Rami Malek on Becoming Freddie Mercury

  • Publicado el 5 sep 2018
  • Rami talks about playing Freddie Mercury in his new film “Bohemian Rhapsody,” getting the role, what it took to look like Freddie, pranking one of his cast mates, working with Mike Myers, and reveals what it was like meeting Freddie Mercury’s sister.
    3 Ridiculous Questions with Tiffany Haddish esclips.com/video/gIazXMqdGto/vídeo.html

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    Rami Malek on Becoming Freddie Mercury
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Comentarios • 3 650

  • Qazwsx
    Qazwsx Hace 14 horas

    4:36 Wth is this pose he's SOOOOO adorable 😂😂😂

  • Prento
    Prento Hace 17 horas

    Wow after seeing the movie I’m still seeing Freddy haha. He’s a little odd I think

  • הוזחقصفعسنم/\טי

    It's the sacred duty of every American talk show host to constantly interrupt guests with nonsensical asides which is what the brain-dead audience consider entertainment.

  • Mikeé Garzon
    Mikeé Garzon Hace 22 horas

    He can also be Mick Jagger!

  • Helen James
    Helen James Hace 23 horas +1

    He is Freddie omg

  • No One
    No One Hace un día


  • Mason Plummer
    Mason Plummer Hace un día

    Way to make him uncomfortable af from the start and constantly interrupt.. horrible

  • Jo DI
    Jo DI Hace un día

    He looks like bruno marz

  • Tua Leaki
    Tua Leaki Hace un día

    This dude legit going to win the oscars. The movie was great

  • jesse sisson
    jesse sisson Hace un día

    I like Jimmy and all but damn, sometimes I want to hear the guests talk a little...

  • Paula5250
    Paula5250 Hace un día

    Amazing performance as Freddie Mercury. I see an Oscar win for this one!!

  • Sieren Tokiio
    Sieren Tokiio Hace un día

    I think he deserves an oscer for the movie

  • Ur mom Gay
    Ur mom Gay Hace 2 días


  • Ray
    Ray Hace 2 días

    hes so fine

  • Queen Vee
    Queen Vee Hace 2 días

    "recutive exet" 😂😂😂😂

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty Hace 2 días

    Rami is so wonderful

  • Jenny Santos
    Jenny Santos Hace 2 días

    Offical queen liked this check their channel

  • Rayne Loeppky
    Rayne Loeppky Hace 2 días

    Jimmy literally interrupted him so much throughout this interview. So annoying!

  • Vlogs en Technicolor
    Vlogs en Technicolor Hace 2 días

    His accent is so cute

  • Sarolta Galambodi
    Sarolta Galambodi Hace 2 días +1


  • Vidya Venkatraman
    Vidya Venkatraman Hace 2 días

    I mean, sincerely, why invite anyone on to your show when you’re going to talk over them.the.whole.damn.time.

  • scuumdd x
    scuumdd x Hace 2 días

    He’s so hot.

  • Juan Chavez
    Juan Chavez Hace 2 días

    Jericho Rosales

  • Klaudia Zabrzycka
    Klaudia Zabrzycka Hace 3 días +1

    Who knows Rami Malek from Until Down (game)?

  • jad nashaat
    jad nashaat Hace 3 días

    Let the guy talk jimmy!!!

  • saeta
    saeta Hace 3 días

    Kimmel's passive agressiveness' strikes again!

  • masway101
    masway101 Hace 3 días

    Rami is so charming wow

  • Yasmin E
    Yasmin E Hace 3 días

    Rami Malek is great. I enjoyed the movie. Hum I also see a little Mick Jagger in Rami Malek at 6:10 .

  • Ardhi P Kuswara
    Ardhi P Kuswara Hace 3 días +1

    he's going to be box office star, moonknight (Marvel) probably will be next step

  • Anurag Verma
    Anurag Verma Hace 3 días

    8:36 that's him posing with his oscar🕺🏻

  • hanakhimberly YU
    hanakhimberly YU Hace 3 días

    Let him get the OSCAAAARRRRR!!!

  • Paul Bertie
    Paul Bertie Hace 4 días

    I've seen the movie, Rami did a brilliant job as did all the cast. Brilliant movie

  • Dolor Alfaro
    Dolor Alfaro Hace 4 días

    Now I know why their band called Queen....was it coz of the band leader is closet queen? Just guessing..

  • Jean Steel
    Jean Steel Hace 4 días

    Nominated? Try WINNING the Oscar. He was perfection.

  • Stela Brands
    Stela Brands Hace 4 días

    6:11 he look like mick jagger completely

  • Simone Whitehead
    Simone Whitehead Hace 4 días

    LOVED this film so beautifully done congratulations to everyone involved!

  • Denny Saputra
    Denny Saputra Hace 4 días

    Looks like bruno mars

  • Favio Rosales
    Favio Rosales Hace 5 días

    Jimmy is too fast and moves to quickly and doesn't let Rami speak

  • donna sweet
    donna sweet Hace 5 días

    Rami, is strikingly handsome! He seems like such a sweetheart.

  • Indira Gutierrez
    Indira Gutierrez Hace 5 días

    8:26 lol

  • JeRawrDough
    JeRawrDough Hace 5 días

    Jimmy, can you ask Rami where he bought that shirt? Thank you :)

  • Alvexia
    Alvexia Hace 5 días

    I’m sorry but if I was Jimmy i wouldn’t say a word I’d just want to listen to so many stories and his experience of playing Freddie Mercury

  • DuKeBanksy
    DuKeBanksy Hace 6 días

    Kimmel always cutter him off and it’s frustrating me! 😡😡

  • Don't Kill My Vibe
    Don't Kill My Vibe Hace 6 días

    Kimmel playing Fallon on this one.

  • Jonathan Marcus
    Jonathan Marcus Hace 6 días

    Saw the movie. Fun but pretty mediocre writing and performance. Rami Malik looks more like Mick Jagger than Freddy Mercury. The best Rock biopics IMO in order.... The Doors (Val Kilmer WAS Jim Morrison), Walk the Line, Ray.

  • Elliott Weyhe
    Elliott Weyhe Hace 6 días

    How did this movie get a 60% on rotten tomatoes

  • Harry Lardner
    Harry Lardner Hace 6 días

    What's with all these negative comments? Jimmy did a fine job as an interviewer. He prompted Rami a couple of times but never "interrupted!" Are you guys even watching the same video as I am?!

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant Hace 6 días

    is that bruno mars?

  • Andrew Gerunda
    Andrew Gerunda Hace 6 días

    Im here after seeing the movie

  • beautifuljordana 1992
    beautifuljordana 1992 Hace 6 días

    God dam it Jimmi shut up and lett him talk!

  • beautifuljordana 1992
    beautifuljordana 1992 Hace 6 días

    He did a hell of job!

  • Azalea 1975
    Azalea 1975 Hace 6 días

    He pulled it off....😊

  • SirDylan23
    SirDylan23 Hace 6 días

    Quit being annoying Jimmy!

  • mia marie
    mia marie Hace 6 días

    im so proud hes egyptian I LOVE U RAMI

  • Anet R
    Anet R Hace 6 días

    99% of the comments : *Annoying Jimmy*

  • JungleFeversome
    JungleFeversome Hace 6 días

    Was Mercury their real name? Whaaa?

  • KatieSparkles
    KatieSparkles Hace 6 días

    Haha yes I love how he referenced the Smithsonian because of Night at The Museum and Rami Malek is amazing in that too ^.^ I wonder if Jimmy Kimmel did that on purpose or not XD

  • peacendpola23
    peacendpola23 Hace 6 días +1

    I freaking love this actoooor

  • karen salvador
    karen salvador Hace 7 días +1


  • Ginna Beltrán
    Ginna Beltrán Hace 7 días

    I could watch/listen to Rami talk all day long

  • Frenchie Val
    Frenchie Val Hace 7 días

    Really enjoyed this movie although the ending made me feel a bit sad.

  • Drayden Warfel
    Drayden Warfel Hace 7 días

    i was banging my head in my car to bohemian rhapsody last night

  • Leah B
    Leah B Hace 7 días

    I'm really interested in what Rami has to say about this film and this is the second interview (first was Fallon) where I feel he's not been allowed to release a full thought before they're hounding him and talking over what he's saying. JUST HUSH AND LET HIM TALK FFS.

  • Zoey Sophia
    Zoey Sophia Hace 7 días +1

    The voice crack at 6:59 tho😂

  • athana kop
    athana kop Hace 7 días

    Snafu and eugene sledgehammer from the pacific become a rockstar after the war. Lol. Freedie the signer and john deacon the bassist.

  • Hytar Jay
    Hytar Jay Hace 7 días

    My predictions for Best Actor 91st Oscars:
    Rami Malek- Bohemian Rhapsody
    Christain Bale - Vice
    Bradley Cooper- Star is Born
    Ryan Gosling- First Man
    Steve Carell- Beautiful Boy

  • Gaurav Thakur
    Gaurav Thakur Hace 7 días

    Graham Norton Show..That Guy is above every talk host..

  • Kristina Šilinytė
    Kristina Šilinytė Hace 7 días

    The resemblance between Rami and Mick Jagger (during the 1971-1972 Stones period in particular) is just perfect! Don’t you think?

  • kimchi is good
    kimchi is good Hace 7 días

    Oml he's my celebrity crush now I can't he's so cute 😂💜

  • Dustin H
    Dustin H Hace 8 días +1

    Hey Jimmy, part of being a good interviewer is knowing when NOT to speak; That's just as important as knowing when to speak smh...

  • mary berg
    mary berg Hace 8 días

    Jimmy Kimmel is completely disrespectful and atrocious. Disgustingly full of himself and blind to anything but his own self-satisfaction. Lame host. Rami rules!!

  • iiAngelBuilds ii
    iiAngelBuilds ii Hace 8 días

    "I can see your nipples through your shirt."

  • iiAngelBuilds ii
    iiAngelBuilds ii Hace 8 días

    Best video ever made.

  • magna blemur
    magna blemur Hace 8 días

    Recutive execs lmaoooooo

  • Samantha Daly
    Samantha Daly Hace 8 días

    there is something so extremely charming and alluring about Rami Malek.

  • leodrea
    leodrea Hace 8 días

    No Jimmy I will not be subscribing. Let your guests speak.😑

  • Meme Me
    Meme Me Hace 8 días

    Is it just me but i can see him as Bruno Mars parody sorta thing huehue

  • Tyson Kramer
    Tyson Kramer Hace 8 días

    Goob job , you r doing well

  • Lola Doberman
    Lola Doberman Hace 8 días +1

    He was in Twilight played one of the vampires that came to help.

  • Mia Ruškić
    Mia Ruškić Hace 8 días


  • DiegoTorres115
    DiegoTorres115 Hace 8 días

    6:59 that voice crack though lol

  • Franco Navarrete
    Franco Navarrete Hace 8 días

    Rami was awesome as well in The Pacific.

  • Lucinda Holland
    Lucinda Holland Hace 9 días

    So....Jimmy Kimmel is annoying.

  • firarifiany
    firarifiany Hace 9 días

    rami malek is sO HOT

  • Jenny Marie Molina
    Jenny Marie Molina Hace 9 días

    Oscar winner !!!!! 💕

    #DATBOI Hace 9 días

    Why didn’t he use color contacts to look more like Freddie?

  • Faris M.
    Faris M. Hace 9 días

    "Is Mercury their last name?"
    The very least of asking about the movie is, knowing the biography of Freddie Mercury.

  • jackie
    jackie Hace 9 días

    i want this cute lil guy to get his damn oscar! i’m speaking it into existence!!!

  • jackie
    jackie Hace 9 días

    jimmy we love you, BUT LET HIM TALK SMH

  • Disgusted Batman
    Disgusted Batman Hace 9 días

    Just saw this movie right now. He definitely deserves at least a nomination at the oscars.

  • Mindy Andres
    Mindy Andres Hace 9 días

    He is charming! Definitely an Oscar for him!

  • Denny
    Denny Hace 9 días +2

    "Rami Malek on becoming Freddie Mercury", more like "Clueless, rude and narcissist talk show host interrupting his guest for ten minutes"

  • No One
    No One Hace 9 días

    Rami Malek looked like Mick Jagger singing Queen

  • Chino VALpo
    Chino VALpo Hace 9 días

    6:11 When you imitate Freddie Mercury but you look like Bon Jovi.

  • George
    George Hace 9 días

    kimmel looking for cheep laugh ?of rami , rami is the star not him ,

  • Sean Lann
    Sean Lann Hace 9 días

    He did such a great job playing Freddie
    Watched the movie today,and it's awesome!!

  • Mariah Smith
    Mariah Smith Hace 9 días

    Jimmy please shut up lol

  • Clayton Lafave
    Clayton Lafave Hace 9 días

    Kimmel is annoying asf

  • Alexa xoxo
    Alexa xoxo Hace 9 días

    He did such an amazing job portraying Freddie. He needs a Oscar

  • awe vaan leon
    awe vaan leon Hace 9 días

    Stupid jimmy!