Marvel's Avengers Full World Premiere Presentation | Square Enix E3 2019

  • Publicado el 11 jun 2019
  • Marvel and Crystal Dynamics are collaborating on an all-new comic book video game experience with Avengers.
    Marvel’s Avengers begins at A-Day, where Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor are unveiling a hi-tech Avengers Headquarters in San Francisco - including the reveal of their own helicarrier powered by an experimental energy source.
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  • Zach Scott
    Zach Scott Hace 27 días

    Stunt Doubles Assemble.

  • Jay Dalal
    Jay Dalal Hace 29 días

    Now all of a sudden they reveal the game contains loot crates and microtransactions at gamescom

  • Asad J
    Asad J Hace 29 días

    I wish thanos is in the game

  • POTTERY BOOM by Austin

    I wish Stan Lee was there too

  • The Hybrid, The_NY_Skywalker

    Where is hawkay and is this two players

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark Hace un mes +1

    Black Widow: "Dammit, they played us."
    Iron Man: "Like a damn fiddle!"

  • Norbert Őszi
    Norbert Őszi Hace un mes

    This one is gonna flop like Anthem.

  • Michael Denison
    Michael Denison Hace un mes +1

    For what it's worth, that whole statement of "It's Crystal Dynamics' interpretation of the Avengers", is spot-on.
    Comic-book characters have been open to interpretation since their inception, so while I can see why some viewers joke about how this is the "B-Team Avengers", I don't think that's a fair comment to make.

    More to the point, I'm excited for this, because it looks to me like a lot of love and work was put into this.

  • Chocov 123
    Chocov 123 Hace un mes

    This is my thoughts on this game...
    1. The tittle is generic and needs to be changed, even if it is changed to "Avengers: The Game"
    2. The graphics are fantastic
    3. I hope it's not an exlusive
    4. The voice acting is fine (I liked the Avengers EMH VA's better)
    5. I think the gameplay looks a bit too scripted, which is a problem I have with many popular modern games.
    6. I very much dislike Captain America and Thor's designs (Thor is missing his helmut and Cap doesn't have enough red), I hope there is alternate costumes.
    7. This game is to much like the MCU; I would like it more if it was like Spider-Man PS4 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2, those games had some spare elements from the then "current" films but had their own universe very closely based on yet differing from the original source material.
    This game looks like it will be very fun, please don't take this as hate, it is only criticism. 😊

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens Hace un mes

    People are asking where’s Hawkeye but don’t realize Troy Baker plays Hawkeye in Avengers Assemble. Since Hawkeye isn’t in this game they have him Hulk. I don’t think people realize they used the voice actors from
    avengers Assemble for this game

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace un mes

      @David Stephens they don't roger Craig Smith plays cap in Avengers assemble but he doesn't in this and nolan north doesn't play tony in Avengers assemble

    • David Stephens
      David Stephens Hace un mes

      Alphafire 616 yes they do

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace un mes

      Tony and Steve don't have the Avengers assemble voices

  • Mr Sonic ッ
    Mr Sonic ッ Hace 2 meses


  • Golde Mike
    Golde Mike Hace 2 meses

    OOOOOOOOOOOffff poor hawk eye

  • Firecreeperk8 FC8
    Firecreeperk8 FC8 Hace 2 meses

    You'll shoot arrows like a really good archer. Hawkeye.

  • mukund kaul
    mukund kaul Hace 2 meses +1

    Why face is's all about gameplay guys

  • bad business
    bad business Hace 2 meses

    Lets go !!!!! 🅰️vengers 💪💯💉🏁

  • Steven Clark \ legendary Godzilla


  • ZeldaFan 226
    ZeldaFan 226 Hace 2 meses

    Why are people upset about this game?.

  • kheri barwan
    kheri barwan Hace 2 meses

    Hawkeye: My name is Clint
    Square Enix: It doesn't matter what your name is!!!!!!

  • TheViser
    TheViser Hace 2 meses

    I pre-ordered on Amazon, will I get a code for the beta?

  • EmulaPlayZ
    EmulaPlayZ Hace 2 meses

    What about falcon

  • Dennis Freeman
    Dennis Freeman Hace 2 meses

    So I'm a little bit confused about the content(characters locations missions) that's supposed to be released for "years to come". Are those characters locations in missions going to be available for offline play as well or the characters at least or is it that after you complete the offline campaign there no additional content I would really like to know if this "year's of content" and " adding all your favorite characters for years to come" would be for available via download for single player as well.... if anyone knows please let me know no one has asked this question yet that I could find online.

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace 2 meses

      I'm assuming the future content will be playable offline as well but they haven't confirmed anything yet

  • The Hayden show!
    The Hayden show! Hace 2 meses +1

    Where is Hawkeye....this game....already stinks

  • DonkeyFilms
    DonkeyFilms Hace 2 meses

    Is this tied to Spider-Man? I remember Spider-Man saying that the Avengers were on the west coast.

  • Zach Baldwin
    Zach Baldwin Hace 2 meses

    I missed this. Ordinarily, games based on movies are mediocre at best (though some have risen to the challenge) - but this looks spectacular! Worthy of the Marvel name.

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace 2 meses

      It's on both

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace 2 meses

      It's not based on the movies so it has a bigger chance of success

  • Kid Dubes
    Kid Dubes Hace 2 meses

    Is this game ps4 only or will it be on Xbox

  • the epic channel
    the epic channel Hace 2 meses

    Does captain america really die in the game

  • DeVon Ambitious
    DeVon Ambitious Hace 2 meses

    I'm not a fan of DLC but this needs DLC characters unless they're going to make more like X-Men legends

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace 2 meses

      The video literally confiemd they will be adding more characters

  • OG Lord2
    OG Lord2 Hace 2 meses

    Black widow looking like a red haired lord farquad

  • Richard Perez
    Richard Perez Hace 2 meses


  • Toby Bardon
    Toby Bardon Hace 2 meses

    Didn't use the series actors, not interested.

    • CoryX Kenshin
      CoryX Kenshin Hace 2 meses +1

      Every thing doesn't have to always be based of the mcu

  • Yannick Bamona
    Yannick Bamona Hace 2 meses

    Was that Task Master flying around the bridge with Natasha on his back ??

  • William Beeks
    William Beeks Hace 2 meses

    Hopefully for online they give you *full* customization of your character

  • vtecx626
    vtecx626 Hace 2 meses +2

    Hawkeye will be a $20 DLC

  • xXreapzXx
    xXreapzXx Hace 2 meses

    Thor too fat
    Cap too fat
    Tony too skinny

  • Jahan Terrells
    Jahan Terrells Hace 2 meses +3

    After Seeing Rise and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I trust that Crystal Dynamics knows what they're doing.

  • Johann
    Johann Hace 2 meses +2

    Back in my day Black Widow had a Russian accent. It’s now gone because of politics.

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace 2 meses

      Untrue if politics were involved she Would have a Russian accent she has an American accent now because she's played by Americans now

  • julius hibert
    julius hibert Hace 2 meses

    I dont get this "are the avengers a danger to society" bullshit.... they save earth from enemys no one else can defeat and only because they can fail its doesnt mean they are the danger.

  • Star_Lord85
    Star_Lord85 Hace 2 meses


  • The Lonesome Wanderer
    The Lonesome Wanderer Hace 2 meses

    that guy doesn't even know anything about thor lmfao

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace 2 meses

      That doesn't matter all that matters is that he gives us a good performance and that the writers write him good

  • Christian Waterloo
    Christian Waterloo Hace 2 meses

    Please tell there will be split screen. I hate the way new games force you to co op online. First of all, classic couch co opping is like a whole different experience, but also not all my friends have an Xbox and want to each spend $60 on the game.

  • Christian Waterloo
    Christian Waterloo Hace 2 meses

    Why they still trynna get rid of Black Widow’s Russian accent? I got it when they wanted to have Scarlett Johansson play her and she couldn’t do the accent or whatever, but now they could literally cast whoever they want, but they still deny her the accent

  • Mi Mong
    Mi Mong Hace 2 meses

    How do you cheer for a cutscene of a video game? That literally reveals nothing about the gameplay.
    Will we ever get a great story, great graphics, great controls, interactive console marvel game with a large roster of playable characters. I 100% doubt it.
    I’ll believe it when I see it.
    I find marvel movies as amazing as i find their games disappointing. And their movies are incredible.

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace 2 meses

      1. Marvel is good in games now spiderman was a masterpiece
      2. They confirmed they will have a large roster and they are adding more (tho that means the launch roster may only have like 10 heroes)
      3. The story looks good
      4. What do you mean interactive??? It's a video game video games are interactive

  • Mihnea 9
    Mihnea 9 Hace 2 meses

    I hate that I have a trailer but not a pre-order

  • RetroSteve
    RetroSteve Hace 2 meses +1

    Ive always enjoyed the E3 trailers with crowd noise included.

  • KingOwens
    KingOwens Hace 2 meses +1

    Seeing Troy Baker reminded me how much I wanted to see Delsin Rowe in back another game 😭

  • Shandiesel1000
    Shandiesel1000 Hace 2 meses

    Why isn’t it my good friend TASK MASTER.

  • Jakoob Swack
    Jakoob Swack Hace 2 meses +1

    Audience: *sees their faces*
    *cheering stops*

  • Goku Jr
    Goku Jr Hace 2 meses +6

    Hawkeye: "I can't wait for the old gang to be together again."
    *Square Enix laughs*
    *Marvel laughs*
    *Sony laughs*
    *Microsoft laughs*
    *The Avengers laugh*

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace 2 meses

      I hope when he is added (if he's not in the base game) he can use a sword like ronin

  • Swegatty Swooty
    Swegatty Swooty Hace 2 meses +2

    Its more like a tell tale game then. Open world like GTA...
    Like press W or else you lose

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace 2 meses

      What???? This is a cinematic trailer genius every game has one and those who saw gameplay say its a third person game anf that thor plays like kratos, Tony like a good version of anthem, cap like Arkham, hulk like hulk ultimate destruction and widow will have stealth

  • potatocubes 30875
    potatocubes 30875 Hace 2 meses

    Released in 2020.
    The graphics are shit

  • A. Ojeda
    A. Ojeda Hace 3 meses +2

    looksl ike the thunderbolts will be the main villains... finally, TBolt Ross gets his shine!

  • Lance Raymond Rebosa
    Lance Raymond Rebosa Hace 3 meses

    **pLeAsE wELcOmE intensifies**

  • Louberte
    Louberte Hace 3 meses

    big sad, not on switch

  • Boku Noku
    Boku Noku Hace 3 meses

    Black widow looks like aloy from horizon zero dawn

  • Andres
    Andres Hace 3 meses

    I hope it sticks closer to the comics than the movies, that way DLCs can do so much dope shit

  • domanddev
    domanddev Hace 3 meses

    Is that Paul Rudd voicing Tony Stark?? lol

  • entermania
    entermania Hace 3 meses

    When they could've used actual as actors from the movie

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace 2 meses

      They couldn't for 2 reasons
      1. This isn't based on the movies
      2. the actors would cost like half the games budget

  • Nicolas pazmino
    Nicolas pazmino Hace 3 meses

    This game is going to fail

  • omegagilgamesh
    omegagilgamesh Hace 3 meses

    "I feel like the best leaders are that don't necessarily want to be leaders"
    No wonder we can't get a good president.

  • Nicholas M
    Nicholas M Hace 3 meses

    some of the voice actors don't sound anything really like bruce and tony, sorry guys. I am glad Marvel fans finally get a sweet looking action-adventure from a couple really good developers like Square-Enix and Crystal D, I hope it lives up to the hype and yes I hope they don't forget Hawkeye and the others. Wild cheering against pay-to win and loot boxes, lol, nice promise guys. Keep up the good work.

    • Alphafire 616
      Alphafire 616 Hace 2 meses

      Not based on the mvoies so they aren't supposed to sound like the movie versions