Our Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

  • Publicado el 19 ene 2022
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Comentarios • 2 754

  • HandMeAChurro BeforeIFaint
    HandMeAChurro BeforeIFaint Hace 4 meses +2597

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen you two so happy! There is something about being near family regularly & having a beautiful home w/ beautiful property that looks so homey & the perfect place to raise a family!

    • Shirley Cruz
      Shirley Cruz Hace 3 meses

      Yea thank ppppppppppppppp ppl put ppl

    • Annarose Lepley
      Annarose Lepley Hace 3 meses

      Might have something to do w leavening California. It’s ran so poorly almost like a 3rd world country. You don’t realize it unless you grew up there and saw your neighborhood change or live in a better ran state and come back to visit and wonder “wtf is happening” 😭😂

    • L
      L Hace 3 meses

      @Leslie Gonzalez sameee

    • Niff Lofair
      Niff Lofair Hace 4 meses +4

      LA does something to people. You see it when they move there.

  • Tom Dudley
    Tom Dudley Hace 4 meses +159

    Shane you haven't looked this good, peaceful, and happy in years. It is so good to see your real smile and hear your laugh.

  • Angineh Davtians
    Angineh Davtians Hace 4 meses +293

    The bedroom is absolutely beautiful. Glad you guys are back, we missed you both! It feels like forever since vlogmas

  • Stephanie Z
    Stephanie Z Hace 3 meses +27

    From watching Shane since 2010, I don't think I have ever seen him this happy! It makes my heart melt.. Best of wishes this New Year for y'all!! Btw your bedroom is absolutely beautiful! Great job :)

  • WithkindregardsEline
    WithkindregardsEline Hace 3 meses +76

    You guys aren't really that much older than me, but your vlogs always feel like my uncles videocalling me to tell me about their day. I don't really have relatives I have a close relationship with, so these vlogs make me feel so happy. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  • Jody Knight
    Jody Knight Hace 4 meses +192

    This was just the best vlog I've ever watched! It brought me so much joy to see you both so happy, to see your dogs absolutely loving the winter snow (let's face it, both Uno and Honey are made for that kind of weather more than the climate of LA), to see you having so much fun together and creating gorgeous rooms for you to relax and enjoy your selves in. Shane looks amazing and of course so does Ryland. The move has been the best thing for you both and I get to benefit from that too, so thanks xxx

  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones Hace 4 meses +13

    This Video is EVERYTHING Shane being so excited over Snow made my heart so Happy and the way he panicked everytime he went sledding I cracked up!

  • Nicole Holt
    Nicole Holt Hace 4 meses +170

    I just need to repeat: Your videos make me so happy! There is so much joy in them!

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Hace 4 meses +87

    I’m going thru the worst situations right now and this is exactly what I needed … yall bring me joy please keep posting Ryland 😔

  • shane
    shane Hace 4 meses +139

    BOO STAYS!!!

  • A R
    A R Hace 4 meses +70

    I'm over here crying happy tears for y'all ... The happiness pouring out of you two is amazing to watch. I love you two and wish nothing but good things for y'all.

  • Maureen Torres
    Maureen Torres Hace 3 meses +13

    Son unos de los Sexy.xXLike.UnO
    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer .
    Megan: "Mais quente"
    Hopi: "mais doce"
    Joonie: "Mais legal"
    Yoongi: "Manteiga"
    y.luceros...tu.mirada.enamora.al.sol.....tu.hermosura.quedara.por..una.eternidad. en .los.corazonede.
    Navidad.y.noche.buena....mis. respeto .para.todas.las.mujes.del.mundo...saludos..al.fin.del.mundo

  • Roho
    Roho Hace 4 meses +35

    Why do I smile from start to finish in your vlogs?? You both give off such positive happy vibes that can be felt through my phone. Happy 2021(22)😘

  • Shelby Sanders
    Shelby Sanders Hace 3 meses +7

    You two look great! Skin is glowing and energy is high and I’m living for it!!! Love you both

  • dekka
    dekka Hace 4 meses +361

    i’ve been telling myself, “i wish ryland would post soon”. YOU GUYS MAKE MY DAYS, THANK YOU! :)

    • TheLuvjonze
      TheLuvjonze Hace 4 meses +1

      I was watching the sip vlog to get me by! It did NOT disappoint 🤗

  • Jess Carrick
    Jess Carrick Hace 4 meses +9

    Hands down one of the best vlogs I’ve ever watched! Full of happiness!

  • Nessa Ness
    Nessa Ness Hace 4 meses +15

    Y’all should make this a family tradition to go sledding New Year’s Day 👨‍👨‍👧

  • Mary Frail
    Mary Frail Hace 4 meses +69

    It’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m so happy you guys finally posted again!!! It’s crazy how people “me” could feel so much happiness for people I have never met!! I feel like I know you guys Bc I have been watching you guys for YEARS! I’m just so happy for you guys and wish you both nothing but the best! Please keep smiling and POSTING!!! Love you guys! 💜

    • Lindsay England
      Lindsay England Hace 4 meses +1

      I think we all need to see more happiness in the world!

  • Adriana XCX
    Adriana XCX Hace 4 meses +1

    This is literally my FAVORITE vlog ever! I have not been around snow in so many years and I could not stop smiling so hard watching you and Shane going down the sled and Uno being so sweet and running along

  • bless your heart
    bless your heart Hace 4 meses +355

    Shane's reactions to the things Ryland does is the best. Makes it worth every thing you put into it.

    • Stacey G
      Stacey G Hace 4 meses

      @julboyle omg that wink!! I thought 'ooooo time to turn the camera off' 🙈🤣😜😜

    • bless your heart
      bless your heart Hace 4 meses +2

      @julboyle totally agree. They make me believe in love again 🥰

    • julboyle
      julboyle Hace 4 meses +6

      Especially the wink at the end - great job on the bedroom, Ryland!

  • Tommy Girl
    Tommy Girl Hace 3 meses +1

    Another incoming comment that this has made my day. You and Shane smiling and laughing LIKE UR VIBES ARE IMMACULATE!! and contagious , thank you

  • Karlie Kelly
    Karlie Kelly Hace 4 meses +1

    With Shane being from California and never really seeing snow, his reaction is so pure! Y’all seem so happy. 🥰

  • Shoppingaddixx
    Shoppingaddixx Hace 4 meses +21

    I love how happy you make Shane. He has so much self doubt, which he shouldn’t becUse he is amazing, but you truly are his perfect match. So happy you found each other! 🥰

  • Carliux1984
    Carliux1984 Hace 4 meses +1

    OMG this is the happiest I've EVER seen Shane in all his years online and im LIVING for it!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Bren Barnes
    Bren Barnes Hace 4 meses +178

    I love how Rylan's mom always reassures Shane, you can tell she loves him ❤

  • Tara Fraser
    Tara Fraser Hace 4 meses +5

    The bedroom looks amazing!! I also love seeing you two so happy!! ❤

  • Kelly Teague
    Kelly Teague Hace 4 meses +13

    I love how much effort ryland puts into their home and lives and get exited over everything I know we only see the surface but I’m so glad that he and Shane met and how in love they are Shane is so supportive even if he looks annoyed 😂so cute

  • Beckie Speed
    Beckie Speed Hace 4 meses +15

    Love seeing the smiles on your faces ! You both deserve all the happiness in the world °

  • Jayda Ghram
    Jayda Ghram Hace 4 meses +1

    you two seem so happy and healthy, so in love i am beyond happy for you!!!

  • Raeesa's Vlogs
    Raeesa's Vlogs Hace 4 meses +168

    I didn’t realize that I was smiling for 20mins straight while watching this until my friends made me aware of it! Love the vlogs and I love seeing Shane so happy

    • Stacey G
      Stacey G Hace 4 meses

      Same! I was laughing and smiling and so happy!

    • Bettina Brunner
      Bettina Brunner Hace 4 meses


    • Ayla Thompson
      Ayla Thompson Hace 4 meses +1

      Ya it's 1 am and I just woke up my husband laughing so hard I was crying lmao

    • L0ser
      L0ser Hace 4 meses

      My mom does that sometimes when she watches videos. Shes really emotional

    • KayBee
      KayBee Hace 4 meses +1


  • Faith Maxine
    Faith Maxine Hace 4 meses +3

    I love how happy you both are!!❤️I love you both sm

  • Chelsea Roberts
    Chelsea Roberts Hace 5 días +1

    This is the 6th time I have watched this vlog and I still burst out in laughter when Shane eats the ice and says “we can put this in our iced coffee” 😂😂😂 love you so much!

  • Lacey Craig
    Lacey Craig Hace 4 meses +1

    You guys sledding made me so happy 😊 and um ma'am that bed is everything!!! 😲😍❤

  • Shannon Helton
    Shannon Helton Hace 4 meses +2

    I've been stuck in my room for 4 days due to covid and this was just what I needed to make me smile. I love watching y'all and seeing how happy the both of you are. And I'm super excited to see how y'all start planning for a family!!!

    • Kirstennnn
      Kirstennnn Hace 3 meses +1

      I hope you get well soon!

  • Sofia
    Sofia Hace 4 meses +6

    I’m crying with how happy you guys look and the animals are so happy too ❤️ I can’t Express how I happy I am for y’all!!!

  • Kaylee
    Kaylee Hace 4 meses

    I love everything about this vlog 🥺🖤 Ever since you’ve moved to Colorado everything just feels warm and full of love. So happy for you both 🥰

  • Alix Free
    Alix Free Hace 4 meses +2

    Its so heartwarming seeing you guys so happy in your new home. ☃️🥰

  • closinginonclosure
    closinginonclosure Hace 4 meses +2

    13:06 Gotta love how Shane repeatedly calls it a "TaBOOgan" 😂 Toboggan is pronounced Te-bägen 😜

  • PeytonHathNoClue
    PeytonHathNoClue Hace 4 meses +87

    I’ve been watching Shane since 2014 and I’m just gonna say, I have never seen him get this giddy or excited about the little things and living life. It makes me so happy to him this happy

  • stacey
    stacey Hace 4 meses

    i love watching your guys’ vlogs you guys don’t understand how much these vlogs bring joy to my day when u guys post omg 😭 seeing you guys so happy makes my heart happy

  • Renie Handler
    Renie Handler Hace 4 meses +4

    Ryland, your Mom cracking up in the parking lot of the grocery store with the light, the UGG slides, purse, etc. was killing me!!!! I never laughed so hard!!!! :D :D HAHAHAHAHA

  • Slh
    Slh Hace 4 meses +1

    The room is beautiful!!! Love Uno sitting there as the center piece 🤣

  • Kristin R
    Kristin R Hace 3 meses

    Love seeing you so happy and loving your life in Colorado. This was the best decision you two have made and clearly your family is so happy to be near you as well. I hope your goals are achieved for 2022. We are also working on starting our family, and moved back home in 2021 to be closer to family. Love Shane's excitement for the snow Have a very happy new year!

  • itssamiievi
    itssamiievi Hace 4 meses +227

    my jaw hurt from smiling or laughing from beginning to end 😂 you two seem so happy and we're all here for it & you make our day just by sharing this new chapter of your lives with us 💙 happy new year, love from dubai!!

  • Caroll Azp
    Caroll Azp Hace 4 meses +8

    Shane genuinely looks so much happier and the fact that he gets excited for the things he used to hate like Christmas is very joyful to watch❤️

    • Ty. S.
      Ty. S. Hace 3 meses

      Awwww, dude I didn't even think of that. You're totally right, he even wrote a song about how much Christmas sucks for him. That's so heart warming lol

  • SpookyMary
    SpookyMary Hace 4 meses

    How happy they are makes me happy too 😭 Im so genuinely happy they moved Shane looks so happy! Also I see Cheetho using the window seat 🥺

  • Ever So
    Ever So Hace 3 meses

    I’m thrilled to bits to see you two soooo happy! What a journey you’ve been on! Love it love it!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 30andMORE RODO
    30andMORE RODO Hace 4 meses +1

    I love Shane’s energy! Love you both ❤️

  • Itsslewie
    Itsslewie Hace 4 meses +262

    Shane’s commentary while sledding down the hill is what 2021 was like.

    • Chickie KT
      Chickie KT Hace 4 meses

      @Sol Gomezhumble myself? You are the one acting like my opinion matters....so weird

    • Sol Gomez
      Sol Gomez Hace 4 meses

      @Chickie KT humble yourself lol all it took was one click

    • Chickie KT
      Chickie KT Hace 4 meses

      @Sol Gomez congrats for stalking me. That's obviously your opinion....I talk to other people and actually use my account and I'm not afraid to have an opinion. I like Ryland and Morgan so I watch them but Shane has pushed his way into these videos and it's so annoying Ryland can't say anything without Shane interrupting. He can be in them but quit trying to be the main focus. He messed up his channel not Ryland. His last video was a flop...the best parts are Morgan and Ryland laughing and carrying on with their mom. If you can't see that Shane sucks all the air out of the room....whatever.

    • Chickie KT
      Chickie KT Hace 4 meses

      @Sol Gomez don't watch it was a dumb answer.... but you amused yourself so you got what you wanted.

  • Audrey Madden
    Audrey Madden Hace 4 meses +2

    The “thank you” and wink at the end is actually HUGE growth for Shane I’ve seen him making more jokes like that about him being attractive and stuff snd it makes me so happy. Moving was the best thing to happen to these two!

  • Darya
    Darya Hace 4 meses +2

    Your vlogs bring me so much serotonin! Love you guys, truly.

  • Totalei Brainlei
    Totalei Brainlei Hace 4 meses +1

    Watching your videos always put a smile on my face!

  • Katie Larison
    Katie Larison Hace 3 meses

    Love watching you both!! Always there to make us laugh at your expense lol but you both are thriving in Colorado, the house is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both!! Love ya queens❤️

  • Tracy Mitchell
    Tracy Mitchell Hace 4 meses +200

    I have to say I absolutely adore this video! I have seen how happy Shane is in previous videos but this one is just something different. He is just sooooo joyfully happy in a new type of way! I love it! This video and Shane totally made my week ❤️❤️ The sledding was everything! The 2021 moment was to freaking relatable because I literally text everyone a gif that said “happy new year 2021” so queen you aren’t the only one 😂😂. I also want to wish you both happiness and nothing but good things with your baby adventures ❤️

    • Amy Kellough
      Amy Kellough Hace 4 meses +3

      I felt the same way! So much happiness 😊

    • Jody Knight
      Jody Knight Hace 4 meses +5

      Your comment says it all so 'ditto'

  • Roseanna Gonzales
    Roseanna Gonzales Hace 4 meses +1

    It makes me so happy seeing how happy Shane is with the snow. Makes me want to vacation in Colorado during the winter. It really is so beautiful!

  • Aqua Abigail
    Aqua Abigail Hace 4 meses

    I love Shane's Mom, she's always so sweet and Ryland's Mom too, she's so understanding and open❤❤

  • Amy Watson
    Amy Watson Hace 3 meses

    Honestly makes me soo happy seeing Shane as happy as he is these days 🥰

  • Gianna 🌍 T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    I love how Rylan's mom always reassures Shane, you can tell she loves him

  • Kaelyn
    Kaelyn Hace 4 meses +139

    That entire snow montage was so cute. Seeing Cheeto all cozy by the window, along with Uno and Honey running through the snow all while you and Shane are sledding was such a simple but pure thing. Truly an adorable family and I hope the happiness we see in these vlogs is there without the camera :)
    Genuinely wish the both of you a very happy 2022 and I'm excited to see what y'all do with it

  • Sarah Haught
    Sarah Haught Hace 4 meses

    this is by far the most wholesome video Ive seen on ESclips in a long time. how genuinely happy you both are... frame some of those photos you posted at the end. Uno is absolute adorable with how in the way he is during sledding.

  • Christin Pursley
    Christin Pursley Hace 4 meses

    Literally, the best vlog yet! Between the gift exchange, the time with both moms, the dogs in the snow and the awe of a Colorado winter, I never stopped smiling!

  • DeAnn Haley
    DeAnn Haley Hace 3 meses

    Okay I absolutely love seeing Shane so freaking happy and genuinely happy. Thank you ryland for bringing out the real Shane ❤️

  • AnneMarte1989
    AnneMarte1989 Hace 4 meses

    Omg! I love you guys so much! 😂🥰 Shames reaction to the snow is so adorable and funny! ... I'm so happy to see you happy!! I wish you all the best 💕

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee Hace 4 meses +86

    Seeing Shane in a better and happier place, truly makes me happy! You two are truly great and I so enjoy watching your lives evolve the way it has! Much love to the two of you! 🤍

  • Julie
    Julie Hace 4 meses

    Your guys happiness is contagious, thank you for making me laugh today I love your vlogs together they make my day! ❤️

  • Natasha Doyle
    Natasha Doyle Hace 4 meses +1

    Get them puppies some coats and snow shoes, it's so funny watching them walk in shoes 😂.
    @Shanedawson, you could make snow cones ❄️🍧.
    You both warm my heart ❤️

  • its evelina
    its evelina Hace 4 meses

    Your and Shane's videos always makes me smile through the whole video!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Amé Sanchez
    Amé Sanchez Hace 4 meses

    18:21 made my day 😂😂 but I get that you were so excited to show Shane’s reaction lol 😂♥️

  • Katie Roth
    Katie Roth Hace 4 meses +160

    I’ve been watching Shane now for 7 years and to see him gain enough self confidence to take a selfie in the snow made my heart warm!! I’m so glad ryland has come into his life. Y’all are doing things that make you genuinely happy. I hope y’all are blessed with a child and have a wonderful wedding! 💕

    • S
      S Hace 4 meses

      @Maria Compton besides, what part of my comment was nasty?

    • S
      S Hace 4 meses

      @Maria Compton does that really measure up to Shane's past?
      Idk why you are attacking me for just stating some facts that people here seem happy to overlook and forgive

    • Maria Compton
      Maria Compton Hace 4 meses

      @S I don't think you should be trying to call people out for lack of civility when you start with nasty comments that will make no difference to anyone

    • S
      S Hace 4 meses

      @Nyx very civil... Do you always respond to arguments against something you happen to like this way?

    • StanKatBarrell
      StanKatBarrell Hace 4 meses +2

      @S why do you even watch then. Just leave the video if you hate him so much. He obviously has fans who will love him through his mistakes and flaws so stop jumping on the hating Shane bandwagon and go

  • jellybean fan
    jellybean fan Hace 4 meses

    I love how happy you two are!!! This move was amazing for you guys!!!

  • Trish O'Malley
    Trish O'Malley Hace 4 meses +1

    I genuinely love you guys, your vlogs are always amazing but in this vlog you boys are the happiest i have ever seen you.
    Seeing Shane in the snow a d his excitement made me laugh and smile so much.
    I wish you both all the luck in the world and cannot wait for there to be a mini Ryland and shane in your lives. Lots of love.

  • Rubes
    Rubes Hace 4 meses

    Oh It makes me extremely happy to see Shane this happy 💖

  • Adriana XCX
    Adriana XCX Hace 4 meses +3

    I literally just started crying....the snow is sooooooo beautiful and I'm so thankful you guys shared this with us💖🙏🏻

  • Katie Geurrandeno
    Katie Geurrandeno Hace 4 meses

    Yalls bedroom is so beautiful! I love seeing you two so happy! ❤

  • Heather
    Heather Hace 4 meses

    Awwww I've missed you guys!! ❤ Shane seriously makes me so happy 😊

  • Alisa Froh
    Alisa Froh Hace 3 meses

    I was having the worst day, and i am totally cheered up now. THANK YOU RYLAND AND SHANE

  • St3phhani3 〈3
    St3phhani3 〈3 Hace 4 meses

    This was an amazing video! Pure joy! I couldn’t stop laughing at you guys sledding 😂.

  • Me Depresed
    Me Depresed Hace 3 meses

    I honestly love seeing people's reactions to snow who haven't experienced it personally before 😁🥰🥰 I live in a place where we have snow for 6 months out of the year so it's so meh to me 🤣 but when I see people who are amazed and mesmerized it makes me appreciate it even for a little bit 😁

  • adrie sadoway
    adrie sadoway Hace 4 meses +2

    Their future kid will be decked out in the cutest, tackiest things, and I CANT WAIT FOR IT.

  • Danielle J
    Danielle J Hace 4 meses

    I can't tell you how excited I've been for sledding content. Incredible. And so pretty at night with the lights. Oh my gosh, I'm living for this.🥺😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Victoria Rogers
    Victoria Rogers Hace 4 meses +11

    Son unos de los
    mañas no se la
    Megan: ''Hotter''
    Hopi: ''Sweeter''
    Navidad.y.noche.buena....mis.respeto.para.todas.las.mujes.del.mundo...saludos..al.fin.del.mundo. ..
    Joonie: ''Cooler''
    Yoongi: ''Butter''
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.

  • Angela
    Angela Hace 3 meses

    This video made my day ...Shane's mom is just a sweetie 💕

  • M S
    M S Hace 4 meses +4

    Cannot believe this is on trending page! So good to see Shane and his mom again!!

  • Autumn
    Autumn Hace 4 meses

    Bedroom is beautiful! Love seeing you two together. ❤

  • kerry Knight
    kerry Knight Hace 4 meses +1

    It's lovely to see you both so happy. You definitely made the right decision in moving. Looking forward to seeing future videos 😍

  • Terra6954
    Terra6954 Hace 4 meses +131

    What a gift this vlog is. Been stuck in the house with Omicron and have binged watched everything. I was just saying today I need something else to watch. And to my excitement, your vlog and The Sip came up in my notifications. Loved every second of this vlog. The only thing that could be better is if it was an hour-long.

    • Terra6954
      Terra6954 Hace 4 meses +1

      @bird beak Sorry to hear that. Hope you recover quickly.

    • bird beak
      bird beak Hace 4 meses

      i have it too 😞

    • Jody Knight
      Jody Knight Hace 4 meses

      YESSSS to an hour long vlog!!!

  • Windydev
    Windydev Hace 4 meses

    It was so fun watching you all play in the snow. So much joy. 🥰❤ What this world needs: Rylands vlogs 🥰🥰🥰

  • pokemon jack
    pokemon jack Hace 4 meses

    Had me grinning from ear to ear so glad you got ur happy ever after 💖

  • Gidget Delgadillo
    Gidget Delgadillo Hace 4 meses +3

    Awwww they look so much happier love seeing Shane smile

  • Dawn Combs
    Dawn Combs Hace 4 meses

    Been watching the vlogs on repeat for weeks! Really excited for this new one and it wasn’t disappointing! Best one yet. You guys are soooo entertaining and sweet. Hands down favorite YT channel. Much love from Pennsylvania!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • MaryAnn
    MaryAnn Hace 4 meses +84

    The bedroom is gorgeous. Watching you two play in the snow was so cute and Shane's reaction to the snow was so sweet. Just like a kid. Much love to you both.

  • Alison Mercer
    Alison Mercer Hace 4 meses

    By far the best Vlog, you guys are just so happy and loving life there. Can’t believe the change in Shane it’s beautiful to see ❤️ Need more vlogs though missed you over Xmas and new year

  • Kikiwylesky
    Kikiwylesky Hace 4 meses

    I am so beyond happy for you two!!! You both look and are doing amazing!!! 💓🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Neena Hipp
    Neena Hipp Hace 4 meses

    Omg ryland you have such an amazing eye for interior design. I’d love to see you do more of that.

  • Michi I
    Michi I Hace 3 meses

    Love how Ryland just goes all out and Shane being the concerned parent 😆😁😍😋

  • Mary Emanuel
    Mary Emanuel Hace 4 meses

    I have been a fan of shane's since I was kid! This video was so wholesome!!! Love that you both are so happy!

  • beka
    beka Hace 4 meses

    I love these vlogs so much. They make my day and cure my depression 😃😄

  • Girlquitlyin
    Girlquitlyin Hace 4 meses

    I love the whole vibe of the bedroom! So tell me please Ryland, did you use frames near the bed to create a sort of illusion where they have those walls with those patterns? That might be the most genius and clever home decor design and hack I have ever seen if so!

  • Ella Mae
    Ella Mae Hace 4 meses

    Im just smiling and giggling the whole time while watching this vlog 😭💖💖

  • C Anderson
    C Anderson Hace un día

    Always makes me want to happy cry seeing you both living your best lives in CO 🥺