0% BEEF?! What McDonalds in India is Like


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  • ianmel renz garcia
    ianmel renz garcia Hace un día

    are chickens in India are Halal certified? like in McDonalds, or Jollibee?(if there's jollibee)

  • Chaitanya Raj
    Chaitanya Raj Hace 2 días

    English is the second offical language, after Hindi.
    And India is the second largest English speaking country.

  • vivek kirthwan
    vivek kirthwan Hace 3 días

    Try to come again in India i show you lot of dishes with great taste and different varieties

    MAGNUM DONG Hace 5 días

    It sucks.

  • harish pant
    harish pant Hace 6 días

    i love the fact how you said aloo

  • Dinesh Vutukuru
    Dinesh Vutukuru Hace 7 días +10

    Cows aren't gods, cows are sacred to us. Like Cats for Egyptians.

  • Khurt Jacob Garcia
    Khurt Jacob Garcia Hace 7 días


  • Kaustav Mondal
    Kaustav Mondal Hace 7 días

    Hindi and English both are the official languages of India

  • Nmoto G2
    Nmoto G2 Hace 7 días

    Cows are not god. Cow is like a mother. As a baby, after you stop drinking your mom's milk, you drink cow's milk for the rest of your life. So cow is like a mother. Many other attributes of a cow are similar to a mother. Like if you charge towards a cow with a stick, it would never charge back towards you....and many more... So basically Cow is similar to a mother and then your mother is similar to god for you as she brought you in this world! So cow (gau mata) is 'Similar' to god. Hinduism is deep and you can basically question anything and everything...we don't get offended even if you question any of our traditions as we are not 'believers' but we are 'seekers'! Namah-aste! Welcome to Bharat!

  • jacqueliney32
    jacqueliney32 Hace 7 días

    She made that veggie mac look SUPER delish! OMGOSH!!!

  • Kshitij Bhoge
    Kshitij Bhoge Hace 8 días

    India is the largest English speaking Nation .... not the second largest

  • Pranit Jain
    Pranit Jain Hace 8 días

    They didn't just give you peri peri without asking..you ordered the peri peri nuggets

  • Rohan Agarwal
    Rohan Agarwal Hace 9 días


  • SweetTits
    SweetTits Hace 9 días

    Everything they bought would of been $20+ here in NY.. It's insane that they only paid around $13... And they have more options. :(

  • saghar14
    saghar14 Hace 9 días

    Like spices

  • Riicho Bamin
    Riicho Bamin Hace 9 días

    English is one the two official languages languages of India at Federal/Central level. Along with Hindi and English, most states have a language that is native to that state and is the dominant language in that state.

  • hennk nannhu
    hennk nannhu Hace 10 días

    Chicken nuggeys with bbq sauce. And errything

  • Shreya Banerjee
    Shreya Banerjee Hace 10 días

    Indian food is far better then American food...Next time try the street food... Tourists are come to India to taste the culture of India which are the street foods, the dhaba etc.,... People aren't come to India to taste the food of MC Donald's, domino's etc...And aloo means potato...

  • Mawitea Zinhlawng
    Mawitea Zinhlawng Hace 10 días

    French fries ??

  • Timothy
    Timothy Hace 10 días

    Piri piri is the chili /sauce, only know that thanks to nando s

  • Camelia
    Camelia Hace 12 días

    U guys make pretty ignorant assumptions about india and Hinduism, for example that that they view cows as god ... smh

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist Hace 13 días

    So milking the view 🐄 basically

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist Hace 13 días

    How did I get a Gleedan ad for the first time. I am not even married...

  • Samuel Sajith Roberts
    Samuel Sajith Roberts Hace 14 días

    Cool video. I'm from Chennai, India and like McDonald's. But I would definitely like to taste a beef Big Mac. Hope they add that in the menu here.

  • brittny schwietz
    brittny schwietz Hace 14 días

    Chicken all the way!

  • Miss Brutally Honest
    Miss Brutally Honest Hace 14 días

    1:20 and this is the problem of most of the Indians..starts to stare as soon as someone enters somewhere (especially when a foreigner enters) behaves as if never seen a white person before. God! When will these guys change!

  • Urmila Gyan
    Urmila Gyan Hace 14 días


  • Sej
    Sej Hace 15 días

    Josh kinda kinda looks like Tom Hiddleston so thats great

  • Jeddie Cabasag
    Jeddie Cabasag Hace 15 días

    No one puts chicken nuggets with fries sauce no no no

  • LifeHappened **
    LifeHappened ** Hace 15 días

    Yes India is too loud,I realized this,when I came to US.

  • GLOW iee
    GLOW iee Hace 15 días

    Those random stare's to foreigners 😂🤣

  • GLOW iee
    GLOW iee Hace 15 días

    Oh no RIP Mr.Chicken
    Kuku duu kuuuuu
    Quack you all 🦆

  • bindu corriea
    bindu corriea Hace 16 días

    I live in the building just next to that MacDonald
    I missed meeting y'all

  • Steve austin
    Steve austin Hace 16 días

    Taste and smell like india

  • God Father
    God Father Hace 17 días

    Whether you like it or not but we like our MacDonald India without beef & pork
    Enjoy ❤ ..... Mac must know that too..... 🤣🤣🍺🍺🍺

  • Shweta Subramanian
    Shweta Subramanian Hace 17 días

    McSpicy Chicken!!!

  • Krishaang Chheda
    Krishaang Chheda Hace 17 días +1

    Any Indian out there 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Ketki Dwivedi
    Ketki Dwivedi Hace 18 días

    Which McDonald you were ?
    I didn't knew we can buy it thro tab or whatever it was...
    Didn't knew it's in India too..

  • Akanksha Mhatre
    Akanksha Mhatre Hace 18 días

    Try indian street food... u'll like it

  • Bobby Mathews
    Bobby Mathews Hace 18 días

    English is in fact one of India's two official languages actually

  • Sam Omkara
    Sam Omkara Hace 18 días

    Loved this video and you both are super cute and while watching this felt too hungry and it’s time to visit a Macdonald soon . God bless you both

  • annu da cookery show
    annu da cookery show Hace 18 días

    We indians dont eat pig ang cow coz cows are sacred and the pig's are considered as dirty

  • sanya sharma
    sanya sharma Hace 18 días +1

    You should come to India delhi

  • Mayuri Sapre
    Mayuri Sapre Hace 18 días

    U could have try real indian food which is more testy n healthy dan burger ...

  • Tishyamitra Vyas
    Tishyamitra Vyas Hace 19 días

    That girl has a beautiful smile

  • MrMikomi
    MrMikomi Hace 19 días

    Um English is one of two official languages of India.

  • Aditya Bhatt
    Aditya Bhatt Hace 19 días

    If you come to india and eat at mcdonalds u may not sound so smart..

  • Latest Trailors
    Latest Trailors Hace 20 días

    Why Did I saw this video I'm a Vegetarian veg

  • XxDarkJonathanxX
    XxDarkJonathanxX Hace 20 días

    I had come back from India and i saw this vid. And then i realized i took the selfie with you at macdonalds.I'm from australia just visiting my family

    PARTHA SARATHI Hace 20 días

    I would never ever visit Mc donalds if beef is served, pork, mutton, chicken, fish is ok

  • nikhil
    nikhil Hace 20 días

    What's inside? Anything can be inside! I don't think any burger can taste like curry.

  • Neil X
    Neil X Hace 20 días

    So confused themselves

    CLASH WITH HARSH Hace 20 días

    Don't put the full Piri Piri spice mix, it's going to taste the worst...

  • Ahmet Fakı
    Ahmet Fakı Hace 21 un día

    Hi way away familie. Did you miss Turkey, we are missing you. We wait again you. I love your vlog

  • sabu abraham
    sabu abraham Hace 22 días


  • Rishi Harani
    Rishi Harani Hace 22 días

    Guys learn to pronounce the Hindi names correctly. Ask an Indian, they would help.

  • khiladimotorider150
    khiladimotorider150 Hace 22 días

    Now I never going to see eat vlog at middle of a night , O my god I'm hungry ..

  • pushvinder singh
    pushvinder singh Hace 23 días

    I love your videos big respect from india

  • Mohit Agrawal
    Mohit Agrawal Hace 23 días


  • Aisha 21
    Aisha 21 Hace 24 días

    Wow they think that the cow is a god😂😂😂 but whatever it’s their religion and what they believe in so I can’t say anything about it 😂

    • AkaDo
      AkaDo Hace 18 días

      Who's this idiot?

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye Hace 19 días

      india is a 6000 OLDEST surviving civilization. And most of the time, it was an agrarian country. And back then, cow provided everything from food to skin. Thatz why its REVERED(not god). So we are just following the same old tradition.

  • Aisha 21
    Aisha 21 Hace 24 días

    Never going to India’s McDonald’s

  • Catto's random vidz
    Catto's random vidz Hace 24 días

    Ah man! I feel hungry now 😂

  • Madhuri Rodrigues
    Madhuri Rodrigues Hace 24 días

    This is the McDonalds I go to all the time it's right next to my school

  • Shawn Menezes
    Shawn Menezes Hace 24 días

    I always go to the same McDonald's, can't believe that you'll came there and I didn't meet you'll

  • vipin yadav
    vipin yadav Hace 24 días

    Cute couple

  • Sirisha Kari
    Sirisha Kari Hace 24 días

    Also means potato

  • Dookie Monster
    Dookie Monster Hace 24 días

    11:46 "Who wants to ask..." WOW thats friendly

  • Anurag Singh
    Anurag Singh Hace 25 días

    Just for info....those are Bandra streets

  • Alldab NoTea
    Alldab NoTea Hace 25 días

    I cant believe that there aren't people aggressively trying to take you down the street to a fake mcdonalds where you pay 10x as much

  • Shashank Kaveti
    Shashank Kaveti Hace 25 días

    Cows in India = Dogs in America; we love them because we rely on them for farming and dairy products, but we don’t necessarily pray to them. They are definitely sacred though, and they do get special treatment!

    KRISH PATEL Hace 25 días

    First american lady I saw who doesnt like curries.Go get yourself some chicken tikka masala.India cooks best food in the world,maam.McDonald's in india sucks.Everytime I go back home I stay away from all American fast food restaurants because the taste is not compatible with what we find in states.However, try some Domino's or pizza hut pizzas which is far better then americas

  • Melissa Vuke
    Melissa Vuke Hace 25 días

    8:39 everything smells like curry in India

  • D ikki
    D ikki Hace 26 días

    Awesome video👌

  • Merwyn Britto
    Merwyn Britto Hace 26 días

    Bandra the best

  • Chetan Agarwal
    Chetan Agarwal Hace 26 días

    that's what i hate about these food chains.. they have really long menus and a lot of things in those menus but everything just tastes very same..
    i find more different flavoured things on a desi dhaba(street stall) than these expensive restaurants

  • Jatin Sharma
    Jatin Sharma Hace 26 días

    Loved the video 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Sukhraj Pabla
    Sukhraj Pabla Hace 26 días

    My India is best in whole the world 😇

  • Prasad Bankar
    Prasad Bankar Hace 27 días

    Cows are not gods. They are like more than a pet cause of India's agricultural background. Ask an American man to eat a dog and see how he reacts.

  • Zaki Uddin
    Zaki Uddin Hace 27 días

    Basically everything there is plain and tastes the same because of no beef, veggies and chicken cant cut it,

  • Rohit grover
    Rohit grover Hace 27 días

    Mate it was around 4 usd

  • Haziq Danial
    Haziq Danial Hace 27 días

    True.. 5:45

  • Tanmay Mathur
    Tanmay Mathur Hace 27 días

    English is one of the 7 offical languages.

  • Thang Valte
    Thang Valte Hace 27 días

    you guys should compare beers too. like Budweiser, Heineken, etc. that are made in India. they taste very different from what you get in the States.

  • Surbhi Bhardwaj
    Surbhi Bhardwaj Hace 28 días

    Eating at McD after coming to India.. Just doesn't make sense! It not even comes 1% close to what Indian food tastes like. You should have tried Indian street food and authentic butter chicken. You would have fallen in love with everything

  • MrRoy TV
    MrRoy TV Hace 28 días

    Ohh yeah😋😝😝😝 ,, she said

  • Matthew Nitchman
    Matthew Nitchman Hace 28 días

    Lol I got a burger kind ad

  • Kingslayerbeast2 Team
    Kingslayerbeast2 Team Hace 28 días

    True I’m form India

  • Indian Angel
    Indian Angel Hace 28 días

    The indication of veg and non veg are given on the packets you should have seen that (red or green)

  • aditya g
    aditya g Hace 28 días +1

    Hahahaha I got add from KFC on this video.

    SHIVAM RAI Hace 29 días

    it tastes like India ..lol.!

  • Asian guy
    Asian guy Hace 29 días

    I think they also must respect ONIONS.

  • piyush verma
    piyush verma Hace 29 días

    U dont have taste buds😂everything tastes different

  • Sahej Pandher
    Sahej Pandher Hace 29 días

    curry...... tastes like india LOOOL

  • Sri Krishna
    Sri Krishna Hace un mes +1

    What about your overall experience in Indian McDonald's
    Good ?
    Bad ?

  • RedstonierTES // TES Network

    Yes it looked Delicious. Becuase I live in India, and also am Veg.

  • RedstonierTES // TES Network


  • Caveboy _
    Caveboy _ Hace un mes

    But the main problem is that some people stares

  • The Domain
    The Domain Hace un mes

    Try Indian street food, you'll forget the MacDonald, Domino's, etc.

  • Nikhil Messi
    Nikhil Messi Hace un mes

    Kebabs are made of lamb

  • amit palawat
    amit palawat Hace un mes +5

    Because cows are conisiderd as mother in india and no one wantscto eat his mother

    • shoaib akhtar
      shoaib akhtar Hace 2 días

      cows are ur mother than why don't bull as your father 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Aman ch
      Aman ch Hace 2 días

      very funny cow an Animal and animal your mother 😂😂😂