Pokémon Violet Hardcore Nuzlocke - Dragon Types Only! (No items, No overleveling)


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  • AntlerboyLIVE
    AntlerboyLIVE  Hace un mes +298

    What's YOUR Favorite Dragon Type?

  • TraagicShotss
    TraagicShotss Hace un mes +31

    Garchomp. A classic and probably my favorite dragon type design to date

  • Joe The Turtle
    Joe The Turtle Hace un mes +509

    The plot twist of Clive being Director Clavel is the most shocking Pokémon plot twist since The Masked Royale

    • Smokescreen1000
      Smokescreen1000 Hace un día

      Back when I played pokemon moon my brain was not advanced enough to pick up the clues so it was actually a surprise

    • MayoKnees
      MayoKnees Hace 7 días

      Na grusha being a guy gotta be one of the biggest

    • Mac10008cers
      Mac10008cers Hace 8 días

      No it was not shocking Clive had the same glasses as the professor

    • Cindorr
      Cindorr Hace 11 días


    • [Anti-weird Username]
      [Anti-weird Username] Hace 12 días

      I understand that this is irony

  • Alberto Mota
    Alberto Mota Hace un mes +6

    8:09 okay, that was a great one, caught me way off guard.

  • SkittyBee
    SkittyBee Hace un mes +4

    i love your editing and humor, you deserve more subs

  • mechajason
    mechajason Hace un mes +2

    So far I have done 9/18 types and the dragon challenge was my second one and I named my dragons after Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters I love my Lusterdragon he was so strong he was also a garchomp with sand veil ability

  • Marcus
    Marcus Hace un mes +2

    Amazing run good sir! I must admit I thought the paradox Pokémon were gonna be more of a challenge! But you did just marvellous!

  • Toetail
    Toetail Hace un mes +3

    This is honestly the best pokemon game they ever put out. So much potential and limitless features in this game.

  • couu alis
    couu alis Hace un mes +1

    You’re an absolute beast for grinding this game out so much so fast

  • onegayastronaut
    onegayastronaut Hace un mes

    Always love your monotype runs! Interested in seeing other types or runs with how open SV is compared to other games. 😊

  • Bianca Armstrong
    Bianca Armstrong Hace un mes +1

    I love how you named your dragon team after sweets, pastries and desserts. That’s very smart and clever☺️🧁🍨🍰

  • Jeremiah Darpino
    Jeremiah Darpino Hace un mes +2

    Loving the S/V nuzlockes so far

  • reinhart rainyday
    reinhart rainyday Hace un mes +4

    Our boy out here back to back with SV nuzlocke proving to Iono that he is Miss Paldea

  • Devaughn Dision
    Devaughn Dision Hace un mes +2

    I love this guys videos for a reason, my favorite dragon is Dragapult

  • blackdragonwtf
    blackdragonwtf Hace un mes +5

    In the future for dragon type runs of the game, you can get bagon, dreepy, and axew In the circular mountain above the swamp in south paldea, just circle around near the lower tower in the rocky cliffs where klawf is, they should be between levels 15ish-20ish. For people playing scarlet larvatar and possibly deino spawn instead

    • blackdragonwtf
      blackdragonwtf Hace un mes

      I know larvatar isn’t a dragon I’m just explaining the game different spawn

      THE WORLD:OVER HEAVEN Hace un mes +1

      larvitar is not a dragon type

    • noika
      noika Hace un mes +1

      Larvitar is not a dragon

  • Kiddo Sam
    Kiddo Sam Hace un mes +4

    We should’ve known that Professor Chad was an AI…a being of such perfection could never exist naturally…

  • Danny aka DFate
    Danny aka DFate Hace un mes +1

    Finally I can watch this challenge. When you released it, I didn't watch because I had to play until the final battle myself. But now, when I finished the main game, I can watch and enjoy another of your monotype nuzlockes with my favorite tyoe. :)

  • Evan Allison
    Evan Allison Hace un mes +2

    Honestly, when I realized they put another Dragon/Ice type. I immediately realized that I could Fairy Tera Type it and neutralize almost every weakness.

    • Potato
      Potato Hace un mes

      Op baxcalibur

  • Jakerthedog
    Jakerthedog Hace un mes +1

    Antler I just want to say that I love watching your videos, and I wanted to thank you for reigniting my love for Pokemon Games! I'm currently playing through Pokemon Black right now, and I love having your videos on my 2nd monitor as motivation!

  • Brett R
    Brett R Hace un mes +2

    For the start of the run,Couldn’t of you used the new breeding system to catch the over leveled Pokémon and made them eggs so that they’d be level 1?

  • wallowdite
    wallowdite Hace un mes +2

    hey man this is kinda of random but I've been watching your videos for a while and they always calm me down thank you

  • Chloe
    Chloe Hace un mes

    antler you dont understand, these series are my favourite from youtube. please keep making more

  • AutomaticSentinel
    AutomaticSentinel Hace un mes +1

    No joke, my favorite is Appletun and I got really happy to see it! I just really like silly/stupid looking pokemon and It's just an apple pie + dragon, great stuff

  • Sneavile
    Sneavile Hace un mes +6

    Kinda wish you did the Team Star Bosses near their level to make things more interesting and challenging, but it was still fun to watch

  • CarbonCatcher La
    CarbonCatcher La Hace un mes +1

    30:50 I believe quark drive boosts by 30% not 20% for non speed stats but I could be wrong

  • Cricket
    Cricket Hace un mes +3

    That first gym was crazy! Well-played

  • Zain Bhatti
    Zain Bhatti Hace un mes +1

    The way he says criosant when he’s telling us the Pokémon he’s bringing in to the elite four though

  • Noah Hurley
    Noah Hurley Hace un mes

    Garchomp was my mvp in my run. He kinda rolled most gyms and star bases just with his massive stats

  • Beanjelly
    Beanjelly Hace un mes +3

    The fact he said au revoir mon croissant was just perfect

  • Jaime A. GB
    Jaime A. GB Hace un mes +1

    I really like Antlerboy style and already putting out content ... However, S&V didn't really solved the problem for encounters in an Open World PKM game .... having the pkm straight up available in great quantities, takes away from the tension of the encounter timings.... a shame for nuzlocks

  • mixou
    mixou Hace un mes +1

    French me enjoying the video : I love Antler's content, his rap is eveything (I ofc saw the previous video) and nuzlocking is so good !
    And then I heard "Au revoir mon croissant" and I got shivers all over my spine, baby ! * o *

  • Luke Colella
    Luke Colella Hace un mes +2

    Just a question i have before getting the game, does your vehicle Pokémon count as one of the 6? (I too love being a dragon master rivaling Iris and Lance, but don’t want to use a legendary)

  • Cai Tanan
    Cai Tanan Hace un mes

    Dragonite will always be my favorite his goofy little smile always gets me and he used to give me trouble back in the day playing soul silver

    • Amelia 411
      Amelia 411 Hace un mes


  • Webb Lorin
    Webb Lorin Hace un mes +2

    Love your final team are all named after great food 👍
    Though it made me supper hungry

  • DustyOJT
    DustyOJT Hace un mes +1

    Love the content. So solid!!!!

  • LetsTec
    LetsTec Hace un mes +515

    In case you ever do another Gen 9 challenge and have a Applin on your team, by heading into the forest near the poison team star boss you can pick up both apples from the shiny loot on the ground. This means you could have had Appletun for as early as the first gym

    • Specter Knight
      Specter Knight Hace un mes +2

      Adding onto this, Sword and Shield had a story about how giving Applins to people is a sign of romantic intent so they make great gifts for your girl or boy.

    • Potato
      Potato Hace un mes +1

      And adding onto this apples are apples and they are apple and they have a juice

    • Potato
      Potato Hace un mes

      This comment is more helpful than these replies likeafter the 3rd gym?you can get it before the first man

    • S4turn
      S4turn Hace un mes

      I swear i could get them straight away

    • LetsTec
      LetsTec Hace un mes +3

      @S4turn yes after the third gym, this tactic works after defeating Klawf

  • Brock Sampson
    Brock Sampson Hace un mes +2

    would it break the rules if you caught the high level dragons, but bred them and raised the eggs instead?

  • Hodgepodge
    Hodgepodge Hace un mes

    D'you think you could do the challenges in order next time? The gym challenge is the easiest part of the game.

  • Mojoe Muffin
    Mojoe Muffin Hace un mes +6

    How the hell do you get these out so quickly?

  • spider-boi
    spider-boi Hace un mes

    to solve the issue with catching mons that are above the level cap, i take the overlevelled catch and breed an egg from it.
    Very useful in the beginning and bc of raids isn’t too time-consuming to train later on.

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith Hace un mes +1

    People should do more nuzlockes with titans and team star as well. It’s way harder

  • Moï it’s Danielle
    Moï it’s Danielle Hace un mes +1

    I love this type of videos but don’t use Swords dance! It’s making fights way to easy! But nice strategy! 😊

  • Muva Blanco
    Muva Blanco Hace un mes +2

    You should do bug types next I bet there is so many cool bug types

  • CUBE inc. The channel
    CUBE inc. The channel Hace un mes

    my favorite dragon type is dragapult. just something about it hurling its babies as missiles is special

  • CosmeticCosmos & DemonicDrag

    Antler: luckily my garchomp dodged the upcoming discharge ( 18:29 )😂

  • Pizzapersona9
    Pizzapersona9 Hace un mes +1

    My favorite dragon has to be either kommo-o, rayquaza or noivern

  • StarVolt Nexus
    StarVolt Nexus Hace un mes

    Appltun Is my favorite When I first saw it admittedly I was laughing because I was like that is so stupid it’s circles right back around being awesome

  • Elijah Ayers
    Elijah Ayers Hace un mes

    well, considering cyclizar is a base 500+ dragon mon you get before the first gym... it's a nuzlocke, but it won't be a challenge at all, so hopefully the other gen 9 type nuzlockes are harder.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name Hace un mes +1

    Tip for if you use baxcalibur again. If you delay its evolution by 1 level you'll learn icicle crash which is way better than ice fang.

  • Chiko Omilana
    Chiko Omilana Hace un mes

    The Sword Applin branch one of my favourite dragons

  • Emily D
    Emily D Hace un mes

    When you want to watch a nuzlocke for the new game by one of your favorite youtubers but you dont want spoilers but you dont have a switch to play the game.
    The ultimate distress T-T

  • mark p
    mark p Hace un mes

    I had a fairy Tera type Altaria with dragon dance, cotton guard, dragon rush, and play rough. Threw leftovers on it and destroyed the elite 4 and champion

  • Bootleg Flowey
    Bootleg Flowey Hace un mes +2

    Pls do ghost type next. (My favorite dragon type is Dragapult)

  • HerobrineWasTaken
    HerobrineWasTaken Hace un mes +426

    You know it will be a nice day when Antler posts a new nuzlocke video on a new game

  • Drew Clark
    Drew Clark Hace un mes

    18:41 After he said that I thought that the Bronzong was going to one shot S'more

  • Mark Matthews
    Mark Matthews Hace un mes

    He’s the rap god we didn’t know we needed🤩

  • Malachai Aguilar
    Malachai Aguilar Hace un mes +1

    Honestly, in my personal opinion, you should definitely do an only pseudo legendary run, yeah you would be over-powered but it takes a while for ur pokemon to get to that level, so it should be fine

  • Bastion
    Bastion Hace un mes

    Fave Dragon is hands down Dragonite, with Appletun coming in a close 2nd

  • Axis HillBilly
    Axis HillBilly Hace un mes +193

    "You can't do double damage to me the next turn if you don't get a next turn" 😂😂

    • Mega
      Mega Hace un mes +2

      This has the same energy as "I can't be detected if nobody is left alive to detect me!"

    • srougvie
      srougvie Hace un mes

      Yep, he did just copy a line from video and it got 130 likes

    • Pallavi Gupta
      Pallavi Gupta Hace un mes +5

      That got me fr🤣🤣

  • Svend van Muijden
    Svend van Muijden Hace un mes

    Best dragon type, must be dratini. Just that

  • Arif Lewar
    Arif Lewar Hace un mes +1

    Start the Violet Nuzlocke with a strong type here.

  • BoneScienceGaming
    BoneScienceGaming Hace un mes

    I’m not really annoyed by mispronounced names, but just so you know I believe Grusha is pronounced Groo-sha

  • Nick Boon
    Nick Boon Hace un mes +68

    Wow that Applin really showed us what it means to be a dragon type in the grass gym

  • HivewingDraws
    HivewingDraws Hace un mes +1

    Easily Dragonite. Its literally my favourite pokemon!

  • ScorpioTantrum
    ScorpioTantrum Hace un mes

    I'm pretty sure that using held items still counts as using items.

  • jdogx211
    jdogx211 Hace un mes +1

    I dig the PAST/FUTURE thing, it's cool. 😎
    But why were they so LAZY with the Shinies!? All the Paradox Shinies are just Chromed versions of the regular ones. I don't even think the changed the light up bits!?
    They could have made them reflective, the could have made them GOLD, they could have lit up thier eyes and panels ALL DIFFERENT COLORS!?
    But no, thier just painted WHITE essentially. They were brave enough to go with this open world, multiple-complex-paradox-inducing story line, and introducing ALL THESE NEW POKEMON QND FORMS! And they CHOKED HERE!

  • Nathan Gillen
    Nathan Gillen Hace un mes +5

    This is just my personal choice, but I think leaving the bases till after the league is too stompy. I'd like to see you fight titans and bases at their caps

  • Leafs4ever
    Leafs4ever Hace un mes

    I know it’s kind of basic but my favourite is alteria

    HAKAI GONZALEZ Hace un mes

    I could never stoop so low as he did during the Mismagius fight. Such cowardice on display.

  • Victory
    Victory Hace un mes

    24:28 I guess your appletun had thick fat (I hope) may very well explain how it survived, appletun supremacy

  • l-l Ryder penrod l-l
    l-l Ryder penrod l-l Hace un mes +1

    I find it funny how everyone else’s first gym was Katy but mine was Brassius

  • Jason Andrews
    Jason Andrews Hace un mes +35

    I really appreciate that u can get dragon types and pseudos early. Lets u actually play through the game with them and not just get them in the endgame

  • Dreezy keepin Peezy
    Dreezy keepin Peezy Hace un mes

    just sayin, this man needs an entire other channel for his raps

  • Epicworld Español
    Epicworld Español Hace un mes +110

    Hydreigon is not only my favorite dragon type, but also my favorite non legendary pokemon ever, it just so cool and powerful, love also how they gave it Nasty plot to make it even more powerful
    Edit:100 likes thanks everybody :)

    • Shockwave Demon
      Shockwave Demon Hace 10 días

      @Megagallade101 What's Dark and Flying?
      Iron Jugulis is
      Hydreigon is Dark Dragon

    • Megagallade101
      Megagallade101 Hace 10 días

      It’s dark and flying

    • Shockwave Demon
      Shockwave Demon Hace un mes

      @Everyone’s Idol Yeah Fairies are notoriously resistant to special attacks
      Highest Sp Def out of any types

    • BlasphemyNBagels
      BlasphemyNBagels Hace un mes

      @Ghosted_Ash Hydra hard but Haxourus Gotta be my favorite gen 5 dragons just go so hard except druddigon we don't talk about that abomination 😭

    • Ghosted_Ash
      Ghosted_Ash Hace un mes +1

      hydreigon is overall my favorite pokemon

  • Silkyzoid
    Silkyzoid Hace un mes

    The Tera Pokemon of gym leaders are scripted, I had them surivive on 1 HP 9 times (once for each gym leader and in the elite four)

  • Brant Schuenman
    Brant Schuenman Hace un mes +1

    So I just have to say this because it kinda annoyed me… to preface I love your hardcore nuzlockes Antler Boy, so I clicked on this video because I thought it would be fun to watch. Now I’m not done with the game at all, I’m only almost done with all the badges, so I thought after like halfway through the video or so I would click off and return to it once I was done. Now what bothered me was that in the first like minute you showed a clip of the final boss which just spoiled soooo much of the game for me. Now I understand how this is my fault for clicking on it in the first place, but for brand new games I was hoping you could put spoiler warnings next time. Thank you, and I can’t wait to come back to the video when I’m done with the story 🤠!

    • Antlerboy
      Antlerboy Hace un mes

      I’m sorry about that! Didn’t include any story spoilers in the first Scarlet video, so I figured it’d be okay! Sorry you got spoiled :(

  • DoctorCamazotz
    DoctorCamazotz Hace un mes

    Subbed, dudes a solid ESclipsr

  • xbot02
    xbot02 Hace un mes +24

    They made it so easy to do a dragon only run this gen, I love it

  • Mazhar Siddiqi
    Mazhar Siddiqi Hace un mes +1

    Will you consider doing a pseudo legendary only nuzlocke?

  • Irene Vargiu
    Irene Vargiu Hace un mes +1

    This is the game I'll do my dogs only run on, maybe you can try it too since there are so many( new and old)

  • Aids McBalls
    Aids McBalls Hace un mes

    For the love of god grusha’s name is pronounced groo-sha and rika’s name is pronounced ree-ka

  • Riderfan Prime
    Riderfan Prime Hace un mes

    I wish one of the starters would be half dragon already I mean the 9th generation still no half dragon starters

  • Random_loser27
    Random_loser27 Hace un mes +67

    I absolutely love the intro with lucario hitting goomy into space🤣🤣🤣 poor goomy

  • Glavenus ^^
    Glavenus ^^ Hace un mes +1

    So my Favorite Dragon are Duraludon, Rayquaza and Noivern

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson Hace un mes +1

    Bro you can't forget about Olympia in Kalos region. She was a psychic type gym leader.

  • shirox11
    shirox11 Hace un mes

    New gen is probably the easiest to do a dragon nuzlocke yet. There are so many encounters.

  • pouu ktin
    pouu ktin Hace un mes +9

    Just as a heads up, you can purchase the apples to evolve Applin after beating 3 gyms.

  • Kathy Blakeman
    Kathy Blakeman Hace un mes

    bro I am dying, I caught a fariy tera typed Algeria yesterday and even named it Cotton Candy LOL

  • Dragonfly
    Dragonfly Hace un mes

    I got super hungry listening to this nuzlocke.

  • Awesome Raichu
    Awesome Raichu  Hace un mes +88

    My favorite Dragon Type is Baxcalibur. I didn’t think much of it when I first saw it’s design but it grew on me like wildfire and fell in love with it.

    • Corvistein
      Corvistein Hace 26 días +2

      Ice Godzilla had me from the moment I saw that it was pretty much just haxorous with pseudo stats. Plus his ability is sweet when it procs

    • S Y E N T
      S Y E N T Hace un mes

      Same here

    • Brandon Howard
      Brandon Howard Hace un mes +2

      Fax I love it that is why it is going to be on my team

  • velvet
    velvet Hace un mes

    my favorite dragon is definitely Haxorus, that thing is busted

  • sweet wolf Steve
    sweet wolf Steve Hace un mes

    There was no reason they gave dunsparce a evo in the first place and then they gave it the most laziest Evo ever they just made it longer and gave it more wings it's the most laziest Evo in the game

  • Thegameingspinoraptor
    Thegameingspinoraptor Hace un mes

    I love all dragon type or dragon looking pokemon

  • Kuya Boben
    Kuya Boben Hace un mes +38

    My first shiny in this game is a Swablu and seeing you have a swablu named Cotton Candy while mine’s named Cotton just warms me up lol. Another banger of a video

  • Yuusuf Aidid
    Yuusuf Aidid Hace un mes +1

    you should've just used baxcalibur for the whole elite 4 he's absolutely diabolical with a singular dragon dance

  • Emilie Delgado
    Emilie Delgado Hace un mes

    I’m into the classics Charizard is my favorite

  • Jinx Jade
    Jinx Jade Hace un mes

    I’m so happy Appleton survived!

    • Amelia 411
      Amelia 411 Hace un mes


  • shadowfox933
    shadowfox933 Hace un mes

    Dudunsparce is absolutely beautiful, and nothing is going to change my mind

  • AudaciousBlueberry
    AudaciousBlueberry Hace un mes +139

    Antler’s puns are always on point fr

  • han
    han Hace un mes

    AI isn’t evil ): and kinda…. an underwhelming win against it.

    • Shockwave Demon
      Shockwave Demon Hace un mes

      Yeah the AI was literally fighting you against its will