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  • Publicado el 16 oct 2019
  • "It's tennis nearer the gods!" 馃槺
    Here's some of the best commentary heard on the ATP Tour...
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Comentarios • 89

  • Kuroppey
    Kuroppey Hace 20 d铆as

    Ooh nice you got the "BOOMSHKI!" my favourite

  • 袨褔械薪褜 啸芯褉芯褕芯


  • Stefan Radevic
    Stefan Radevic Hace 20 d铆as +1

    Song in the background??

  • Jan Leibetseder
    Jan Leibetseder Hace 23 d铆as

    The guy commentating Sebastian grojean suite more to Basketball than to boring鈥瀟ennis鈥

  • jaaaic10
    jaaaic10 Hace 23 d铆as

    I swear he says 鈥渋t鈥檚 tennis year of the gods鈥

  • ECTorres
    ECTorres Hace 23 d铆as +3


  • P2Rock
    P2Rock Hace 24 d铆as

    That South African is the most annoying commentator in all of sports. Jesus Christ

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Hace 24 d铆as

    Pretty sure those commentators are all gay


    Felix Aliar Augerissime is a future star

  • Oliver McCall
    Oliver McCall Hace 24 d铆as

    1:48 ...25 mph winner?

  • Leona Laugher
    Leona Laugher Hace 25 d铆as


  • Hai Hai
    Hai Hai Hace 25 d铆as铆deo.html

  • #Hesch tag
    #Hesch tag Hace 25 d铆as +2

    A forehand like an unattended garden hose. I like that. Reminds me of my super inconsistent forehand.

  • alexandergoldman
    alexandergoldman Hace 25 d铆as +2

    At 1:43, I almost thought Roger's ball hit her in the "boushky".

  • xXTacocubesXx
    xXTacocubesXx Hace 25 d铆as

    1:48 25 mile an hour ripper! Oh no!

  • OneStauffder Sirynch
    OneStauffder Sirynch Hace 26 d铆as

    Seriously guys did nobody double check the captions on this one before posting?! I thought this was the association of tennis PROFESSIONALS
    *Vapor trail
    *95 mph ripper
    *what a get that was

  • Sand Elf
    Sand Elf Hace 26 d铆as +2

    His way to win is UNDILUTED! 馃槀

    LIxMING Hace 27 d铆as

    1:57 INCOMING

  • Elena Cotea
    Elena Cotea Hace 27 d铆as +1

    Robbie Koenig, the best!!!

  • atliakinci
    atliakinci Hace 27 d铆as

    shitty music playin at the background god i cant stand it

  • Hans Akho Manley
    Hans Akho Manley Hace 27 d铆as

    Robbie Koenig - One of the most annoying commentators.
    Maybe he should go to Baseball oder NFL, that's a better place for his style of commenting
    1:42, WTF is this?

  • unowen7591
    unowen7591 Hace 27 d铆as +2

    "No soup for you" hahahahahahahaha

  • Thiresia Dd
    Thiresia Dd Hace 27 d铆as +1

    Why I got emotional ?!

  • Josh Heinink
    Josh Heinink Hace 27 d铆as +2

    The things this guy says is hilarious

  • 袚械芯褉谐懈泄 校薪邪锌泻芯胁

    Ryrridiculous is murraculous!

  • XxMaplerzxX
    XxMaplerzxX Hace 27 d铆as +2

    Robbie Koenig is very annoying, just cycles through the same overused phrases over and over again.

    • R F
      R F Hace 25 d铆as

      The thing is others won't use any

  • sjjapp
    sjjapp Hace 27 d铆as +1

    Rocket propelled groundstroke

  • wil thompson
    wil thompson Hace 27 d铆as +2

    Then suddenly......RPG

  • Abha Agrawal
    Abha Agrawal Hace 27 d铆as +3

    4:09 never thought I was going say this, but "I could have hit that shot better than Federer."


      Felix Aliar Augerissime is a future star

    • R F
      R F Hace 25 d铆as

      But Not when having socks butt infront of u

  • Mini World
    Mini World Hace 27 d铆as +1

    A lot was by Robbie Koenig

  • Yaya Jung
    Yaya Jung Hace 27 d铆as

    I wonder who鈥檚 the commentator saying gluteus maximus

  • Olajide Lucas
    Olajide Lucas Hace 27 d铆as +12

    Please bring back Rob Koenig on the ATP matches! I haven鈥檛 heard him in a while.
    He鈥檚 the GOAT!!

  • Bram Freedman
    Bram Freedman Hace 27 d铆as +4

    Robbie Koenig is the best. Rest of commentary team is boring

  • Kevin Joel
    Kevin Joel Hace 27 d铆as +13

    The best was "NO SOUP FOR YOU!"

  • joosiej85
    joosiej85 Hace 27 d铆as +11

    And 95% of it is Robbie Koenig 馃ぃ Legend!

  • not diagonic
    not diagonic Hace 27 d铆as +16

    Where鈥檚 the 鈥渟lick trick with your stick鈥 during tiafoe vs RBA in Cincinnati xd

  • Roberto Ruggio
    Roberto Ruggio Hace 28 d铆as +50

    Robbie Koenig: PHENOME-NADAL!

  • Drew Callant
    Drew Callant Hace 28 d铆as +1

    I'm gonna do this someday

  • Hamza Abbas Zaidi
    Hamza Abbas Zaidi Hace 28 d铆as +1


  • neuralvibes
    neuralvibes Hace 28 d铆as +26

    Throwing racquets = "Full commitment to the cause!"

    • maratikje
      maratikje Hace 24 d铆as +5

      He literally fucking dove on a hard court to get the ball. What are you talking about?

  • Nikola Pavlovic
    Nikola Pavlovic Hace 28 d铆as

    Sucks how they can't have grandslam content...was really hoping to hear: OHHHH That is SCANDALOUS, call 911 because Federer just got out of jail or Ohhh that is ridiculous, against 99 out of the top 100 players those shots would have been good enough, but Djokovic is not in the match 2016 ao semi

  • Towfiq Ahmed
    Towfiq Ahmed Hace 28 d铆as +3

    More than half of those were commented by #RobbieKoenig....Rockstar in the commentary box. 'Mongoose on Amphetamines', 'Phenome-Nadal', 'Tennis nearer the Gods' and 'OH ! Stop it'- These all came out of the same Larynx.

    • Towfiq Ahmed
      Towfiq Ahmed Hace 25 d铆as

      Don't try this at home

    • Olajide Lucas
      Olajide Lucas Hace 25 d铆as

      Nandu FEEL GOOD 鈥 I couldn鈥檛 agree with you more鈥

    • Nandu FEEL GOOD
      Nandu FEEL GOOD Hace 25 d铆as +2

      @Olajide Lucas get out of here!

    • Olajide Lucas
      Olajide Lucas Hace 27 d铆as +2

      You鈥檝e got to be kidding me!

  • Jason Wei
    Jason Wei Hace 28 d铆as +3

    Robbie Koenig compilation

  • Praveen K
    Praveen K Hace 28 d铆as +11

    I miss the Rafael Nadal winner against Guido Pella this year.
    "Oh! Come on! Rafa Nadal! "
    I had heard that one quite a few times this year and it is satisfying to hear that everytime.

  • Joe Flash
    Joe Flash Hace 28 d铆as +4

    NO SOUP FOR YOU! -Commentator

  • Archie O鈥橰eilly
    Archie O鈥橰eilly Hace 28 d铆as +105

    More like 鈥淏est Robbie Koenig Moments鈥

    • P2Rock
      P2Rock Hace 24 d铆as

      You have Stockholm syndrome

    • Brr Vi
      Brr Vi Hace 27 d铆as +3

      Archie O鈥橰eilly Robbie Koenig is the Ray Hudson of tennis commentators!!

  • Jorge Miguel Milano
    Jorge Miguel Milano Hace 28 d铆as +13

    "99% out is always 100% in"

  • Munchi munch
    Munchi munch Hace 28 d铆as

    If someone laughed at this at all I am shocked

  • Marta Padr贸n Hernando
    Marta Padr贸n Hernando Hace 28 d铆as +8

    that was PHENOME-NADAL!

  • Maro Maro
    Maro Maro Hace 28 d铆as +11

    Phenome-Nadal 馃槀 I鈥檓 gonna use that 馃槀

  • Chikamso Ukuwa-Ekele
    Chikamso Ukuwa-Ekele Hace 28 d铆as +7

    鈥淕et out of here!鈥

  • Cole Hudson
    Cole Hudson Hace 28 d铆as +5


  • AJ Lapray
    AJ Lapray Hace 28 d铆as +1

    someone turn 3:45 into a meme

  • avalianiii
    avalianiii Hace 28 d铆as

    Tennis players have better humor than commentators :(

  • Abhay Kochhar
    Abhay Kochhar Hace 28 d铆as +32

    I love Robie Koenig's commentary.

  • Verkeerde Bushalte
    Verkeerde Bushalte Hace 28 d铆as +51

    I miss the "elevation Sensation"馃榾馃槀

    • Justin Jansen
      Justin Jansen Hace 18 d铆as +1

      Verkeerde Bushalte or 鈥渆lectrifying the crowd鈥 馃槀

  • Theo Berman
    Theo Berman Hace 28 d铆as +11

    Mongoose on amphetamines

    KAMAL PHUKAN Hace 28 d铆as +23

    Rob commenting on Big 3 matches is always a party of words.....

  • Phil L-B
    Phil L-B Hace 28 d铆as +31

    鈥淭his has left a paper-trail...鈥

  • Emiliano Rodriguez
    Emiliano Rodriguez Hace 28 d铆as +141

    Call 911: Federer, the mongoose on amphetamines wielding a South African diamond cutter and a Wilson Wand has got out of jail.

    • Molybdaenmornell
      Molybdaenmornell Hace 27 d铆as +4

      Good point. Points like that are worth the admission fee on their own.

    • Josh Heinink
      Josh Heinink Hace 27 d铆as

      What a wild imagination