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Cincinatti Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 AFC Championship Game Highlights

  • Publicado el 28 ene 2023
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Comentarios • 13 535

  • Kagame L.
    Kagame L. Hace un mes +1906

    I feel for Ossai - he’s never gonna forget that play. Sure, there were other factors that led to the chiefs winning, but that last penalty is just 😳

    • Donald Petteys
      Donald Petteys Hace 4 días

      ​@GoatStats Chiefs been holding for 6 years straight. The season is over and they still holding . #CODDLED DIRTY UGH . All kinds of time I wonder why 🤔 👏

    • Gxdz Fxrst
      Gxdz Fxrst Hace 5 días

      @Sports king Not really.

    • Sports king
      Sports king Hace 5 días

      @Gxdz Fxrst cap lol

    • Gxdz Fxrst
      Gxdz Fxrst Hace 5 días

      @Sports king They're both awful.

  • Nature Travel Adventure
    Nature Travel Adventure Hace un mes +250

    mvs stepped huge in this game. his team was hurt all the other wrs so he stepped up for an 100 yrd game. He looked like a true #1 receiver in this game.

    • Elmer Harris
      Elmer Harris Hace un mes

      @Bella o

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Hace un mes

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”
      ‭‭Romans‬ ‭5‬:‭3‬-‭5‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Ali
      Ali Hace un mes

      All I’m worried about is Darius slay locking him up

    • Turn_to_ky
      Turn_to_ky Hace un mes

      I'm so glad we've got him!

  • Nature Travel Adventure
    Nature Travel Adventure Hace un mes +229

    As a Chiefs fan, I must say it is amazing how Burrow can use his receiver's height to their advantage. Almost every big throw was thrown over the CBs heads but still in reach of his receiver.

    • James Barnett
      James Barnett Hace 9 días

      @Marla Fowler So Burrow is 3-1 against Mahomes when the refs have Mahomes back? Sounds like bs to me. Typical crybaby

    • James Barnett
      James Barnett Hace 9 días

      @Marla Fowler Burrow has won one game in Arrowhead. Keep dreaming on that.

    • Neymar Jr
      Neymar Jr Hace 15 días

      @N R they really hype burrow crazy it's just the social media era he is overrated

    • N R
      N R Hace 16 días +1

      I loved how he held the ball for so long he got his ass sacked and every successful pass he threw was a toss up to chase (like college) and how he’s anointed as Mahomes challenger yet Mahomes has thrown 5 TDs in 2 playoff games but Burrow has 6 total

    • Neymar Jr
      Neymar Jr Hace 20 días

      @Marla Fowler how did mahomes choke chiefs were up most of the game lol. You guys had your chances, the moment mahomes fumbled is where burrow should've took over. Bengals Barely ran the ball, so that guy everyone proclaims burrow to be is fraud. You one of those guys that think the late hit was a bad call huh? And that hold on the offense when the defender said it was a damn hold. We gonna beat yall again next year. Go chiefs

    WRLD HYPE TV Hace un mes +92

    The fact that we won by 3 with 3 sec left after being beat By 3, 3 different times is insane lol

    • xAoHx [Clips]
      xAoHx [Clips] Hace un mes +9

      And this game had the exact same score as last years SB when The Bengals lost to The Rams.. Funny how that works!

  • YungGunz
    YungGunz Hace un mes +422

    I like the play at 1:52 where he didn't intentionally level the guy causing an Unnecessary Injury; Good Sportsmanship

    • B. Pierce Sports
      B. Pierce Sports Hace un mes

      I didn't they don't do that to pat

    • Pollo Gaming
      Pollo Gaming Hace un mes

      @Jeff C such an L opinion man

    • Jeff C
      Jeff C Hace un mes +1

      @Mean Bean Comedy it just takes time I guess. We're just in the middle of the transition so there's going to be some fs up. But man a lot of the f ups are at the worst time in the game and are way more magnified with social media and the NFL still getting bigger and bigger every year. I have a lot of ideas but try not to dwell on it too much as none of it's up to me. Lol

    • Mean Bean Comedy
      Mean Bean Comedy Hace un mes +1

      @Jeff C Agreed. It really doesn't seem that hard to find a balance here. Most of us have come up with solid ideas and are in agreement. Idek what the league is doing rn... 🙄🙄😒

    • Jeff C
      Jeff C Hace un mes +1

      @Mean Bean Comedy I agree they have definitely F'd up and over protected qb's. I think brady got a weak as f one week 2 or 3 and then the next week Chris Jones got one on him while strip sacking Carr right before half. He hit carr and while taking him to the ground gained possession of the football and landed on carr. Not that hard either but they said he landed with too much force. THAT kind of protection is bs. But slinging guys backwards, spearing with the head and late hits are what im talking about. Also, keep in mind for the Superbowl. Carl Cheffers is the head referee. The same guy who called that chiefs raiders game that jones got the horrible call. Im not saying cheffers has it out for the chiefs like most chiefs fans do. I just think hes the worst head ref in the league. Has screwed over many teams with horrible calls and i pray he doesnt f this game up for either team.

  • 189KansasCity
    189KansasCity Hace un mes +39

    0:33 - Pacheco has a shot at being special. The instincts in this play to rub the defender like he’s a blocker, then the speed and burst to turn what looks like a minimal play into a nice run.

    • The Old Paths
      The Old Paths Hace 17 días

      Needs to do it more consistently to be a top back

    • Nobody
      Nobody Hace un mes

      Chiefs used Pacheco like a Full Back this season, wait a year or two and see how proper coaching shapes this rookie into a premier running back. Another Houdini in the backfield... which way did he go?

  • Harshest Truth
    Harshest Truth Hace un mes +3339

    3 points again, this is insane how close these 2 teams are to each other.

    • Rodger Miller
      Rodger Miller Hace 4 días

      ​@DoomGalactic roflmao,we beat Philly,so now what?

    • James Barnett
      James Barnett Hace 9 días

      @Moko Koco No they dont' They had an improved Oline. Burrow can't survive without elite talent.

    • James Barnett
      James Barnett Hace 9 días

      @arial flame If Mahomes had higgins and Chase he torches Cincy for years. Stop crying.

  • AdamFerrari
    AdamFerrari Hace un mes +97

    The rookies on KC’s defensive line did a hell of a job😮

  • Patrick Cochrun
    Patrick Cochrun Hace un mes +42

    Lifelong Chiefs fan here... Bengals are a great team and they will be back. Feel Horrible for Ossai, keep your head up man.

    • SwifterFooty
      SwifterFooty Hace 10 días

      @Love Life the past is the past the present is right now and ossai did make a mistake I would feel awful if I was him he was a rookie and he just made that mistake he Had a hell of a game.

    • Love Life
      Love Life Hace un mes

      Why? The dude intentionally pushed Mahomes on the back leading himself to get injured too. No sympathy from me whatsoever. If it was an accident, then yes, this was clearly a foul. They played dirty against Steelers in the playoff couple years ago with the same penalty. History repeated itself because they never learned.

    • Ivan Blank
      Ivan Blank Hace un mes

      @Matt Ritter: I am a Chiefs fan and I agree with what you said, but I know that if I was in Ossai's shoes, then I would feel absolutely positively awful. Burrow is a star and y'all have a great future and I look forward to the next matchup between these two great teams.

    • Matt Ritter
      Matt Ritter Hace un mes +2

      #respect. I spent my lifetime yelling Who Dey. Paraphrasing my old man here, growing up he said, if you run your mouth, just winning isn’t good enough, we now expect complete domination. We can’t blame one play or the refs, not games this close.
      So, I guess I blame our mayor. Until next year.🤙

  • Brandon
    Brandon Hace un mes +8

    A 7th round rookie RB was absolutely critical to this win. So were multiple other rookies on D and ST. Unreal job by the whole scouting department in the ‘22 draft.

  • xXLeafeon and pokemonXx
    xXLeafeon and pokemonXx Hace un mes +81

    Much respect for Pat. Man. Man out there hopping on one foot throwing that ball. That's dedication I'm not a Kansas City fan but that dude is definitely one of the greatest to do it

    • Ballooned Raccoon
      Ballooned Raccoon Hace 5 días

      ​@Sbcinho Turned on the "go go gadget" ankle for that run

    • Sbcinho
      Sbcinho Hace un mes +5

      @MaxEasier to run in a straight line than side to aide with a busted ankle, that + endless adrenaline on the last play of the game yea hes not gonna slow down for some pain hes running through it

    • Max
      Max Hace un mes +1

      He set a trap, did not wobble on his last run did he, haaa

  • Frank Lidgad
    Frank Lidgad Hace un mes +21

    Games like this are very entertaining and exciting to watch. Either team could have won this. I just wish it would have gone into overtime as I didn't want it to end. Let's hope the Super Bowl will be just as good as this.

    • john njau
      john njau Hace un mes +3

      Your wish was grunted. Super bowl was even better.

  • NintendoLegoNbaFan
    NintendoLegoNbaFan Hace un mes +3365

    Last year the Bengals beat the chiefs on a game-winning field goal, this year the Chiefs beat the Bengals on a game-winning field goal. Crazy.

    • Joaquin Solis
      Joaquin Solis Hace 20 días

      @What Am I, A Stranger?go ahead and edit this horrible take while you’re at it lol

    • Stiff Miester
      Stiff Miester Hace un mes +1

      Yeah, what a coincidence.........🤔

    • Randy Coursey
      Randy Coursey Hace un mes

      @Mahome boi 15
      Who DAT sayin gonna beat da Aints?? 😆

    • Randy Coursey
      Randy Coursey Hace un mes

      Patrick Mahomes is not the best quarterback in the NFL. Joe Burrow is...

  • Auto Minute
    Auto Minute Hace un mes +31

    Amazing game! Mahomes did an amazing job of keeping himself protected and active within the pocket. Calling his own number on a run-play at the end of the game was a twist nobody was expecting and what a time to do it. The Bengals were starting to roll in the 2nd half and I really thought this was going to OT. Hate to see a game changing FOUL seal the deal in this game....I was just glad that Ossai didn't severely injure his ankle/knee on that last play as well. That would have really been an "insult to injury" moment.

  • Ricardo Masvidal
    Ricardo Masvidal Hace 10 días +4

    Mahomes touchdown to Valdez Scantling was probably his best throw ever

  • Anderson Kylie
    Anderson Kylie Hace un mes +7

    Holding the Bengals to a FG at the end of the first half was huge.

  • U S
    U S Hace un mes +68

    This was a close game these teams are well matched. I do have to say that the refereeing was terrible. The league should have fixes in place for referee mistakes especially in a important game like this one

    • Troy Savage
      Troy Savage Hace un mes +3

      @Putler We whined some, I will admit it, but absolutely nothing like this. We acknowledged that Mahomes played like garbage in the 2nd half and that was why we lost. And we didn't invent and make up fake crybaby crap and claim plays that didn't even happen

    • Troy Savage
      Troy Savage Hace un mes +1

      @Josh Breighner The repeat third down was the correct call no matter how you look at it and it had zero bearing on the game. The Chiefs punted that drive and that was not a block in the back. Good god, the defender turned his back to the runner and was not even blocked. It was a pick. My God, not everythign is a penalty just because you root for the other team

    • Marvin Mange
      Marvin Mange Hace un mes +1

      @Josh Breighner The Repeat 3rd down was legit. The play was blown Dead.
      -- The Block in the Back didn't happen. Watch #85, he engages the Defender at the same time as the other guy. Therefore it is not a Block in the Back.

    • Drew Spencer
      Drew Spencer Hace un mes

      @Cecily Worley thank you refs did not help us

    • Siegbert Schnösel
      Siegbert Schnösel Hace un mes +6

      So good to read these comments. I honestly don't understand what calls all these people talk about, and they don't seem to be able to explain either.

  • Odins dad
    Odins dad Hace un mes +65

    Amazing game! Such a fun rivalry to watch damn I love Joey B he almost did it again! Even injured Mahomes is the best Qb in the league

    • Lilly Canel
      Lilly Canel Hace 29 días

      @Dyllan Graves no im stating fax. The ref also came in Clutch for the chiefs in the superbowl😂.

    • Dyllan Graves
      Dyllan Graves Hace 29 días

      @Lilly Canel okay your point the time wasn't correct and again you're just mad

    • Lilly Canel
      Lilly Canel Hace 29 días

      @Dyllan Graves no there wasn't it was very one-sided. Don't forget how the ref made the chiefs repeat a third down cause he wanted to check if the time clock was right😂.

    • Dyllan Graves
      Dyllan Graves Hace 29 días

      ​@Lilly Caneldude you sound salty AF and there was blown calls on both sides but that late hit out of bounds is a clear penalty

  • SteveGamesFTW
    SteveGamesFTW Hace un mes +2633

    What a great rivalry between these two teams. They’re so evenly matched, both of their AFC Championship battles had to be decided by a field goal.

    • NCTarheel13
      NCTarheel13 Hace un mes

      @chadf86 😭😭😭😭

    • Deek
      Deek Hace un mes

      ​@Michael Meyer The point is you deal with adversity and overcome things. Not get provided the perfect situation so you can sit back and make the right reads comfortably.
      And btw, any time someone says Joe Burrow has a bad o-line and can't achieve better results because of it and that it's unfair, it's nonsense. Superbowl 46 and the Giants should've proven that. The giants had the 32nd ranked offensive line and the 31st-32nd ranked rushing attack and their Qb Eli Manning was a pure pocket QB too. So don't give me this excuse about how Joe Burrow needs superstar WRs AND a great o-line. Give me a break.
      Like I said, you look around the league and you see a few of these QBs with nothing to work with and perennially get criticized as a garbage. But yet... Joe Burrow... somehow gets a pass.

  • Billy Slater
    Billy Slater Hace un mes +24

    Wow. What a game. What a Super Bowl it would be. Can't wait to watch

  • Javian Johnson
    Javian Johnson Hace un mes +4

    Bengals played a helluva game and had a great postseason. They'll be back (hopefully)

  • JJ
    JJ Hace un mes +12

    15:40 I like how Apple and #55 didn't even bother turning around to see that ball go through... they just closed their eyes and hoped for the best

  • Jen Gable
    Jen Gable Hace un mes +12

    The game could have went either way, but the late hit to Mahomes, cost the Bengals the game. Looking forward to the Superbowl and watching KC play the Eagles ! 🏈

    • Love Life
      Love Life Hace 25 días

      Bungles are not good representatives for the AFC. They had their chance and lost last year. Still ringless. There were penalties against us, and they didn't count.

    • Troy Savage
      Troy Savage Hace un mes +1

      @Danger Dave Nope, every ref and former lineman who looked at it said there was no holding. It looks like it because of the rip move the D lineman used. You can freeze frame every play and it will look like someone is being held.

    • Danger Dave
      Danger Dave Hace un mes +1

      Still think that last scramble play by Patric and the late hit should have been holding on #65 of the Chiefs against #92 of the Bengals way before he even got close to out of bounds.

  • Srihari A
    Srihari A Hace un mes +592

    I am so grateful to the NFL youtube channel to not put any scores in the title or the thumbnail. I miss a lot these matches due to the timezone difference puts them super early in the morning. That match was damn close to. Insane penalty too.

    • Troy Savage
      Troy Savage Hace un mes

      @Vincent King If you could not enjoy that game then just stop watching football and stop commenting on it.

    • K Ptrzk
      K Ptrzk Hace un mes

      I just wish they'd cut the ticker out at the bottom. I have to hold my hand up to not see scores from other games during reg season. This format of the game is so much better than watching live with probably 500 commercials you'd have to endure. Painstaking event

    • Srihari A
      Srihari A Hace un mes

      @narsaku canada barking up the wrong tree there mate. Take your god stuff elsewhere

    • narsaku canada
      narsaku canada Hace un mes

      Awhile ago I repented to God then I begged for help, "I was until then an Atheist."
      I then had a dream of Jesus coming before God and he spoke of the Tabernacle in perfect context, "A word I didn't know existed.", and what I felt from Jesus when I held him was unlike anything I've ever felt before - A lifetime of Love every second - It brought me to sobbing and it changed my life, forever.
      I've had other experiences since, "Several witnessed", one was seeing a bright orb of light pass across my face in the dark, hours before a major surgery the second I gave up in my heart.
      Know that God and Jesus ARE real and that they Love us deeply. Let go of your hatred and Imagine yourself holding the people who've hurt you. Tell them you Love them.
      Always have hope, I believe that prayer, following God's laws & Love is the answer, and through that, becoming humble, merciful, welcoming, giving, and forgiving, To All.

  • misa bito
    misa bito Hace un mes +8

    They way these two teams play is crazy!

  • Nklassen08
    Nklassen08 Hace un mes +6

    This was probably the greatest football game I’ve ever watched, holy moly.

    • Hot Dog
      Hot Dog Hace 21 un hora

      “Greatest” bro this game was not that good the refs were terrible for both sides there are way better games than this game

  • josh 11
    josh 11 Hace un mes +16

    Was lucky enough to be at this game! Sky Moore punt return was so big hopefully we keep him around I like him

  • Antonio Montana
    Antonio Montana Hace un mes +345

    Without that penalty, it could have easily gone to OT. Nobody wants a penalty to end their season. Just brutal.

    • Paul
      Paul Hace un mes

      No way it goes to OT. Without the penalty the Chiefs have it on the 40 with 9 seconds left. Mahomes easily gets a t least another 5 yards with a sideline throw.

    • Yahya Tacneau
      Yahya Tacneau Hace un mes

      2 ints by Joe Cool

    • 888strummer
      888strummer Hace un mes

      @Troy Savage The last 10 minutes was trash; similar to many Chiefs games this year. Did you see how they beat the Raiders? You got functioning eyes?

    • 888strummer
      888strummer Hace un mes

      @Troy Savage I'm not a Chiefs fan but I was rooting for them because I bet heavy on them because the NFL is rigged and it's huge money for the NFL to get them to the Super Bowl. Mahommes and Reid have replaced Brady and Belichek. The NFL is all about money and marketing and in case you're blind as a bat you might not have noticed that ALL year long, they got almost every call their way in the 4th quarter of games. More and more fans have caught on to this but there are still plenty like you who are blind to how fixed the NFL has always been. This is nothing new.

  • Go FISH Global
    Go FISH Global Hace un mes +11

    I am praying for the Bengal who committed the foul that put the Chiefs in field goal range. 🙏

  • Do It
    Do It Hace un mes +10

    I know they've got some backups in, but giving up three sacks in a row is just insane. Throw the whole O line away

  • Максим Кукушкин

    Это был крутой матч, рад за чивз, буду болеть за них в финале.

  • Erik R
    Erik R Hace un mes +17

    Proper and dramatic ending to a great game! Real playing efforts to the last second!

  • Karen Dorsey
    Karen Dorsey Hace un mes +5

    This was a great game!! Either team could have won! The Chiefs were the winners! Yeah!!! Go Chiefs!!

  • John
    John Hace un mes +516

    That play by Pacheco when he bounced off two defenders at the line of scrimmage and picked up a first down literally put my jaw on the floor. I thought for SURE he was dead to rights but dude just bounced off like "ope! Lemme just slip right past y'all!" and kept going. Beast mode.

    • Steven Meinking
      Steven Meinking Hace un mes

      @Troy Savage Nobody knows who Pacheco is except for family, friends, Bungle fans and Chief fans. Just calling it straight. Stop being a simp.

    • Troy Savage
      Troy Savage Hace un mes

      @Steven Meinking Wow, every single take is wrong. Pacheco is a rookie, 6th round pick who had a great year despite not starting the first 6 games. If he had started all year he would have rushed for well over 1000 yards and received another 400. He did well Sunday in the open field off receptions but the Bengals rush defense bottled him up all day. dude averaged about 2 yards per carry. He average about 5 in the regular season.

    • chiznowtch
      chiznowtch Hace un mes

      You mean it figuratively put your jaw on the floor.

      FRIZZY RASCAL Hace un mes

      @Steven Meinking Apparently he's in the AFC Championship Match. Maybe he's a decent player

    • Marty Herrick
      Marty Herrick Hace un mes +1

      Lol Midwest AF. But very accurate.

  • MsChele76
    MsChele76 Hace un mes +14

    I love your reaction, but you forget that Mahomes was hurt while playing. He was not nervous. I live in KC and I can assure you that he played a MVP game.

  • Mad Willi
    Mad Willi Hace un mes +3

    Everybody talking about the late hit out of bounds on Mahommes, but nobody talking about how the guy on the sidelines got straight up steamrolled by Ossai

  • gnarmarmilla
    gnarmarmilla Hace un mes +1

    Thank you for sharing this with us and for hosting these games, NFL.
    That was a great game.
    I do hope and pray that these gentlemen will play with more righteous love for one another so that they don’t do stupid things like shove a player to the ground when he is already out of bounds…
    “Anger lodged in the bosoms of fools.”
    This game is much more enjoyable when the players respect one another.

  • Nature Travel Adventure
    Nature Travel Adventure Hace un mes +1

    Mcduffie, Watson, Williams and Cook (4 rookie DB's) played most of the game and for the most part balled out against one of the best WR cores in the league... not to mention Pacheco and Karlaftis etc... what a draft class for the chiefs

  • Michael Markle
    Michael Markle Hace 23 días +2

    Afc had some crazy good games last couple years.

  • Chasni Gifford
    Chasni Gifford Hace un mes +3

    What a game! I was in Arrowhead when we lost to them in the AFC Championship game last year and was back in Arrowhead to see them win it this year! Sweet victory…love my Chiefs! ❤️💛

  • Jacob Graves
    Jacob Graves Hace un mes +3

    Bengal fans. We’re close, don’t be sad ! We are a winning team now with these guys I believe in them with all my heart, they are grinders like us ! We aren’t going away, keep grinding whodeyfam

  • Eliza Peniston
    Eliza Peniston Hace un mes +6

    I was highly impressed by both teams; what a performance! But so glad to see the Chiefs win and advance to another Super Bowl! ❤💛❤ LETS GO CHIEFFSSSSSS!!!!!

  • James Espin
    James Espin Hace un mes +7

    Patrick did it again.
    All power to the 'All-State " man.
    Excellent game! Both teams showed so much heart.

    • John Bernacki
      John Bernacki Hace un mes

      And the Super Bowl is being played at State Farm stadium in Arizona 🤔

  • Wes Yale
    Wes Yale Hace un mes +353

    I love Pacheco's effort every time he runs. To all the kids watching who want to play, THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT!

    • The Lethals
      The Lethals Hace un mes

      Not true. He had 60 yards receiving. From screens and check downs.

    • Z Playz
      Z Playz Hace un mes

      @Phil B. he was a factor in the check downs. Dj reader is a good run stuffer. No holes for him to go through

    • Bro Fist
      Bro Fist Hace un mes +1

      @Chris Malinowski We have formally adopted him in KC, the guy is solid as a player and a person. Keep churning out those cats NJ. :)

    • LoveLife_365
      LoveLife_365 Hace un mes +1

      @Phil B.hope they had fun on the way back home cause WE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL BABYY

    • Phil B.
      Phil B. Hace un mes

      Pacheco runs hard but the Bengals locked him up. He wasn't a factor. That's why Mahomes on one leg had to throw so much.

    UNDERACHIEVAZ Hace un mes +7

    The rookies for my team the chiefs played great ..Also Chris Jones had a monster game

  • Kyle Robinson
    Kyle Robinson Hace un mes +7

    The one sack on Burrow, he did it "correctly". Tenderly give him a hug, and let him set himself on the ground

  • Hector Goveo
    Hector Goveo Hace un mes +3

    love how Chris Jones politely set Burrow down so he didn’t draw another roughing.

  • Danny Kosmo
    Danny Kosmo Hace un mes +6

    Damn i was really rooting for burrow! Such a good game 👏🏼

  • Demetrius Barnes
    Demetrius Barnes Hace un mes +5

    Good game bengals y’all beat my bills was rooting for yall

  • BWillTheAddict
    BWillTheAddict Hace un mes +641

    Roller coaster of emotions watching this game. Respect to both teams and now hopefully the chiefs can rest and get everybody back healthy

    • Nathan Dotson
      Nathan Dotson Hace un mes

      @jack johnsen that's nothing to the way mahomes is living 😂😂😂😂

    • jack johnsen
      jack johnsen Hace un mes

      @Nathan Dotson The comment didn't mean his wealth as I was referring to His Little girl mustachio....LOL

  • Brandon Maloney
    Brandon Maloney Hace un mes +2

    Great game both teams deserved to win but only one could

  • Relaxing meditation music

    Both teams play very nice 👌

  • stepgirl305
    stepgirl305 Hace un mes +4

    Damn, that announcer didn’t need to say all that at the end….they dug it deeper as they zoomed in Cincinnati’s face 🥴

  • Chip Chap
    Chip Chap Hace un mes +4

    14:33 that block by little Pacheco on that DE then that juke. Savage

  • BVBStrike
    BVBStrike Hace un mes +5

    Could be a super bowl game for me. Was interesting to watch and the result was open until the end. 👍
    I hope the superbowl against Phili will be as good (or better) and open as this game.

  • Mantis Toboggan
    Mantis Toboggan Hace un mes +402

    Man, what a pickup MVS has been for the chiefs. I’m so glad we have him for another 2 years after this. He has stepped up big time.

    • Jack Geary
      Jack Geary Hace un mes +1

      How many catches did he have in the Super Bowl? Seriously, KC paid too much for him. Nonetheless congrats on SB win.

    • Tyler Casanova
      Tyler Casanova Hace un mes

      @T Wardlaw yeah okay let’s just ignore all those years of drops that’s fine 🙄

    • Mantis Toboggan
      Mantis Toboggan Hace un mes +1

      @Jack Geary Demarcus Robinson wasn’t very good either 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Antuan Sconiers
      Antuan Sconiers Hace un mes

      @The BrotherHood Sports that’s a lie, conference championship he had 100+ yards and a td, in the season he’d drop big time balls all the time

    • Big G Haywood
      Big G Haywood Hace un mes

      Who's "We?"
      Do you work for the Kansas City Chiefs organization?
      Or, do you play professional football?

  • Kai Ung
    Kai Ung Hace un mes +21

    I live in Kansas City and have been a Chiefs fan my entire life. But the Bengals are special...I'm thinking they will go to the playoffs almost every season with Burrow.

    • will
      will Hace un mes +1

      @Top G considering this has been said about mahomes and pretty much every young qb in the game. i’m going to wait at least a few more years before saying that.

    • Scar Saturati9
      Scar Saturati9 Hace un mes +1


    • Top G
      Top G Hace un mes +1

      They are no doubt the new Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning

  • easy rock
    easy rock Hace un mes +1

    Watching this back again over and over again, Mahomie had waaaaaaay too much time vs burrow and that last rush attempt his entire o-line was blatantly holding. Could have thrown a flag on any or everyone

  • dante darcy
    dante darcy Hace un mes +28

    As a lifelong Chiefs fan since 2019, this makes me very happy.

    • Glasgow Celtic C.S.C Rhebels Curva D10S Maradona
      Glasgow Celtic C.S.C Rhebels Curva D10S Maradona Hace un mes +1

      Haha I get your sense of humor bro! 🤪🤣👌🏻

    • Kenny Kobett
      Kenny Kobett Hace un mes +3

      4 years??? Try being a Chiefs fan for 55 years and then come back to the comments section.
      I have lived through the Lin Eliot game, the no punt game, the blowing the 28 point lead game.
      I just realized as I typed this those 3 games were all against the Colts.

    • Maxime
      Maxime Hace un mes

      I live in France and stoped following the NFL league after highschool.
      I actually did watch again after seeing games with the chiefs and the "new rules" that gave me the thirst for more and I follow every game since.

    • FlyinqPhoenix
      FlyinqPhoenix Hace un mes +5

      lifelong chiefs fan since 2019

  • Ethan Epstein
    Ethan Epstein Hace un mes +2


  • Darren Wilson
    Darren Wilson Hace un mes +623

    The real honorable mention from this game was the sideline guy who survived the hit from Ossai at the end👌👌

    • Sage Smith
      Sage Smith Hace un mes

      @Danny O'Brien "the juice wasn't worth the squeeze" 🤣

    • Troy Savage
      Troy Savage Hace un mes

      @Mar Leonetti Clear as mud to blind partisan fans of the Bengals, clear as mud to everyone not full of ignorance and bias. Obvious easy unnecessary roughness call

    • WildWood
      WildWood Hace un mes +1


    • Darren Wilson
      Darren Wilson Hace un mes

      @Lucio Lynx I mean they what I'm saying damn

  • Brad Lafferty
    Brad Lafferty Hace un mes +1

    How did the Chiefs win this game. Remarkable!

    • Leontrae Lee
      Leontrae Lee Hace 17 días

      @Brad Lafferty because they win as a revenge game 3-1

  • Roblox_Team Coolers_ Jordan Poole_SG_3

    3:12 the mascot doing the griddy was hilarious

  • Omgitsdezi Life
    Omgitsdezi Life Hace un mes +1

    10:00 I know I've seen that.. all the crazy things you see in nfl this was the first 😆 🤣 they both did great can't wait to see the other games!!!


      I pray God to give you a perfect gift of health, long life, May your day be filled with happiness and joy and may you be filled with thousands of smile....stay safe, I would love to be your honest friend if you don't mind...

      SMITHCHARLES CHARLES Hace un mes +1

      I agree with you 💯 you look pretty good I would love to be your friend if you don't mind

  • Bruce Perez
    Bruce Perez Hace 28 días

    Mahomes used his legs to ice the AFC and Superbowls! Those two runs were decisive.

  • Jacob Sawyer
    Jacob Sawyer Hace un mes +5

    10:00 Chiefs could've put the game away early if not for that fumble. That was a well executed screen, probably could've gotten at least 10 yards.

    • Gold Tau
      Gold Tau Hace un mes

      Rigged to keep it close 😂 but don’t tell Bengals fans

  • Michael Coulter
    Michael Coulter Hace un mes

    Damn KC put in that work much love and respect to the Chiefs even though I live in Texas LOL I'm a huge Chiefs fan

  • Thomas Bolin
    Thomas Bolin Hace un mes +7

    I live N of Cincy, I want to send a congrats to KC and say best of luck to you. I hope you guys get your 3 SB win. Philly is going to be a handful.

    • Ivan Blank
      Ivan Blank Hace un mes

      @Troy Savage: Sneed will definitely be back ... and so will a few receivers ... *but* it will be a big question as to whether those receivers can stay in the game without reinjuring themselves. Sneed had a concussion and so two full weeks off *should* be enough, but with all of those receivers ... and with Mahomes ankle which may not be 100% ... I'd say that we have serious injury problems regardless. In our current state, and to steal words from Thomas's original comment, Philly will be quite a handful. I hope that we are up to the task. I would love to see Chris Jones and crew get some strip sacks and/or sacks causing fumbles. I definitely believe that we can win, but we will need a very strong game from our defense.

    • Troy Savage
      Troy Savage Hace un mes +1

      Thank you. If we do not get healthy it is going to be a long day. Gotta get Snead back, and some receivers, and Mahomes ankle needs to heal enough that he can scramble and move when needed

  • Laura Dell
    Laura Dell Hace un mes +15

    When the NFL can’t even spell Cincinnati correctly


      you are such a nice looking woman in due respect I would love to be your honest friend if you don't mind

  • prluk1985
    prluk1985 Hace un mes +2

    WOW. What a game. Briliant, amazing I am out of words.

  • P Mo
    P Mo Hace un mes

    MVS had an unexpected big game. Chief rookies kept making plays to make the difference. No comment on the refs.

  • Mr. & Mrs.
    Mr. & Mrs. Hace un mes +120

    Man ,Pacheco really came through last night,even when he wasn't with the ball he was picking up big time blocks,give him big old contract.

    • bridgette richardson
      bridgette richardson Hace un mes +5

      He can run and has amazing strength... I love that guy as well as Chris Jones, and the rest of our team they play great together and I enjoy watching them let's prepare for this SUPERBOWL!!! LET'S GO CHIEFS❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛💛❤️

    • Nobody
      Nobody Hace un mes +2

      Pacheco's Hall of Fame Material. 100% + effort every play.

    • N G
      N G Hace un mes +6

      @President Resident I'm an EXTREME football layman but man every chiefs game I see this lil rocket of a man going and I'm like damn

    • President Resident
      President Resident Hace un mes +8

      Agreed. 4.3 speed in the open, runs like baby beast mode and appears to be durable. He's criminally ignored by the talking heads imo.

  • justin horwitz
    justin horwitz Hace un mes +4

    Chiefs rookies won this game. So damn awesome

  • John Heavner
    John Heavner Hace un mes +6

    Great game! Supreme effort from Chris Jones. Real disappointing that zebras decided the game.

    • Troy Savage
      Troy Savage Hace un mes

      No they didn't the Chiefs won.

  • emello81
    emello81 Hace un mes +3

    Gosh, I'm so mind blown from this game. I was so expecting this to be a blow out by the Bengles. And they lost!! Unbelievable!!

    • Leo Messer
      Leo Messer Hace un mes +3

      Considering you can’t spell Bengals it makes sense why you thought that was going to happen

  • Connie Wolf
    Connie Wolf Hace un mes

    Amazing game!

  • celli 21
    celli 21 Hace un mes +2

    This is honestly better then watching the whole game !

    • Ivan Blank
      Ivan Blank Hace un mes

      For regular season games, I agree with you. For the playoffs? Gotta beg to differ.

  • Destrawyer's Fun Zone
    Destrawyer's Fun Zone Hace un mes

    What a amazing game so good live

  • Gregory
    Gregory Hace un mes +10

    So happy for my Chiefs!! Life long fan here, what a time to be alive and a Chiefs fan. Loving this SOoo much!

  • mollymaggieandme mollymaggieandme

    1/30/23. Tough loss to lose on a penalty at the end. Bengals have never won a Super Bowl. They came close one time, but Joe Montana beat them at the end. And in that Joe Montana game, Montana threw the ball right at a Bengal defender who if he intercepted that pass, the Bengals would have won that Super Bowl against Montana and the 49ers, but the Bengal defender dropped the ball for an incomplete pass. Some really tough losses for the Bengals in the playoffs.

  • Curtis Grindahl
    Curtis Grindahl Hace un mes

    Sad way to lose a game... with a foul. It was a good call that he will live with for the rest of his life.

  • Master Yang
    Master Yang Hace un mes +2

    Tee Higgins and MVS so underrated!

  • C Magnus Northfleet
    C Magnus Northfleet Hace un mes +632

    I'm a cowboys fan so I'm not used to seeing good football played in championship games. This was AWESOME.

    • Aidan Keller
      Aidan Keller Hace un mes

      @Iam Champ and that's because they got manhandled at the LOS. Shouldn't of used a TE to block Riddick, among other things.

    • L.L.C.
      L.L.C. Hace un mes

      @Mario Palos You read my comment didn't you. And I give you the right to Envy the past of America's Team. Go ahead, you're allowed.

    • Jrs3rd10
      Jrs3rd10 Hace un mes

      @JNB bro he’s just saying it was a good game why u gotta be so rude about it

    • Jeremy Dubeck
      Jeremy Dubeck Hace un mes

      @ray Patrick Mahomes might actually get killed in the super bowl by the Eagles violent and historic D line and #1 pass defense. Pray for him 🙏.

    • Ken Martin
      Ken Martin Hace un mes

      @Matthew Geissinger 🤣🤣😂. I hear ya.

  • Deryl Reed
    Deryl Reed Hace un mes +4

    Congratulations to the Chiefs and to Mahomes for toughing it out I don't want to see him firmly injured make sure you're ready to come into the game on a Superbowl there's always next year I rather see you healthy

  • miserycord0666
    miserycord0666 Hace un mes +2

    There’s not one single play in the history of team sports that’s cost the team the game. It’s usually a number of plays that weren’t executed like interceptions/ turnovers. Blaming Ossai for one play let’s the rest of the team off the hook

  • Troy C
    Troy C Hace un mes +6

    Congrats to KC. Bengals fans you have nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Nick Schaller
      Nick Schaller Hace un mes +1

      @Mike Stamper who deyyyyy

    • Mike Stamper
      Mike Stamper Hace un mes +2

      @Adam Riggs the team that’s beat the Chiefs 3 out of last 4 times played lol. I have nothing to be ashamed of as a bengals fan. I love my team and my city.

    • Adam Riggs
      Adam Riggs Hace un mes +1

      Except for the fact that they are Bengals fans

    • James Bliehall
      James Bliehall Hace un mes +3

      Except #58 who lost the game for them.

  • LunarFox
    LunarFox Hace un mes +5

    Would've been great to see this go into OT. What a wild game.

  • Seth Fernandez
    Seth Fernandez Hace un mes +1

    The fans cheering Teeee at 13:43 is so cold😂

  • GreenEYESfromOHIO
    GreenEYESfromOHIO Hace un mes +356

    As a die hard Bengals fan, this was a tough loss to swallow….hats off to the Chiefs, good game. I look forward to the many battles ahead.

    • jennifer aceste
      jennifer aceste Hace un mes

      @Larry Triplett Because KC was #1 seed & automatically gets home field advantage. The only exception would have been for the Bills because thanx to the Demar Hamlin situation, the outcome of that game was unknowable.

    • LogosFarm
      LogosFarm Hace un mes

      @Cj Boyer No way fam, the pats were hyped to high noon in all 3 of those games. Just as the eagles will be hyped up to beat the chiefs.

    • Cj Boyer
      Cj Boyer Hace un mes +1

      @LogosFarm heard the same thing about the Eagles in 2017 against the pats or the Giants both times. Stop it.

    • Josiah Brady
      Josiah Brady Hace un mes +1

      @Jotchua waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa

  • Danger Dave
    Danger Dave Hace un mes +2

    Still think that last scramble play by Patric and the late hit should have been holding on #65 of the Chiefs against #92 of the Bengals way before he even got close to out of bounds.

  • xslayer14
    xslayer14 Hace un mes +6

    Great game... Go Chiefs!

    • Fight WithHope
      Fight WithHope Hace un mes

      Wonder if they are bringing their Refs to the SB too? 😂

  • Lil Bruh Vibin
    Lil Bruh Vibin Hace un mes

    Ossai was phenomenal all game til the last play.

  • Joyfulj
    Joyfulj Hace un mes

    This took “break a knee” to a whole new level

  • _ iKabal
    _ iKabal Hace un mes +4

    Bengals fans. Look at your lineman vs Frank Clark. 😂 nice 9:35

  • Spencer Stacey
    Spencer Stacey Hace un mes +367

    As a Cincinnati fan, hats off to Mahomes for playing great with his injury. I smell a fun rivalry between these two teams for many years to come.

    • John
      John Hace un mes

      @Carlo Davenport "I'm my own boss. I do as I please."

    • Carlo Davenport
      Carlo Davenport Hace un mes

      @John Just stop.

    • John
      John Hace un mes

      @Carlo Davenport Lmao People refer to "their team" as "my team" all the time. What are you trying to beef about? 🤣

    • Carlo Davenport
      Carlo Davenport Hace un mes

      @John Your Chiefs? Do you own them or play for them? No?

    • Carlo Davenport
      Carlo Davenport Hace un mes

      @Andy Goodie Just like every comment of yours talks about Mahomes. Get off his meat for 5 seconds sheeesh.

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones Hace un mes +7

    What a game and what a player Chris Jones is? He absolutely played above and beyond again to give the Chiefs a SB birth!

  • Antony hunt
    Antony hunt Hace un mes +4

    Being from England was never in to NFL intill i watched the super bowl a few years back love the game now. Should be a great superbowl

  • Larry Williams
    Larry Williams Hace un mes +3

    ChiefsKingdom we back in the Bowl and we had to go through a team we had the most trouble with recently my neighbor is a Bengals fan idk why he’s from KC but he’s been talking the most nonsense for a few years now I’m glad we got the win now let’s win the Andy Reid and Kelce Bowl

  • Brand
    Brand Hace un mes +5

    It's just more entertaining for me whenever there is officiating controversy (every other game). As long as one fanbase ends up crying in the end, you just love to see it bahaha

  • NerolNiethsreg
    NerolNiethsreg Hace un mes +6

    What an amazing amazing game played by Mahomes. He absolutely willed his team to this win with some truly otherworldly pinpoint throws. We in the Chiefs Kingdom need to understand the rarity and fortune it is to have a league-altering, franchise-sustaining player that Mahomes is. Literally every season this man is under center the Chiefs are a Super Bowl contending organization. Thank goodness we aren't the Raiders or Chargers - things could be very bad

    • iwantanswers
      iwantanswers Hace un mes +1

      as a chargers fan i have to agree. we would waste his potential lol