We Reunited Cat Brothers • Ladylike


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  • fuzzymozzy h
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  • Smith
    Smith Hace 3 días

    You are the "cat lady"...

  • Hermoine Snape
    Hermoine Snape Hace 4 días

    Dang, I see a cat on the street and I think "rabies!!!"

  • ivy hermans
    ivy hermans Hace 5 días

    ooh handsum boiii

  • Soso N
    Soso N Hace 8 días

    I love them so much but they’re so cute 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈🐈

  • stephen trupp
    stephen trupp Hace 9 días

    it’s funny, I got one of my cats in larchmont, ny and always was wondering what would happen if she was reunited with her siblings☺️

  • Beep Beep
    Beep Beep Hace 9 días

    This is not ok. You caused these cats lots of unnecessary anxiety. Never do this again.
    I was optimistic at first but it is very upsetting to see and hear a cat hiss, cry, and pant because it shows how much stress they were under. Of course, sometimes cats need to be introduced if they are going to live together in one house long-term, but that is not what you were doing. This video was purely for your enjoyment and it really upset the cats.
    Also, when a cat holds eye contact with you or another cat, it means they are scared or angry. It's like they're saying "I'm watching you to make sure you're not going to do anything suspicious..." If a cat is not making eye contact with you, it means "I trust you enough to know that you're not going to hurt me when I'm not looking."

  • Bob Capps
    Bob Capps Hace 10 días

    you don't know reality don't have kids

  • Bob Capps
    Bob Capps Hace 10 días

    dressed up cats = abuse

  • Bob Capps
    Bob Capps Hace 10 días

    this weirdo shouldn't have cats my cats are scared of her

  • Just Living
    Just Living Hace 11 días

    You were hot with your natural hair color. I'm sorry "LA" happened to you.

  • Alex the Lego guy
    Alex the Lego guy Hace 11 días

    I went to go adopt a kitty cat and I brought my roommate along with me and when we got to the house. There were only two brothers left. And my roommate wasnt going to adopt at all. Never even crossed my mind. And when he saw the last two he just told the lady “well... we can’t let them separat. Right?” So we brought them home together and they were two little shitheads that caused all kinds of mischief! Then our lease ran out and we had to go seperate ways. We ended up moving back in with each other a yearish later and the cats hated each other from then on. Super sad cause they left best friends :(

  • Skye B McLemee
    Skye B McLemee Hace 11 días

    I actually love cat's and dogs I have 10 cat's and 3 dogs

  • Emma Robertson
    Emma Robertson Hace 13 días

    aww the little bow tie!! 🐈

  • The CuteKitten Twins
    The CuteKitten Twins Hace 14 días +1

    6:25 that sounded real for a second

  • Addison Rerecich
    Addison Rerecich Hace 14 días

    "Aww he hates you honey"
    "You look great"

  • Tilly HG
    Tilly HG Hace 15 días

    Devein seems like such a crazy cat lady in this!!

  • TrendyTexting 2
    TrendyTexting 2 Hace 15 días

    Who else noticed the Stranger Things poster?!💕 The cats are so cute!!

  • Aubrey Couturier
    Aubrey Couturier Hace 15 días

    This is my favorite #ladylike video ever. More cat videos!!!! I want to get to know Mars, Bones James, & Bertie a little more.

  • Fluffy Dragon
    Fluffy Dragon Hace 16 días

    2:18 awwwwwww

  • Aset Ygo
    Aset Ygo Hace 16 días

    If i do this with my 6 month old and his two brothers living with my mom, they will not hiss at each other?

  • Alexxx
    Alexxx Hace 16 días

    Male cats hate each other usually lol
    They are so cute

  • Alexxx
    Alexxx Hace 16 días

    Awe 😍😍😍

  • Deanna Hart
    Deanna Hart Hace 18 días

    Mars looks a LOT like my Fae but with longer hair. Same round yellow eyes and mostly black with a little white

  • Nicola Wiekamp
    Nicola Wiekamp Hace 19 días

    Devin, you crazy, but I love you.

  • Carolina Nolasco
    Carolina Nolasco Hace 20 días

    Kitt Crusaders are amazing! They have saved so many cats and kittens from LA

  • Adrianna Garcia
    Adrianna Garcia Hace 23 días

    I’m pretty sure my cat hates me because I thought he was a girl and now his name is sugar

  • snow !
    snow ! Hace 23 días

    ;-; i love cats
    all dogs hate me lol

  • paulla smith
    paulla smith Hace 23 días

    Doesn't seem right to keep them in cages. I would let them all out.

  • Sparkles LPS
    Sparkles LPS Hace 23 días

    I always wanted to have rescued pets. I have had a few and some of my family members do too. My grandmas dogs missy and shot, shot was rescued from a puppy mill and missy was abused. Sadly she passed last summer. Charlie, our dog was abused but passed a few years ago in december. My dream job was to be a vet, not to get money, just to save animals and put them in a better statement. If I ever wanted a side job this would be it. Saving animals and giving them better, forever homes. I have a ESclips channel , Sparkles Kelly, with my cat Sparkles. I'm only 11 and wish to save a lot of lives on my gourney throughout my life. 🐕🐈🐱🐭🐹🐇🐢🐤

  • Laura Mccullough
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  • Rob Scott
    Rob Scott Hace 26 días

    Fisticuffs? Dont you mean hiss-ticuffs?

    I'll go back to my corner

  • Me M
    Me M Hace 26 días

    I love this

  • Kucing Happy
    Kucing Happy Hace 26 días

    My 2 cats are brothers, never been separated, live together since born, but they always fight with each other, they never want to see eye to eye huhuuuhuu I dont know why

  • Neko Neko
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  • Ann Menzzasalma
    Ann Menzzasalma Hace 27 días

    Turned out to really love cats. Okay your cats

  • Geeky Toys Kids
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  • Kyle Edwards
    Kyle Edwards Hace 29 días

    Are you a dude? Never seen your videos and this came up in suggestions and i only clicked to come say, you look like you used to be a man.

  • Christopher Christopher

    Nice. Rrtrrrrrrr!

  • KLR-Zoomie
    KLR-Zoomie Hace un mes

    Our future. Millennial who call themselves a mother because they have cats.

  • heidi jayne
    heidi jayne Hace un mes

    imagine getting a message from a random stranger saying “I have ur cat’s bro”

  • I’m just your average band trash

    Devin is such a good cat mom

  • JC Headquarters
    JC Headquarters Hace un mes

    Oh Lord, what a coincidence. . I put a bow on my dog's collar for Christmas . . . Also. . My dog's name is Cookie

  • Hermoine Snape
    Hermoine Snape Hace un mes

    Tap tap oh hello Devin? Time to go back to school. Well at least dress like it 😁

  • Painanal Spainanal
    Painanal Spainanal Hace un mes

    I don’t like u

  • Robert Rivas Arroyo
    Robert Rivas Arroyo Hace un mes

    You look like a trany!!!!

  • castlevaniax1
    castlevaniax1 Hace un mes

    Could you wear a bikini next time?

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose Hace un mes

    I have 3 Cats

  • Trisha's Pets
    Trisha's Pets Hace un mes

    they don't recognize each other. they probably smell different.

  • Autumn Rain
    Autumn Rain Hace un mes

    Please always spay & neuter!

  • Cassie
    Cassie Hace un mes +1

    Well I always thought I was more of a dog person but.... not anymore that is for sure

  • Nena Van Kivi TM
    Nena Van Kivi TM Hace un mes

    Are you helgas sister?

  • Ginger Blossom
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  • Tea in Korea
    Tea in Korea Hace un mes

    no, cats dont remember their siblings just like they don't remember people they haven't seen for a while. for them it was just like meeting strange cats, they seem pretty annoyed and ready to fight. cats are also pretty stressed in unknown environments plus meeting 2 new strangers must have been pretty hard for the visitor's cats. it's a cute and fun idea but the sad truth is cats ar not like humans and they will never react like humans would if they are reunited with a long lost brother.

  • Girl_Tomahawk_ gaming
    Girl_Tomahawk_ gaming Hace un mes

    _^ . ^_

  • Daybreak96
    Daybreak96 Hace un mes

    Yea this isn't ideal cat welfare; cats are so territorial. Kinda sad that all the owners r ok with this even though they knew it would upset the cats :(

  • Over Worked
    Over Worked Hace un mes

    Omg. Baby Patrick reminds me of my cat Mr. Wendell. He lived till age 17. I’m watching this video with my current cat on my lap. My cat doesn’t watch cat videos.

  • Rida Rehman
    Rida Rehman Hace un mes

    Wait! Isn't Jen allergic to Cats?

  • Ana Shin
    Ana Shin Hace un mes

    bones really out here...grabbing arms and jumping in boxes to save his own life

  • 12nunchaku
    12nunchaku Hace un mes

    “I wonder if they recognize each other.”
    Me: NOPE.
    “That’s what we are finding out today.”
    Me: Measure fighting coming up!

  • MrsAgatha Hudson
    MrsAgatha Hudson Hace un mes

    Is it damaging to introduce cats this way? Ah yehhhhhhhhhh! It should take weeks to introduce cats.

  • mystery man
    mystery man Hace un mes

    Cats are dicks!!! DOGS RULE!!!

  • Molly Evans
    Molly Evans Hace un mes

    This was cute

  • Cc Nn
    Cc Nn Hace un mes

    Best video I have watch all day long. ❤️

  • kaitlyn xo
    kaitlyn xo Hace un mes

    meh ow

  • my pets
    my pets Hace un mes

    So I got my cat one year ago and then I got a kitten from the same person and that was his long lost brother

  • Shiruki cat
    Shiruki cat Hace un mes

    I will forever know this girl for painting with her period blood

  • fishygal53
    fishygal53 Hace un mes

    I adopted 3 brothers. what a handful.

  • Janeth Calderon
    Janeth Calderon Hace un mes

    Hooman:Its ok
    Lmao 😂

  • Ellie Grace Banks
    Ellie Grace Banks Hace un mes

    Cats don't meow at each other, only to humans.

  • woohoo yoohoo
    woohoo yoohoo Hace un mes +1

    Glad that I got the last brothers of the litter...they're now both 2 very content (albeit semi-chunky) laid back furballs. Love em so much❤

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  • Cheyenne Kedy
    Cheyenne Kedy Hace un mes

    Yaaaassss Mama! I love cats ❤️

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  • Jean Barrameda
    Jean Barrameda Hace un mes

    Aaawww this is so cuuuute!!!! 😭😭😭

  • Missy Rogers
    Missy Rogers Hace un mes

    Absolutely everyone in this video should have known better. Halfway through: "This isn't damaging introducing them this way, is it?"

  • Ashlie Clark
    Ashlie Clark Hace 2 meses

    I always wondered if they would remember each other too hahaha.

  • Amelia Socha
    Amelia Socha Hace 2 meses

    I have a black & white catto

  • Esmeralda Rochelle
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  • EgoSumQuiSum xxx
    EgoSumQuiSum xxx Hace 2 meses

    “what you doing in there? That's not yours.“ minute 6:24 he wanna leave 😂😂

  • Melissa
    Melissa Hace 2 meses

    The cats that are howling are not impressed very upset

  • Georgia Pearson
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  • BunnyXx Jay
    BunnyXx Jay Hace 2 meses

    Thank you for thissss

  • Marina Ogneva
    Marina Ogneva Hace 2 meses

    Yes, cats remember they family and their old owners. When I left my home for six months/year, my cats were so happy to see me. They acted like they couldn't believe my voice again. Also, I adopted one cat and she has a mother who lived in the street. I gave her mother food & her daughter always looked at us from the window. After some time, I've decided to take her mom to my home too. What did happen? Her daughter was so happy to see her and wanted to have contact immediately. Her mom was angry at her and beat her with her paw. She was like 'where you been when I struggled?' After some time, she started to be more gentle with her. If her daughter crying, she would come and try to protect her. When her daughter is sleeping, she may sleep nearby or clean her with tongue. Etc etc. They remember each other 100%. I have to other cats and it was the same. My smallest boy lived with my mom for a week or so cuz he needed injections everyday. I'm not good with it. So, when he came back home, my oldest cat was so angry at him. He beat him with paw and yelled at him. After that, he was happy to see him. It's like they don't realize why other cat disappeared without any explanation.

  • Rachel Rose
    Rachel Rose Hace 2 meses

    Cat room aka junk room you don't know what to do with

  • Chelsea Sarkam
    Chelsea Sarkam Hace 2 meses

    ‘He’s my Jon Snow’

  • Ariel Mizrachi
    Ariel Mizrachi Hace 2 meses

    So useless lol.. What did she expect

  • Victoria Rose
    Victoria Rose Hace 2 meses

    I love that when you see videos like this of dogs being reunited, they remember each other and play together. Cats are legit just independent mfs as soon as they come out and block out their past.

  • Liz Star
    Liz Star Hace 2 meses

    I wonder if the people she invited to her house know anything about Menstrual paining that she did for BuzzFeed? what if they found out right after they left her house I would feel really uncomfortable if I were them. Lol

  • Kennedy Stapel
    Kennedy Stapel Hace 2 meses

    I'm like 3 months late but this is beautiful 😂❤️

  • Bi Noelle
    Bi Noelle Hace 2 meses

    Omgeeee this is a once in a life time
    I love this

  • Johanna Thompson
    Johanna Thompson Hace 2 meses

    what are those bangs

  • bob brother bobby
    bob brother bobby Hace 2 meses

    He has bow tie NASSSS(no and yes

  • Melanie Jimenez
    Melanie Jimenez Hace 2 meses

    lmao this sounds like the lady really knows how to sell cats.

  • xSakuraMikazukix
    xSakuraMikazukix Hace 2 meses

    This is interesting for me because I actually got my cat, Simon first. I brought him home and we had him for maybe a month or two before the seller phoned us begging us to take the little runt, who was the last one left, off of her hands. So hesitantly we said we’d think about it. She phoned again saying that nobody was interested. So we drove back to get the little girl, Simon’s sister. It went exactly like this-but they’re friendly now. I wouldn’t say they *love* each other. They don’t sleep together and they don’t wash each other unless they want to annoy the other out of their seat. But they don’t mind each other.

  • Lucy Warren
    Lucy Warren Hace 2 meses

    7:31 when your refrigerator meows at you.

  • Gracie the Penguin
    Gracie the Penguin Hace 2 meses

    yes yes yes yes yes love love love

  • 107caliber
    107caliber Hace 2 meses

    2:30 I see that Stranger Things poster 👀

  • Shasha Abdul Wahab
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    she looks like the adult Sabrina