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  • King of Mafia
    King of Mafia Hace un hora

    Kwebbelkop you look like my uncle

  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade Hace 3 horas

    I am looking at diabetes

  • Neve Sirota
    Neve Sirota Hace 4 horas

    Ahhhhhhhhh shamrock shake USA has it for the month of st Patrick's day

  • Hank 113th
    Hank 113th Hace 4 horas

    Weres the mcgriddle.....

  • Maddox Wagner
    Maddox Wagner Hace 5 horas

    Jorde farted

  • Riivo Niine
    Riivo Niine Hace 6 horas +1

    im starving i want same thigs

  • Badcc 2
    Badcc 2 Hace 7 horas

    I feel sad for that double cheeseburger.You treated it bad😭

  • fnaf player
    fnaf player Hace 7 horas

    I'll have two number nines a number nine large a number six with extra dip and number seven two number forty fives one with Cheese and a large soda

  • Iskandar Hendricks
    Iskandar Hendricks Hace 8 horas

    So unoriginal

    ŽAN SKALE Hace 12 horas

    I like MCDONALTS

  • Lydia Salazar
    Lydia Salazar Hace 18 horas

    How dare you say the double cheesburger is the worst burger to me it is the only one i eat.

  • Muin Tarabeih
    Muin Tarabeih Hace 19 horas


  • Mehdi Djanatin
    Mehdi Djanatin Hace 22 horas +1


  • Felipe Loredo
    Felipe Loredo Hace 23 horas

    their was a lot of meat was in his mouth-- thats what she said😂

  • The Boss
    The Boss Hace un día

    200$ o.o

  • Sirius Black
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  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black Hace un día

    What about the secret means

  • Daan-Henk de Grijs
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  • Aurelia Campuzano
    Aurelia Campuzano Hace un día

    8000 now my shout out

  • HUZAIFA Fareed
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    Beacon is haram in islam

  • torii Garcia
    torii Garcia Hace un día

    Jaze hi iTobfu

  • JR Varona
    JR Varona Hace un día

    Your so funny jordy

  • adam Vaughan
    adam Vaughan Hace un día

    I spent just under 20 minutes watching you eat food...just under 20 minutes well spent!!!!

  • Goranstar123
    Goranstar123 Hace un día

    Well jordy will eat burger for tge rdst of the week

  • Zaire Rhymes
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  • Maghon Hart
    Maghon Hart Hace un día

    Crush ice add mountain dew and green Powerade AND DELICIOUS

  • Matthew Ore
    Matthew Ore Hace un día

    Your the best kwebbelkop and keep up the good work

  • Carson the Robloxian
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  • Josh Dunhill Cacalda
    Josh Dunhill Cacalda Hace un día

    You have a friend jordi bestfriend

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  • BackTrackBakaMatraka
    BackTrackBakaMatraka Hace un día

    10:01 Damn.

  • Addison Allen
    Addison Allen Hace 2 días +1

    I love McDonald's but this I would eat in like 9 seconds

  • wolkaiser drake
    wolkaiser drake Hace 2 días

    this is making me hungry, but mc donalds food sucks, the burgers are so small and thin

  • iiEnrico XO
    iiEnrico XO Hace 2 días

    All this is is watch Jordi eating food ;-;

  • Bonnie Lewis
    Bonnie Lewis Hace 2 días

    If I ate that I would’ve had too poop all day

  • Sarah Dennis
    Sarah Dennis Hace 2 días

    Burger King is better

  • Myst Intinct
    Myst Intinct Hace 2 días

    9:45 thats alot of meat
    You mean Azzy's meat

  • Monkey Butt3452
    Monkey Butt3452 Hace 2 días

    What about dose kidz meals

  • TEXASBRO 123
    TEXASBRO 123 Hace 2 días +1

    Poo ting

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Hace 2 días


    SICK ROWST BROW Hace 2 días

    1:11 if your azzy
    Before the vid start
    In the bed hearing the sound of macdonalds paper bags
    Come down the stair and see your rich bf preparing diabetes

    You: (ask jordi) am i awake
    Jordi:yes,get back to bed because


    you can have the extra sauce
    Now film this
    Azzy: :(

    SICK ROWST BROW Hace 2 días

    I got some bigmac ad before the vid start

  • heather kovatchitch
    heather kovatchitch Hace 2 días


  • Lps Brooklyn Productions

    Can you do a challenge Taco challenge by 6000

  • Lps Brooklyn Productions

    Can you do another vid leave this one please but 200 of these

    GAMING WITH DIVESH YASH Hace 2 días +1

    I am your friend bro 2:44

  • Black gaming YT
    Black gaming YT Hace 2 días


  • Ashton shanahan
    Ashton shanahan Hace 2 días

    I get the double cheese burger every time

  • RuNNerZ
    RuNNerZ Hace 2 días

    this stuf looks sooo good now i just want to go to the mcdonalds and order everything

  • Nathaniel Dawn
    Nathaniel Dawn Hace 2 días


  • Caleb Merritt
    Caleb Merritt Hace 2 días

    Love mc Donald's

  • Jay Sauce96
    Jay Sauce96 Hace 2 días

    If you ever get a chance to visit Texas USA get food at a Whataburger. Texans know how good it is.

  • O'Ryan Tafolla
    O'Ryan Tafolla Hace 3 días

    Do you talk a little Spanish yes or no

  • Franklyn Perdomo
    Franklyn Perdomo Hace 3 días

    Your going to get Fat

  • twobuds chillin
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    • twobuds chillin
      twobuds chillin Hace 3 días


  • Awe sprayer
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    I was watching a McDonald’s video and got a kfc add.... what is this!

  • Derpy Burger
    Derpy Burger Hace 3 días

    2:23 no just no

  • Hanne Buttiens
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  • Ryan LB
    Ryan LB Hace 3 días +1

    My mouth is watery I want a Big Mac with fries 🍟 and Cock

  • SuperMario Action
    SuperMario Action Hace 3 días

    Before this I was choking

  • Joe W
    Joe W Hace 3 días

    I remember when he just played agario

  • Cad Jad
    Cad Jad Hace 3 días

    Azzy has big tits

  • Joseph Leonard
    Joseph Leonard Hace 3 días

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.and hiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  • Chris Boss
    Chris Boss Hace 3 días

    A grilled cheese

  • Fatihin Amir
    Fatihin Amir Hace 4 días

    you gonna be fat as jelly

  • Fatihin Amir
    Fatihin Amir Hace 4 días

    you should invite jelly and Josh and and make a competition

  • Haidyn's Toy Box
    Haidyn's Toy Box Hace 4 días

    The part in the video it said finish tune it was so cool because member I know Undertale that undertail song

  • Grace Bricker
    Grace Bricker Hace 4 días

    I LOVE THE SHAMROCK SHAKE!!! it's in ohio but only like 1 month out of the year

  • Camryn Cohens
    Camryn Cohens Hace 4 días

    RIP toilet🚽🚽🚽🚽 😵😵😵😵

  • Ethan Moore
    Ethan Moore Hace 4 días

    First ... To be the 8000 somethingth comment

  • Ahura Ammma
    Ahura Ammma Hace 4 días

    You should’ve gave it to the homeless in people Amsterdam instead of eating it urself.

  • Fa.Monter 4675
    Fa.Monter 4675 Hace 4 días

    Why jordi use megalovania from sans theme song even he font play undertale

  • Jklel Meme
    Jklel Meme Hace 4 días


  • Lee Sewell
    Lee Sewell Hace 4 días

    I'm new to the channel

  • Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez Hace 4 días

    Order everything from Dairy Queen

  • cece blush
    cece blush Hace 4 días

    Eat all you will be like jodh

  • Anonymous 123
    Anonymous 123 Hace 4 días

    did he fart?

  • the infinity gamer
    the infinity gamer Hace 4 días

    HEY!!!!!!!! im feeling hungry now ,you made me hungry so you have to put it off, deliver all these foods you havent eaten to my house 😂😂

  • Kentaromartz
    Kentaromartz Hace 4 días

    Hamburger Heaven~ Take me with you please!

  • John Sciandra
    John Sciandra Hace 4 días

    I did the same thing ate every thing

  • LXenatorLX LX
    LXenatorLX LX Hace 4 días

    You forgot the breakfast menu m8

  • Talon Froment
    Talon Froment Hace 4 días

    Hi I'm a big fan

  • awirut buangam
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  • Alyssa Parson
    Alyssa Parson Hace 4 días

    Your tastebuds are not as advanced as some I’ve tried everything on the menus and each one has its own unique flavor and seasoning and sauces

  • awesome cute kid
    awesome cute kid Hace 4 días

    Tomorrow I'm trying my McDonald's for the first time and I'm 13

  • Carlos Williams
    Carlos Williams Hace 4 días

    Did any one else hear that fart at 1:05

  • Ashton Liggett
    Ashton Liggett Hace 4 días

    Y don't u eat it all🍔🍔

  • Dluxe
    Dluxe Hace 4 días

    never knew you can moan from eatin' mcdonalds food

  • susie art
    susie art Hace 5 días

    The Oreo Mcflurry is the best

  • Mohamed Rashad
    Mohamed Rashad Hace 5 días

    Undertale spoilers

  • Angelo The Moon
    Angelo The Moon Hace 5 días


  • Todd Schmidt
    Todd Schmidt Hace 5 días


  • Jaylynn Gonzalez
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  • Will Braid
    Will Braid Hace 5 días

    I dare you to watch this video with your eyes shut

  • Patricia Guada
    Patricia Guada Hace 5 días

    Come to Trinidad and Tobago

  • skinnynoodles mayo
    skinnynoodles mayo Hace 5 días

    Eating feet is cannibalism. Sucking toes is the way to go

  • Aidan Hutchcraft
    Aidan Hutchcraft Hace 5 días

    They need to make a quadruple cheeseburger...

  • TigerBoyz2005 PS4
    TigerBoyz2005 PS4 Hace 5 días +1

    I’m so damn HUNGRY !!!