Falling on Roller Blades Prank!

  • Publicado el 4 nov 2018
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Comentarios • 4 041

  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  Hace un año +391

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    • Leonel Vaca
      Leonel Vaca Hace 4 días

      I mean not

    • Leonel Vaca
      Leonel Vaca Hace 4 días

      I want her to take my virginity useing your condoms

    • Amy Hickenbottom
      Amy Hickenbottom Hace un mes

      Danny Duncan please add me on snap

    • Erastus Jiving
      Erastus Jiving Hace 2 meses +1

      Brandon Biebel asks you do want that smoke? Man was he triggered. Did you recognize him?

    • Mike Butcher
      Mike Butcher Hace 3 meses +1

      That was branden beibel in the green hahahahaha

  • Cxliberxo
    Cxliberxo Hace un día

    i live in nebraska

  • ihitsnipz_YT
    ihitsnipz_YT Hace 2 días

    @7:14 thats the kid from shazam

  • MR Sam
    MR Sam Hace 2 días

    Isn’t that the kid from IT?

  • Thatcher Wood
    Thatcher Wood Hace 3 días +1

    7:09 am I the only one who knows who that is

  • Gamer Hawk
    Gamer Hawk Hace 3 días

    1:26 nice ass

  • dunnuo
    dunnuo Hace 3 días

    i wish i had enegy
    also danny 🏃

  • Mateo Buonamico
    Mateo Buonamico Hace 3 días

    The music was made in garage band

  • FletcherPav FB
    FletcherPav FB Hace 4 días


  • Kodie Matthews
    Kodie Matthews Hace 4 días

    That kid was from the movie shazam

  • Hare S
    Hare S Hace 5 días

    Who’s thicker 1:35

  • Brayden Hurst
    Brayden Hurst Hace 5 días

    It was jack dylan grazer that’s lit

  • Mr.Plushie sr
    Mr.Plushie sr Hace 5 días

    is that map for traveling

  • lil shit
    lil shit Hace 5 días

    I'm a roller blade myself and tip number 1 is if you wanna stop point your feet at a v. Tip number 2 dont fall on your hands. Thanks danny for all you do

  • Taco with Superpowers
    Taco with Superpowers Hace 6 días +5

    The kid he was talking to is actually a famous actor

  • mikahthecorncake
    mikahthecorncake Hace 6 días

    the kid at 7:10 was from shazam and it lol

  • Bobby Bravo
    Bobby Bravo Hace 7 días


  • Gavin Rice
    Gavin Rice Hace 8 días +2

    At 7:12 he looks like jack Dilan grazer

  • Juan Silva
    Juan Silva Hace 8 días

    Her ass was the best part of the vid

  • Paige Hatherlee
    Paige Hatherlee Hace 8 días

    (Skating beginners tip): Always keep your knees bent a little. (Helps balance)

  • Squid Chris
    Squid Chris Hace 9 días

    Who’s that girl?

  • Colin Curry
    Colin Curry Hace 9 días

    That kid that was who was telling u if there was a skatepark near by if from Shazam

  • SM4SH3RK1D00
    SM4SH3RK1D00 Hace 10 días +2


  • Landon Beatty
    Landon Beatty Hace 10 días

    14:43 Danny made that kids pussy wet or he pissed himself 😂😂

  • Brandon Steeg
    Brandon Steeg Hace 10 días

    1:33 Danny is definitely thicker no home

  • Pure Slothyy
    Pure Slothyy Hace 11 días

    this made me want to watch it again

  • PumpkinEater69
    PumpkinEater69 Hace 11 días +4

    At 4:00 when I saw that I thought of Kodak black

  • Wolfiy_ Plays
    Wolfiy_ Plays Hace 12 días

    Why are u pushing girls!!!
    Do u think we are stupid to u or what

    • Jack M
      Jack M Hace 10 días

      do you think yall are smart cause not, not saying your all stupid

  • Brian Fisher
    Brian Fisher Hace 12 días


  • Some Random Sauce
    Some Random Sauce Hace 13 días

    that’s funny but ik that had to hurt

  • Peter Barton
    Peter Barton Hace 14 días

    Go to 14:42 of the codes and pause there

  • Lig Ma
    Lig Ma Hace 14 días

    I'm the only thinking that Danny have a better ass no homo tho

  • reni boi
    reni boi Hace 14 días

    oh my god this is honestly the better video ever, danny duncan and jack dylan grazer. bro jack is literally my husband but he just doesnt know it yet

  • Nick Cominotti
    Nick Cominotti Hace 15 días


  • Camron Camron
    Camron Camron Hace 17 días


  • Manny 1245
    Manny 1245 Hace 17 días

    Her ass looks good

  • Jack Costa
    Jack Costa Hace 17 días

    6:48 looks like the bloke from looking for alaska

  • Clifton Drum
    Clifton Drum Hace 17 días

    2:56 when I stutter during a joke

  • Luca Ruscica
    Luca Ruscica Hace 18 días

    2:56 Brandon beibel

  • jashik
    jashik Hace 18 días

    2:49 is no one going to point out that the dude in the green is fuckin Brandon Biebel? 😂

  • NaVeN
    NaVeN Hace 19 días +1

    7:09 Dude From
    IT and Shazam

  • DrouxDrew
    DrouxDrew Hace 19 días +7

    7:07 4 Totally different expressions in the same exact tone.

  • Yeast. io
    Yeast. io Hace 20 días

    3:47 well yeah I sure hope it does

  • Chris White
    Chris White Hace 20 días

    Brandon biebel gonna fuck you up... lol

  • laurenturtleful
    laurenturtleful Hace 21 un día

    Why are u in a village

  • garrett faias
    garrett faias Hace 21 un día +1

    7:11 I swear that is kid danny on the right😂

  • TheSlowFlash
    TheSlowFlash Hace 22 días

    Thats some fine rollerblading right there...

  • Zangelique Softy
    Zangelique Softy Hace 22 días +1

    why does it look like he pissed himself ahah 14:40 much love tho

  • Connor Lapointe
    Connor Lapointe Hace 23 días +1

    that one kid with the skateboard look like Eddie from It

  • Mikey Shade
    Mikey Shade Hace 23 días +1

    When they ran towards those people i was dieing 😂

  • mike971000
    mike971000 Hace 23 días

    Who's she tho

  • wyadave
    wyadave Hace 25 días

    when Jack and Danny ran past those two guys

  • Greed Merlin
    Greed Merlin Hace 25 días +6

    When the girl kept falling from her skates I couldn’t stop laughing

  • Chad Goliath
    Chad Goliath Hace 28 días

    7:14 isn't that the actor from Shazam

  • Yung Boner
    Yung Boner Hace 29 días

    that was the kid from IT

  • Wyatt Sellman
    Wyatt Sellman Hace 29 días

    Who’s that chick

  • Milo The dog
    Milo The dog Hace un mes


  • Coffindger
    Coffindger Hace un mes

    7:14 that’s the kid in Shazam with the crutches

  • Cleetus deletus Re
    Cleetus deletus Re Hace un mes

    That kid was definitely in it