Falling on Roller Blades Prank!

  • Publicado el 4 nov 2018
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Comentarios • 3 877

  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  Hace 9 meses +353

    Bunch of new merch available @ www.dannyduncan69.com

    • Mike Butcher
      Mike Butcher Hace 8 días

      That was branden beibel in the green hahahahaha

    • SmokeNadez
      SmokeNadez Hace 16 días

      Watching this on 8/3/19. The kid that was talking to you when you asked where the skate park is at, is the kid with the broken leg in the Movie Shazam.

    • Diego the Meme god
      Diego the Meme god Hace 9 meses

      Danny Duncan your the thing that tells me not to die

    • Noah Sterrett
      Noah Sterrett Hace 9 meses

      Danny Duncan u such a little funny pussy

    • Daily Scoop
      Daily Scoop Hace 9 meses

      Danny put the intro songs in the description please

  • WonderingWater
    WonderingWater Hace 18 horas

    You remind me of vlg creations but a skater lmao

  • Brian Savage
    Brian Savage Hace un día +1

    Theme song

  • eclipsemoon musicstar
    eclipsemoon musicstar Hace un día

    Jack dylan grazer

  • Isaac Rivera
    Isaac Rivera Hace 2 días

    Danny has a gf

  • Nita Freitag
    Nita Freitag Hace 3 días

    You are awesome

  • yoursparkinson
    yoursparkinson Hace 4 días

    3:48 clearly the road isn’t working

  • mR NeEFliXy
    mR NeEFliXy Hace 5 días

    7:09 that’s jack Dylan grazer wtf 😂😂

  • Taylor Kai
    Taylor Kai Hace 7 días

    So this was made 9 months ago but whatever is that Jack Dylan Grazer from IT

  • X_E
    X_E Hace 7 días

    Danny Duncan pick you’re next trip video to Nebraska or Iowa

  • Slayed _Buckshhot
    Slayed _Buckshhot Hace 7 días

    Straight pipe your Honda fit

  • Alberto Slazar
    Alberto Slazar Hace 8 días

    This made my day 🤣this is soo funny

  • Sneezy s
    Sneezy s Hace 8 días

    Isn't that kid from Shazam and the movie It.

  • Mathew Overton
    Mathew Overton Hace 8 días +2

    1:34 I bet i know what everyone is looking at!!!

  • Liam Lewis
    Liam Lewis Hace 9 días

    Bruh wtf kid from IT and shazam damn ngl seems like a chill guy

  • Team.Ransxm _
    Team.Ransxm _ Hace 9 días

    He’s from it

  • frstenpz
    frstenpz Hace 9 días

    Where are they

  • Daniel Salazar
    Daniel Salazar Hace 9 días

    Is it just me or the kids at 7:10 looks like the kid from it

  • avery mcintosh
    avery mcintosh Hace 10 días


  • _
    _ Hace 10 días

    I'm a pro inline skater and I enjoy watching people that dont know how to inline skate on youtube 💀

  • Mackabear
    Mackabear Hace 11 días +1

    Yo that was Jack Dylan Grazer

  • drake viola
    drake viola Hace 11 días +1

    Yo what 14:48 was the place they went to in mid 90’s

  • Trevor Hall
    Trevor Hall Hace 11 días

    Anyone else from Nebraska and was offended when he said where is that at

  • Katherine Roman
    Katherine Roman Hace 11 días

    2:20 the guy on the bike turns his head like he didn't see anything. .. 😂😂😂😂

  • Katherine Roman
    Katherine Roman Hace 11 días

    Omg that brings memories of my first time roller skating!!! Hahahahah can't stop laughing

  • Mark Estrada
    Mark Estrada Hace 12 días

    Who dat girl?

  • IMPGameplay '
    IMPGameplay ' Hace 12 días

    That kid is a actor now

  • Faith Slessor
    Faith Slessor Hace 12 días +2

    dude filmed jack d grazer without realizing it

  • Enrique Bobe
    Enrique Bobe Hace 13 días +1

    9:24 looks like the disabled kid from shazam

  • Marc Rollins
    Marc Rollins Hace 13 días

    2:56 looks like a beyblade

  • Butt Hole
    Butt Hole Hace 14 días

    Just cuz ur 210 don’t mean u can knock someone out 💀

  • Harrius Dweebius
    Harrius Dweebius Hace 14 días

    Lmao the kid from Shazam

  • Mr. Newbie
    Mr. Newbie Hace 14 días

    Isnt it that kid that was is shazam

  • mocramento
    mocramento Hace 14 días

    Isn’t that the kid from IT?????

  • XVM Tragedy
    XVM Tragedy Hace 14 días

    Danny u should talk to that kid more the one who jumped out the window of ur car

  • Jacob Garza
    Jacob Garza Hace 15 días

    I am a pro rollerblader 😂

  • M Pro
    M Pro Hace 16 días +1

    danny ran into the kid from shazam

  • Chasity Sims
    Chasity Sims Hace 16 días

    That one kid is from shazam

  • FierCe_RefleX
    FierCe_RefleX Hace 18 días

    I think that’s the kid from Shazam

  • Celenia Razo
    Celenia Razo Hace 19 días

    Kid that you ask if there's a skatepark he plays on Shazam

  • RoZE_ Provoked
    RoZE_ Provoked Hace 19 días

    That girl you with is stunning

  • Walker Jackson
    Walker Jackson Hace 20 días +1

    I’m blind but that was a good recovery

  • blittzy Xd
    blittzy Xd Hace 20 días

    I live in Nebraska reeee

  • Vinayak Shaji
    Vinayak Shaji Hace 20 días

    7:07 isn’t that the disabled kid from Shazam

  • Kohen Maki
    Kohen Maki Hace 21 un día +1

    Is that jack Dylan grazer

  • jaleah logan
    jaleah logan Hace 21 un día +3

    7:14 casually has a famous actor talking to him

  • Heroic Apples
    Heroic Apples Hace 21 un día

    Danny Duncan is God’s at every sport like if you agree

    ELECTROX Hace 22 días +1

    Bro the kid from Shazam had me dead

  • Levi Trautwein
    Levi Trautwein Hace 22 días

    I’ve eatin goat shit for 20 bucks

  • Tvari Carter
    Tvari Carter Hace 23 días

    Who's pussy hurts mine does moans no homo

  • Casey Garinger
    Casey Garinger Hace 23 días

    Who’s the girl

  • vivian playsroblox
    vivian playsroblox Hace 23 días

    100000people have such in 24 hours

  • Tubby Custard
    Tubby Custard Hace 25 días +5

    I like how you randomly collab with the kid from it

    • Tubby Custard
      Tubby Custard Hace 9 días

      @aimsai no no no the kid from it

    • aimsai
      aimsai Hace 9 días +1

      Tubby Custard he’s from it

  • Sharpy
    Sharpy Hace 25 días

    10:34 thought he ran him over lmao

  • Sill Ufo
    Sill Ufo Hace 26 días

    Thats the Guy from Shazam Right?

    • Stewayyy
      Stewayyy Hace 24 días

      Yea, he’s also from it

  • Martin Lea
    Martin Lea Hace 26 días

    The kid with the skateboard at 7:10 looks like the kid with the crutch in the film Shazam

  • Luis Quad Cities
    Luis Quad Cities Hace 26 días

    14:42 shit himself

  • Muddy Muckster
    Muddy Muckster Hace 27 días

    “Hey. Wanna be on my podcast??”

  • William Davis
    William Davis Hace un mes

    7:08 thats the kid off the movie Shazam

  • Ned Sinclair
    Ned Sinclair Hace un mes +1

    When y wear ur shorts backwards

  • Derek Slime And Crafts

    She looked like A FUCKING BABY DEAR 😂

  • Pizza fan #thug
    Pizza fan #thug Hace un mes +1

    He’s from shazam

  • TSG_leBronlegend
    TSG_leBronlegend Hace un mes

    7:11 is that the kid from the movie it or am I still high

  • TJ's films
    TJ's films Hace un mes

    That's the kid from shazam

  • Dan_kerMemes
    Dan_kerMemes Hace un mes

    7:11 this kid looking like Eddie off of it

    • Timestamps _
      Timestamps _ Hace un mes

      Dan_kerMemes that is Eddie off of it. That’s the actor that plays eddie

  • Teigan Vallejp
    Teigan Vallejp Hace un mes

    Tf did Shazam/it kid come from

  • Conor Fegan
    Conor Fegan Hace un mes +6

    That kid who you asked “where is the stake park” was an actor on the movie it

  • Evan Dahlheimer
    Evan Dahlheimer Hace un mes +2

    Danny is that your girlfriend

  • Hendricks
    Hendricks Hace un mes

    7:14 isnt that the kid from SHAZAM???????

    ITZ STASH Hace un mes

    holly shit danny im crying from watchingth the girl fall holly crap im crying of laghter

  • Jan Thomas
    Jan Thomas Hace un mes

    1:35 good sight ;)) lmfao jk

  • hjewett10
    hjewett10 Hace un mes +1

    damnnn the skate park at the end is where they filmed mid 90s

  • Seidy
    Seidy Hace un mes +3

    yall gonna ignore that Danny filmed with Dori from finding nemo?

  • Kore Mckay
    Kore Mckay Hace un mes

    Who else came to the comments bcuz he was from a movie

  • Bailiff Smoke
    Bailiff Smoke Hace un mes

    7:09 isn’t that kid from IT??????? 😂