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  • Jovita Dimas-Munoz
    Jovita Dimas-Munoz Hace 2 días

    My cat Cinza had that exact same white marking between her eyes just like Mars! Crazy!

  • Maria Ortiz
    Maria Ortiz Hace 2 días


  • Roddy Evans
    Roddy Evans Hace 2 días

    You look like you love asking for managers.
    Btw look at your right ear in the mirror.

  • Kat Meow
    Kat Meow Hace 3 días

    This video is my aesthetic

  • Braincube 013
    Braincube 013 Hace 3 días +1

    You were sexy PLS regrow your long black hair❗️

  • CookieDino135
    CookieDino135 Hace 4 días

    Rhett and Link did it first.

  • jehr bear
    jehr bear Hace 4 días

    The bow ties were so cute I can't even

  • Dwight Turner
    Dwight Turner Hace 4 días

    Hi, my name is Dwight, and I'm a cataholic.

  • The Nightmare Of Heaven

    I have four cats, two males, two females, the females are Sadie and Samantha (Samantha is a Calico and Sadie is a Grey Tabby) the males are Shadow and Simon (Shadow is a fluffy Bombay like he is 90% fur and Simon is a slim skinny Bombay and he is only 50% fur) And those are my cats!

  • Charity Sellman
    Charity Sellman Hace 5 días

    *that's your floofy, majestic brother*

  • Caprice Fleijsman
    Caprice Fleijsman Hace 6 días +1

    Who noticed the Stranger Things poster at 3:13 ?

  • Nelly Haitham
    Nelly Haitham Hace 6 días


  • Alex Pupaza
    Alex Pupaza Hace 6 días

    Sorry to be so annoying but it would mean a lot if someone would check out my content

  • wolf bane
    wolf bane Hace 6 días

    let me know if anyone else has a ~11 year old polydactyl orange tabby!!!!

  • Lily Adams
    Lily Adams Hace 7 días

    aww your the best cat mom ever

  • Daniel Erickson
    Daniel Erickson Hace 8 días

    This should be titled chapter 2 in the continuing evolution of a cat lady in her younger formative years.

  • Sushi Chai
    Sushi Chai Hace 8 días

    2:30 lol she framed a stranger things poster on the wall

  • The Musketeers
    The Musketeers Hace 9 días

    She called him marsbars that my nick name

  • Rogelio Ayala
    Rogelio Ayala Hace 9 días

    Your mom is cat brothers

  • Yara Osama
    Yara Osama Hace 10 días

    So this is like when Oprah reunited long-lost family members but for CATS. NOICE

  • wryonlife
    wryonlife Hace 10 días

    The sibling bond is more easily broken when they are kittens. I have reunited mother and son after like 8 years, they absolutely recognized eachother. It depends more on the age when the cats were separated and the relationship they had between the. I have seen cats that were brothers and lived together over 5 years, then went to separate homes when their people got divorced. A few years later got to both live with eachother again and it was like no time had passed. My two cats were not related at all, just lived together 10 years. When the older one died, my little girl started this heartbreaking thing where she will stand in the spot where he used to sleep and call him. She did that for over 2 years after he passed, clearly she remembers him and is looking for him.

  • She Will Participate
    She Will Participate Hace 10 días

    Stranger Things poster 😍😍

  • Stoney's Bodega
    Stoney's Bodega Hace 11 días

    This is so amusing.... white people and cats

  • M&Ms Are My Favourite Candy Bar

    *No, this is Patrick*

  • Jeffrey Florentine
    Jeffrey Florentine Hace 11 días

    Cat people are by far the weirdest freaks on the planet. Just... down right creepy folk.

  • Savannah_Editz
    Savannah_Editz Hace 11 días

    "y is hooman talking to machine" killed me lmfaoo

  • Hi There
    Hi There Hace 12 días

    I don’t believe in rescuing cats, they believe in rescuing me! Lol. One cat showed up in my yard skinny as sticks, covered in fleas, and not spayed. 5 years later, she’s well fed, spayed, and flea free. Her name is Destiny because it was my Destiny to find her. Now she’s asleep on my bed 😂💗🐱 💤

  • jim james
    jim james Hace 12 días

    8 years after I adopted out my kitten's mom to an older couple, she came up for me to adopt her back after both people had passed on. She had gained so much weight(26lbs) I would expect no son would've recognized her as mom, but after a little while it appeared that he knew her. She didn't, and as an only cat for so long, she hissed and swiped at him whenever he was near. He was too cool and playful to care. We had her for a few more years but she lost too much weight too fast and developed kidney issues. When we took her to the vet, he asked if we smoked (we do not but the old couple did like chimneys) because she had a tumor pressing against her heart and lungs. Something to think about for all you smokers out there. Her son lived to 19.

  • Larissa Gosney-Wood
    Larissa Gosney-Wood Hace 12 días

    6.27 😂😨😱

  • Dylan Greer
    Dylan Greer Hace 12 días

    I hate 3 generations of cats living under the same roof and none of them get along, but I did get the youngest of the 3 a partner that's not related and they're best friends now

  • Brink
    Brink Hace 12 días +1

    That hair is no bueno. Go back to long hair please.

  • Dannette c
    Dannette c Hace 12 días

    My girls are sisters and they were fosters before I Adopted them. I love that they're still together.

  • Awesomecherry 34
    Awesomecherry 34 Hace 12 días +1

    Awe ahahaha!😂😂♥️👏🏻

  • Edgy Pasta
    Edgy Pasta Hace 12 días

    This is the quality content I’m looking for

  • Tu pica Hielo Gonzalo
    Tu pica Hielo Gonzalo Hace 12 días

    I got a black tuxedo kitten name sorulla but my sister calls her soruyini

  • Allison Kayser
    Allison Kayser Hace 12 días

    Too much talking.

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato Hace 13 días +1

    3:00 Why does Devin sound like Christine from SimplyNailLogical?

  • mikey weaselwhipper
    mikey weaselwhipper Hace 13 días

    my two boys are littermates. that's why i agreed to two, i didn't want to split them up.
    it's been 14 years, and i've never regretted it.

  • medexamtoolsdotcom
    medexamtoolsdotcom Hace 13 días

    What is the point of this. Anthropomorphising what would be common human motivations to cats. They don't give a f about familial relations, the idea of them being brothers means nothing to them.

  • mc scribbles
    mc scribbles Hace 13 días

    I feel like crying and because I had a cat named Mars

  • Kira Marlatt
    Kira Marlatt Hace 13 días

    this is what my life is meant for

  • Cassie Lynn
    Cassie Lynn Hace 13 días

    Half of my cats I have been abandoned and the other half have been from the shelter

  • Vanessa Betten
    Vanessa Betten Hace 13 días


  • Janine Webb
    Janine Webb Hace 13 días

    One of my cat is lost pls give a prayer

  • Kelar Newsome-Rivera
    Kelar Newsome-Rivera Hace 13 días

    your cats are 7! celebrate a guess birthday

  • Gseric47
    Gseric47 Hace 13 días

    5:56 haha! His reaction 😂

  • KingTurtleJeff
    KingTurtleJeff Hace 13 días

    Haters, how

  • Totally Hannah
    Totally Hannah Hace 13 días

    2:53 I have a box like that for my cats😄😄

  • Copper Candycorn
    Copper Candycorn Hace 13 días

    My cat looks very strange. He’s all white with gray and brown tabby splotches. I would really like to see what his siblings and parents look like.

  • Kiwi toons
    Kiwi toons Hace 14 días

    2:17 “You look so good” meow “yeah you do”

  • iwan IWAN
    iwan IWAN Hace 14 días


  • Ti Dunbar
    Ti Dunbar Hace 14 días

    We adopted sisters and 10 years in one of them still hates the other, we have no clue why. At least they both love their dog sister.

  • Kiki chicken
    Kiki chicken Hace 14 días +2

    6:26 when someone tries to eat my food

  • Fuzz Demon
    Fuzz Demon Hace 14 días

    Grow yer hair back out natural ..so pretty and you love cats ,sorry a bit not the point but I'm not alone on this opinion

  • Venice 777
    Venice 777 Hace 14 días

    So, if anyone adopted an all black floofy cat with a father named Bear in a REALLY nice neighborhood in AZ, tell me how's he doing, also, the cat was free, and the family was moving to California with their dogs

  • CooKiePieLoves M
    CooKiePieLoves M Hace 14 días

    My cat her name is also Cookie ^^

  • Dennis Mellon
    Dennis Mellon Hace 14 días

    There are lives that could be saved in this world, conflicts that could be resolved by my will and determinatio but. Instead I'm watching completely mindless drivel.

  • HelloEmma!
    HelloEmma! Hace 14 días

    Devin saying, "I'm doing this for you" made me laugh so much

  • Gore Masun
    Gore Masun Hace 14 días


  • kensta2468
    kensta2468 Hace 14 días

    These people are crazy.

  • Nadia45791 roblox
    Nadia45791 roblox Hace 15 días

    Stranger things

  • Commander Xenus
    Commander Xenus Hace 15 días

    Whoa, You Did That *YUP*

  • Bianca Smith
    Bianca Smith Hace 15 días

    Patrick is so sad, I think I’m Patrick

  • Maja Erlandsson
    Maja Erlandsson Hace 15 días

    Stressful for the cats only to please their humans curiosity..

  • Suffragette
    Suffragette Hace 15 días

    Wouldn't it have been better to do this on neutral ground so they could've met on equal footing?

  • Rik_23
    Rik_23 Hace 16 días

    Damn this is what 7 years of LA does to you, worse than booze and Crack combined

  • Amani O'Reilly
    Amani O'Reilly Hace 16 días

    Oh meow god, this video is purrfect, it’s so fluffy.

  • Lizette Lyman
    Lizette Lyman Hace 16 días

    I love cats so much. I have 2 little babies Ariel and Caesar and I love them so much💙🐱

  • kai russell
    kai russell Hace 16 días

    Thats one of the nasty delusional sjws that painted with her globs of coagulated period blood.
    But I paint one fountain painting out of semen and I'm the crazy one...

  • LilDana XD
    LilDana XD Hace 16 días

    i hAvE 5 caTsS

  • Iceywolfypaw- I rock
    Iceywolfypaw- I rock Hace 16 días

    *who u*

    JIGOKU KIRĀ Hace 16 días

    This video is gay

  • Denver Jordan
    Denver Jordan Hace 16 días

    My cats are brothers and they’re literally never apart. They love eachother so much.

  • RustyHarper Drumming
    RustyHarper Drumming Hace 16 días

    You look like a 1990 pornstar. Lol

  • Pandicorn Drawing
    Pandicorn Drawing Hace 16 días

    Anyone else wonder if Devin is cho cang from a very potter musical

  • Diana Thot
    Diana Thot Hace 16 días

    They made this so dramatic and I'm here for you it👌

  • KartoffelLina
    KartoffelLina Hace 16 días +1

    Cat content.

  • Danielle Loiacono
    Danielle Loiacono Hace 16 días

    We just adopted another kitten. We have two cats who are 4 1/5 years old. A brother and sister from the same litter. At first jack and sally were a little iffy about this new comer into their home and once sally like gave the 👌 jack and littles have been inseparable!! I've heard they say its easier when you bring a kitten instead an older cat. I'm just glad they all get along!!

  • diatras
    diatras Hace 16 días


  • Pau Mang
    Pau Mang Hace 16 días

    at 6:14 mars is like knock knock one second later break in

  • Angsty Jughead
    Angsty Jughead Hace 16 días

    Devin looks like Lily Rabe

  • MTG 2 YGO
    MTG 2 YGO Hace 17 días

    Proof that l.a. destroys people...

  • Zihao Ding
    Zihao Ding Hace 17 días

    ok i have a lot question between 0:25 to 0:30

  • Gabby Y.
    Gabby Y. Hace 17 días

    *doja cat do not improve*

  • joanab
    joanab Hace 17 días


  • Karl Ruehs
    Karl Ruehs Hace 17 días

    This cat lady is rather kooky. Awesome!!! Who doesn’t love kooky?!!! 😺

  • memonk11
    memonk11 Hace 17 días

    Gees, I love cats but that was insufferable.

  • Gabriella B
    Gabriella B Hace 17 días

    Is it wierd I walk my cats on leashes too😕

  • Liam Whitechapel
    Liam Whitechapel Hace 17 días

    I like cats I have a very strange one he's in the freezer.

  • Pet care and diy S
    Pet care and diy S Hace 17 días

    No I feel she really doesn’t love bones as much

  • Chris Baker
    Chris Baker Hace 17 días

    So... Many... Freckles

  • Carolina Monsan
    Carolina Monsan Hace 17 días

    We cat people are a bit crazy

  • TheLegendOfTat
    TheLegendOfTat Hace 17 días

    My cousin has the other cat and it’s his brother. I wonder if they would remember

  • Ava Noles
    Ava Noles Hace 17 días

    The first part is kinda rude!

  • Guided Meditation
    Guided Meditation Hace 17 días

    I can smell their cat boxes from here! Or is that mine?

  • ChillCosmos
    ChillCosmos Hace 17 días

    What's with the cheesy in and out zoom through the whole video? It's really distracting.

  • Melissa Morgan
    Melissa Morgan Hace 17 días

    I have the same stranger things poster as you i ❤ stranger things i 💙 ur vids too

  • Γιωργος Αδαμοπουλος


  • KingNATION
    KingNATION Hace 18 días

    Mars has an assassin's creed logo on his face.

  • Nyc Nightcore
    Nyc Nightcore Hace 18 días +2

    I wonder how it's like to not be allergic to cats 😂