Best Rock & Metal Auditions - The Voice Of Romania Part 2

  • Publicado el 15 ene 2018
  • 0:00 Iuliana Dobre - Show Must Go On
    1:38 Alexandru Bunghez - Sex on fire
    3:20 Zsuzsana Cerveni - Mistreated
    5:38 Paul Batinas - Tennessee Whisky
    7:23 Octavian Casian - A Change Is Gonna Come
    9:14 Mano Raduly Botond - In My Defence
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  • Dreams of Death RecordsVEVO

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  • theretiringbarber
    theretiringbarber Hace 11 meses +2

    Last guy was awesome.

  • Onazol17
    Onazol17 Hace un año +6

    2 bad the judges obviously were not familiar with the song "Mistreated" only 1 judge turned. Zsusana Cerveni performed wonderfully. Good presence n good voice. Good luck in her future career :-)

    • Alex Hristea
      Alex Hristea Hace 11 meses +1

      You're welcome! She was great indeed! :)

    • Michael Monroe
      Michael Monroe Hace 11 meses +2

      Absolutely amazing, she was, and her singing gave me goose bumps, and shudders. I watch the voice, so that I can get the word out about people I start crying to, so that they can get traction. Thank you for your response :) *hugs*

    • Onazol17
      Onazol17 Hace 11 meses

      So glad 2 hear it. Will look 4 more videos with her :-)

    • Alex Hristea
      Alex Hristea Hace 11 meses +1

      Michael Monroe, that coach, Smiley, was asking what the rockers are doing because he knew she deserves to get a spot on one of their teams. Even though she got 1 chair to turn, she reached the 3rd place.

    • Michael Monroe
      Michael Monroe Hace 11 meses +1

      I think one of the coaches was saying, "What can I do with her?" The job of the coaches is to be able to coach the singer. I am not sure she really needs them, to be honest.

  • Tedy S
    Tedy S Hace un año

    Goosh pump the last one!

  • metal 4 ever ride the ligning dj z


  • Imti Jamir
    Imti Jamir Hace un año +1

    I didn't know Jason Newsted was Romanian.

  • Patricio e
    Patricio e Hace un año +3

    El cantante del minuto 11 es realmente muy buen intérprete, el jurado lo mira embobado... Me da la impresión que los Rumanos se dejan llevar por la apariencia.
    Felicitaciones al cantante de verde

  • Gabriel Daryscopoulos
    Gabriel Daryscopoulos Hace un año +5

    Damn... Rumanians do know how to sing, very talented people. Greetings from Guatemala!

  • Костя Костя
    Костя Костя Hace un año +1

    Zsuzsana она прекрасна!!!!

  • mckoypaul
    mckoypaul Hace un año +2

    come si fa a non girarsi per la Cerveni??? ma ascoltatevi topo grigio va...

  • Kmen Tariang
    Kmen Tariang Hace un año +6

    Romania's really got talent,, the song choice r way better than any talent show in America.

  • Charlotte Flavell
    Charlotte Flavell Hace un año +2

    5.10 if shed have sang dream on by Arosmith shed have had all 4 chairs turned are the 2 male coachs who turned for the guy who sang a change is gonna come are they rock stars I'm British and don't know of any Romanian rock stars or singers

    • rain97
      rain97 Hace 2 meses

      One of them is, the one with short hair, he plays some pop rock thing i personally dont like. The other is not, but he says he likes rock music. At some point there is another rock guy there (the part with Mistreated)

  • Adina Mitrea
    Adina Mitrea Hace un año +2

    Zsuzsana , Octavian, Paul si Mano conduc detasat.

  • Joe Newman
    Joe Newman Hace un año +5

    I’ve been mistreated, but the show must go on !!!!!

  • damen ih lew
    damen ih lew Hace un año


  • TheVallixx
    TheVallixx Hace un año

    Doamne în ce hal a măcelărit "show must go on"..... Dear God! Pacat, ca de cantat nu ar cânta rău......

  • Radu Stefan
    Radu Stefan Hace un año +3

    La Zsuzsana Cerveni nu s-au intors nici unul.....penibil ma refer la barbati

  • Daniel Hicks
    Daniel Hicks Hace un año

    how exactly is Tennessee Whiskey rock or metal?

    • TheVallixx
      TheVallixx Hace un año +1

      Eh...somebody clearly doesn't now what "metal" mean. None of the songs from this compilation was in any kind metal. Hard rock? Maybe. Pop rock? Maybe. Metal? No way!

    • Daniel Hicks
      Daniel Hicks Hace un año

      Dreams of Death RecordsVEVO still not metal

    • Dreams of Death RecordsVEVO
      Dreams of Death RecordsVEVO  Hace un año

      The genre of rock or metal has a lot of influences from blues or country music.

  • Anugrah Trisakti Putra
    Anugrah Trisakti Putra Hace un año +9

    the beautiful girl who sings mistreaded choose a great song.. but maybe she's better with child in time

  • chammi gamage
    chammi gamage Hace un año +8

    my god the last...

  • Hugo Ferraz
    Hugo Ferraz Hace un año +4

    good list. but show must go on for her...shes so good

  • kompilasi video92
    kompilasi video92 Hace un año +2

    That last guy tho

    • Alwynka Xi
      Alwynka Xi Hace un año

      Singing like an angel, OMFG I'm crying... he's my new favourite :D

  • Dreams of Death RecordsVEVO

    *Check new video*ídeo.html

  • Arne Haraldseid
    Arne Haraldseid Hace un año +2

    So good \m/

  • Robi
    Robi Hace un año +1