Food Emoji Food Challenge

  • Publicado el 31 may 2017
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    Today I'm taking on Emoji's! My top 10 favorite food emoji's brought to life in a food challenge.
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Comentarios • 33 189

  • Arlene Garcia
    Arlene Garcia Hace 10 minutos

    I keep looking at the pizza and fries

  • Angelo Pan
    Angelo Pan Hace un hora

    Eating rice with fork . . meh

    Eating rice with soy sauce. . . approval

  • D mack
    D mack Hace 4 horas

    It's wonderful amazing to eat that but calories i don't know how you still looks like you're skinny from all the other ones for some reason

  • zombie megan
    zombie megan Hace 6 horas

    I picked the bolw of rice because im kinda Asian, lmaooo

  • Blade_The_Wolf
    Blade_The_Wolf Hace 7 horas

    I like the making of emoji

  • Keelin Townsend
    Keelin Townsend Hace 7 horas

    He ate all that food and a whole cake. I can barely finish 2 pieces of pizza 😥

  • Sam Punter
    Sam Punter Hace 10 horas

    Those are some *THICC* pancakes

  • Reece Grucza
    Reece Grucza Hace 13 horas

    I haven’t eaten yet today 😂

  • Elaine Lazo
    Elaine Lazo Hace 13 horas

    Too close to eat your own fingers

  • John Mark Picardal
    John Mark Picardal Hace 14 horas

    Somebody feed him veggies I'm worried about his health !!!!

  • yunusemre kılıç
    yunusemre kılıç Hace 14 horas

    7:47 monster

  • Randy Poh
    Randy Poh Hace 17 horas


    dat husky cute

  • Xoz5000 Gaming
    Xoz5000 Gaming Hace 17 horas

    cake 🍕 popcorn ice cream cool pancakes

  • alexi Forestier
    alexi Forestier Hace 19 horas


  • kroog ss
    kroog ss Hace 23 horas

    You would have finished faster if you didn't show everything in your hand at least 2 times to the freaking camera !!

  • Anime _gamer YT
    Anime _gamer YT Hace 23 horas

    But that's not all there's more food on the emoji food

  • Diara Edmonson
    Diara Edmonson Hace un día

    how do you eat all of that and still stay in shape

  • Tɧҽ Vɩɾųى
    Tɧҽ Vɩɾųى Hace un día

    The dog is me lowkey

  • MR11
    MR11 Hace un día

    i hvae a ? why dose the pizza have so many peproinnes on instead of us?

  • Dopefreshboy Kian
    Dopefreshboy Kian Hace un día

    Five stacks of pancakes!? look at the emoji pancake people... And matt

  • Rifat Samana
    Rifat Samana Hace un día

    Boi!!? How?? Im shook😂

  • Emily Zinter
    Emily Zinter Hace un día

    How can he do that😱😱😱

  • A. M Vlogs
    A. M Vlogs Hace un día


  • Wickham Smith
    Wickham Smith Hace un día


  • beyza Karaköz
    beyza Karaköz Hace un día

    when u eat it makes me hungry 😂

  • Abu Halid
    Abu Halid Hace un día


  • OSQA Channel
    OSQA Channel Hace un día

    Positif : biar ga mubazir
    Negatif: terlihat rakus.

  • Drae Merilles
    Drae Merilles Hace un día

    Or maybe the burrito

  • Drae Merilles
    Drae Merilles Hace un día

    The only thing that I can only eats is the 🎂and 🍕

  • يوميات لاجئ سوري في المانيا

    يلي جاي من جيش ساري جاد يحط لايك

  • alice Chan
    alice Chan Hace un día +1

    I do not know why when i watch this kind of videos,i will feel full but when i watch suellasmr( a yt channel), i will feel very very hungry

  • DemoBear
    DemoBear Hace un día

    Wonder what his cholesterol is

  • Gurjit singh
    Gurjit singh Hace 2 días

    Matt we all see that u covers those McDonald’s fries with tape

  • MobGamer 24
    MobGamer 24 Hace 2 días

    Dude do u ever get full?


    It takes me 30 mins to eat one slice of cake

  • Layani Tommillsonjack
    Layani Tommillsonjack Hace 2 días

    Yes Matt represent your heritage

  • Johnna 's world
    Johnna 's world Hace 2 días +1

    How do you not get full 😂😂

  • miggy deguilmo
    miggy deguilmo Hace 2 días

    try filipino food challenge

  • Owen Wojtowicz
    Owen Wojtowicz Hace 2 días

    I want the cake

  • Gaming Pickles
    Gaming Pickles Hace 2 días

    How you eat pussy like that

  • Xx randok5910 xX
    Xx randok5910 xX Hace 2 días

    That cake 🎂 looks good

  • Isaiah Gamez
    Isaiah Gamez Hace 2 días

    *Pause At **1:16* My Boy Matt Has To Check His InstaGram

  • Maggienator 05
    Maggienator 05 Hace 2 días

    10 mili views 10 months ago

  • Toni Protulipac
    Toni Protulipac Hace 2 días


  • leon yolo
    leon yolo Hace 2 días

    *if matt was female*
    Matt flirting:you know how big mouth i have (wink)
    Matt:i can eat whole pizza under 1 minutr

    ROBLOX GIRL Hace 2 días

    Omg how do you eat cake like that

  • denisdaily fan :p
    denisdaily fan :p Hace 2 días

    Im worrie about your healthy is that not gonna make you puke on the toilet

  • Silliere Sandrine
    Silliere Sandrine Hace 2 días


  • Duevy ROBLOX- and more!


  • alaa lazkany
    alaa lazkany Hace 2 días

    واو شلون

  • Zoey Jafferally
    Zoey Jafferally Hace 2 días

    How in the world is he so skinny. If I where to eat even one quarter of what he eats and that quickly I'd be a beach whale. I eat two slices of pizza and already gain like 15 bounds lmao. God bless you with your ability. 😁😁😁😁😁

  • *Meesum Raza Hashmi*
    *Meesum Raza Hashmi* Hace 2 días +1

    Isn't the guy get fat many calories he had taken and no fat at all

  • Achol Mow
    Achol Mow Hace 2 días

    It’s so hard for me to watch these videos!!!

  • Achol Mow
    Achol Mow Hace 2 días

    I look like him when I am eating (no wonder why I look like Jupiter,the ring is for protection so I don’t eat it all I am trying) 😂 LOL

  • ROBLOX Gamer Ethan
    ROBLOX Gamer Ethan Hace 2 días


    JOHNLOL PW Hace 2 días

    I saw in your Dogs Mind , It says
    Y U no Give me Food

    CLAUDETHE BOSS Hace 2 días

    Today I at a 🍔🍕🥪🌭🍟🍔🌭🍗🍗🥚🍳🥓🥓🍑🍎🍍🍇🍓🍓🍍🍊🍆🍉🥑🍓🥕🍓🍐🍑🌽🥦🥥🥦🥥🥔🥥🍆🍑🌽🍖🥫🥫🥫🥞🍗🍖🥖🥞🥨🥦🥦🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥☕️☕️🍼🍪🍭🍬🎂🎂🍵🍹🏀⚽️⚽️🏐🏐🏀🏈🏈🍹🍻🥂

  • Caleb Canelas
    Caleb Canelas Hace 3 días

    🍝🍩🍪🍫🍖🍢🍤🍣🍜🍙🍌🍢🍲🍛 you forgot doesx

  • Aniah Beauty
    Aniah Beauty Hace 3 días

    How does he stay so skinny

  • La Ethan
    La Ethan Hace 3 días +1

    All of that food will last me a week or two

  • Federico Fortin
    Federico Fortin Hace 3 días

    small mouth...

  • Monatge Channel HuN
    Monatge Channel HuN Hace 3 días

    You have beautiful dog!

  • tomekos
    tomekos Hace 3 días

    What a cute dog 🐶

  • V0ltix YT
    V0ltix YT Hace 3 días

    Bruh! Are you Lithuanian cuz on TV i just heard about you and im from Lithuania. If you are really from Lithuania then labas. xD

  • Farhan Khan
    Farhan Khan Hace 3 días

    oh my god! how the can you eat like that, I'm totally like 😲😲😲...

  • Doriboss DP
    Doriboss DP Hace 3 días


  • PUG Günlüğü
    PUG Günlüğü Hace 3 días

    Bana ver onu ben yiccem

  • Greemaan Chen
    Greemaan Chen Hace 3 días

    Your dog is so lovely

  • Kamile Nor
    Kamile Nor Hace 3 días

    Soo cute dog🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐩🐩🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  • diy with unecorn
    diy with unecorn Hace 3 días +1

    Ewww you tuchtet your dog well eating pizza

  • Kashi Fuentes
    Kashi Fuentes Hace 3 días

    A Glass of Water is not in the Top 0

  • Johnny Aguilar
    Johnny Aguilar Hace 3 días


  • extremepersonailty brown

    title should be, "how to deal with depression "

  • Smoke Weed Every Day
    Smoke Weed Every Day Hace 3 días

    He does not get fat, so interesting

  • pineapple angel
    pineapple angel Hace 4 días

    Matt your husky is cute

  • رورو الشمري
    رورو الشمري Hace 4 días

    ماشاءالله تبارك الله اذكروا الله

  • Amazing Jack and Tate -

    I like your dog

  • Michael Pujols
    Michael Pujols Hace 4 días

    I love all of the emogis pls want to win

  • 2 generation
    2 generation Hace 4 días


  • JordanIsCool
    JordanIsCool Hace 4 días

    I’m so happy you decided to put soya sauce on the rice xD

  • Matthew white
    Matthew white Hace 4 días

    Oh my gawd

  • Cameron Matthews
    Cameron Matthews Hace 4 días +1

    I've got serious Castro ur fukin eating all dat food

  • Chief Panda
    Chief Panda Hace 4 días


  • Kalena Thao
    Kalena Thao Hace 4 días

    The pancake 🥞 the syrup post to go first after the butter

  • Messi Fan
    Messi Fan Hace 4 días +1

    I wonder what his mindset is

  • UltraGamer GranPro
    UltraGamer GranPro Hace 4 días

    I miss Toad :,(

  • Pão na chapa ._.
    Pão na chapa ._. Hace 4 días +1


  • tayyab ghouri
    tayyab ghouri Hace 4 días

    Man ur dog is cute

  • حشداوي
    حشداوي Hace 4 días


  • حشداوي
    حشداوي Hace 4 días

    I Love ❤ you

  • Semdi  Sole   Sarp  Nde Oldo Bdbsjs


  • Rachel Vandapperen
    Rachel Vandapperen Hace 4 días

    Are u forcing yourself to do all this eating challenge?
    Don't force urself....

  • Silva Panda
    Silva Panda Hace 4 días

    How is it that you eat so much food and yet.... your still skinny?

  • Adrian Geloso
    Adrian Geloso Hace 4 días

    What is your mother's nationality matt stonie?

  • Prince SONI
    Prince SONI Hace 4 días

    but it will be the veg if you will accept

  • Prince SONI
    Prince SONI Hace 4 días

    will you accept?

  • Prince SONI
    Prince SONI Hace 4 días

    I would like to chalange you for the burger challenge

  • Rex Pasia
    Rex Pasia Hace 4 días

    Who are you what are you winning forward you are a mother phone in your mind that's the fourth I know this is not like that

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