Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar - The Hillbillies

  • Publicado el 29 may 2023
  • "The Hillbillies" Produced by EVILGIANE
    Directed by Neal Farmer / pgLang
  • MúsicaMúsica

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  • hotdamndan
    hotdamndan Hace 21 un hora +1213

    You know you're on top of your game when you dont need no PR, gimmicks or any hype to drop your work, and you can still take the world's attention once you do.

    • Mando Carlrisian
      Mando Carlrisian Hace 13 horas +1

      Exactly! They so good with it

    • Pen Stallone
      Pen Stallone Hace 12 horas +7

      Supreme Court Justices in the US should have terms of 16 years

    • Menvajea
      Menvajea Hace 11 horas +6

      @Pen Stallone Weird point to make under this video, but I agree.

    • James Addison
      James Addison Hace 11 horas

      ​@Mando Carlrisian 1

    • mohammed almossa
      mohammed almossa Hace 8 horas

      There is a gimmick here they stole drakes flow

  • KevAcademia
    KevAcademia Hace 10 horas +83

    The more you listen to this song you realize how much it went over your head 😂

  • Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Love it when artists drop unannounced. Makes it so much more enjoyable.

    • Splazsh
      Splazsh Hace 9 horas +19

      thank you aria come fast to get into my body i appreciate your input

      DAORLANDO9 Hace 9 horas +2

      @Splazsh 😂😂😂😂

    • Lesta
      Lesta Hace 5 horas

      thank you aria come fast to get into my body i appreciate your input

  • HotBarbie • Nude Yoga
    HotBarbie • Nude Yoga Hace 4 horas +107

    *the vibes, the style, the production, the obvious* fun they have on the clip .. and the god damn song 🐐🔥

  • Big_duece Bungalow
    Big_duece Bungalow Hace 17 horas +243

    This flow on this! idk if it’s the beat or what but it sounds like someone is evolving the sound of style 🙏 keem with Kendrick is probably the best combo we’ve had in awhile

    • 47NATES
      47NATES Hace 15 horas +11

      That's what Evilgiane DO

    • SpiplayRojo
      SpiplayRojo Hace 14 horas +6

      drake did it first

    • Julesweat
      Julesweat Hace 14 horas +2

      @SpiplayRojo nah g go do some research...

    • SpiplayRojo
      SpiplayRojo Hace 14 horas +4

      @Julesweat go listen to sticky. Same flow dawg

    • WristOnFroze
      WristOnFroze Hace 14 horas +8

      @SpiplayRojo neither of them did it first, this is just a jersey bounce beat

  • HotBarbie • Nude Yoga
    HotBarbie • Nude Yoga Hace 4 horas +25

    *Love the Tyler cameo. It seems Baby Keem has put more purpose in Kendrick's approach to his art.*
    These guys are on there way to or already at legendary status.

  • Polde Mlakar
    Polde Mlakar Hace un día +14464

    We need this on streaming services ASAP.

    • endy toly
      endy toly Hace un día +97


    • niccnol
      niccnol Hace un día +111

      it’s right here

    • i asked i asked
      i asked i asked Hace un día +385

      it would be to peak for spotify

    • Mr. World
      Mr. World Hace un día +582

      @niccnol ? We need it on music apps bro tf

    • niccnol
      niccnol Hace un día +201

      @Mr. World chill bro i don’t wanna fight please

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown Hace 19 horas +156

    Just some succesful brothers kickin it while showin love to the locals.. Man this video is fkn epic on so many levels.. Shit just made my day.. Been goin through shit and its good to see some brothers doin well.. Iykyk..

  • Marqueal Allen
    Marqueal Allen Hace 21 un hora +290

    Song of the summer for me rn. Some of the most natural vibes I’ve seen in a music video. Still feeling it after the 30th listen 😅😂🔥

    • Handeezy Speakseasy
      Handeezy Speakseasy Hace 14 horas +1

      I like Sticky better 😮

    • Pen Stallone
      Pen Stallone Hace 12 horas +1

      Supreme Court Justices in the US should have terms of 16 years

    • J Val
      J Val Hace 11 horas

      I would agree if they actually rapped in a normal voice. The vocals are corny

    • Marqueal Allen
      Marqueal Allen Hace 11 horas +1

      @J Val man you’re just a hater I’m convinced 😂

    • Dusty
      Dusty Hace 11 horas

      Parked the car and got out to start dancing

  • A.K
    A.K Hace 8 horas +48

    This has to go down as one of the best lyrically back and forth songs in which both artists bounce off each other with impeccable flow. everything about the production, lyrics, and even this comment section. just good vibes man
    shoutout to Tyler for being Tyler. the main character without even having 1 verse
    just need this on streaming apps ASAP

    • Ankles
      Ankles Hace 5 horas +2

      amazing song and everything but I wouldn't say best lyrically back and forth verses

    • Gustavo Rodriguez
      Gustavo Rodriguez Hace 4 horas


    • Atzirii Meza
      Atzirii Meza Hace 4 horas

      #real #true #ong #si #nolies #facts #presxh

    RAFFA MOREIRA BUGADO Hace 19 horas +164

    I wanted so much to hear Tyler's voice, at any moment of that sound, but just his appearance was already wonderful for me remembering that Tyler and Kendrick's career, I've been following for a long time!

  • Sue Walker
    Sue Walker Hace 8 horas +12

    Absolutely love it when Kendrick is playful on tracks.

  • HotBarbie • Nude Yoga
    HotBarbie • Nude Yoga Hace un día +2317

    That Kendrick and Keem
    *back to back flow is unbeatable bro*

    • Pierre Boudreau
      Pierre Boudreau Hace 23 horas +135

      Thanks for your input, HotBarbie Nude Yoga

    • Maxx Marino
      Maxx Marino Hace 21 un hora +10

      That's not even an original flow, it's Drake's flow from "Sticky" lmao. He almost bites an entire bar from that song.
      "Mess-y, get them girls off the stage"
      Or whatever the lyrics are, that's almost word for word a bar from sticky and the flow is exactly the same
      There's nothing special about this song, it's mid at best.

    • EqMintz
      EqMintz Hace 20 horas +4

      Benny wsg conway

    • Jesse Dulaney
      Jesse Dulaney Hace 20 horas +46

      ​@Maxx Marino bros just a hater, the song is fire

  • Tymek S
    Tymek S Hace 21 un hora +118

    damn this shit is fire
    we need this on spotify and apple music ASAP

    CRIME TIME! Hace 21 un hora +59

    I predict not a single track these two make together will ever sound bad, only 🔥

  • Malika Tirolien
    Malika Tirolien Hace 8 horas +35

    The beat, the flow, the video, the energy....Everything's on point! That combo Kendrick/Keem always fire and I love seeing Tyler thrown in there. Amazing!!

  • Demi
    Demi Hace 18 horas +81

    I love when Kendrick and Keem jump on a song together. Loved seeing Tyler, bro's been talking about Mr Morales for a long time lol

  • Jack Rhodes
    Jack Rhodes Hace 6 horas +7

    You can just feel how much fun they were having making this, it makes the vibe even more fun to listen to. Unreal chemistry. Love these dudes

  • Cammysoul
    Cammysoul Hace un día +1198

    I don’t wanna overhype.. but after about 7 listens through & following the lyrics, this is actually incredible. 😆🔥☄️

      GAZA FARIEGN Hace 22 horas +50

      its officially summer time with this song perfecting timing

    • Adam Swanson
      Adam Swanson Hace 17 horas +11

      Songs fucking amazing I’m shook not ready

    • Jayden Kitchen
      Jayden Kitchen Hace 16 horas +4

      Starships? Is that a foreign?

    • Cammysoul
      Cammysoul Hace 15 horas +2

      @Adam Swanson BIG PROTEIN!

    • Raphael
      Raphael Hace 14 horas +1

      "That's why every song sounds like drake ft drake"

  • Dusty
    Dusty Hace 23 horas +21

    Refreshing to hear some new vibes from the mundane landscape of rap music nowadays

  • AP, the Dreamer.
    AP, the Dreamer. Hace 23 horas +51

    Love to see them exhibit a good concept of hip hop which is freedom, doing it in style and three of them got that in common, I love Kendrick and keem and seeing them both with Tyler is like excitement overdose.

  • HotBarbie • Nude Yoga
    HotBarbie • Nude Yoga Hace 4 horas +20

    *This whоle song/video is a VIBЕ.*
    You can tell they both having fun. Love to see them doing their thing. The pocket was crazy too.

  • retiredanarchist
    retiredanarchist Hace 18 horas +11

    Bon Iver is a hip hop favorite. I love when people sample him. They song they chose is beautiful haha. I love that Kendrick & Keem are comfortable with eachother like this. Unique AF.

    • Lances_45
      Lances_45 Hace 18 horas +1

      What’s it’s sampled from?

    • retiredanarchist
      retiredanarchist Hace 17 horas +1

      @Lances_45 PDLIF by Bon Iver

    • John Smith
      John Smith Hace 11 horas +2

      Drake follows Evilgiane for a reason 👀

  • Luke Gratitude
    Luke Gratitude Hace 13 horas +21

    A music video blending nostalgia, uniting generations.

  • Spacial
    Spacial Hace un día +10879

    i love seeing Kendrick have fun while rapping, baby keem really brought it out of him 🙏🏾

    • issdraco🧛
      issdraco🧛 Hace un día +49

      Rare Goat Spawn 🔥🔥

    • Jaizé
      Jaizé Hace un día +40

      I’m gonna have a song with Kendrick one day 🔥 Get hip to me before everyone is 💪🏽

    • JK not Rowling
      JK not Rowling Hace un día +9

      Fancy seeing you here

    • Young Seven
      Young Seven Hace un día +12


    • Spacial
      Spacial Hace un día +4

      @Young Seven 👀⏸️

  • joseph holmes
    joseph holmes Hace 21 un hora +21

    I’ve listened to this song waaaay too many times, but I can’t stop. 🔥

  • HotBarbie • Nude Yoga
    HotBarbie • Nude Yoga Hace 4 horas +15

    *The creative freedom Kendrick* has in pgLang gon be a blast.

  • Jerry Okonkwo
    Jerry Okonkwo Hace 10 horas +14

    The way Kendrick connects with people while putting things out remains incredibly fascinating to watch. Having recovered completely, currently, for an extended period, Kendrick capitalizes on reduced mental health challenges severely.

  • Phantom
    Phantom Hace 18 horas +20

    this song has beeen in loop since it dropped. the retention rate this song has is crazy.

  • opossum cripple man
    opossum cripple man Hace 6 horas +3

    Kdot and Keem are such a powerful hip hip duo, would love to see them drop full albums together

  • eddyfrimi35
    eddyfrimi35 Hace 22 horas +8

    How this song goes hard and is a vibe at the same time?! 🔥 Kendrick just doing side missions at this point.

  • AM TRey
    AM TRey Hace 10 horas +4

    I love this. It brings me old Black Hippy vibes though. So glad Kendrick is out having a great time, vibing & just enjoying life.

    SIZKO Hace 23 horas +5

    The only bad part of this song is that it ends😭

  • Mystic Ruin
    Mystic Ruin Hace 8 horas +2

    You can tell they're having fun with this stuff. Salute to them.

  • Spooky Cummy
    Spooky Cummy Hace 23 horas +523

    Thank you Keem and Kendrick for this drop, I woke up at 6 and been jamming this since I woke up. It’s a blessing much love 🤝🏻

    • Pen Stallone
      Pen Stallone Hace 12 horas

      Supreme Court Justices in the US should have terms of 16 years

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ  Hace 7 horas +3

      Repent to Jesus Christ “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”
      ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭18‬:‭21‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Rashad Houston
    Rashad Houston Hace 22 horas +14

    First workout of the day with this on repeat. Brings me back to the “Say Wassup” days. 🔥🔥

  • Sonic Jackson
    Sonic Jackson Hace 7 horas +3

    Tyler, Kendrick and Keem in the same video is just legendary and idc if it happened before or not 😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏿

  • Wilbur Juice
    Wilbur Juice Hace 16 horas +3

    Kendrick killing Jersey club!!! Needs to make a whole album like this

    CRVXMXND Hace 7 horas +1

    I know that they're two different style of rappers, but I hear a masterpiece every time they're together.

  • “Child of the Sun” NicG
    “Child of the Sun” NicG Hace 13 horas +3

    After the 7th listen, this is a banger💯
    Can’t duplicate Kendrick in any meta verse

  • matt ostler
    matt ostler Hace un día +10112

    It’s great to see Kendrick vibing, creating for fun. After all that healing, it seems like Kendrick doesn’t have heavy matters weighing on his mind for the first time, and he’s reaping the benefits.

    • A M
      A M Hace un día +221

      Hush man. Quit looking too much into it

    • Sincerely Wrote
      Sincerely Wrote Hace un día +174

      Seems like you’re more involved into his life than your own.

    • Bruce C
      Bruce C Hace un día +1

      😂do I have to comment under your comment or something?

    • Jesse Toews
      Jesse Toews Hace un día +6

      Lol is baby keem playing Elden Ring?

    • Jesse Toews
      Jesse Toews Hace un día +1


  • Kalib castaneda
    Kalib castaneda Hace 18 horas +4

    I’ve replayed this so many times, Kenny and Keem my favorite duo

  • loops
    loops Hace 9 horas +4

    i need a collab album of just this. the chemistry too good

  • Maurice King 2
    Maurice King 2 Hace 12 horas +3

    The quality and the song goes hard and WE NEED THIS ON STREAMING SERVICES

      THOM WALL Hace 12 horas +1

      Gonna be on the baby keem x Kendrick album

      THOM WALL Hace 12 horas


  • Umar Danbharia
    Umar Danbharia Hace 22 horas +9


  • Ar Ge
    Ar Ge Hace 8 horas +2

    These Two Are Unstoppable! 🔥

  • ZURI!
    ZURI! Hace un día +6488

    it’s so nice to see them just have fun and do what they want creatively. it’s a breath of fresh air

    • Flanelly
      Flanelly Hace un día +14


    • MOC Official
      MOC Official Hace un día +6

      HU !!!

    • ZURI!
      ZURI! Hace un día +3

      @MOC Official YOU KNOW !! 🫡❤️💙

    • G -Tune
      G -Tune Hace un día


  • Mike Money
    Mike Money Hace 13 horas +2

    Tempo crazy... definitely the trend rn, verses crazy, visual crazy, TYLER CAMEO CRAZY.... LFG Im ready for whatever they boutta drop!!

  • 18illest Music
    18illest Music Hace 14 horas +3

    Thank you Kendrick and Keem. You saved my life

  • ganonduff
    ganonduff Hace 16 horas +1

    Tyler and Kendrick on a track would be a dream come true. Keem is cool but I love those two, and they’re like musical revolutionaries

  • Devon
    Devon Hace 8 horas +2

    Baby Keem and Kdot never miss !!! Range Brothers undefeated! Also Shoutout to Tyler for hopping in the video!

  • Joseph Blashka
    Joseph Blashka Hace un día +3314

    The fact tyler is in this video at the end just brings some really good vibes and some very interesting ideas….the three of them together on a track…

    • Kid Soulace
      Kid Soulace Hace un día +69

      he also appears sitting on the grass at 1:40

    • Ax
      Ax Hace 22 horas +63

      @Kid Soulacehe also appears at the beginning and there is a necklace with an igor era Tyler’s head

    • BigSlurper1968
      BigSlurper1968 Hace 20 horas +11

      Rlly hopin we get some keem or kendrick features on the new album this year 🙏🙏

    • Expecting
      Expecting Hace 19 horas +11

      it’s most likely for his camp flog gnaw tyler has been seen with kendrick a long time..

    • 407Movement Beats
      407Movement Beats Hace 19 horas

      @why parcetithat’s what I got from it

  • Winicius Com W
    Winicius Com W Hace 15 horas +3

    o cara é brabo não tem como

  • Puppetflip
    Puppetflip Hace 18 horas +1

    Song go crazy, they really are a dynamic duo (Also Tyler being in this fire too)

  • Damein Jackson
    Damein Jackson Hace 7 horas +1

    Kendrick finally realized his powers.. he’s at peace you can see it. 🤲🏾✊🏾

  • metro
    metro Hace un día +2319

    feels refreshing to see Kendrick in a good vibe with Keem and Tyler, whom i didnt expect lol. This gives off a new vibe and adds a sense of diversity to their sound which is incredible!

    • Anysia *
      Anysia * Hace un día +9


    • Mando Dondada
      Mando Dondada Hace un día +1

      search JAY FLY RED- Will You Remember in the tab up there right ?cx

    • Josh
      Josh Hace un día +9

      Definitely could have expected something after seeing him drop in on them back stage on the big steppers tour

    • PS in USAA
      PS in USAA Hace un día +5

      I want to share with you the good news of salvation. God loves you so much that he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for your sins. Through his death and resurrection, you can be forgiven and have eternal life.
      If you confess your sins and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, you will be saved (Romans 10:9). It's that simple. You don't have to do anything to earn God's love or salvation. It's a free gift that God offers to anyone who will receive it.
      So, if you're feeling lost or alone, know that God is with you. He loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. All you have to do is ask him to come into your heart and be your Savior.

    • Creepiest Kobe
      Creepiest Kobe Hace 22 horas +1

      Kendrick and Tyler been friends

  • Jon Mickel
    Jon Mickel Hace 20 horas +2

    i can't believe we got an evilgiane beat with these two on it, big moves

  • ianthomas
    ianthomas Hace 14 horas +1

    YES! Put this on streaming services immediately!

  • Omar
    Omar Hace 23 horas +2

    Exactly what i expect from a pglang kendrick and keen song....i bet this was so easy for them to make ! Amazing

  • Gucci Bane
    Gucci Bane Hace un día +477

    Need a duo album asap 🙏🏿 was hoping Tyler would spit on the track too. 🔥

    • The end of the world
      The end of the world Hace un día +27

      Right what the hell? This song was made for tyler

    • Ishowpace
      Ishowpace Hace un día +25

      @The end of the world he’s def gon be on keems next album tho

    • Momo2cozy
      Momo2cozy Hace un día +3

      Tyler should have hopped on the track bro

    • TheWutangclan1995
      TheWutangclan1995 Hace un día +4

      I thought he was going to when I saw that Igor chain.

    • Bruh bruh
      Bruh bruh  Hace un día +1

      @The end of the world Tyler produced the song bro

  • Wackaz
    Wackaz Hace 14 horas +6

    Filmed in England during K-Dot's UK Tour - let's gooo!! Feels amazing to know I saw Kenny in Birmingham in the same weeks him and Keem were vibing filming this video 🔥💯

    $AUDIO$COKE Hace 7 horas +1


  • Nanospark1
    Nanospark1 Hace 4 horas

    the music, the aesthetic, the video everything just fits so perfectly.

  • Austin Hall
    Austin Hall Hace 14 horas +1

    It’s good to see Kendrick have fun with his music instead of something meaningful. And of course his symbolic shit is amazing but this shit just fun 🎉

  • NonApplicable
    NonApplicable Hace un día +2777

    The chemistry in this duo is unbeatable. The video has fantastic visuals. Can’t wait for more collaborative drops.

    • Dave Tourigny
      Dave Tourigny Hace un día +23

      They need to just name the duo & give us that vinyl.

    • Ayaan
      Ayaan Hace un día +14

      Pov : all your music opinions are generated in a lab to be the most fantano-like

    • Pen Stallone
      Pen Stallone Hace un día

      Supreme Court Justices in the US should have 16 year terms

    • Namsu
      Namsu Hace un día +14

      @Ayaan bro listens to mgk fo sho

    • Henrik Gustafson
      Henrik Gustafson Hace un día +7

      @Ayaan so we can’t like songs anymore?

  • Kingmarv thadj TV
    Kingmarv thadj TV Hace 15 horas

    Kendrick needs to drop something like this in an album this year

  • XL Slime
    XL Slime Hace 5 horas +2

    This sound like a new era. Please put it on streaming

  • Alan Carrillo
    Alan Carrillo Hace 4 horas

    this song is actually outerworldly good, i was pleasantly surprised when listening

  • unrevoked
    unrevoked Hace 9 horas

    Come back to me when Drill becomes way more popular than regular trap because of the insane potential in this song

  • Pierce Posts
    Pierce Posts Hace un día +1619

    Kendrick and Keem really bring the ‘linking up with your favourite cousin at the family event’ vibes 🤣😭🔥🔥

    • mayazxo
      mayazxo Hace un día +45

      and the fact that they’re actually cousins too makes it sm better😭😭

    • chris wright
      chris wright Hace un día +3

      No cap😂

    • Antonín Fišer
      Antonín Fišer Hace un día +1


    • BowenBush
      BowenBush Hace un día +3

      @mayazxo Kendrick and keem aren’t cousins, keem is his nephew

  • Berk Flanel
    Berk Flanel Hace 21 un hora

    Can't believe Baby Keem, Kendrick, Tyler and Evilgiane are in one picture together
    This is history

    SIZKO Hace 23 horas +1

    This is simply a masterpiece.

  • the homie
    the homie Hace 12 horas +2

    evilgiane killed the beat 💪 best kendrick song in a min

  • Evan
    Evan Hace 11 horas +1

    Need them to drop a surprise ALBUM now

  • Jubal Kurt
    Jubal Kurt Hace un día +2876

    The creative freedom Kendrick has in pgLang gon be a blast

    • Mando Dondada
      Mando Dondada Hace un día +2

      search JAY FLY RED- Will You Remember in the tab up there right ?cx

    • Josh
      Josh Hace un día +126

      He has always had the creative freedom before he left TDE, it's more just turning a new leaf and a new creative direction from a fresh slate. He is in a whole different space and orbit, very refreshing

    • KD
      KD Hace un día +1

      ha! i hope he would go back to TDE he need some guidance about creativity from Punch.
      soon you would realize TDE was the brain in the back of kendrick success, you can see clearly hit after hit they dropped with different artists
      kendrick just had a moment of student pride 😂

    • Yves Mugisha
      Yves Mugisha Hace un día +31

      @KD you trippin! How come the other tde artists didn’t reach his levels? It’s Kendrick’s hunger and creativity that made him

    • KD
      KD Hace un día +3

      @Yves Mugisha you are right that Kendrick Lamar is the greatest, because it is normal that one is always better than the rest. but you can't deny that Q, Rock, Solo, Sza are great artists and have had massive success, being slightly behind Kendrick.
      Now analyze kendrick's work before TDE...
      please, i'm not going to continue with this, the facts are already exposed, work your own conclusions.

  • Jak Pilate
    Jak Pilate Hace 22 horas +3

    What a time to be alive!

  • Tizzle Nizzle
    Tizzle Nizzle Hace 14 horas +1

    They just need a whole colab album

  • Just Bananurz
    Just Bananurz Hace 10 horas

    Seeing Tyler and Kendrick - Two of my favorite Artist of all time (in my top 5) in a music video just made my day fr

  • normie normie
    normie normie Hace 5 horas +1

    Kendrick and Keem are just the fun Cousins and are like 99% of the families favorites
    Tyler's the drunk uncle that everybody loves...
    Who's also probably on a watchlist.

  • Duke Langa
    Duke Langa Hace 10 horas +2

    This ish slaps man! At first I was like wtf are these guys trolling or what?? 😂😂 but it’s actually hitting differently though! 🚨🔥 would have been crazy if tyler rapped on it as well

  • Erik Sousley
    Erik Sousley Hace 9 horas

    These two would make the goofiest collab album ever

  • france abah
    france abah Hace 19 horas

    I was like damnnnn they didn’t put it on stream! Those ARE the artists I like not afraid of creating their own industry.

  • Denton Visual
    Denton Visual Hace 16 horas

    This gives me vibes of that EAAAAARLY Black Hippie music video “That’s what’s up” i absolutely love it. This is the vibe that literally changed the game 10 years ago. I cannot wait to see what you boys do with PG lang, I WANT TO BE A PART OF IT LEMME HOLD SUMMMMIN DOGZZ

  • Lunga S
    Lunga S Hace un día +446

    This goes hard !! Love to see people still having fun with their craft

    • FashOskii
      FashOskii Hace un día

      Ong ppl callin it trash like Dot already gave us his heart, mind and soul through music . I'm glad he gettin on beats like this just flowin, cool rappin

  • Olligods
    Olligods Hace 20 horas

    As someone who discovered k dot before the mainstream then to find keem before the mainstream this video embodies so much of my youth and last 5 years together... that sample hits

    • Mate Nazur
      Mate Nazur Hace 19 horas

      Yeah but you find evilgiane before he blew

  • rickdab 500
    rickdab 500 Hace 16 horas +1

    I would love to see a kendrick baby keem collab album like drake and 21 did all their songs together go hard

  • Shawn Thompson
    Shawn Thompson Hace 15 horas

    This is sick. These two just are literally rapping for fun!

  • Joel Vazquez
    Joel Vazquez Hace 21 un hora

    I’m happy Kendrick did this looks like he was actually having fun with this one

  • iflex
    iflex Hace 12 horas +11

    It's great to see Kendrick vibing, creating for fun.
    After all that healing, it seems like Kendrick doesn't have heavy matters weighing on his mind for the first time, and he's reaping the benefits.

    • chrono 77
      chrono 77 Hace 12 horas +3

      nice original comment

    • Nosssa
      Nosssa Hace 6 horas

      This comment is stolen down the to word mf

  • Degenerocity
    Degenerocity Hace un día +1138

    This new JPEGMAFIA song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • atuly.
      atuly. Hace un día +61

      Bro forgot Danny brown💀

    • cortina
      cortina Hace un día +82

      scaring the hoes type beat💯

    • Viguursjes
      Viguursjes Hace un día +135

      Bro even the music video looks like a Peggy vid. The influence is insane

    • Elektra
      Elektra Hace un día +27

      MC ride just don't miss🔥🔥🔥

      SOMETHING NEW Hace un día

      Sad Black type beat