David Dam - Let's Get It On (The Blind Auditions | The voice of Holland 2014)

  • Publicado el 29 ago 2014
  • David Dam zingt bij zijn Blind Audition het nummer "Let's Get It On" van Marvin Gaye.
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  • Roberto Rizza
    Roberto Rizza Hace 2 días +4

    Girlfriend: oh, don't worry about him, is just a friend.
    Her friend:

  • Linus Eriksson
    Linus Eriksson Hace 5 días

    I don't even wear panties, and mine dropped as well.

  • rahaf vids
    rahaf vids Hace 5 días +1

    i fell like RAPED

  • koo kie
    koo kie Hace 6 días

    Why does he look like Anastasia’s boss

  • Rainy Chaves
    Rainy Chaves Hace 6 días

    Oh meu Deus 😍😍😍

  • TheQ8FlowerQ8
    TheQ8FlowerQ8 Hace 7 días +1

    I must go to Holland..🤤❤️🕺🏻

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    Da real thot slayer

  • Gowen Correspondent
    Gowen Correspondent Hace 9 días

    Im a fan all the way in from United States!

  • ramottt Δ
    ramottt Δ Hace 9 días +10

    1:28 gay joined the server.

  • AAlessandra Ale sandra
    AAlessandra Ale sandra Hace 11 días

    Essa música é linda! Boa pra ouvir juntinho ❤❤

  • 예리의레드벨벳
    예리의레드벨벳 Hace 12 días

    I swear I had clothes on before I watched this

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown Hace 12 días

    Doing the Salmon challenge at the end

  • * S Q U I N T *
    * S Q U I N T * Hace 12 días

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    This comment section is the best

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    Jack Lassen Hace 13 días

    I love thisss

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  • sent nkole
    sent nkole Hace 13 días

    He killed it

  • Cristina A
    Cristina A Hace 13 días

    Oh my puss... god!!

    NEBULOUS Maob Hace 14 días

    What is doing theon greyjoy in the voice?

  • Mayaba Sanoe
    Mayaba Sanoe Hace 14 días

    What’s with the pussy talk what’s the reason

  • joash hek
    joash hek Hace 14 días

    0:24 mans hot

  • MangaMango13
    MangaMango13 Hace 16 días

    Wow theon can sing

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue Hace 16 días

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  • Michał Augustynowicz
    Michał Augustynowicz Hace 17 días +1

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    Fran Maidana Hace 18 días

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  • Xialen Lee
    Xialen Lee Hace 18 días

    i love David Dam.....great voice

  • A C
    A C Hace 19 días

    Resucitó Marvin tremendo!!!!

  • Romain Watier
    Romain Watier Hace 19 días +1

    He look likes teon on game of throns

  • Jebaited
    Jebaited Hace 19 días

    damn pewdiepie has come a long way from a youtuber to a singer

  • Wiz Iceberg
    Wiz Iceberg Hace 20 días

    Sing it Theon Greyjoy

  • 아이잉
    아이잉 Hace 20 días

    와 ;;; 노래 진짜 느낌있게 잘 부르심 귀가 녹아버렸다 하

  • OsibGaming
    OsibGaming Hace 21 un día +1

    Well I didn’t think I would lose my virginity to a guy but I guess my man dignity was destroyed

  • riezman rashid
    riezman rashid Hace 23 días

    Omg this is a porn video.

  • Ahmet Talha
    Ahmet Talha Hace 24 días

    He is better than famous singers

  • Vortex
    Vortex Hace 25 días +2

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    He attacc
    But most importantly...
    He destroy pussy for snacc

  • Tay Motta
    Tay Motta Hace 25 días

    Amoooo esse vídeo já perdi a conta de quantas vezes assistir.Sou fã ❤❤❤

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis Hace 26 días +1

    Well, that's hands down one of the most impressive covers.

  • ShallWeReview
    ShallWeReview Hace 27 días +1

    More like David Damnnn

  • austine ochieng'
    austine ochieng' Hace 28 días

    Marvin Gaye is risen?!

  • max rodriguez
    max rodriguez Hace 29 días +4

    If you like a girl just tell her and she will be yours, it always work for me.
    -David Dam

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    When you crush talk to you 0:00

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    0:55 looking at the ass

  • Zero K
    Zero K Hace un mes +1

    Ya debería hacer un canal para Musica .-.

  • H WEI
    H WEI Hace un mes

    what a fantastic song and voice.

  • Feb Pisces
    Feb Pisces Hace un mes

    I want a man like himmm.. shiiit😵 *faints*

  • Feb Pisces
    Feb Pisces Hace un mes +1

    Wooow Holland has greatt singerssss😍😍😍😍 each audition i watched from holland is sooo damn great and creative

  • Feb Pisces
    Feb Pisces Hace un mes

    At last! I found this video and the title of the song after 6969696969 years..... Whew!!!

  • Quiquito Hernandez
    Quiquito Hernandez Hace un mes +1

    Theon Greyjoy before Ramsey happened..

  • Genhart Manullang
    Genhart Manullang Hace un mes

    Theon, You are a good singer. Thank you.

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  • Dyanu Adji SP
    Dyanu Adji SP Hace un mes

    This is Theon Greyjoy if he didnt lost his bird

  • six Renata
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  • Nessy Bartolome
    Nessy Bartolome Hace un mes

    He's great

  • Mr Vibe
    Mr Vibe Hace un mes +58

    Theon Greyjoy ! You're a good singer ! Thank you.

  • V71AV Bladvash
    V71AV Bladvash Hace un mes

    So uh, Pewdiepie can sing huh? Let's get it on!

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    make love Hace un mes

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    Tenshi Hace un mes +4

    A shame this good man had to die fighting the Night King

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      Meme Lord Hace un mes

      Na John Wick killed him first tho

    • Meme Lord
      Meme Lord Hace un mes

      @Feb Pisces they look similar in a way i guess

    • Feb Pisces
      Feb Pisces Hace un mes

      Pls give me an answer why this man has dto do with Theon🤔😂 ive been seeing comments about him referring to theon!! Why??😂😂

    • Hosea Keivom
      Hosea Keivom Hace un mes


  • JD
    JD Hace un mes

    I wouldn't mind if he'd impregnate me. Let his genes spread! LOL

  • Biela Oliver
    Biela Oliver Hace un mes +3

    Meu Deus que homem lindo! E que voz é essa? 💓💓💓

  • bl1tzillaaa
    bl1tzillaaa Hace un mes +1

    Theon Grejoy is a singer?

  • GAY as Fork
    GAY as Fork Hace un mes

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    Min Yoongki Hace un mes

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    Alen Uke Hace un mes

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    Emilia Thompson Hace un mes +1

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    Ruth Toro Hace un mes +1

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  • Clarensky Benoit
    Clarensky Benoit Hace un mes +1

    I thought it was a black guy singing then I looked at the screen. Brother killed it for real. I'm like, ok Marvin Gaye !!

  • Lee Apocay
    Lee Apocay Hace un mes +7

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    berri mondor Hace un mes

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    Ar B Hace un mes

    Ohh PEWDEWPIE SINGS well too . I see

  • Love You
    Love You Hace un mes +3

    Edit:I think it's just me

  • Faza ibrahim
    Faza ibrahim Hace un mes +2

    This man looks like starlord

    • Insignium Insignia
      Insignium Insignia Hace un mes +1

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    Emilia Thompson Hace un mes +1

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    1:31 Girl was like "nope, I'm taking him for the night."

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