2019 FSR 24 Hour Ration MRE Review Menu #6 BBQ Pork Wrap Meal Ready to Eat Taste Testing

  • Publicado el 21 may 2019
  • The U.S. First Strike Ration is issued to troops in the first few days of heavy combat - before any field kitchens are set up. And weighing about half of 3 MRE's - and taking up half the space. The easiest MRE to prepare and eat. This is part of the future in rations.
    This is a real lean & mean sort of 24hr ration review - and the first of these FSR's which will be re-visited since there are 9 different menus. I'll be keeping any of these FSR reviews at about 20-24 minutes in length.
    For correspondence, or to send a Military Ration for review, my mailing information is:
    3616 Harden Blvd
    Lakeland, FL 33803

    My shirts are priced cheap. $1 profit each so noone out there has to spend an arm & a leg.
    And thank you everyone for watching & subscribing - hope
    you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
    ** All Music By: Steve1989 MREinfo **

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  • prince daniel
    prince daniel Hace 15 minutos

    Tightly packed food... nightmare for lays...

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Hace 15 minutos

    The songs he use gives a Zelda especially ocarina of time kinda vibe I’m sooo into it nostalgicy kinda

  • Aki Ra
    Aki Ra Hace 15 horas

    dat bicep

  • David Lee
    David Lee Hace un día

    Sad there's no mini tobasco sauce. Carried that in my left breast pocket.

  • swagmidevilgamer5
    swagmidevilgamer5 Hace un día

    MREs are so good UwU

    Unless they are from the 1940s

  • Jackk Reacherr
    Jackk Reacherr Hace un día

    "First Strike Ration" sounds like some shitty startup company.

  • Dr pepper
    Dr pepper Hace un día

    Looking pretty gourmet 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby Hace 2 días

    Where’s the crayons

  • Unit Four
    Unit Four Hace 2 días

    Imagine going grocery shopping with Steve... you'd have to have an entire day for each aisle of the store.

  • Marlana Shuler
    Marlana Shuler Hace 2 días


  • Chiggy
    Chiggy Hace 3 días

    can i be your roommate

  • Fetus Deletus
    Fetus Deletus Hace 3 días

    Man got 1.2mill subs from eating food

    OMAR TAREK Hace 3 días

    Can u make a giveaway

  • 1o1opanda -
    1o1opanda - Hace 3 días

    I knew that gum hit different

  • Leonard Jackson
    Leonard Jackson Hace 4 días +1

    An "assault ration". Sounds dangerous... ;)

  • Dirt Mcgirt
    Dirt Mcgirt Hace 4 días


  • Baniwi AKA FleshyMammal

    so much plastic

  • Megan Quick
    Megan Quick Hace 5 días

    I need a t-shirt steve!!!

  • Jessie
    Jessie Hace 5 días +1

    Me at 3AM 16:18

  • Thug Lincoln
    Thug Lincoln Hace 5 días

    his tone just seems so sarcastic - like everything he says about the meal, i can't help but think it's DRIPPING with sarcasm, and like the close ups when he puts the stuff on the tray, it's hilarious

  • Lee Wilson
    Lee Wilson Hace 5 días

    A feast!

  • commissionergordan
    commissionergordan Hace 5 días +3

    Surely you would use your combat knife to split the bagel

  • Mauro Mantini
    Mauro Mantini Hace 5 días +3

    i like to think steve as an alternate version of reviewbrah that enlisted in the army

    • Nate Edging
      Nate Edging Hace 4 días

      Lmao they both so educational

  • Asap Nano
    Asap Nano Hace 5 días

    The cheddar cheese pretzels look like dog treats

  • Weedy Guitar Studio
    Weedy Guitar Studio Hace 6 días +6

    Nice let's get that out onto a tray😎🤘Rock On Steve

  • Ismael Rivera
    Ismael Rivera Hace 6 días

    MRE's need more wet naps or bigger ones.

  • Will Trimble
    Will Trimble Hace 6 días

    I like when he says Nice! Okayyy

  • I’mAWalkingMeme
    I’mAWalkingMeme Hace 6 días

    I swear his voice is therapeutic

  • Private User
    Private User Hace 6 días


  • silverglove2012
    silverglove2012 Hace 6 días

    What's the best website to get these

  • Jack Lausch
    Jack Lausch Hace 6 días +1

    Glad to see you enjoying top shelf, non out of date food... NICE

  • Robert Deyo
    Robert Deyo Hace 6 días

    Breaking News: Bagel smells like Bagel

  • Robert Deyo
    Robert Deyo Hace 6 días

    "That's a pretty inviting artificial Strawberry and Banana smell"

    • Jacob Wolfskill
      Jacob Wolfskill Hace 4 días

      What the crap are you flirting with me I am happily married to a tree

  • Woods The Fox
    Woods The Fox Hace 6 días

    How do you get these? Asking for nobody important.

  • Trisha aka Beauty
    Trisha aka Beauty Hace 6 días

    love your videos sugar

  • video watcher
    video watcher Hace 6 días +1

    who bites a wrap like that?! who?!

  • FairlyFickle
    FairlyFickle Hace 7 días +1

    these videos comfort me in my darkest hours.

    24 DOLLARS DUDE Hace 7 días

    where can I buy MREs?

  • Michael Pieseeno
    Michael Pieseeno Hace 8 días +15

    He went from swoll Jesus to swoll Gatsby.

  • older than you Cali
    older than you Cali Hace 8 días

    What about protein content, carbs, salt and sugar, that's what's important!, obviously you no nothing about nutrition, just another internet parasite!

  • Epclaymore
    Epclaymore Hace 8 días

    Shelf stable quesadilla?

  • Bear Mare
    Bear Mare Hace 8 días +2

    "That's a pretty inviting artificial strawberry smell - nice!"

  • john king
    john king Hace 8 días


  • Duh Man of Dark Woods
    Duh Man of Dark Woods Hace 9 días +1

    0:11 haha, what in the

  • Midnight
    Midnight Hace 9 días

    Am I the only one who would have shredded the turkey nuggets and spread it on top of the cheese bagel? Almost like bacon bits.

  • Jesters Children
    Jesters Children Hace 9 días

    I allways get hungry watching these.

  • 0sum gamezzz
    0sum gamezzz Hace 9 días

    No heater?

  • The Bean292
    The Bean292 Hace 10 días +2

    That mocha bar is to die for,I had it in one of my videos.

  • Joey Sal
    Joey Sal Hace 11 días

    Do you eat after that? Normal food i mean

  • Him Halpert
    Him Halpert Hace 11 días +2

    He’s like the reviewbrah of MRE’s

  • gary dean
    gary dean Hace 11 días +1

    I spent a couple weeks on Okinawa>

  • jasiel delgado
    jasiel delgado Hace 11 días +1

    Combos are one of my favorite junk snacks

  • James Murray
    James Murray Hace 11 días +1

    Hey Steve I could watch you 24 hours a day seven days a week

  • Fredrick Schembri
    Fredrick Schembri Hace 11 días +1

    Steve the dish you eat on i want to buy one sent me pls

  • Ano N. Ymous
    Ano N. Ymous Hace 11 días

    13:41 I thought he suddenly bacame a hamster

  • Jian Toro
    Jian Toro Hace 11 días +6

    When steve drop into battleground
    Steve : *making hole for cheese spread in the bagel
    Other teammates : Reload !

    • ChIcKeN_Stewer
      ChIcKeN_Stewer Hace 8 días

      Steve: Looks through MRE and lays out the contents
      Teammates: Reloading magazines and doing gun maintenance

  • M yusufi
    M yusufi Hace 11 días

    Awesome mre reviews 👍🏼

  • Classic me 349
    Classic me 349 Hace 12 días +36

    “That’s a s u c c u l e n t piece of chicken”
    “ *puddling jiggles* “
    “Looking pretty gourmet”

  • EngardeC
    EngardeC Hace 12 días


  • Tundra
    Tundra Hace 12 días

    nice, can't wait for more.

  • KereVenture
    KereVenture Hace 12 días

    You just can't wait for chicken breast...

  • ethan fasching
    ethan fasching Hace 13 días +11

    fun fact: that zip lock bag is meant to poo into!

  • Lux Signifier
    Lux Signifier Hace 13 días +1

    No more cigarettes

  • UsuallyOkay
    UsuallyOkay Hace 13 días +1

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  • Aura_ RN
    Aura_ RN Hace 14 días

    steve makes me want to buy a week of MREs

  • Carson
    Carson Hace 14 días

    Steve1989mre is my dad

  • Double R
    Double R Hace 14 días +1

    Extra smokey on that ass, ya damn right Steve!!

  • emily murphy
    emily murphy Hace 15 días +2

    I enjoy your videos so much

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez Hace 15 días +1

    We need more cheese spread

  • dan marr
    dan marr Hace 15 días

    You look great bro, been watching for years and it seems like time is reversing you lol. great vid

  • Vnk_ Rukitis
    Vnk_ Rukitis Hace 15 días

    Hey send me one???

  • Oakie
    Oakie Hace 16 días

    "That's a beaut!"

  • Christopher Franko
    Christopher Franko Hace 16 días +15

    Next time I offer to cook for a date, I'll just toss her an MRE and pitcher of water.

  • sidthemyth
    sidthemyth Hace 16 días

    are they making these so poisonous to make the body enter fight mode?

  • Fredrik Fredriksen
    Fredrik Fredriksen Hace 16 días +1

    Surprisingly enough, it smells fresh baked bagel.

  • ej9 jake
    ej9 jake Hace 16 días

    The synth reminds me of the terminator theme tune

  • WillieRants
    WillieRants Hace 17 días

    I hope you got the full menu I would really like to see all of them. Thanks.

  • colynthomas_
    colynthomas_ Hace 17 días

    Any online shops that sell USMREs?

    • uuuultra ✔️
      uuuultra ✔️ Hace 7 días

      Stephen Brown, I think in the beginning he get them off eBay but now since he's got so many subscribers that people from around the world send them to him

    • Stephen Brown
      Stephen Brown Hace 9 días

      How is that ebay or something?

    • uuuultra ✔️
      uuuultra ✔️ Hace 9 días

      Same way he gets all of the old ones

    • Stephen Brown
      Stephen Brown Hace 15 días

      Yeah I'm wondering where he buys all of these mre

  • Silica Chan
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  • Tracy Bailey
    Tracy Bailey Hace 19 días

    To me "Look at that thing" is every bit as iconic as "Nice!"

  • Fabbricato PersonaReale
    Fabbricato PersonaReale Hace 19 días +2

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  • MagicLars15
    MagicLars15 Hace 19 días +1

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    Herd rumors about e coli batches were being removed

  • JeevesReturns
    JeevesReturns Hace 20 días +1

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  • garry amsbaugh
    garry amsbaugh Hace 20 días

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    Mikhail Shrunevskhy Hace 20 días

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    BigWhiteMocha Hace 21 un día

    D E C A D E N T

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    OdieMikes Hace 21 un día

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  • Mazsy
    Mazsy Hace 21 un día

    some day we'll have technology to have freshlh cooked roasted chicken while fighting terrorists on the go.

  • jayo84
    jayo84 Hace 21 un día +1

    No mention of how much caffeine in the pudding?

  • Szilard Bartalos
    Szilard Bartalos Hace 21 un día

    They could pack it in about 70% less plastics. Less weight, less trash.

  • kurt engel
    kurt engel Hace 21 un día +1

    So he ate 24 hours worth of food in a few minutes

  • Alex Turčáni
    Alex Turčáni Hace 21 un día +2

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  • Darc 1027
    Darc 1027 Hace 21 un día +1

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  • Silent Solitude
    Silent Solitude Hace 21 un día

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    xavierprotocols Hace 21 un día +1

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