Food Emoji Food Challenge

  • Publicado el 31 may 2017
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    Today I'm taking on Emoji's! My top 10 favorite food emoji's brought to life in a food challenge.
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Comentarios • 37 537

  • xXFirstNovaXx
    xXFirstNovaXx Hace 7 minutos

    1 tane Türk yokmuş amq

  • reynaldo david
    reynaldo david Hace 8 minutos

    i want ipone but i live in philipines could you dilever it

  • Mario alberto
    Mario alberto Hace 16 minutos

    No tienes fondo en el estomago

  • Jonalikes To Play
    Jonalikes To Play Hace 28 minutos


  • cool jay
    cool jay Hace 50 minutos

    Give thdog the rice she was hungry she want some and lose some weight from eating all that

    LYRIC MUSIC Hace 58 minutos

    *Come tanto que nem sente*

  • fatdewd
    fatdewd Hace un hora

    how are you skinny

  • PoppingKob
    PoppingKob Hace 2 horas

    He Probably had diarrhea after this

  • Achref Belghith
    Achref Belghith Hace 2 horas

    Nice video and subscribe frome tunisia 😉

  • LifeOfAKid
    LifeOfAKid Hace 2 horas

    7:28 cheater alert lol

  • 47ダーク・エンジェル

    Is anyone else disgusted by the dog licking his finger?

  • Juan Jose Torres Rengifo

    This man is Goku :v

  • Princess Jalata
    Princess Jalata Hace 3 horas

    2018? Haha

  • Astralaris
    Astralaris Hace 3 horas

    "You have never seen anyone eating Pancakes like that!"
    I have never seen anyone eat a WHOLE CAKE like that.......

  • _ Marlix _
    _ Marlix _ Hace 3 horas

    Normally the dog would have leftovers but in matts house the dog ain’t having nothing of his food

  • Elies Forde
    Elies Forde Hace 4 horas

    All mine

  • Elies Forde
    Elies Forde Hace 4 horas

    I love iphone

  • LPS Lilla
    LPS Lilla Hace 4 horas

    Well,I guess you don't have any problems at your grammas house,because you can eat everything she offers you! 😐

  • Lucy de msp
    Lucy de msp Hace 4 horas

    Wtf 😂

  • Alejandro Castellanos
    Alejandro Castellanos Hace 4 horas

    My favorite part of the app is the Emojis of food, because I'm hungry hahaha

  • Simon Hernandez
    Simon Hernandez Hace 4 horas

    The hotdog on his shirt looks like a burger

  • the one in only Hunt
    the one in only Hunt Hace 5 horas

    My face as a emoji

  • Meme Boy
    Meme Boy Hace 5 horas

    this tortures me bc im hungry rn

  • hell criminal
    hell criminal Hace 5 horas

    I hate myself that I haven't been watching these vids for a while

  • Philip Watson
    Philip Watson Hace 7 horas

    Man v food 🍕🌯🌮🍚🍿🍟🥞🎂

  • Leo Sotomayo
    Leo Sotomayo Hace 7 horas


  • lahoussine Abdallah
    lahoussine Abdallah Hace 8 horas

    you got the cutest dog ever

    AMEA EVANS Hace 8 horas

    I love the game

  • mohamoud 7
    mohamoud 7 Hace 8 horas

    That noise at 8:48

  • Pixel Worlds Game
    Pixel Worlds Game Hace 8 horas

    SAys he has Bowl of rice cuz HE is kinda asian but proceeds to eat rice with fork and soy sause

  • Goku
    Goku Hace 8 horas

    R.I.P his toilet

  • Jania Viers
    Jania Viers Hace 9 horas

    The pizza

  • Jania Viers
    Jania Viers Hace 9 horas


  • Francine K
    Francine K Hace 9 horas

    My favorite part of the app is the gif they are fun to send to my friends and family

  • sayian gamer
    sayian gamer Hace 9 horas

    you just ate a bunch of food that could feed a whole family you know some people wish they could eat GIANT CHOCOLATE CAKES 🍔🍟🍕🍚🎂🍧

  • Caitlyn Fernandez
    Caitlyn Fernandez Hace 10 horas

    He ate te food off the tableee! GERMAFOBE TRIGGEREDDD!😩😷

  • Stacia Salyars
    Stacia Salyars Hace 10 horas

    You snatch with your hands

  • Asya Bahannan
    Asya Bahannan Hace 11 horas

    Hhgjijvhhyhdhihfhujfgj8hdncjaegbl6ehkfcnhhfcjhdjkfnlgdnkbcjljgfvxhlydboud4gzj77777777777777rgryfhcbh6gnguxgkifdjouftjutkivcjuvhtkhvjyjfgyjfjyhgjuvchfg😥😤😮😅😆hfjuhfngngjgggjybfhuhdvtdjfdnydjgdnjdjmjshshhzjhxngzjsubsgsjsvzjxg ysjahhhsgsjyehyshdgydhtdhtddgduhddtdydhfdytdhetd5ueidyeueyrydygryfhryrjfyejdhgdidgdhvstehdyueydjdýduduyfhvangzbtsntsjydjtdhfs7sigdjtshtsjshjsgnshsjhdhzhdnhsjyshsyjtsbrdgksrtdbgsjsybsjsyjsyhdtdjhshdhhrgdudjgr4djtdjyhr6r899991900000000000000000000000000yeuutsuyehfsjgdjyshfjsyshgsjtzbdgzjfdhtxjghxhxhxhgdjzhxhgxjuyhdhshdhdjxjjxhjxhxhxhxhxhxjxjfjjfjfjxhhfjhdtxhj

  • So I was just Casually walking around Pika Pika

    Poor husky he just want sum food :c

  • chipsina rey
    chipsina rey Hace 11 horas


  • Levinio Hollandais
    Levinio Hollandais Hace 12 horas

    Make a challenge with your dog.

  • davi ramos
    davi ramos Hace 12 horas

    You are so fast to eat Just for the burrito i need 10 minutes

  • אליההה אליה המלך


  • KennyPasta
    KennyPasta Hace 12 horas

    you cheated, you gave your dog some of your food

  • balles balles
    balles balles Hace 12 horas

    Joli moli macarroni

  • OnurssS
    OnurssS Hace 13 horas

    Çiğköfte yelan sıkıyorsa

  • Kevin Alaska Keyes
    Kevin Alaska Keyes Hace 13 horas


  • neeru Khan
    neeru Khan Hace 13 horas

    I luv 🎂

  • Ferry Jean Dela Cruz
    Ferry Jean Dela Cruz Hace 14 horas

    kinamay yung cake

  • Gabrix Rs
    Gabrix Rs Hace 14 horas

    Como no engordas

  • David Bdil
    David Bdil Hace 15 horas +1

    🍏🍎🍌🍉🍐🍇🍊🍓🍋🍈🥝🥥🍍🍑🍒🍅🍆🥑🥦🥒🍠🥔🥕🌽🌶🥐🍞🥖🥨🧀🥩🥓🍳🥚🍗🍖🌭🥙🥪🥗🥘🥫🍝🍜🥟🍱🍣🍛🍲🍤🍙🍘🍥🍨🍧🍡🍢🥠🥧🍰🍮🍩🍬🍬🍭🍪🌰🥜🍯🥛 what about those

  • Hafiz Daniya
    Hafiz Daniya Hace 16 horas


  • كادي العجمي وبحمده


  • رنيم الحربي
    رنيم الحربي Hace 16 horas +1


  • كادي العجمي وبحمده

    ماشاءالله تبارك الله 😍 شهواني

  • שני אלגבי
    שני אלגבי Hace 16 horas


  • Oliver Turley
    Oliver Turley Hace 17 horas

    Lol your cheating by one chip the dog ate it 🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟 you forgot some foods..🍝🍝🍝🍝🍬🍬🍬🍬🍫🍫🍫🍫🍤🍤🍤🍤🍞🍞🍞🍞🍭🍭🍭🍭🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲🍅🍅🍆🍆🍆🍆🍉🍉🍉🍉

  • Ally Morales
    Ally Morales Hace 17 horas

    The cake was seducing mee😘😍😍

  • İsmail Sparrow
    İsmail Sparrow Hace 17 horas


  • Miquel Ricardo
    Miquel Ricardo Hace 17 horas


  • Daniel Alvarado
    Daniel Alvarado Hace 18 horas

    I can only eat 2 cheese 🍔 and im full

  • Jose Paul
    Jose Paul Hace 18 horas

    Can we share

  • Araxa Shrestha
    Araxa Shrestha Hace 18 horas

    Dogs like GiVE Me

  • Easha Raja
    Easha Raja Hace 18 horas

    How can you eat this

  • Kevin Durant 〽
    Kevin Durant 〽 Hace 19 horas

    1:35 where were u when the iPhone came out

  • leah mochi
    leah mochi Hace 20 horas

    I got full just watching him

  • Chelsea Cuesta
    Chelsea Cuesta Hace 20 horas

    Matt Stonie- all of that food in less than 20 minutes

    Me- i cant even finish a freaking happy meal in less than 30 min. :,v It's true :,v

  • Ariane Dorsey
    Ariane Dorsey Hace 21 un hora

    # 🍰 eating monster

  • G-Ella Yi
    G-Ella Yi Hace 21 un hora

    4:03 doggy

  • Yanina Videla
    Yanina Videla Hace 22 horas

    Esto come en menos de 12:00 minutos 🍉🍍🍌🍓🌶🥓🍟🍔🍳🥙🌯🌮🌭🍕🥘🍲🥗🍿🍱🍘🍙🍣🍢🍠🍝🍜🍛🍚🍤🍥🍡🍦🍧🍨🍩🍮🍭🍬🍫🍫🍰🎂🎂🍪🍯🍼🥛🥛☕☕🍵🍶🍾🍾🍾🥃🥂🍻🍺🍹🍹🍸🍷☕😎😎😎😎 dale crak

  • Mr. Langston
    Mr. Langston Hace 22 horas

    Matt stonie=denzel curry
    Furious pete=idk u decide whoever sucks

  • ERMAC is here
    ERMAC is here Hace 22 horas

    How are U not fat

    HENRY FANG Hace 23 horas

    why couldint u shuff ur face in da cake and im bad at spelling

  • Sara Jones
    Sara Jones Hace 23 horas

    Did it

  • Wajahat Mahmood
    Wajahat Mahmood Hace 23 horas

    Lol him eating that cake reminds me of the fat kid from Matilda

  • Azriel Lunag
    Azriel Lunag Hace 23 horas

    you forgot the poop emoji

  • Julian Cardone
    Julian Cardone Hace un día

    I have a Siberian Husky to

  • Zeno
    Zeno Hace un día

    This guy can eat all of this but I can't eat a single fucking burger king burger with fries and soda without a stomach ache

  • Jadeskorpion
    Jadeskorpion Hace un día

    FOOD CHALLENGE: You against your dog to see who can eat a plate of bacon first!

  • Ouchene GAMING
    Ouchene GAMING Hace un día

    dar konbla nawwia fi altwalet

  • ok ok
    ok ok Hace un día

    He made me hungry 🥞🥞🥞🥞🍟🍟🍟🍕🍕🍕🍔🍔🍿🍿🍦🍦🍦🍚🍚🍚🎂🎂🎂🎂 I did the emojis that all he ate all

  • jhen tube
    jhen tube Hace un día

    Eu não entendo nada do que ele fala mais eu acho tão legal vê os vídeos dele 😂❤

  • The DonutGamer
    The DonutGamer Hace un día +1

    You better check that jaw

  • Giovanni Lara
    Giovanni Lara Hace un día +1

    I'm hungry

  • llSkunkyDaemonll
    llSkunkyDaemonll Hace un día +2

    People maybe saying “soy sauce isn’t part of the emoji” but when your asian you need that soy sauce!

    • llSkunkyDaemonll
      llSkunkyDaemonll Hace un día

      I am Asian

    • BlasterSW MW
      BlasterSW MW Hace un día +1

      llSkunkyDaemonll even when you aren’t. I frckn love soy sauce and rice. It’s amazing!!

  • روانش rawan
    روانش rawan Hace un día +1


  • Kerem Oyun Başında
    Kerem Oyun Başında Hace un día

    Thats man is bear :D

  • BlockStrike Fan
    BlockStrike Fan Hace un día


  • FlamingMangoGaming
    FlamingMangoGaming Hace un día


    • BlasterSW MW
      BlasterSW MW Hace un día

      FlamingMangoGaming don’t you, forget about, choc choc choclate

  • Hafsa Al Omar
    Hafsa Al Omar Hace un día

    Yo your husky looks cute. I do have 2 huskies (married) until they got a pup which is the best experience ever

  • Guilherme games Assis
    Guilherme games Assis Hace un día

    Você tem muita fome

  • Andrew Rios
    Andrew Rios Hace un día

    Tell your dog to leave before you feed his some chocolate

  • Hasnain Sarfraz
    Hasnain Sarfraz Hace un día +2

    How ?

  • Cristopher Custodi
    Cristopher Custodi Hace un día

    How if u don't want 2 text u just put the emoji

  • Yaddie Cakees
    Yaddie Cakees Hace un día


  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs Hace un día

    🍖. What's dis?

  • Tasha Muagututia-mose
    Tasha Muagututia-mose Hace un día

    I love your vds

  • D3rpy Panda
    D3rpy Panda Hace un día

    6:45 that’s what I said...

  • c r
    c r Hace un día

    Underwrite please

  • Ayanna Jade
    Ayanna Jade Hace un día

    Now and did everything and got everything in my time was about an day I lost