TIME FREAK Official Trailer (2018) Asa Butterfield, Sophie Turner Romantic Movie HD

  • Publicado el 10 oct 2018
  • TIME FREAK Official Trailer (2018) Asa Butterfield, Sophie Turner Romantic Movie HD
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Comentarios • 1 060

  • yumusic
    yumusic Hace 18 horas

    A remake of Adam Sandler´s movie?

  • MissTotos
    MissTotos Hace un día

    re-do the movie but give Sophie the time machine. She wouldn't use it to negate someone elses decision. This is a shit concept for a movie.

  • Prabin Song prabin
    Prabin Song prabin Hace un día

    Sofie turner with American accent

  • gundam x
    gundam x Hace 2 días

    Trailer Italiano ? dove ?

  • olivia platz
    olivia platz Hace 2 días

    Asa has been in many movies!!!!

  • Guili Song
    Guili Song Hace 3 días

    Oscar nominated? Wtf

  • Bk Sam Pt
    Bk Sam Pt Hace 4 días

    I wish i could go back in time to fix my relationship too :(

  • Maynard Omar Mendoza
    Maynard Omar Mendoza Hace 4 días

    isnt this quantum leap instead of time travelling?

  • ツDERA
    ツDERA Hace 4 días

    Bring back enders games sequel

  • cody baggett
    cody baggett Hace 4 días

    This guy and Barry Allen would get along VERY well.

  • Ulfhedinn Norsk
    Ulfhedinn Norsk Hace 4 días

    Both guys are pathetic simps with no common sense! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Mary Rizka
    Mary Rizka Hace 5 días

    About Time everyone? Same concept, almost identical storyline without the teen drama.

  • Rafael artiga
    Rafael artiga Hace 6 días

    Ugh the premise is so cool but the trailer looks so wack to me...

  • Paul C
    Paul C Hace 6 días

    who decided this movie was a good idea?

  • Димитър Владов

    Hugo is that you ? :)

  • Fofo Cuddlypoop
    Fofo Cuddlypoop Hace 7 días

    Two British people pretending to be American 🤔

  • gaurav uniyal
    gaurav uniyal Hace 7 días

    Where can I find this movie online!! Anyone?

  • Catie Brown
    Catie Brown Hace 7 días


  • Dee Marty
    Dee Marty Hace 7 días

    I would give a lifetime worth of "one that got aways" for one loyal best friend

  • icewallowcman
    icewallowcman Hace 8 días

    Sophie is so fuking hot

  • Feras Khan
    Feras Khan Hace 8 días


  • Sid Zaveri
    Sid Zaveri Hace 8 días

    Loved the iDea

  • Just Jess
    Just Jess Hace 8 días

    I just saw the exact same movie with Alexandra Daddario and Adam DeVine

  • Marcos Vazquez
    Marcos Vazquez Hace 8 días

    lol wtf okay well that was a good movie? fukin trailer killin it better than sparknotes

  • Jasper Booysen
    Jasper Booysen Hace 8 días

    Does Asa Butterfield only play in soppy movies??

  • grumbles
    grumbles Hace 9 días

    Haven't seen it, but does anyone else feel like it's a happier less haunting/disturbing version of The Butterfly Effect? (Which is an incredible movie btw)

  • TruthHurts 777
    TruthHurts 777 Hace 9 días

    You have the ability to kill baby Hitler and stop the Egyptians from starting world wide slavery, and you waste it on a broken heart? This is why God and/or Evilution doesn't give us powers.

  • Martin
    Martin Hace 9 días

    What is that piano song when they lying together in the tent???? NEED to KNOW!

  • thejanusproject32
    thejanusproject32 Hace 9 días

    There has definately got to be consequences for doing time shit like this lol

  • Zero Tolerance
    Zero Tolerance Hace 9 días

    my advice to those characters... MOVE ON!!!!

  • ClownHouse
    ClownHouse Hace 10 días

    thank you watching this with my grand kids now

  • Neb Heru
    Neb Heru Hace 10 días

    Another lame peckerwood time travel story. I traveled into the future and saw that this movie flopped.

  • Donovan Creamer
    Donovan Creamer Hace 10 días

    She’s so hot.

  • AngelLestat2
    AngelLestat2 Hace 10 días

    Two of my favorite young actors in the most used and less creative script.. What I should do?

  • BoxxyFan
    BoxxyFan Hace 10 días

    No means NO. This movie is so offensive to women.

  • The Destiny
    The Destiny Hace 10 días

    what song?

  • Brockvorhees -
    Brockvorhees - Hace 10 días

    1. This dude can’t take no for an answer.
    2. Don’t fuck with time...you legit could cause an apocalypse 10 years into the future.
    3. How the fuck does this kid still look 15?

  • Jordan Mc
    Jordan Mc Hace 10 días

    A heart warming story of a boy who manipulates time to manipulate a girl to fall in love.

  • God Fist
    God Fist Hace 10 días

    just rape her and get back :3 lol

  • Will Ellison
    Will Ellison Hace 10 días

    I don't have to watch the movie after that trailer. Thank you.

  • gamingevents
    gamingevents Hace 10 días

    That girl was doggy styled in game of thrones 😂

  • Fenixz Filip
    Fenixz Filip Hace 11 días


  • toa scranill
    toa scranill Hace 11 días

    Isn't this a little creepy?

  • toa scranill
    toa scranill Hace 11 días

    Why does nobody use a time machine for scientific research?
    I guess their only use is having WHACKY adventures
    But, yah I would also use it to get laid...

  • القوة لله عز وجل

    A grown-up man with a baby face is so special in love and I can't explain it, maybe girls understand .

  • Nathab Jones
    Nathab Jones Hace 11 días

    The amount of people who think that he's being creepy is astonishing. He's going back in time to make sure he gets their relationship right so she'll want to be with him thats not manipulation. Manipulation is getting what you want by ignoring or harming the desires of others with the underlying idea being "I have to fool people to make them give me what I want." His feelings are genuine and he isn't using her as a tool to some end. Also to address the issue of how people say that he can[t take no for an answer he is in the sense of how he is no longer pursuing the Sophie Turner that said no but rather going back to when she didn't want to be with him.

  • Kpop fan
    Kpop fan Hace 11 días

    Asa is just the same as "x+y"😍

  • Nicole Esguerra
    Nicole Esguerra Hace 11 días

    I recommend you to watch this movie. It's so good.

  • The people's choice
    The people's choice Hace 11 días


  • Matt6438
    Matt6438 Hace 12 días

    Based on a true story

  • Pcn. Y
    Pcn. Y Hace 13 días

    "please dont tell me you think this is what i think you think this is" .... this sentence got me confused man

  • zenith REBEL
    zenith REBEL Hace 13 días

    1:18 why the guy on the left is laughing tho?

  • mighty
    mighty Hace 13 días

    Such a great actor for such a mediocre kids movie

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E Hace 14 días +1

    Click 2: the teenage years

  • you will be triggered
    you will be triggered Hace 15 días

    Dormammu, I've Come To Bargain!

  • Mumen Rider
    Mumen Rider Hace 16 días

    another dumb movie about a guy who can't take no for an answer, incels love this crap

  • Kalie Kaykay
    Kalie Kaykay Hace 17 días

    Am I the only one who thinks the guy kinda looks like a younger version of Ethan?

  • Tareq Mahamud
    Tareq Mahamud Hace 18 días

    please someone give me the song's name played in the movie

    • Tareq Mahamud
      Tareq Mahamud Hace 12 días

      +Jesse Pruett hey when the movie start that song plz

    • Jesse Pruett
      Jesse Pruett Hace 13 días

      Stop Freeze Time by Parker Theory

  • Elijah Roush
    Elijah Roush Hace 19 días

    This is such an unoriginal idea.

  • BJ JR
    BJ JR Hace 20 días +1

    *When* *We* *First* *Met* Part II looks terrible.

  • Loriko Arpilleda
    Loriko Arpilleda Hace 20 días

    part 2 please

  • Dian Lestari
    Dian Lestari Hace 20 días

    just watch it! i wasn't expecting that the end will be great! totally recomended!!!

  • Tinapa
    Tinapa Hace 20 días

    I just watched this, im inlove with debbie 😍

  • Avery Christy
    Avery Christy Hace 20 días

    I'm sure it starts out he's a guy who can't take no for an answer, but you know they do character development and he changes into a decent, non-stalker type. As for the trailer, that was a great movie. Glad I got to see it all.

  • doom7ish
    doom7ish Hace 21 un día

    Nooo. Don't time travel! Seriously.
    Your going to mess with time itself.
    Paradoxes man. Seriously.

  • A K
    A K Hace 21 un día


  • phillip hansen
    phillip hansen Hace 21 un día

    why does this remind me of steins; gate?

  • Bert-jan Stigter
    Bert-jan Stigter Hace 21 un día

    i have created what every borken hearts wants

    a new girl friend...done

  • SmGToast
    SmGToast Hace 21 un día

    All his movies has to do with science but thats what i love about it cause this kinds of movies suits him

  • Chris Jenko
    Chris Jenko Hace 21 un día

    isn't this like the movie About Time?

  • Brin Chan
    Brin Chan Hace 23 días


    MIHLALI SOTOMELA Hace 23 días

    This is like THE MOVIE ABOUT TIME...

    • Kim Chi Trịnh
      Kim Chi Trịnh Hace 22 días

      Absolutely!!! About time teen version is what in my head when I see this trailer

  • mercedbread
    mercedbread Hace 23 días

    This dude will do anything to please his girl

  • Mark David Vibar
    Mark David Vibar Hace 23 días

    wow, this is creepy and stalkerish if you think about it. It like saying no over and over again to a person you don't like but they keep on pushing themselves on you.

  • Raphelle Andrews
    Raphelle Andrews Hace 24 días

    G rated butterfly effect

  • The Sonnetist
    The Sonnetist Hace 24 días

    this is what i have been trying to do since 2014. i want her back, we used to love each other, damn

  • banderse77
    banderse77 Hace 25 días

    So a 12 y/o wants to bang his older sister.

  • Bhuvanesh s.k
    Bhuvanesh s.k Hace 25 días

    Speakers.... !!!

  • WilfShadow
    WilfShadow Hace 25 días

    Initially thought "This looks shit...." then saw it until the end and thought "This looks shit!!!"

  • Adjusta Belasta
    Adjusta Belasta Hace 26 días

    It's a bit weird to hear Asa in american accent

  • Jitesh shah
    Jitesh shah Hace 27 días

    looks like "life is strange" video game

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee Hace 28 días

    Worker- how do we make it look like a time machine?
    Set Director- go buy the shittiest speakers you can find at walmart and stick them on wavy walls.

  • Ayie
    Ayie Hace 28 días

    Hey its Phoenix, she's gorgeous❤️

  • E.H.
    E.H. Hace 29 días

    Change that shit trailer music!

  • Luis Casallo
    Luis Casallo Hace 29 días

    I can't believe they put Sophie Turner in a relationship with that 12 years old kid

  • Suckame Jones
    Suckame Jones Hace un mes +1

    Anyone else notice at the rave the Asian guy dancing alone is still dancing alone in the morning when he wakes up lmao

  • Gee Tee
    Gee Tee Hace un mes

    He should've built a better girlfriend.

  • fung fung
    fung fung Hace un mes

    this movie was surprisingly good! I love Sophie T, but this part looks like more designed for Jennifer Lawrence. And the male role maybe Justin Long would be better. Asa is fine but looks too jung. Skyler Gisondo, amazing actor!

  • Nicholas Steven Kidmann

    this looks like a movie Rob Schnider should've gotten the main role.

    SHQIP 8D AUDIO Hace un mes

    No Joffrey, no second chances

  • Erika
    Erika Hace un mes

    I just watched the movies and it was great. You should give it a try

  • zinou music gamer
    zinou music gamer Hace un mes

    am not lucky at all and sad but i will always share the love to anyone

  • Ella Enchanted
    Ella Enchanted Hace un mes

    Bad casting

  • Aienne
    Aienne Hace un mes +1

    This movie is good guys just watch it and make sure you watch it till the end coz the ending is the very best part for me. And don't care anymore if Sophie looks like Asa's older sister...well I used to tho. XD

  • Rafael Carbajal
    Rafael Carbajal Hace un mes +1

    What happens at the end

  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell Hace un mes +1

    This is movie reminds me of the first time we met

  • Abena Campbell
    Abena Campbell Hace un mes +1

    Love this movie omg. ......... need part 2

  • Emanuel Afonso
    Emanuel Afonso Hace un mes

    Had to stop watching it because the main actor head size compared to his body is spooky. I know.......nobody is perfect.

  • SergSpace
    SergSpace Hace un mes

    Turning time back just to get a girl? This is pathetic. Saving the live would be the purpose of time travel. This would be a great movie to watch, not teenage loser's crap.