Tennis' Greatest Wasted Talent #2 - The Man Who Almost BAGELED Nadal on Clay

  • Publicado el 17 oct 2019
  • Ernests Gulbis... one of the Greatest talents in Tennis History... On his day he managed to beat Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and came very close to beating Rafael Nadal twice on clay courts! His best achievement was reaching the Semi-finals of Roland Garros 2014.
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Comentarios • 320

  • Taras Besaha
    Taras Besaha Hace 16 horas

    He is never a wasted talent. He didn`t (or still doesn`t) take tennis too serious

  • Alex Shah
    Alex Shah Hace 7 días

    One match, one set doesn't mean anything. I don't think there is such a thing as wasted talent. You become the sum of your parts. Mental + Physical + Skill. Gulbis lacked it mentally so he reached his potential.

  • Esta Subtitulado
    Esta Subtitulado Hace 15 días

    Rafa sweating bullets

  • Alex Auman
    Alex Auman Hace 15 días +1

    I've seen Gulbis play in person. Very awkward shots for sure. His forehand is very strange.

  • shaun humphreys
    shaun humphreys Hace 16 días

    verdasco is my pick as the most underachieving player compared to his talent. his groundstrokes are incredible. notice how none of the big three have a big serve? federer's is all about accuracy and djokovic is just solid. djokovic and nadal dont get many aces at all. federer is the best server of the three so gets more aces but he doesnt rely on aces to dominate his service game, he relies on a accurate serve to the right area and a good follow up, either a serve volley or a big groundstroke.all the big three have very high first serve percentages. i mean nadal has the best second serve in mens tennis which is proof that serving tactically and accurately , with spin means you dont mean a big serve. you have to go back to pete sampras for the last great player who also had a big serve and relied on that serve to win matches- and he was from the old net rush era on the faster hard and grass courts. in those day, it was very difficult to break someones serve. it was very boring. the modifications theyve made today are perfect. its no where near as slow as borg era, where it was fifty shot rallies everytime, plus no attacking play in the groundstrokes, and the days of incomplete players winning based on just possessing a big serve are gone. and its whenever you hear 'he has a big serve and a big forehand', the translation actually is-this is an 'incomplete player' . roddick was an incomplete player, and the court speed flattered him. put him in a ralley with federer today and he would be destroyed, even a peak roddick vs a thirty eight year old federer. what you need today as a player is low unforced errors-which is very opposite to sampras's day where they could barely manage ten shot rallies without committing unforced errors to end the point prematurely. it was serve-ace, or serve return, return unforced error, almost all top player have big forehands so its the backhand that really needs to be brilliant now. and mental strength. the players in the sampras era-none has good double handed backhand, and that really is the best backhand, it provides greater stability, especially against top spin-which is why one handed backhand doesnt win the french open. its why borg would always beat villas on clay.

  • Andy
    Andy Hace 17 días

    Like many other talented people, he couldn’t make it to the top and the main reason is he doesn’t have a brain. Talent is nice, but to get to the top you need consistency, resilience, ability to constantly learn, people understanding, sociability and so on (should we say emotional intelligence).

  • Robert Choate
    Robert Choate Hace 17 días

    Remember this guys family is filthy rich so he isn't playing for the money.

  • foritisi
    foritisi Hace 18 días +1

    The forehand and the serve... No no for me.

  • valmont1702
    valmont1702 Hace 18 días +14

    I don't know for you, guys... But to me, a wasted talent is a guy who manages his life so badly (partying, drug problems, alcohol problems, doping, bad diet, unhealthy life, problems in the private life or with the law,...etc) and/or doesn't have an athlete's way of life (doesn't train, doesn't put efforts into developing his game,...etc).

    Ernests Gulbis and Bernard Tomic, yeah... Clearly wasted talents. They have shown promising things at early age, and had some great runs in slams... But they just don't care much about their careers and/or have a unhealthy living, with private life's "complications".

    Nick Kyrgios could be considered a wasted talent too, but it's more because... Like he openly said several times, he doesn't like/care much about tennis and results. He just plays and everything fans & journalists care about, he just doesn't. He also may have the worst temper ever on the court... You may think it always leads him to make more unforced errors,..etc. But when you see him playing quite often, you notice that it can have a good or bad effect on his game and its efficiency ! He may be a wasted talent, but then he's wasting it willingly. And at times, when he really takes it seriously, he becomes a force to recon with (a recent example is the Laver Cup 2019) ; he just needs to feel like it. If he enjoys what's going on, then fine... But again, for the most part he generally doesn't care much...until now ! I mean, he's just 24 and we never know with this type of character (his victory at the 2019 Washington Masters 500 was pretty impressive, for example). If he decides to, then who knows to what it could lead him ?...

    I was thinking about Guillermo Coria, who has had doping problems and injuries, then (as he later has stated) he's had a big lack of confidence that affected his game...
    He's had some nice runs in French Open & US Open and retired at 27, but already was completely underperforming & more or less out of the circuit from age 24 ; which is quite something.

    David Nalbandian is another interesting case... With lots of weight/diet problems. He was known to enjoy living the high life, which was pretty noticeable on his silhouette. He performed at a very high level until age 24-25, but then slowly became just another player. His playstyle continued to be interesting to watch, tho (showing nice things here & there, since the talent always was here).

    • Ander Son
      Ander Son Hace 12 días

      You think Gulbis care much about tennis?

  • Waqas Shahid
    Waqas Shahid Hace 18 días +3

    What about Del Potro? He had the talent to become the fourth in what could have been the big four club. His wrists bailed on him though.

    • Parker Crossland
      Parker Crossland Hace 16 días

      @shaun humphreys Just because you don't dominate doesn't mean you're a wasted talent. Otherwise everyone outside The Big 3 Murray and Stan would be considered wastes of talent

    • shaun humphreys
      shaun humphreys Hace 16 días

      del potro has a shit backhand, hes not a complete player like the big three, plus his court movement is laboured and slow. he relies too heavily on just one shot, his forehand. thats the real reason he would never have been like the big three. sure maybe won a few more grandslams if he hadnt got injured, but not dominated.

  • Sandra Lorraine Lagman
    Sandra Lorraine Lagman Hace 19 días

    What happened to gulbis anyway?

  • Josh
    Josh Hace 19 días

    'Almost' doing anything in tennis is meaningless. Tennis is about getting it done and he did not. Not really wasted talent.

  • Serhii Kozak
    Serhii Kozak Hace 19 días +6

    This guy never treated tennis seriously. Apparently he's had another priorities

  • Carl Jensen
    Carl Jensen Hace 19 días

    Is almost beating someone an achievement now?

  • Alfredo Jerez
    Alfredo Jerez Hace 20 días +6

    My top 3 wasted Talent:
    1. Soderling (Numonucluosis). runner Up RG 09, 10. Beat the definding Champions in both year.
    2. Janowicz. SF Wimbledon 13 and Runner Up in Paris Bercy.
    3. Monfils. RG SF, amazing Talent but wake mentalist.

    • George Mavrides
      George Mavrides Hace 14 días +3

      Bad english aside ... Soderling was no wasted talent. He simply couldn't recover from mono to get back to his previous levels and struggled since. Monfils is a great athlete but lacks the full spectrum of shots to become a top 5 player. For me the biggest wasted talent remains to be the great David Nalbandian.

  • jonrocker1983
    jonrocker1983 Hace 21 un día

    Gulbis played amazingly well but still Rafa beat him every time......

  • Kotori32
    Kotori32 Hace 21 un día

    He had a bad history of serving at 4-5 against Nadal.

    DEREK HO Hace 21 un día +2

    one of my favorite players🙂
    Federer, Roddick, Ferrer, Verdasco and Gulbis

  • Brett McMillen
    Brett McMillen Hace 21 un día

    Without a doubt, the ugliest forehand the game has ever seen. Effective though.

  • john metyk
    john metyk Hace 22 días +1

    Eagle spread forehand baby, dude definitely had beast mode.

  • James B
    James B Hace 22 días

    Truly the Henri Leconte of this decade. I've seen only TWO equally naturally talents as Henri...Mcenroe and Federer,,,,,Gulbis is similar.....sadly. On a scale of 1-10 Mac-Leconte-Roger-Gulbis...all at 9 or more...Novack at 4 the most, with INCREDIBLE consistency, grit, endurance, like a wilander or chang......nowhere NEAR top talent. HUGE overacheiver UNDER aforementioned UNDERACHEIVERS

  • universal truth
    universal truth Hace 22 días

    Imagine a Universe with Gulbis winnin 11 Roland Garros French Open Titles and Nadal 11 Time Runner's Up

  • Heber López
    Heber López Hace 22 días

    i don't see Gulbis as a "wasted talent", he give all he got, his talent worths his achievements, playing on the high level of tennis against the big 3 is an achivement by itself. A wasted talent could be Nick Kyrgios who can win as many titles as he want if he is in the mood.

    • PhoenixGamer34
      PhoenixGamer34 Hace 6 días

      Heber López At least Gulbis was once a top 10 player, his best rankings was 10th, which he achieved on June 9, 2014. Kyrgios on the other hand, despite having world number one potential has a career ranking of 13th, which he achieved on October 24, 2016.

  • garfgo
    garfgo Hace 22 días +3

    I wasted talent is someone prevented from playing for some reason, maybe an illness or accident. If you play and don't win, then you are just like lots of others.

    • garfgo
      garfgo Hace 15 días

      @GeneralArmorus It goes to show how exceptionally talented and hard working the elite players are, they have to have the whole package. That may not have always been the case - but it is now.

    • GeneralArmorus
      GeneralArmorus Hace 20 días

      You may be talented in some aspects but poor in other aspects that will drag you down. Like you can have talent but not enough stamina for a tennis match. Isn't that Dustin Brown's problem?

  • Baris Cicek
    Baris Cicek Hace 23 días

    why is this video so full of shit. who uploaded this, Gulbis?

  • R N
    R N Hace 23 días

    Almost doesn’t count

  • Rob Salters
    Rob Salters Hace 23 días

    Click bate

  • Koray Can Canut
    Koray Can Canut Hace 23 días

    You seriously made a 13 min video about that one 6-1 set.

  • Lobo Estepario
    Lobo Estepario Hace 23 días

    I remember to fell fear everytime he played against Nadal

  • Pambudi Yoga Perdana
    Pambudi Yoga Perdana Hace 24 días +5

    Dustin Brown is also within the club of the Tennis' Greatest Wasted Talents

  • Arlene Moya
    Arlene Moya Hace 24 días

    i am sad if a player with so much potential but lose it in the end. for whatever reasons there might be .. Gulbis was a wasted talent in tennis ... indeed . i hope he is successful for wherever he is now and what path he chooses to take.. Where is he by the way ?

  • Jack Quinn
    Jack Quinn Hace 24 días

    Gulbis it seems adopted that weird "eagle forehand" sometime between those to SFs at Rome 2010 & 2013. No wonder he has never achieved anything big with that bizarre non-optimal technique.

    • Jack Quinn
      Jack Quinn Hace 21 un día

      James B Yeah, but it is a different ball game today... Actually, I was just wondering why Gulbis adopted that weird technique. Was it a sign of lazy ass attitude creeping in from the back door and with the pretext of ”being faster to set up”... can anybody elaborate?

    • James B
      James B Hace 22 días

      Not the point at all. So was Leconte...and still he is WAAAAAAY more talented than Novack.
      Take a look at Mcenroes forehand or Aggasi's volley or Edbergs forehand......or Mcenroe's forehand volley.......aaaaall quirky and wierd

  • Cerph
    Cerph Hace 24 días +1

    6:22 :O

    • valmont1702
      valmont1702 Hace 18 días +1

      This is one (or two, in that case) huge ground stroke !!

  • toni marques
    toni marques Hace 24 días +1

    And jerzy janowicz? You can make a video of him

  • hollister lowe
    hollister lowe Hace 24 días

    Stupid video! Who cares! He lost the match and is one of hundreds of players over the decades who had talent. The real talent is between the ears!

  • innosanto
    innosanto Hace 25 días

    It is not talent that distinguishes players at this level. There are many super talented players in top50 even top150-200. The distinguishing characteristic is consistency, intensity and toughness in coaching and preparation as well as playtime.

  • Mickey Sealtoe
    Mickey Sealtoe Hace 25 días

    Trumpinator 2020

  • daxis 1234
    daxis 1234 Hace 25 días

    Tennis is tennis; what is difference whether clay or not.

  • phatschtuff
    phatschtuff Hace 25 días +1

    Praise Lord Gulbis!

  • Sebbe Solo
    Sebbe Solo Hace 25 días +1

    Love watching Gulbis play and he's goodlooking too. Wonder if he's still playing tennis now

  • ahmed khan
    ahmed khan Hace 25 días

    greatest wasted talent is young roger fedrer, in his first 5 years he did not won any big title...and after his 16 grand slams he also wasts 5 more years, for me greatest wasted talnt is roger fedrer

    • Jack Quinn
      Jack Quinn Hace 24 días

      This I call a plot twist. Some irony there.

  • H Michael
    H Michael Hace 25 días

    many wasted talent. Denis Shapavalov definately the biggest current one. maybe his first win this past weekend might turn the tide for him. maybe not... Federer still the best... to win Grand Slams at his age... that says master...

    • mikthe2004
      mikthe2004 Hace 22 días

      C'mon! Shapovalov is only 20! He's only getting started. If he doesn't break through in a few more years then it's because he isn't quite good enough. Wasted talent applies to guys like Bernard Tomic, and Nick Kyrgios. Kyrgios especially. He has everything and is one of only a couple of players to beat Rafa, Djokovic and Federer in their first meetings. Kyrgios has a huge game, but so far is without doubt the biggest wasted talent ever.

  • MsJubjubbird
    MsJubjubbird Hace 25 días +1

    You can have all the talent in the world but you have to have the right mindset. Brilliant players play brilliantly 80% of the time, well 99% of the time and averagely 1% of the time- both in a single match, a tournament and during their overall careers. Good players play brilliantly 10% of the time, well 70% of the time and badly 20% of the time- again in a match tournament and their careers. Rafa and Federer focus on every point and never doubt that they can win- but at the same time don't get ahead of themselves.

  • Joseph M.
    Joseph M. Hace 25 días

    People need to understand hitting hard, taking chances, and playing this aggressive doesn't last you long.

    • Joseph M.
      Joseph M. Hace 25 días

      @Daniel Kwon Sampras used to serve and volley a lot. You can't compare.

    • Daniel Kwon
      Daniel Kwon Hace 25 días

      pete sampras?

  • kevin shelly
    kevin shelly Hace 25 días +8

    Gulbis loses as much as he wins, 50%. He is simply an average journeyman.

    • Rallynub
      Rallynub Hace 18 días

      @James B Bro KING NOVAK is the MOST TALENTED player (Except Kyrgios ofc) and GREATEST PLAYER TO EVER HOLD A RACQUET in this history of the sport lmfao

    • James B
      James B Hace 22 días

      Not the point at all. So was Leconte...and still he is WAAAAAAY more talented than Novack.

  • El Alemán
    El Alemán Hace 25 días +7

    Nadal Grand Slam=19. Gulbis Grand Slam=0. No coment.

    • Luke Snup
      Luke Snup Hace 21 un día

      @James B The name is Novak. And wait 2 Years then we will see

    • James B
      James B Hace 22 días

      Not the point at all. So was Leconte...and still he is WAAAAAAY more talented than Novack.

  • Igs
    Igs Hace 25 días +7

    He was beaten both times, i can lose to Rafa too wtf

    • UFOJo974
      UFOJo974 Hace 23 días

      Are you stupid? What kind of comment is that. You will lose, that's for sure, but you wont take a set like he did. You wont even take a SINGLE game, you will get bageled, twice. You just have to look at Rafas reaction at the end of the first match to know that this was one hell of a battle between them.

  • Itachi jr.
    Itachi jr. Hace 25 días

    Music name of the intro please?

  • GoalieLife
    GoalieLife Hace 26 días

    0-7 vs Nadal.

  • Einars Dubrovskis
    Einars Dubrovskis Hace 26 días

    Referees wasted Gulbis mostly. That is why he is not anymore that Gulbis which we knew. Giving outs, where ball landed in like in his second encouter with Nadal. in 3rd set I already noticed some big flaws in ref judging that match. In some of those scenarios ball landed in but linesman called out and chair umpire gave point to Nadal. And those ref cheating and judging matches against him (Gulbis) is the main reason why he does not believe to himself anymore. At least for now. I hope this is just temporary setback in his carreer, and that he will rise one more time. But refs are the real culprit of why Gulbis turned into nobody. Refs did all that. 😠😠😠😠

  • xXTennisXx best
    xXTennisXx best Hace 26 días

    I Think tomic is also a wasted talent

    SOYARISTOCLES Hace 26 días


  • I 2 Charolin
    I 2 Charolin Hace 26 días

    And where is kyrgios?

  • Rajesh Iyer
    Rajesh Iyer Hace 26 días

    Yeah right..... Almost doesn't count you either do it or you don't.

  • Grey thoughts music Music

    Only 3 players did it against Nadal. Federer, Yosney and Nalbandian. On clay only Federer did it against Nadal

  • pukulu
    pukulu Hace 26 días

    Part of talent is the willingness to work hard day after day to stay in top shape and to practice enough so that your tennis game never becomes stale and predictable. Nadal has this quality like almost no other, except of course Federer, Djokovic, Agassi and a few other all-time greats. Safin lacked this quality and so does Gulbis. Nalbandian was also a great talent that allowed his conditioning to deteriorate when he was not that old.

  • Apaar Maheshwari
    Apaar Maheshwari Hace 26 días

    And that too in 2010 & 2013

  • Shahzad Ali
    Shahzad Ali Hace 26 días

    And then Nadal made his pudding...

  • Hugo Lopez
    Hugo Lopez Hace 26 días +2

    Almost, almost almost, doesn't exist...

  • Denpasar Mum
    Denpasar Mum Hace 26 días

    For me Rios.Despite no.1 never won a GS..Federer said he loved watching him.Pure striker of the ball