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Daniel Kaluuya | Cute and Funny Moments

  • Publicado el 22 feb 2018
  • I fell in love with Daniel when I saw Get Out and seeing him slay in Black Panther just made me love him even more :)
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Comentarios • 43

  • Thickk Madame
    Thickk Madame Hace 7 días

    My gawd all this damn beautiful chocolate 😍 Ghezusssss!! 😘😘

  • Fièsco King
    Fièsco King Hace 7 días

    any one from 🇺🇬

  • Adah binti
    Adah binti Hace 6 meses

    Always puts a smile on my face. So funny

  • Melissaaa
    Melissaaa Hace 8 meses

    Totally in love 🙃♥️

  • Kevlin soatrome
    Kevlin soatrome Hace 10 meses +1

    A shoutout to the 8 christian people who watched this video.

  • Mwanamisi Adori
    Mwanamisi Adori Hace 11 meses +1

    Great personality

  • Forest lass
    Forest lass Hace un año +1

    Will you kill me my love?!

  • Navneet Bhattacharjee
    Navneet Bhattacharjee Hace un año +1

    "Big Ben!!" Flexing 💪💪

  • Hanan Mohamed
    Hanan Mohamed Hace un año +3


  • Happy Warrior
    Happy Warrior Hace un año +1

    He’s so precious I love him 😍

  • Emily hancock
    Emily hancock Hace un año +6

    Is he wearing a Grenfell shirt at one point for the Grenfell Tower victims?

  • Emily hancock
    Emily hancock Hace un año +32

    His career is going to be amazing

  • YassChick
    YassChick Hace un año +12

    You forgot the bit after he says, “we break all the rules” he then proceeds to say, “nah levels” spoken like a true Brit!

  • sym
    sym Hace un año +52

    When he was sitting on the couch with those ladies they just couldn't take their eyes off of him lol, I want to see that interview it looked really funny.

    • elle19ism
      elle19ism Hace un año +2

      Its from the Graham Norton Show, a British talk show. The full clip is on youtube somewhere

  • Natalier Roberts
    Natalier Roberts Hace un año +8

    I love him!!!😭♥️

  • e
    e Hace un año +20

    he's so PRECIOUS

  • dinah hailu
    dinah hailu Hace un año +21

    Daily dose of Daniel Kaluuya to get me through the day becasue for some reason he just cheers me up

  • Sunny Bear
    Sunny Bear Hace un año +111

    "in a world where there's black people" is such a gold line

  • Judo Nomi
    Judo Nomi Hace un año +20

    Effects of global warming? Mans not hot, never hot.

  • mia
    mia Hace un año +2


  • Astupidpretentiousfuckofaname

    i fell in love with this boy when he was in skins. he is fucking precious

  • Pauline R
    Pauline R Hace un año +26

    Ive watched that radio interview with the kids so many times i love it lol Daniel is 😍😍😍

  • Cloyette Grant
    Cloyette Grant Hace un año +27

    His mom sent him some Emmanuella!! you better watch it!! so funny

    • futureQueen
      futureQueen Hace un año +2

      Cloyette Grant Emmanuella is my favorite girl to watch.

  • Kellisha HA Benjamin
    Kellisha HA Benjamin Hace un año +2

    Thank you for posting this video 😊

  • Dijana Kajtazovic
    Dijana Kajtazovic Hace un año +68

    This is my favourite video to watch when I'm feeling sad and down.. Daniel is such an amazing person!!!!! Big thanks for making this xxx

  • flava82
    flava82 Hace un año +17

    Perspiration ting!

  • A Google User
    A Google User Hace un año +81

    Daniel is such a cute teddy-bear. His eyes are so big and sad.

  • Kraybe
    Kraybe Hace un año +3

    Thank you for this really amazing!

  • Relle Zaza
    Relle Zaza Hace un año +7

    Where's this @12:46 from?

    • stvnbucky
      stvnbucky  Hace un año +4

      Relle Zaza lupita posted it on her instagram before

  • Sam Hanke
    Sam Hanke Hace un año +101

    “I know my limits” 😂😂

  • Scholar Noire
    Scholar Noire Hace un año +14

    je l'adore. il aime kiffer, très charismatique

  • The Light
    The Light Hace un año +66

    He seems like such a fun person

  • Tiffany Stacey
    Tiffany Stacey Hace un año +51

    LOL! "I like to nap." I should do that with my phone! Hahaha!

  • taco_de_muerte
    taco_de_muerte Hace un año +112

    The next idris elba

  • LoLo B.
    LoLo B. Hace un año +49

    Huge Daniel Stan and I really appreciate this

  • Thandiwe Mwanza
    Thandiwe Mwanza Hace un año +205

    I love Daniel Kaluuya and this compilation is everything 💞

  • Thandiwe Mwanza
    Thandiwe Mwanza Hace un año +8

    Thank you for this!!!