Pure Skill... How Karate Master Knocked People Out in UFC - Lyoto Machida


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  • Tyrant Revolver
    Tyrant Revolver Hace un mes +708

    I have so much respect for this man taking his father's teachings and sharing his respect for them with the world. I'm moved by his dedication and discipline. Truly a legend.

    • Boi Tie Chee
      Boi Tie Chee Hace 13 días +3

      I saw him fight live twice. He was one of 5 of my favourite figters. At the time he was my favourite. How fickle this reads. He is a legend. Thank you for the fights. Thank you producing this video. Goosebumps

    • Emma schmidt
      Emma schmidt Hace 17 días +5

      ***True love = the love of God!*** God himself went to the cross for you out of love for you as a human being Philippians 2:5-8

    • Fl R
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  • bob bong X
    bob bong X Hace un mes +325

    The man that proved karate could be efficient against mma. WHAT A LIVING LEGEND.

    • The Matrix of Meaning
      The Matrix of Meaning Hace 22 horas

      @Walmart NIBBA wing Chun traps and blocks, with foot trips, are used by a lot of pro boxing champions, but to the untrained eye it just looks like they are faints and parries from traditional boxing.
      Jailhouse rock, or 52 blocks, the prison martial art style, is primarily based on a combination of wing Chun with boxing.
      It just doesn't work very well against a good outside striker or someone with clinch skills like in may Thai or judo.

    • Junior Cruz
      Junior Cruz Hace 2 días

      @Montażownia nr1 how does it not mean anything when that man ended up being ufc champion because of karate? Just stop hating

    • ein 3248
      ein 3248 Hace 14 días +2

      Amazing fighter. But he did not move as a karate practitioner. Mostly boxing and kicking. Therefore, kickboxer.

    • Nathan G
      Nathan G Hace 15 días

      @jake halle looks like its just someone who dose karate happens to be good in
      MMA aswell dont seem to have much to do with karate at all

    • pnojazz
      pnojazz Hace 15 días +15

      @Newbie4Hire All of the mawashi gyuri (round house) and mygeri (Front) kicks are straight out of Karate! And how many straight punches did you see? Both choke-zuki (straight punch) and gyaku-zuki (Reverse Punch) for knockouts? All of those are straight out of Karate. And if you didn't recognize that, you never studied Karate!

  • Anderson Vicente
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  • atmeneti21
    atmeneti21 Hace un mes +31

    What a character , strong personality.True role model. The most impressing to me is the way he never excuses , always respectful, accepts questionable decisions like a man no complaint. Back to grinding. I would give him my deepest and longest bow if i would ever meet him.

  • DigiMeth
    DigiMeth Hace un mes +853

    What I find most interesting about Machida is the culture combo he represents - a humble Japanese discipline mixed with a brazen Brazilian fire. Truly a master in every aspect. God bless you Lyoto Machida.

    • 2DEEP2MUCH 420
      2DEEP2MUCH 420 Hace 15 días

      I thought Karate was chinese not japanese.

    • Bobby Riffle
      Bobby Riffle Hace 27 días +1

      Today's stupidest "woke".. statement.
      "The more you know"...

    • Auron710
      Auron710 Hace 28 días +2

      @DigiMeth just a little fact for you, the highest population of Japanese people outside of Japan is actually in Brazil so having a half Brazilian and half Japanese person is actually a lot more common than you may think.

    • Melted nostrils Born without nostrils
      Melted nostrils Born without nostrils Hace un mes

      @Umami Papi The only thing weird is finding a persons Race more interesting than their accomplishments.

    • Umami Papi
      Umami Papi Hace un mes +1

      @Melted nostrils Born without nostrils Weirdo.

  • 6denashi608
    6denashi608 Hace un mes +12

    Though he was sometimes criticized as a counter striker, it was fun to watch his excellent timing and precision. I remember watching him on his rise to L-H champ. I liked how he reinforced the spirit of MA in MMA.

  • kevin chan
    kevin chan Hace un mes +34

    So much respect for Lyoto. Also love how much respect he shows for his opponents.

  • Loud Silence
    Loud Silence Hace un mes +23

    Certainly one of the best fighters of his time, classy, humble and technical as hell. It was a pleasure to see him fight. Thank you, Lyotto

  • Shawn Lentz
    Shawn Lentz Hace un mes +32

    I loved how his opponents would get so frustrated because they couldn't touch him. He was so elusive and his counters laser sharp. One of my all time favorite fighters for sure. Much respect Dragon

  • Trenasist
    Trenasist Hace un mes +168

    "Persist, because adversaries will be there along the entire way. Not only in your competition, but in your life.
    Sometimes it seems like you're not going to make it, but you keep going. That's the warrior's way"
    More words to live by ♥

    • Wayne Macomson
      Wayne Macomson Hace 15 días

      Persist might better be said "gently insist". It is the gentle pressure that causes all to yield.

    • Stephen Hensley
      Stephen Hensley Hace un mes

      Like Ukraine !

  • Kahrvile
    Kahrvile Hace un mes +11

    He was the reason i got into the ufc, seeing his story displayed like this is enlightening 🔥🔥

    • Shane Reeves
      Shane Reeves Hace 13 días

      @Theo Dutra no but you are. 'He was the reason I got into the Ufc." Maybe you actually are in the UFC and have taken too many hits. Are you reading the top comment in the thread?

    • Theo Dutra
      Theo Dutra Hace 13 días +1

      @Shane Reeves he said he got into it as in acquired a taste for it. Are you dense?

    • Shane Reeves
      Shane Reeves Hace 13 días

      @Theo Dutra what didn’t you understand?
      I'll make it clear
      If you have to post about it on ESclips, you know, tell everybody that has NO WAY of confirming it it's probably a story.
      People in prison love to tell stories. One of the best, most prolific stories is how they are MMA fighters on the outside.
      In reality they are strung out tweakers who have burned their families.
      In a context like this, I'm skeptical.

    • Theo Dutra
      Theo Dutra Hace 13 días

      @Shane Reeves what the fuck are you trying to say bruv?

    • Shane Reeves
      Shane Reeves Hace 14 días

      Lol. Did you just get out of prison? Lol. A third of the guys in prison are in the UFC. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Cringe bro

  • Axeia
    Axeia Hace un mes +9

    I don't watch stuff like this often but I can tell he's something different from most. Very quick on switching up his style and very quick on using any opportunity to dive in going straight for the head. A lot of others seem to hit once and see how effective it was and land a lot of hits on the back of the head. He lands a hit and if he thinks it was a good one without observing first just dives in with a flurry of blows with great precision to the the front of the head.

  • David Bland
    David Bland Hace un mes +8

    Much respect for his career and accomplishments.

  • Shane Jefferys
    Shane Jefferys Hace un mes +18

    What a warrior!! Nothing to be ashamed about in this career or way of combat. I'm sure his Father would be proud of his son.
    Great video, really enjoyed it.

  • Cypher Punk
    Cypher Punk Hace un mes +1

    When I was doing MMA all my fights were a first round knock out, no matter how big or small my opponent was.
    The only reason I quit was because I was sick of getting knocked out in the first round every fight.

  • Caffeine & CHAOS
    Caffeine & CHAOS Hace un mes +8

    I just love classy athletes. He went out, did the stuff and respected his craft and his opponents.

  • ZeroOneOneTwo Three
    ZeroOneOneTwo Three Hace un mes +4

    16:48 What a legend! He was not hiding his shock and immediately said he got his ass whooped! 🙏

  • Chefs Corner
    Chefs Corner Hace un mes +1

    If you've never had a friend that had this kind of fighting talent allow you to join him in a friendly sparing match where they hold back any knockout blows, you'll soon realize why these guys are BAD ASS!! I had that opportunity when I was young (24) and in awesome shape. My buddy who had some serious fighting training/skills but was much smaller than I offered to show me his skills after I gave him a bit of friendly shit. I soon realized that could have knocked me out in the first few seconds. Instead, he showed just how fast he was by tapping me around the jaw and midsection and I couldn't block more than one punch (at best) he was so fast, and I couldn't touch him!! I finally had to laugh I felt so out of my league, and he smiled back with a told you so smile. LOL.

  • White Coyote
    White Coyote Hace 2 meses +227

    I will always remember Lyoto for his kicks. They honestly look like a simple tap that sent people to the ground.

    • pnojazz
      pnojazz Hace 15 días

      AND the KNEES!!!

    • Emma schmidt
      Emma schmidt Hace 17 días +1

      *The ETERNAL GOD would do anything for you!! Even out of love for you he went to the cross as a human!!* Philippians 2:5-8

    • Phillip H
      Phillip H Hace 29 días

      Crocop was the best tho. As far as leg kicks go

    • Viking Life
      Viking Life Hace un mes

      Apparently he is still going to fight at 43 years old.

    • Aviral Janveja
      Aviral Janveja Hace un mes +8

      It is a traditional snap kick to the head. just how a snapping whipping punch hurts more than a push punch.

  • Chainsaw FPV
    Chainsaw FPV Hace 15 días +171

    "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. No excuses. He was better then me, and deserved victory. " Words of a good, humble man.

    • Luiz Gabriel
      Luiz Gabriel Hace un día

      @2sdd In the gaming industry people seems to think otherwise, and I still don't understand.

    • 2sdd
      2sdd Hace 2 días

      i will never understand how u can trashtalk somebody who just kicked ur ass. dude, if he is so trash what does it make you? :F

  • alexander romero
    alexander romero Hace un mes +3

    I wonder how much a monster he would have been,going middle weight years earlier,but overall he definitely have a legacy that is gonna be respected for many years to come

  • Karl Teai
    Karl Teai Hace un mes +1

    God bless you Lyoto ! Thanks for your wisdom and example through your martial art

  • Mexican Beauty
    Mexican Beauty Hace un mes +3

    Nothing but respect to Lyoto Machida, not only humble but respectful, and big ups to Rampage for geniunly accepting that he got his ass wooped, shows the good humble side and gave credit where credit was due, Rampage definitley earned my respect today lol. Lyoto Machida is amazing to say the least.

  • dwrabauke
    dwrabauke Hace un mes +387

    I like how in several matches he did not "finish" his opponent because he saw he didn't have to. Holding back this much says a lot about his principles.

    • Forget2BHuman
      Forget2BHuman Hace 13 horas

      idk... even though rules were different back then, he still did shit like attempts at jumping double stomp to the head of a downed opponent... 7:30
      that's not holding back in any way 🤣

    • Ron Car
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    • joe1deuce27
      joe1deuce27 Hace 7 días +1

      My thoughts EXACTLY

    • SchiesterMalG
      SchiesterMalG Hace 8 días +5

      That is why I hated Tito Ortiz as a fighter. He did the opposite of this. He is a terrible blemish and chipped tooth on the face of MMA. It is satisfying to see Machida defeat him.

    • 2DEEP2MUCH 420
      2DEEP2MUCH 420 Hace 15 días +4

      so true.

  • Neyonius
    Neyonius Hace un mes +2

    Machida has always been in my top 3 for the UFC video games.
    They really make sure you know his neck/head kicks are lethal in those games.

  • Aesir07
    Aesir07 Hace un mes

    Say what you will - and I do - This is class, personified. - A TRUE warrior, in every sense of the word. - Machida - A name for honor.

  • Itami Youji
    Itami Youji Hace un mes +3

    This guy has been my MMA hero since high school.

  • john moser
    john moser Hace un mes +3

    Very impressive fighter... super tenacious
    Sometimes he really was on point with his timing

  • Alec Lovejoy
    Alec Lovejoy Hace un mes +3

    He is the most humble ufc fighter to ever fight!

  • Kaleb Norman
    Kaleb Norman Hace un mes +1

    He has always been one of my favorites. Such an interesting style.

  • GrayGhostSafaris
    GrayGhostSafaris Hace un mes

    Much respect for Lyoto and the Machida family!

  • Tomáš Telenský - vlog

    29:57 this is incredible.... he just lets his attacking opponent run into his elbow!!! 😲

  • Josh Gaston
    Josh Gaston Hace un mes +1

    Back when I watched UFC Lyoto the Dragon Machida was one of my top favorite fighters.
    I liked BJ Penn alot too.

  • Kyle Aversa
    Kyle Aversa Hace un mes

    Hands down my favorite fighter of all time!!!

  • Pieter Lindeque
    Pieter Lindeque Hace un mes

    Karate works when properly applied to full contact combat. This is true for everything. What is needed is for traditional martial arts to come completely into the full contact sparring and competition areas then we will see a lot more diversity. Point based and low contact competition is the issue.

  • Dana Bana
    Dana Bana Hace un mes

    He’s my absolute favorite. Stephen Thompson is my 2nd. Two class act extremely amazing athletes. 🌟🌟🌟
    Your videos are FANTASTIC.

  • Dylan C
    Dylan C Hace un mes

    Any tool in the hands of a master can do incredible things

  • RobeRonin
    RobeRonin Hace un mes

    true champion held his head high the whole time :) much respect!

  • Aaron French
    Aaron French Hace un mes

    A+ video. Machida has always been one of my absolute favorite martial artist.

  • Michael Moses
    Michael Moses Hace un mes

    Great video. Such a humble and classy champion.

  • Keith to The Hood
    Keith to The Hood Hace un mes

    He’s definitely, my favorite fighter!

  • The More You Know
    The More You Know Hace un mes

    Somemthing about this kept bringing tears to my eyes. Awesome story.

  • Thom Mallens
    Thom Mallens Hace un mes

    9:05 that was brutal ive never seen anyone take so many knees to the face and still stand

  • Shadog Abbassio
    Shadog Abbassio Hace un mes

    One of the goats. One of my all time favorites. Lives up to his name, The Dragon.. Flys around a bit. Gets the lay the land. Spits a fire ball here and there.....Then when he's figured out the lay of the land and has had enough he swoops in and burns your entire village to the fucking ground lol.

  • Sammy Speros
    Sammy Speros Hace un mes

    A true good story and I'll never forget he was one of my idols back in 2004 end up.

  • Mo Russell
    Mo Russell Hace un mes


  • Leo Scott
    Leo Scott Hace un mes

    As much as I love Machida, watching Shogun knock him out is still super cathartic.

  • Eduardo Sedotes
    Eduardo Sedotes Hace un mes +9

    Yeah! Thank you Mashida Sensei, for proving that traditional karatedo training is not a joke. Kata has a purpose. It's not a "dance". Everything in kata has a purpose. Aside from kata, karatedo has other teachings not seen by lower-ranked students.

  • charly spade
    charly spade Hace un mes +38

    Lyoto Machida is an excellent fighter, disciplined, focused, makes perfect adjustments and is well prepared to fight anyone. He's had a great example and teacher, his father to guide him along the way. He made a solid decision that paid off and proved that traditional martial arts can still be very effective when applied properly even when he had to go against his sensei and father's advice. But what I like the most about this fighter, this man, is his humbleness and overall respect for others. I could honestly say that Lyoto Machida is my all time favorite fighter. Continued success and blessings to you Brazilian Dragon!

    • Ingvar Z
      Ingvar Z Hace un mes

      There’s a new champ in town.. Servey Pavlovich

  • fater saadatniaki
    fater saadatniaki Hace un mes

    That bow of respect and chivalry 🥲

  • Giga_Rat TTV
    Giga_Rat TTV Hace un mes

    Literally one of my top 5 fighters of all time

  • carn1fex_
    carn1fex_ Hace un mes

    NGL he was one of my favorites when I watched UFC. I was a fan of his fighting and root for him I ever saw him fighting.

  • dave h
    dave h Hace un mes

    Respect & Honour. My favourite fighter.

  • Stephen Evans
    Stephen Evans Hace un mes

    They all say “There's levels to this”, Lyoto is masters level. Regardless of discipline.

  • Ace Copper
    Ace Copper Hace un mes

    What an inspirational man

  • Jaglano
    Jaglano Hace un mes

    The one thing I have learned about Karate is that it is only used as self defense. But if you are willingly going into the ring looking to knock the other person out, isn't that breaking the rules of Karate?

  • Endless Void
    Endless Void Hace un mes +171

    Much respect to Rampage because he knew he had gotten beaten ,and didn't agree with them letting him win. Good guy ,and real man. Good fighter as well!

    • Harry Davey
      Harry Davey Hace un mes +20

      Rampage was a fucking legend, Yeah. Just a real dude.

  • Planet Luzzo
    Planet Luzzo Hace un mes

    Mad respect!

  • matt d painter
    matt d painter Hace un mes

    As long as you keep the definition of karate loose-y goose-y it’s very effective in mma. You don’t see them bang it out directly in front of each other very often

  • Victory First
    Victory First Hace un mes

    This is what the martial arts are all about. The philosophical part of the fighting art itself. Both sides have to be learned for a well rounded practitioner.

  • Jay Doe
    Jay Doe Hace 2 meses +6

    Don't know anything about him as a man but as a fighter I always found him to be one of the absolute most respectable in the ring. A true role model to be used to show the youth about honorable fighting.

  • Craig Salinger
    Craig Salinger Hace un mes

    Legend 👏

  • 0011thhour
    0011thhour Hace un mes

    the fight with rashad was crazy. that dude folded on impact. that's a clean ko

  • Burgundy Home
    Burgundy Home Hace un mes

    at 18:52
    How can you win against three equally strong opponents? That's insane!

  • Elite
    Elite Hace un mes

    Masterpiece. THanks for this video!

  • chuck frey
    chuck frey Hace un mes

    he was so good at the counter. hed lure them in and make them over commit and hed take them out. it was crazy

  • FallNorth
    FallNorth Hace un mes

    Ahh but does he ever do the "Crane Kick" - we need to know!
    Seriously though, the way the backs of these guys heads crack down when knocked cold should be a warning to anyone who thinks it's a good/fun idea to knock someone out in the street without a very good reason. Imagine that on something hard - and the prison sentence.

  • Zha'Farr the Bard
    Zha'Farr the Bard Hace un mes +1

    I don't know why people let channels like these fool them. Martial arts like Karate *have* to be supplemental to be effective. Even one of the most famous users of Wing Chun in MMA admits that he has to supplement it with practical martial arts that won't immediately get him trounced by kickboxers and BJJ practitioners.

  • Brovisional
    Brovisional Hace un mes

    I was so sad when he lost to shogun loved this guy

  • Oliver Lee
    Oliver Lee Hace un mes

    I miss the days of respectful, reserved fighters!!! Real men who are adults and don't act like tantrum throwing children!!!

  • Brett Coleman
    Brett Coleman Hace un mes

    Lyoto was my all time favorite fighter.

  • SmallRaven Ware
    SmallRaven Ware Hace un mes

    Shotokan all day long. Machida - huge respect!

  • Douglas Rodrigues
    Douglas Rodrigues Hace un mes

    This guy is really good.👍

  • Cody Whalen
    Cody Whalen Hace 2 meses +1947

    His fight against Jackson and him saying “he whooped my ass and I’m ashamed of this decision” shows a ton of respect to the fighter

    • Drinks Watere
      Drinks Watere Hace 2 días

      He didn’t say he was ashamed of the decision

    • vinicius martins
      vinicius martins Hace 2 días

      And im a fan of the Jackson persona, he is funny and arrogant, i would never expect him admitting getting his ass kicked

      VALHALLA Hace un mes

      But..he still lost.

    • Eduardo Mendez
      Eduardo Mendez Hace un mes

      He should not have fought tho, it was for the title belt no way in hell would anybody put the belt on the line if they weren't ready, not even Tyson! Any other fight, fine by me.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Hace un mes

    Machida said that Jones "can't fight me standing". Jones was on another level, Machida never stood a chance.

  • Steve
    Steve Hace un mes +115

    Out of the ring, one of the coolest nicest guys ever. I've met him a couple of times. Always has time for everyone and smiling. I feel like I am more informed about Lyoto's career now. Thank you for posting this. I really enjoyed the watch.

    • Sheikh Fazaa3
      Sheikh Fazaa3 Hace 19 días +1

      May the peace of Allah be with you

  • Bruce Saxton
    Bruce Saxton Hace un mes

    True mastery & true Class.

  • Orreon Gman
    Orreon Gman Hace un mes

    See even a pro fighter can be shocked into letting someone he knows hit him hard in the face a few times and freeze up not knowing what to do when its not how they normally treat you.

  • Mark Glino
    Mark Glino Hace 2 meses +4325

    He came from the best era of UFC. No drama and social media circus. Just amazing fights and title runs.

    • Solo Pills
      Solo Pills Hace 2 días

      true facts

    • Jerr 1024
      Jerr 1024 Hace 4 días

      @Armando Rodriguez no drama? Lmaooo there was still plenty of drama at this time.

    • 5koby4
      5koby4 Hace 7 días

      @Deen Kashim The fighters made more off sponsors then than they do with the venum sponsorship

    • 5koby4
      5koby4 Hace 7 días

      @Joe Pace Are you unaware brain damage can happen from being hit on any part of the head not just the back.

    • Areyouokayannie
      Areyouokayannie Hace 11 días

      @Eizbear 00 if ifs and buts were candy and nuts...

  • Crazy Mongol
    Crazy Mongol Hace un mes

    Such an brilliant fighter and video about him!

  • Nate M
    Nate M Hace un mes

    i had no idea that the dragon was so qualified before entering the UFC. man...his resume is up there with the GOATs.

  • 4estLive
    4estLive Hace un mes

    Epic video much respect!

  • Craig Madden
    Craig Madden Hace un mes


  • Waqar Ghulam
    Waqar Ghulam Hace un mes

    He was as good in karate as Khabib was in wrestling

  • Æthelvlad
    Æthelvlad Hace un mes

    nice of him to bow goodbye to his defeated opponent as their soul exits their body and begins to ascend

  • Anonym
    Anonym Hace un mes

    I guess we can learn from this, that chasing the Top is always a bad idea because you won't be able to maintain it permanently.
    Basically no Champion ever really did.

  • Charlene Brasher
    Charlene Brasher Hace un mes

    Right on. I practiced shotokan for 4 years.

  • Enildem Day
    Enildem Day Hace un mes

    Great fighter.

  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith Hace un mes

    Always one of my favorites:)

  • JolskieWolskie
    JolskieWolskie Hace un mes

    Ufc needs a new karate master to take over for a bit: old school needs a revival

  • Jimmy Jamz
    Jimmy Jamz Hace un mes

    Pretty cool. I hope they keep the updates flowing.

  • Douglas Cowle
    Douglas Cowle Hace un mes

    loved his fights

  • Adriantology
    Adriantology Hace un mes

    Karate Has an Exact, precise and sharp pointed attack. That's how machida can win with KO.

  • Erik Larsson
    Erik Larsson Hace un mes

    What can I say... a true master he allways be forewer and allways is my humble opinion

  • Savage Cabbage
    Savage Cabbage Hace un mes

    The dragon is a legend

  • D
    D Hace un mes

    He's a sniper plain and simple

  • Kirby Gates
    Kirby Gates Hace un mes

    1 of my favorites of all time 👍👍👍👍👊👊

  • Atomberè Demir
    Atomberè Demir Hace un mes

    good to see Karate getting some respect again... since Karate kid debuted

  • Navrinder Sandhu
    Navrinder Sandhu Hace 27 días

    Tells you how tough Bonner was. Rip

  • Clayton Bigsby
    Clayton Bigsby Hace un mes

    Damn i forgot Machida took a fight with the # 7ranked opponent WHILE HE WAS WEARING THE BELT!!!!! Like WTF were his team and coach thinking? Unless they were paying him some ungodly amount of money to take the fight that was one of the worst decisions ever in MMA. Unless IM missing something there was nothing to gain from taking this fight. If he wins no one cares because he was unknown fighter ranked number 7. But if you lose the embarrasement could be carrer ending . AND thats if he doesnt get a career ending INJURY .