The 19' Mega Wall (Warped Wall) - American Ninja Warrior 2017 All Star Special

  • Publicado el 21 feb 2017
  • *** Sorry about the audio, this was my first video ***
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    Watch the American Ninja Warriors take on the impossibly tall mega wall.
    - Jesse Labreck (Flex Labreck)
    - Najee Richardson (The Phoenix)
    - Flip Rodriguez (Flip)
    - Joe Moravsky (The Weatherman)
    - Jon Alexis Jr (The Giant)
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Comentarios • 2 004

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones Hace 15 horas

    "Losing my 3 inches is not much!" 😂 😂 😂

  • itboz
    itboz Hace un día

    5:04 > Jesse Graff's camel toe!

  • Jaw Ehkueyou
    Jaw Ehkueyou Hace 2 días +2

    Najee’s upper body strength is amazing

  • Alexandra Justine Jarvis

    My 4’11 ass would be staring at that and wondering if there’s an elevator

  • Haitam Kaouni
    Haitam Kaouni Hace 2 días


  • Akash Guha Thakurata
    Akash Guha Thakurata Hace 5 días

    Even if Donald Trump would build that wall, I bet those illegal Mexican immigrants could easily climb that.

  • Steven Fango
    Steven Fango Hace 5 días

    Where's the real pakourer for them it is nothing

  • Bored Man
    Bored Man Hace 7 días +1

    Feminism: “Come on Jess show that women are equal to men! Feminism rules!!!”
    Reality: “hold my drink”

  • Manasvin Sharma
    Manasvin Sharma Hace 7 días

    Why these kind of games not played in India.they are cool

  • Karen Bharath
    Karen Bharath Hace 10 días

    Alirio Rodriguez

  • John Malkovich
    John Malkovich Hace 10 días +3

    Let me guess - The mexican dude won? 🤣

  • Nouvel Ordre Mondial et Satanisme

    it was obvious that the tallest guy was going to make it come on! big advantage over the other guys!

  • Jose Antonio Segura Flores


  • alex sander
    alex sander Hace 14 días

    How did i end up here

  • shihabudheen k
    shihabudheen k Hace 15 días

    മരത്തിന്മേൽ ഇത് പൊലെ ഓടികയറിയവർ ഉണ്ടൊ

  • كرم تيوب/ karam Tude
    كرم تيوب/ karam Tude Hace 15 días +1

  • Kirsty Marie Gallagher
    Kirsty Marie Gallagher Hace 16 días

    17 feet it is

  • Kirsty Marie Gallagher
    Kirsty Marie Gallagher Hace 16 días +1

    That wall is 19 or 21 feet

  • Liam Pearson
    Liam Pearson Hace 16 días

    What , they shoulda kept goin for the record ....

  • はきゅん
    はきゅん Hace 16 días


  • Ng Bob Shoaun
    Ng Bob Shoaun Hace 17 días

    how tf did u manage to screw up the audio sync? saying its your first video is not an excuse

  • みやもとむさし
    みやもとむさし Hace 19 días +2


    • きい/Wafuuu_key
      きい/Wafuuu_key Hace 14 días


  • Nerevarine Yeet
    Nerevarine Yeet Hace 20 días

    Ninjas aren't warriors, ninjas dont even exist

  • Сергей Новиков

    Ну и хули, он же длинный блять долбоёбы

  • Wilksy
    Wilksy Hace 21 un día +2

    5,7ft thats short!
    Proceeds to look up height....
    Im 5,7ft tall to......damn.

  • Makeing art
    Makeing art Hace 21 un día


  • Richard Beleznay
    Richard Beleznay Hace 21 un día

    The black guy pulls himself up so easily like he's weightless. He must be fucking strong.

  • Tom McKay
    Tom McKay Hace 22 días

    this should legit be an olympic sport - if high jump is a thing, why can't this work? the high run... haha

    • Wilksy
      Wilksy Hace 21 un día

      High running would be fun to watch to.

  • Sgtcaco
    Sgtcaco Hace 22 días

    Bunch of faggots, rap em and chuck em in the bushes

  • Aaron Salvatus
    Aaron Salvatus Hace 22 días

    pretty sure all of this guys will lose to Vince Carter. sitting on the sideline cheering.

  • Siberius Wolf
    Siberius Wolf Hace 24 días

    If the woman used one hand, she would have made it. More reach than using both hands.
    Unfortunate that they only get one go at it though... since they could slip or any number of unfortunate things.
    Also they're just going at it rather blind with no practice. So this isn't their best by any means. Which is unfortunate for the viewer and the people doing the wall.
    We know she can do that height, if it was set up better for them. Even the nerves are limiting their potential with only one shot at it.

  • Gagarin Gagarinovič
    Gagarin Gagarinovič Hace 24 días

    10:55 oh no!!

  • Tauli Taulington
    Tauli Taulington Hace 24 días

    On the last run, Phoenix and Flip jumped way higher, than the Giant, in terms of their body length in proportion to the wall. Neither of them really had traction, or a good jump off the last step, it's just that the Giant didn't need to jump anymore, because his arms already reached the top. I mean what's the guy gonna do - he's just tall as hell, and I'm not gonna hold it against him, but the athletic ability of the other 2 guys were just a bit more impressive to me. So Flip and Phoenix jumped higher, relative to their own hight, and the Giant jumped higher in definite hight. I feel conflicted about this video.

  • 김정숙
    김정숙 Hace 24 días


  • Trav
    Trav Hace 25 días +46

    Here after watching Juji and Magnus👍👍

  • DerTobiiiX
    DerTobiiiX Hace 25 días

    Unfair game

  • Jose Vu
    Jose Vu Hace 25 días

    is this maga wall?

  • Watch All
    Watch All Hace 26 días


  • Watch All
    Watch All Hace 26 díasídeo.html

  • Roshan Raja
    Roshan Raja Hace 26 días

    Good job boys well done

  • elsa photography
    elsa photography Hace 27 días +2

    Omg , now will see people going to their apartment climbing 🤣🤣🤣

  • hugodogobob
    hugodogobob Hace 28 días

    All the short people in the comments making out like it's only because he's tall he won.

  • shehry mirza
    shehry mirza Hace 28 días

    Ohh hoo lady..

  • rival480
    rival480 Hace un mes

    Dat intro sound tho

  • mimosa mm
    mimosa mm Hace un mes


  • The Tautvaz
    The Tautvaz Hace un mes +2

    Flip Rodriguez was the closest one of those others. If he was 6.6 he would jump even higher than that guy

  • lukaszborcz
    lukaszborcz Hace un mes

    National sport of Mexico :p

  • Secretcodrin
    Secretcodrin Hace un mes

    this is so easy compared to the rest of the course

  • D F
    D F Hace un mes

    Trump needs to watch that Rodriguez fellow. :/

  • Cupcake s
    Cupcake s Hace un mes +3

    10:51 someone in the audience dabs just gotta wait a second

  • Alfie Hunt
    Alfie Hunt Hace un mes

    Jesus Christ I hate American commentators.

  • Stealth Attack
    Stealth Attack Hace un mes


  • Poppy Milligan
    Poppy Milligan Hace un mes

    your subtitles aren't on time

  • Gustav Bay
    Gustav Bay Hace un mes +1

    10:56 There is a Girl dabbing in the middle

  • Daz B.
    Daz B. Hace un mes

    The hosts are complete bellends, they ruin the video.

  • Der Kafkaeske
    Der Kafkaeske Hace un mes

    Mexicans are the best at climbing walls probably

  • Raknas Kihtrak
    Raknas Kihtrak Hace un mes

    6, 6" , " He is so talented " .....yes he sure is . not an athlete but even i can see that he is the only guy who looked "not so flexible" among everyone who attempted it , but he is the only one passing it . Kinda defeats the whole point of this sport.

  • Shekel Snatcher
    Shekel Snatcher Hace un mes

    "HE IS LIT"

  • Steamer H
    Steamer H Hace un mes

    Ye technique my ass fucking giraffe

  • M S Stusts
    M S Stusts Hace un mes


  • Lucas Sc
    Lucas Sc Hace un mes


  • Tamaghna Dey
    Tamaghna Dey Hace un mes +1

    It's 2016 man not 2017

  • santhosh kumar
    santhosh kumar Hace un mes +9

    All the contestant did it well but especially 6.6feet tall person amazing😍😘😄

  • alexander casal
    alexander casal Hace un mes +1

    4:12 OMG

  • mysterious sid
    mysterious sid Hace un mes

    Come on Mexicans

  • PeachForBreakfast
    PeachForBreakfast Hace un mes

    america is fucking weird

  • Alexi Reade
    Alexi Reade Hace un mes +25

    Why’s the audio so out of sync??, anyone else

  • Moussa Bayou
    Moussa Bayou Hace un mes +5

    Okay Okay! Fine! You happy now ESclips to recommend me an old video for the sixtillionth time this 2019!?

  • alwaysperfect1
    alwaysperfect1 Hace un mes

    to win this, you just need height..

    • AdelaeR
      AdelaeR Hace un mes

      Hafthor Julius Bjornson, the strongest man on this planet, is very tall but I don't see him doing this, so your argument is disproven.

  • Muhammadaan Aan
    Muhammadaan Aan Hace un mes

    Tanya itu tinggi e bilang jago mo kalau bisako 20 anjing

  • Jany jany
    Jany jany Hace un mes

    I'm here drinking coca cola🤣🤣🤣

  • Hawaiian Prestige Cars

    This shit can be done by 6th graders

  • Francesca Taddia
    Francesca Taddia Hace un mes

    They should do height categories

  • Gabriele Riva
    Gabriele Riva Hace un mes

    The Phoenix is my favorite fantasy creature. Well, that's why I was cheering that guy up.

  • federico saviano
    federico saviano Hace un mes +1

    At 10:56 the woman with the long black hair dabs (about center screen but to the left and down

  • daggers
    daggers Hace 2 meses +1

    why isnt the audio synced at all

  • Spykee Brar
    Spykee Brar Hace 2 meses

    6.6 help him......

  • Spy Kids
    Spy Kids Hace 2 meses

    6:33 i think my phone was broken

  • Jamie 2
    Jamie 2 Hace 2 meses

    Flip Rodriguez looks like young Keanu Reeves

  • mamamaumamam
    mamamaumamam Hace 2 meses

    4:12 that guy in the fireman's helmet eating imaginary pussy

  • iiCause Viibes
    iiCause Viibes Hace 2 meses +3

    When you realize that 19 feet is almost 2 stories

  • Jeffrey Alex
    Jeffrey Alex Hace 2 meses +1

    2:05 haha he said she was 17 ft

  • Dan L
    Dan L Hace 2 meses

    Is this even fair? how about having some standards so it doesn't look ridiculously unbalanced?

  • GODᴇᴘɪᴄᴇʟʟ真神

    Who agrees that the wall can be taller but the gradient has to be more curved

  • Jliz #2nd
    Jliz #2nd Hace 2 meses

    Jon has a advantage because he his so tall

  • The Boss
    The Boss Hace 2 mesesídeo.html

  • Tomáš Blažek
    Tomáš Blažek Hace 2 meses +345

    6.6 ft Guy: " just casualy walks up the wall"

    5.6 ft Me: is there an elevator?

  • Rafael Schwarz
    Rafael Schwarz Hace 2 meses

    Si mido 2 metros doy un saltito y llego a 10m

  • Tahar Hamou-ali
    Tahar Hamou-ali Hace 2 meses +1

    Come fa😙

  • Martin Pokmat
    Martin Pokmat Hace 2 meses

    Its not fair, He has a 6.6

  • Saronah Aj
    Saronah Aj Hace 2 meses

    Am I the only one thinking how do they get down ?

    • Callidus
      Callidus Hace 2 meses

      Prolly a ladder on the back

  • Bayu Sank
    Bayu Sank Hace 2 meses +1

    that wall should be easy for 1 of the best dunker Jordan Kilganon...

  • Hania Lach
    Hania Lach Hace 2 meses

    This flex girl looks like girl from Hunger games

  • lazy leo
    lazy leo Hace 2 meses

    Muscular toe 5:04

  • remas xxwz
    remas xxwz Hace 2 meses

    thats not fear he is tall

  • RightClic God
    RightClic God Hace 2 meses +103

    Tallest guy - 1rst
    2nd tallest guy - 2nd
    3rd tallest guy - 3rd
    4rth tallest guy - 4rth
    Smallest girl - 5th/last
    Not even making that up, 3 "average" guys failed on the same wall but check how high their fingers got.
    Wow what an amazing sports, much suspense, very interesting.

    • BaHaEzZz
      BaHaEzZz Hace 8 días +1

      @Grandma Kermit I think she's even an inch taller 😂😂

    • Grandma Kermit
      Grandma Kermit Hace 19 días

      the girl was the same height as najee

    • Aer
      Aer Hace 22 días

      best comment

    • Second hand Sarcasm
      Second hand Sarcasm Hace un mes +1

      *1st *4th

    • Pearl
      Pearl Hace un mes +3

      RightClic God 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • RightClic God
    RightClic God Hace 2 meses

    At least the tall guy admits he has an advantage with the big wall.

  • john manasan
    john manasan Hace 2 meses

    hey alexis how can you not win that your so tall lol hahaha

  • Lukenzy
    Lukenzy Hace 2 meses +2

    Why the black dude is the only one who didn't got interview

    I smell rasicm