Hunter Price: Simon Cowell Requests Second Song From Performer - America's Got Talent 2018

  • Publicado el 11 jul 2018
  • The Georgia crooner starts out with a cover of the Bryan Adams hit "(Everything I Do) I Do For You," but Simon requests a different song. Watch Hunter switch tunes and perform his self-penned song "Left Behind."
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    America's Got Talent
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Comentarios • 5 102

  • indrajit taliwongso
    indrajit taliwongso Hace 3 horas

    Now i know the power of Simon

  • John Mark Esguerra
    John Mark Esguerra Hace 12 horas

    simon is real judge

  • TechWorkHome By J. H
    TechWorkHome By J. H Hace 17 horas

    Life is for the living.
    Death is for the dead.
    Let life be like music.
    And death a note unsaid.

  • DAJ
    DAJ Hace 20 horas


  • Maz Duh
    Maz Duh Hace un día

    Scary spice gets on my nerves when she waves her hands around when she speaks.

  • KDB Diengdoh
    KDB Diengdoh Hace un día

    He's a complete different singer with that second song.

  • Gila Monsterz
    Gila Monsterz Hace un día

    O my

  • Moe Shak
    Moe Shak Hace un día

    He sounds exactly like Bryan

  • Cupid Bow
    Cupid Bow Hace un día


  • ida g
    ida g Hace un día

    Simon Cowell may always make auditioners feel bad at their first shot and we all boo him but he has ALWAYS been right! He is literally a genius. Every time he pulls the real talent out of people! I’m so happy for this guy

  • john ramos
    john ramos Hace 2 días

    Is it just me that felt like i went to an adventure. Like roadtrip with no direction but contented hahaha

  • Helen Legada
    Helen Legada Hace 2 días


  • ֆɨռ oʄ pʀɨdɛ Gaming

    2:31 lol brows

  • Hallvard Kårstad
    Hallvard Kårstad Hace 3 días

    This song is on spotify and youtube. But god damn the youtube version is so much better in all ways... wwhhyyyy!?! Hearing it from spotify its like, meh its alrite.. but youtube, i’m like. Wow that song really hits me.

  • Hanif Nurma
    Hanif Nurma Hace 3 días

    what the title of song??

    THERANDOMCONTENT ? Hace 3 días

    That was kind of rude of Simon?

  • violakuso2007
    violakuso2007 Hace 3 días

    Omg I just love him! I’ve been obsessed with this song forever I need more hunter!!

  • tommy murphy
    tommy murphy Hace 4 días

    Not every song is country. I can't believe anyone anymore.

  • James
    James Hace 4 días

    Bloody Simon Cowell is so damn annoying. Arms up and thumb guy like the Ceasar. I like him though. He proves anyone with out an education, i.e. brains, and luck can make it big in life. He started his career wearing costumes and is really embarrassed by it. Another sociopath who was once interviewed and told people he asked his mother who she would rather jump off a cliff, him or his brother. When his brother left his mother told him I was prefer if your brother did which tells you an awful lot about why he is the way he is. He has a general lack of confidence and it is pure arrogance which is completely different. Some people are confused by the two.

  • Devin Wilson
    Devin Wilson Hace 4 días


  • Ranger Rick
    Ranger Rick Hace 5 días

    Simon is honestly a musical genius. Or just talent in general. He’s awesome, I don’t care what people say.

  • Mama- -Rua
    Mama- -Rua Hace 5 días

    Brilliant guy

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Hace 5 días +1

    Omfg I wish there was a love button and I could hit it a million times!!!!! Why tf does he not have a label deal!!! That was amazing and I so badly want to hear more!!!!!!!!!

  • Meghan Lewis
    Meghan Lewis Hace 5 días

    I like this song

  • ladyleh layno
    ladyleh layno Hace 5 días +1

    Thats how I love simon cowell..hes know someone have him always.
    .😘 ur avid fan fr. phils😊😘

  • Thomas Jack
    Thomas Jack Hace 6 días


  • Salieri Amadeus
    Salieri Amadeus Hace 6 días +1

    God how I miss Simon’s outlook on talents when I’m watching American Idol nowadays! The judges on that show just keep on kissing the contestants’ arses just to sell them as products. 🤮

  • Betsy Bleigh
    Betsy Bleigh Hace 7 días +3

    please.make a buy it now. i could listen to his voice all night.

  • Kaylene's World
    Kaylene's World Hace 7 días +1

    i vote Y E S !!!!!

  • InterTube
    InterTube Hace 7 días +1

    Every girl in the room had to change panties after that.

  • Rapportus5
    Rapportus5 Hace 7 días +1

    So staged loool

  • Soapyy Beatz
    Soapyy Beatz Hace 7 días +1


  • rpwbass
    rpwbass Hace 7 días +2

    This is the most contrived and scripted show. The artist was great, the producers of the show are corny.

  • Mathew Peter
    Mathew Peter Hace 7 días +4

    Simon, never wrong. Why he is where he is. Good voice!

  • Meijinlung Maringmei
    Meijinlung Maringmei Hace 8 días

    Simon is a good jerk

  • shunkajun
    shunkajun Hace 8 días +7

    Say what you wish about Simon but as far as I'm concerned, he has a gift to see what artists are capable of producing and if he does not see it or feel it, he calls it out and tries to help the performer. I have nothing but good things to say about Simon. He's a good man, I feel.

  • Natalie Wilson
    Natalie Wilson Hace 8 días +1

    He a lovey voice, great song!

  • Zdogg
    Zdogg Hace 8 días +7

    Who else replayed this song multiple times?

  • guirito -_-
    guirito -_- Hace 8 días +1

    Whats name of Second music?

    • Hunter Price, Georgia
      Hunter Price, Georgia Hace 7 días

      The second song was one I wrote, "Left Behind" It is available on iTunes and other streaming sites. Thanks!

  • JR Gonzalez
    JR Gonzalez Hace 8 días +1

    I can´t stop listening that song, beautiful voice and lyrics ...

  • Vience Caluya
    Vience Caluya Hace 9 días

    I love country music😍😍😍😍😍 that's new I love it too

  • Wild Child
    Wild Child Hace 9 días +16

    I like the song better here than on Spotify, maybe it's the sound bouncing off the walls in that auditorium, but it's a Great song

  • Nuno Soares
    Nuno Soares Hace 9 días +13

    An abrupt change of song for the artist is good and even better for Simon Cowell hehe. Well done Hunter. You're awesome :-)

  • Sanna Jo
    Sanna Jo Hace 9 días +1


  • D!ZZY Vila Nova
    D!ZZY Vila Nova Hace 9 días +3

    I'm gonna go put on a limb & bet he's said the n word a time or ten!

  • kalie d
    kalie d Hace 9 días +1

    "I kinda wanna be like Taylor Swift" 😂😂😂

  • Sueseajoy
    Sueseajoy Hace 10 días +4

    I don't believe that every good songwriter has a super tragic story, so stop trying to force it.

  • More Red Pill
    More Red Pill Hace 10 días +2

    Wow he was awesome!

    • More Red Pill
      More Red Pill Hace 5 días

      Hunter Price, Georgia
      Awesome! Keep them
      Coming!! Thanks for replying ❤️

    • Hunter Price, Georgia
      Hunter Price, Georgia Hace 5 días +1

      +More Red Pill It is on iTunes and other streaming/download sites, "Left Behind". Thanks again!

    • More Red Pill
      More Red Pill Hace 7 días +1

      Hunter Price, Georgia
      Your welcome! Your song is beautiful! I would buy it bro! I wish u lots of success 👍

    • Hunter Price, Georgia
      Hunter Price, Georgia Hace 7 días +1


  • Chris Pearce
    Chris Pearce Hace 10 días +7

    This is my 10th time ive listened to this in the last 15 minutes. I wish Hunter the very best, he's a true talent, all the best Hunter :)

    • Kenny Rapata
      Kenny Rapata Hace 7 días

      nice dude oh man i see this song on a movie particularly country scenes

    • Hunter Price, Georgia
      Hunter Price, Georgia Hace 7 días

      Thanks! It's available on iTunes and other streaming sites, "Left Behind"

    • Kenny Rapata
      Kenny Rapata Hace 9 días +2

      dude legit on my 20th time now !!!

  • horsegirl07
    horsegirl07 Hace 10 días +1

    So glad he had him sing another song!!

  • Michelle Gr
    Michelle Gr Hace 11 días +1

    "Have you got your own song with you?" Where the hell else would he have it, Simon? Lol

  • M1DNYT3 K1ll4
    M1DNYT3 K1ll4 Hace 11 días +1

    Made me feel good

  • Cody Wood
    Cody Wood Hace 11 días +1

    Just goes to show be who u are ...

  • se loso
    se loso Hace 11 días +1


  • Kim Thorne
    Kim Thorne Hace 12 días +1

    I can't wait to hear this on the country music station!!!!!

  • Aghilas Benicham
    Aghilas Benicham Hace 12 días

    Take Simon a very nice answer

  • Adam Rahmadi
    Adam Rahmadi Hace 12 días +1

    Why do some of audience laugh when he says TS? Her country songs are great.

  • ht gar
    ht gar Hace 13 días +1

    That was amazing. Simon was so perceptive.

  • Jeremy Heartriter2.0
    Jeremy Heartriter2.0 Hace 13 días +1

    Man, country music needs this man!

  • Louis R Kanyan
    Louis R Kanyan Hace 13 días

    2:25 wow

  • Gage Smith
    Gage Smith Hace 13 días +1

    He is good

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson Hace 13 días

    Totally staged...but still fun and super cool. Funny thing, this live version was MUCH better than the formal release of the song.

  • Cameron Hollohan
    Cameron Hollohan Hace 13 días

    Heres my cover of the entire song ! Check it out !

  • Royz3r Willow
    Royz3r Willow Hace 14 días +1

    simon knows talent...

  • Abida Babida
    Abida Babida Hace 14 días

    there’s a reason Simon is one of the most successful people in the music industry and that he’s made himself a half billion bucks. He’s got a great intuition on people’s musical abilities.

  • B.T.B 5.0
    B.T.B 5.0 Hace 14 días +1

    I would buy that song all day long

    • Hunter Price, Georgia
      Hunter Price, Georgia Hace 7 días

      Thanks! It is available on iTunes and other streaming sites, "Left Behind"

  • IM Afrayed knot
    IM Afrayed knot Hace 14 días

    Simon he means it don’t 2nd guess . This time cheers.

  • Max The cuber
    Max The cuber Hace 14 días +1

    wow wow wow!

  • James Sun
    James Sun Hace 14 días +2

    This is all being edited. You are all being fooled!
    He first sang his own song, and simon cut him off because Simon didn’t believe a word of it and then made him sing a karaoke song instead

  • Boggob
    Boggob Hace 15 días

    2:07 Your Welcome!

  • Lynn Wallish
    Lynn Wallish Hace 16 días +2

    I swear I just heard this on the radio and it’s an amazing song. Very well thought out and put together.

  • Orkun Oz
    Orkun Oz Hace 16 días

    its all staged

  • Komunikator
    Komunikator Hace 16 días

    Ooops he did it again!

  • Justin Cotterill
    Justin Cotterill Hace 18 días

    show is so scripted

  • Shancai
    Shancai Hace 18 días

    Him: I wanna be like taylor swift
    Me: You wanna write songs about your exs?

  • Rushton Pippin
    Rushton Pippin Hace 18 días +30

    People do not understand how brilliant Simon is; I swear every time he stops a person and directs them towards a different song choice, they kill it!

  • The Duo 702
    The Duo 702 Hace 18 días +1

    so where can i download the second song

  • Hannie M.
    Hannie M. Hace 18 días +1

    No'one is ever done that voice in the history of AGT.

  • westozzy
    westozzy Hace 18 días

    1:55 well of course he'd have his own song with him. its in his memory because he's written, composed and performed it. where else would it be?

  • Gabb Malabor
    Gabb Malabor Hace 19 días

    So I came from World of Dance videos and other hot koreans we call idols and I thought I like a man who dances better than a man who sings. Then I saw this video and now I have tears in my eyes. Maybe I will someday meet a man who can dance and sing me this song on our wedding day. Idc if he can't sing but man itd be good if he can. Like this.

  • orlanino
    orlanino Hace 19 días

    Colin Hay written all over him.

  • Cheyenne Taukamo
    Cheyenne Taukamo Hace 19 días

    Jjjh gr r ty u fd s ddg j hff ddg gss gb ca sf

  • Aaghneye Gupta
    Aaghneye Gupta Hace 19 días +2

    Simon Cowell. Best at what he does. Finding talents. 😍😍

  • Avil Rodrigues
    Avil Rodrigues Hace 19 días +2

    He gave befitting performance to sioman!. He is great.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name Hace 19 días

    Did anybody else think the part about being out on his own at 18 was odd. Isn’t that when your supposed to go out on your own?

  • Eunice Chen
    Eunice Chen Hace 19 días +1


  • graham coupland
    graham coupland Hace 19 días +1

    This is the best version I can find

  • Yanbo Yang
    Yanbo Yang Hace 19 días

    that moment when you realize these acts of simon stopping singers to do another song is completely staged

  • Colin Mabon
    Colin Mabon Hace 19 días +1

    I don't even like country... but that was good.

  • Sarath Pillai
    Sarath Pillai Hace 19 días +40

    Singer starts singing...
    Simon: simon sense is tingling....
    Change the song....
    Singer sings...
    Audience go haywire.
    Simon: 😎

  • Sangboi Tangpua
    Sangboi Tangpua Hace 19 días +1

    so does this mean that every time Simon asks for a second song they wow the judges?

  • Caleb Ochieng
    Caleb Ochieng Hace 20 días

    yours is yours...

  • Ife Rufus
    Ife Rufus Hace 20 días

    I love his guitar than my country's president.......

    • Donna M
      Donna M Hace 19 días

      Always edit. But I get it.

  • Strange X Effect
    Strange X Effect Hace 20 días +1

    He gave me an avicii vibe

  • baseplayer13
    baseplayer13 Hace 20 días


  • Clive Joseph
    Clive Joseph Hace 20 días +1

    Want that guitar strap.😎

    • Clive Joseph
      Clive Joseph Hace 18 días +1

      +Hunter Price, Georgia Thanks a bunch & wish you the best.

    • Hunter Price, Georgia
      Hunter Price, Georgia Hace 18 días +1

      Ask for Dana on Instagram at buckinbuckarette. Tell her I sent you! You won't be disappointed, great person and skill.

  • Pratap Singh
    Pratap Singh Hace 20 días +1

    The red dressed lady ruined his moment after the song. The second song was too good. Good job sharing it on ESclips

  • Head Hunter
    Head Hunter Hace 20 días

    Its just that he picked the wrong song

  • Opick Van Lakolite
    Opick Van Lakolite Hace 20 días +2


  • subin sabu
    subin sabu Hace 20 días

    It's all a setup