Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!

  • Publicado el 30 mar 2019
  • Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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Comentarios • 2 223

  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  Hace 4 meses +390

    Mystery box now available! Will sell out. Get it at ❤️ love you guys. Doing a video with fans soon.

    • Aidan Arambula
      Aidan Arambula Hace 23 días

      Danny Duncan at 9:16 my band that I’m in actually plays that song

    • Alex Elton
      Alex Elton Hace un mes

      I have those softball cleats but I’m a boy but they fireeee

    • Bread Gamez
      Bread Gamez Hace 2 meses


    • sCy_ Mercy
      sCy_ Mercy Hace 4 meses

      I saw you eating pizza it was me and my brother he noded at you

    • Brenden Tubbs
      Brenden Tubbs Hace 4 meses

      I might go to Florida this summer maybe we could meet up if I go love the videos keep it up

  • Xavier Bachop
    Xavier Bachop Hace 15 horas

    how much did u have to pay for the road damages😂

  • Goat KID
    Goat KID Hace 7 días

    Wtf are you alive?

  • Brady Reid
    Brady Reid Hace 8 días

    Frankies an angry little man but i find it so hilarious how simple he is when it comes to the stuff he takes pride in...truck, sunglasses, hat

  • Seth MARTIN
    Seth MARTIN Hace 9 días

    That’s was lit when the song said duh duh and catched on fire

  • Jack Anderson
    Jack Anderson Hace 10 días

    My friends cousin died car surfing I’d hate for you to die please don’t do it again

  • JR Blevins
    JR Blevins Hace 10 días

    lmao the more content part

  • Blaze Burrit0
    Blaze Burrit0 Hace 11 días

    2:28 is that a new evo shield hat 😂😂

  • Oskar Andreas
    Oskar Andreas Hace 11 días

    Intro song?

  • Anthony Bush
    Anthony Bush Hace 14 días

    7:05 that looked like it was out of GTA5

  • Hayden Parker
    Hayden Parker Hace 14 días

    “She looks a little sad maybe it’s because she’s wearing that sweater” 😳😎😂😮🔫💥

  • Jesus Fuentes
    Jesus Fuentes Hace 16 días

    Did that bitch at the end say Donnie instead of Danny 💀

  • Faze pinky Pinky
    Faze pinky Pinky Hace 17 días

    6:03 Cameron’s face 😂😂

  • george belmares
    george belmares Hace 21 un día

    Danny go skating in stores and say is this not the skate park

  • OMGItsGutless
    OMGItsGutless Hace 21 un día

    He look like the dude from twilight playing baseball 😂

  • Ethan Fennell
    Ethan Fennell Hace 22 días

    danny duncan vs jake paul?

  • Liam Burak
    Liam Burak Hace 25 días

    why do I have the exact same hose attachment

  • Gerardo Enriquez
    Gerardo Enriquez Hace 26 días

    cut your hair

  • joshua laday
    joshua laday Hace 26 días

    Dude u are so awesome

  • Everybody Be Guccified
    Everybody Be Guccified Hace 29 días

    I dare you to pin this

  • RnGSamurai
    RnGSamurai Hace 29 días

    Song at the beginning ? Anyone help

  • Sam Sakowski
    Sam Sakowski Hace un mes

    Stupid head

  • Parker Barron
    Parker Barron Hace un mes

    Dude that is a nice car

  • Daniella Berry
    Daniella Berry Hace un mes

    just so u know phils coffee is way better than starbucks

  • Element Prodigy
    Element Prodigy Hace un mes




  • Exotic Troom
    Exotic Troom Hace un mes

    Hey Danny what’s the name of the song at the beginning

  • Roy Fisher
    Roy Fisher Hace un mes

    Danny Duncan : “Your an idiot, *dumbass*

  • XxZionicxX
    XxZionicxX Hace un mes

    7:18 song?

  • mr good feel be kkk
    mr good feel be kkk Hace un mes

    Wow that was good

  • David Seufert
    David Seufert Hace un mes

    Your the coolest matha fucka in the book😄

  • Roman Dominguez III
    Roman Dominguez III Hace un mes

    Later in the future I hope to be part of your crew

  • Roman Dominguez III
    Roman Dominguez III Hace un mes


  • Roman Dominguez III
    Roman Dominguez III Hace un mes

    Danny Should have way more subs for all the cool things he does...Danny keep doing what your doing and I hope you succeed and get way more sub I would love to see you one day I think I might go to the los angles tour hope to see you👍👍👍😊😊😊

  • Zelo 3.O
    Zelo 3.O Hace un mes

    u fuking make my day :w

  • Cameron McLeod
    Cameron McLeod Hace un mes

    Dany darn can play baseball 😑😑

  • Daniel Palazzo
    Daniel Palazzo Hace un mes

    sell danny duncan cleats

  • luis Infantes
    luis Infantes Hace un mes

    How does she not know how to say dot


    Danny the type of guy to be too lazy to wash his clothes so he just buys new ones and donates the others.

  • new channel
    new channel Hace un mes

    That catch at the end had me 😂

  • wes smith
    wes smith Hace un mes

    Daniel the ox😂

  • Floyd McRoy
    Floyd McRoy Hace un mes

    Question, what's the whole problem with the Honda fit and having to move it?

  • Trevor
    Trevor Hace un mes

    Danny owns 2 houses? Damn. I’m guessing one for his mom and his house?

  • Manny 1245
    Manny 1245 Hace un mes

    More Cameron plz lol

  • Dvbs
    Dvbs Hace un mes

    Danny cares bout the camera man so much lmao

  • Motto Vlogs
    Motto Vlogs Hace un mes

    Glad you saved the flag 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Trepzzy Dorro
    Trepzzy Dorro Hace un mes

    What’s the opening song

  • Blivys :D
    Blivys :D Hace un mes

    What if u get stabbed by the horns dude actually I am concerned

    TY WHITE Hace un mes

    Does anyone know the song that’s in the intro

  • Desire Faction
    Desire Faction Hace un mes

    What was the first song?

  • Luis R
    Luis R Hace un mes

    Crazy ass mf😂😂

  • Isaac Riez
    Isaac Riez Hace un mes

    Fuck yeah save the flag 🇺🇸

  • Witten Beam
    Witten Beam Hace un mes

    So can anyone tell me why the city is fining him for the car to be on his property

  • Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor Hace un mes

    He fkn burned team 10 merch😂😂

  • slayer187
    slayer187 Hace un mes

    what is the intro song?

  • Baby Kodakkk
    Baby Kodakkk Hace un mes +1

    So sick of the softball jokes bra , I can’t love Danny & have him hating on my sport bra😫

  • Not2Sick
    Not2Sick Hace un mes +3

    Anyone else watching in June 2019🤔

  • Mohamed Kayed
    Mohamed Kayed Hace un mes

    lmao baseball with soccer shoes

  • yadira guzman
    yadira guzman Hace un mes

    What's inside a mystery box

  • Lemons every day
    Lemons every day Hace un mes +2

    has anybody noticed that he was burning a whole PLASTIC mannequin.😂😂😢🐢🐢👌

  • Carter Button
    Carter Button Hace un mes

    Can’t lie @dannyduncan you look sick as shit at everything you do

  • Dillon B
    Dillon B Hace un mes

    Cameron low key thiccc

  • unknown sanders2
    unknown sanders2 Hace un mes

    Stop fucking swearing

  • Ashlyn Meistad
    Ashlyn Meistad Hace un mes

    danny duncan in a baseball uniform is the best thing i’ve ever fucking seen

  • Malachi Wilson
    Malachi Wilson Hace un mes

    To win home coming just tell everyone you know Danny Duncan and you will win

  • Stephen Freeborn
    Stephen Freeborn Hace un mes

    King McGregor

  • Øüñô
    Øüñô Hace un mes


  • kris nielsen
    kris nielsen Hace un mes +1


  • falconpawnch7
    falconpawnch7 Hace 2 meses


  • Shaw Kirkland
    Shaw Kirkland Hace 2 meses

    what’s the intro song

  • WaitOnJah?
    WaitOnJah? Hace 2 meses

    does cameron like have a job or something else

  • Cophes
    Cophes Hace 2 meses +3

    I love how Frankie is happy about towing the car

  • Survival Gaming
    Survival Gaming Hace 2 meses

    Who was the guy with the truck and why where they so hype about the new evoshield hat

  • Atx-Jonathan
    Atx-Jonathan Hace 2 meses

    Tf did that tv do to you

  • Ryder Romero
    Ryder Romero Hace 2 meses

    Come to chino Hills

  • Let It Reign
    Let It Reign Hace 2 meses

    The baseball content was awesome