203 Chips Ahoy Challenge (12,800 Calories)

  • Publicado el 29 jul 2017
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    200 Chips Ahoy Cookies!! No, 203 Chips Ahoy Cookies!
    How fast can I consume roughly 13lbs of Cookies and Milk, well watch and find out!!
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Comentarios • 43 876

  • Pure
    Pure Hace 26 minutos

    I know its a challenge but seriously, don’t do this unless you want diabetes

  • Jacob Villa
    Jacob Villa Hace 56 minutos +1

    Algun Chileno viendo esto? 🇨🇱

  • Victor Sokolowski
    Victor Sokolowski Hace 2 horas

    Hey. can I have one?

  • Summy Love
    Summy Love Hace 4 horas

    You should do a 100 rice crispy treat challenge

  • alfdhafy
    alfdhafy Hace 5 horas


  • Harry Abrigo
    Harry Abrigo Hace 6 horas

    Im hungry bitched

  • Lianne Menor
    Lianne Menor Hace 7 horas

    You soy. Cool

  • sunset starlight tv
    sunset starlight tv Hace 7 horas

    You are very good at this matt

  • Carandang Boys
    Carandang Boys Hace 8 horas

    I bet he got throat cancer after this video

  • TheAkilez zaz
    TheAkilez zaz Hace 8 horas +1


    BABYFACEMAN Hace 9 horas

    The reason he is still not fat is because he has 2 percent milk

  • Alex C
    Alex C Hace 12 horas

    I wish you'd worn a Cookie Monster shirt for this.

  • Azikist
    Azikist Hace 14 horas

    Matt stonie is Santa confirmed

  • Patrick Plein
    Patrick Plein Hace 15 horas

    If I ate that many cookies I’d gain 5 lbs, for sure! How are you not 300 lbs. Matt?

  • Soccer Gang
    Soccer Gang Hace 16 horas +1

    Cookie Monster has left the chat

  • Daevorn
    Daevorn Hace 17 horas

    You don't gag from eating all those cookies?

  • Number1 Tryhard
    Number1 Tryhard Hace 17 horas +1

    U keep slamming the milk like that its gonna buss ima die out laughing

  • Jeremy Hojnowski
    Jeremy Hojnowski Hace 19 horas

    How are you alive?

  • anan bok
    anan bok Hace 20 horas

    Badge awarded "cookie monster"

  • Itz Chilly
    Itz Chilly Hace 22 horas

    When he went to pay for the cookies the cashier asked:
    Are those for yourself?
    Matt stonie: no for my 79 children
    Matt stonie (a day later) posts video
    *cashier watches*

  • Paula F.A.
    Paula F.A. Hace un día

    Y luego está flaco como un palo, yo me como eso y me convierto en una bola humana😂

  • Jrotirani Bora
    Jrotirani Bora Hace un día

    over drinking of milk causes the damage of the kidneys so take caution

  • Hawko fox 404 frances
    Hawko fox 404 frances Hace un día

    That alot of calories

  • Gus
    Gus Hace un día +3

    Where does it all go?

  • jude R.L
    jude R.L Hace un día

    Soo cooool

  • Collado RBD
    Collado RBD Hace un día

    En África las tiran y desperdician a diestra y siniestra

  • DespicableMeIsTheBest 72

    Not only he can eat really fast.......he can also edit really good

  • Mr. Toasty
    Mr. Toasty Hace un día

    Dude your the most known food challenger and your still not FAT F.

  • Adetria Pattra
    Adetria Pattra Hace un día


  • Zodiac Capricornicus
    Zodiac Capricornicus Hace un día

    Why not pour all the milk there so it wwouldnt feel dry in your mouth dude

    MAURICIO PLAYER Hace un día

    Tengo ambre ptm

  • Donna Robinson
    Donna Robinson Hace un día

    I wish i could eat that

  • Rhinopocalypes
    Rhinopocalypes Hace un día

    I thought he said he was gonna use the money from the video to go to the dentist lol.

  • Dante Crailman
    Dante Crailman Hace un día

    That's a lotta calories!

  • Billy Belafonte
    Billy Belafonte Hace un día

    He made bank with this video

  • Meow for you too
    Meow for you too Hace un día

    You hoe, didn't even invite me 1 year ago or at least share >:(

  • Churck
    Churck Hace un día

    How can something so big can fit into something so small?

  • Eccentric Dreams
    Eccentric Dreams Hace un día

    You must have so many health complications.

  • Amir Hossein Mirzaei
    Amir Hossein Mirzaei Hace un día

    It's a lie because why dont you get fat

  • the last leprechaun 420

    Order everything from the heart attack grill

  • Galaxy’s Playz
    Galaxy’s Playz Hace un día

    *Santa Kills You For Eating The Cookies And Milk*

  • patheorics
    patheorics Hace un día

    My teeth hurt from watching this video. Cause cavities....duh

  • grizzly adams
    grizzly adams Hace un día +3

    Was hoping so bad you would pour the milk in the bowl and eat it like cereal

  • Binary
    Binary Hace un día

    Is this really a challenge? for me this is just a Saturday morning

  • Why Not
    Why Not Hace un día

    Can u imagine the shit after this.... why punish your asshole like this

  • Rocket _96
    Rocket _96 Hace un día

    Bitch this is a daily thing for me

  • Solo Brandon
    Solo Brandon Hace un día

    What do you do to stay skinny since you eat all this junk?

  • Le Grand Dulana
    Le Grand Dulana Hace un día

    Didn't his jaw hurt?

  • YemesuthTM
    YemesuthTM Hace un día

    *Diarrea crónica segura*

  • Christian Madriz
    Christian Madriz Hace un día

    Who loves to keep the milk for last i know i do especially if its cold

  • Christian Madriz
    Christian Madriz Hace un día

    Today: 80 pounds
    Tommorow: 100000 pounds

  • EvTheBoss 1122
    EvTheBoss 1122 Hace un día

    Part of the video is buying cookies the rest is


  • Jonas Jean-baptiste jr
    Jonas Jean-baptiste jr Hace un día

    No diabetes I'm impressed

  • avery vlogs
    avery vlogs Hace un día

    When your mom comes in an you are over here eating 200 cookies...

  • DeleavisTM
    DeleavisTM Hace un día

    i would of just pored the milk in the bowl with the cookies

  • Khalilah Muhammad
    Khalilah Muhammad Hace un día

    You need to share. I will help you eat these😋

  • Joash Christopher Du Plessis

    Why do you eat so much

  • aleks magierowicz
    aleks magierowicz Hace un día


  • CycloneCrack
    CycloneCrack Hace un día

    The girl was pretty mad cuz he didn't save her cookies 😂

  • CycloneCrack
    CycloneCrack Hace un día

    Albert Einstein Jr... The second smartest man

  • CycloneCrack
    CycloneCrack Hace 2 días

    Ahh he's gonna be shitting Chocolate chips

  • KaraJakub_ CZ/SK
    KaraJakub_ CZ/SK Hace 2 días

    It's guinnes world record?

  • Rousting army
    Rousting army Hace 2 días +1

    Me when im home alone

  • Rousting army
    Rousting army Hace 2 días +1

    Or cookies...

  • William wishart
    William wishart Hace 2 días +1

    0:05 2nd set of cookies falls on the floor

  • Айсен Татаринов

    Ну ты и обжора

  • блок страйкер баратан

    у тебя 50 пранцен будет аппендицит

  • Novian Anando
    Novian Anando Hace 2 días

    Walaupun makannya banyak tapi gk gemuk" gg bat dah

  • Donutia Gacha
    Donutia Gacha Hace 2 días +1

    *Who else wants Kookies argh I mean COOKIES now? (hehe bts army)*

  • Cinder pelt
    Cinder pelt Hace 2 días

    The one thing I hate about Chip's ahoy is that the cookies are so dry

  • clark lanuza
    clark lanuza Hace 2 días

    Chips ahoy more like **** ahoy
    ESclips:you are not allowed to cuss in a comment

  • Burgershtein
    Burgershtein Hace 2 días

    Typical charter from Dead Rising

  • Dordor Palermo
    Dordor Palermo Hace 2 días

    O. M. G😱😱😱

  • おご おご
    おご おご Hace 2 días


  • K&D production
    K&D production Hace 2 días

    I like your video

  • K&D production
    K&D production Hace 2 días

    You have a black hole in your stomach

  • K&D production
    K&D production Hace 2 días

    You are insane

  • Joshua Rohi Cabs
    Joshua Rohi Cabs Hace 2 días

    That's a lot of cookie!😋😋😋

  • Shadythe Man
    Shadythe Man Hace 2 días

    I’m hungry now

  • MultiVerz
    MultiVerz Hace 2 días

    *H o n e s t l y* why the hell he isn't fat after all of that eating
    Does he go to gym for days after this or something ? Sheez

  • NinjaOrion REMIX
    NinjaOrion REMIX Hace 2 días

    Bet this guy takes the longest toilet breaks afterwards .

  • Luisjean1 Roblox/Minecraft

    20 Big Mac under 10 mins!

    MIN YOONGI Hace 2 días

    I'm probably like the slowest eater in the world.🌏. So eating those cookies will take me ages. But I still want some😋.

    MIN YOONGI Hace 2 días

    Can I have some?

  • Bigboybobby
    Bigboybobby Hace 2 días

    Ik yo ass went to gym after this

  • Blank Boy
    Blank Boy Hace 2 días +1

    *Cookie monster has joined the chat*

  • THESupa Gaming
    THESupa Gaming Hace 2 días

    At least hes getting calcium

  • Hazim Rozali
    Hazim Rozali Hace 2 días +1

    your pancreas.....

  • Henghak Kun
    Henghak Kun Hace 2 días

    How could this guy eat so much of the same thing? Don't you hate it after a while?

  • Eric Bobadilla
    Eric Bobadilla Hace 2 días

    You got diabetes

  • chubb chubbs
    chubb chubbs Hace 2 días

    I wish the store was open, i’m watching this at 1:00 in the morning i want Cookies now.

  • Lil Dart
    Lil Dart Hace 2 días

    This dude not fat yet 😕

  • vic castro
    vic castro Hace 2 días +3

    To this day his math doesn't make sense to me. 6x33 is 198 cookies. Plus the colorful one is 199. Where did the last 4 come from?

    • gakc66
      gakc66 Hace 10 horas

      vic castro it was about 33 cookies there could possibly be more in each pack

  • else cuestrador
    else cuestrador Hace 2 días

    Que asco

  • Sigh Phi Guy
    Sigh Phi Guy Hace 2 días

    203 pot cookies.....?
    now THAT i would have watched!

  • RealOlgaJackson's broken skull challenge

    I ship you with Wendy off of Wendy's Eating Show

  • MJ S2
    MJ S2 Hace 2 días

    Me: cookie monster, me has 8 ur cookies.

  • Big Poppin’ Jake
    Big Poppin’ Jake Hace 2 días

    Me: I’m gonna eat healthy
    Also me:

  • PenouilGD Pac-Man
    PenouilGD Pac-Man Hace 2 días

    Por que perdería el tiempo la gente a ver a este pendejo comer como chicha

  • Jackleman Lantern
    Jackleman Lantern Hace 2 días

    Good metabolism