'NO MAKEUP' MAKEUP 💩No Foundation 🚫NATURAL & Minimal Tutorial

  • Publicado el 19 abr 2018
  • My version of the Nikkietutorials Natural Makeup Challenge :) This is the kind of glowy look you can throw together in 10 mins or less also! Especially if you arent concealing as much. NO FOUNDATION, just using concealers and tints strategically where I need it, do you like it?
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    xoBeauty Peppermint Lip Balm www.xobeautyshop.com/products/lip-balm-peppermint
    Too Faced Hangover Primer bit.ly/2K1ZduQ
    MAC Mineralise Charged Water Eye Cream bit.ly/2HgkdvW
    Benefit Boi-ing Brightening Concealer and Industrial Strength Concealer bit.ly/2HgaFBd
    Hourglass Sunset Palette bit.ly/2K2xj1s
    Collection Contouring Stick www.collectioncosmetics.co.nz/face-1/precisioncontour
    Estee Lauder Genuine Glow www.esteelauder.com.au/makeup/genuine-glow
    Benefit Pore Fessional Makeup bit.ly/2JZAEP3
    Rimmel Stay Matte Powder www.rimmellondon.com/en_us/products/face/stay-matte-pressed-powder
    Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder bit.ly/2K1FbAn
    Charlotte Tilbury Moon Beach Stick bit.ly/2JaNKrv
    Pony Effect Due Respect Lip Stain us.memebox.com/product/6054/favorite-fluid-lip-tint-due-respect
    Benefit Tinted Lash Primer bit.ly/2K2xQR0
    Skindinavia Setting Spray www.makeup.co.nz/shop

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Comentarios • 526

  • Amy Westermire
    Amy Westermire Hace un año +454

    I have definitely been wanting to see a tutorial like this. There literally are days I don't have time to put foundation on. Two boys under 4 years old and a husband... I don't really have the time. Thanks Shannon for this look, I'll have to try it out soon!

    • Christina B
      Christina B Hace un año +1

      Amy Westermire omg I can so relate! I have a 2yr old and a 14 yes old. With all the appointment and extra school activities as well as work and college I have 0 time for anything. I love makeup and I just never have the time or money to try to keep up with the trends. It sucks but I love being a Mom!

    • Nikki Jones
      Nikki Jones Hace un año +5

      I make time as I was a person before I became a mother and I think people can lose their identity when they have children. Ofcourse I want to thrive to be a fantastic mum but I also want to stay me and not just not do my hair or makeup because I have children. I do it for myself and it makes me feel like me. ❤️💙

    • Roxie STIRLING
      Roxie STIRLING Hace un año


    • Amy Farrell
      Amy Farrell Hace un año +6

      Do a video where your dog chooses your make up and make a tutorial out of it😍

    • Roxie STIRLING
      Roxie STIRLING Hace un año +2

      I completly agree

  • Tinker bell Rocks
    Tinker bell Rocks Hace 7 meses

    Beautiful, natural and dewy xx

  • Canna White
    Canna White Hace 9 meses

    I don't know - somehow I even like the before one better😅

  • Vidia Dwi ramdani
    Vidia Dwi ramdani Hace 10 meses

    So pretty girl 💕😘💕

  • Vidia Dwi ramdani
    Vidia Dwi ramdani Hace 10 meses

    Hi ,, love From Indonesia 😘💕😘💕😘😍

  • Little_Miss_Obsessed
    Little_Miss_Obsessed Hace 11 meses

    This is so pretty!! Very natural & good for those days when you don't wanna wear a lot of makeup😊

  • Chantal Austin-Murphy
    Chantal Austin-Murphy Hace un año

    Can someone tell me if there's a way to get rid of the words on the screen?

  • Skylier Tirrell
    Skylier Tirrell Hace un año

    Hey everybody I just uploaded my first video on here and it'd be so amazing if you'd check it out!! (I don't want to comment on other peoples videos but I'm not sure how to promote my video)

  • Jae Fernandez
    Jae Fernandez Hace un año

    I'm in love . Ugh. I just died. Those lips Shannon. Ugh.

  • LB
    LB Hace un año

    That Estee Lauder highlighter stick is beautiful! I want a glow without the shimmer....no one but a drag queen should look like a drag queen (-:

  • Fareda Daif
    Fareda Daif Hace un año

    I like your Chanel but you talk too much

  • Ben J
    Ben J Hace un año +1

    by far the best natural makeup tutorial ive seen

  • Shelby Lynne
    Shelby Lynne Hace un año

    I think you totally nailed it. I love a bolder brow with a no makeup look and the flush looks great on you. I usually try to make my makeup look as invisible as possible so I love this video!

  • dser sm
    dser sm Hace un año

    love it!

  • Cindy
    Cindy Hace un año +1

    Love the look, except for the highlighter on your nose, but that's just my opinion. I like highlighter just on the bridge of the nose, never the tip

  • Hayley
    Hayley Hace un año

    Try red vain remover, you get it done in a salon, we do it at work and it works great.

  • Ashley Keoghan
    Ashley Keoghan Hace un año

    My everyday is
    Hemp oil
    Light powder
    Light shadow
    That's all. 😁

  • Ashley Keoghan
    Ashley Keoghan Hace un año

    Okay wow the concealer around the eyes just brightened your face.

  • Ashley Keoghan
    Ashley Keoghan Hace un año

    Yup since your eyebrow tint tutorial I brought me a tinting kit and tinted my own eyebrows omg they come out amazing. Thanks a bunch for that tutorial it's expensive for tinting here in New Plymouth.
    Follow you on:
    Insta: @ashleykeo20
    Facebook: Ash R Keo
    Twitter: @DevitGc

  • Lila Lux
    Lila Lux Hace un año

    Your sooooo beautiful and talented I love your videos

  • Lila Lux
    Lila Lux Hace un año

    Your sooooo beautiful and talented I love your videos

  • Lila Lux
    Lila Lux Hace un año

    Your sooooo beautiful and talented I love your videos

  • mariah hall
    mariah hall Hace un año

    What are some tips for reducing under eye creasing?! I get it every time I wear foundation or concealer, even with powder :(

  • Alganaora | Multigaming

    You're beautiful without makeup

  • SandraOlufsen
    SandraOlufsen Hace un año

    Love wearing a more natural look where I dont want to cake my face,but still look pretty. Besides from the eyebrows everything else look so natural and dewy🙈 You definitely nailed this look😍

  • Alecia Solley
    Alecia Solley Hace un año

    So beautiful!! Please do more of these with different products. I love this tutorial as its more like my day to day routine!

  • Sharna Clarke
    Sharna Clarke Hace un año

    This is perfect!!

  • Olga TV
    Olga TV Hace un año +3

    Can't wait for spring/summer. No make up makeup looks are so much easier when you're sun kissed a little bit ☀️

  • Zohra RZK
    Zohra RZK Hace un año

    Hi Shannon ! you should try the No Filter hyaluronique Setting powder you will love how it blurs pores and fine line perfect for under eyes non dying and no flash back SOOOOO perfect i swear !

  • Amy Misa
    Amy Misa Hace un año

    Honestly u are so beautiful without make up. thats what i call a natural godess.

  • Christina B
    Christina B Hace un año

    Yessss please do a glass skin look. I no it's similar but I would love to see ur version. Xoxo

  • Julia Hau
    Julia Hau Hace un año

    This literally looks like no make-up on your face😂 i waer this as a natural/everyday make up routine, where i don't use fondation or mascara, because i just think mascara is not very comfortable (; i do more dramatic looks (eye-shadow) for when i go out 😚 love and hugs from luxembourg😎😍

  • Giulia Cuomo
    Giulia Cuomo Hace un año

    You look so gorgeous 😍

  • London Tipton
    London Tipton Hace un año

    When you watch too many vides so you know the fenty brush is the highlighter brush 😹

  • Cláudia Estima
    Cláudia Estima Hace un año

    I've been hiding this for a long time but when I want to create sleep and I can't I watch your videos and in the first 5 min I'm out lool you are so relaxing, idk why. Love you

  • Grace Carey
    Grace Carey Hace un año


  • Marcelina
    Marcelina Hace un año

    I never wear foundation. Maybe just a touch of concealer

  • Lisa Dinkel
    Lisa Dinkel Hace un año

    OMG the freckle hack!!! 😮🤯 I’m loving it!! 💜

  • superjules21
    superjules21 Hace un año

    looks great

  • Kym Phillips
    Kym Phillips Hace un año

    Nailed it!!!! I'm gonna have me a go but I mean I just had a couple of skin frosts turn up in the mail and .... I cant skin frost and not go full glam ... dilemma!!

  • sophia moore
    sophia moore Hace un año

    Iv only recently got into watching u EVERYDAY! This video is exactly what I needed 😂 this is my go to make up everrry day and this helps a lot!
    I love your videos💗💗🌸🌸🌸🌸

  • Abby Johnson
    Abby Johnson Hace un año

    This is the best no makeup look I’ve ever seen

  • Tal Kujavsky
    Tal Kujavsky Hace un año

    Amazing, beautiful

  • Ahlaam Chahrour
    Ahlaam Chahrour Hace un año

    So beautiful without make up 👌👌👌😘😘😘

  • glamor
    glamor Hace un año

    I love your videos so much ❤😍😍👌😭
    love from India 🤗😚😊

  • Kaylee Kim
    Kaylee Kim Hace un año +1

    wowwwwww.... this looks so good

  • vivi 32
    vivi 32 Hace un año +1

    I usually wear a very light foundation a natural highlighter. Tons of pink blush placed next to my nose.. a natural matte lipstick (I like the light shaded ones from MUA) concealer (I like the no7 one) it gives you tons of coverage but natural looking (not a lot of creasing) I don’t like to wear powder because I don’t have a translucent one yet so that’s why. But I might get one soon! Oh yeah I also wear mascara my faves are the ones from mayballine and L’Oréal! I also don’t contour/bronze because I go a bit too crazy with it! That is my natural/ everyday (when going out) makeup. Also I am 12, near 13. Be honest guys, I’m I wearing tons of makeup or it’s ok?

  • Veronica Hall
    Veronica Hall Hace un año

    you look BEAUTIFUL

  • the midimalist
    the midimalist Hace un año

    look how pretty!!

  • Rebeccaajeann
    Rebeccaajeann Hace un año +1

    Lol that pimple on your forehead, disappeared like photoshop 😲😲😲

  • Breyana
    Breyana Hace un año +1

    When my acne and scars fade a bit more I want to try this look cause I’m tired of the super full coverage to cover my acne. I’m ready for that fresh faced natural skin look!

  • _.finna._
    _.finna._ Hace un año

    Love this look on you and it really shows off your pretty skin/skin tone! :) I do somewhere between this and this with a little eyeshadow daily. I have lots of freckles and decent skin so I don't wear foundation so I totally appreciate this look! Loving that blush/lip idea!

  • LILY Ortiz
    LILY Ortiz Hace un año

    loving it.

  • Lauren Myers
    Lauren Myers Hace un año

    Great job, Shannon! 😍

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee Hace un año

    Omg definitely been loving my skin as well! Ima try this out thanks for the tips

  • Elaine Kim
    Elaine Kim Hace un año

    love the no makeup look

  • Laurianing
    Laurianing Hace un año

    Loooove this make up 😍

  • Paulina D
    Paulina D Hace un año

    Please do a video on what kind of brushes you'd recommend for beginners!

  • Sarah Slater
    Sarah Slater Hace un año

    I have to say I love this look!

  • Ttk Jinadu
    Ttk Jinadu Hace un año

    Love the pink nail polish nice makeup

  • Prapti samanwita
    Prapti samanwita Hace un año

    You have done a great job.

  • Nanner Bee
    Nanner Bee Hace un año

    Love this video, I don't ever have time to do a lot of makeup, if any, but I love watching makeup tutorials and this one was right up my alley! Thanks so much for doing this video ❤

  • JoeDoe_ Outdoors
    JoeDoe_ Outdoors Hace un año

    Hii awesome page ☺ Keep it up!

  • Katie Larison
    Katie Larison Hace un año

    I literally put on mascara and some brow mascara and I'm out the door lol if I happen to get a breakout I'll use some concealer and a little bit of powder. I dont think I've ever done full glam makeup lol

  • Tiffany Hale
    Tiffany Hale Hace un año

    I get so red too ☺️😳

  • Gigi Hunt
    Gigi Hunt Hace un año

    LOVE THIS! looks super natural and your skin looks beautiful!!

  • Irene Kligge
    Irene Kligge Hace un año

    That was fun. I like to use Dr. Pericone no make makeup. It really seems to look like my natural skin. I got everything to go with it last month except the mascara. I have a dark mark on either side of my face. I have tried so many products to get rid of them and to hide them. I just can't make them go away or hide them, what would you recomend? Loved today as usual thank you!

  • R Lee
    R Lee Hace un año

    Amazing 👌👌 nailed it shaan

  • Stacy P
    Stacy P Hace un año

    I love this look. You look beautiful and it looks like that healthy "just got back from vacation" glow.

  • Sam Kimball
    Sam Kimball Hace un año +1

    I need to do some benefit shopping! I need that under eye concealer ASAP!

  • Kelly Boyed
    Kelly Boyed Hace un año

    My no makeup makeup is BB cream, mascara and eyebrow pencil :P

  • Henna Shaikh
    Henna Shaikh Hace un año

    Beautiful!!!! Can’t wait to try it😊 Thanks for showing us! I always try to do natural makeup but ends up looking dramatic lol

  • raquel_circe
    raquel_circe Hace un año

    You are SO SO SO gorgeous with this minimal make up!!

  • A K
    A K Hace un año

    Love you Shannon 💜💜💜

  • Thaís Domingos
    Thaís Domingos Hace un año

    Loved this makeup look Shannon! Course I'll try soon xoxo 😘😘

  • Gabrielle Gutierrez-Webb

    You nailed it as always! When I don’t feel good from my #PCOS and go into work I don’t want a full on makeup look! This gives me another option🙌🏼💋 I can’t wait too try it and post it💕

  • jen R
    jen R Hace un año

    I love a actual no makeup makeup look, nailed it. 💕 i try this and fail, i always end half glam or full glam. Lol

  • Rachel Mendiola
    Rachel Mendiola Hace un año

    Since you are going to tomorrowland can you do a festival makeup look that you would wear?

  • QueenCloveroftheice
    QueenCloveroftheice Hace un año +31

    Me, trying to do a no-foundation look: *puts concealer all over my face because every area is a problem area*

  • Hey grey! Lovemakeup
    Hey grey! Lovemakeup Hace un año

    Love the look ❤️ love you ❤️

  • Eggles
    Eggles Hace un año

    So much make up for no make up make up 😳

  • krystal m
    krystal m Hace un año

    I have waited so long for this video!!! You look so good without / less make up!:)

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young Hace un año


  • Geegieland
    Geegieland Hace un año

    You’re honestly so beautiful I’ve wanted to see a look like this from you for ages, you look gorgeous

  • Juliane Wolff
    Juliane Wolff Hace un año

    wow it looks so natural! fantastic! love it 💕

  • Sana Sumbad
    Sana Sumbad Hace un año

    Amazing soo beautiful skin 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘

  • Vanessa Allan
    Vanessa Allan Hace un año

    Now for me your end result looked radiant glowing i just don't know if i could call it no make up make up, for me it consists of lip gloss eye mascara and alittle powder puffed around!!!!!!
    Now this is why i'm on this side of the screen love your work

  • cami batista
    cami batista Hace un año

    omg i Love

  • Midori Hatake
    Midori Hatake Hace un año

    i hardly use make up. only a bit of concealer on my chin and undereyes, light wash of powder, curl my lashes since they then stay up all day. have full eyebrows and lashes naturally so no need for anything. done.

  • raecat90
    raecat90 Hace un año

    so gorgeous!!! love this look. your skin looks great

  • Sarha S
    Sarha S Hace un año


  • Hannah Carroll
    Hannah Carroll Hace un año

    Shannon, you are so naturally stunning! I love no makeup makeup on you.

  • mapsudaa
    mapsudaa Hace un año

    I`ve been doing this kind of look quite often for a while now. I loooove the natural look that isnt trying to be perfect. Ah!

  • Anna
    Anna Hace un año

    I think best makeup you have ever wore :-)

  • maddy urquhart
    maddy urquhart Hace un año

    Love videos like this! I used to wear a full face of makeup every day but it started becoming far too time consuming! Now I wear natural makeup day to day. I use the B.B. cream from the face shop. You should do a video trying out products from the face shop it’s new to Australia I think there’s only 2 stores and they’re both in Brisbane but you can also buy online. It’s all Korean makeup, skincare and other beauty products. Everything is 100% cruelty fee and they have an excellent price range. My new favourite shop!! I know how much you love Korean skin care and makeup so you should definitely give it a go!

  • Madison Doten
    Madison Doten Hace un año

    I'm just going to be the Bad News Deliverer...I already told you the Kat Von D brightening powder is being discontinued...So is the benefit pore minimizing makeup. 50% off right now and again I love it as like an added step after primer and before foundation, or just as my foundation so I bought a bunch LOL. Sorry I'm always giving bad news

  • Lina
    Lina Hace un año +1

    I love how fresh this looks. With so many other makeup looks on ESclips lately, it's nice to see the no makeup makeup. And your version is easy enough for anyone but looks beautiful! Thanks Shannon!

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole Hace un año

    I literally related TOO much to this !! Im fair with hella veins too and I have red ass cheeks too ugh

  • Alix Coombes
    Alix Coombes Hace un año

    where did you get the genuine glow illuminating pen from? in store or online? what store/site? btw I love this tutorial because when I do get into makeup and am allowed to wear it this is the exact type of makeup I would want to do 💘

  • L LBrookieF
    L LBrookieF Hace un año

    I'd love to be able to get away with that little makeup, but I have scarring from and occasional breakouts on my chin. I can do a no eye makeup look with just mascara no problem, but I will always need some foundation and concealer, depending on how good/bad my skin is at the time.