My Friend Who Charmed EVERY GIRL HE MET

  • Publicado el 9 nov 2019
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  • EroldStory
    EroldStory  Hace 26 días +6593

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    • Hendra
      Hendra Hace 4 días

      and he's gone again --

    • Viosey
      Viosey Hace 5 días

      You and Lucas should reunite and see eachother again sometime.

    • Bigboi2047
      Bigboi2047 Hace 5 días

      I want to know ur league main

    • gotcha love
      gotcha love Hace 8 días

      When you started playing that serious music and screaming Lucas I died

  • gisselle v
    gisselle v Hace 8 horas

    Soo you got a picture of Lucas ?? Im actually curious

  • The Doughnut Warriors
    The Doughnut Warriors Hace 8 horas +1

    Please tell me you still know Lucas!🥺

  • Bonnie sbv
    Bonnie sbv Hace 9 horas

    Lucas is OP af lool

  • the nice person who gives you the flu

    does lucas think that liking sasuke is cute cause 0.0 I FLIPPING DO

  • effin_cherry_bomb
    effin_cherry_bomb Hace 10 horas


  • Pretty original name Pretty original last-name

    Please stay and upload ;-;

  • Funny Valentine
    Funny Valentine Hace 10 horas

    2:16 looks like a timotainment video

  • Ava Adams
    Ava Adams Hace 10 horas +1

    U hit a mil on my birthday

  • Love Rue
    Love Rue Hace 10 horas

    Well I guess the conclusion of Lucas is that he charms every girl and every guy he met

  • Random Kid
    Random Kid Hace 11 horas

    Lucas is a magnet to girls, i see
    Welllll why do i relate to that with boys xD

  • Krzysztof Fitas
    Krzysztof Fitas Hace 14 horas

    this shit is dope man
    i laughed hard af

  • Amasook
    Amasook Hace 14 horas

    AHAHAHAH in love with lucas

  • MariaBandTrash
    MariaBandTrash Hace 15 horas

    *slams fists on table
    *watch demon slayer*

  • F. Ákilla
    F. Ákilla Hace 15 horas

    That armpit hair tho

  • mary's world
    mary's world Hace 16 horas

    Is erold a filipino?

  • Park Chim Chim
    Park Chim Chim Hace 16 horas +1

    *I’m convinced this person does not exist*

    *he is too perfect.*

  • Hey GRUM3NT4
    Hey GRUM3NT4 Hace 16 horas

    What's Lucas' Instagram btw? I wanna know how he actually looks like

  • Face Behind The Mask
    Face Behind The Mask Hace 17 horas

    7:37 Why tf are you vomiting on the microphone? Eww...

  • Joann Lee
    Joann Lee Hace 18 horas

    Is no one going to talk about how he put jimin on the short kings list I DIED.

  • Rebeca Da Silva Pinilla
    Rebeca Da Silva Pinilla Hace 18 horas

    THE BOYSSS lmao hats out for that

  • SILK
    SILK Hace 18 horas

    Quick question: are you still friends with Lucas?

  • Jessica Szameitat
    Jessica Szameitat Hace 19 horas

    My best friend is LITERALLY Lucas, but turns out he's gay 😂

  • mary's world
    mary's world Hace 19 horas

    I just love how out of control erold stories are

  • carolina
    carolina Hace 20 horas

    i'm convinced that lucas is the reincarnation of jesus christ

  • LaQuon Wesley
    LaQuon Wesley Hace 20 horas

    Lucas sounds like my type of friend.

  • Céline Doucet
    Céline Doucet Hace 21 un hora

    But are you still friends with Lucas to this day? I would love to see a video of you two!

  • Bellwonderer
    Bellwonderer Hace 22 horas

    Dude u should sleep ur tired making animationn soo muchh

  • francisca SCS
    francisca SCS Hace 23 horas

    watching this, you just gave me like a major naruto spoiler, I WASNT THERE YET

  • Emina102
    Emina102 Hace un día

    Bish I'm crying at your strong bond ToT) I need a fren like lucas in mai laifu o)-

  • AnimeooFDude 67
    AnimeooFDude 67 Hace un día +1

    Lucas: *Blinks*

    Thirsty Girls: That is so freaking hot! I hope that means I love you! Oh my gosh he's doing it again! *SCREAMS*

  • Dragon Stein
    Dragon Stein Hace un día

    This has to be one of my favorite videos of all time 😂😂

  • no_opa
    no_opa Hace un día

    my friend has curly hair and for some reason all girls just fall for him

  • Kit Cat
    Kit Cat Hace un día

    ...*loads at 1:50*
    Wait longer*
    Wait even more*
    Wait for 5min.*
    Waits more*
    Says in Mind I f hate my WiFi it took like 6 mins -^-

  • Halo Cayro Landaverde
    Halo Cayro Landaverde Hace un día

    Sounds just like my bro and I sound just like you 😂

  • Halo Cayro Landaverde
    Halo Cayro Landaverde Hace un día


  • AnkokuKen
    AnkokuKen Hace un día

    The bromance is real

  • Kit Cat
    Kit Cat Hace un día

    ...*try’s to stay quiet*

  • UwUSama
    UwUSama Hace un día

    Can someone please tell me where I can find that voices clip at 3:56

  • Pheonix Love
    Pheonix Love Hace un día

    Erold: Hey do you think there Will be an asian Avengers movie!

    Oh god I really am weird

    Mexican rep heh

  • Taylor L
    Taylor L Hace un día

    guys i think he’s in love with lucas

  • Patience D
    Patience D Hace un día

    Lucas sounds like the "other" guy in a lot of kdramas that all the girls want including the main girl but hes like hella into his own thing.

  • rarr_im_a_dinosour _grrr

    This world doesn't deserve Lucas.

  • AGENTE 2
    AGENTE 2 Hace un día

    If you get your glasses out, will your nose come out with it?

  • Miss_ Tinzie
    Miss_ Tinzie Hace un día

    Wow I am so QuIRquE, I wera my hoodies in a difrent way amiright ??👁👄👁

    *ima steal yo hoodie*

  • Vikram Deo
    Vikram Deo Hace un día

    Lucas is a natural redpilled man born with the looks

  • Cookiesaregreat :3
    Cookiesaregreat :3 Hace un día

    Resting b* face-
    *Shows picture of captain Levi*


  • Firsto Frado
    Firsto Frado Hace un día

    Tbh everyone who watched that minato vs obito scene when it came out reacted the same way as lucas

  • Cookiesaregreat :3
    Cookiesaregreat :3 Hace un día

    Friend that charmed everyone exists*
    Him: * looks like a kpop idol*
    Me: *COINCIDENCE? I think NOt*

  • Joyce Eleanor
    Joyce Eleanor Hace un día +1


  • Cristal Rocha
    Cristal Rocha Hace un día

    I don’t get it erold looks nice 😋

  • Danielle Sene
    Danielle Sene Hace un día

    😭😤Erold goin off about nobody liking that tan ones 🤭I’m sorry erold I feel for you and as a hella dark girl we’re praying fo you 🙏and all the overlooked brown boys 😩👊stg it be like that sometimes 😾

  • positivitea
    positivitea Hace un día


  • Jame Kinro
    Jame Kinro Hace un día

    ลูคัส หืม....ใครวะ?

  • R Pendragon
    R Pendragon Hace un día

    link down below to lucas's gram and snap and tiktok. just all of it!

  • oti taga
    oti taga Hace un día

    Is he talking about Lucas from NCT ?? If he is then I agree he is hot

  • JRVA1213
    JRVA1213 Hace un día

    this is literally the first video ive ever seen from you but its hilarious and that hoodie is dope af so i bought one lmao hopefully i can see more content from you! :D

  • Lotte
    Lotte Hace un día +1

    I don't even know Lucas and I wanna date him

  • Melle Matser
    Melle Matser Hace un día

    Are you guys still friends

  • Kamui Akuto
    Kamui Akuto Hace un día

    Why do I get the feet that Lucas real Harem was the Boyss