Girl Vs. Food | The Oreo Challenge (6,040 Calories 88 Oreos)

  • Publicado el 8 jul 2016
  • I wanted to rank all the flavors but they're just all too good. Props to Oreo, let me know what you guys think and as always leave your suggestions down below. Should have another vlog up in the next few days :) Thanks for the support as always!!!
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Comentarios • 244

  • Dubble D
    Dubble D Hace 7 meses

    4:14 song title/artist anyone? ❤️😍

  • nathan jualin
    nathan jualin Hace 8 meses +1

    That’s how you eat cookies and milk 👌🏽👌🏽 you take a bite and sip the milk..... ah man she dips the cookie

  • Michael Mceniff
    Michael Mceniff Hace 10 meses

    Great crunchy noises , love your vids

  • Amritha Billakanti
    Amritha Billakanti Hace 11 meses

    How did you do that?! i can't do that!

  • M
    M Hace un año

    I don't understand these food 'challenges'........people with eating disorders struggle daily not to do this. How is this a challenge? It's just a binge.

  • Alaiyna Fletcher
    Alaiyna Fletcher Hace un año

    You need more subscribers!!

  • imnotmakingvideosrry
    imnotmakingvideosrry Hace un año

    I feel like i could do this no problem 😂 i love how healthy your relationship is with food

  • Chloe S.
    Chloe S. Hace un año

    I would need a bowl of milk

  • Alex Clayton
    Alex Clayton Hace un año

    check out eric the electric

  • ChannelSevyn
    ChannelSevyn Hace un año

    haha yea I LOVE that Oreo keeps making weird flavors. It fascinates me so much! Same with pop tarts. My wife REALLY loves the PB&J sandwich ones.

  • Marc List
    Marc List Hace un año

    Yeah, you're flossing...with Oreos

  • Marc List
    Marc List Hace un año +3

    I love how Oreos suddenly started making tons of new flavors

  • Marc List
    Marc List Hace un año

    Do it for the Oreos

  • threetwoFUN
    threetwoFUN Hace un año

    Awesome!!! We had a ton of FUN with the REAL VS FAKE OREO COOKIE CHALLENGE! The losers even had to spin the WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE!

  • Laura Life
    Laura Life Hace un año +1

    I have an Oreo addiction so I would be great at this challenge cause I wouldn't be able to stop 😂 You did amazing girl!!!!

  • prabi Prakash
    prabi Prakash Hace 2 años

    New subscriber

  • Todd J Rittel
    Todd J Rittel Hace 2 años

    hey Sophia, you ever tried all the flavors of M & M's by chance..? my favorites would be almost every one thats out.. Maybe you should do a M & M challenge sometime soon

  • Todd J Rittel
    Todd J Rittel Hace 2 años

    hey Sophia, i'm one of your newest subs here on YT. i'm loving all your videos so far (all the vids i've been checking out, that is)

  • datrelle g
    datrelle g Hace 2 años +5

    you just basically ate 4 10lb bags of sugar disguised as cookies

  • Arakino 987
    Arakino 987 Hace 2 años

    Oreo peanut butter oh my Goodness my favorite Oreo hahaha mix with Ben & Jerry's vanilla ice cream ummmmmm i just take 5kg hahahahahaha ENJOYYYY

  • Mark Johnston
    Mark Johnston Hace 2 años

    The standard peanut butter Oreos don't taste of peanut butter horrible 😂 LOL Mark UK

  • Mark Johnston
    Mark Johnston Hace 2 años

    You must of had one Hell of a sugar rush 😂 LOL Mark UK

  • glockumollie
    glockumollie Hace 2 años

    You do know you're going to be a porker if you keep doing this, it's a shame because you are a very beautiful woman. Why are you doing this to yourself? Are you a bulimic?

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 2 años +5

      I am not and I like to competitively eat, it's fun for me

  • Kate Wells
    Kate Wells Hace 2 años

    my 3 favorite kinds of oreos are mint ,peanut butter, birthday cakebecause they taste really good....

  • Shelby greis
    Shelby greis Hace 2 años

    I am the biggest sweet tooth ever,and still could never do this..props to you!!! I feel sick after about 12

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney Hace 2 años

    you rule

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney Hace 2 años

    I think you could beat nate

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney Hace 2 años

    yeah Oreos

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney Hace 2 años

    I love Oreos

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney Hace 2 años

    I ate a whole pie once

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney Hace 2 años +6

    you are good at what you do

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney Hace 2 años

    you are wonderful in your good challenges

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney Hace 2 años

    I love your channel

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney Hace 2 años

    I love your channel

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney Hace 2 años +1

    you are a beast

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney Hace 2 años

    you are awsome

  • Dick Piano
    Dick Piano Hace 2 años

    in aus we only get like 3 flavours...

  • Mistee Pupp
    Mistee Pupp Hace 2 años

    Is this a dessert before oe after dinner?

  • YTGG
    YTGG Hace 2 años +5

    This is what I call a balanced diet

    • YTGG
      YTGG Hace 2 años

      +Sophia DeVita love Oreo's "doe" haha lol get it

      Ok I'll leave now 😳

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 2 años


  • camilaxo
    camilaxo Hace 2 años

    Omg love this video!!!!❤️❤️my mouth was watering the whole time :)

  • Morgan Mcmillan
    Morgan Mcmillan Hace 2 años

    good job Sophia I like golden and maybe fruity pebble

  • Sarah Mahoney
    Sarah Mahoney Hace 2 años

    Craved oreos the rest of the day. Red velvet 10/10. Love your videos! :)

  • Meera Cat
    Meera Cat Hace 2 años

    How do u sleep immediately after uve eaten a big meal? am i the only one who cant sleep unless i have digested the food😣

  • Rachel G.
    Rachel G. Hace 2 años

    omg all those new flavors look soooOOOO good

  • potterponderings
    potterponderings Hace 2 años

    I've been watching you for a while and you just keep getting so much better every time, well done!

  • Arkady Petrov
    Arkady Petrov Hace 2 años

    I would barely net that amount if calories in 2 weeks!

  • Maggie yoelson
    Maggie yoelson Hace 2 años

    Damn girl This is crazy you're unbelievable

  • Johnny Saglam Fitness
    Johnny Saglam Fitness Hace 2 años

    Rice cake challenge with almond butter ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    • Johnny Saglam Fitness
      Johnny Saglam Fitness Hace 2 años

      +Sophia DeVita normally i eat 4-5 bags and either original or caramel your choice i know itll make alot of viewsss ESPECIALLY with almond butter or you can do organic oeanut butter ur choice :)

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 2 años +1

      That's a fantabulous idea thank you

  • Kiki J
    Kiki J Hace 2 años

    I love binge watching your videos! They always make me so hungry though... haha.

  • Poja Music
    Poja Music Hace 2 años

    SAY HEY TOOOO MEEE!!!!!! ........... pwease 😗😊

  • Ta Ran
    Ta Ran Hace 3 años

    you're such a boss!

  • Ashley Weill
    Ashley Weill Hace 3 años

    Ooooh. I love the red velvet.

  • Sarah L
    Sarah L Hace 3 años

    Just got back from holidays and I'm BINGE WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS. adOREO you

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 3 años

      So puny:) thanks for watching!!!☺️🙌🏻

  • Coco Amande
    Coco Amande Hace 3 años

    Yay I can actually watch this one. Don't know what happened. I really wanna try the blueberry pie Oreos but we don't have them here in the U.K. Awesome video girl as always xx

  • carlos enrique sedano prada

    hi sophia how are you sophia what is the secret that you are slim fit woman and beautifull pretty sophia see you bye bye sophia

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 3 años

      Lots of research on fitness and nutrition and putting it into play in real life lol thanks

  • LJ
    LJ Hace 3 años

    You've got nice legs, just sayin'.

  • Gina Maiorana
    Gina Maiorana Hace 3 años

    I hate all of you for making these Oreo challenges... 🙈 JUST KIDDING! they have fructose in them so I'll never be able to do it

    • Gina Maiorana
      Gina Maiorana Hace 3 años

      @Sophia DeVita Yeah I could tell! Didn't look enjoyable. I'll have to find something I can do instead lol

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 3 años

      Haha awwww Erik and Nate were even affected by the sugar lol it killed my stomach

  • Foody Z
    Foody Z Hace 3 años

    Gotta try the new ones too, strawberry shortcake and smores are my faves!!1

  • Rezentic
    Rezentic Hace 3 años

    Lol when you dropped them

  • Jasmine Wilson
    Jasmine Wilson Hace 3 años

    Wait do you eat anything else like throughout the day when you do these? Haha. I'd be stuffed!

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 3 años

      Depends on the day I had some leftovers at like 10 at night lol

  • aceconfetti
    aceconfetti Hace 3 años

    I guess the reese's Pb oreos are just as good as a jar of pb

  • Sarah Winters
    Sarah Winters Hace 3 años

    I would die

  • Athena Escareno
    Athena Escareno Hace 3 años

    Oreos 😆😆 they should have an Oreo emoji lol

  • Drew Kocak
    Drew Kocak Hace 3 años

    i am defeat once again

  • TonyTone Food Reviews
    TonyTone Food Reviews Hace 3 años

    the packages without the lift tabs are made in Mexico. i found that out from C-Snacks.

    • TonyTone Food Reviews
      TonyTone Food Reviews Hace 3 años

      I didn't either but when you think about it, it makes sense that it would be packaging from two different places because it's two different types of packaging.

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 3 años

      Wow had no idea

  • Rebecca Pytell
    Rebecca Pytell Hace 3 años

    have you ever had the mint ones? they sound delish (I love chocolate mint!)

  • Las Mejores Panzas
    Las Mejores Panzas Hace 3 años

    I miss the last show your belly as you always do. I did not like this video

    • Las Mejores Panzas
      Las Mejores Panzas Hace 3 años

      and it is not uncommon. you are rarely what they eat then. you do not know how to respect others do not understand how people follow bad people like you. its channel is crap. and I remove my subscription

    • Las Mejores Panzas
      Las Mejores Panzas Hace 3 años

      aaah. that evil has nothing wrong I believe that. there are girls who do the same as you and displays the same. then I stop following you. that vibe. people do not understand how your channel you subscribe if you treat people badly.

    • Bella Natale
      Bella Natale Hace 3 años

      +Sophia DeVita I saw that guy comment on another one of your videos about that! it's weird!

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 3 años

      I actually stop doing that a while ago because of you!

  • Lauren Whitmarsh
    Lauren Whitmarsh Hace 3 años

    Getting better every time! 💪🏻

  • Solange fitness
    Solange fitness Hace 3 años

    You are amazing Sophia, love all Your videos, why? Because You are there:)!!!

  • 36degrees
    36degrees Hace 3 años +3

    we don't have anything red velvet flavored in germany but I really want to try it 😭 great video as always soph! 💜

  • Sig Shooter
    Sig Shooter Hace 3 años

    Have you tried the birthday cake ones. OMG...heavenly.

  • Sara Zambrotti
    Sara Zambrotti Hace 3 años

    You're a beast!

  • Elizabeth Mayorga
    Elizabeth Mayorga Hace 3 años

    Sometimes when i want to eat Oreos, because yeah i eat them almost everyday too, I put them on a bowl with milk like cereal and it's pretty delicious. :)

  • Tietokone
    Tietokone Hace 3 años

    Sophia, must your teeth not feel like they're about to fall out after all that sugar lol? Well done tho :D

  • 07emedina
    07emedina Hace 3 años

    I was expecting your usual background music! Lol

  • michelle mac
    michelle mac Hace 3 años

    All I kept thinking the whole time "she should've made cereal out of them" but dam made me want to try the new flavors lol

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 3 años

      That would be the Oreo CEREAL challenge ahhah

  • Something Different
    Something Different Hace 3 años

    That's major sugar overload. Def would put u into sleep coma.

  • Parker O'brien
    Parker O'brien Hace 3 años

    More like Sophia DeVour! :) Lol, nice eating, keep up the awesome work. I liked and subbed.

  • Maddy Wood
    Maddy Wood Hace 3 años

    I'm currently cutting and this was torture..cheat meal Monday though 🙌🏼

  • Nick Berkel
    Nick Berkel Hace 3 años +2

    Nicely done! Cooincidence that Erik had an oreo challenge video today also??

  • Travis S
    Travis S Hace 3 años +15

    Coffee and Oreos.... Yes please

    • Claire Sharbino
      Claire Sharbino Hace un año

      Elizabeth Golden really? How did I not know that! I will have to look for them!

    • Elizabeth Golden
      Elizabeth Golden Hace un año +2

      Claire Sharbino there is!!they're mocha Oreos:)

    • Claire Sharbino
      Claire Sharbino Hace 2 años

      Sophia DeVita yesssss! Why aren't there coffee Oreos?!

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 3 años +6

      are there coffee oreos? there should be...

  • Boyd Crowder
    Boyd Crowder Hace 3 años

    it has been a great day. I got to see two great Oreo challenges. Another great video as always, Sophia. Thank You.

  • Star Brady
    Star Brady Hace 3 años

    I could see you being the up and coming top female food competitor!! You are good! I did a 56 Oreo challenge and that was enough. lol

  • Kristen Adamek
    Kristen Adamek Hace 3 años +1

    ahhh need to try the blueberry and fruity pebbles!

  • Sophia Tagliamonte
    Sophia Tagliamonte Hace 3 años

    not even super into fitness but i LOVE watching your food challenges, theyre some of my favorites so of course i subscribe! love your channel, keep it up girl!

  • superman1972us
    superman1972us Hace 3 años

    Nice job on the Oreo's. my favorite flavor is Reese's Peanut butter. Yum!

  • BCFoodReview
    BCFoodReview Hace 3 años +3

    I just watched Eric the Electric do this one, Oreo craze going on !

  • Wat
    Wat Hace 3 años

    U is tan gurl!!!!!!

  • linnette de la rosa
    linnette de la rosa Hace 3 años

    omg oreo's 💙💙 I'm jealous 😐😂

  • Bianca McAvoy
    Bianca McAvoy Hace 3 años

    Oreo heaven 😍 Haven't tried the blueberry and fruity crisp oreos. cinammon bun is definitely my favorite! 😊 good job on the challenge Sophia!

  • Melissa W
    Melissa W Hace 3 años

    hoooly you killed it girl! you destroyed the boys (erik and drew), and made it look so EASY! i'd love to see another cheat day challenge -- any plans for one in the near future??

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 3 años

      it was not easy lol i did one recently and still working on the editing ;)

  • Marebear
    Marebear Hace 3 años

    What happened to your eye? Hope your ok😉

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 3 años +1

      Popped a blood vessel I think not painful or anything lol

  • Marebear
    Marebear Hace 3 años

    Oh yum!!

  • Anneverzel
    Anneverzel Hace 3 años

    Lol @ the dentist comment, very impressive time, well done!!

  • Rod Pasichnyk
    Rod Pasichnyk Hace 3 años

    Cuts up your mouth to get the sugar in quicker, lol, cheers!

  • Diamond Brown
    Diamond Brown Hace 3 años

    Can you try a pasta challenge potatoes? Something starchy if u don't mind

  • Rosanna A
    Rosanna A Hace 3 años

    do these challenges affect your health, do you gain weight from them?

    • Sophia DeVita
      Sophia DeVita  Hace 3 años

      probably not the best for my health and gain a lb or two maybe of water weight and a little fat i have no idea

  • Amy Geurin
    Amy Geurin Hace 3 años

    You are awesome! I love your videos! 😍 After you do these challenges do you still have other meals or are you still full for the rest of the day?

  • Edyta20108
    Edyta20108 Hace 3 años

    Yeah! 😁👌🍪

  • KingCarb
    KingCarb Hace 3 años +1

    Really dug the background music. Great video!