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    In the two hundred and forty-third episode Lady Colin Campbell reveals how and why Prince Andrew has been stripped of his royal rank and patronages; the parts played by The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William: their motives and the effects; the political forces at play on both sides of the Atlantic and why all parties need to be careful of a rebound; how Tramp's club rules forbid the presence of minors, who can't be legally served alcohol until their majority at 18, meaning that all attendees are adjudged to be over that age; V. Robert's activites in the decade before she met Andrew; how her father's 'introduction was the entry into that world; sympathy for her troubled past; how she went to Australia and was living a peaceful life until she was induced to jump on the bandwagon by a journalist offering her vast sums of money; the unforseen consequences and how they have exposed her to possible loss of lifelong freeedom; the sweetheart deal that protects her as long as she plays ball with certain powers-that-be; why the prince has been the only person sued; incendiary gameplan behind the lawsuit; imparting information gained from disapproving high-level sources within the Democratic party in the US as to what is really going on and what the real aims are; how the protection of President Clinton and the furtherance of Hillary Clinton's ambitions for the White House have come into play; why Kaplan and Preska were appointed; their reputations anything but pristine; how the UN and Amnesty International have condemned their roles in lawsuits involving Chevron and Steven Donzinger; when the law is used to prevent justice; what Americans can do to ensure that their judiciary performs as it ought to function; and what Andrew's gameplan should be in the light of the possibility of entrapment if he pursues the civil suit to its natural conclusion.
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Comentarios • 3 905

  • Luisa Levinson
    Luisa Levinson Hace un a帽o +1081

    As an American, I agree with you. Unfortunately corruption is the problem and it has brought great countries to ruin. I am, like you, seventy years old and I cannot express enough how much the U.S. has changed, and not in a good way. I fear one day citizens will rise up against them. Politicians are disgusting. We need leaders with integrity and love of our country and have respect for other countries.

    • Ann Marie
      Ann Marie Hace un a帽o +87

      Amen to that!!

    • KissedByFire Skye
      KissedByFire Skye Hace un a帽o +79


    • Rose
      Rose Hace un a帽o +53

      Well spoken its all about some personality or some party If you don't like the first party then you are assumed without question to lke the other. Then you find out there is so little difference anyhow .Where are all people in this am by tradition a working class person but l like to hear the views of all .Even the Queen and she is supposed not to give opinion but her views are important very much as a down to earth woman. She has some enemies not all of them are from the lower classes. Every class has snobs there is even a snobbery prevalent among the working classes .It is seen by some as a thing to exploit rather than explore..Love to all of you.

  • Connie Cooley
    Connie Cooley Hace un a帽o +182

    As an American, I can tell you that we are already worried sick about our country. It is just pitiful. Thank you for clearing some of this up

  • Valerie White
    Valerie White Hace un a帽o +134

    I have just rewatched this, and am amazed at the content, the hints you let out carefully and leave us to work out ourselves are very enlightening. I do hope that you haven't let too much out that you may be in trouble, but I m pretty sure you know what to say and what to leave to our imaginations.
    I wish this episode could be televised so that all the nation will hear the level of corruption at play.
    I have been turning this over all night and am now wondering if Meghan Markle could be part of the whole plan to destroy our monarchy...she also knew a lot of the people from her Yacht girl days.
    You have layed this story out in such a way that even I could understand it.
    You are a treasure Lady C.
    Much love and blessings to you.
    What do you think of the Markle bit.

    • Marion Holtzmann
      Marion Holtzmann Hace un a帽o +28

      @Alison McMahon why are you bringing Trump into this. Not sure if you know it but President Trump did say that Meghan Markle is real trouble and he wished Harry and the family good luck because they were going to need it.

    • fox
      fox Hace un a帽o +6

      The truth NEVER appears on television.

  • Sally Willis
    Sally Willis Hace un a帽o +50

    It is abhorrent when "people" in a "group" scapegoat one person, over a very long time, with the whole world watching. Try to imagine what that feels like. It could drive someone insane. Sometimes that person has offered them self as a scapegoat but usually wholly unconsciously.

    • Tara David
      Tara David Hace 2 meses

      Thats what harry is i truly believe he was in love at vulnerable time in life getting older no wife kids anxious to find someone suddenly meg comes along shes such a disgrace she is in total control of his every move and word he says i fear for his life he is no doubt abused by her

  • Lynne Feldman
    Lynne Feldman Hace un a帽o +52

    Dear Lady C, as an avid listener I have so enjoyed your presentations and learned more history which I love. I鈥檓 a US attorney who read the judge鈥檚 decision on Andrew鈥檚 suit and felt it should be overturned on appeal, which you saw as well. You have changed my mind about Andrew鈥檚 chances to evade a verdict against him. But now my real question:!what is Hazno up to about seeking free UK protection?? Does his wicked first wife believe that any publicity is good publicity? Or is Hazno lost all his marbles down Megzy-baby鈥檚 orifice believing her oh-so-precious life would be in danger? Hasn鈥檛 he heard there are more guns here in the US than people? What is going on? By the way, i adore your outfits!

    • StarrFaithfull
      StarrFaithfull Hace un a帽o +14

      Lynne Feldman, What a great posting! Top to bottom!

    • anastasia46
      anastasia46 Hace un a帽o +13

      Why does harry even need protection in the UK ?? He said he doesnt like London. He lives in the US , he no longer has a job with the royals, he claims he is willing to pay for his own security .... soooo....why is he suing ? I dont follow his thinking at all. If you quit your job, you dont get to retain your employee parking space and company benefits.

    • Sara Lotti
      Sara Lotti Hace un a帽o +3

      He wants to come visit and let his personal security on Royal grounds -if he needs any security it should be Paid for in advance to a British security firm vetted by MI and the Royal House

  • Brigitte Beltran
    Brigitte Beltran Hace un a帽o +9

    Dear Lady C,
    Thank you for opening our eyes to the conniving Ms. Virginia Roberts! Also, I always found it abominable how the US press keeps crucifying Andrew, while allowing other Epstein pals like Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Bill/Hillary Clinton air time to speak on political issues, as clean as a whistle. I figured something was fishy. Thank you so much for clarifying this picture. The whole situation is rotten. Your channel is deeply appreciated! 鉂

  • Kitty
    Kitty Hace un a帽o +434

    Dear Lady C, please, do not apologize for the length of your videos. This was a very interesting episode: enlightening even. The level of information and insight that you share with us, and the manner of your approach to how you share with us, is pretty much unparalleled. So, all I can say is thank you for continuing to do what you do, and for giving your time to us so frequently and so generously!

    • Jessi Lerue
      Jessi Lerue Hace un a帽o +33

      Lady C - your channel is a gift - thank you so much. I think Harry and his wife need to stop any cruel selfish behavior trying to milk the monarchy of more and more $$$$$ and privilege. Beautiful Queen is older and deserves peace and happiness. I don鈥檛 know facts and truthfulness- but I鈥檝e read Harry鈥檚 wife went to federal investigators over a year ago twice about Andrew. I ask WHY? Please keep up your admirable work. Long live the Queen !!! My opinion only.

    • CByrdOfPrey
      CByrdOfPrey Hace un a帽o +20

      @Jessi Lerue I鈥檒l add one more thing, long live Lady C 馃 & may God continue to bless her ALL the days of her life 馃檹馃徏馃槍.

    • Foxie Frankie
      Foxie Frankie Hace un a帽o +4

      I play them on 1.75 playback speed 馃憣 or it seems there's a bit of a lull in places

    • Hendrika Sunqrout
      Hendrika Sunqrout Hace un a帽o +5

      @Jessi Lerue I would love to know too, Interesting.

    • deborah Rae
      deborah Rae Hace un a帽o +8

      They are not long enough!! Lol

  • Joy1977
    Joy1977 Hace un a帽o +40

    It`s very early in the morning here in the Uk ,so i shall come back and re watch this later ,when i`m fully awake.However ,one thing i`d like to say now is my heart really goes out to HMTQ.She has devoted her life to her country ,often missing out on precious moments with her family.This must all feel so overwhelming ,and i definitely think it`s showing now (like many people i was shocked at how frail our Queen appeared in her Christmas Day speech.) ,I hope her children and grandchildren continue to gather around her ,and give her the love and support she needs right now.Families can be trying at the best of times but when your family is public knowledge and you have to read about their indescretions in the papers ,and see it on the news ,i cannot imagine how that must feel.For all her dedicated service ,her Majesty deserves our love and respect ,especially now .Thankyou Lady C for always thinking of HM when you talk about what`s going on. After all ,at the end of the day ,she is like many widows and ,with everything she`s having to cope with ,she is also a wife still grieving the loss of her beloved husband.

    • Alison McMahon
      Alison McMahon Hace un a帽o +1

      She also looked so pretty in her Christmas speech.

    • Joy1977
      Joy1977 Hace un a帽o +1

      @Alison McMahon She truly did.

    • Joy1977
      Joy1977 Hace un a帽o +6

      @Macca I`m sorry you feel this way.Whatever "reward" our devoted Queen receives ,it`ll never be enough for devoting her life to her Country.To my mind ,she is one incredible lady.

    • Macca
      Macca Hace un a帽o

      @Joy1977 拢9B over 10 yrs not enough? 馃槅馃槅馃槅馃憤

    GILLIAN JOHNSTON Hace un a帽o +9

    No such thing as 'too long'' with your video's Lady C!! Always super informative, interesting and thoroughly entertaining!! Happy New Year to all at Castle Goring! 馃挌

  • Ann Molloy
    Ann Molloy Hace un a帽o +19

    What I want to know is why has she not been charged, along with Maxwell, for her part in luring young girls for Maxwell as she admitted in 60minutes in Australia.

    • Maria Lopez
      Maria Lopez Hace un a帽o +1

      I Love 60 minutes馃槂 they do a damn good interview.. how about one of VG? After all she's looking for money..

  • Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani
    Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani Hace un a帽o +39

    Dear Lady C,
    I am an Indian Alumna of the University of Warwick and Durham University. I think that your observations are rather astute and I am writing in support of my very many friends and family in the UK, who by extension, are continually being slandered by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle every time they allege or imply that the British public are racist. I have holidayed in Britain all my life and have also completed my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees there, apart from participating actively in social and political life in your very gracious, open and friendly country as a citizen of the Commonwealth. Not once have I felt excluded, ridiculed or discriminated against because of the colour of my skin or my nationality, and neither, to my knowledge, have the other international students I went to university with been subject to this so-called widespread racism, to the best of my knowledge- and I would know as I served on the International Forum whilst at Warwick.
    If I may be so bold, Lady C, for Faux Sake: Prince Harry & Meghan may be widely disliked, but they're nowhere near being the most hated people in the UK. If the likes of Tommy Robinson can go about without police escorts and threats to their "security", so can the Sussexes. Is the latest statement another PR attack against tolerant Britons?
    Also, what ever happened to the COVID-19 relief that Meghan and Harry promised the City of Mumbai during the terrible second wave that we suffered? Was that just a PR stunt calculated to capitalise on our pain or did something actually come of it? I reside in Mumbai and I haven't heard of any of it materialising. I'd love to be told otherwise.
    On behalf of the UK's many Friends in India, I send you and your compatriots solidarity amid the newest vile and vicious attacks, especially to Her Majesty the Queen and the long-suffering Royal Family, who are much beloved in India and the rest of South Asia for the many friendships they have formed here.
    Fond regards to you, love to Mickey, and more power to your endeavours!

    • Dancingqueen
      Dancingqueen Hace un a帽o +9

      Thank you.. as a resident of a village 10 miles from Durham I鈥檓 glad to hear you felt Welcome in my part of the world.. hope you come back again. 馃憤鉂わ笍

    • Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani
      Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani Hace un a帽o

      @Dancingqueen I loved Durham. One of my close friends is a lovely lad from a neighbouring village too! He lives in China now and has an impressive knowledge of art restoration. The local community was absolutely lovely, especially at the cathedral and at the Catholic church. The former mining families, the local police, the Geordies who would come up to party with us on the weekend, the local politicians, the university staff, the landlords... Everyone I encountered was so lovely and so curious about India and other places in the world. I felt totally welcome at Durham. Most international students did. Thank you for the marvelous experience. It was such a privilege to study, worship and make friendships in the community. Some of my dearest friends at Durham were a former political prisoner, an exile and someone who had lived through ethnic violence. Never have they complained about being treated shoddily. Britons are warm, accepting, fairminded and very taken with experiences that aren't their own. The banter takes getting used to, and once one gets it, you fall in love with the multiculture.

    • Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani
      Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani Hace un a帽o

      @DJ BARBER GREEN that's not fair. We can have a nice conversation without you making assumptions about me.
      Sure, I've been very privileged. However, I've also spent months in areas that are meant to be racially tense according to tabloids, but really are lovely communities, like Luton, Croydon, Middlesex, Harrow and Aberdeen. I've loved these areas as much as I've loved my student bubbles. I've had British friends from different communities all my life.
      My friends drive black cabbies and are at the helms of big business. I've been welcomed to the homes of asylum seekers and the aristocracy.
      I've been welcomed into different faith communities, into political parties, causes and I've never felt treated differently to anyone else. If anything, I've been treated with a little more love, compassion and enthusiasm than anyone who is privileged enough to call themselves British.
      I'm a very patriotic Indian. However, Britian was, is, and will always be my second home.

  • Kit Bram
    Kit Bram Hace un a帽o +33

    Why was Andrew socializing with Epstein? It seems like the Firm would have handlers who advise on relations in order to avoid this type of situation

    • Raffaella Vitiello
      Raffaella Vitiello Hace un a帽o +13

      Exactely this all start with this , we all seem to forget , why on earth would Andrew have ANYTHING to have with this creep.????

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace un a帽o

      @Raffaella Vitiello And who knew ? His mother, his daughters, Sarah, , his brothers? Personally, I doubt that anyone knew. Otherwise he would have been stopped. This tells us that the whole thing was furtive. Rich people or not - he knew he was playing around in the gutter.

    • Kelly Price
      Kelly Price Hace un a帽o +2

      They never stopped Savile! They rewarded him.

    • Kelly Price
      Kelly Price Hace un a帽o +2

      Mountbatton was never stopped. Well maybe he wad but didn't live to tell about it.

    • 01denese
      01denese Hace un a帽o

      I don't think they care about the "Spare". Only the Heir.

  • Cathy Lee
    Cathy Lee Hace un a帽o +568

    I feel so sorry for HMTQ. What the members of her family have put her through is unconscionable. After losing her husband at 95 and all the rest, I just shake my head. God bless the Queen.

    • Nancy Ayers
      Nancy Ayers Hace un a帽o +27

      Well, it happens. In my family, my maternal grandmother's parents were celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary. They had gone 2 their party DRESSED IN THE SAME CLOTHING THEY HAD WORN ON THEIR WEDDING DAY!!! She wore the same white satin wedding gown & veil, he wore the same suit! During the celebrating, he began 2 feel unwell & someone drove him home. He passed away later that day. It was like God made sure they were together for 75 years, but NOT 75 years - and even 1 more day! They had a marriage that was very happy and produced 9 or 10 children! 馃馃挊 After that, my grandmother moved her into her home, & cared for her for several more years b4 she finally passed away at 101 years old!! 馃槈

    • Lazylady
      Lazylady Hace un a帽o +21

      @Nancy Ayers What a sweet story about marriage and family. It must be a cherished legacy in your family.

    • Denise M. Joerg
      Denise M. Joerg Hace un a帽o +28

      I think we all feel sorry for her Majesty!

    • Lorna Joy
      Lorna Joy Hace un a帽o +22

      Prince Andrew still should have avoided a friendship and pictures with Epstein. It is important to avoid the appearance of evil. We are always judged by the company we keep. Apparently, some people are waiting for the opportunity to gossip and cause trouble for the Queen and her family.馃嚭馃嚫

    • Simon Garthwaite
      Simon Garthwaite Hace un a帽o +14

      Fortunately the core working Royals are excellent stronger than they've ever been id say.

  • Janey Doe
    Janey Doe Hace un a帽o +3

    Thank you, Lady C. So this is personal, then. I was so struck by the amount of purple the C team wore on camera after the loss, I actually tried to look up if it had a subliminal meaning. The color purple was so rare centuries ago that it was banned from ever being worn except by royalty. "Happily" for H there's an engagement in 2018 and MM declares it's 'boots on the ground' time. The rest is history in the making. To what end, though. The sun is rising in the East and setting in the West.

  • Kathy Jones
    Kathy Jones Hace un a帽o +8

    I am an American and have a very difficult time digesting a sentence in which the name "Clinton" and the phrase "protecting the innocent" are used together.

  • Funandlaughter
    Funandlaughter Hace un a帽o +6

    One of your best videos. Very informative and courageously true. We live in dark times. Not to say corruption and deception has not existed since almost the beginning of time but to watch it unfold right in front of us in the light of day is disturbing and slightly frightful. Dark powers sometimes believe they are unstoppable. Gerd away and keep up the good work. God bless.

  • Ruth Goebel
    Ruth Goebel Hace un a帽o

    This video is absolutely brilliant! It certainly clears up the murky water surrounding this case and gives us a better understanding of what is truly going on. I wish everyone would listen to you. Thanks for sharing and thank you for shining a light on this for all of us! 鉂わ笍

  • Suzanne Hall
    Suzanne Hall Hace un a帽o +3

    Dear Lady C, this is absolutely disgusting. Thank you for bringing it all to light. I do hope that you don鈥檛 suffer any repercussions for your honesty and courage.
    What I am wondering is does Virginia Joffre really know what she has gotten herself into? She is being protected by some very ruthless people. What happens when this is over and she is no longer of use to them? And that they know that she knows too much? In her shoes I would be very worried indeed.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace un a帽o

      Since you are speculating. What would have happened to if she had refused to settle and decided to start spilling the beans in court - about everything ? That鈥檚 when you would have found her dead in bed, clutching a suicide note. It鈥檚 a tribute to the American justice system ( with all its terrible faults) that she has survived this far. But surely she can never really feel safe. Very many powerful 鈥榗ustomers 鈥 must have been frightened, Who knows what other promises she has had to make ?

  • Moma G
    Moma G Hace un a帽o +177

    I'm American and I agree. So much evil is hidden by these horrible distractions. Be safe please, suicide seems to follow those that anger that politician. 馃槵
    I so respect your knowledgeable opinion and am grateful that you share your insights. Thank you. 馃挅
    Hugs to you and Mickey!

    • Brenda Briggs
      Brenda Briggs Hace un a帽o +14

      You are so right, Moma G. Interesting that this fact is so well known and yet this person is not in prison.

    • Lucy Morey
      Lucy Morey Hace un a帽o +10

      Dear Moma G, You are right, and it is very horrible that that person is so
      useful for some people! Lady C. is so brave and I love her truths!

    • Patricia May
      Patricia May Hace un a帽o +5

      I鈥檝e been concerned that he鈥檒l be so backed into a corner that suicide is a way out 馃槩

  • John Corson
    John Corson Hace un a帽o +4

    I am very pleased to see that Prince Andrew is receiving some support. Thank you very much Lady Campbell.

  • Belhypotheque
    Belhypotheque Hace un a帽o +24

    I love the gossip insights you bring and of course the political and historical insights . Thank you!

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace un a帽o +1

      Gossip between friends is OK - people understand each other. Gossip like this isn鈥檛 so innocent.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Hace un a帽o +3

    Thank you for your show. You are amazing and listening to someone like you on social media who is so intelligent is rare these days. We, the people, appreciate you. In the US I will continue to listen as long as you will report.

  • DJ pug
    DJ pug Hace un a帽o +1

    Lady C, I find your podcasts so insightful. I also appreciate that you take the time to provide such great detail and background on all of the subjects you discuss. 馃榾 馃嚚馃嚘

  • Emma Owen
    Emma Owen Hace un a帽o +8

    You are bloody brilliant Lady C!!
    Thank you for a very informative and interesting episode.

  • anna demo
    anna demo Hace un a帽o +219

    The Clintons defending innocence? That's the best joke I've heard in years.

    • Miss Winnie
      Miss Winnie Hace un a帽o +26


    • Maria Lopez
      Maria Lopez Hace un a帽o +36

      Like Monica was dragged through.the mud by them...and They got away with it....

    • Charmaine Powell
      Charmaine Powell Hace un a帽o +27

      Has anyone heard that Hillary was also a frequent visitor to the island?

  • Caroline Marshall
    Caroline Marshall Hace un a帽o +1

    You look as glowing this evening as Mickey. thank you for your very informed, well-spoken and discerned perspective. You bring your personal experience to all your videos. You have lived through a lot and learned and are an example of strength through adversity. You help me so much.

  • Christelle Taylor-Rance
    Christelle Taylor-Rance Hace un a帽o +1

    Thank you again for your clarification on the Prince A vs VG issue. You have furnished me/us with knowledge of which I was hitherto unaware.
    I have in the past been pretty well ignorant about PA's nature & personality & also what his responsibilities were as a member of the RF.
    I have sympathy for QE in regards to this on top of the Sussex debacle. She is so brave still stepping out to meet people & perform her duties with a smile on her face.

  • Ann Gills
    Ann Gills Hace un a帽o +1

    Thank you so much for your current video Lady C. You have given information which I have long suspected about the American corruption of justice. I sincerely hope PA does not attend this civil hearing as I'm sure he will be entrapped one way or another and will end up being imprisoned there.

  • Maggie Swithenbank
    Maggie Swithenbank Hace un a帽o +4

    I look at photos in my albums from 20 years ago and find it hard to recall the people I鈥檓 with or the circumstances鈥ow can anyone detail anything with 100% confidence in the facts after 20 years? The whole case seems to be depending on one photo and her word (a proven liar)! I also believe PA is innocent until proven guilty but seems the media has already determined this prince of the realm has committed a crime and should pay! Thank you for a balanced viewpoint, Lady C. Your videos always provide much food for thought (ie. Kaplan and Chevron)!

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace un a帽o

      @Maggie S. Didn鈥檛 Andrew lie about being in Pizza Express ? Didn鈥檛 the doctors laugh when he said he couldn鈥檛 sweat at the time ! They said it was unheard of. That was the hilarious lie of a 6 year old. What Andrew proved beyond doubt was his flippant disdain for the truth. And his contempt for whole proceedings. However, this isn鈥檛 about his character. It鈥檚 really about what he actually did. Or didn鈥檛 do. That is all the Law is interested in.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace un a帽o

      鈥︹︹ and answer came there none鈥. 鈥

  • sandra smith
    sandra smith Hace un a帽o +15

    Excellent point raised regarding the misuse of extradition cases. In a civil case it鈥檚 obvious it鈥檚 about money. Virginia Giuffre is all about money. She is not someone who is just a victim she clearly had enough opportunities to escape the clutches of Epstein. She liked the money and lifestyle. Other victims were treat much worse than she was and are more deserving of sympathy. I too met my husband at 17, engaged at 18 and married at 19. Still happily married 47 years on. I too have an almost 19 year old grandaughter and cannot imagine her married. Yet back. When I got married it was quite acceptable. Indeed the age you could marry in Scotland back then was even younger if memory serves. Giuffre was not a child as she鈥檚 described as. She had well and truly been around the block. These days attitudes are quite different and for anyone to be judged on how things were many years ago is actually unfair and it鈥檚 happening about so many topics. Many changes are welcome, I suffered sexual harassment from a manager at work in the 1970s when I was a teenager and it was a case of 鈥淚t happens, nothing you can do鈥 obviously different these days. My mother only recently revealed a problem she鈥檇 had in the 1950s. If it鈥檚 not dealt with back then, it cannot be brought forward decades and the clearly different attitudes and beliefs be replicated to provide a fair trial. From both sides.

  • Carla Watson
    Carla Watson Hace un a帽o +165

    It is totally obvious this is a shake down. The media is totally mired in helping do this shake down.

  • Michele Graham
    Michele Graham Hace un a帽o

    I USED to think Amnesty was a great organisation. For several years when I was bed bound & unable to do much, what started as something to keep my brain ticking over quickly became an obsession. It was writing to world leaders & others about the atrocities of the day. This was about 30 years ago. As the years went on my letter writing lessened as I was able to pick up certain areas of my life but I remained a supporter until they did a few things that really made me angry . Now I avoid them like the plague.

  • julie heudebourck
    julie heudebourck Hace un a帽o +8

    Thank you for all of your insights, truly eye opening as I was concerned about Andrew having his titles removed as I thought it sent out the wrong message. I believe the Queen will support him from the background so long as he takes her council. She is a wise woman and he would be well advised to listen to her. It鈥檚 a shameful and sad situation for her to have to deal with at her time of life but she is a mother and she will help to defend should it take her last breath.

  • Dorothy Dadmun
    Dorothy Dadmun Hace un a帽o +2

    Dear Lady C, you hit the nail on the head at every point! My prayer is that the American people will wake up and fight for our freedom. Otherwise what we have feared will come to pass!

  • Miss Marple's Apprentice
    Miss Marple's Apprentice Hace un a帽o

    Thank you Lady C, you have elequently voiced how I feel about everything you've touched upon in this vid. 馃尀

  • Robin Kennedy
    Robin Kennedy Hace un a帽o +208

    Lady C, those of us who have had the benefit of your wit and insights are deeply grateful for you. When I think of what I thought I knew the day Diana died, and the things now I understand were going on.....oh, my! You are a true lady and I am just one who appreciates who you are, what you have been through, and the courage with which you carry on in difficult moments. Sending you a virtual curtsey, as you deserve it, ma'am!

  • Delta Queen
    Delta Queen Hace un a帽o

    Thank you for shedding a new light on this story. I have noticed that Ms. Roberts does not seem to be in the least bit upset in any of the photos taken of her. Also, she freely walked away when she so desired. (She knew she was getting too old for their game) She went from the trailer park to a jet set life and seemed to enjoy it. She is worth millions from all the people she has sued and threatened to sue. I get very bad vibes from her. Do I think that there were true victims of Epstein? Yes, definitely. I just don't think she was one of them.

  • Magaroo
    Magaroo Hace un a帽o +2

    What an eye-opener this video has been. Thank you so much!

  • Alex Witkowski
    Alex Witkowski Hace un a帽o +1

    Thank you, Lady C, your interesting and informative videos never disappoint. I completely agree. The world needs to know how dangerous the present situation is and who the true enemies and innocents are. Happy New Year to you and yours. God Bless the USA and UK.

  • Susan Emery
    Susan Emery Hace un a帽o +7

    This is so chilling Lady C. I hope Andrews legal representation goes hard to represent him. However I feel that the decision to do the interview was disastrous and wonder whether he obtained legal advice about this.
    Btw I have been around foe a long time and can only remember Andrew being associated with 2 women. Fergie and koo stark. They were both a long time ago.

  • Daisy Sunshine
    Daisy Sunshine Hace un a帽o +1

    Dear lady C. Thank you for your time sharing your wit & wisdom with us. Your points, for what they鈥檙e worth are very enlightening. Honestly i think it would have been a wonderful breath of fresh air to start the new year with positive news from Montecito, but alas, it鈥檚 not to be so. Hairynoballs is already whining, playing victim to being hounded by the paparazzis & throwing his non existent power around. What are your insights on this weeks stories that Hairynoballs & Mega-bane wants to buy a house back here in the U.K. & that hairy is willing to sue the Hone Office if they don鈥檛 provide him with security. Surely his private security company should be able to liaise with the palace security to assess, together, credible and legitimate security threat intel pertaining directly to his family. They don鈥檛 need to be told highly classified state secrets!!
    Is this what you were hinting toward in one of your previous videos?
    Light & love 馃暞鈾ワ笍

  • Jeffrey Skinner
    Jeffrey Skinner Hace un a帽o +195

    First off
    can I say thank you to all the beautiful people here, who sent such kind words when I fell I'll with brain aneurysms in 2021.Then when my beloved dad passed during the pandemic. All of you were so kind and supportive. In closing the Beautiful Lady C who knows what is real and truthful and how honesty is the best ground to stay firmly planted in . A heart felt thank you for you programs that got me through and gave me hope to survive . I had to stick around as I am your number 1fan . All the best for all reading this and to our beautiful hostess Beautiful Lady Collin Campbell . 馃挋XXXX

    • BJ Brown
      BJ Brown Hace un a帽o +26

      I had not seen your previous comment but I wish you the very best. My ex husband had a brain aneurysm and it is truly frightening. I hope that you are on the recovery path. My father died just two months ago so I understand where you are. I miss him every day and talk with him as if he is still here with me. My parents live next door so now it鈥檚 mom and I. Best wishes to you and always remember the joy that you shared.

    • Jeffrey Skinner
      Jeffrey Skinner Hace un a帽o +15

      @BJ Brown ,my deepest sympathy .馃檹

    • BJ Brown
      BJ Brown Hace un a帽o +17

      @Jeffrey Skinner thank you Jeffrey. May you have a bright and blessed new year and the best of health. Take care 馃嚭馃嚫

    • StarrFaithfull
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      Jeffrey Skinner, bless you. Love that you're here and writing. Prayers and 鉂

    • StarrFaithfull
      StarrFaithfull Hace un a帽o +11

      @BJ Brown So sad for you. Take care of your mother and yourself. 馃珎

  • Kathy Clark
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    Dearest Lady C what an amazing video, I was captivated from beginning to end 馃グ I too think you should be P Andrews legal advisor/solicitor your knowledge and insight is exemplary and I wonder too who would stand up to you, you鈥檙e an awesome force to be reckoned with. I hope p Andrew watches this video and takes notes. This is the best video ever鈥. Thank you for taking the time to record and upload it鈥 oh!! And Micky looked divine 馃グ much love 馃挄 to you both 鉂わ笍

  • Hussaina Noordeen
    Hussaina Noordeen Hace un a帽o +1

    "We should be standing up for another. One Brit for another." Golden words. It should be etched on every citizens mind N heart. Wonderful Lady C!

  • zita nawn
    zita nawn Hace un a帽o

    I am a British and RF loyalist after growing up in a Commonwealth country. I have been following your videos during the past 6 months. I have a lump in my throat with EVERY truly scary/dangerous issue raised by you Lady C. I am totally gob-smacked with this episode: your detailed facts supported by your legal knowledge and factual objectivity. Two comments below bring tears to my eyes on this Andrew DANGEROUS scenario/game plan. I, too, like VALERIE WHITE wish that this particular episode could be viewed by every British citizen and agree with Maryanne Melenke that we all need to remember everything good with Andrew: his admirable qualities as a devoted son, father, hard working Senior Royal his whole life long and loyal to the Crown. God bless you Lady C. Sincere respect sent your way.

  • Pamela Varilone
    Pamela Varilone Hace un a帽o +1

    Dear Lady C, greetings from America thank you thank you for your continuing coverage of all things Royal, and always delivered with such grace and aplomb! Two questions, first, is it true that Megatron knew Eugenie before going on that "blind date" with Harry, and second, what do you think is at play in Harry's move to back-pedal on his orders from the Queen regarding security, paid or otherwise? Thank you as always, I so look forward to your "delightful and insightful" videos!

  • D. H.A.
    D. H.A. Hace un a帽o +204

    My sympathies for HMTQ. Andrew is definitely not blameless and this whole issue was poorly handled by the RF, but Virginia doesn't have clean hands. As you so aptly presented, she wasn't underage, she actively recruited young women who were underage, etc, etc. As for the wife of the American diplomatic killing the young man, I was outraged and embarrassed for the handling of that case.

    • thailandsnippets
      thailandsnippets Hace un a帽o +7

      @Michelle S Where is your evidence?? Your insinuation wouldnt stand up in any Court as any person is assumed innocent until proven guilty. Seems you are not an objective person.

    • Christine Studley
      Christine Studley Hace un a帽o +1

      I agree, that was tragic

    • CJE
      CJE Hace un a帽o

      There is no age limit for trafficked women.

    • CJE
      CJE Hace un a帽o +3

      @thailandsnippets 馃檮 This is in civil court not criminal court. There is no guilty or not guilty in a civil court.

  • Jan Wattles
    Jan Wattles Hace un a帽o +2

    Thank you for the informative lessons you share. I so appreciate you. Yes, we Americans are aware and wanting to see good change.

  • Louise Maurice
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    Thank you very much for this video. In your position you have an insight into situations and relationships between people I have no direct experience of but care about. What you say has the 'ring of truth' and makes sense. I have written to my MP strongly advising we do not 'throw Prince Andrew under a bus' to "save face" but insist due process of the law be followed and make sure that justice not only IS done but IS SEEN TO BE DONE! I hope very much that many UK citizens will write to their MP and encourage the UK Government and the Royal Family to pursue the TRUTH and JUSTICE of this case rigorously!

  • John Farley
    John Farley Hace un a帽o +3

    Thank you for your wise words Lady C. Certainly one needs good attorneys and legal advice and on this level most certainly do not need corrupt judges and yes they do exist. To my view much mischief and smokescreens from the Democrats and for good reason. All in all carefully considered and balanced as always in your words Lady C. Certainly very high positioned people shall we say allegedly involved and as head or former heads of state have a long reach and invisible reach carry that real and not imagined threat. God Bless you Lady C.

  • Maria L
    Maria L Hace un a帽o

    Thank you so much, Lady C. I am in awe of your insight on things. Happy New Year to you and family. 馃

  • Christine Studley
    Christine Studley Hace un a帽o

    You look elegantly stunning as usual Lady C. Defiantly a cover up and regardless of Virginias claims she still lured young girls under her own volition and groomed them for that pig, and these now young women have to deal with the fallout. Much love and strength to them and I hope they are getting the help they need. To me these are the forgotten victims, not that smug grifter. I want to hear from Virginias husband, he鈥檚 keeping his mouth shut and his hand out $$$ it seems.

  • Ann Bernadette Mayer
    Ann Bernadette Mayer Hace un a帽o +359

    Good morning Lady C and Mickey: I feel terribly sad for HMTQ being put in the terrible position of removing Andrew鈥檚 military associations, HRH, etc. I understand the necessity, but it is unfortunate as it reinforces a presumption of guilt rather than a presumption of innocence which every person has a right to. Andrew may be a Cad with deplorable judgement, but that does not make him a sexual abuser. As for Ms. Giufrre (spelling?) whom by all accounts was a 鈥渧ery experienced鈥 17 year old and definitely knew the difference between right and wrong, and entered into the relationship with the Epstein enterprise of her own free will. Further there are doubts that she may not have been under the age of consent at the time of the 鈥渋ncidents,鈥 and is she was there is no proof that Andrew would have known. Surely she was ID鈥檇 prior to entering the nightclub. In point of fact Ms. Giuffre (per court testimony), did in fact sex trafficked girls for the Epstein enterprise. IMHO this is not only 鈥渓egalized鈥 blackmail, but also an attempt to damage the RF!

    • Jann D.
      Jann D. Hace un a帽o +20

    • Clara
      Clara Hace un a帽o +45

      I couldn't agree more 馃憦

    • Martina Mc Cosker
      Martina Mc Cosker Hace un a帽o +27


    • Pina Bruno-Grieve
      Pina Bruno-Grieve Hace un a帽o +37

      Completely agree - what a shambles!

  • kirsten madsen
    kirsten madsen Hace un a帽o +10

    I actually thought, they made him a private citizen, to make it very clear to the other side, that Andrew was not the gateway to the family fortune.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace un a帽o

      @kay why The Queen (the Crown) still owns all the Royal residences. She lends them - or lets them , to the members of her family. ( Prince Charles actually owns Highgrove House in the country, because he bought it privately as a young man .) HM gave Andrew the money to build a mansion near London when he got married. When he was divorced she brought him back to Windsor to live close to the Castle in Royal Lodge - which she owns - with his ex-wife and children. Nobody knows why. His life is a bit of a mystery. Nobody knows how much he is worth. He has lost money on his properties but, it is likely that he has a vast fortune.

  • Yammie Msa
    Yammie Msa Hace un a帽o +10

    Lady C, thanks for another interesting episode. That judge seem very dodgy. Can I ask whether it is possible for this case to be handed to another judge? If yes, under what scenarios will this be possible? Thanks!

  • Deva
    Deva Hace un a帽o +6

    I fully agree with your evaluation of the corrupt American Judical system. PA can expect no justice. It is clear he is being set up for a fall. What happened to innocent until proved guilty? I agree that he must under no circumstances go to the USA to litigate where he and the RF by association will be humiliated and discredited.

  • Linda Hanson
    Linda Hanson Hace un a帽o

    Dear Lady C and adorable Mickey! Thank you for your fascinating in-depth analysis of the Royal Family鈥檚 troubles. The press made it known that Andrew鈥檚 immediate family went to their chalet to ski while Andrew was stripped of his titles. Unbelievable! His PR people should be replaced for thinking this was a good idea. One would think his family would want to be with him during the most difficult time of his life. Perhaps Andrew should emulate former US President Jimmy Carter & begin to help those less fortunate. I don鈥檛 mean ribbon cuttings: rather he should be getting his hands dirty and really interact with the public, doing good for the have-nots. The optics on the ski trips by Sarah, the daughters, & the babies didn鈥檛 paint them in a good light. If he worked at some food kitchens, habitat for humanity, distributed hot meals, and helped Depher CIC UK, replacing/repairing boilers for full weekdays, his reputation would be greatly enhanced and it would inspire others to help. It would be great his daughters and his ex did this as well.

  • Bernard Cassidy
    Bernard Cassidy Hace un a帽o +1

    Agree 100 percent, the accusers seem to be believed just because they say it and we all know that just because someone says something it isn't necessarily true, its all about money, politics, media bias and legal money making

  • Ruth Lundy
    Ruth Lundy Hace un a帽o +253

    Right with you Lady C and the backlash from these " journalists " and media lowlifes is NOTHING more than they KNOW you are truthful and pull no.punches and they cannot stand that . They show thier true colors everytime ! Keep.up being YOU !! Much love to you and Mickey !

    • Denise M. Joerg
      Denise M. Joerg Hace un a帽o +13

      @Enid Malone point well made!

    • Ruth Lundy
      Ruth Lundy Hace un a帽o +4

      Edin Malone - As my father used to say " You betch yer bottom bippy baby "!!

  • Paddlefoot
    Paddlefoot Hace un a帽o +5

    In Andrew's future...I would retain an American team of experienced high profile defense lawyers and let them do all the talking. Keep mouth zipped and only speak when necessary. Let them navigate through the slime starting with Kaplan

  • Catswisker
    Catswisker Hace un a帽o +1

    I Love these videos so much. Lady C brings back a long lost sensibility to my life! 馃拑馃拫馃拫馃拫

  • Mark Fru
    Mark Fru Hace un a帽o +30

    These are my thoughts on Prince Andrew's situation, 1 the judge was appointed by clinton when he was the President, 2 the lawyer representing VG is the same lawyer that also represents the Clintons, 3 the judge has already publicly stated and ruled that VG is a victim, i am unclear exactly who she is a victim of however, since the judge made the ruling while presiding over this case, i can only surmise the judge is refering to Prince Andrew, and note that NO evidence has been presented to the court yet, personally i believe the judge has already made up his mind, i also believe this trial is nothing more than a formality. I believe Prince Andrew will be found guilty no matter what he does. Whether Prince Andrew is inocent will have no bearing what so ever on the outcome

    • Cheryl siefken
      Cheryl siefken Hace un a帽o +2

      He me too and woke stuff here in the USA has made any from of justice fr anyone next t impossible. Until we have reforms that change how the pressures from social justice "warriors" are blocked from any influence, nothing will imrove.

  • Katherine Brockman
    Katherine Brockman Hace un a帽o +2

    Greetings from Canada :)
    Lady C, while I know that you have brought this to attention previously, but I believe that someone of your stature should do so again at this pivotal moment ... Dear Haz, if your real concern about not being provided security is because you are truly most concerned about the safety of your family ... GIVE UP YOUR TITLES ( while I cant speak for all Canadian's I know I'm not only one that would not be saddened in the least, and many relieved at this point not to have to listen to you any longer) .... Great news!!! You will no longer be 6th in line, and not a security risk. Yes poor boy, you were born into it, but given that you are such a committed and obviously "Superior" father to your own...... let it the right thing my boy.

    • Katherine Brockman
      Katherine Brockman Hace un a帽o

      P,S. Harry, you were also blessed with a Father who undoubtedly possesses a kind and gentle soul. Take advantage of that fact, ask your Father for forgiveness. We should all be so blessed.

  • Holly Rozek
    Holly Rozek Hace un a帽o +1

    Hello Lady C and Mickey, 2 questions-Does Prince Andrew have diplomatic immunity and do you think, if Harry follows through with suing HM government, this will cause parliament to find take steps to remove their titles? Thank you for all you do and always bringing a honest point of view to issues.

  • Emma Stewardson
    Emma Stewardson Hace un a帽o +295

    Whatever Andrew has done, it doesn't diminish my love and support for the Royal Family. The MSM can be over-judgemental and mischievous and so can we Jo Public and often based on very limited facts.
    Do we need to desert such a special institution just when it needs us most?

    • marmaladesunrise
      marmaladesunrise Hace un a帽o +30

      Every family has its ups & downs.

    • Limoncello
      Limoncello Hace un a帽o +11

      The issue of paedophilia is sooo inflammatory, it drives people crazy and creates a mob mentality!

    • Limoncello
      Limoncello Hace un a帽o +11

      Yes, thank you for the definition ... but this is what they're accusing Andrew of. They are calling this young lady a child and that, in itself, is very provocative.

  • Victoria Churchyard
    Victoria Churchyard Hace un a帽o +2

    Yes, I also love LONG video's! Lady C I could easily listen too you for 2 hours. I get a coffee and sit and listen, or listen and clean! My children even say, " is Lady C still talking"! Ha Ha. I wait in anticipation for the days to pass. 馃挋馃嚘馃嚭

  • Tim n Jo Jarrett
    Tim n Jo Jarrett Hace un a帽o

    Lady C thank you for this update. We totally agree with you and look forward to more of your videos. Thank you for being a voice of reason and truth and sharing with us. God bless you and keep you safe and well. Mickey looks so beautiful and so do you!

  • Sccoccimario
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    I love your videos Lady C , always an enjoyable watch

  • Spiritguided
    Spiritguided Hace un a帽o

    This is the sign of the times (unfortunately) its been written. All that鈥檚 happening now must come to pass. I feel so sorry for HRM THE QUEEN. She鈥檚 been a fantastic woman and I feel this will make her ill. It鈥檚 such a lot to bear. God bless her.

  • Marie
    Marie Hace un a帽o

    A stellar video Lady C. Extremely informative and insightful. Thank you

  • Jackie March
    Jackie March Hace un a帽o +367

    There are surely dark forces at work and as a Brit I sincerely worry for my country and for our RF. Thank you Lady C for exposing this corruption.

    • Gersey Gal
      Gersey Gal Hace un a帽o +6

      @MB D Well said...

    • MB D
      MB D Hace un a帽o +2

      @Gersey Gal Thank you, Gersey Gal.

  • KS
    KS Hace un a帽o

    I love your videos beautiful lady C! You are a world of wisdom and knowledge! Honestly, I could listen to you for hours, so IMO, your videos could never be long enough! God Bless. 馃グ

  • Jeffrey Skinner
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    Rewatching this video as it was jam packed with extremely serious content . 馃挋馃檹馃挋

  • zamyrabyrd
    zamyrabyrd Hace un a帽o +20

    Lady C, your depiction of Prince Andrew and his behavior is about the only one that makes sense, in particular, his ineptness in presenting himself in this particular area of human relations. The nickname, "Randy Andy" is surely a good cover up, though, something he may not have have minded and even cultivated such an image to confuse the enemy. I actually feel sorry for the old sod, having had to pretend on the world's stage all these years. He obviously couldn't be himself. This is sad.
    As for "Virgin"ia, hopefully it will be the hussy hoisted on her own petard. She really wants all the sleaze to finally come out? If Andrew makes a private settlement, we won't hear about it, but he is really the injured party in this case.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace un a帽o +1

      Inept ! Ah,yes - that is beautiful. One to add to our choice collection of negotiated excuses offered by the privileged, or on their behalf, when trouble looms. There鈥檚, let鈥檚 see -careless, a little stupid (the most common), naive, lacking in rigour, and 鈥榝alling below the standards required 鈥 Once famously used by a swindling Member of Parliament , this last one is my particular favourite since 鈥榝alling鈥 implies a surrender to gravity. As though the theft of 拢20,000 of public money could be described as a kind of natural disaster, akin to falling off a ladder due to lack of concentration. Had he made a more concentrated effort he might have been able to take 拢30,000. In which case, having been nabbed , he would have had to accuse himself of being 鈥榮omewhat naive鈥.

  • myferilli
    myferilli Hace un a帽o

    Thank you Lady C, for the enlightening video. You鈥檙e the eye of the storm with your measured opinions and great insight.

  • Maryanne Melenka
    Maryanne Melenka Hace un a帽o +53

    Please have compassion and forgiveness in your heart for a terrible mistake he may have made many years ago. He still has not had a trial yet. He sinned, he is human a man and a royal. But I do believe he was scapegoated too. He is in great pain losing his titles, etc, he has been vilified condemm Ed through media. Without a fair trial yeti tithe cruelty I have seen is unbelievable . If he did this he has to pay, but he still doesn鈥檛 deserve this before a trial. Can you imagine how it feels the whole world condemning you, the media. I understand the Queen had to remove titles, and I鈥檓 sure Andrew knows and accept s this. But it is still painful. But as well this should have been settled years ago. That woman is not completely innocent, she procurrred girls too, she was paid well, she was not forced. Maybe in beginning. She had been abused in her own family long before Epstein, this neglect led to her and other abused girls to Epstein, they were in a luxurious atmosphere, were treated well, life here was better then at home. So parents at fault, not all of course. There鈥檚 a lot more in this story. Epstein was a business associate, I don鈥檛 believe anything more, but I believe he was set up, used. Virginia knew about video camera鈥檚 C, setups of clients, etc, she knew whole game. These clients were just fools who unknowingly went with underage girls, they were beautiful and looked old enough. Business party with lots of people, a pedophile is not going to hunt for a baby there. I think other clients paid Virginia off too, we don鈥檛 hear about. Anyway all I鈥檓 saying is please have room for compassion, this man has been harassed, abused, taunted long enough, he hasn鈥檛 had day in court. I don鈥檛 think will win suit though, but I鈥檓 glad he is going ahead with the fight, if only if not to make easy for Virginia. He has that right. He is a private citizen now, any shocker s coming out can鈥檛 hurt him any more. Royal family will remain strong. The crown did what had to be done. But Andrew is still a good human being, with a stain in his past, a good son, loyal to crown and his mother the Queen, I鈥檓 sure that was difficult for her. But she had a duty to the crown. Andrew has a family I鈥檓 sure loves him very much, Fergie is a godsend. I sick of people gloating, this is not funny, it is a tragedy. Leave him in peace at least til trial. I feel for this man, I forgive, guilty or innocent. America courts are biased Virginia will win. But thi s poor man was bullied and abused, while Meaghan and Harry live the high life. I don鈥檛 wish them ill but contrast so sad.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace un a帽o +1

      @Maryanne M. I believe in the Monarchy. I am British, and I believe in fair play. You have been allowed a good deal of space in your defence of Andrew - which is fine.( And this is , after all, private property.) Sympathy has its place , but there are other versions to be heard, and we are not living in a dictatorship. Yet Guiffre鈥檚 character is under continual attack. And there is no evidence to support your astounding claims about Andrew鈥檚 saintliness. ( When Sarah was first thrown out, she was in shock, and spoke about the main reason why he failed as a husband. She never did it again, though it was nothing scandalous.) I am bound to say that, aside from serving in the Falklands, Andrew has never had a good reputation in Britain. If anybody has detailed information to the contrary they should speak now. But I shall wait and see what happens . Look, we are all searching for the truth, and if we are not - then what the heck are doing here, addressing serious matters such as this. Let鈥檚 have some hard facts - and I would banish 鈥榯easing鈥 questions. For my part, I have noticed that, unlike all other serving Royals, who travel around the U.K. all the time, Andrew does not perform civic duties. ( The Family are over-stretched, especially Princess Anne). He skis, and moves from one luxurious Royal court to another, in parts of the world where they know how to entertain princes. Don鈥檛 get me wrong. This seems like a good practical solution to me, knowing his perplexing character, and I support it. But my challenge remains : use fair arguments. Or have I been switched off ?

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace un a帽o +2

      @Belinda May Have you ever seen the evidence that makes people believe that she鈥檚 not credible? And I鈥檝e seen a lot of people trash Prince Andrew鈥檚 character.

  • Ryvir Kelley
    Ryvir Kelley Hace un a帽o +256

    Unfortunately all this is a sign of the times. Gross misjustice, children telling parents and adults what to do, lovers of self, love of many grows cold etc, etc...

    • Magg'sBudd
      Magg'sBudd Hace un a帽o +20

      I'm waiting for someone VG trafficked to sue her.

    • M49
      M49 Hace un a帽o +14

      @Magg'sBudd I agree Maggie it is wrong bc innocent she is not.

  • frenchie1945
    frenchie1945 Hace un a帽o +3

    Hello Lady Campbell. Just want you to know that I really enjoy your posts and never miss one. Thank you for your work.
    I have a question for you regarding Virginia Giuffre. Why isn鈥檛 Virginia being charged with the same crime that Ghislaine Maxwell is ? I read that after 3 or 4 鈥渄ates鈥 that Virginia told Ghislaine and Epstein that she didn鈥檛 want to do it anymore, so they made a 鈥渄eal鈥 with Virginia that if she would get young girls for them she would still be paid for her services. My understanding was she did do that for quite a while. If that is true then she is guilty of the same crimes as Ghislaine. Do you think that story was true?

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace un a帽o

      @frenchie. I think you should take your suspicions to the police. This information has obviously never reached them.

  • Priscilla Zietsman
    Priscilla Zietsman Hace un a帽o

    I don't mind the video being long, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And do appreciate the fact that there were less adverts than normally. I know it is an income stream but too many ads break the flow and I have often stopped watching a video because of that. This one I watched all the way.

  • Nellie Rogers
    Nellie Rogers Hace un a帽o

    What a pit fall to be in, all these year's down the line,
    I personally feel it's time to put her in the hot seat, writing books on the same subject as what is happening in the court case. She should be a countable for this.

  • Greasy Limpet
    Greasy Limpet Hace un a帽o

    I have just found your wonderful talks, and I'm so pleased to hear someone tell the truth. I really think some people are trying to force Prince Andrew into a position where he is bereft of either a good reputation or a means to provide for himself, whether or not he deserves to be in it.
    The Queen has distanced herself and the Monarchy from any 'dirty laundry' to ensure there is no perceived connection to anything untoward.
    As a sixth generation Australian, I am proud to have her as our Head of State; she is an example to us all.

  • Theresa Bellflower
    Theresa Bellflower Hace un a帽o +1

    Lady C, I enjoy your youtube videos. I learn so much from you and I like your uncensored narratives. One of the problems that we have is that we, Americans, are able to vote at 18 years old, but I hear sooooo many people saying that "they are exercising their rights to vote by not voting and by not voting they are showing the politicians how unhappy they are with the choices they are given" and then they complain about what the government is or isn't doing. I exercise my right to vote, by voting, writing my congressmen/women, and letting my voice be heard. More so now that I'm retired from the military. I hear many people say that we need to do something about the American politicians, but it's only lip service. They don't go out to vote, they allow them to increase their pay (which was supposed to be non-paying servitude job), and allow them to make laws to allow illegals to vote.
    In my humble opinion about Prince Andrews, if he did what he did not on the USA soils (where the age of content is 18), then he shouldn't be held accountable by American law. IF he did, then yes he should. However, in America, there is "a time served" on sentencing.

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace un a帽o

      This case does not depend on the 鈥榓ge of consent鈥 issue. It is not a criminal case. It is about having sex with a woman who was trafficked. Trafficked women are marked for life by being caught by predators and used for profit by the people who 鈥榦wn鈥 them. If this wasn鈥檛 a serious issue recognised by law-makers, there wouldn鈥檛 be a case. People don鈥檛 make laws for nothing.

  • Mary Faulkner
    Mary Faulkner Hace un a帽o +97

    It鈥檚 unbelievable what the clintons are capable of doing, I hope Andrew will endure and continue to behave himself

    • Roxy 405
      Roxy 405 Hace un a帽o +4

      You mean start to behave himself? 馃

    • Lest We Forget
      Lest We Forget Hace un a帽o +6

      @Olympia Hendrix I read a comment on Sky News Australia on the possibility that she may run in 2024, that was so apt - How can she keep a country happy when she couldn't keep one man happy.

  • Mary West
    Mary West Hace un a帽o +1

    Lady C, if you file for bankruptcy in America, there are 2 areas where you STILL have to pay ...income taxes and any civil lawsuit outcomes...filing bankruptcy won't get you a 'get out of jail card", at least in my state anyway.

  • Pauline Moriarty
    Pauline Moriarty Hace un a帽o +1

    It鈥檚 interesting that Virginia only seems interested in going after Prince Andrew, if the stories are true she put it about for quite a few high and mighty gentlemen, or is it that PA is the only one that is news worthy Love your videos. Thanks from Sydney Australia 馃嚘馃嚭

  • Boozle
    Boozle Hace un a帽o +5

    Lady C, this is one of your very best, thank you! The insights and knowledge you share, and how you beautifully articulate them is a joy. Thank you for your generosity and balance - I just want to make that point for what it is worth 馃き馃グ.
    My question to you is this, while the outcome of this debacle is yet to be determined, assuming Andrew can stay away from entrapment in the US system, can Andrew recover from this back foot position and come back into the fold, or will he forever be on the outside?

  • Jacqueline C
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    Great enlightening video. Thank you Lady C. 鉂

  • This N That Kat
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    I want to believe you and 99% of the time I do! 馃グ
    Have I missed something!
    what about the photo with VG?
    Did the pizza shop owner verify his attendance that day and did his daughter confirm it? Did any of the guests at her birthday party confirm the date?

  • Jean Ward
    Jean Ward Hace un a帽o +342

    Don鈥檛 worry about those accusers Lady C . We adore you, and thank God we have someone to give us the truth . You have millions of supporters and maybe a few uneducated nay sayers so please continue just as you are, we are depending on you . Much love鉂わ笍馃嚚馃嚘馃尮

    • Maria Wertheimer
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      Well said.

    • Cassie Montgomery
      Cassie Montgomery Hace un a帽o +11

      I couldn't have said it better! Lady Colin Campbell has many supporters all over the planet and not just because of her ESclips show too. I started reading her books when I was a teenager in the late 90's. I came across her Diana book in 98 or 99 at a bookstore. I had a little money on me and I wanted to find something interesting to spend it on. At the time the world was still reeling from the late Princess of Wales' death. Most publications about Diana at the time seemed to be attempts to "cash in " and did not examine the Princess of Wales ' life properly. Lady C's book was different, it gave a very balanced version of her life. No one is all good without having made any mistakes. I was a fan of Lady C from then on. Years later I read the Queen Mother book too and the one about Her Majesty and Prince Philip's marriage. Since a lot is going on about the Yorks, I'd like her to write a book about them too.

    • Ana Alvez
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      Absolutely so! Lady C is the Best! 鉂わ笍馃嚚馃嚘

    • Gorilladogmother Turtlebum
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      Yes we do馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅

    • Shanny
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      馃Woo Hoo ,Jean Ward! Good on you! Well said ! Hooray for the eloquent,sometimes brutally honest Lady C. !!! We love a lady that doesn鈥檛 ever stick a knife in the back ! I admire someone who comes right towards me when they鈥檙e coming for me ,aye !. I sincerely hope she reads your comment ! God Save the Queen

  • Margaret Manzo
    Margaret Manzo Hace un a帽o

    Greetings from Cleveland Ohio!!! Oh! How I love listening to an intelligent woman!! And I love listening to Micky snore!! I have a question: could the rumor of Harry and 鈥渟he who will not be named鈥 moving out of California be tied to everything you just said about extradition and it being tied to Andrew鈥檚 upcoming legal battle??? Could the Firm be making them coming back to the UK for the Firm鈥檚 protection? This would protect and prevent them from testifying in the US??? This just popped in my head and I鈥檓 an intelligent woman also鈥..

  • Daranee Tearney
    Daranee Tearney Hace un a帽o

    Hello Lady C and Mickey. A lots of love and kisses.
    I am absolutely Gobsmacked for what I have listened to you.
    You are so knowledgeable and thank you so much to opening my eyes of the Law of America. Unbelievable that they are abusive to the law.
    I never get enough of your knowledge. Thank you so so much. Xx馃挅鉂わ笍馃挅馃挐馃挄鉂わ笍馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤

  • robsondog01
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    Go girl! You certainly straightened this out.

  • Elizabeth B.
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    I find it really curious that Virginia鈥檚 lawyer wants to call Meghan Markle as a witness, ostensibly because she got to know Andrew in the brief time she spent in England as a member of the royal family. It looks to me as a Damocles 鈥 sword held over the head of the Queen, who undoubtedly is anxious to avoid lurid revelations the witness might be 鈥渇orced鈥 to make in Court, based on Markle (and this is only my speculation) possibly having met Andrew at a much earlier date, when he was gallivanting around the world with his good friend Epstein and his entourage of hangers-on, masseuses and yacht girls. Putting her on the witness stand could allow Pandora鈥檚 box to be opened, with family secrets being inadvertently let out. To avoid such a scandal, I imagine that a settlement of millions could be paid out, and distributed between Virginia, her lawyers and any relevant participants. This may be just a fiction of my imagination, but a tempting theory.

  • Jacqueline C
    Jacqueline C Hace un a帽o +7

    I hope all the girls who Virginia Roberts recruited come forward.

  • Theresa Swan
    Theresa Swan Hace un a帽o +92

    Lady C, that was an amazing video of a factual and intelligent summary of Prince Andrew鈥檚 forthcoming court case. Lots of people have jumped to some outrageous conclusions regarding him. This is the type of case that needs focused critical thinking.

    • aisha s
      aisha s Hace un a帽o +8

      Unfortunately prince andrew mistake in my opinion was the bbc interview and his lack of sympathy for the alleged victims of epstein. If the purpose of the interview was to gain the public support and prove innocence then andrew sucked at it. While people are innocent until proven guilty, andrew should never have done that interview because he failed to take seriously the sa accusations against him.

    • Ashley
      Ashley Hace un a帽o

      @kay why You mean Virginia

    • Belinda May
      Belinda May Hace un a帽o

      @aisha s We re all judged by the company we keep.

  • Lime Turquoise
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    I do hope Prince Andrew or his advisors listen to this & take your advice about declaring bankruptcy. Do you know whether Ghislain Maxwell was guilty as charged? Please cover this in a future episode

  • N Nekrasova
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    The Daily Mail reports Ghislaine agreed to drop her objection to unsealing a charge Roberts brought against her. Therefore, 8 men are very nervous. Any guesses as to who they are and how does this effect Prince Andrew鈥檚 case? Thank you for your videos.

  • Adrienne Lieberman
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    It will be interesting to see how this all comes out.

  • Carolyn Hymer
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    There was a cartoon in the paper that showed Frank and Ernest saying they did not need to be led into temptation because they already knew all the shortcuts! That sounds like Virginia Drufra?sp. Micky looks very sleek and beautiful. Her necklace is lovely. Keep calm and carry on Lady C. You are a true patriot and more than knowledgeable in every issue that you discuss.