• Publicado el 30 mar 2018
  • BTS at xobeauty, easter hunt, speaking on a panel, bumping in to sally and more!
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Comentarios • 350

  • Sharon Rahman
    Sharon Rahman Hace 9 meses

    Aw bless u shaaaan don't worry we understand it's so hard to reply back when u have some so many followers u are amazing sweetheart 😀

  • Michelle Morgan
    Michelle Morgan Hace un año

    Shan, try drinking apple cider vinegar in AM diluted in water it lowers cortisol levels

  • Kristin Spinoso
    Kristin Spinoso Hace un año

    Read Medical Medium book by Anthony William!!! All his books are amazing for chronic illness!!

  • Elizia Lopez
    Elizia Lopez Hace un año

    Honestly I think some people leave a nasty comment just so they can get more attention... don’t pay attention to them we all know you are a very busy/hard working woman, you put more content then any other ESclipsr I know! Realistically it’s impossible for you to read/reply every single comment, if people don’t understand that it’s their problem you have thousands of followers that loves you (me included) and don’t mind if you reply to the comment or not because we understand how difficult it is to keep up!

  • Jenn Sheridan
    Jenn Sheridan Hace un año

    Post a comment and if you get a reply, consider it a bonus that she has seen it at all. She has over half a million subscribers here and 3M plus on her beauty channel. Use some perspective before having a tantrum and posting a hurtful comment.

  • Samantha Sanzone
    Samantha Sanzone Hace un año

    curious, did the doctors check if you have gastroparesis? I watch all you vlogs and always wonder why you have stomach pains and indigestion problems lol love you

  • Rachel Mckenzie
    Rachel Mckenzie Hace un año

    Use your head people, obviously shan isn’t going to be able to reply to every bloody comment, stop being a prat.

  • Fiona Moran
    Fiona Moran Hace un año

    How bloody cute are those sandwich wrappers?!

  • Leah Anderson
    Leah Anderson Hace un año

    Its gaws wasp. It kills lemon trees. Needs to be regularly trested and trimmed

  • Ivelina Ivanova
    Ivelina Ivanova Hace un año

    You're not an asshole, other people are assholes for thinking that you can reply to every single comment someone has left on your videos or pictures! Like honestly people! Get a grip! But I guess there will always be haters out there or people who just can't understand a given situation.. Anyway, I love all of your videos, Shan and even though, you may not see my comment, I have no reason to be mad or anything :D Love you! Keep up the good work!

  • SandraOlufsen
    SandraOlufsen Hace un año

    I got the similiar issues with my stomach as well,and the worst part of it is not knowing exactly what causes it. The second to that is always feeling kind of sick after every meal. I just want to eat and feel good after. So frustrating,and it is definitely a long process figuring it out. So cool seeing things finally growing in your garden by the way :)) Love the blue eyeshadow look 😍And the vlog of course 🙈

  • sexy mochi
    sexy mochi Hace un año

    currently saving up to have a xo beauty shopping spree , anyone else ?

  • Kelly Brijlal
    Kelly Brijlal Hace un año

    Palmi girl 😉😂😊🙌 instagram name: kelly.brijlal

  • Alonn Bilbray
    Alonn Bilbray Hace un año

    Shannon, you should get some info about Endometriosis and talk to your OB. I’ve had Endometriosis since I was young and wasn’t actually diagnosed until I was in my late 20’s. A lot of your symptoms sounds like what I go through on a daily basis. I hope you find out what’s going on soon.

  • Brittany Interiano
    Brittany Interiano Hace un año

    You can’t please everybody, there will always be people complaining. Keep doing what you’re doing and the people who want to stick around will, who cares about the negative Nancy’s :)

  • Louise Dando
    Louise Dando Hace un año

    What was the name of the meal Hamish had at that restaurant? It looks so yum!

  • Ashley Keoghan
    Ashley Keoghan Hace un año

    Do you put a lil white vinegar in your poached egg water.

  • Ashley Keoghan
    Ashley Keoghan Hace un año

    Wow very cool congratulations @shaaanxo doing us Kiwis proud. 😊😗

  • Ashley Keoghan
    Ashley Keoghan Hace un año

    Makeup looks natural and pretty. 😍

  • Ashley Keoghan
    Ashley Keoghan Hace un año

    Wow I have alot of catching up to do. Can't wait to get to the lip pencil vid. Xo
    Follow you on
    Facebook: Ash R Keo
    Insta: @ashleykeo20
    Twitter: @DevitGc

  • brontosaurus 89
    brontosaurus 89 Hace un año

    Those people are the assholes - not you!! As if you have time to read every single comment people leave, especially on old posts.

  • Mic K
    Mic K Hace un año

    Your makeup looks amazing! I love the new rescue me shade ☺ @kuhnmicaela

  • Kelly H
    Kelly H Hace un año

    Love your vlogs! I totally know how you feel about being a gardener. I’m not great at gardening but once I do manage to keep something alive then I feel so proud about it. Right now I’m growing green onion in just a glass jar and some water on the bottom and it’s growing so well! Aside from keeping my plants alive, my problem is that I forget that I have plants 😅. Even with my green onion I have it outside on the patio so I only remember to change it’s water when I have my window shades open and see it, but otherwise I have forgotten about it for a week until I opened the window shades and remembered to change its water again 😂. Fail but it’s holding strong thankfully! I want to try finding fijoa fruits somewhere and make those muffins you were talking about. I love baking so it’d be cool to try a new recipe. 😋

  • Georgia Boyd
    Georgia Boyd Hace un año

    Loveeee your vlogs! You always have such amazing looking avocados hahaha I wish I could get avos that good in Melbourne 😂

  • Elyse Dunn
    Elyse Dunn Hace un año

    Naw I felt so proud of you watching this! Well done :) x

  • Jacqueline Roberts
    Jacqueline Roberts Hace un año

    P.s don’t worry about the complainers. No one in their right mind expect you to sit on social media 24/7 waiting to reply to everyone. Some people just need a reality check. Keep doing you xx

  • Jacqueline Roberts
    Jacqueline Roberts Hace un año

    Holy crap those bee wraps are fabulous! Can we get them in Australia?

  • ash trix
    ash trix Hace un año

    Looks like limes to me

  • ash trix
    ash trix Hace un año

    I have IBS and food intolerances... I’m fine eating whatever I like in moderation . Too much gluten dairy and sugar are big triggers for me. I. Currently sick from Easter as I had too much sugar bread and pasta

  • Jo Edser
    Jo Edser Hace un año

    Love watching you make your breakfast 😄

  • Susie  Lowe
    Susie Lowe Hace un año

    wow some people are really dumb if they expect you to reply n read every single comment i mean as if....lookin lovely as always i do hope your tum tum settles down...i have bad tummy n had to do the auto amune paleo diet ....was not fun hope you dont have to go down that road ....💜

  • Brooke Matthys
    Brooke Matthys Hace un año

    I had a mystery tree in my back yard when I first moved into my current house, it didn’t grow anything for three years and we were confused asf, but finally it starting growing and it turned out to be mandarins and they were so sweet!! Maybe your tree is doing the same?

  • Jessica Smith-Street
    Jessica Smith-Street Hace un año

    Omg you are gorgeous Shan! Your replies were super cute and shy.

  • Jenn Lecher
    Jenn Lecher Hace un año

    What kind of tree is that? The one you're excited about???

  • Haley Cox
    Haley Cox Hace un año

    "I'll just leave you to it then" lmao

  • Kirstyn Murray
    Kirstyn Murray Hace un año

    If you have IBS it can sometimes be hormonally linked. For example I can have a good patch and a week before my period it flares up regardless of what I eat. Also sometimes foods can take a while before they flare up. I can eat cheese that night, wake up and feel okay. Then the next day my stomach will be in all sorts of pain.

  • Caths World
    Caths World Hace un año

    Yaaaas FEIJOAS

  • Audrey Paulus
    Audrey Paulus Hace un año

    Hi, as you speak freely of your situation. Please allow me : at 16'52 that is not your stomach. The stomach is higher. This is your intestines if you think the problem regards the digestive tube...
    It could also be psychological as blotting is associated with some fears, and troubles to let go. A need of control for everything for self protection...
    Anyway, thanks for both your channels!

  • Katelyn Elizabeth Anne
    Katelyn Elizabeth Anne Hace un año

    Eh people will always hate

  • Melissa Hutton
    Melissa Hutton Hace un año

    I’m telling you girl, you cut out all those vegan/vegetarian meat substitutes and you’re going to feel so much better! That stuff has got so many chemicals and additives in wonder your stomach is hurting.

  • MyWayofEverything
    MyWayofEverything Hace un año

    The "sometime's I think you are beautiful" comment had me screaming! so funny

  • linamartin88
    linamartin88 Hace un año

    You should try some Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel for your stomach. It might be helpful with bloating and stuff. You should be able to notice a difference in two weeks. I have the same problem and used to take probiotics but they weren't too helpful but since taking aloe vera gel everyday my stomach doesn't feel bloated and hard.

  • Imberis
    Imberis Hace un año

    I'm a little late watching this video, but I have the same weird stomach issue. I have IBS for sure (diagnosed) and possibly Crohn's Disease (we're doing more testing, etc), and my tummy does the same thing where for days on end it'll be awful and then all of a sudden I'll be fine and can eat whatever I want for couple of days. Then it goes back to the bad days and I never know when a good day will crop up. It's very frustrating. The only thing I can consistently "eat" without problem is Ensure, which is a meal replacement shake here in the U.S. mainly marketed toward elderly people. LoL

  • Bible Jeff
    Bible Jeff Hace un año

    Shan i hope ur still feeling better...i'll pray for u that ur stomach issues won't turn out to be anything serious...also please don't let comments like that ruin ur day or make u sad...ur true fans understand, and knows how hard u try to interact with ur 100% sure that those ppl are all young and immature and have no common sense, no normal mature adult will think that way...we understand how busy u are, keeping up with youtube, instagram, twitter, etc while running a company + all the brand events and stuffs u have to attend, u are really really busy, im surprised that you can even like and answer some of the comments u get, that shows clearly how much u try&care for us...when u get a comment like this u can picture the person and can deduct his|her maturity | age level by how he|she comments, so don't even think twice abt their comments, they are all probably in their pre-teen or teenage years, so their comment is nothing productive or constructive its just a bored kid who has nothing better to do than

  • StinaSpace
    StinaSpace Hace un año

    I would love to see more behind the scenes at XO beauty. Maybe Hamish could show how things run in the office :)

  • Arianabanana
    Arianabanana Hace un año

    It honestly sounds that you have what I have/had. If you see this I’d look up and research SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) and chronic IBS. It turned out i had to cut out a lot food from my diet and I ended finding out I was lactose intolerant at age 20. It’s been 2 years since then and my diet is OK. I still get occasional pains but I highly recommend ginger root pills if they have them in NZ! 😊best of luck

  • Rebekah Edwards
    Rebekah Edwards Hace un año

    What is the fruit that she makes muffins with called? And what do they taste like.... I’ve never heard of them before. Something with an F

  • Nikki Jones
    Nikki Jones Hace un año

    Your vlogs have become my all time faves! Your beauty vids are also AMAZING but your vlogs for me are on another level. The dedication to your subs and the people who adore you like me haha is inspiring! You always think about us, even through Ill health or deaths in the family and to still carry on is amazing! Love you shan xxxx💖💜❤️💄🐶

  • melissajkxoxo
    melissajkxoxo Hace un año

    Cute vlog love how indie can go anywhere at XO and a fate st the door! Cute
    Funny how you said touch wood, where I love people will say knock on wood.
    Wish I could grow a lemon tree but don't think I can in my climate

  • GypsyRoseBeauty
    GypsyRoseBeauty Hace un año

    Those wraps are so good!

  • Gabriella Swiadek
    Gabriella Swiadek Hace un año

    It sounds like you have IBS ... I recently got diagnosed and I had very similar symptoms as you. There's something called FODMAPS which was created by an Australian study. It's a list of foods that are likely to upset your stomach and ones that don't. It helped 3/4 people. IBS is linked to stress, which could be making the symptoms worse.
    Hope this helps, love you ❤

  • Sami Clay
    Sami Clay Hace un año

    i have the exact same problem with my stomach!! it’s honestly horrible

  • Bethany Pearl
    Bethany Pearl Hace un año

    I thought you were gonna zoom in on the bee, was about to get really triggered 😂 my heart rate increased 2X

  • Amy Coats
    Amy Coats Hace un año

    I don't know if this is legit or not but I have peppermint tea every night after dinner/before I go to bed and it's been really good for my bloating. Makes me feel a whole lot less yucky after eating food ☺ x

  • Delaney Broadie
    Delaney Broadie Hace un año

    I have no clue what those fruits are? Do we not have them in America?

  • Sarah Walker
    Sarah Walker Hace un año

    "Sometimes I think you are beautiful and the next moment you are not". Seriously?? The fuck?! No one is perfect and I'm sure they're not 100% beautiful at all times of the day...ugh...some people! Beauty is more than skin deep. Shannon, you are beautiful inside and out and don't let anyone ever let you think otherwise!!!

  • Katie C
    Katie C Hace un año

    Have you tried talking to your Dr. about lady issues? You might have PCOS or maybe endometriosis? I read a comment about that too and I’m not a doctor either but it sounds like it’s worth a check.

  • k rissa
    k rissa Hace un año

    People are so ridiculous. I dont get how people can honestly believe that influencers can reply to every comment. It tells you on the feed how many comments on there. Like hello! Common sense is seriously lacking in this world. I don't know how you do it Shan. You stay so positive and uplifting when you have to deal with bullshit people all day long. You're an amazing woman. Love youu💜

  • Aniissa F
    Aniissa F Hace un año

    Birthcontrol (the pill) can mess with your hormones and can upset your stomach and intestants..

  • Kali love
    Kali love Hace un año

    I have the exact same problems with food. Ive even had an ultra sound done with no results... This has been going on for two years. Best of luck to you! Ps Eggs are like all i eat too lol

  • C. Lo
    C. Lo Hace un año

    .....everyone complaining that you don't comment back needs a throat punch!!! Please let these trolls know your building an EMPIRE and can't be bothered with there BS!
    And I personally think your the realist YT there is... beautiful inside and out, so please please PLEASE ignore the negativity and idiots on social media!

  • Andrea Bosch
    Andrea Bosch Hace un año +1

    Your lashes are just incredible, I seriously have to get some revitalash

  • BlondeHilton
    BlondeHilton Hace un año +10

    Aww it made me so happy and I was smiling the whole time when you were in the panel!❤️❤️You've come a long way Shan!!

  • Trish
    Trish Hace un año

    Have your gallbladder checked.

  • Naomi Walsh
    Naomi Walsh Hace un año

    I wouldn't usually comment advice because you're obviously taking care of yourself through your doctor, but my dad has really bad IBS and the things that upset his stomach the most is broccoli, tomatoes and chocolate! It's really random but I've seen you eat like tomato soup and chips and dips and then get a sore stomach so it might be the tomatoes...

  • Kaylah Kimiora
    Kaylah Kimiora Hace un año

    Have you heard of the ‘allergy test’ ? It’s like a little test that they do where they sample a piece of your hair and see what food or types of food your intolerant too. My sister done one and it showed that some foods were the causing problem of her bloating and acne, like for example one of the the foods was watermelon, she’s cut that out and now she hasn’t been bloated, but yesterday she had watermelon sorbet and she had the worst stomach pains and bloated gut. Definitely recommend it :)

  • Annabelle May
    Annabelle May Hace un año

    What the heck your under eyes look so good after you tried the kkw concealers 😱😱😱

  • Sara D.
    Sara D. Hace un año

    I find it hilarious when people are mad at you for not commenting back on a comment.. let alone a comment asking what a song is. get shazam... it tells you within 30 seconds not even. stop hating on shannon when she is extremely busy.. jeez.

  • Catherine Gonis
    Catherine Gonis Hace un año

    Have you checked if you have stomach ulcers? I went through a stage of extreme pain because of this and had to change my diet completely, no acidic foods

  • alina petronela
    alina petronela Hace un año

    So proud of you !! ❤️😘

  • Amie Vonarx
    Amie Vonarx Hace un año

    love your honesty.. ppl do need to switch on their personal filters before saying things and realise that your not an octopus

  • Sara Norquist
    Sara Norquist Hace un año

    Have you been checked for endometriosis? I have it along w interstitial cystitis & pelvic floor dysfunction and I get horrible bloating when one of those flare. I had ibs for years prior to my diagnosis and have healed my gut and no longer have ibs but still get bloating

  • zahra ali
    zahra ali Hace un año

    Hi shanon can you please do a review on M.asam magic finish and also the inika long lash mascara

  • Nicole Copeland
    Nicole Copeland Hace un año

    I just started to watch you vlogs, but if you don’t mind letting me know what is wrong with your stomach?

  • AshleyOSNAP
    AshleyOSNAP Hace un año

    Thank you for being so honest in this. I really appreciate it. I have a similar bloating issue and am going to take IBS tablets for now and book in an allergy test to get to the bottom of it. If you can, book one in and see if they find anything that may help you with your meals. Xx

  • casey gray
    casey gray Hace un año

    So cool to see the XO Beauty office! Would love to see more xx

  • Ashleigh Minor
    Ashleigh Minor Hace un año

    If you have legit IBS, it'll be random when the food bothers your stomach. Yes, some foods will bother it more than others but mostly it'll just be random. I have severe IBS where I pass out from the pain most of the time.. it comes in episodes. It's not all the time but pretty much every day my stomach kills me. It sucks.. my mom has it as well. Love your vlogs Shan, xo

  • punk kt
    punk kt Hace un año

    your blue eye look 😍 omgg 😍😍✨

  • Kelsey Tebedo
    Kelsey Tebedo Hace un año +1

    When it fruits 😂😂 not when it blossoms. I’m gonna start using that. 💕🤣

  • Maria Casella
    Maria Casella Hace un año +9

    You are one of the most hard working,dedicated,sweetest,kindest person ....I and so many appreciate all you do ...thank you

  • punk kt
    punk kt Hace un año

    i stopped drinking both coffee and iced coffee for a while bc it made me sick, but i tried making the exact same way as you and it doesn't make me sick anymore, yay! and it tastes so much better than how i used to do it so thank you!!xx

  • Jane Clementine
    Jane Clementine Hace un año

    As someone who has watched you for years and actually gotten a reply multiple times, multiple likes on twitter and a follow back on Twitter, you definitely care about your viewership! Also it’s ridiculous to for someone to think that you have so much free time to just sit and respond to comments, that would take forever

  • Georgia W
    Georgia W Hace un año

    I think you should try kombucha, I’ve found it so helpful for my tummy, I have IBS. I used to go through so many ups and downs but finding little things that help are so good so maybe kombucha could help you too:)

  • SaRaH RH
    SaRaH RH Hace un año

    Have you been examined/tested for endometriosis?

  • Kathryn Babbington
    Kathryn Babbington Hace un año

    Have you tried taking phloe capsules for your digestion issues? They have probiotics in them plus lots of good enzymes ect for your gutt. Worth looking into ;)

  • Ashleigh xox
    Ashleigh xox Hace un año

    U so beautiful love u

  • Lorrie Moya
    Lorrie Moya Hace un año

    Shan, your teeth are looking great!!

  • Yo Manz
    Yo Manz Hace un año


  • Frances Guillen
    Frances Guillen Hace un año

    Sooo true whenever I introduce my bf Ryan ppl think I say BrIan like wut how did u not hear me right lol

  • Cherie
    Cherie Hace un año

    cam-boo-cha!! so cute

  • Ash
    Ash Hace un año

    I have the same stomach issues as you. It sux :-/

  • Yuly Pimentel
    Yuly Pimentel Hace un año

    Be careful it also affects the appendix it is the most horrible pain than your period I have crohn's disease which is worse than IBS

  • Jessica Gwinup
    Jessica Gwinup Hace un año

    i have the same thing as you do! One day I'll eat something and I'll be fine and the next day I could eat the same thing and be sick for days. i suggest asking for some sort of medicene to help with stomach spasms if it becomes too unbearable.

  • Danielle Baumgartner Tippens

    Shan - I'm really interested in those white dinner plates that you have in this video - can I get them in the US? I really like them a lot - been looking for them online.

  • Aimz Lucy44
    Aimz Lucy44 Hace un año

    Some people are pathetic moaning about getting reply. Can see how busy you are, hope many comments you get, do they really expect you to answer every single one? I think your fab, for what you do and have achieved for your age is amazing, well done, BTW, so nice to see a little behind XO wear house ♥ ♥ lip pencils out on my daughter charlotte-lillie's 4th birthday, how awesome ♥

  • Melissa Winstead
    Melissa Winstead Hace un año

    How did you so your eyeshadow like that

  • Elle-Grace Deveson
    Elle-Grace Deveson Hace un año

    Hey beaut, I suffer with serve digestion problems myself and when you was talking about your stomach being like “acidic” and swollen it made me wonder if your doctor had ever brought up to you about reflux? Having reflux can cause such severe stabbing pains after eating, can cause swelling of the tummy for days after digestion and can cause acidic like feeling/taste also. Do you suffer with heart burn? Hiccups? Or get a really bad acidic like pains in your chest/throat? As there also symptoms of reflux which is such a horrible thing to have but there is medicine out there which can help it. maybe it’s worth bringing that up to your doctor if you think yourself that it could be that, to see what they think💕 I really hope you get it sorted lovely as it’s such a awful thing to go through. Stay strong, we’re all behind you!💗

  • Laura_ Marie
    Laura_ Marie Hace un año

    Guys!!! What’s the name of the song in 19:22 - 19:34??? It sounds cool!!!

  • Livvy Clare
    Livvy Clare Hace un año

    those food reusable things are so cool!

  • Arabella
    Arabella Hace un año

    You need to have an inflammatory/food intolerance/allergy test! I was having the same symptoms as you and I had a test done. I did the elimination diet and they thought it was gluten but turned out to be, all of bloody things, sugar and eggs. But once you know what it is you can manage it so much better!