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  • Cowyy
    Cowyy Hace un mes +16739

    “Just gotta get the last brick in jenga”
    Takes the whole table

    • NeuberNocker
      NeuberNocker Hace 8 días

      depressing that you got 16k likes for just saying exactly wtf happened

    • Cher
      Cher Hace un mes


    • Cowyy
      Cowyy Hace un mes +1

      @XT3RM1NAT0R true

    • XT3RM1NAT0R
      XT3RM1NAT0R Hace un mes

      That was the last brick

      DJ PILLAR  Hace un mes

      @taflapo fui 0mml

  • Youssef MOSTAFA 2026
    Youssef MOSTAFA 2026 Hace un mes +5821

    Can’t tell if he said “my bad man” or “my Batman” my mind’s really been possessed by dad jokes

    • Aleksandar Pejić
      Aleksandar Pejić Hace un mes +1

      How to become a dad:
      Step 1: cover yourself with a blanket
      Step 2: keep dreaming and crying yourself to sleep because you will die alone with no family nor friends whatsoever

    • Kate
      Kate Hace un mes


    • Ountak
      Ountak Hace un mes

      Go see an exorcister (ex or sister), damnit I’m possessed too

    • Hk 47
      Hk 47 Hace un mes

      I understood “my Bat man”

    • Magazine Kirby
      Magazine Kirby Hace un mes

      What a gift this is

  • Willow
    Willow Hace un mes +2114

    "You want cashback?"💀💀

    • Landon Jackson
      Landon Jackson Hace 10 días

      @Minecraft yes we are watching the same video as you

    • Musty_Birb
      Musty_Birb Hace un mes +2

      @Minecraft ok

    • Minecraft
      Minecraft Hace un mes +1

      After He Swiped The Guy Said "Nigg-"

    • Paul Allen
      Paul Allen  Hace un mes +17

      Haven't seen a King Bach vine in a minute, real.

  • Skipper G
    Skipper G Hace un día +1

    I’d scream down the plane to a damn stop if I looked out and saw that shit

  • Jell King
    Jell King Hace un día

    Why does the jenga guy look like a skinny Henry Rollins? xD

  • Yuuna
    Yuuna Hace un mes +16027

    The first one, bro didnt even hesitate to say it 💀

    • ゚ ⚜Shield_Fan10⚜ ゚
      ゚ ⚜Shield_Fan10⚜ ゚ Hace 9 días

      They probably just cut it early because he got jumped

    • Donovan Ulrich
      Donovan Ulrich Hace 13 días

      Words are words
      If you can use them, so can i
      Otherwise they should be out of bounds for everyone

    • jacob pachuau
      jacob pachuau Hace 15 días

      It was okay 😂😂

    • Emma
      Emma Hace 18 días


    • Stacey Gram
      Stacey Gram Hace 22 días

      Why would he? It's a stupid question.
      If you think what people should be allowed to say depends on their skin color, I've got news for you: you're racist.

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person Hace un mes +1346

    Bruhhh lmao that Credit card one and the plane one killed me

  • Floppa in flip-flops
    Floppa in flip-flops Hace un mes +646

    "Hey, wassup n****"
    Bro got straight to the point 💀💀💀

    • I'm not qualified to say this, but
      I'm not qualified to say this, but Hace 14 días

      ​@Stacey Gram yes

    • Stacey Gram
      Stacey Gram Hace 18 días

      Tell that to the bIak supremacists who want to control what white ppl should be allowed to say.

    • ThreeDogsInATrenchcoat
      ThreeDogsInATrenchcoat Hace 18 días +3

      Honestly tho, either everyone can say it or no one can. A word doesn't lose its meaning depending on whose mouth it comes out of.

    • Joaquin Lucero
      Joaquin Lucero Hace 18 días +1

      @Ruby Smith yah If your a soft little snowflake then of course your gonna cry about it but most people aren’t so it’s not big deal

    • Wake up, Breathe, & Hate
      Wake up, Breathe, & Hate Hace 21 un día +1

      I mean alot of non black people always think that theyre going to die if they call a black person "nigga" but that isn't the case some of us dont really care others probably do

  • Mr Redneck
    Mr Redneck Hace un mes +8

    The guy that scanned his friends card through his shirt, is a genuinely funny human being

  • Delta boy
    Delta boy Hace un mes +102

    The last one: It's okay, we still gotta one more perfectly working engine

  • DrMcMoist
    DrMcMoist Hace un mes +3

    As an Aeronautical Engineer, I can tell you that all the stuff flying off that aircraft is purely cosmetic. You don't need any of that to take off and-- and fly, and safely land again at your desired destination.
    Wha's that? My credentials? Yeah, le- lemme jus---
    *Runs away*

  • Nothing
    Nothing Hace un mes +18

    In memory of the first guy in this video rest in peace my dude you'll be dearly missed

  • •Lu•
    •Lu• Hace un mes +30

    The “ oh my goodness..” got me laughing 💀

  • Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier

    When you realize that the “n-word” is just the German word for negro which is the Spanish word for black. In colonial times, almost half of US spoke German and that’s where the term came from. The only difference is that the word has two E and no I

  • Tayyib Zaman
    Tayyib Zaman Hace un mes +6063

    Well, that plane's going places

      MANTIS SHRIMP Hace 5 días

      ​@Lord Steiny specifically New York September 9th

    • ZRC
      ZRC Hace 19 días

      @srenic It’s falling in style.

    • Garaktar TV
      Garaktar TV Hace 28 días

      Probably in the ocean but places

    • WOW! ,that's history
      WOW! ,that's history Hace un mes

      Heaven is one of them☺️

    • Nopity
      Nopity Hace un mes

      Yeah to the pits of the underworld

  • xxx_ legendary
    xxx_ legendary Hace 19 días +4

    The way Batman said “wait a second” got me 😂😂😂

  • De_Jere
    De_Jere Hace 10 días +7

    Lol that "oh my bad, man" flew right over everyone's head here, huh?

  • Shady 🤨
    Shady 🤨 Hace un mes +128

    The plane 👀💀
    My anxiety:📈📈

  • xwingknight
    xwingknight Hace un mes +3

    What are you powering that car with, a nuclear reactor?

  • Killerjtjr3 gaming
    Killerjtjr3 gaming Hace un mes +4

    I love the look on the dudes face when his contactless debit card got used it was like "hold up wtf, why did you just do that."

  • Orpheusftw
    Orpheusftw Hace un mes +7

    I'm mostly just impressed that any music used in this compilation was actually funny/appropriate, and wasn't just that fuckin' _"oh NO no no no no"_ shit.

  • Nathan Prins
    Nathan Prins Hace un mes +75

    “My badman my badman”
    If that shit ain’t intentional

  • desmond dacosta
    desmond dacosta Hace un mes +8


  • YashaYahu12
    YashaYahu12 Hace un mes +4553

    🤯The first guy just opened the door for all types of random Bs in his life 😂🤫

    • Stacey Gram
      Stacey Gram Hace 22 días

      Yeah, that's anti-white racism and bIak supremacy for ya...

    • Samuel Stone
      Samuel Stone Hace un mes +1

      @Hishen Mathurin well trans women are just women considering a trans woman would be a transitioning man. Kind of rude to use the wrong words there or were you trying to say transitioning women? Kind of a poor example since you used it wrong 😂😂

    • Hishen Mathurin
      Hishen Mathurin Hace un mes +1

      @Anony Moose you had the pass, it was different

    • Hishen Mathurin
      Hishen Mathurin Hace un mes

      @Luke Murray words have meaning or are you willing to say that trans women are just women?

    • YashaYahu12
      YashaYahu12 Hace un mes

      @Anony Moose would you wanna be reminded of your grandma being raped? Your cousin being fed to alligators? Your uncle being whipped 1000 times, your auntie being burned on a stake? Your sister being sold and your brother being pulled apart by two horses? Everytime a Caucasian says the so called n word that's what we think of.

  • Hans Lidlwagen
    Hans Lidlwagen Hace un mes +11

    "Without hesitation, and he saw absolutely NOTHING WRONG with it!"
    -Steve Harvey

  • Orca boi
    Orca boi Hace un mes +5

    I’m a trainee pilot and i cracked up with the last one😂😂😂

  • Tobias Henke
    Tobias Henke Hace 13 días +2

    "Oh my "Batman""got me 😂

  • Julian Shorts
    Julian Shorts Hace un mes +5

    Bro that first clip made me cry laughing😂😂😂

  • Joshua Whitson
    Joshua Whitson Hace un mes +3258

    Oh my goodness, hes got the kardashin mirror 😳

  • Firdaus FDZLH
    Firdaus FDZLH Hace un mes +10

    Bruh, that debit card really got me dying cuz it really could happen to me irl

    • Firdaus FDZLH
      Firdaus FDZLH Hace 20 días

      ​@Link Knight 🤣🤣🤣 damn bro, similar situations. I got bunch of paywave cards that if I whack it against one of those contactless pay, it's gonna be russian roulette on whichever card that it tapped on

    • Link Knight
      Link Knight Hace 20 días

      I used to whack my whole wallet against it. 2 credit cards and a train card and it can't read it 🙃

  • mastergamer18
    mastergamer18 Hace un mes +18

    I just died when they played super mario 3 music when the plane engine was falling apart 😂

  • Storie di vita Vera
    Storie di vita Vera Hace un mes +23

    Infinite gas ... The only thing i can tink in that meme is ... 🎼GAS GAS GAAAS !!! 🎼

    AIDEN ALEMAN Hace un mes +5

    the first one killed me right off rip 😂😂

  • F4ll3n4Y0u
    F4ll3n4Y0u Hace un mes +59


    • Andrew Servais
      Andrew Servais Hace 14 días

      Where is the full video so we can see dude get knocked out!!!

  • •Nezuko-chan•
    •Nezuko-chan• Hace un mes +4

    The Batman one tho😂😂😂😂

  • Jellymealways
    Jellymealways Hace un mes +3

    Plane: Instead of going to a different country how about we go to heaven?

  • junkratmain
    junkratmain Hace un mes +4

    The first one I can't stop laughing about

  • OakPaprika
    OakPaprika Hace un mes +3553

    The third one though when Batman came back and said “Wait a second” 😂
    Edit: I never got this many likes and I GET IT people I meant the third

    • OakPaprika
      OakPaprika Hace un mes

      I now it’s the third one and I changed it, happy now?

    • Fl Irkif
      Fl Irkif Hace un mes +1

      My bad
      Wait a second

    • Adrian Forbes
      Adrian Forbes Hace un mes +1

      And "my badman" - genius

    • Hashmi
      Hashmi Hace un mes

      @Collin Keanu nah that shits annoying

    • Collin Keanu
      Collin Keanu Hace un mes +1

      Should've put the lil kid voiceover saying "wait a minute"

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia Hace un mes +7

    That first guy passed the vibe check 😎

    • mashtid vabtiog
      mashtid vabtiog Hace un mes

      Watch Mr Surprise's you laugh you lose videos, they are great😁

  • ▪︎notHarlow▪︎
    ▪︎notHarlow▪︎ Hace un mes +15

    It's the clown mirror for me💀

  • sken
    sken Hace un mes +3

    "It's over oil I have the high ground"
    "You underestimate my power"

  • Teahope McMorrigan
    Teahope McMorrigan Hace un mes +3

    "Oh, my bad, man. My" ...I see what he did there

    3K SUB WITH NO VIDEO CHALLENGE Hace un mes +13729

    "hey what's up nigg-"💀

    • Stacey Gram
      Stacey Gram Hace 22 días +1

      If you think what people should be allowed to say depends on their skin color, I've got news for you: you're racist.

    • cap
      cap Hace 24 días

      @Stephan DunMoodie nigga

    • Alexander Scriabin
      Alexander Scriabin Hace 25 días

      @Mateusz Krytyk What the hell are u talking about, university and Americans i dont have anything to do with those. U aint putting a mirror against me, u start cursing at me how bad i am. I aint disrespecting nobody who doesnt disrespect me, but u did.

    • Mateusz Krytyk
      Mateusz Krytyk Hace 25 días

      @Alexander Scriabin you know what, forget what i said, you might get along with americans after all, and the surprising thing is, you are the one that got mad,
      "You dont know a single thing about me" well, after your comments i surely know thing or two, for example trying to call out others by age, then i say "ha you missed, i actually attend University" then you say you dont act your age and then i put a mirror in front of you and say nothing because it in itself is enough
      I consider this over, have a nice day

    • Alexander Scriabin
      Alexander Scriabin Hace 25 días

      @Mateusz Krytyk Since when i said earth is flat, talking trash behind a screen u want to fight u do it irl. Not on the fucking internet. Calling me idiot. U dont know a single thing about me. I wonder if ur a teenager, beacause u goddamn act like one. I was joking in first case, but no u cant take it. Taking everything serious.

  • RayfieldA
    RayfieldA Hace un mes +3

    Was anyone else expecting the guy who said he ordered the wrong mirror, to turn his phone around to reveal a white dude? 😏

  • SpeakListenBeHeard
    SpeakListenBeHeard Hace un mes +6

    Why did the gauges make me laugh so hard 😂

  • Seoyeon
    Seoyeon Hace un mes +16

    “That’s my boy ! Now say it loud and proud again”

  • Little babi
    Little babi Hace un mes +1

    I wanna get a clown mirror like that for my friends or enemies to mess with them lol

  • Frozenturbo
    Frozenturbo Hace un mes +1

    "Saying it loud and proud is the way to get cotton farmers easily" - 👴🏻

  • WilldaBeast
    WilldaBeast Hace un mes +11

    The first dude wasted no time and said "let's test that right now."💀

  • Movies and Series Top Scenes

    The mirror guy cracked me up real good .😂😂😂

  • The Soviet Unicorn
    The Soviet Unicorn Hace un mes +5

    First one caught me so off guard 💀

  • Muhammad Irfan Hafazil
    Muhammad Irfan Hafazil Hace un mes +716

    Bruh he said like "awhh im batman im batman"😂😂

  • Shlok Jhawar
    Shlok Jhawar Hace un mes +2

    That fuel gauge meme looks so much like a star wars fight scene lolol

    • Stephanie N
      Stephanie N Hace un mes

      Because they were playing the same music…

    F1VE MCPE Hace un mes +13

    Bro did not end racism he ended his own life

  • DeCorey McGowan
    DeCorey McGowan Hace un mes +2

    “When your fuel gauge has two jobs” he’s a jedi

  • ZRXPD1
    ZRXPD1 Hace un mes +6

    the fucking **WAIT A SECOND...** in the batman clip is too good

  • Mehdi Kalantar
    Mehdi Kalantar Hace un mes +5

    Even death himself scared the first guy

  • Ephraim Sunset
    Ephraim Sunset Hace un mes +7

    My batman, my batman... Anyone else catch that 😂

  • DeclineEdits
    DeclineEdits Hace un mes +1

    The batman one had me laughing so hard

  • Gatorgrind
    Gatorgrind Hace un mes +1

    Bro the first one had me laughing so hard I nearly cried

  • Edward Court
    Edward Court Hace un mes +340

    Why is the first clip so funny to me. This channel really have gold

    • Lukas Prien
      Lukas Prien Hace un mes


    • elsea scotty
      elsea scotty Hace un mes

      Have got me outta breathe

    • k4pust4
      k4pust4 Hace un mes

      man i need to see it full, this mf gonna get bodied

    • dev
      dev Hace un mes +2

      maybe it will meet Malaysian Flight 103

    • LMFAOX
      LMFAOX Hace un mes

      Cuz u a racist

  • Mr X
    Mr X Hace un mes +2

    That's not damage, that's experience. The plane has been places.

  • Martin..
    Martin.. Hace un mes +6

    First one has me cryin lol

  • txveusbss
    txveusbss Hace un mes +1

    I love how the last one didn’t even care if he was going probably die💀

  • Flamealchemist35
    Flamealchemist35 Hace un mes

    He scanned his debit card that was in his shirt pocket 😂😂😂 that’s funny as shit he was like “oh wait wait wait hold up !” Lol

  • Gallakai Lancer
    Gallakai Lancer Hace un mes +4

    The dueling fuel gauge was my favorite

  • trustfrated 🍪
    trustfrated 🍪 Hace un mes +2

    Trust me i travel alot thru flights , and last one gave me high level anxiety 💀

  • BaTz-und-B0n3z
    BaTz-und-B0n3z Hace un mes +8

    Oh don’t worry the damage to the plane is just cosmetic.

  • Solgalio’s Gaming
    Solgalio’s Gaming Hace un mes +1

    That contactless credit card got me good 🤣

  • Eddie👹
    Eddie👹 Hace un mes +326

    "His parents taught him good" - 👴🏻

    • Abramplays
      Abramplays Hace un mes

      @God's Not Dead your racist little dumb snowflake

    • YashaYahu12
      YashaYahu12 Hace un mes

      @Eddie👹 ok Satan your time coming

    • Eddie👹
      Eddie👹 Hace un mes

      @YashaYahu12 Probably your dad

    • Justin k
      Justin k Hace un mes

      @Ayanokoji Gucci got a field now?

    • YashaYahu12
      YashaYahu12 Hace un mes

      What you mean? Who's parents thought them well?

  • YourLocalMexican
    YourLocalMexican Hace 11 días +1

    That first one just gets me every time

  • Ann Pachini
    Ann Pachini Hace 27 días +2

    The contactless credit card got me 😂😂😂😂

    • TV Will
      TV Will Hace 26 días

      YeH I laughed too, but if my friend tried that to me, they better hope I can’t catch them.

  • SunGlowWolf -
    SunGlowWolf - Hace un mes +7

    That first guy is like “well I’m gonna fuck around and find out for ya!”

  • Marlon Jamestown
    Marlon Jamestown Hace un mes +5

    I like the Guy talking on the phone.
    Dude just quick taps him, n laughs. Too Funny 😂😆

  • Captain Antilles
    Captain Antilles Hace un mes +11

    "Relax and enjoy your flight" 💀💀💀

    • Zutang777
      Zutang777 Hace un mes

      No he’s ☠️☠️☠️

  • Micky Monster 2010
    Micky Monster 2010 Hace un mes

    As a guy that watches the gauges, the fuel gauge one got me

  • [Anonymous]_
    [Anonymous]_ Hace un mes +2

    The two dials fighting with star wars music was actually a reenactment of Yoda vs Count Dooku at the end of Ep. II 😂

  • Qwertysdafsfa
    Qwertysdafsfa Hace un mes +6

    When he started to say my bad man, it kinda sounded like my Batman

  • Jaren717
    Jaren717 Hace 5 días +6

    When it said ended racism I thought bro was going to say something inspirational 💀

  • Perlas, Sanjo
    Perlas, Sanjo Hace 29 días +26

    First guy didn't hesitate 💀💀💀

  • FlowKimetsu
    FlowKimetsu Hace un mes

    The last one had me 😂💀

  • Aid.s
    Aid.s Hace 13 días

    This is the best internet meme compilation I've seen by far it's all gold

  • Bien
    Bien Hace un mes +547

    "That's my boy"👴🏻

    • AnalfabeticGramarNazi
      AnalfabeticGramarNazi Hace un mes

      @Savage Viper - Brawl Stars bro you're yellow💀

    • Wise Mystical Radish
      Wise Mystical Radish Hace un mes

      ​@Red I did

    • jaja
      jaja Hace un mes

      ​@Dougplayz what is racist? calling you nigga

    • Bucheria
      Bucheria Hace un mes

      @Ban-kai BAN-KAI!

    • Mihawk-77
      Mihawk-77 Hace un mes +2

      Nah bob that's my cousin I taught him well 👴🏻

  • MegaMan0218
    MegaMan0218 Hace un mes +4

    That last guy is gonna have a fun flight.

  • Syn kira
    Syn kira Hace un mes +10

    "Bro ended his life real quick"
    That should be the caption

  • Nintendope
    Nintendope Hace un mes +5

    Lmao the way he reacted with the jenga

  • Flaxon
    Flaxon Hace 29 días +5

    The contactless debit the new chips in body I heard about 😂😂😂

  • Sarantos Animations
    Sarantos Animations Hace un mes +5

    First guy just risked his entire existence

  • Sean Gilchrest
    Sean Gilchrest Hace un mes +2

    That intro got me tho 😆

  • dev is cheese
    dev is cheese Hace 26 días +3

    "Say it loud and say it proud!" - 👨🏻‍🦳

  • Nothing Happened
    Nothing Happened Hace un mes +6

    Batman : "oh sorry my batman my batman" was op 😂😂😂

  • notzies
    notzies Hace un mes +3


  • Akel47boom
    Akel47boom Hace un mes +3

    The fuel went insane, i just laughed 😂

  • James Hosking
    James Hosking Hace un mes +1

    Fuel gauge one got me 💀

    FELİX DOĞAN Hace un mes +3

    There's no accidents
    Master Oogway

  • Spirit Arca
    Spirit Arca Hace un mes +2

    I would be running to the pilot screaming to get off

  • Tyler Bailey
    Tyler Bailey Hace un mes +2

    “Oh my Batman, my Batman” I see what you did there…

  • killinyadreamz
    killinyadreamz Hace un mes +1

    Damn vine was really ahead of it's time

    AZ5YLVA Hace un mes +3

    “Ayo my bad, WAITT a second.” Had me dying😂

  • SpringtrapYT
    SpringtrapYT Hace un mes +10

    The batman one cracked me up