Splatoon 2 Ver. 4 - Nintendo Switch


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  • Ophélie desseigne
    Ophélie desseigne Hace 2 horas


  • Rolo the rat
    Rolo the rat Hace 20 horas

    I told you not to betray me jon

  • Miracunicorn
    Miracunicorn Hace 22 horas

    WHAT ANIME IS THIS!?!?!???1?1?1??1??1

  • hjimpie woomy
    hjimpie woomy Hace un día

    Splatoon version 5.0 leaked: woomy royale

  • underwatertideflow
    underwatertideflow Hace un día

    1:13 what in tarnation is that

  • Zaid Diaz
    Zaid Diaz Hace 2 días

    Love the theme! It's good for my plush videos!

  • William Bieneman
    William Bieneman Hace 2 días

    1:12 wait: what about this?? Is this coming later?

  • universe
    universe Hace 2 días

    This is off the hook!!!

  • That Potato
    That Potato Hace 2 días

    When does the spirit bomb come out on the game because I dont have it yet

  • Unicorn Sweetness
    Unicorn Sweetness Hace 3 días +1

    Top 10 Anime Intros

  • SAB2301 - Sebastián Bruno

    Splatoon 2 version 4 (anime mode)...

  • Bondi
    Bondi Hace 3 días

    Gurando suponsa no tekyo de, o kurishimasu

  • Đa Linh
    Đa Linh Hace 4 días

    ok Nintendo what was that giant hammer thingy?

  • Paula Machalski
    Paula Machalski Hace 4 días

    1:13 ähhhhh what is that!!

  • Splatoon Jar
    Splatoon Jar Hace 4 días

    Is that another new special? 1:13

  • Zaiah Reed
    Zaiah Reed Hace 5 días

    Tell me what those words mean.

  • TK Lightning Lucas
    TK Lightning Lucas Hace 5 días

    0:36 I’d smash

  • Ido Shani
    Ido Shani Hace 6 días

    0:49 3V3?

  • er re
    er re Hace 6 días


  • jambo productions
    jambo productions Hace 6 días

    What about 1:14 special?

  • The King
    The King Hace 7 días

    Io vorrei chiedervi 4 cose da aggiungere dal prossimo argionamento:1 il cantiere dietro alla scatola amiibo quando apre.2 fate una modalità multiplayer a schermo diviso.3 fare una modalità locale o online per giocare insieme agli amici nella storia o nella octo expansion.4 fare nel lobby puoi vedere di quale stato sono e fare che puoi camminare e sparare mentre sei in attesa dentro al lobby.

  • Kristina Borrero
    Kristina Borrero Hace 8 días

    Splatoom 2 ver 4

  • Cliff Hopkins
    Cliff Hopkins Hace 9 días

    What’s the other special weapon!?

  • Stuart Hunter
    Stuart Hunter Hace 9 días


    VAPORIZM Hace 9 días

    BOOYAH !!!!

  • Montez Boyd-Starks
    Montez Boyd-Starks Hace 9 días +1

    Woah, we came a long way from "You're a kid, you're a squid"
    Now we have anime openings

  • Ivan Manilyuk
    Ivan Manilyuk Hace 9 días +1

    I really want to see the official lyrics for this.

  • Annie Gayheart
    Annie Gayheart Hace 9 días

    What's the new stage called?

  • Greg
    Greg Hace 10 días

    WHAT IS THAT 1:14

  • Ponygirl AJ
    Ponygirl AJ Hace 10 días


  • brandonisi
    brandonisi Hace 11 días

    Imagine if this had been the first reveal trailer for Splatoon 2. I would’ve orgasmed. Or splatted my pants, I guess.

  • Weetaku
    Weetaku Hace 11 días

    When's the hammer

  • SquidNite Gaming
    SquidNite Gaming Hace 11 días +1

    Remove online service

    Edit:like if u agree

    Double edit:try to pin dis

    • Heftymesh
      Heftymesh Hace 10 días

      They cant. Splatoon devs and nintendo online management staff are seperate entities

  • Daniel Muro
    Daniel Muro Hace 11 días

    Now I want an anime

  • SquidPlayz
    SquidPlayz Hace 11 días +1

    this is unoriginal I saw the other comment but yeah Splatanronpa season 4 looks great Also Pearl gets executed in Season 6 Episode 99

  • SquidPlayz
    SquidPlayz Hace 11 días +1

    The music is dank and sounds like its from an anime

  • Squidi The squid
    Squidi The squid Hace 11 días

    splatoon the anime

  • IttiOnYouTube
    IttiOnYouTube Hace 11 días

    Cpu game modes and splitscreen please

  • EPIK f0r71nt3 Gampley ebrydey

    *remmember switch online lil boy*

  • kitty きっty
    kitty きっty Hace 12 días

    Um...is there a splatoon 3 I need to know about!?

  • Woomy Master
    Woomy Master Hace 13 días

    Dude, 1:14 is so cool.

  • Chara Tú Cuchara FAVORITA

    Nintendo please remove nintendo switch online

  • Jimmy Nigle
    Jimmy Nigle Hace 13 días

    What's the song called

  • Booyah_Coconut
    Booyah_Coconut Hace 13 días

    How beautiful AMAZING

  • Zelda Honda
    Zelda Honda Hace 14 días

    From DBZ (dragon ball z)in anime

  • Medio Crack/Fail
    Medio Crack/Fail Hace 14 días

    1:13 What is that? That thing din’t show up today.

    • Medio Crack/Fail
      Medio Crack/Fail Hace 4 días


    • JackDaSquiddy
      JackDaSquiddy Hace 10 días +1

      By the looks of it, a new hammer special weapon, and it isn’t in the 4.1 update but I hope it comes in the 4.2 update

  • Kingston Zuproc
    Kingston Zuproc Hace 14 días

    Yet I want to play this but I have to pay to play online stupid Nintendo

  • Nomi
    Nomi Hace 14 días

    When i saw this for the first time i was like....are they gonna do a anime?!

  • LocDat
    LocDat Hace 14 días

    Oh BOY have I been away from the Nintendo community, and the greet me with THIS?! Oh thanks Nintendo, I just woke up. And I felt like I wanted to play Splatoon 2, I turned on the SWITCH and suddenly... "Splatoon 2: ver.4" Me at that moment: O:

  • Agent 8
    Agent 8 Hace 15 días

    Splatoon 2 : The Anime

  • SlimeTheMeme
    SlimeTheMeme Hace 15 días

    1:13 that's not in the update... WHAT IS THAT??!!

    • JackDaSquiddy
      JackDaSquiddy Hace 10 días

      Hammer special by the looks of it, hopefully it comes in the 4.2 update

  • Sebastian Cossio
    Sebastian Cossio Hace 15 días


  • Nathan Camara
    Nathan Camara Hace 15 días

    I am beginning to think Splatoon 2 is a guerilla styled game.

  • Skydye116’s Splatastic-Adventure’s

    Nintendo!!!PLEASE Give Splatoon 1 One More Splatfest!!!😰I Have NEVER Competed In One

  • Osmar Perez
    Osmar Perez Hace 16 días

    When you don have four dollars to pay for online:me

  • juicedup14
    juicedup14 Hace 16 días

    Ogata Megumi is the one singing this..

  • tomasz bzdela
    tomasz bzdela Hace 16 días

    Mmmmmm...yesss keep pampering the grafics Nintendo-senpai... Mmmmmm...yesss...

  • coco fox YT
    coco fox YT Hace 17 días

    How do you get those new masks?

    • coco fox YT
      coco fox YT Hace 14 días

      +SlimeTheMeme OH ALRIGHT THEN.

    • [WUT] Bobo
      [WUT] Bobo Hace 14 días

      Hurry though they are limited edition

    • SlimeTheMeme
      SlimeTheMeme Hace 15 días

      Go into the news on the home page and scroll down to the section where it says "Free download! Celebrate Splatoween with this spooky in-game gear." Press A on it and scroll down to the part where it says "Click here to get your Gear".
      The End

  • Alexander Galitev
    Alexander Galitev Hace 17 días

    Yeah if only I could play this now that Nintendo online is a thing. By the way, screw the person who made that.

  • CheesyNachos YummyYummy
    CheesyNachos YummyYummy Hace 17 días

    It’s sad I can’t get any more splatoon money from battles cuz I need to pay :(

  • Lauren Wilder
    Lauren Wilder Hace 17 días +1

    Where’s the hammer

  • Y33T • TM
    Y33T • TM Hace 17 días +19

    Splatoon: The Series!
    Season 1: Stolen turf!
    Season 2: Stories From the Deep!
    Season 3: More Than One Agent?!
    Season 4: Booyah On!
    Season 1 is the story of Agent 3 aka Woomy Chan and her accounts during the direct attacks of D.J Octavio!
    Season 2 is the stories from deep underground from Octo Kun, a rebellious, somewhat neutral but still a hero type. He is the “Prodigy” of the story but will he become corrupt or splat on?
    Season 3 is the story of Agent 4 aka Ngyes Kun who has to defeat D.J Octavio once and for all, but can he do it alone?
    Season 4 is where everything unravels and reveals what the outcome is for everyone, but we can’t say what happens to everyone because of spoilers!
    Leave a like if you think this should happen, comment for further support or more season ideas!
    Edit 1: Had to fix some grammar, punctuation etc.

  • Ragey Squid Kid
    Ragey Squid Kid Hace 17 días

    We need this as an anime intro

  • Scootdawg
    Scootdawg Hace 17 días

    "Stay Fresh!"

  • Natthander
    Natthander Hace 17 días

    Help! I downloaded the code and a second Splatoon 2 icon showed up on my Switch (with a Cloud on the upper left before the name), I don't know what to do.

  • Gregory Hall
    Gregory Hall Hace 17 días

    Splatoon is my favorite anime

  • Nodmax11
    Nodmax11 Hace 17 días

    0:38 baby jake pauls gangsta!

  • Kilobytes
    Kilobytes Hace 17 días

    The thumbnail is an octoling drinking a bomb.

  • CaptainFun fun party
    CaptainFun fun party Hace 17 días +1

    Watch splatoon3 will come out and I don't want to buy a new console the switch is the best 😎 so idk anymore XD great job Nintendo

  • Seki Lame Ardente
    Seki Lame Ardente Hace 18 días +1

    I have a new main*(Splatershot-Pro) Lend's me your Nyges 😀

  • Gamer7
    Gamer7 Hace 18 días +1

    I love this trailer

  • James Lozada
    James Lozada Hace 18 días +4


    • Sancho Panza
      Sancho Panza Hace 15 días

      I dont know why But Im so happy you're happy , cause I am!

  • juicedup14
    juicedup14 Hace 18 días +1

    Sounds like megumi ogata, voice of komaeda from dangan ronpa

  • itsrainingcats
    itsrainingcats Hace 18 días

    splatoon anime when

  • Zelda Honda
    Zelda Honda Hace 19 días +2

    Splatoon 2 is now an anime

  • woomy love
    woomy love Hace 19 días +1

    IT OVER 9000

  • Fez Ghost
    Fez Ghost Hace 19 días +1

    Oh boy can't wait to play this new update!

    Oh wait-
    *i can't.*

  • drak red bird14
    drak red bird14 Hace 19 días


  • BossManGaming
    BossManGaming Hace 19 días


  • Qryx 0
    Qryx 0 Hace 19 días

    I'm confused. I updated Splatoon 2 to ver. 4.1.0 but the news people said only game play change happened, nothing else. Did I read the twitter post wrong?

  • Ben Marzewski
    Ben Marzewski Hace 19 días

    it would be cool if that hammer can be used during a superjump too(if it works the way im thinking of it)

  • John Octo
    John Octo Hace 19 días +2

    Never mine it's coming today tonight 4 new weapons is luna blaster with fizzy bomb, inkstorm. The dynamo roller has sprinkler, booyah bomb. The slosing machine has fizzy bomb, splashdown and the splatershot pro has splat bomb and booyah bomb.

  • lego lucas 124
    lego lucas 124 Hace 19 días


  • Regina Skyline
    Regina Skyline Hace 20 días

    this is so biutiful

  • gamer 777
    gamer 777 Hace 20 días

    What happened to the player base?

  • Red Hot Bear
    Red Hot Bear Hace 20 días

    When this coming out

  • Juan David Zapiain
    Juan David Zapiain Hace 20 días

    I love this opening of the new anime

  • Reub Hurd
    Reub Hurd Hace 20 días


  • dead memes and bad dreams
    dead memes and bad dreams Hace 20 días +1

    Version 4 is out!
    And it doesn't have half the stuff shown in this trailer. Like, what

  • KittensForever Roblox, Splatoon 2, And More

    Oh boi I cant wait for soda bombs

  • Mario7080
    Mario7080 Hace 20 días +2

    Top 10 Anime Intros

  • Sebastian Lazcano Valdez
    Sebastian Lazcano Valdez Hace 20 días


  • Sebastian Lazcano Valdez
    Sebastian Lazcano Valdez Hace 20 días


  • Sebastian Lazcano Valdez
    Sebastian Lazcano Valdez Hace 20 días


  • Ian Nations
    Ian Nations Hace 20 días

    1:14 what is that?!

    • lego lucas 124
      lego lucas 124 Hace 19 días

      Ian Nations another new special, but it’s sadly not coming out today

  • Wolfger Lynel
    Wolfger Lynel Hace 20 días

    this Trailer just proves Splatoons is better as an Anime XD

  • brandonisi
    brandonisi Hace 21 un día +1

    PLEASE let this song play during turf wars and ranked!

  • Anthony Bernal
    Anthony Bernal Hace 21 un día

    When is the update ?

    • lego lucas 124
      lego lucas 124 Hace 19 días

      Anthony Bernal the stuff in this trailer comes out today in 4.1 at the usual update time, thr only thing in this trailer that isn’t coming today is that hammer looking special

  • NotSoProGenji
    NotSoProGenji Hace 21 un día

    This is so an anime intro

  • Just Shinbi 고양이
    Just Shinbi 고양이 Hace 21 un día