I WANT BATTLE OF BRITAIN 馃憖 BEST PAID LOSER 馃憥馃挵 | EP8 | talkBOXING with Simon Jordan & Spencer Oliver


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  • bad Netcode
    bad Netcode Hace un mes +11

    Really enjoying this show from TS please dont be so quick to drop it. These things take consistency and time.
    Now the shows matured into its format I really think you need a "3rd" guest slot. 20 mins with so and so or what have you. Can be a video call or whatever as and where you can. Or a recurring slot with an antagonist of sorts, everythings to nice and agreeable right now. Theres a reason you got Souness on White and Jordan and it wasnt his choice of trainers.
    My only real issue with the show is its primarily posted on a video serving platorm yet serves as nothing more than a camera in a recording booth. Further additions in post could be made to enhance the viewing experience.
    Most go with adding overlays or VTs added in post but I find this jarring as the presenters arnt always aware of such cuts in the medium. My approach for a show like this would be to move the topics overlay onto a interactable monitor between the both of you that can be used to present infomation to the viewing audience.
    However the logistics of BT, Sky, DAZN, Queensbury and the like licensing could be an issue. Although I think youll be fine under fair use.
    I have a feeling this is by design, being that its easily moved between, podcast, radio, TS app and video formats. If that is the case, perhaps rename the viewer Q&A to listener Q&A.

    • Shaun
      Shaun Hace un mes

      Well said 馃憤馃徎

  • Nexus
    Nexus Hace un mes +10

    This is the most honest and entertaining broadcast on boxing available today. Unfortunately, from the discussions so far it is becoming clear that boxing is infested with corruption at every level. I thought there was only one Don King. Turns out his DNA is all over UK boxing.

  • Simon Brandy
    Simon Brandy Hace un mes +27

    I used to think Simon was just a Fury fanboy, but I've really warmed to him. He's been fantastic during the World Cup & I love how he says exactly what he thinks. Probably why he clashes with Piers Norgan so much, similar characters. Simon would make a great boxing promoter.

    • Joe Davies
      Joe Davies Hace un mes

      Would like to hear him calling the fights on the official broadcasts.

    • Rooibaard
      Rooibaard Hace un mes

      @Jordan Holden Piers definitely. Almost feel sorry for him. Jordan sometimes seems like he's missing something, but then he rectifies his opinion.

    • Rooibaard
      Rooibaard Hace un mes

      @Tom Hart 馃ぃ馃ぃ

    • Ghetto Genius
      Ghetto Genius Hace un mes


    • Paul Wheelan
      Paul Wheelan Hace un mes +1

      He's smart on the business side, he would be a funny promoter
      But i fear he would turn into all the rest of them, as he said the nature of the beast

  • DeadDogTony 1
    DeadDogTony 1 Hace un mes +20

    Chisora's legs were dipping in round 2, Fury carried him in a serious way, that's what John was eluding to

  • Patrick Cahill
    Patrick Cahill Hace un mes +4

    I realy enjoy listening to these two talk boxing. As a fellow Barnet boy who remembers Spencer as a fighter and what happened to him in the ring it's fantastic to listen to him talk so coherently about the sport he obviously loves. Jordan knows his boxing so this double act realy works.

  • BigFoot
    BigFoot Hace un mes

    Great show love the content. Just read your book Simon really enjoyed it and the honesty. Looking forward to a great 2023 of boxing !!!

  • Shane Dog
    Shane Dog Hace un mes +3

    Few questions for next weeks show;
    - Daniel Kinahans influence in boxing before and now. Probellum. MTK etc. Boxers and promoters have been given an easy ride on this.
    - the impact Dazn has had on British Boxing. I have no doubt if Matchroom were still with Sky the content and boxing on tv would be much better. Are Dazn good for boxing?

    • Iain Pirie
      Iain Pirie Hace un mes

      There no chance question 1 is being asked! Its a legitimate question but there no way talk sport will bring this up.

  • Uncertainty Principal
    Uncertainty Principal Hace un mes +2

    Great show. Can someone please answer me this question, if Dubois WBA title was on the line why was he not counted as a TKO under the WBA three knockdown rule?

    • Remi Lloyd
      Remi Lloyd Hace un mes

      I think the BBBC can override the WBA.
      Crazy, but I'm sure it's true.

  • Airyed
    Airyed Hace un mes +8

    The best Chisora was the one who fought Helanius and Vitali back to back that Derek would of been amazing to see peaking now!

  • Alexander Slater
    Alexander Slater Hace un mes +2

    They need to do this podcast in a studio, sounds not great this week . The conversation deserves it. Great show!!!

    • Products Rated
      Products Rated Hace un mes +2

      yeah, they must have got the builders in. or jim's on a bender.

  • Suited And Booted
    Suited And Booted Hace un mes +1

    Simon Jordan continues to impress me during his interviews. He talks alot of sense.

  • Dean O'Donnell
    Dean O'Donnell Hace un mes +5

    Spencer is the Ricky butcher of boxing鈥. Never questions Simon on anything

    TRUTH WINS UK Hace un mes +5

    Joshua is irrelevant now. Fury would smash the hell out of anyone

  • MrBarry465
    MrBarry465 Hace un mes +9

    Fury put a beatdown on Chisora that Usyk could barely manage.
    I'd hate to see what Fury is about to do to Usyk, it'll be a total walkover.

    • Derek Duvall
      Derek Duvall Hace un mes +1

      Totally agree with that, it will be an easy win for Fury, people will be surprised at how easy it will be

    • brianbach
      brianbach Hace un mes


    • Egik Skallagrimsson
      Egik Skallagrimsson Hace un mes


    • Les Dennis
      Les Dennis Hace un mes

      Usyk is soft

    • MrBarry465
      MrBarry465 Hace un mes

      @Craig You do you my friend, I on the other hand will be putting on Fury inside 9.

  • Rooibaard
    Rooibaard Hace un mes +13

    Chisora was the Elite heavyweight gatekeeper. Not just the heavyweight gatekeeper, he was elite himself.

  • Visionary
    Visionary Hace un mes +3

    It's not amateur hour Simon, it's professional corruption 馃し馃従鈥嶁檪锔

  • TW
    TW Hace un mes +6

    Did well to fight through the drum kit 馃ぃ fantastic show, book a room not next door to a drum session please 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Will Hopley
    Will Hopley Hace un mes +1

    Such a blatantly fixed fight, but fair play to Dubois for having the boxing nuance to take the knee in the first round, instead of taking shots.

  • Will Goodall
    Will Goodall Hace un mes +1

    Dubois reminds me of Price. He'll walk through the lesser opposition with his power, but he'll never get near a genuine world title

  • BigPete
    BigPete Hace un mes

    Simon boxing needs you bud!! Love the honesty 馃槑

  • Will Hopley
    Will Hopley Hace un mes

    I think Fury could have 3 more fights and retire and go down as a top 3 heavyweight of all time if not the greatest (if he wins them all).
    1. Usyk (unification)
    2. Joyce
    3. Joshua

  • mike kemp
    mike kemp Hace un mes

    they have highlighted a problem very common but that shouldnt exist in this digital age.....the timing of rounds! i watch a lot of old mega fights and its amazing how often this goes on at the very highest level.after the confusionafter liston ali2 youd thinkit could never happen again! foreman v lyle had a round called a minute early and again seeing how simple it is youd wonder it ever happening again! yet fights have been won by landing well after the round ended due to no bell or shortened .surely in the age of atomic clocks digitalisation so we all via pc or phone have exactly the precise time it cant be that hard to apply it to boxing! imagine ussain bolt at the olympics running the 100 meters and then being denied a world record because the watch at the start differed to the watch at the finish and although they hadnt watched the race the ioc claim the time shown by tv is somehow different to that of their timekeepers! its a simple problem easy to solve that in practice should never happen but sadly it does and british boxings authority seem not to want to do anything about it!

  • Mathew Ball
    Mathew Ball Hace 18 d铆as

    Daniel Dubois went down on one knee of his own fruition for the second and third knockdowns. Dubois had survived the majority of that round after the first real knockdown I see no reason why he couldn't have survived and made it through the last 9 seconds of round 1!

  • Sunset 9
    Sunset 9 Hace un mes

    Another great show. Question for Simon & Spencer: Why are most of the current top heavyweights British, and is this likely to continue for many more years? - Andy

  • mr mii
    mr mii Hace un mes

    There is no way on this earth Fury fighting 3 times next year, especially if he's supposedly got an injured elbow or whatever.. he will fight once in the spring/summer and again in December if you're lucky.

  • Lee Finlay
    Lee Finlay Hace un mes

    Great show as always lads

  • gg allin
    gg allin Hace un mes

    in terms of duboius i thought it was maybe a ankle problem

  • GlobalFunk
    GlobalFunk Hace un mes

    go and watch fury chisora back again... it could easily have been stopped in round 2... actually it probably should have.
    it went on so long because it was a very expensive PPV event and they didn't want it to be a farce.
    but leaving it so long it became even more of a farce.
    i love derek but its time to go.
    nobody beats fury.

  • Chattin Boxing With Yemi Babatunde

    Chisora has the best career for a fighter to have never won a world title.

  • Paul Christie, pureblood

    Top show lads, thank you.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Hace un mes +2

    AJ knows Fury beats him so why would he fight him to take another o on his record.

  • Michael Ashton
    Michael Ashton Hace un mes +4

    I think the guy in the amateurs that beat Khan to the gold was mario kindelan a Cuban legend if I remember rightly Khan then beat him afterwards? Great show possibly my favourite boxing chat on ESclips. Just don鈥檛 be skipping a week next time haha. Keep up the good work lads 馃

    • Matthew OBrien
      Matthew OBrien Hace un mes

      Yes khan won the rematch and it stunk of a fix kindalan didn't even turn up. There was a lot of rumours about that fight and the Cubans performance you have you believe them

    • Products Rated
      Products Rated Hace un mes +1

      yeah, kindelan. trust me i lost 拢50 on khan.

  • Cameron Solheim
    Cameron Solheim Hace un mes

    Would鈥檝e liked to hear your views on the josh Kelly Troy Williamson fight

  • 17scottymufc
    17scottymufc Hace un mes +1

    Personally think if you wait for uysk and joyce while your giving aj chance to improve, fury declines, you don't get the best version. Once fury beats usyk, he has nothing left to prove, same situation as after the Klitschko fight

    • David Gold
      David Gold Hace un mes

      You鈥檇 hate to see AJ improve and KO Tyson 鈥榞reat white hope鈥 Fury 馃ぃ

  • B G
    B G Hace un mes

    Love that you call out Fury wasting time for half a year then suddenly has extreme deadlines for two fighters who just fought. Usyk all the way at least he is a real fighter rather than being social media crybaby

  • Steven Allan
    Steven Allan Hace un mes

    Got to say after watching Jo Joyce last fight by f,k that boy can fight and most importantly can take a punch I'd be confident that if usyk doesn't beat fury I'd bet Joyce has the power and chin to beat fury I actually really like Jo hez a humble sound guy

  • Ewell Gregoor
    Ewell Gregoor Hace un mes

    I really don't get the obsession with AJ. He's lost 3/5 last fights.
    He needs to prove himself that he's at the level to fight Fury.
    Joyce is rightly above AJ now

  • Earl Collins
    Earl Collins Hace un mes

    Had there not been four world titles available !! None of those mentioned outside of Fury would have been a world champion ?

  • Charlie Bevinio
    Charlie Bevinio Hace un mes

    AJ needs the Wilder fight. He might and probably will get knocked out cold but if he wins - it鈥檒l push him straight to the top of the line to fight Fury after Usyk (whether Fury wins or not).

  • Mick Thompson
    Mick Thompson Hace un mes +2

    DDD will never be another Dell Boy, more like another David Price.

  • Tam Ainslie
    Tam Ainslie Hace un mes

    Love the show lads, Simon Jordan is superb... so is Spencer b4 simons head gets too big lol. Used to think he was a bellend but the guy speaks sense and i stand corrected!

  • J
    J Hace un mes +7

    Simon for PM, Spence for chancellor

    • Sammy Beck
      Sammy Beck Hace un mes

      @LFC Spectre LFC Spectre = Top LAD Proper Clobber

    • LFC Spectre
      LFC Spectre Hace un mes +2

      J = Top LAD Proper Clobber 馃挴 Facts

  • Darren Hopwood
    Darren Hopwood Hace un mes

    Joyce a harder fight than USYK 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃ぁ馃憣馃徎

  • Bam bam unlicensed馃馃帡锔

    We've seen the real AJ
    His found his level
    A top 5 fighter

  • James Brown
    James Brown Hace un mes

    Wouldn鈥檛 even be in the club if he was taking it that serious

  • Matthew Senior
    Matthew Senior Hace un mes

    Where do you think Naoya Inoue currently stands in your pound for pound rankings, I often thinks he gets overlooked as he doesn鈥檛 fight in the so called more glamorous weights?

  • Spaghetti Legs
    Spaghetti Legs Hace un mes

    Simon is like that guy whos new to boxing and is just coming to grips with the shambles we've all been used to seeing for years and years.
    Don't dance around the obvious, it's corrupt to the core. Dubois was obviously never going to be allowed to lose that fight.

  • Peter Robinson
    Peter Robinson Hace un mes

    Oliver is daft, forgetting rematch clause. I think usyk twice

  • damien mallon
    damien mallon Hace un mes

    I'd love to usyk fight wilder.

  • Melissa Byrne
    Melissa Byrne Hace un mes

    Great show 馃憦

  • Pheello
    Pheello Hace un mes

    Is Spencer not concerned about Joe Joyce speed (percieved lack of) if he fights Tyson Fury? Could it not turn into a death of a thousand cuts.
    By the way I would love to see this figjt

  • DannyChampion 馃弳
    DannyChampion 馃弳 Hace un mes

    This is a cult classic 馃憣馃徎

  • F@TW@
    F@TW@ Hace un mes

    I'm getting fixated on Simons ring, it's a beautiful piece 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Jay Bar
    Jay Bar Hace un mes

    If you want a Battle of Britain go for fury v Joyce.
    Forget about aj he鈥檚 know one

  • Lee Finlay
    Lee Finlay Hace un mes

    So Simon what鈥檚 the latest in your possible involvement in boxing 馃?

  • michael durdey
    michael durdey Hace un mes

    SJ is a fair and legitimate human, he is so equal and fair in his opinion. At no point will AJ ever cause Fury and trouble in the four squared circle.

  • A Phoenix Born
    A Phoenix Born Hace un mes

    AJ has a level and that's just above a worn out Pulev so top 10 at most

  • reubenpools
    reubenpools Hace un mes

    Great content, nice chemistry. Only complaint is that drum kit in the background.

  • Darren Hopwood
    Darren Hopwood Hace un mes

    I鈥檓 not a DW fan but he wasn鈥檛 carried from round 2鈥.to say Del Boy gave a better shot at it than DW did is ridiculous and seriously detracts from your credibility

  • Remi Lloyd
    Remi Lloyd Hace un mes

    Joshua is not elite though.
    He's had an amazing career for his limited ability.
    If I was Eddie Hearn I'd keep AJ away from Fury.

  • peesib
    peesib Hace un mes +2

    Spencer really bows down to Jordan since he got ripped for licking AJ backside after Usyk loss!!!

  • zak williams
    zak williams Hace un mes

    Sounds like someone is having a drum lesson in the next room 馃槀

  • Craig
    Craig Hace un mes

    Question..Craig...please discuss jack Johnson.. absolute legend

  • The One
    The One Hace un mes +2

    Wallin is not a tune up, Fury went life and death with him

    • Dean
      Dean Hace un mes

      I think he could beat AJ. He is damaged goods

  • Sharky Moon
    Sharky Moon Hace un mes

    Who ever Tyson fights will end up looking like delboy .. Fury is leaps ahead鈥 The only person who beats Tyson is himself鈥

  • Jonny Bananas
    Jonny Bananas Hace un mes +1

    The reasons why fans pay 27 quid is because they love the sport. That's why they get expoited. Boxing fans will but the PPV rather than put the heating on. Also you don't pay up front. It gets added to your contract
    If I had to give 27 quid on the night I would not do it. Fans mentally is they don't have to pay for over a month.

  • C M
    C M Hace un mes +1

    What's Joshua a fighter or a Business man?????
    Surely you go straight in and fight Fury.

  • Lewis Morgan
    Lewis Morgan Hace un mes

    One or two fights left for chisora

  • drunk monkey
    drunk monkey Hace un mes

    Won't there be a rematch clause between usyk fury joyce will be waiting till next December at best

  • Earl Collins
    Earl Collins Hace un mes

    It was a fix ,, Dubois is a British level fighter at best !! We all know this to be an absolute fact ,, but I鈥檓 betting monies he fights for a world title this year !! Warren has far too much monies invested in him,, there isn鈥檛 a heavyweight out there who wouldn鈥檛 fancy beating Dubois.

  • Neil Young
    Neil Young Hace 8 d铆as

    Let's be honest. If there ever is a fight with Fury and AJ, it would be so one-sided in Fury's favour. It's not even a fight I would be looking forward to because it would be so easy.

  • Dan M
    Dan M Hace un mes

    Re the Dubois situation, I know this is such a taboo subject, but boxing is dangerous. You can't stop a fight every time someone might be concussed, this is the game. I know it's brutal but it's not a tea party is it. They did stop it too early though when Dubois had other lad hurt.

  • S B
    S B Hace un mes +2

    Chisora put up a better performance than whyte did . It's only because he took the punishment that people are saying this. If whyte hadn't been kod so easily would we be asking should whyte retire ?

    • Mark Robson
      Mark Robson Hace un mes +1

      Fury carried Derek from probably round 2 he cud have ended the fight at anytime so don't go on about Derek putting better performance on than dillian thats bullshit although dillian was rubbish in fury fighting

    • Jack Tanner
      Jack Tanner Hace un mes

      Whyte should retire. He鈥檚 looked terrible on his last fights. Him and chisora had the style of taking damage and slugging it out, so now they are older it鈥檚 hard to sustain

  • king Kong
    king Kong Hace un mes

    Wilder Fury 4 love it

  • Don N Dee
    Don N Dee Hace un mes +1

    鈥淭heir belief system will have to evolve over a period of time 鈥 鈥 WHAT A TOOL !!

  • Wayne Dycer
    Wayne Dycer Hace un mes

    All the talk about fury fighting 10 15 times next year the champion can't fight that many times in a year

  • Andy
    Andy Hace un mes

    Derek has been finished for a long time to be honest, it was only the lucky punch win over takam that kept him going.. he should of retired back then. I think he's got a degree of brain damage already. Tyson fury is the best of his era he would piss all over AJ and he will beat usyk .Mark my words.

  • Andy
    Andy Hace un mes

    Can see fury Usyk in March and the rematch in December, then last fight against Joshua sometime in 2024 then retire

  • Jaison Paget
    Jaison Paget Hace un mes

    I recall Tyson saying he wants to give Derek a big payday before he retires.

  • Paul Wheelan
    Paul Wheelan Hace un mes

    Does Fury beat a prime Mike Tyson? Where does he rank in all time greats

    • damien mallon
      damien mallon Hace un mes +1

      Prime means when you where at your best/peek. Age has fuck all to do with it and yes he was a completely different fighter at 28. ( his words not mine) he was never the same when custimado* his trainer died and king was on the seen. I don't think any off the fighters these days are near the all time greats. There is to many belts and to many ways for them all to duck each other. Fury would be the closest tho. Canelo fights anyone so he would be in.

    • Paul Wheelan
      Paul Wheelan Hace un mes

      damien mallon Holyfield beat him twice and buster Douglas?
      And don't try and tell me Mike Tyson prime is 18 and hes somehow worse fighter at 28 lol
      No fighter ever in history is worse at 28 than 18

    • damien mallon
      damien mallon Hace un mes

      No one beats a prime Mike Tyson. I love fury but he'd 馃憡 down all night. I think you loose power in your shots when you do that. MT had amazing head movement too and he was devastating springing from the legs for power. Just my opinion.

  • in2minds
    in2minds Hace un mes +1

    This conversation was WAY better than the drumming in the background! 馃槀

    • Dean
      Dean Hace un mes +1

      I鈥檓 at work thought it was my machine馃槀

  • Craig
    Craig Hace un mes

    Frampton had a court case with mcguigan...it was personal against them..lennox said absolutely no u don't pull him out

  • John Wilkie
    John Wilkie Hace un mes

    Didn't Jordan say he wasn't going to watch it?

  • B k
    B k Hace un mes

    How many times is Fury going to retire?

  • Mr Potato
    Mr Potato Hace un mes +1

    AJ is yesterday's man...Better fighters have now emerged in heavyweight division...Usyk, Joyce are now ahead of him.

  • gary houfe
    gary houfe Hace un mes

    Simon and Spencer ...the shows Great but to make it even better you should allow more time at the end for the questions maybe at least 5 by the viewers to be answered....always look forward to your shows but always a little disappointed at the end with the Q and A time allotted

  • Jack Mut
    Jack Mut Hace un mes +6


  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason Hace un mes

    Another banger spitting straight facts.

  • mark purdie
    mark purdie Hace un mes +1

    I think Joyce is good but taylor made for fury big unit but usyk gives fury more problems but fury wins both

  • Chad Anglo Saxon
    Chad Anglo Saxon Hace un mes

    i've ignored the poor sound quality because this is kino content

  • Liam Feely
    Liam Feely Hace un mes +1

    Aj is finished it would be a better for aj to lose to joyce first so I could be 2 undefeated brittish heavyweights go at it

  • Mark Larmz
    Mark Larmz Hace un mes +1

    Simon = Top Lad Proper Clobber 馃憣 馃憦

    • Sammy Beck
      Sammy Beck Hace un mes

      Simon and Mark = Top LADS Proper Clobber

  • Dejay
    Dejay Hace un mes

    It's the only way to PROVE who's the best..
    Put them all in the ring..and find out
    Joyce vs Fury vs Joshua!!!
    No opinions..just two guys squaring off with one winner

  • Maurice Smith
    Maurice Smith Hace un mes +2

    I agree with the previous comment about AJ. He will get knocked out by everyone of the top 10 of the heavyweights but fair play to him. He鈥檚 made mega millions unfortunately for him that鈥檚 his problem now he鈥檚 not hungry enough. by the way, he wants to thank his lucky stars that Tyson Fury had a mental breakdown after he won the title and stop fighting, because if he鈥檒l never have had a breakdown, AJ would never of been world champion ever.

    • Hahzuxbx Hhas
      Hahzuxbx Hhas Hace un mes

      Usyk beats them all end of discussion

    • Hahzuxbx Hhas
      Hahzuxbx Hhas Hace un mes

      Not a massive aj fan but to say every top 10 heavyweight ko him is daft to say because he鈥檚 went 24 rounds with usyk who imo is the best about and is a full grown HW now

  • bret rodgers
    bret rodgers Hace un mes

    Same shit happened with usyk Joshua 1

  • C M
    C M Hace un mes

    Joshua bottled the Wilder fight.
    Shelly Finkel couldn't believe they turned it down.
    It all could be different right now.
    He who dares Rodney!!
    He has done the same again
    money over belts

  • Paul Wheelan
    Paul Wheelan Hace un mes

    Mario Kindelan, Spencer come on mate 馃槀

  • Darren Hopwood
    Darren Hopwood Hace un mes

    Spencer is embarrassing 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檪锔忦煠

  • Steven Townley
    Steven Townley Hace un mes

    Come on Simon really do you really think Joshua will come back 鈥?
    Joshua is gone

  • colt Jackson
    colt Jackson Hace un mes

    Antony Joshua is past it now he's not the same beast as he once was he changed hes style when he lose to Andy and it don't suit him and he only fights one fight a year not active