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  • Chelsea Brause
    Chelsea Brause Hace 4 horas

    I need my feet adjusted like that ASAP I bet it feels so good 😩😩😩

  • İlkay Özbay
    İlkay Özbay Hace 5 horas +1


    Jason: waaaowwweewvvwv

  • thi nguyen
    thi nguyen Hace un día

    Does anyone know a chiropractor that will work on patients without insurance at an affordable price that will have amazing results like these videos?

    QUEEN LOVE Hace 3 días

    He give me Chris Angel vibes

  • MonkeyisbetterXD
    MonkeyisbetterXD Hace 4 días

    This makes me realize how bad I really need a chiropractor. 3 years of back pain and not being able to do much because of it really really sucks.

  • Sarah Duran
    Sarah Duran Hace 4 días +1

    Never knew I needed foot/ankle adjustments in my life but damn, those were satisfying. Curious, are sternum/frontal rib adjustments common? And if so, could you show the process??

  • Tonico Roberts
    Tonico Roberts Hace 8 días +1

    DrJason is the truth

  • * Comment Noises *
    * Comment Noises * Hace 9 días

    Never mind the whole video is 10 fps

  • * Comment Noises *
    * Comment Noises * Hace 9 días

    First clip is like 10 fps

  • Brian Billows
    Brian Billows Hace 10 días


  • Алексей Кулаков

    он сам, гад, кайфует)))

  • Felix Mejia
    Felix Mejia Hace 14 días

    Dr.J Amazing work you do man, evrything is always impressive man shout out from denver

  • Wilson Bikram Raju
    Wilson Bikram Raju Hace 14 días +5

    Dr. Wow is the best name for him 😂

  • Tatyana Booth
    Tatyana Booth Hace 16 días +1

    Did lance210 call him bro? Lmao idky but it sounds so cringe

  • no1bandfan
    no1bandfan Hace 17 días +2

    Please invest into a camera that has a stabilizing lens. All the jumping around makes me nauseous, and I don’t have issues with motion sickness.

  • dayanara
    dayanara Hace 21 un día +41

    i would’ve farted

  • Nik Kiesz
    Nik Kiesz Hace 23 días +1

    You talk like a Christian and it's so calming

  • Colin Torres
    Colin Torres Hace 24 días +12

    Neck cracks are the most satisfying for me haha

  • Braylon Kirchhevel
    Braylon Kirchhevel Hace 24 días +2

    This guy needs to be careful with his words, he's going around saying stuff like, "WOW! That was so big!"

  • Chris Marlow
    Chris Marlow Hace 24 días

    Just imagine touching ur work (partner or whatever) that would to me be weird. DJ ur a cool guy keep it up👍👍

  • HaneyUI 0
    HaneyUI 0 Hace 24 días +1

    Why Dr Jason is yellow

  • andrea
    andrea Hace 28 días +6

    I loved watching them do it to each other

  • dosentmeanforever17
    dosentmeanforever17 Hace 28 días +63

    the lying on the side cracks are the most satisfying

  • Santos Sanchez
    Santos Sanchez Hace 28 días +4

    I want to go here soo baddd

  • Noah Rivard
    Noah Rivard Hace 29 días +58

    DrJason: *wOw*

  • Gabo C10
    Gabo C10 Hace un mes

    Que bueno eres Dr Jason, hermosos tus videos!

  • adrien hirtz
    adrien hirtz Hace un mes +84

    Jason : do a push up
    Earth : earthquake
    Jason : waoh

    • Nana Yawm Dadziem.
      Nana Yawm Dadziem. Hace 24 días

      I bet those are his two most favorite words

  • Joshua Featherstone
    Joshua Featherstone Hace un mes +121

    If I only had a dollar for every wow I heard in this vid

    • YoBo
      YoBo Hace 21 un día +1

      You’d be richer than bill gates

    • app
      app Hace 28 días


  • Léi Jùn Huī
    Léi Jùn Huī Hace un mes

    Even w the crinkle paper... You give the best genuine cracks. Not like that bald dude w the microphone that fades away every time he cracks a bone, or that high pitched voice freak, ringer doofus... Or even the human chiseler beau hightower

  • Isaac Estabridis
    Isaac Estabridis Hace un mes +28

    Drink every time Dr. Jason says Wow

  • Abu- hassan
    Abu- hassan Hace un mes +2

    With every massage pressure, feel comfortable

  • ty letter
    ty letter Hace un mes +1

    fight me but chiropractors aren’t doctors

  • Ross G
    Ross G Hace un mes +8

    Dr Jason aka Mr Waaawwww

  • Phillip
    Phillip Hace un mes +4

    17:50-end is thumbnail girl. you're welcome

  • monkeyboy8me
    monkeyboy8me Hace un mes +1

    Where did you get that blue zip up dr? It’s very nice

  • djwright86
    djwright86 Hace un mes +1

    Do a rehab compilation...all those trigger points!

  • Bryanna Jordan
    Bryanna Jordan Hace un mes +1


  • Brandon Rauen
    Brandon Rauen Hace un mes +3

    So Satisfying!

  • Gabriella Flecha
    Gabriella Flecha Hace un mes +12

    i love dr Jason bc he doesnt need a y strap he really relax’s the patient and he knows just which direction to move the body to get all the cracks, you hear them all crack at once as soon as he pin points where he needs to move the body part. God I need Dr. Jason ♥️💛

  • Mohamed Fehmi Benidir
    Mohamed Fehmi Benidir Hace un mes +9

    Just hearing the noise of ckraking it make relax waaaaawww.

  • Sonek 'T
    Sonek 'T Hace un mes

    Does chiropractor treat herniated disc?

  • paul gibson
    paul gibson Hace un mes

    Where are you located??

  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones Hace un mes +4

    I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis 6 years ago out of nowhere. Had no issues at all before. Nothing on xrays either. No inflammation on the blood tests either. The BOOM it hit me severely all over my body. Every single part of it is affected. I have pain 24.7 and take large doses of anti inflammatories and pain meds and still hurt. I cant work and make money because of it. I just wish someone could help me. FInancially would be best. the worry of not being able to havbe enough money makes everything 100 times worse. I'm a grown man and im crying while typing this.

  • Ali bensaoud31
    Ali bensaoud31 Hace un mes +2

    Super tit

  • Trisha & Margaux
    Trisha & Margaux Hace un mes

    I bet doc j's armpit smells nice. 😍

  • Jamz_ Sama
    Jamz_ Sama Hace un mes +24

    2:53 naming this the Jason lift

  • nikhil pillai
    nikhil pillai Hace un mes

    Can a chiropractor cure Pectus excavatum?.

  • daniel akanro
    daniel akanro Hace un mes +4

    Doing chiro on girls would be weird

  • Aydenn Wardle
    Aydenn Wardle Hace un mes

    Amazing work as always DR J.

  • nazmi shariff
    nazmi shariff Hace un mes +1


  • Harzhexe
    Harzhexe Hace un mes +10

    hello from Germany, a pity that you do not live here, then I would already be in their practice. I've been scoliosis since I was 6 years old and that was stiffened over 20 years ago. the vertebrae that were not stiffened in the (cervical and lumbar vertebrae) continue to curve. I have had very severe pain since the operation, which I can not tolerate with any medication or technology. there is no better life in the day because so much was ruined by the operation ... if I had such a great chiropractor here, it might be possible to alleviate the demarcation of the area ... I think it's nice to see her can help others :-)

  • The.Pacemaker.
    The.Pacemaker. Hace un mes

    How does my man not have 1 million subs yet, dudes a legend. Subscribe to him!

  • devon davis
    devon davis Hace un mes +6

    I am still trying to find out how I can make an appointment with you I am in the LA area... Please I seriously need help

    • DrJason
      DrJason  Hace un mes +4

      devon davis 818-205-1000

  • De L
    De L Hace un mes +5

    The hot chick at 17:55 is missbrooke_lyn on Instagram... you’re all welcome! 😉

    • Its Tyler
      Its Tyler Hace 14 días

      @julian A lol😂😂 fax

    • julian A
      julian A Hace 15 días +1

      Bro thats not a hot chick fam, thats a plastic bag

    • daniel akanro
      daniel akanro Hace un mes +1

      She is a little ugly

  • Joex51
    Joex51 Hace un mes +1

    seated cervical adjustments not something you do very often, and some occipital lifts

  • Y al
    Y al Hace un mes +2

    1:49 big, big motion

  • R M
    R M Hace un mes +1

    I need to go here lol

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez Hace un mes +1

    How’s the other doctors shoulder?

  • Wagner Sansuy
    Wagner Sansuy Hace un mes +4

    Brazil loves you!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Kelly Forsberg
    Kelly Forsberg Hace un mes +5

    Why doesn't he ever use the ystrap on clients