harry promised the City of Mumbai during the terrible second wave that we suffered? Was that just a PR stunt calculated to capitalise on our pain or did something actually come of it? I reside in Mumbai and I haven't heard of any of it materialising. I'd love to be told otherwise.
    On behalf of the UK's many Friends in India, I send you and your compatriots solidarity amid the newest vile and vicious attacks, especially to Her Majesty the Queen and the long-suffering Royal Family, who are much beloved in India and the rest of South Asia for the many friendships they have formed here.
    Fond regards to you, love to Mickey, and more power to your endeavours!

    • Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani
      Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani Hace 3 meses

      @DJ BARBER GREEN that's not fair. We can have a nice conversation without you making assumptions about me.
      Sure, I've been very privileged. However, I've also spent months in areas that are meant to be racially tense according to tabloids, but really are lovely communities, like Luton, Croydon, Middlesex, Harrow and Aberdeen. I've loved these areas as much as I've loved my student bubbles. I've had British friends from different communities all my life.
      My friends drive black cabbies and are at the helms of big business. I've been welcomed to the homes of asylum seekers and the aristocracy.
      I've been welcomed into different faith communities, into political parties, causes and I've never felt treated differently to anyone else. If anything, I've been treated with a little more love, compassion and enthusiasm than anyone who is privileged enough to call themselves British.
      I'm a very patriotic Indian. However, Britian was, is, and will always be my second home.

    • Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani
      Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani Hace 3 meses

      @Ballroomdiva I loved Durham. One of my close friends is a lovely lad from a neighbouring village too! He lives in China now and has an impressive knowledge of art restoration. The local community was absolutely lovely, especially at the cathedral and at the Catholic church. The former mining families, the local police, the Geordies who would come up to party with us on the weekend, the local politicians, the university staff, the landlords... Everyone I encountered was so lovely and so curious about India and other places in the world. I felt totally welcome at Durham. Most international students did. Thank you for the marvelous experience. It was such a privilege to study, worship and make friendships in the community. Some of my dearest friends at Durham were a former political prisoner, an exile and someone who had lived through ethnic violence. Never have they complained about being treated shoddily. Britons are warm, accepting, fairminded and very taken with experiences that aren't their own. The banter takes getting used to, and once one gets it, you fall in love with the multiculture.

    • Ballroomdiva
      Ballroomdiva Hace 4 meses +9

      Thank you.. as a resident of a village 10 miles from Durham I’m glad to hear you felt Welcome in my part of the world.. hope you come back again. 👍❤️

  • Cathy Lee
    Cathy Lee Hace 4 meses +572

    I feel so sorry for HMTQ. What the members of her family have put her through is unconscionable. After losing her husband at 95 and all the rest, I just shake my head. God bless the Queen.

    • Ellen Lyons
      Ellen Lyons Hace 4 meses

      @cpgone if your revering to the Queen she does care that the monarchy continues . This women has given her whole life to service of others and has never put a foot wrong. And as for giving she doesn’t shout about what she gives. Ask the guy who saved Princess Anne who was passing by when her car was attacked her police guard shot. This guy saw what happened and punched the guy risking his life to save her. He held on to the guy till police reinforcement came. The Queen as thank you payed off his mortgage and wanted todo more he said no that was more than enough. So please think about that when you make such comments.

  • Theresa Swan
    Theresa Swan Hace 4 meses +92

    Lady C, that was an amazing video of a factual and intelligent summary of Prince Andrew’s forthcoming court case. Lots of people have jumped to some outrageous conclusions regarding him. This is the type of case that needs focused critical thinking.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 12 días

      @aisha s We re all judged by the company we keep.

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses

      @kay why You mean Virginia

    • aisha s
      aisha s Hace 4 meses +8

      Unfortunately prince andrew mistake in my opinion was the bbc interview and his lack of sympathy for the alleged victims of epstein. If the purpose of the interview was to gain the public support and prove innocence then andrew sucked at it. While people are innocent until proven guilty, andrew should never have done that interview because he failed to take seriously the sa accusations against him.

  • Ritaraider
    Ritaraider Hace 4 meses +59

    Hillary coming back into political life is like the bride of Frankenstein coming back to life!

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 14 días

      @Ritaraider. Better though than The Creature himself. He-whose-name-is-never-spoken-in-these-parts.

  • Lynne Feldman
    Lynne Feldman Hace 4 meses +51

    Dear Lady C, as an avid listener I have so enjoyed your presentations and learned more history which I love. I’m a US attorney who read the judge’s decision on Andrew’s suit and felt it should be overturned on appeal, which you saw as well. You have changed my mind about Andrew’s chances to evade a verdict against him. But now my real question:!what is Hazno up to about seeking free UK protection?? Does his wicked first wife believe that any publicity is good publicity? Or is Hazno lost all his marbles down Megzy-baby’s orifice believing her oh-so-precious life would be in danger? Hasn’t he heard there are more guns here in the US than people? What is going on? By the way, i adore your outfits!

    • Sara Lotti
      Sara Lotti Hace 4 meses +3

      He wants to come visit and let his personal security on Royal grounds -if he needs any security it should be Paid for in advance to a British security firm vetted by MI and the Royal House

    • anastasia46
      anastasia46 Hace 4 meses +13

      Why does harry even need protection in the UK ?? He said he doesnt like London. He lives in the US , he no longer has a job with the royals, he claims he is willing to pay for his own security .... soooo....why is he suing ? I dont follow his thinking at all. If you quit your job, you dont get to retain your employee parking space and company benefits.

  • Ryvir Kelley
    Ryvir Kelley Hace 4 meses +258

    Unfortunately all this is a sign of the times. Gross misjustice, children telling parents and adults what to do, lovers of self, love of many grows cold etc, etc...

    • S.L.S
      S.L.S Hace 4 meses

      @Ruby Nibs - Is English not your first language ? If it is, you need a night school refresher.

    • Ryvir Kelley
      Ryvir Kelley Hace 4 meses

      @maureen rhysjones that's not at all what I'm saying

  • Mary Faulkner
    Mary Faulkner Hace 4 meses +98

    It’s unbelievable what the clintons are capable of doing, I hope Andrew will endure and continue to behave himself

    • Lest We Forget
      Lest We Forget Hace 4 meses +6

      @Olympia Hendrix I read a comment on Sky News Australia on the possibility that she may run in 2024, that was so apt - How can she keep a country happy when she couldn't keep one man happy.

    • Roxy 405
      Roxy 405 Hace 4 meses +4

      You mean start to behave himself? 🤔

  • Karen Sharp
    Karen Sharp Hace 4 meses +118

    This American agrees with everything you said. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to anyone that displays such grace.

    • Jessi Lerue
      Jessi Lerue Hace 4 meses +6

      Love this channel. I think Harry and his wife affectedly and irritatingly see themselves as grand, solemn, and self-important and they pretend to know everything. My opinion only

  • B Jamo
    B Jamo Hace 4 meses +96

    Dear Lady C, Thank you for the break down of this mess. At this point I hate the Clintons and their cover ups.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 2 meses

      @M M I think Lady C should comment on this. It’s deadly serious. Time to stop smiling.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 2 meses

      @anastasia46 Well, my goodness! Still, it’s what I’ve always said - you’ve got to live next door to people to find out what they’re really like. Tell me, did they put her in prison ? How did they know it was her and not the husband ?

    • Louise skip
      Louise skip Hace 4 meses

      @M M I'm Australian and liked bill Clinton. I don't understand the hatred for them, it can't be over Monica surely. Can you discretely explain it. Thanks mate.

    • 2ManyNarcs
      2ManyNarcs Hace 4 meses +2

      @anastasia46 lol

  • Sally Willis
    Sally Willis Hace 4 meses +52

    It is abhorrent when "people" in a "group" scapegoat one person, over a very long time, with the whole world watching. Try to imagine what that feels like. It could drive someone insane. Sometimes that person has offered them self as a scapegoat but usually wholly unconsciously.

  • Janet F
    Janet F Hace 4 meses +93

    I must admit that I have never been a big fan of Andrew,but I must admit that this feel like a witch hunt
    I have heard that the judge in charge of this case has had over 200 complaints by lawyers in American, so is he going to get a fair trial? I am really concerned about this,something smells fishy to me,thank you Lady C.

    • Marean Dickson
      Marean Dickson Hace 4 meses +4

      @sunlightplz oh well thankyou for clarifying the Trump part of it, explains the hate he had for Hillary, hopefully it will all come out in the wash - but I somehow doubt that..

  • Tammy and Berts Eutopia !
    Tammy and Berts Eutopia ! Hace 4 meses +118

    Looking forward to this later today ! It’s going to be 30 today here in BALLARAT VICTORIA AUSTRALIA so when it’s reached that I shall stop all my work relax and knit watching you. I ❤️ the insight you bring to us humble folk ! Can I ask Can Andrew ever return back as a working member after this ? Thanks Lady C !

    • MƏRCŮRY 80
      MƏRCŮRY 80 Hace 4 meses

      I wish I was back in Ballarat-a beautiful town.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses +1

      @anastasia46 The trouble is - we can’t do anything about it. They spoil our viewing, but nobody listens to us. I’d like to go back to the days when adverts weren’t allowed to be screened during the actual programme, but only before and after. It was the `law in the U.K. Is anybody with me on this ?

    • Tammy and Berts Eutopia !
      Tammy and Berts Eutopia ! Hace 4 meses +1

      @Matty I Hate humidity!

    • Matty
      Matty Hace 4 meses +4

      At least you don't have the humidity if Brisbane . It's unliveable .

    • Tammy and Berts Eutopia !
      Tammy and Berts Eutopia ! Hace 4 meses +1

      @marie landry wondering the story behind that lady !

  • Dalma
    Dalma Hace 4 meses +58

    Dear Lady C. I am very impressed with your knowledge of the judicial proceedings and related power games being played. I find your television program an exceptional one. I agree that not only you are a legend, but your program also brings the best intellectual discussions, wisdom, and professional approach to all topics than anyone else on television. I admire your class, impeccable elegance, and your excellent ability to meticulously choose the proper words. If I was British, I would be immensely proud of you. I wish you continuous success with you program. Thank you for always enlightening us always!

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses

      On this very subject, it’s a great pity that the old TV channels no longer have serious discussion programmes for the genuinely enquiring viewer. When you have a live audience, the whole thing soon turns into a brawl - or a comedy show. People flinging idiotic opinions around for effect. I remember Channel 4’s innovative ‘After Dark’ ( in the 1980s) which began after shutdown round mid- night and carried on discussing a particular problem until it just ran out of steam, often for as long as 4+ hours . Every member of the group of 6, 7 or so was a distinguished scholar, artist, writer, scientist or philosopher, with the producer in the Chair. . The setting was almost domestic , very gentle and pleasant, squidgy sofas ( with snacks and drinks on hand ) . People only went out to visit the loo - or to have a breath of air. But the talk was riveting and often confrontational. I only remember 2 people walking out. Now we have Naked Attraction and Love Island. The best we have is people hurling ‘gotchas “ and “ what about “ at each other. Nothing holds us together. Every second of broadcasting time has to make money - they can’t afford to let us relax.

    • Dalma
      Dalma Hace 4 meses +1

      Thank you.

    • French Provincial
      French Provincial Hace 4 meses +4

      Alma well said, have a great day.

  • Tamara Rutland-Mills
    Tamara Rutland-Mills Hace 4 meses +45

    Dear Lady C, thank you for your insights and opinions. I am so perplexed and 😩 actually distressed as an American over the fact that the American media is making Virginia Roberts into a real heroine when, obviously, she appeared to be happily complicit in human trafficking herself. Maybe some of her victims should begin to come forward. How do you think she slipped the hook? Do you think that she entered into some sort of agreement to avoid charges in order to nail Andrew? It is simply disgusting to see someone of her ilk strutting around as if she has accomplished some wonderful feat (with he media in full support). I hardly think she would have kept that famous picture if had not been a trophy for her. She is smiling, perfectly radiant - not at all looking like she was being forced into doing anything that she did not happily consent to. Other teenage prostitutes get arrested, but here she is getting honored and very well compensated for her crimes. Even if she had an epiphany at some point afterward wherein it suddenly dawned on her that what she had been doing to others was morally wrong and damaging, where is the penalty? Just saying, “I’m sorry.” does not grant them any compensation. I certainly hope her support fund for victims includes her own. Why are their voices being silenced?

    • Tamara Rutland-Mills
      Tamara Rutland-Mills Hace 4 meses

      @kay why A very nice comment from you to give both of them the benefit of the doubt until the evidence and proof comes in.

    • Tamara Rutland-Mills
      Tamara Rutland-Mills Hace 4 meses +2

      @kay why who is Victoria?

  • Jean Ward
    Jean Ward Hace 4 meses +346

    Don’t worry about those accusers Lady C . We adore you, and thank God we have someone to give us the truth . You have millions of supporters and maybe a few uneducated nay sayers so please continue just as you are, we are depending on you . Much love❤️🇨🇦🌹

    • Louise skip
      Louise skip Hace 4 meses

      Jean Ward love you. Well said. Louise Australia. Xx

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses

      @jean Ward. The ‘educated’ don’t depend on anybody. It is the uneducated who are dependent - letting other people do their thinking for them. I’m not hard on the ‘nay-sayers’: they may be right, they may be wrong, but at least it’s a sign their brains haven’t gone to sleep. I find that , when people say ‘ No !’ they are always eager to tell you why. And that is good , because at least they are willing to communicate.

    • Shanny
      Shanny Hace 4 meses +2

      🤍Woo Hoo ,Jean Ward! Good on you! Well said ! Hooray for the eloquent,sometimes brutally honest Lady C. !!! We love a lady that doesn’t ever stick a knife in the back ! I admire someone who comes right towards me when they’re coming for me ,aye !. I sincerely hope she reads your comment ! God Save the Queen

    • Gorilladogmother Turtlebum
      Gorilladogmother Turtlebum Hace 4 meses +3

      Yes we do💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    • Ana Alvez
      Ana Alvez Hace 4 meses +5

      Absolutely so! Lady C is the Best! ❤️🇨🇦

  • Brigitte Beltran
    Brigitte Beltran Hace 4 meses +7

    Dear Lady C,
    Thank you for opening our eyes to the conniving Ms. Virginia Roberts! Also, I always found it abominable how the US press keeps crucifying Andrew, while allowing other Epstein pals like Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Bill/Hillary Clinton air time to speak on political issues, as clean as a whistle. I figured something was fishy. Thank you so much for clarifying this picture. The whole situation is rotten. Your channel is deeply appreciated! ❤

  • Lora G
    Lora G Hace 4 meses +33

    The Yorks own personal flaws have led them to this point. Sarah has always been a messy person in her conduct, judgement , especially financially. It has led them to make bad friendships. Andrew’s temperament and bad behavior characteristics have led to bad judgements and companions. Once again a bad marriage has led to inevitable damage to the crown. Both have shown tremendously bad judgement w the individuals they consort with seeming to always want to put the bite on someone for money.. if you lay down with dogs your going to come up with fleas.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses

      @Ballroomdiva So where do you get your haloes from? Do you get them wholesale ? And by the way, could you send one to me as well - as I agree with everything that Lora G said.

    • Ballroomdiva
      Ballroomdiva Hace 4 meses

      I’ll send you your halo in the post.. you will be up for beatification very soon .. 🙄

    • Viv Stone
      Viv Stone Hace 4 meses +2

      I agree with your sentiments exactly and do try not to come across as judgemental.

  • Funandlaughter
    Funandlaughter Hace 4 meses +4

    One of your best videos. Very informative and courageously true. We live in dark times. Not to say corruption and deception has not existed since almost the beginning of time but to watch it unfold right in front of us in the light of day is disturbing and slightly frightful. Dark powers sometimes believe they are unstoppable. Gerd away and keep up the good work. God bless.

  • FM 1
    FM 1 Hace 4 meses +25

    I agree with everything Lady C says, and the knowledge behind her opinion.
    Roberts was a big recruiter herself and look forward to see if the young women she recruited go after her now.
    Roberts hypocrisy is overwhelming. There are women who are victims of HERSELF. I am not defending anyone associated with this case, but had she gone after a billionaire who lives under the radar, he may have her removed from the earth, and no one heard of her, and we would have never even heard of the story.
    With Andrew, she knows he is so well known that his every move would be watched. That woman has so many senators, judges, Supreme Court judges, world leaders, nobility, under her belt that no one goes after her. No one wants to be outed. It will take the women she recruited to go after her.
    Of all the men she’s had, why only go after one man that cannot hide? Why not all the men? Epstein serviced all the world leaders around the world. She only went with Andrew? Get outta here with that.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 3 meses

      I meant - payment by results of course.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 3 meses

      @FM 1. Robert’s was almost certainly unwaged at the time.

    • Patrick T
      Patrick T Hace 4 meses

      @E Dennis Giuffre's filing argued it's time for that secrecy to end

    • E Dennis
      E Dennis Hace 4 meses

      @Patrick T You're dreaming. Nobody on Roberts' side wants names to come out. Why do you think that G. Maxwell hasn't talked? If she even hinted that she would talk, she wouldn't live to do it.

  • Joy1977
    Joy1977 Hace 4 meses +39

    It`s very early in the morning here in the Uk ,so i shall come back and re watch this later ,when i`m fully awake.However ,one thing i`d like to say now is my heart really goes out to HMTQ.She has devoted her life to her country ,often missing out on precious moments with her family.This must all feel so overwhelming ,and i definitely think it`s showing now (like many people i was shocked at how frail our Queen appeared in her Christmas Day speech.) ,I hope her children and grandchildren continue to gather around her ,and give her the love and support she needs right now.Families can be trying at the best of times but when your family is public knowledge and you have to read about their indescretions in the papers ,and see it on the news ,i cannot imagine how that must feel.For all her dedicated service ,her Majesty deserves our love and respect ,especially now .Thankyou Lady C for always thinking of HM when you talk about what`s going on. After all ,at the end of the day ,she is like many widows and ,with everything she`s having to cope with ,she is also a wife still grieving the loss of her beloved husband.

    • Macca
      Macca Hace 4 meses

      @Joy1977 £9B over 10 yrs not enough? 😆😆😆👍

    • Joy1977
      Joy1977 Hace 4 meses +6

      @Macca I`m sorry you feel this way.Whatever "reward" our devoted Queen receives ,it`ll never be enough for devoting her life to her Country.To my mind ,she is one incredible lady.

    • Joy1977
      Joy1977 Hace 4 meses +1

      @Alison McMahon She truly did.

    • Sara Jed
      Sara Jed Hace 4 meses +1

      @Macca, can I just ask where you came by these figures. Thank you

    • Alison McMahon
      Alison McMahon Hace 4 meses +1

      She also looked so pretty in her Christmas speech.

    GILLIAN JOHNSTON Hace 4 meses +9

    No such thing as 'too long'' with your video's Lady C!! Always super informative, interesting and thoroughly entertaining!! Happy New Year to all at Castle Goring! 💚

  • Folklore Stuff
    Folklore Stuff Hace 4 meses +48

    Dear Lady C, Given today’s c o v i d climate, would Prince Andrew be able to remain in the UK during the civil case and participate under oath without having to step foot in the US? That would keep him from getting arrested and being charged with whatever can be conjured up against him. I’ve never been a fan of PA, but if “they” can do it to him, how safe are the rest of us from allegations based on political gain?

  • RonnieRoo22
    RonnieRoo22 Hace 4 meses +85

    I have been watching the 1 series of The Crown. It breaks my heart that her Majesty is still going through such turmoil when she should be enjoying her platinum years. God save the Queen and God save Lady C for the rest of us. This country needs amazing women like them both. 🇬🇧🙏❤️👑

    • Gillian Dale
      Gillian Dale Hace 4 meses +13

      You should be aware that the author of this series is an anti-monarchist and it makes up a lot of things.

    • lindagmx danal
      lindagmx danal Hace 4 meses +12

      @Ca3in I stopped watching it also!

    • Heather Wheeler
      Heather Wheeler Hace 4 meses +6

      Good point

  • Ann Bernadette Mayer
    Ann Bernadette Mayer Hace 4 meses +361

    Good morning Lady C and Mickey: I feel terribly sad for HMTQ being put in the terrible position of removing Andrew’s military associations, HRH, etc. I understand the necessity, but it is unfortunate as it reinforces a presumption of guilt rather than a presumption of innocence which every person has a right to. Andrew may be a Cad with deplorable judgement, but that does not make him a sexual abuser. As for Ms. Giufrre (spelling?) whom by all accounts was a “very experienced” 17 year old and definitely knew the difference between right and wrong, and entered into the relationship with the Epstein enterprise of her own free will. Further there are doubts that she may not have been under the age of consent at the time of the “incidents,” and is she was there is no proof that Andrew would have known. Surely she was ID’d prior to entering the nightclub. In point of fact Ms. Giuffre (per court testimony), did in fact sex trafficked girls for the Epstein enterprise. IMHO this is not only “legalized” blackmail, but also an attempt to damage the RF!

    • Louise skip
      Louise skip Hace 4 meses

      @Shelley Fowler 4000 dollars a week for her. She was a run away working girl before this and in home for addictions.

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses

      @Mira Maric Oh, that’s interesting.

    • Mira Maric
      Mira Maric Hace 4 meses

      @Ashley She said they called her Jenna .

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses

      @Mira Maric Ghislaine and Jeffery never called her by her real name?
      And I see. Sounds like she tried a shot at working at a restaurant (if so then that doesn’t sound sanitary 🤮)

  • s georgia
    s georgia Hace 4 meses +52

    I am not a fan of Andrew's but, that having been said, the press and TPTB have done a masterful job of obfuscating the fact that this is not a criminal trial because Andrew has not been, and cannot be, charged with a crime. VG was over the age of consent... period, end of statement. VG herself was allegedly trafficking 14 year olds and allegedly being paid $5,000.00 per girl. One of them has allegedly spoken up and asked why VG is not being prosecuted for trafficking herself. Allegedly VG struck a deal with the FBI which exempts her from prosecution. One wonders why? There are many men on JE's flight logs with far more money and certainly more power than Andrew (eg; in her divorce proceedings Melinda Gates cited Bill's involvement with JE as one of the reasons for the divorce) so why pick on Andrew? Imo he's a comparatively "soft" target in that it has long been rumored (as yet unproven) that others on those logs allegedly would have little or no compunction about having her become deceased...allegedly. But I'm sure there are other soft targets on those logs so, again, why Andrew?

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 15 días

      @Ashley Signs of consent during the sex-act ? It’s a pretty naive question. Maxwell was a skilled and experienced Madame. She instructed her girls on what kind of ‘response’ the gentleman wanted. (How to ‘act’) She stood by and watched during these sessions, sometimes talking part. Common practice in that world.

    • Ruby Nibs
      Ruby Nibs Hace 4 meses +1

      @Meaner Than You ​ @Meaner Than You Last night, I watched two videos by Australia's Tara Brown. In the first, she interviewed Belle Gibson. In the second, she was talking about her interview of Belle Gibson.
      Belle Gibson had a huge following and earned a lot of money by claiming to have brain cancer, and to be curing it by clean living. She then cured it. Except she never had brain cancer. (The Behavior Panel break down her very odd behavior, and have a video here on ESclips.)
      Tara's interview of Belle felt like chasing soap in the bathtub, or grabbing a live eel: every time she asked a direct question, Belle slipped away.
      In her talk about that interview, Tara describes the frustration of every question being met, not with an answer, but with a _story_ . Belle famously could not give Tara a straight answer about her age. She said something like, "I know I've always been raised to believe I'm 26." 😒😒
      As to slipperiness, Virginia is similar: She's slippery as an eel. She can give answers, but turn around five minutes later and contradict herself. It's very hard to get a clear picture of her. You know Charlie Brown's friend, Pigpen? He walks in a cloud of dirt. Virginia is similar to him, too, in that she walks in a miasma of lies.
      If you ever figure out VG, please let us know! You could write a book about her.

    • Meaner Than You
      Meaner Than You Hace 4 meses +2

      @Ruby Nibs I read the entire set of records that were released around the 4th of July last year in her civil case against Jizzlane. It was around 1200-1300 ish. I still have so MANY questions about VG.

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses +2

      @LegalEagle How are you going to place blame on Prince Andrew’s of having sex with a trafficking victim? How would he have known that she was trafficked? Did she look distressed? Uncomfortable? Those are signs that a person isn’t completely consenting to the act.
      With that being said you can’t use the trafficking excuse, not to mentioned that he’s not even being charged with having sex with a trafficking victims, so you go by the age of consent. She was at that mark in all the places she was with Prince Andrew. By the way, age of consent can be under 18 and it is is most places of the world, including a lot of the states in the US.

  • crazy plant lady
    crazy plant lady Hace 4 meses +26

    Dear Lady C, another great video. I so heartily agree with your synopsis of the power play in USA. You mentioned the Anne Sacoolas case but I also remember the Louise Woodward case. It became clear to me (after living there for a year in the late 80's and subsequently) that America will welcome with open arms what they can gain by, but anything/anyone who is perceived to have harmed America/and/or its people, is immediately the enemy and must be punished. It is quite clear that there is a game plan here with prince Andrew. I do however feel for the Queen. Here she is at 95, with the best will in the world, not many years left; who has always put the country and indeed the commonwealth first, as still to deal with all the upset and anguish of this case (not to mention hazbeen and his wife) and the antics of current government. Is this what life is? A constant struggle to fight for good? Can there ever be a lasting peace with humans??? Apologies - probably stupid questions. xx

    • Lest We Forget
      Lest We Forget Hace 4 meses +1

      If I may be so bold (lol), in answer to your questions, listen to the opening music again. HIS Truth is marching on. The whole world is being led by evil at present.

    • Rachel Miller
      Rachel Miller Hace 4 meses +4

      I was an au pair in America during the Louise Woodward trial, such a witch hunt it was terrifying

  • Ann Molloy
    Ann Molloy Hace 4 meses +18

    What I want to know is why has she not been charged, along with Maxwell, for her part in luring young girls for Maxwell as she admitted in 60minutes in Australia.

    • Maria Lopez
      Maria Lopez Hace 4 meses +1

      I Love 60 minutes😃 they do a damn good interview.. how about one of VG? After all she's looking for money..

  • Lori D
    Lori D Hace 4 meses +27

    Our politicians here in the US will use anyone they can to achieve their goals. We've allowed it for so long, and now we're in over our heads to stop it, I'm afraid.

  • Kit Bram
    Kit Bram Hace 4 meses +32

    Why was Andrew socializing with Epstein? It seems like the Firm would have handlers who advise on relations in order to avoid this type of situation

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 3 meses

      @Kelly Price Yes. Thinking about it from a religious point of view , you may be right. After all, the gutter isn’t an exact place. You find it in the human soul.

    • Kelly Price
      Kelly Price Hace 3 meses

      @01denese they are all scabs

    • Kelly Price
      Kelly Price Hace 3 meses

      @Belinda May he was the gutter

    • 01denese
      01denese Hace 3 meses

      I don't think they care about the "Spare". Only the Heir.

  • B A-R
    B A-R Hace 4 meses +25

    I love the gossip insights you bring and of course the political and historical insights . Thank you!

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses +1

      Gossip between friends is OK - people understand each other. Gossip like this isn’t so innocent.

  • Undefined_231 Copeland
    Undefined_231 Copeland Hace 4 meses +47

    I feel like this is a trap for Andrew. I fear he might not leave America. It's really not a joke! "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

    • E Dennis
      E Dennis Hace 4 meses +1

      @Cat Co That's a good question.

    • Cat Co
      Cat Co Hace 4 meses +8

      How is this a case in the United States when prince Andrew is from the UK and Virginia G is in Australia?

    • Caroline Ford
      Caroline Ford Hace 4 meses +5

      Look at what they have done to Julien Assange. Trying to stitch him up on false rape charges and wrongfully keeping him in prison. A murderer does less time than Assange has. So. Very precarious dynamic for PA if he has to travel to the States!

  • hanne fülöp
    hanne fülöp Hace 4 meses +36

    Hello from Germany! Dear Lady C, I truly love you're videos. You are absolutely amazing. Thank you for all you do.
    Leaving aside if Andrew is innocent or not after the press coverage that happened over the past years, he will never ever get a fair trial. He has been judged whiteout a trial, his live has been destroyed whiteout any proof. I am disgusted of everything what happens. If he was Andrew Smith, this wouldn't have happened.

    • Lelana Lela
      Lelana Lela Hace 4 meses

      @Belinda May Who are " young women of lower
      Social status he " abused " ? I only heard about 1,
      Virginia . It's very possible that he were sometimes
      In presence of such women bc they're everywhere
      Around rich cool guys , but as far I know no one
      In particular accused him .

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses

      @Lelana Lela Is ‘ being talked about’ worse than going to jail. I don’t think so. It’s sad but true that privilege comes at a cost. The cost isn’t really all that high , unless you are incapable of being discreet or practising some kind of self-restraint. Nobody is asking Andrew to live like a monk. But his gross self-indulgence and they way he used very young women of much lower status than himself do not attract sympathy. The support that he is getting is coming mainly from the politically motivated, those who always blame the Women, and the supporters of unbridled privilege.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses

      @hanne f. If he had been Andrew Smith, he’d have been found kerb-crawling and seen the inside of a police station long before this.

  • Ruth Lundy
    Ruth Lundy Hace 4 meses +254

    Right with you Lady C and the backlash from these " journalists " and media lowlifes is NOTHING more than they KNOW you are truthful and pull no.punches and they cannot stand that . They show thier true colors everytime ! Keep.up being YOU !! Much love to you and Mickey !

    • Arlene Hiles
      Arlene Hiles Hace 3 meses +1

      @Janet Wilson Yes it looks like he has been set up with that photo if it's real.

    • Mira Maric
      Mira Maric Hace 4 meses

      @kay why Have nothing to do with case ??!! Are you kidding ??!!

    • Mira Maric
      Mira Maric Hace 4 meses +1

      @kay why I would agree with all that if he was found guilty .
      Removal of his titles just added more fuel on mass hysteria
      Surrounding the case . If I was accused of sometning and feel
      Not guilty , I would expect support from my family.
      Accuser have an army of ppl to chear for her just on assumption
      She is " innocent " 🤣🤣🤣 and he's left all alone . Not fair . JMO

    • Pam Rawolle
      Pam Rawolle Hace 4 meses +2

      @Mira Maric Yes I agree with you about Virginia, she was 17 + when she left Spa Mar-a-Lago after meeting G Maxwell who offered her a job working for Maxwell and Epstein, learn massage work, travel etc, she travelled extensively with Maxwell and Epstein and also travel by herself, certainly no prisoner. I heard on radio the Manager or someone in charge of Spa Mar-a-Lago saying about Virginia that she was 17 years old when she left to go and work for G Maxwell. Allegedly I couldn’t believe it myself when I read that the FBI said Virginia didn’t recruit young girls, when allegedly she did. Also they would know she had been living for 6 months with a sex trafficker prostitution ring King Pin Ron Eppinger age 65 years living in Miami. It was the FBI that raided and arrested him, found Virginia living with him. So really wonder if Prince Andrew is being setup, she is helping and she will not have any charges against her. Allegedly As well as something going on by FBI as well I agree with Lady Colin about the Judge, allegedly sounds corrupted, somehow they need to get another Judge on the case I believe. Allegedly I wondered if she started up her own business in Australia, just an idea, maybe I am wrong. You are right there is a lot more to this story. I really hope we hear more about this “ Rina Oh” who is suing Virginia, hope she will not be threatened to stop her from suing Virginia, Allegedly

  • Cynthia Sexton
    Cynthia Sexton Hace 4 meses +20

    thank you for your insightful review of events by the U.S. I am an American and have to admit to not being up on all of the latest info. For quite some time our media has so distorted events that many of us are left confounded and frustrated. I have to also admit that we are so caught up in our own lives that many of us are not outward looking at all of the events you mentioned today. I am ashamed to say that I have learned more from you than anyone else. I knew that our government and corporations were corrupt but didn't know to what extent. I am so sad that we have come to this. I am an older person and have already told my family that I will not live to see the end to democracy in the U.s. but I think it has already happened. I feel so sorry that my loved ones will have to live with the consequences of our government and corporate leaders. thank you again for what you bring to light. All the best to you and Mickey.

  • Angela Turton
    Angela Turton Hace 4 meses +37

    Lady C , if your videos were 5 hours long, I would still be glued to listening. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us so much good information….🥰

  • sandra smith
    sandra smith Hace 4 meses +15

    Excellent point raised regarding the misuse of extradition cases. In a civil case it’s obvious it’s about money. Virginia Giuffre is all about money. She is not someone who is just a victim she clearly had enough opportunities to escape the clutches of Epstein. She liked the money and lifestyle. Other victims were treat much worse than she was and are more deserving of sympathy. I too met my husband at 17, engaged at 18 and married at 19. Still happily married 47 years on. I too have an almost 19 year old grandaughter and cannot imagine her married. Yet back. When I got married it was quite acceptable. Indeed the age you could marry in Scotland back then was even younger if memory serves. Giuffre was not a child as she’s described as. She had well and truly been around the block. These days attitudes are quite different and for anyone to be judged on how things were many years ago is actually unfair and it’s happening about so many topics. Many changes are welcome, I suffered sexual harassment from a manager at work in the 1970s when I was a teenager and it was a case of “It happens, nothing you can do” obviously different these days. My mother only recently revealed a problem she’d had in the 1950s. If it’s not dealt with back then, it cannot be brought forward decades and the clearly different attitudes and beliefs be replicated to provide a fair trial. From both sides.

  • Lina Love
    Lina Love Hace 4 meses +28

    Lady C: Andrew can take a page from Hillary Clinton’s book. Answer: “ I don’t recall!” Hillary used it so many times and you cannot convict with that answer!

  • Jeffrey Skinner
    Jeffrey Skinner Hace 4 meses +197

    First off
    can I say thank you to all the beautiful people here, who sent such kind words when I fell I'll with brain aneurysms in 2021.Then when my beloved dad passed during the pandemic. All of you were so kind and supportive. In closing the Beautiful Lady C who knows what is real and truthful and how honesty is the best ground to stay firmly planted in . A heart felt thank you for you programs that got me through and gave me hope to survive . I had to stick around as I am your number 1fan . All the best for all reading this and to our beautiful hostess Beautiful Lady Collin Campbell . 💙XXXX

    • Kitsune Lee
      Kitsune Lee Hace 3 meses

      *massive hugs*
      I'm so happy to still have you amongst us❣️I cannot begin to imagine the pain you've gone thru but I am truly happy you are finding your way in the aftermath of such a great loss.

    • Devon G
      Devon G Hace 4 meses

      Bless You.

    • Teresa Wright
      Teresa Wright Hace 4 meses

      Glad your still around number 1. God bless.

    • CJE
      CJE Hace 4 meses +1

      Hope things are going better, Jeffrey.

  • BJ C
    BJ C Hace 4 meses +42

    I'm reeling from this information. I understand Andrew's desire to clear his name, but I wouldn't recommend that anyone takes on these power-crazed and untrusworthy individuals. What is it about these obscenely rich Americans that makes them want to fight a war that ended generations ago. Hasn't it occurred to them that their privilege is greater than our RF's?

    • Fabulous Newt
      Fabulous Newt Hace 4 meses +5

      Is it possible they want to pull apart the Commonwealth? That would prove lucrative.

    • Snowy Skylar
      Snowy Skylar Hace 4 meses +2

      Sabbatean frankists

  • Jane Powell
    Jane Powell Hace 4 meses +20

    Lady C
    Thank you for your excellent evaluation of the America judicial system and the corruption within it. As a disappointed American I couldn’t agree more. I am not expecting change anytime soon as our media is also so corrupt.
    Could not Prince Andrew’s royal style, titles and rank have been put in abeyance earlier at his request thus shedding a better light on the Monarchy and on himself at the same time?

  • Mark Fru
    Mark Fru Hace 4 meses +30

    These are my thoughts on Prince Andrew's situation, 1 the judge was appointed by clinton when he was the President, 2 the lawyer representing VG is the same lawyer that also represents the Clintons, 3 the judge has already publicly stated and ruled that VG is a victim, i am unclear exactly who she is a victim of however, since the judge made the ruling while presiding over this case, i can only surmise the judge is refering to Prince Andrew, and note that NO evidence has been presented to the court yet, personally i believe the judge has already made up his mind, i also believe this trial is nothing more than a formality. I believe Prince Andrew will be found guilty no matter what he does. Whether Prince Andrew is inocent will have no bearing what so ever on the outcome

    • Cheryl siefken
      Cheryl siefken Hace 4 meses +2

      He me too and woke stuff here in the USA has made any from of justice fr anyone next t impossible. Until we have reforms that change how the pressures from social justice "warriors" are blocked from any influence, nothing will imrove.

  • Ms. Classix
    Ms. Classix Hace 4 meses +53

    With all due respect, dear Lady C: the name of the party is "Democrat" -- not "Democratic." "Democratic" is an adjective which hardly applies to that party's increasingly fascistic characteristics of authoritarianism and intolerance. P. S. Excellent presentation; I have thought exactly the same as you from the outset: that this entire matter is a frame-up.

    • TheSeedpearl
      TheSeedpearl Hace 4 meses +2

      @Kikibelle I just Googled it..and you are correct...and I stand corrected. They are being called The Democratic Party. I shall have to tell my friend who corrected me a long time ago. My friend is from the US incidentally.

    • Kikibelle
      Kikibelle Hace 4 meses +7

      I just googled it apparently it is The Democratic Party … Lady C rides again.

  • Mel C
    Mel C Hace 4 meses +3

    Thank you for the time you put into your informative program. I agree with just about everything you speak of. People of greed on the land abound!
    The only point I personally disagree with is what you’ve said about how we feel about the British when the chips are down. I have puritan pilgrim ancestors and 60% of my family came over in the second half of the 19th century. They were middle upper class industrialist and came over for religious reason. Their friends and family were so upset not one would buy an acre of land or a stick of fine furniture as a way to show their dismay, as they planned to emigrate. Nonetheless, my mother and father still to this day remain culturally English in many ways for example food, thought and deed. As well as over a century later, nothing has tarnished the love my family has for the British isles. Per usual our family understands the past feelings of family loss and are filled with feelings of loyal love to all family and friends that may have turned there backs on them for a time.
    I have only know my entire life a kinship with the British as do hundreds of my friends and family. The matters you have spoke of today are true as far as the frustratingly petty and corrupt matters, though there are many Americans that can see the wheat through the chaff.
    I will always feel that when the chips are down we will support and be allies with the British and the anglosphere.

  • Emma Owen
    Emma Owen Hace 4 meses +8

    You are bloody brilliant Lady C!!
    Thank you for a very informative and interesting episode.

  • Cheryl Wood
    Cheryl Wood Hace 4 meses +7

    Bravo, Lady C.! As an American I can say, with great sadness, that I believe you have outlined the problems 100% accurately! Thinking Americans who are paying attention would join us in bewailing the state of the American judiciary, the bar and the political "big wigs." (Well, actually most politicians, period!) I have loathed Bill Clinton since the Lewinski affair. Not only for that incident, but for the numerous other affairs that were brought to light. He lowered the bar for decent behavior and it has stayed there, in the dirt and muck. I have no doubt he was a regular with Epstein's harem. There finally have been a few stories released about that. Hillary Clinton is just as bad a penny, if not worse! I would not put anything past them and their cronies. The pair of them are the lowest and would do ANYTHING to protect themselves from their own wrong deeds. Noticed how many people have died after tangling with the Clintons? Virginia J. and G. Maxwell are in jeopardy and they should know that. Does anyone really think Epstein did himself in? BEWARE, Prince Andrew, BEWARE! I really hope he watches this video from you, Lady C. --several times and also with his lawyers. These are dangerous people and they will throw anyone under the bus and not care at all what happens after that, as long as they can get off scott free...again! Thank you for this very lucid explanation, Lady C. I support Prince Andrew and pray he and his lawyers make the wisest decisions.

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith Hace 4 meses +20

    Hello Lady C.
    If I were Andrew's lawyer I would advise him that a thorough public debunking of the photograph would trump any legal defense.
    It's the only evidence Virginia has that she ever even got near him. He needs to have a documentary made which would leave the world in no doubt of its being a pastiche. I could give a few pointers myself: Try as I might I cannot so much as force my fingers into the same position as Andrew's apparently take around Virginia's waist. They're very unnatural as the middle finger should protrude the furthest, not the index. Also the knuckles look like they've been cut off.

    • MaryAnn Hall
      MaryAnn Hall Hace 4 meses

      And notice how his left arm is way longer than his right arm. His left shoulder would have to be down almost to her waist to get his left hand parallel with her torso. Photoshopped much…..

    • Stephanie Walker
      Stephanie Walker Hace 4 meses

      @kay why and the question is WHY have they not been brought forward? Sorry but me thinks there is a good reson

    • Alexander Smith
      Alexander Smith Hace 4 meses +6

      @LegalEagle A normal hand just can't be made into that shape. An expert in anatomy would easily confirm.

    • vallee
      vallee Hace 4 meses +7

      The Body Language man talks about this he says that photo was not posed for by Andrew, they caught him unawares, worth looking at

  • Hot Patootie bless my soul
    Hot Patootie bless my soul Hace 4 meses +29

    Lady C! I am a lawyer in the U.S. and while I admire you greatly I must say you have gotten yourself very overexercised on this topic. Prince Andrew is involved in a CIVIL action not a criminal action. He has not I repeat not been charged with a crime by the United States, or by the government of any of its individual states. If this case settles before trial, it will be settled by a negotiated mutual agreement and money will undoubtedly change hands. If it proceeds to trial, perhaps Prince Andrew will prevail. But if he does not, he will be liable ONLY for money damages. You are hyperventilating about jail time, time served, extradition policies, nolo contendre pleas... none of which apply to civil actions so calm down please! Prince Andrew is at zero risk of losing his liberty on account of Virginia Dufrie's claim, only of losing his money. The recent decision to cut him loose from the Queen's purse strings, at least for the time being, is wise both financially and politically. Jeez.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses

      The missing word is ‘ President’. I deplore this habit of cutting off the last word . You might as well delete the whole sentence. It’s imperious and rude. What skullduggery is this ?

    • Roberta Smyth
      Roberta Smyth Hace 4 meses +1

      Well said, Wallace Stevens. Thank you for your thoughtful, informed reply.

  • The Last Sausage
    The Last Sausage Hace 4 meses +55

    How is Andrew going to get a fair hearing after everyone has already made their mind up about him!!!!!! Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? 😡

    • Jill Prosser
      Jill Prosser Hace 4 meses +1

      @Ruby Nibs The body language guy said it was a, blackmail picture!

    • Jill Prosser
      Jill Prosser Hace 4 meses +1

      @Ruby Nibs I agree it's got totally out of order

    • The Last Sausage
      The Last Sausage Hace 4 meses

      @E Dennis that really really sucks, it’s ridiculous, the poor guy! 😡

  • Maryanne Melenka
    Maryanne Melenka Hace 4 meses +53

    Please have compassion and forgiveness in your heart for a terrible mistake he may have made many years ago. He still has not had a trial yet. He sinned, he is human a man and a royal. But I do believe he was scapegoated too. He is in great pain losing his titles, etc, he has been vilified condemm Ed through media. Without a fair trial yeti tithe cruelty I have seen is unbelievable . If he did this he has to pay, but he still doesn’t deserve this before a trial. Can you imagine how it feels the whole world condemning you, the media. I understand the Queen had to remove titles, and I’m sure Andrew knows and accept s this. But it is still painful. But as well this should have been settled years ago. That woman is not completely innocent, she procurrred girls too, she was paid well, she was not forced. Maybe in beginning. She had been abused in her own family long before Epstein, this neglect led to her and other abused girls to Epstein, they were in a luxurious atmosphere, were treated well, life here was better then at home. So parents at fault, not all of course. There’s a lot more in this story. Epstein was a business associate, I don’t believe anything more, but I believe he was set up, used. Virginia knew about video camera’s C, setups of clients, etc, she knew whole game. These clients were just fools who unknowingly went with underage girls, they were beautiful and looked old enough. Business party with lots of people, a pedophile is not going to hunt for a baby there. I think other clients paid Virginia off too, we don’t hear about. Anyway all I’m saying is please have room for compassion, this man has been harassed, abused, taunted long enough, he hasn’t had day in court. I don’t think will win suit though, but I’m glad he is going ahead with the fight, if only if not to make easy for Virginia. He has that right. He is a private citizen now, any shocker s coming out can’t hurt him any more. Royal family will remain strong. The crown did what had to be done. But Andrew is still a good human being, with a stain in his past, a good son, loyal to crown and his mother the Queen, I’m sure that was difficult for her. But she had a duty to the crown. Andrew has a family I’m sure loves him very much, Fergie is a godsend. I sick of people gloating, this is not funny, it is a tragedy. Leave him in peace at least til trial. I feel for this man, I forgive, guilty or innocent. America courts are biased Virginia will win. But thi s poor man was bullied and abused, while Meaghan and Harry live the high life. I don’t wish them ill but contrast so sad.

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 14 días

      @Belinda May I guess you think everyone on the internet tells the truth huh? Misinformation or disinformation doesn’t exist in your world? Have you even considered the other side of the situation?
      Also the Battle of Hastings isn’t the same thing as an accusation of abuse and rape so you should look for a better comparison
      Also what question did you ask?

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 14 días

      @Ashley . As much proof as I have for the hundreds of things I live by every day. I didn’t see the Battle of Hastings but I trust the very many learned people who tell me that it happened, and they have no reason to lie to me. Just answer the question.

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 3 meses

      @Belinda May Do you actually have proof of that or is this all speculation?

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses +1

      @Belinda May Your response screams bias. You know all about Prince Andrew but you don’t care to know about Virginia? Seems like you already made up your mind on who’s innocent and who’s guilty (there’s not guilty/not guilty verdict as it’s a civil case and not a criminal one). Is that how you always make your decisions in life? Unbelievable 🙄

  • Christina King
    Christina King Hace 4 meses +1

    Lady C, I find your podcasts so insightful. I also appreciate that you take the time to provide such great detail and background on all of the subjects you discuss. 😀 🇨🇦

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Hace 4 meses +3

    Thank you for your show. You are amazing and listening to someone like you on social media who is so intelligent is rare these days. We, the people, appreciate you. In the US I will continue to listen as long as you will report.

  • Janey Doe
    Janey Doe Hace 4 meses +2

    Thank you, Lady C. So this is personal, then. I was so struck by the amount of purple the C team wore on camera after the loss, I actually tried to look up if it had a subliminal meaning. The color purple was so rare centuries ago that it was banned from ever being worn except by royalty. "Happily" for H there's an engagement in 2018 and MM declares it's 'boots on the ground' time. The rest is history in the making. To what end, though. The sun is rising in the East and setting in the West.

  • Julia Xo
    Julia Xo Hace 4 meses +19

    Lady C. I’m sorry to tell you. I got into all clubs when I was 15-16. The top clubs where celebrities go. Everywhere. Even LA where age limit is 21. If you go with vip people no one cares how old you are. You could be 11. So that argument is not convincing at all. Also I had a very crappy fake French driving license at one point and it worked every time.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 3 meses

      @Julia X. In the US particularly girls are told to make the best of their appearance. To be pleasing. To get any sort of job in places where rich men are to be found. Not prostitution, but what’s wrong with ‘making friends’ - or going a bit further, if it seems to be OK ? (Extra-marital sex is not ‘off the cards’ as it once was.)The dream is that one of them will marry you or make you a star, and indeed it happens occasionally. That’s success in America. Parents even encourage it because it’s normal. Half the actresses in Hollywood started out as waitresses or in hospitality - genuinely, or as students paying the rent. For an ambitious or talented girl it’s a fully recognised way into the high life. When I was in the States I was horrified to discover that people would actually bid to secure the job of doorman in a top hotel or restaurant. Often they weren’t officially employed (no insurance ! ). Unwaged, they lived on their tips. Being very nice, and very ‘obliging’ to rich people is part of the culture. Being close to them is the first step. Masseuse- at -16, is not frowned upon in quite the way that it is here.

    • Realalma
      Realalma Hace 4 meses

      I agree %1000!! I was part of a VIP group and started going to clubs (Tramp included) at age 16. Never a problem in any country including the US. No one ever even checked my ID and I look young for my age 🥳😆

  • Yana
    Yana Hace 4 meses +36

    Lady C, speaking about Andrew's lawyers and present disaster and who to blame for it.... Recently I've read in the press the remarkes by diplomat who assisted Andrew on international visits. He said that arrogance of Andrew was to the point that every advice he was given, he would do opposite and jeopardise the visit. And surely they advised him against his interview, which to my opinion greatly added to the fire. 😎Don't you think that in this particular case Andrew's arrogance played a bad joke against him, that from the very beginning he was doing things against his lawyers advices all along.. and that is why his own brother and nephew had enough? Arrogance generally is a very bad advisor 🤷‍♀ Thank you if you comment and best wishes to you 🥰

    • Mira Maric
      Mira Maric Hace 4 meses

      @Alison McMahon It's possible that they were together somewhere
      And he simply forgot . Imagine how many people he posed with in
      His life ? If nothing happened there as he said , it was young woman
      Who asked him for pic to show her family , as she said .
      Why would he remember ?

    • Alison McMahon
      Alison McMahon Hace 4 meses

      @Mira Maric That's true too. Same for Harry. I do enjoy Andrew the Arrogant Admiral in full regalia: so old school, and old school has a lot to be said for it. Then there's the arrogant Andrew who shoves people aside without thinking.

    • Alison McMahon
      Alison McMahon Hace 4 meses +4

      It's pretty arrogant to say you never met someone you are photographed embracing and holding to you as you converse with someone else....

    • Caroline Ford
      Caroline Ford Hace 4 meses +6

      @Mira Maric With respect, PA’s track record is not one of being a ‘gentleman’. He is rude, arrogant and dismissive of those of both genders if they don’t have vast wealth, status &/or power. That’s one fifth of the population I think 🤔 Gentleman know how to effectively communicate to bring out the best in others. In his arrogance, I consider that PA decided he was above the code of good manners and behaviours as he was spoilt and also pretty stupid. He had to go into riskier behaviour to get his thrills. Not suggesting that included bedding multiple women. But the thrill of mixing w dangerous, yet fascinating individuals- Maxwell & Epstein who did indeed indulge in disgustingly risky behaviour.
      I have heard from sources when I lived in London that PA was keener on men than women and that is why Fergie looked beyond the matrimonial bed…More food for thought 💭

    • Mira Maric
      Mira Maric Hace 4 meses +3

      I dont think is arrogance . In this case is naivety . He's born
      And raised Gentleman and in his World a word means something.
      But , he found himself far away from his World , in a snake pitt.

  • Ms Manners
    Ms Manners Hace 4 meses +6

    Lady C. thank you for your insightful sessions. With regard to the latest from H&M (no, not the sales!..tee hee!..) it is becoming quite apparent that they are preparing for the release of his memoirs, which no doubt, will be cruel and incendiary. The latest request to provide security is baiting the monarchy to look insensitive and uncaring; therefore, providing Harry with fodder for justifying his soon-to-be-known accusations and insinuations. No doubt, there will be more to come so that he can say “See, I told you so!” This is just so unbelievable.

  • Claire Mendoza
    Claire Mendoza Hace 4 meses +2

    Love your videos Lady C. Thanks for your honest opinions.
    My mom and I are Southern California Democrats and are furious with Harry and Meghan’s treatment of the royal family.
    As per HRC running in 2024 I don’t agree that she will try to run again after the 2016 election against Trump but that’s just my opinion.
    I do however agree with the points you made about how the USA is supposed to be the greatest nation of all when it in fact tolerates abuse of all kinds. I pray and hope that we can all exist in harmony no matter what political party you belong too.
    God Bless you and Mickey Lady C!

  • janet vollmer
    janet vollmer Hace 4 meses +4

    Thank you lady c for your candor and most informative information. I am amazed as how much you know and understand of the American politics and NY court system. I couldn’t agree with you more. I am sure as time goes by you will once again prove the naysayers with your information.

  • frenchie1945
    frenchie1945 Hace 4 meses +3

    Hello Lady Campbell. Just want you to know that I really enjoy your posts and never miss one. Thank you for your work.
    I have a question for you regarding Virginia Giuffre. Why isn’t Virginia being charged with the same crime that Ghislaine Maxwell is ? I read that after 3 or 4 “dates” that Virginia told Ghislaine and Epstein that she didn’t want to do it anymore, so they made a “deal” with Virginia that if she would get young girls for them she would still be paid for her services. My understanding was she did do that for quite a while. If that is true then she is guilty of the same crimes as Ghislaine. Do you think that story was true?

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses

      @frenchie. I think you should take your suspicions to the police. This information has obviously never reached them.

  • Beth C
    Beth C Hace 4 meses +197

    To be fair the us diplomat’s wife who killed a young man while driving drunk is not the first time such a thing has happened. There have been foreign diplomats in the us who have had immediate family that have driven drunk and injured or killed someone and gotten off with diplomatic immunity. The problem is diplomatic immunity rather then the individual crime. If you carry a diplomatic passport for instance, they cannot check your suitcase , Blow anyone?..lDiplomatic immunity means you are not subject to the laws of the land. Real justice would be to get rid of diplomatic passports in the first place.

    • Lisa A.
      Lisa A. Hace 4 meses

      @Valerie Carlin Sorry. I was responding to the people above. However, I figured diplomat and diplomat's wife would be inclusive when trying to get my main point across. I already knew she was the wife of some diplomatic official.

    • Valerie Carlin
      Valerie Carlin Hace 4 meses

      @Lisa A. I never said she was drunk or that it wasnt an accident
      I only commented that she was the wife not the actual diplomat

    • Lisa A.
      Lisa A. Hace 4 meses

      @Valerie Carlin By the way, the hypothetical case should apply to all, not just diplomats. The above info is simply the case as I've read it in the NY Times, the NY Post, and the BBC. It seems other news stories I've looked up say the same. The woman was not drunk and it was an accident.

    • Lisa A.
      Lisa A. Hace 4 meses

      @Valerie Carlin Ok, (sigh), then hypothetically, the wife of a diplomat.

    • Valerie Carlin
      Valerie Carlin Hace 4 meses

      She was not a diplomat. She was the wife of one

  • Elisa Stocchetti
    Elisa Stocchetti Hace 4 meses +4

    Dear Lady C, regardless of the possible outcome of the "Giuffre vs Andrew York" US trial, don't you think that it was about time for him to be kicked into a corner by HM the Queen and the Royal Family? This is a man who spent his entire life mixing public duty and private affairs, who very badly selected his friendships and acquaintances: a convicted sex offender and a convicted underage trafficker are just the last of a long list. Very shady "businessmen" when he was trade ambassador, shady politicians, links to Kazakh billionaire for the sale of his previous mansion. His suitability for the role was repeatedly questioned. Do you remember "airmiles Andy"? Rumour has it that his conduct was not as spotless as that one of his predecessor the duke of Kent , on the contrary. Sarah Ferguson lucrative business of.selling access to the prince. Do you really believe he was not part of it?
    I don't think overprivileged Andrew York has ever been the best civil servant the UK and HM the Queen deserve. What is your though?
    Have a great day Lady C and thank you for your always interesting and instructive videos.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses +1

      @Elisa S. lady C knows all this as well as you do.

  • Karen Morris
    Karen Morris Hace 4 meses +45

    And spot on again, but unfortunately it has already happened, America has used its allies as sacrificial lambs, in its political purposes and is doing so now. It is so sad, I thought this was such a good country when I came to it years ago, It’s heartbreaking to see the apparent triumph of corruption and how surreal things are now.
    May cosmic justice prevail upon those who participate in the destruction of the good.🌟

  • John Farley
    John Farley Hace 4 meses +3

    Thank you for your wise words Lady C. Certainly one needs good attorneys and legal advice and on this level most certainly do not need corrupt judges and yes they do exist. To my view much mischief and smokescreens from the Democrats and for good reason. All in all carefully considered and balanced as always in your words Lady C. Certainly very high positioned people shall we say allegedly involved and as head or former heads of state have a long reach and invisible reach carry that real and not imagined threat. God Bless you Lady C.

  • amanda rooney
    amanda rooney Hace 4 meses +2

    Thank you Lady C for your perspicacity, now legendary capacity to communicate complex issues, and stamina, concerning the explication of the clearly corrupt American legal system as it pertains to the Giuffre extortion case.

  • Hussaina Noordeen
    Hussaina Noordeen Hace 4 meses +1

    "We should be standing up for another. One Brit for another." Golden words. It should be etched on every citizens mind N heart. Wonderful Lady C!

  • Kathy Jones
    Kathy Jones Hace 4 meses +6

    I am an American and have a very difficult time digesting a sentence in which the name "Clinton" and the phrase "protecting the innocent" are used together.

  • ᑎIᑎᒎᗩ_ᗝᖇᑕᕼIᗪᔕ🌸

    Thank you so much for speaking about how law enforcement can fandangle something minor and turn it into a nightmare for the person who is being accused of something, where proof does not exist, and for that reason, a case cannot me made. Along those lines, do you have an opinion as to what is currently going on with Julian Assange, and if so, would you be willing to share it? Thank you, Lady C 🌸

  • Jan Wattles
    Jan Wattles Hace 4 meses +2

    Thank you for the informative lessons you share. I so appreciate you. Yes, we Americans are aware and wanting to see good change.

  • Jackie March
    Jackie March Hace 4 meses +365

    There are surely dark forces at work and as a Brit I sincerely worry for my country and for our RF. Thank you Lady C for exposing this corruption.

    • MB D
      MB D Hace 2 meses

      @Penny Lando Yes, there are fair, balanced and accurate news reports to be had, nationally and internationally. It is a question of choosing those who report facts over those who 'report' opinion and propoganda.

    • Penny Lando
      Penny Lando Hace 2 meses

      @Belinda May Perhaps, Belinda, but few of us have a public profile such that every move we make is open to being watched and reported in the national news - and lets face it, is that national news always accurate, fair and balanced? Is social media accurate, fair and balanced? In her 70th birthday interview even Princess Anne noted that it was harder for the younger royals these days than was the case for her era.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 2 meses +1

      @Penny Lando At that age, we are all vulnerable to questionable people when we are away from home. And none of us have personal detectives to tip us off. We all face dangers that could ruin us.

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 2 meses

      @Belinda May Well of course, you’re speaking obvious truths. But that’s not the point people are trying to make here.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 2 meses +1

      @Louise skip Be honest. It isn’t the immorality - it’s the thought of the money that inflames you. I haven’t seen a single condemnation that didn’t centre on the cash. It’s kind of bitter. Resentment rather than disgust.

  • betht60
    betht60 Hace 4 meses +26

    Dear LADY C, THANK YOU for your time and effort put in to share your opinions and knowledge with us.
    I am an American in my sixties. I have two thoughts come to mind after listening to your comments today: (1) I completely agree with you regarding the sad state of affairs in the upper echelons of our justice system ( and not a few lower down, either), and the dire situation we are in as a nation under the rule of our two-party system which our Founders warned against. My husband and I have supported an organization here, the Institute for Justice, which is a non-profit that defends individuals versus the State on the Supreme Court level. We are proud to do this, and we stay abreast of many legal cases all over the country where the little guy is being trampled on and the Institute for Justice's crack Constitutional legal teams undertake to defend them.
    (2) Regarding Hillary Clinton, she was defeated by DONALD TRUMP of all people, six years ago. If she could not win then, I have hopes that she will not win in the future. There would have to be some major string-pulling. It has been proven that her accusations of scheming, by Trump with Russia, were actually unfounded, that she played all kinds of tricks to get the Democratic Party nomination, and in my opinion, she and others in her party are kidding themselves if they think Americans are in any better frame of mind to elect her now. I would LOVE to see a woman become President, but I can think of few women I would loathe more to receive the distinction of being our first female President. It is clear, though, from the 2020 election, that the Democratic National Committee is not using reason in choosing its anointed leaders, but some sort of cronyism of political paybacks. And I am not a Republican, either. I am an Independent voter, and I always vote.

    • betht60
      betht60 Hace 4 meses

      @Kathleen Ayres 100% agree with you too. I would vote for Condaleeza Rice or Nikki Hailey in a heartbeat! Rice is one of my most respected public figures, a truly amazing woman. Probably why she had sense enough to turn down the chance to run a presidential campaign! I vote based on issues, not identity. Always.

    • betht60
      betht60 Hace 4 meses

      @wyzolma99 No need to explain, because you are 100% correct! I think you misunderstand me. Saying I would love to see a woman become President, is simply to say exactly that, a person's biological sex should not be the deciding factor, which it has been throughout a good part of our history. I clarified that by saying that there are women whom I would loathe being elected to that office. HRC being first on that list. I certainly do not want a woman of her ilk ( and we are not short of them) in that office. The LAST thing I would do would be to vote for someone just because of her female sex!

    • Kathleen Ayres
      Kathleen Ayres Hace 4 meses +1

      @wyzolma99 It's an ongoing mystery to me why the presence of female genitalia might make for a better president. If a really extraordinary woman--not the current VP--were to come along, that would be great. The US needs saving from itself. Where is Condoleezza Rice when you need her? Or Nikki Hailey, come to that? They had brains.

    • It's Just Me
      It's Just Me Hace 4 meses +3

      Re: Hillary. She'll be 75 this year. Too old in my humble opinion to run in 2023 at 76.
      Independent voter who always votes. Even for school millage.

  • Greasy Limpet
    Greasy Limpet Hace 4 meses

    I have just found your wonderful talks, and I'm so pleased to hear someone tell the truth. I really think some people are trying to force Prince Andrew into a position where he is bereft of either a good reputation or a means to provide for himself, whether or not he deserves to be in it.
    The Queen has distanced herself and the Monarchy from any 'dirty laundry' to ensure there is no perceived connection to anything untoward.
    As a sixth generation Australian, I am proud to have her as our Head of State; she is an example to us all.

  • julie heudebourck
    julie heudebourck Hace 4 meses +8

    Thank you for all of your insights, truly eye opening as I was concerned about Andrew having his titles removed as I thought it sent out the wrong message. I believe the Queen will support him from the background so long as he takes her council. She is a wise woman and he would be well advised to listen to her. It’s a shameful and sad situation for her to have to deal with at her time of life but she is a mother and she will help to defend should it take her last breath.

  • Maggie Swithenbank
    Maggie Swithenbank Hace 4 meses +4

    I look at photos in my albums from 20 years ago and find it hard to recall the people I’m with or the circumstances…How can anyone detail anything with 100% confidence in the facts after 20 years? The whole case seems to be depending on one photo and her word (a proven liar)! I also believe PA is innocent until proven guilty but seems the media has already determined this prince of the realm has committed a crime and should pay! Thank you for a balanced viewpoint, Lady C. Your videos always provide much food for thought (ie. Kaplan and Chevron)!

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 12 días

      ……” and answer came there none…. ‘

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 14 días

      @Maggie S. Didn’t Andrew lie about being in Pizza Express ? Didn’t the doctors laugh when he said he couldn’t sweat at the time ! They said it was unheard of. That was the hilarious lie of a 6 year old. What Andrew proved beyond doubt was his flippant disdain for the truth. And his contempt for whole proceedings. However, this isn’t about his character. It’s really about what he actually did. Or didn’t do. That is all the Law is interested in.

  • RoyalDuggars
    RoyalDuggars Hace 4 meses +12

    I've commented a zillion times here, but this was very, very interesting. I was a law librarian for 20 years, I find you information fascinating.

  • Denise Whiteley
    Denise Whiteley Hace 4 meses +6

    I fully agree with your evaluation of the corrupt American Judical system. PA can expect no justice. It is clear he is being set up for a fall. What happened to innocent until proved guilty? I agree that he must under no circumstances go to the USA to litigate where he and the RF by association will be humiliated and discredited.

  • Live Hareide
    Live Hareide Hace 4 meses +5

    Your clarifications are highly appreciated, Lady C! You confirm what I have feared: politication and consequently implifications of the legal security.The lawsystem must be considered🇺🇸!

  • Delta Queen
    Delta Queen Hace 3 meses

    Thank you for shedding a new light on this story. I have noticed that Ms. Roberts does not seem to be in the least bit upset in any of the photos taken of her. Also, she freely walked away when she so desired. (She knew she was getting too old for their game) She went from the trailer park to a jet set life and seemed to enjoy it. She is worth millions from all the people she has sued and threatened to sue. I get very bad vibes from her. Do I think that there were true victims of Epstein? Yes, definitely. I just don't think she was one of them.

  • Emma Stewardson
    Emma Stewardson Hace 4 meses +299

    Whatever Andrew has done, it doesn't diminish my love and support for the Royal Family. The MSM can be over-judgemental and mischievous and so can we Jo Public and often based on very limited facts.
    Do we need to desert such a special institution just when it needs us most?

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses

      @Mustang Sally Oh wow, how creepy! I’m glad it didn’t destroy your spirit ❤️

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses

      @Ellen Lyons Definitely!

    • Mustang Sally
      Mustang Sally Hace 4 meses +1

      @Ashley no worry..I was too young to remember details..only remember this dark tall figure and when he was done with both me and my brother..I remember him giving us Kellogg's cereal with carnation milk and tea...I remember the smell...

    • Mustang Sally
      Mustang Sally Hace 4 meses

      @Samantha McCarthy agreed!!!!

  • Caroline Marshall
    Caroline Marshall Hace 4 meses +1

    You look as glowing this evening as Mickey. thank you for your very informed, well-spoken and discerned perspective. You bring your personal experience to all your videos. You have lived through a lot and learned and are an example of strength through adversity. You help me so much.

  • BabyRay Sharon
    BabyRay Sharon Hace 4 meses +7

    I am an American citizen. I also am not a fan of Prince Andrew. But I must truly state this is a personality issue. It is not based on my feelings of his guilt in all of this. Based on your fine 'breakdown', Lady C, of the facts in this scenario, I must agree with you that this sert-up is most unfortunate and actually criminal. This is unfair and if allowed come to its desired conclusion is a travesty. I am totally against this and pray to God for His intervention in this matter. The same may happen to any one of us in the future and I hope to God that He intervenes on our behalf. God bless you Lady C. for giving us a true picture and analysis of what is really going on in Prince Andrew's situation. May God help us all! Sharon in Maryland USA

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses

      @BabyRay S. Lady C is already blessed in having someone like you as a follower.

  • Alex Witkowski
    Alex Witkowski Hace 4 meses +1

    Thank you, Lady C, your interesting and informative videos never disappoint. I completely agree. The world needs to know how dangerous the present situation is and who the true enemies and innocents are. Happy New Year to you and yours. God Bless the USA and UK.

  • Alice’s Dream
    Alice’s Dream Hace 4 meses +20

    Wasn’t Mr Bill C a regular on the private jet and island? No one mentions the others now they’ve got their sacrificial lamb. Justice needs to be served on all those involved - everyone not just one or two. Throw open the black books - let’s have it all out in the open.

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses

      @Belinda May No they’re not! Right now Prince Andrew, and maybe Alan Dershowitz, is getting more airtime than anyone else that’s been brought up.

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses

      @kay why Was he really though? 🤨 Sounds like you’re stretching it.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 4 meses

      @Alice’s Dream. Not true at all. ‘The Others’ are mentioned constantly. Their names repeated to the point of nausea. Where have you been ? Do you not know that suspected persons have to be tried individually and separately. Neighbours, enemies, friends and gossips, may judge us by the company we keep. But the Law does not and cannot. We are each judged by our own actions.

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace 4 meses

      @kay why Why would he go through all that trouble to destroy the evidence?

  • Michele Graham
    Michele Graham Hace 4 meses

    I USED to think Amnesty was a great organisation. For several years when I was bed bound & unable to do much, what started as something to keep my brain ticking over quickly became an obsession. It was writing to world leaders & others about the atrocities of the day. This was about 30 years ago. As the years went on my letter writing lessened as I was able to pick up certain areas of my life but I remained a supporter until they did a few things that really made me angry . Now I avoid them like the plague.

  • Yammie Msa
    Yammie Msa Hace 4 meses +10

    Lady C, thanks for another interesting episode. That judge seem very dodgy. Can I ask whether it is possible for this case to be handed to another judge? If yes, under what scenarios will this be possible? Thanks!

  • Suzanne Hall
    Suzanne Hall Hace 4 meses +2

    Dear Lady C, this is absolutely disgusting. Thank you for bringing it all to light. I do hope that you don’t suffer any repercussions for your honesty and courage.
    What I am wondering is does Virginia Joffre really know what she has gotten herself into? She is being protected by some very ruthless people. What happens when this is over and she is no longer of use to them? And that they know that she knows too much? In her shoes I would be very worried indeed.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace 15 días

      Since you are speculating. What would have happened to if she had refused to settle and decided to start spilling the beans in court - about everything ? That’s when you would have found her dead in bed, clutching a suicide note. It’s a tribute to the American justice system ( with all its terrible faults) that she has survived this far. But surely she can never really feel safe. Very many powerful ‘customers “ must have been frightened, Who knows what other promises she has had to make ?

  • Dorothy Dadmun
    Dorothy Dadmun Hace 4 meses +2

    Dear Lady C, you hit the nail on the head at every point! My prayer is that the American people will wake up and fight for our freedom. Otherwise what we have feared will come to pass!

  • Carla Watson
    Carla Watson Hace 4 meses +166

    It is totally obvious this is a shake down. The media is totally mired in helping do this shake down.

  • Fiona Pickering
    Fiona Pickering Hace 4 meses +16

    My thoughts that as a private citizen he won't be worth tons of money, therefore tons of money can't be demanded?

  • John Corson
    John Corson Hace 4 meses +3

    I am very pleased to see that Prince Andrew is receiving some support. Thank you very much Lady Campbell.