11 Smart and Easy Home Cleaning Hacks

  • Publicado el 24 abr 2019
  • If you’re eager to stay productive make sure your environment is clean and tidy! With our fun and easy home cleaning hacks you’ll be right on track! Learn how to clean various surfaces like car lights and mirrors or permanent erasers with toothpaste, collect crumbs using slime, shine-up your water kettle in minutes and refresh your empty soap. All that and much more with these playful cleaning techniques!
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    00:04 Wine Glass Vinegar Clean Up
    00:46 Potato Salt Dirt Remover
    01:12 Cardboard Folding Machine
    01:59 Remove Rust or Oil using Alcohol
    02:50 Burned Pot Fix
    03:15 Carpet Stains Gone with Shaving Foam
    03:32 Burn Pan Fix using Coke
    03:49 Shiny Cutlery using Coca Cola
    04:09 Natural Cleaner using Salary
    04:34 Keep your Paint Bucket Clean
    04:55 Foil Prevents Paint Leaks
    05:05 Remove Greese using Foil
    05:22 Boiling Foil Clean Up
    05:43 Unicorn Poop Bathbomb
    07:13 Clean a Kettle with Vinegar
    08:20 Toothpaste Car Light Wash
    08:58 Remove Graphite using Lip Balm
    09:48 Hide Backpack Holes with Customization

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