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  • 107caliber
    107caliber Hace 2 días

    2:30 I see that Stranger Things poster 👀

  • Shasha Abdul Wahab
    Shasha Abdul Wahab Hace 2 días

    she looks like the adult Sabrina

  • Saoirse O Faoilean
    Saoirse O Faoilean Hace 4 días

    if that woman told you mars was a ragdoll she lied

  • acp28ify
    acp28ify Hace 4 días

    Ugh this stresses me out . This is not how you introduce cats . You need to separate them and let them sniff each other through doors , then after a day or two let them meet face to face with a barrier , then after that you can let them be near each other without a barrier and just have supervision

  • Annabel_Cipher_1098
    Annabel_Cipher_1098 Hace 4 días

    Mars is just like...no. lmfao :')

  • BAgamer4061
    BAgamer4061 Hace 6 días

    My cat loves to travel but only in the neighborhood she has three kittens one of them loves me the others are toooo scared and I have seen the dad come home a few times but he immediately runs away when he sees me uhhhhh

  • Katie Calabasas
    Katie Calabasas Hace 6 días

    Devin is my spirit animal.

  • Dr. KOKO
    Dr. KOKO Hace 6 días

    Awesome Video, Thumbs Up:)
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  • Gab Loves books
    Gab Loves books Hace 7 días

    😻😻😻 loved this video 😹😹😹

    REFPLAY Hace 8 días


  • Mckenzie Curtis
    Mckenzie Curtis Hace 8 días

    I did this today with my cat and my friends cat

  • mutantdogcat t
    mutantdogcat t Hace 10 días


  • Unique Niche
    Unique Niche Hace 11 días

    Cats see each other by smell only. This is silly.😂
    Hey, all. Come to our channel. It's about anything and everything.

  • nevroth
    nevroth Hace 11 días

    I rescued 3 sister kittens from underneath my neighbors house and one died, my very good friend took one, and I kept the last one. When the cats were about 2yrs old (and hadn't seen each other in nearly as long) the same friend let me and my cats live with her for a few months while I was transitioning. The sisters were bleh (but never aggressive) with each other. My cat is really quiet but her sister is a whiney crybaby. One day the sister was trying to eat the wet food I put out for my kitkats and when I picked her up to move her into the other room she predictably cried. What was not predictable was MY cat going totally Chuck Norris on my leg hissing and scratching like bananas!! It was like she was saying, "HEY DON'T MESS WITH MY SISTER." I was beyond shocked. (She did express remorse as she let me clip all her nails afterwards when at time she hated being held more than 3sec)

    So, ya, I think they can tell. Or my cats are reincarnated people. Which I also believe 1000%

  • KenzieHurlock
    KenzieHurlock Hace 11 días

    And it's hard to take photos of black cats 😂

  • Marla Reyna
    Marla Reyna Hace 12 días

    the merch link doesn't show or take you to any LADY LIKE mercy.:(

  • Amber Annabelle Mia
    Amber Annabelle Mia Hace 14 días

    1:42 omg that face tho

  • Quincy Morris-Fry
    Quincy Morris-Fry Hace 15 días

    Awwwww omg sooo cute! I watched this with my kitty!🤗

  • Lola Jones
    Lola Jones Hace 16 días

    i was in the worst mood before watching this.cats solve everything

  • HeyItsGeorgie
    HeyItsGeorgie Hace 17 días

    trust my I tried this with my cat and one of her kittens (I gave her to my aunt) and they just beat each other up until we eventually just put her back into the carrier

  • melvin goodhew
    melvin goodhew Hace 18 días

    Cat cunts are very strange

  • cry baby
    cry baby Hace 18 días +1

    This video was released the day after the release of sweetener

  • Emily M
    Emily M Hace 19 días

    i love this

  • the master of beanie boos
    the master of beanie boos Hace 21 un día

    Spoiler alert no cats do not recognise their siblings after u got just one of them but if they do find their brothers/sisters they will fight with each other

  • Michael M
    Michael M Hace 21 un día

    YESSSSS, AWESOME Stranger Things poster!!! BONUS. Now I've GOTTA show my wifey this video. ❤❤

  • arenas3651
    arenas3651 Hace 21 un día

    I think it’s weird that cats don’t remember their siblings or parents but dogs do. But on another note, good for you for adopting your cats! I currently have 5 cats, 1 we adopted and the other 4 I rescued and bottle fed. The 4 are from different litters and are all foster fails. But I can’t imagine my life without any of them even though things can be challenging at times having to constantly hide things from them and all the furniture they destroy and how demanding they are when it’s feeding time lol. I commend anyone who rescues any animal, they remember it and are so grateful for their second chances

  • Emily
    Emily Hace 22 días

    THEY WILL BE HERE IN 10 MINUTES! *why am i going to the fridge* - Devin 2018

  • Esme Osgood
    Esme Osgood Hace 23 días

    Yay, kitties. They forgot who the others were, but 7 years is sooooo long for a cat!

  • Sofia Pereira
    Sofia Pereira Hace 23 días


  • Queencat16
    Queencat16 Hace 25 días

    CCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSS 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 ❤️❤️🧡🧡💛💛💚💚💙💙💜💜🖤🖤

  • Sarah Foster
    Sarah Foster Hace 26 días

    I have five cats

  • Rylahloves 22
    Rylahloves 22 Hace 26 días


    L Ö Ö P S

  • MiraMakinFaces
    MiraMakinFaces Hace 26 días

    I have 2 cats, and one of them is 11 year old lady, Missan(pretty much the same thing as naming a cat Kitty). I got her when she was 8. I "sort of" saved her. Her previous owners have 3 dogs, and Missan don't like dogs... Once the previous was taking care of 2 other dogs(for a friend), Missan had enought and started to pee on the furnitures. But since the cat was healthy, they didn't want to put her down, and looked for a new home for her. My mom told me about it, and I ended up as her new cat mama

  • Ranelle King
    Ranelle King Hace 27 días

    'He hates you, honey 😀'

  • auiqq
    auiqq Hace 27 días

    is no one gonna talk about Devin’s hair before she colored and cut it...?

  • SevCaswell
    SevCaswell Hace 27 días

    I once did this with my cat Mackrel and his sister, Kitten, they'd not seen each other since they were 8 weeks old. Kitten is owned by my mother, and I needed to stay with her for a month between house moves. I think it went ok, both cats spent most of their time outside (in the UK this is safe) and I saw them hunting together.

  • Kaylee Sroneking
    Kaylee Sroneking Hace 28 días

    I got a cat on Christmas month years later she got out and mated came back that day. Huricane Irma came around we noticed her belly got biger and bigger as days to weeks to months. Finally she had kittens, are mom picked us up from school we chose the kittens I chose the kitty that looks like Bones but I named her Midnight. As months went by Nikki (the mother kitty) She kept going outside and then she ran away. We had to put some of the cats in adoption I got to keep Midnight because my cat had died not a crazy long time before Midnight was born. Now I have a healthy kitty she also loves to snuggle and take naps with me or on me!

  • Elizabeth Liones
    Elizabeth Liones Hace 28 días

    "i dont know why im going to the fridge, okay"
    *LITTERALY ME 24/7*

  • Nika
    Nika Hace 28 días

    Im very confusion

  • Dennis Lara
    Dennis Lara Hace 28 días

    This video makes me feel even more thankful for my cat.

  • Clara P
    Clara P Hace 29 días

    This is adorable!!!

    THEDEVILCAT _ Hace un mes

    My reaction when I saw the title of the video: "Wait, WHAT?!?!?!?!? CATS!!!!!!😸😸😸😸😸😸

  • D. Installer
    D. Installer Hace un mes

    what an awful blouse and hair color, girl you need a make over

  • Shani Wilkins
    Shani Wilkins Hace un mes

    :( Are you that lady that painted with her period blood?... that's not very lady like. it's just gross.

  • Charlotte Brackenbury
    Charlotte Brackenbury Hace un mes

    that's curl focusing them to meet up. cats are not people and curl making a video you don't deserve cats. all care about is ESclips videos

  • 煙GODEM
    煙GODEM Hace un mes

    2:32 Why did i laug so badly in a caffe

  • Zoey Stroud
    Zoey Stroud Hace un mes


  • Lolita near
    Lolita near Hace un mes

    My cat looks just like bones

  • Sapphire Diaz
    Sapphire Diaz Hace un mes

    I love the lion roar edit 😂😂😂

  • The demigod witch Nina
    The demigod witch Nina Hace un mes +3

    I love how they panic like *COOKIE?! OH NO WHA- AHH GET AWAY FROM THAT! STAHP HISSING* XD

  • Eli Tidmarsh
    Eli Tidmarsh Hace un mes

    He doesn’t hiss at all...

  • Human Human
    Human Human Hace un mes

    You do realize that cats forget who there relatives are, like my cat is a mom and we kept her son and she completely forgot that we had her son.

  • CW
    CW Hace un mes

    Damn, she's annoying.

  • Puddi Panda
    Puddi Panda Hace un mes +2

    Yaaay ❤ *Pu-ddi Hu-g*

  • Alma Ibarra
    Alma Ibarra Hace un mes

    *I SAW CATS!*
    *I am here*

  • Sonae Adorno-Harper
    Sonae Adorno-Harper Hace un mes

    I love your stranger things poster

  • Gatita Lunar
    Gatita Lunar Hace un mes

    Soooooo cute

  • Katie T
    Katie T Hace un mes

    I was at the mall one day and saw the shelter had rented a store there and so I was like woah I've never seen this before and I went in just to see and I walked out with a cat. He saw me come in and started pawing at the cage door like "you! You are mine!!!!!!" And I was his. (My other cat came a few years later because my roommate was jealous of my relationship with my cat so he went and literally picked the shyest cat and then that cat warmed up to me very quickly and he is now my second baby. My now former roommate is still jealous because now I have two cats who love me.)

  • Mavis NightWell
    Mavis NightWell Hace un mes

    Bones is my spirit animal, with the yup, yup And leave me alone

  • Kenneth Miller
    Kenneth Miller Hace un mes

    Beautiful Family Reunion

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    Daria Morgandorfer Hace un mes

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  • Delicious Pizza
    Delicious Pizza Hace un mes

    This woman with dark hair... Jesus Christ she is gorgeous.

  • Gabi Koonings
    Gabi Koonings Hace un mes

    What might be a 'small problem' is that two cats are on their home turf, and know it, and two are not, and know it.
    It might have gone a bit better if they all met in neutral territory. And somewhere where they could not completely hide, like in another room or behind a fridge, but still get away, like some scratching poles with platforms and some shelves etc.
    But still no guarantuees.

  • Bridget Engstrom
    Bridget Engstrom Hace un mes

    I have two little black cats that are twin sisters millie and Lucy I love them two

  • 🍁AutumnRaptor🍁
    🍁AutumnRaptor🍁 Hace un mes

    Top ten anime betrayals

  • bingjian yu
    bingjian yu Hace un mes


  • armando dane
    armando dane Hace un mes

    she called herself "mom" through the cat's voice, so sad.

  • Salma Mohamed
    Salma Mohamed Hace un mes

    I’ve lost my cat for them to months 🤧😞😖

  • TeddyRay Lynn
    TeddyRay Lynn Hace un mes

    Omg mars look exactly like one of my cats

  • olive
    olive Hace un mes

    what do we want???
    when do we want them???
    (ps: loved this so much! it made my heart warm. my cat, pumpkin, had a sister, licorice, who passed recently and i think he’s a bit sad about it. we’re giving him a lot of love though. ☺️)

  • La Gatita
    La Gatita Hace un mes

    "This video is for me not for you", then why did you publish it for the public, idiot? >:V

  • Surviving Erickson
    Surviving Erickson Hace un mes

    5:20 killed me

  • night squad
    night squad Hace un mes

    Omg so cute I'm laphing so hard

  • Mary Chua
    Mary Chua Hace un mes

    This is cute & traumatizing for them; I think the cats don’t give a damn about the reunion 🤦🏻‍♀️😿😘

  • unpopular opinion
    unpopular opinion Hace un mes

    this video was mostly just people releasing cats into an apartment

  • Jodie Adamson
    Jodie Adamson Hace un mes

    I hate cats

  • Diane E
    Diane E Hace un mes

    Blonde isn’t right on you at all! Go back to brunette!

  • Liza Productions
    Liza Productions Hace un mes

    I love how this is in the ‘Beauty Exploration’ section of Ladylike like yes, cats are beauty.

  • Addy Shorhnr
    Addy Shorhnr Hace un mes

    This is a lot better then when my cat was reintroduced to her kitten after a week because the cat her kitten was living with was sick (the kitten was 8 weeks). My cat tried to attack her I told my cousin that would happen but she didn’t listen

  • Hal Jalikakik
    Hal Jalikakik Hace un mes

    click bait lies = banned channel. see ya preppie

  • ellie
    ellie Hace un mes

    3:00 is me any time I see a cat

  • Jovita Dimas-Munoz
    Jovita Dimas-Munoz Hace un mes

    My cat Cinza had that exact same white marking between her eyes just like Mars! Crazy!

  • Maria Ortiz
    Maria Ortiz Hace un mes


  • Roddy Evans
    Roddy Evans Hace un mes

    You look like you love asking for managers.
    Btw look at your right ear in the mirror.

  • Kat Meow
    Kat Meow Hace un mes

    This video is my aesthetic

  • CookieDino135
    CookieDino135 Hace un mes

    Rhett and Link did it first.

  • jehr bear
    jehr bear Hace un mes

    The bow ties were so cute I can't even

  • Dwight Turner
    Dwight Turner Hace un mes

    Hi, my name is Dwight, and I'm a cataholic.

  • The Nightmare Of Heaven

    I have four cats, two males, two females, the females are Sadie and Samantha (Samantha is a Calico and Sadie is a Grey Tabby) the males are Shadow and Simon (Shadow is a fluffy Bombay like he is 90% fur and Simon is a slim skinny Bombay and he is only 50% fur) And those are my cats!

  • Charity Sellman
    Charity Sellman Hace un mes

    *that's your floofy, majestic brother*

  • Caprice Fleijsman
    Caprice Fleijsman Hace un mes +3

    Who noticed the Stranger Things poster at 3:13 ?

  • Nelly Haitham
    Nelly Haitham Hace un mes


  • Alex Pupaza
    Alex Pupaza Hace un mes

    Sorry to be so annoying but it would mean a lot if someone would check out my content

  • wolf bane
    wolf bane Hace 2 meses

    let me know if anyone else has a ~11 year old polydactyl orange tabby!!!!

  • Lily Adams
    Lily Adams Hace 2 meses

    aww your the best cat mom ever

  • Daniel Erickson
    Daniel Erickson Hace 2 meses

    This should be titled chapter 2 in the continuing evolution of a cat lady in her younger formative years.

  • Sushi Chai
    Sushi Chai Hace 2 meses

    2:30 lol she framed a stranger things poster on the wall

  • The Musketeers
    The Musketeers Hace 2 meses

    She called him marsbars that my nick name

  • Rogelio Ayala
    Rogelio Ayala Hace 2 meses

    Your mom is cat brothers

  • Yara Osama
    Yara Osama Hace 2 meses

    So this is like when Oprah reunited long-lost family members but for CATS. NOICE