Charlie Cox of "Daredevil" Reveals Why His Black Suit is Back | NYCC 2018


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  • Lauren DeHart
    Lauren DeHart Hace 3 días


  • Judy P.
    Judy P. Hace 6 días

    I will miss Daredevil and the whole crew! It was the BEST TV Marvel show ever made. The actors were perfect for each role and so was the storyline. I wouldnt change anything. Let s hope Hulu network will pick it up 😥.
    Please Disney, do not do a remake of Daredevil from scratch!! Or else leave it alone since it ended in a high note.

  • ColinM
    ColinM Hace 7 días

    Good to see you again Pvt Pyle

  • Wyatt Graham
    Wyatt Graham Hace 10 días

    Elden Henson kind of seems like a douche in real life lol

  • Wyatt Graham
    Wyatt Graham Hace 10 días

    What do you mean reveals? Watch it and you find out. I didn't think it needed explaining

  • gmansi
    gmansi Hace 10 días

    1:20 from where is this picture?

  • pug momma
    pug momma Hace 11 días

    I like the black outfit. I'm glad it's back.

  • TheOtherGuy021
    TheOtherGuy021 Hace 12 días +1

    Wow Kevin Smith lost a lot of weight

  • Sudipto Sarkar
    Sudipto Sarkar Hace 16 días

    Vincent Donofrio is a genius... Sir respect to you for making the character so real....

  • Wintermute
    Wintermute Hace 16 días

    Kevin Smith!!!

  • PowerOfTheKing
    PowerOfTheKing Hace 17 días

    Vincent Is American but he puts on a different voice when playing the intimidating Wilson Fisk, that's pretty impressive.

  • vishal mellark
    vishal mellark Hace 17 días

    I thought nadeem was an indian! 😅

  • carolyn
    carolyn Hace 17 días

    Love me some Charlie Cox ❤

  • Snakeeater
    Snakeeater Hace 20 días

    Joanne whalley is sexy

  • Malith Wayne
    Malith Wayne Hace 21 un día

    Karen is so damn beautiful

  • Aurélie Gahandm
    Aurélie Gahandm Hace 22 días

    Super cette saison 👌

  • Bean
    Bean Hace 22 días

    Kevin Smith looks so great and healthy! I'm so happy. I hope we get to keep around for a good long time. :)

  • RJ John
    RJ John Hace 24 días

    All hail Fisk !

  • Anuj Verma
    Anuj Verma Hace 27 días

    Keep the black outfit running..its way badass

  • Judy P.
    Judy P. Hace 27 días

    Best Marvel series, hands down!

  • Jonathan Hamby
    Jonathan Hamby Hace 28 días

    I have loved Vincent D'onofrio since his law and order days. He did wonderfully as Wilson Fisk.

  • Satwik Tiwari
    Satwik Tiwari Hace un mes

    This season has like really shocking turn of events and that's what make this season so damn amazing....

  • Krispy
    Krispy Hace un mes +1

    Season 3 was boring and bad compared to the others. Yes you guys had a wonderful "finale" but whoever wrote the lines this season holy shit! Especially episode 10 "Karen" talk about a filler. A bunch of episodes were fillers. Also, you left out how or why the building crashed on daredevil and also how did Elektra and Stick end up dying... I don't understand why you would leave such a story... an action story out of the picture. It was dragged out tooooo much imo. I'm sure the directors had this discussion as well.

  • papillion739
    papillion739 Hace un mes

    Season 3 was the best of daredevil, can’t wait for another!!!

  • Rafael Jericho Orozo
    Rafael Jericho Orozo Hace un mes


  • Kundan Pal
    Kundan Pal Hace un mes +5

    I'll miss Special Agent Naddem very badly in next season. I really liked the character. At the first episode I thought he's one of the characters who will be sidelined but I was wrong. Jay Ali gave excellent performance.

  • Puspalata Nayak
    Puspalata Nayak Hace un mes

    Best superhero TV series ever made

  • Grimm Lover
    Grimm Lover Hace un mes

    Season 3 was the BEST!!!!!

  • Narciso Rivero
    Narciso Rivero Hace un mes

    Shit more British people love them all

  • Caesar 9
    Caesar 9 Hace un mes

    Matt keeps getting better at pretending he's not blind. Good for him

  • Kyoko
    Kyoko Hace un mes

    Wouldn't have watched this if I knew you'd spoil what happens to Karen.

  • mahaaha cr7
    mahaaha cr7 Hace un mes

    The host said Karen died. Sorry don't get it. Can someone explain. Bc Karen's alive.

    • theInsaneDoctor
      theInsaneDoctor Hace 19 días

      Kevin Smith wrote a comic issue of Daredevil in which Karen died

  • JiggyMcPiggy
    JiggyMcPiggy Hace un mes

    Agent Ray Nadeem
    Agent R adeem
    Agent Radeem
    I wonder what his story line is?

  • Carl Carreon
    Carl Carreon Hace un mes

    I love all of these people. I hope Netflix won't cancel this.

  • krishtian Sev
    krishtian Sev Hace un mes

    Honestly, for me, the best and number one comic character made into a tv series. There is arrow, flash, supergirl, Luke cage, iron fist, but nothing, nothing, nothing comes even close to daredevil, it is the best on my list.

  • Tracer winston
    Tracer winston Hace un mes

    Damn Agent Nadeem is British? I legit thought he was Indian-American cuz his Hindi accent was pretty good

  • Fabiola E.
    Fabiola E. Hace un mes +4

    Special Agent Nadeem’s storyline was really good. And Jay is such a great actor, he does make you feel all the ups and downs of his character.

  • Ash
    Ash Hace un mes

    I want a piece of sister maggie

  • yinsen
    yinsen Hace un mes +4

    That black costume is so much better than the red one.

  • Earl Daniel Lee
    Earl Daniel Lee Hace un mes

    Wilson Fisk!!

  • arjun a
    arjun a Hace un mes

    😊 I have never seen a humble Villain than Wilson fisk........

  • Jacob Frye
    Jacob Frye Hace un mes

    Dex is sitting there and controlling his anger🤣🤣

  • atul anand
    atul anand Hace un mes

    amazing season. fisk is such a powerful character. i loved the whole season.

  • Andersen Ong
    Andersen Ong Hace un mes


  • dimitreze
    dimitreze Hace un mes +284

    season 3 is the best season of any superhero tv show ever

    • gmansi
      gmansi Hace 10 días

      @dimitri fox for fun then go for Legends of Tomorrow. Pure fun and joy

    • Amal Radhakrishnan
      Amal Radhakrishnan Hace 12 días


    • dimitri fox
      dimitri fox Hace 23 días +1

      flash is fun tv show. it's funny and season 1 and 2 were great, but daredevil is more consistent

    • Jaime Zuniga
      Jaime Zuniga Hace un mes +1

      krishtian Sev boii, he is probably a young human so you should shut up

    • Jaime Zuniga
      Jaime Zuniga Hace un mes +1

      N J boii the new flash season is doo doo

  • Inzam Haque
    Inzam Haque Hace un mes

    I cannot unsee the fact that Matt can't see.

    SHIRIL Hace un mes

    Awesome season

  • Oscar De La Peña
    Oscar De La Peña Hace un mes

    Kingpin sounds a LOT like the Spiderman Animated Series Spanish Versión... A lot.

  • Irun Mon
    Irun Mon Hace un mes +9

    ok who is the accent coach in this series? because all those brits speak american accent perfectly

    • Misa Amane
      Misa Amane Hace un mes +1

      Irun Mon I think she’s Chinese... but maybe Cantonese
      her Mandarin carries an accent

    • Irun Mon
      Irun Mon Hace un mes

      +Misa Amane I'm not Chinese so I can't really tell, but I thought she's Chinese, not to be racist but I thought they would cast real Chinese for that character. Where's she really from anyway?

    • Misa Amane
      Misa Amane Hace un mes +1

      Irun Mon As a Chinese I facepalm when they speak Chinese... especially Madame Gao

  • Irun Mon
    Irun Mon Hace un mes

    i watched the whole season in one sit. it was so good

  • Iron City Rob
    Iron City Rob Hace un mes

    Kevin Smith looks like Downey/Tony Stark now.

  • Dan W
    Dan W Hace un mes +5

    Amazing season. I just binge-watched the entire thing. 10/10. Cox should be in the MCU.

  • Harlock2day
    Harlock2day Hace un mes

    Did he say Karen Page gets killed ? What an asshole, I am half through Season 3, why the spoilers ?

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown Hace un mes

    Holy crap, his voice is so different

  • edgar foks
    edgar foks Hace un mes

    Why is charlie look the same as Matt's one? He takes his role too seriously .Even out of cameras 😂😂

  • Kobalt Master
    Kobalt Master Hace un mes

    Excellent performance from all of these actors! Congratulations! Id like to see at least some of them on the big screen. Imagine Vincent's Kingpin and Charlie's Daredevil interact with Tom's Spidy or Robert's Iron man...

  • Rid H.
    Rid H. Hace un mes +6

    The guy that plays Wilson Fisk doesn’t sound the same has a different voice

  • frank castle 88
    frank castle 88 Hace un mes

    It's hard to believe Charlie is not really blind. He's so good at acting blind.

  • frank castle 88
    frank castle 88 Hace un mes

    I've always want more of the black suit always

  • mutinda te
    mutinda te Hace un mes

    Charlie cox actually looks like he is blind.

  • TheEquinoxeHD
    TheEquinoxeHD Hace un mes +2

    I kind of prefer black suit over the red one.

  • bellajuventina
    bellajuventina Hace un mes +4

    Season 3 is my favorite so far! Can’t wait for season 4

  • Friendly Neighbor Spidey!!

    Deborah plays Dungeon n Dragons?...... she’s perfect wtf

  • yellow bat
    yellow bat Hace un mes

    Tbh I like the black suit more than the daredevil one because if I was a criminal I would be WAYY more scared of a blindfolded strong guy in all black than just another vigilante with plastic horns

  • Renken 242
    Renken 242 Hace un mes +2

    Season 3 was amazing bravo Netflix

  • Elke Summer
    Elke Summer Hace un mes +29

    BEST GROUP ENSEMBLE CAST this year. EMMY's, are you listening???

    • Elke Summer
      Elke Summer Hace un mes

      +Uncanny Murdock i totally agree with you; if the EMMYs really wanted those ratings back, they would nominate REAL AMERICAN SHOWS like Daredevil and the PUNISHER!!

    • krishtian Sev
      krishtian Sev Hace un mes

      Uncanny Murdock that's what I'm saying dude, I dont watch awards shows anymore, they just give it out to black people or lgbt community. Have a good day

    • Uncanny Murdock
      Uncanny Murdock Hace un mes +1

      Who gives a shit about the Emmys anyway? Ratings are plummeting, people don't want to waste time watching celebrities patting each other on the back for being 'woke'. The same for Oscars.

    • krishtian Sev
      krishtian Sev Hace un mes

      Elke Summer duh boo boo!!!

    • Elke Summer
      Elke Summer Hace un mes

      +krishtian Sev that's why this show is an OUTCAST!! Boo!

  • Peake Performance
    Peake Performance Hace un mes +48

    its weird seeing charlie cox make eye contact with someone

  • Dimsy O'malley
    Dimsy O'malley Hace un mes +94

    They killed Nadeem too fast i was starting to really like his character

    • Wyatt Graham
      Wyatt Graham Hace 10 días

      +dimitreze the children won't understand

    • Wyatt Graham
      Wyatt Graham Hace 10 días

      Too fast? It was in like episode 11 or 12 of 13

    • Rhys Jackson
      Rhys Jackson Hace 23 días +7

      Dimsy O'malley once Matt revealed himself as Dare Devil to Nadeem I knew at that point that Nadeem would not make it out of this season alive

    • Uncanny Murdock
      Uncanny Murdock Hace un mes +2

      There had to be a sacrifice. Nadeem was the one meant to bring down Fisk from the inside, since he was impenetrable from the outside.

    • dimitreze
      dimitreze Hace un mes +2

      it was needed

  • el mago
    el mago Hace un mes

    Fuck foggy and his system

  • Ghostface Chilla
    Ghostface Chilla Hace un mes

    YES! Karen gets killed off at some point! I fucking HATE Karen. And Foggy, but moreso Karen.

  • RedInterceptor
    RedInterceptor Hace un mes +4

    I like the black suit better

  • Ify Nsoha
    Ify Nsoha Hace un mes +11

    Dude Nadeem and Maggie are two of my favorite new characters. Like dang their storylines

  • Hugo
    Hugo Hace un mes

    Seth Rogen looks like a discount version of Elden Henson.

  • Anwar Razali
    Anwar Razali Hace un mes

    Karen page is hot in daredevil and true blood

  • Victor K.
    Victor K. Hace un mes +1

    Actors lying to us that it's a far deeper complex story and not just another superhero crapfest

    • s hudson
      s hudson Hace un mes +3

      i agree with you when it comes to the generic mcu movie crapfest but daredevil is actually legit and is of much higher quality than the shitty avengers and related movies

    • Floris Bordewijk
      Floris Bordewijk Hace un mes +8

      Honestly, Daredevil has never been much like Hollywood superhero action. It's more of a crime drama with one or two people who happen to have powers, but even those powers are not super outlandish. Perfect aim and heightened senses sound like things people could actually have, and most of the characters feel very grounded and real.

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A Hace un mes +1

    chill foggy aint no heart of the show

  • Thodoris Bladas
    Thodoris Bladas Hace un mes

    Vincent D'onofrio deserves an Emmy

  • Joejoejoe Thy wilt
    Joejoejoe Thy wilt Hace un mes

    These guys are great!!

  • Toxic Husk
    Toxic Husk Hace un mes +2

    British actors everywhere...... why.

  • DareDaviL
    DareDaviL Hace un mes +147

    Daredevil season 3 is a masterpiece!!!!!!

    • N J
      N J Hace un mes +1

      its a no brainer... dd will return

    • SHIRIL
      SHIRIL Hace un mes

      I hope so

    • Senkei
      Senkei Hace un mes +5

      the show is too successful for there not to be one

    • DareDaviL
      DareDaviL Hace un mes +3

      I hope so...

    • Matt Lolo
      Matt Lolo Hace un mes +3

      DareDaviL I agree... do u think there is season 4 ?

  • Diego Armando Quino Puma

    Damn it¡ for a second i thought that was Kevin Feige

  • Kristofer Ramirez
    Kristofer Ramirez Hace un mes +25

    Wow so wilson fisk finally wears the white tux and becomes the kingpin.

    • Kristofer Ramirez
      Kristofer Ramirez Hace 9 días +1

      +Wyatt Graham i already did. And it was their best season

    • Wyatt Graham
      Wyatt Graham Hace 10 días

      If you would watch it you would find that out yourself

  • Ziaw Purple Jacket
    Ziaw Purple Jacket Hace un mes +499

    Special Agent Nadeem is British?
    Sister Maggie's too??
    Dang all of them are so good with accents

    • OfficialDjSyko
      OfficialDjSyko Hace un mes

      Iron fist is british aswell

    • cesar garcia
      cesar garcia Hace un mes

      Well... no he´s indian

    • Oscar Plata
      Oscar Plata Hace un mes +2

      Even in Nolan's Batman trilogy, most of the actors are European but they are excellent using the American accent.

    • Kreamy 246
      Kreamy 246 Hace un mes

      so is daredevil Charlie cox

    • Giselle Aguilar
      Giselle Aguilar Hace un mes +3

      +will fernau What do you mean with Americans?? FYI America is not only the US, it's a continent!! ;)

  • strranger
    strranger Hace un mes

    Worst season ever , nothing deeper , all crap and boring .

  • renewer
    renewer Hace un mes +42

    Matt, dude... your mom is hot!

  • itsflowerside
    itsflowerside Hace un mes

    this is totally off topic but HOLY SHIT did kevin smith lose a lot of weight

  • Jagdeep Singh Uppal
    Jagdeep Singh Uppal Hace un mes +49

    Omg... it's really difficult to forget that cox is not blind in reality...

  • Bluebird Grayson
    Bluebird Grayson Hace un mes

    For all who are freaking out about “Karen dying” spoiler. They’re talking about the comic that Kevin wrote, in which the CHARACTER Karen died. Whether or not that’s in this season is still a toss up

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil

    Since when is Foggy hot. He's looking good. Just had to share that.

  • Reign Kaida
    Reign Kaida Hace un mes

    I’m sick of Kevin Smith. He hasn’t done anything but go away he is not the face of a true comic fan.

  • Ryan Moen
    Ryan Moen Hace un mes

    Anyone else dig the beard on Foggy? They should put in the show at some point

    • The Wolverine
      The Wolverine Hace un mes +1

      Yeah he could arguably be more attractive than Cox with the beard.

    • Tim TheAutist
      Tim TheAutist Hace un mes +1

      Ryan Moen itd make me believe that hot lawyer would date him

  • SterileAndFeral
    SterileAndFeral Hace un mes

    I hope the punisher kicks bullseye's ass

  • siva sanam
    siva sanam Hace un mes +5

    What Karen will be dead... At last man my dream gonna come true..Bring Elektra back!!

    • Uncanny Murdock
      Uncanny Murdock Hace un mes

      Cry harder bitch, she's not dead. And Elektra is not coming back ever.

    • krishtian Sev
      krishtian Sev Hace un mes

      Elecktra is currently looking for something called food, I think the woman needs to eat, like seriously, did you see her in the defenders? Anorexic Like fuck

    • Seanstone
      Seanstone Hace un mes

      In my opinion she isn't annoying... i actually liked the way they went with her in season 2 but i didn't like the ressurection stuff with the hand and what happened in the defenders...
      I also wonder how they would reintroduce her and what story they want to tell with her if they plan to bring her back, because if they don't do this in a right way then it will probably just be annoying as hell

    • Angel Aguilera
      Angel Aguilera Hace un mes +3

      Elektra is annoying to me

    • maga Encina
      maga Encina Hace un mes +1

      that was on the comics but SPOILER ALERT *She does not die in season 3*

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen Hace un mes +222

    I can't unsee Charlie Cox looking like an actual blind person because of the show.

  • Bair
    Bair Hace un mes

    1:07 wtf???? WTF. WHAT THE FUCK

  • Reign of Fire불꽃
    Reign of Fire불꽃 Hace un mes +499

    Now Charlie is good at pretending he's not blind.

    • Flavien Jonville
      Flavien Jonville Hace un mes +8

      damn i think the same its impossible to imagine him as an unblind person

  • Karl Morales
    Karl Morales Hace un mes

    I for one love that the black costume is back

  • Adam Mackie
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  • Megatron118x
    Megatron118x Hace un mes +7

    Does season 3 take place before the Snap, I assume? Like before Infinity War begins?

    • Tim TheAutist
      Tim TheAutist Hace un mes

      It takes places a few months after defenders I think which came out in 2017

    • Evan Abbott
      Evan Abbott Hace un mes +1

      Megatron118x I’m guessing....🤔

    GRAY WOLF Hace un mes +295

    Foggy is somewhere in between Hobbit and Viking.