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  • ErikTheElectric
    ErikTheElectric  Hace 10 meses +1998

    **THANK YOU** to everyone for the support over the years! We're still going strong this year. Next stop 500k! Have a favorite part of the video? COMMENT DOWN BELOW!

    • Luke Jensen
      Luke Jensen Hace 4 días

      Toni Schumacher cc ccccccc

    • golden bolt /creepy golden
      golden bolt /creepy golden Hace 7 días

      Congrats on 300,000 subscribers!🎉🎊

    • Alex Durn
      Alex Durn Hace 7 días

      ErikTheElectric I think you’re funny af I love your videos am so lucky I found your channel 😁

    • Oliver Mincher
      Oliver Mincher Hace 17 días

      ErikTheElectric lol I wonder how many calories you loose just by spilling food

    • Rylee Burton-Binion
      Rylee Burton-Binion Hace 26 días

      ErikTheElectric Mac and cheese

  • Matthew Mcdonald
    Matthew Mcdonald Hace un hora

    Mac n cheese

  • Matthew Mcdonald
    Matthew Mcdonald Hace un hora

    Nacho Cheese

  • Matthew Mcdonald
    Matthew Mcdonald Hace un hora


  • Drezden Alvarez
    Drezden Alvarez Hace 8 horas

    34:25 I made it
    Like if you made it
    Comment if you didn’t

  • Shaneil Ewer
    Shaneil Ewer Hace 9 horas

    I have 3 favourite cereals
    1- Frosted Flakes
    2-Reese’s Puffs
    3-Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • Shaneil Ewer
    Shaneil Ewer Hace 9 horas

    I feel like if I had 1 year to live this is one of the things that I would be doing.

  • Shaneil Ewer
    Shaneil Ewer Hace 9 horas


  • Hfhdhdh Hndnbd
    Hfhdhdh Hndnbd Hace 11 horas

    I love mc Donald's happy meals I'm getting one today

  • Nevaeh Newman
    Nevaeh Newman Hace 11 horas

    Don't let people talk about you I love you so much

  • Luke Wenzel
    Luke Wenzel Hace 13 horas

    The french onion berger

  • Millie lemon
    Millie lemon Hace 15 horas

    I love curly fries

  • Lucy Williams
    Lucy Williams Hace 16 horas

    Cinnamon toast crunch is my fave cereal, but I’m sure it would be reeses puffs if I could get them where I live

  • saucy v
    saucy v Hace 20 horas

    This makes my stomach hurt just by looking 😂

  • Nang Labang
    Nang Labang Hace 23 horas


  • Why Me
    Why Me Hace un día

    I feel like working out is not going to fix the damage you've done to your body at all.

  • Why Me
    Why Me Hace un día

    I feel like I need to run like 10 marathons in a week now lol

  • I.W. T.
    I.W. T. Hace un día

    But you’re not A body builder

  • Soccer Buddy
    Soccer Buddy Hace un día +1

    2019 ANYONE?? 🤣

  • Raian manla
    Raian manla Hace un día


  • Vincent Hoelscher
    Vincent Hoelscher Hace un día

    That what she said “I like 🥜

  • Pink Rose
    Pink Rose Hace un día +1

    10:00 omg 🤤🤤

  • Layne Fisk
    Layne Fisk Hace un día +1

    i’m hungry

  • Josh Uphouse
    Josh Uphouse Hace un día

    Everybody cant wait for the year 2020 whos with me

  • ViniByte
    ViniByte Hace un día

    He ate 600 grams of sugar in an hour. Please explain how is he not dizzy.

  • Jerrison M
    Jerrison M Hace un día

    You are not human

  • king brooks
    king brooks Hace 2 días

    He sounds like Ryan Reynolds

  • Regan Klingensmith
    Regan Klingensmith Hace 2 días

    I'm literally addicted.

  • Alfie Phillips
    Alfie Phillips Hace 2 días

    Mac and cheese

  • JamesTheWriggs
    JamesTheWriggs Hace 2 días

    That was very nice of you to go to a mom and pop shop instead of a major chain

  • Play list City!
    Play list City! Hace 2 días

    I like both ranch and cheese Doritos... *BUT I LOOOVE SWEET CHILLI HEAT DORITOS!*

  • taexkitty
    taexkitty Hace 3 días

    The pancakes from McDonald’s are my fav

  • Alexander Clarke-Tidey
    Alexander Clarke-Tidey Hace 3 días

    Sounds stupid but it looks like ur food doesn’t get cold cause u don’t seem to be affected by it

  • Issy Smith
    Issy Smith Hace 3 días

    You are usum

  • Kyle Savage
    Kyle Savage Hace 3 días

    Mac and cheese

  • Manjot Singh
    Manjot Singh Hace 3 días

    this guy took a bit and already at more than the average African

  • Swagger Ryan
    Swagger Ryan Hace 4 días

    Team curly fries

  • Epic Piggy
    Epic Piggy Hace 4 días

    How do you eat all that food?!

    HUMAM_ PLAYZ Hace 4 días

    Ur making me starve

  • Janette Montemayor
    Janette Montemayor Hace 4 días

    Cool ranch

  • Mellon Duck
    Mellon Duck Hace 4 días


  • Benjie Roberto
    Benjie Roberto Hace 4 días

    Mac n’ cheese

  • Jonah Zimmerman
    Jonah Zimmerman Hace 4 días

    Anybody who has ranch for their nugs has a disability

  • Mr.savage 2019
    Mr.savage 2019 Hace 4 días +2

    I’m Team nacho frie!

  • Denicio OlsonYT
    Denicio OlsonYT Hace 4 días

    This is why your single

  • consistency man
    consistency man Hace 4 días

    Biscoff aren't cookies. Idiot.

  • Chemical X
    Chemical X Hace 4 días

    My favorite thing at McDonalds is the chocolate milkshake

  • sheike enshiewat
    sheike enshiewat Hace 4 días

    7:14 you said it bro not us

  • XxPoWeRpArTy xX
    XxPoWeRpArTy xX Hace 5 días

    Big MAC

  • Marcos Williams
    Marcos Williams Hace 5 días

    Not yo cheese person

  • Vanil
    Vanil Hace 5 días


  • Frederikke N
    Frederikke N Hace 5 días

    Mere is the fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • rhiannon sowell
    rhiannon sowell Hace 5 días


  • Josh Uphouse
    Josh Uphouse Hace 6 días

    Rock n roll 2019

  • justins world
    justins world Hace 6 días

    I am both

  • Rakim Davis
    Rakim Davis Hace 6 días

    Nacho cheese

  • DirtyShots
    DirtyShots Hace 6 días


  • cohen benoit
    cohen benoit Hace 6 días

    Regular fries VS Curly fries = BOTH!!!!

  • Maddy Waddy
    Maddy Waddy Hace 6 días

    rip Erik’s toilet

  • Maddy Waddy
    Maddy Waddy Hace 6 días

    Mac n cheese

  • Christina Shakya
    Christina Shakya Hace 6 días

    I loved it how you supported local shop

  • 아끼라
    아끼라 Hace 6 días

    Wow, great video...I like McDonald's.

  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master Hace 6 días

    I did

  • Xd Deadeyess
    Xd Deadeyess Hace 6 días

    Now I want taco bell

  • Guy NANI
    Guy NANI Hace 6 días

    Should not have watched this when hungry

  • Adam Barnett
    Adam Barnett Hace 6 días

    Definitely cool ranch Doritos

  • WillBUR09 K
    WillBUR09 K Hace 6 días

    Mac and cheese

  • Pre kill115
    Pre kill115 Hace 7 días

    You have a baby face

  • Ben Snider
    Ben Snider Hace 7 días

    Colonel for kfc, you need new recipes besides your chocolate cake that shit tasty.

  • Justin J. Liu
    Justin J. Liu Hace 7 días +1

    30 minutes of ErikTheElectric?!
    Ba doom tiss

  • Everything in Life
    Everything in Life Hace 7 días

    Incase if he burp someone's face that person straight away go to coma Or fart in the public 😂

    The DOLANS TEA Hace 7 días

    Who’s mouth was watering during this whole video❤️

  • Itz Windy
    Itz Windy Hace 7 días

    I’m starving

    ELIJAH PLAYZ Hace 7 días +2

    Is anyone watching in 2019

  • Brok Grober
    Brok Grober Hace 7 días

    Wow cashew mil most disgusting thing ever, what’s wrong with regular milk(unless ur lactose intolerant)

  • The Icebraker
    The Icebraker Hace 7 días

    I like the big Macs from mcdonalds

  • golden bolt /creepy golden

    I’m made it to the chicken part of the video and the fried skin on the chicken is the best part to me! :3

  • Channing Canedy
    Channing Canedy Hace 7 días

    Hashbrowns are my favorite at McDonald's

  • Vaporeon Trainer
    Vaporeon Trainer Hace 7 días +1

    Merica 🇺🇸
    Food is good here
    A.k.a. we steal culture

  • ShadowLordRB_ YT
    ShadowLordRB_ YT Hace 7 días

    Omg 700k sub scribers

  • sc Scar
    sc Scar Hace 7 días

    Can I have a like if I trick u

    Read more

  • sc Scar
    sc Scar Hace 7 días

    Can I have a like if I trick u

    Read More

  • Austin Ramos
    Austin Ramos Hace 7 días

    I consume so much reeses puffs

  • Carmela Sazera
    Carmela Sazera Hace 7 días


  • Claire Stastny
    Claire Stastny Hace 8 días

    My stomach hurts watching this

  • diamond cadogan
    diamond cadogan Hace 8 días

    when some body tryna steal yo cheese
    him:AYE AYE NACHO CHEESE!!!! lmaoooo

  • Matthew Howland
    Matthew Howland Hace 8 días

    I hate that he left 2 Reese's puffs in the spoon

  • thegoat 101
    thegoat 101 Hace 8 días

    Mac and cheese bc thats what we are eating next idk

  • NyNy DaQueen
    NyNy DaQueen Hace 8 días

    Do an oreo challenge where you eat and drink everything oreo

  • Eisa Jariwala
    Eisa Jariwala Hace 8 días

    I hate Mcdonald because it's harram

  • The Sky Warrior
    The Sky Warrior Hace 8 días

    Your awesome keep up the good work

  • Ajinder Singh
    Ajinder Singh Hace 8 días

    C french fries

  • Bradli Castro
    Bradli Castro Hace 8 días

    I am both

  • Chrizy ?
    Chrizy ? Hace 8 días

    how big was the shit you took later that day

  • Myrto Moschou
    Myrto Moschou Hace 8 días

    I've only tried McDonald's chicken nuggets and fries cause it's far from my house and I don't go there

  • Mohamed Elattar
    Mohamed Elattar Hace 8 días +1

    Stomach has left the chat

  • Christopher Clark
    Christopher Clark Hace 8 días

    you hate pickles but they are really good for you after a decent workout 😂

  • Alayna Folk
    Alayna Folk Hace 8 días

    Anyone else wanted McDonald’s, Taco Bell and kfc after watching this

  • alicia govella
    alicia govella Hace 8 días

    Trust me on this add the strawberry jelly to the mc donalds sausage thing

  • Monkey Man
    Monkey Man Hace 9 días

    My favorite thing at McDonald’s is the exit