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  • ErikTheElectric
    ErikTheElectric  Hace 5 meses +1484

    **THANK YOU** to everyone for the support over the years! We're still going strong this year. Next stop 500k! Have a favorite part of the video? COMMENT DOWN BELOW!

    • Phantom Niysh
      Phantom Niysh Hace 14 horas

      Broooooo chilllll 200k in 5 months das impressive

    • Tiffany Ann
      Tiffany Ann Hace 16 horas

      Wow he got really big

    • Jacob Willey
      Jacob Willey Hace 2 días

      You are very welcome, but is this really how you want to eat foods in a certain day?

    • tristan graves
      tristan graves Hace 2 días

      hey y do u use the b02 dsr gunshot to spell wow

    • TheGamingGuy21
      TheGamingGuy21 Hace 6 días

      Good job

  • Voycho
    Voycho Hace 2 horas

    7:08 is my favorite part

    RANDOMEX Hace 4 horas

    Sweet Chili Pepper Doritos

  • WhiteCobras
    WhiteCobras Hace 5 horas

    I’m soo hungry now

  • D Kokkie Girlzzz
    D Kokkie Girlzzz Hace 6 horas


  • D Kokkie Girlzzz
    D Kokkie Girlzzz Hace 6 horas

    How can you do this like believe me i eat allot but My record was 6500 like your My idol❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lakshay Sharma
    Lakshay Sharma Hace 8 horas +1


  • Lady Lola
    Lady Lola Hace 14 horas

    Your so handsome

  • Charlie The boss
    Charlie The boss Hace 14 horas

    I haven’t even had any of those before so I just can’t pick but I think I’m gonna get cool ranch because you know it’s nacho cheese :)

  • Santy Romero
    Santy Romero Hace 14 horas

    We just lost a toilet guys

  • McKye Marrs
    McKye Marrs Hace 15 horas

    I can’t even imagine the heart burn he experienced after eating all of that

  • Mac Whan
    Mac Whan Hace 16 horas

    Ok so I’m from Australia and I really need to know what ranch tastes like, please

  • Mac Whan
    Mac Whan Hace 16 horas

    He has the stomach of a growing teenage boy

  • e flash
    e flash Hace 18 horas

    Mac n cheese

  • Lena Lopez
    Lena Lopez Hace 19 horas

    did anyone actually after watching this video bought pizza and gravy and tried it ? if ya did how did it taste ???

  • treena Price
    treena Price Hace 19 horas


  • treena Price
    treena Price Hace 19 horas

    the chicken nugget

  • Kenny Mapes
    Kenny Mapes Hace 19 horas

    im here at 34:36

  • SilvaPlays
    SilvaPlays Hace 20 horas

    Sauasage egg and cheese biscuit

  • Regine Lopez
    Regine Lopez Hace 21 un hora

    You killing it..🔥

  • Sereen Mahmood
    Sereen Mahmood Hace 21 un hora

    Omg you live a 5 min drive away from me. That is so crazy

  • Vsellout king
    Vsellout king Hace 21 un hora

    I'm watching when you have 500k

  • Roe2Ki
    Roe2Ki Hace 21 un hora


  • Kenneth Mcphee
    Kenneth Mcphee Hace 22 horas

    nacho cheese

  • TeeGee
    TeeGee Hace 23 horas

    Im a genius.

  • Cameron Wright
    Cameron Wright Hace un día


  • GamingWith Krypto
    GamingWith Krypto Hace un día

    Is it weird to like the Cereal more than the Luck Charms??

  • Fishlovers
    Fishlovers Hace un día

    How much do you poop?

  • Vika Ramara
    Vika Ramara Hace un día

    I'm from FIJI and my favourite meal at McDonalds is their chicks nugget meal 😍

  • Hussein Rima
    Hussein Rima Hace un día

    Around 13:00 he spells out wow and says woah

  • Nichole
    Nichole Hace un día

    It’s insane he eats this much after one donut I would’ve been sick bc the sugar plus carbs... after the cheeseburger and fries I also would’ve been full and the pizza I can only handle maybe 3-4 slices at most. I love pizza but damnnnnnn he goes hard

  • Patel Preet
    Patel Preet Hace un día

    His 1 day in this vid=my food in 7 days

  • Roberto orozco
    Roberto orozco Hace un día

    How did he not have a heart attack

  • Roberto orozco
    Roberto orozco Hace un día


  • Taylor Reynolds
    Taylor Reynolds Hace un día

    I should not of watched this while 32 weeks pregnant. I am starving now 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Daniel Saul
    Daniel Saul Hace un día

    How did he eat all of that food

  • The MC chicken brothers

    How are you not 82748 pounds honstly

  • Jj Castillo
    Jj Castillo Hace un día

    Nooooooooo the bell😠😠😁😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • dani
    dani Hace un día

    dude that’s two weeks worth of food for me 😭😂

  • dani
    dani Hace un día

    their hash browns and strawberry banana smoothies are my fav :)

  • timber fox
    timber fox Hace un día

    Egg mc muffen

  • Epic_Killer 08
    Epic_Killer 08 Hace un día

    Big Mac

  • Ak_ Adnan_Abir
    Ak_ Adnan_Abir Hace un día

    Wow your greatest

  • Official_Kk Davis
    Official_Kk Davis Hace un día

    I know your stomach hurts 😲 omg

  • bertha genchis
    bertha genchis Hace 2 días

    Why am I watching this when I'm in a diet😭

  • StripedManners
    StripedManners Hace 2 días

    Really depends where the fries come from but jacks curly fries are amazing

  • Vontana Mcmahan
    Vontana Mcmahan Hace 2 días

    you should try the windy T-Rex burger challenge

  • Kevin Kamerzan
    Kevin Kamerzan Hace 2 días

    3.3k people the disliked are vegetarian

  • Kim Gjerde Jacobsen
    Kim Gjerde Jacobsen Hace 2 días

    Chikcen salsa

  • Bissan HD
    Bissan HD Hace 2 días

    Made it to the end oof

  • ItzLevyAnna Echo
    ItzLevyAnna Echo Hace 2 días

    From McDonald's I like hash brown and fries

  • Junior Samuels
    Junior Samuels Hace 2 días

    Dam dude where does it go🤯

    SPARX YT Hace 2 días

    Uncool ranch or chilli heatwave

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady Hace 2 días


  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady Hace 2 días


  • Heath Haskin
    Heath Haskin Hace 2 días

    Mac cheese

  • Ramon Resendiz
    Ramon Resendiz Hace 2 días

    I have done pizza with gravy I thought i was the only crazy one

  • Nikofastt
    Nikofastt Hace 2 días


  • Monserratt Hidalgo
    Monserratt Hidalgo Hace 2 días

    I was watching this w my grandma and she’s like “he didn’t really eat all of that” she’s surprised 😭

  • Tracy Cetin
    Tracy Cetin Hace 2 días

    We just two Finch been in non

  • Aleksandra Andrzejewska

    Mac n cheese

  • Kim Legend
    Kim Legend Hace 2 días +2

    Erik You are my #1 Favorite ESclipsr And you are #1 Best Yayyy 😃

  • Nono Woffer
    Nono Woffer Hace 2 días


  • T15l
    T15l Hace 2 días

    Mac an cheese❤️

  • Joseph Chabaud
    Joseph Chabaud Hace 2 días

    Thanks Erik you made me hungry

  • RX Nexto
    RX Nexto Hace 2 días

    Welcome to America

  • Jericfrom YT
    Jericfrom YT Hace 2 días +3

    If I was eating the breakfast it would end at night

  • Daniel Moyer
    Daniel Moyer Hace 2 días

    Late comment but, how the heck do you not eat McDonald’s right away. Cold McDonald’s is soooo gross bra. I know cause I’ve worked there before.

  • Weston Brown
    Weston Brown Hace 2 días


  • Arby Boberting
    Arby Boberting Hace 2 días

    What up

  • guru shane
    guru shane Hace 3 días

    I wish i had enough money to do this....

  • spencer lewis
    spencer lewis Hace 3 días

    Team curly fries

  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis Hace 3 días

    Golden grahams is my boyfriend

  • TheTroublesomegamer1RBLX

    lol no thx, im a big fan tho!!

  • 99thMonkeyNet
    99thMonkeyNet Hace 3 días

    you guys must have different stomach acid in america - the amount of wheat you consume is lethal to us europeans

  • 99thMonkeyNet
    99thMonkeyNet Hace 3 días

    whats with the diet soda dude, i thought you needed nourishment for your strickt workout regiment?

  • 99thMonkeyNet
    99thMonkeyNet Hace 3 días

    Erik there is something wrong with you - you dont like pickles - you gotta get your veggies man

  • 99thMonkeyNet
    99thMonkeyNet Hace 3 días

    when you go cycling after a meal, do you crap before or after the ride, or do you like pull over at the side of the road?

  • SC Cupcake Cupcake
    SC Cupcake Cupcake Hace 3 días +2

    Who else thinks he is going to die from food in a year

  • xTPxBravo
    xTPxBravo Hace 3 días

    Mac n cheese

  • Isla McBeath
    Isla McBeath Hace 3 días

    I like chicken select, chicken nuggets and chips from McDonald’s

  • Arnav M
    Arnav M Hace 3 días

    Mac n cheese.

  • Kate The Great
    Kate The Great Hace 3 días

    Eating my breakfast while watching this I am eating one bowl of cereal and he ate cereal plus all that other stuff

  • Sakei Peete
    Sakei Peete Hace 3 días

    Nacho like if u agree

  • Icy Barnacle
    Icy Barnacle Hace 3 días

    Spicy sweet chili Doritos

  • Søren Norge
    Søren Norge Hace 3 días

    Eerdbeerd is german for strawberry

  • Nidia Vela
    Nidia Vela Hace 3 días

    The dude plays pubg omg

  • Justin Sandborg
    Justin Sandborg Hace 3 días

    How are u skinney?

  • Squishy Chi
    Squishy Chi Hace 3 días

    Dis dude is gonna get MCFAT

  • Jasie Lam
    Jasie Lam Hace 4 días

    This guy just ate 2 months of how much I would get xd

  • kunai
    kunai Hace 4 días


  • Sam Beining
    Sam Beining Hace 4 días

    I'm a nacho fries, nacho cheese doritos, xtra crispy chicken kinda chick 😀

  • Noora Al ZUBAIDI
    Noora Al ZUBAIDI Hace 4 días

    Curly fries

  • Chelsey Steele
    Chelsey Steele Hace 4 días

    I feel kinda bad for his body

  • Aleyna Çiftçi
    Aleyna Çiftçi Hace 5 días

    Even watching this makes me gain weight. Damn...

  • BM 1210
    BM 1210 Hace 5 días

    I feel bad for your stomach and intestines: some day they might collapse. Don’t do this to yourself just for some money off subscribers on ESclips

  • Christen SueEllen
    Christen SueEllen Hace 5 días

    Curly fires

  • fortnite bros 101
    fortnite bros 101 Hace 5 días

    Cool ranch

  • Art Pim
    Art Pim Hace 5 días

    Coco pops for the win

  • TNadia A.
    TNadia A. Hace 5 días

    He gon be on that toilet 😬😂