John Hickenlooper Wants to Heal the United States' Deep Divide

  • Publicado el 13 mar 2019
  • Former Governor John Hickenlooper talks about his unique last name and his tenure as governor of Colorado.
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    John Hickenlooper Wants to Heal the United States' Deep Divide- Late Night with Seth Meyersídeo.html

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comentarios • 101

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Hace 4 meses +2

    Most reasonable candidate. Has my vote.

  • Bolton
    Bolton Hace 4 meses

    Centrist corporate hack. Stupid name with no chance.

  • Bernard Brother
    Bernard Brother Hace 4 meses +1

    Zzzz change the channel Marge!

  • Michael Matherne
    Michael Matherne Hace 4 meses +2

    To hell with "reaching across the isle" when the other side of the isle is composed of sociopaths who serve only rich corporate donors. Push for things that help regular people, and if the "other side of the isle" won't bend the knee, make that the centerpiece of your campaign and end their careers and leave them in the dustbin of history.

  • maremacd
    maremacd Hace 4 meses

    My unsolicited advice: we can get used to an odd name, but we already have a President combover. Just get a normal haircut and stop coloring. Don’t let your hair be the most memorable thing about you.

  • Chuck-U Farly
    Chuck-U Farly Hace 4 meses +10

    *BERNIE 2020*
    trump 20 to 30
    in Leavenworth

  • Dee Ess
    Dee Ess Hace 4 meses

    Hickenlooper is looking pretty good. A clear moderate.

  • Kelly Kerr
    Kelly Kerr Hace 4 meses +6

    No thank you. I’m tired of people saying they can bring us together. Right now, it’s not possible with republicans. We need someone who will fight for us. I can bring people together all the time because I manage communities. But I don’t feel qualified to run for President.

  • Glenn Zarmanov
    Glenn Zarmanov Hace 4 meses

    he slipped up and accidentally told the truth when he said "environmental industry". the whole green movement is a scam

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses +1

      The funny thing about the idea of it being a scam is that anyone who's not an idiot immediately realizes that "scams" are designed to sleight people in some way, and this sleights no one. Solar panels on my house cause no actual harm. It puts other industries that are already proven environmental dangers out of business. The only people who benefit from scamming anyone in this scenario are dinosaur industries on their last legs trying to convince idiots that their processes, which were provably dangerous from the outset are secretly best for everyone, _and_ the environment.

  • Generic Username
    Generic Username Hace 4 meses +6

    Bernie 2020!

  • Chris Xavier
    Chris Xavier Hace 4 meses

    You will never win with that stupid fucking name

    URTRASH GARBAGE Hace 4 meses +3

    Where did he get his haircut?
    Autistic Sam's?

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores Hace 4 meses +4


  • New Message
    New Message Hace 4 meses +13

    The trouble is that 'not getting along' is the Reps whole brand now. Cooperation is seen as 'corrupt' or 'weak', and anyone who does it gets lambasted by their own team.

  • D Mc
    D Mc Hace 4 meses +17

    I think it's naive to think you can heal the divide with Mitch McConnell in office.

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses +2

      It means you try by not pretending McConnell has any business being a part of that healing process. You remove cancer. You don't consider it vital to the survival of the host.

    • Dee Ess
      Dee Ess Hace 4 meses

      But does that mean we shouldn't try?

  • Sun Worship
    Sun Worship Hace 4 meses +6

    "bringing people together" Oh yes so original you got my vote

  • Craig Huey
    Craig Huey Hace 4 meses +9

    Presumably by standing aside and letting the frackers punch holes around peoples houses, fill the holes with cesium and then abandon the holes so that the tax payers get to pay to plug them back up. Because it is totally unreasonable of to ask for a deposit to cover the cost of plugging the wells. Ya know, cause jobs or something.

  • Pete O
    Pete O Hace 4 meses +11

    Trump will crush any boring centrists like this. Sanders 2020

  • Estebanicohistorico
    Estebanicohistorico Hace 4 meses +11

    "We're divided" as though it's some kind of blameless thing and one side of this divide didn't elect a racist rapist reality TV show Russian puppet that rules over us.

  • manuel marx
    manuel marx Hace 4 meses +2

    In a functioning democracy there can't be unity, because unity is deadly for the republic. Only enemies create unity. The ones who call for unity are in need of an external oppononent - that means war. Hence, internal frictions are essential for the well being of a truely democratic state.

  • Mark Delgado
    Mark Delgado Hace 4 meses

    I like this guy, and because he has a funny last name he just might be our next President.

  • Mich Ellio
    Mich Ellio Hace 4 meses

    Division makes a conclusion. Roll the dice. Is this Politics of Comedy. The winner gets the money. Snake eyes or snake oil ?

  • Wyld Fae King
    Wyld Fae King Hace 4 meses

    Automation taking jobs boogeyman is typical talking points of big industry lobbies.

  • Falchion
    Falchion Hace 4 meses +8

    Go back to Colorado and stop wasting our time. You are going to get nowhere, thankfully.

  • wasacarpenter
    wasacarpenter Hace 4 meses +2

    Someone read Andrew Yang’s book

  • Akmal Ibrahim
    Akmal Ibrahim Hace 4 meses +11

    Weird. Why is Seth interviewing a breakfast cereal?

  • Mary Walsh
    Mary Walsh Hace 4 meses +2

    The last name might be a problem lol

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses +2

      "President Hickenlooper" - this guy thinks it's 1815. You gotta at least grow a stache if you're going to try to warm America up to that one.

  • Bryan Coronel
    Bryan Coronel Hace 4 meses +5

    What a joke

  • Coos Oorlog
    Coos Oorlog Hace 4 meses +4

    This is Hickenlooper. It loops Hicken.

  • Ancient Pollyanna
    Ancient Pollyanna Hace 4 meses +9

    When Mr. Hickenlooper was a super delegate, Colorado voted for Bernie and Hick voted for Hillary. He lost me then. He's a corporate-focused Democrat who pimped out our state. No thank you.

    • Dorian sapiens
      Dorian sapiens Hace 4 meses

      @Bolton That's bias, not rigging. People voted, the votes were counted, the person with the most votes won.
      That distinction is crucial. People need to know their votes are what matter at the end of the day. In 2020, if someone with power is biased against your preferred candidate, and you don't vote because some jackass on youtube said that means it's rigged, we all lose.
      By the way, those "leaked questions" weren't questions, they were topics. She told her someone was going to ask about the death penalty and someone in Flint was going to ask her about the situation in Flint. Who could have seen that coming?!

    • Bolton
      Bolton Hace 4 meses

      @Dorian sapiens dnc had a shared fundraising account with the hillary campaign, done right away. Dnc has emails trying to find ways to attack Bernie, done again. Donna brazil as leadership in dnc gave hillary questions ahead of town hall and not Sanders, done again. Dnc rigged it. We all know it.

    • Bolton
      Bolton Hace 4 meses

      @Tia Williams hillary lost because she was so terrible

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses

      Yeah, that's some adorable patronizing you did there, in your fake "corrections" but you still haven't address the very many ways an election can be rigged in another's favor aside from vote tampering. Which is straight up illegal. I suspect because you'd have to address all the ways in which that type of rigging was made transparent by the DNC from the jump. Also, the very existence of superdelegates is undemocratic, and it's otherwise superfluous when you consider calls for them to follow the popular vote regardless, or the fact that you claim they... did anyway... so... dumb argument there.
      You might as well be a republican defending gerrymandering, that's not illegal either and it serves voters in their districts by design. "That's not rigging, it's democracy!"

    • Dorian sapiens
      Dorian sapiens Hace 4 meses

      @futurestoryteller I don't think you understand how primaries and caucuses work. That's nothing to be ashamed of; most people probably don't, either.
      The correlation between primary votes and delegates (which I characterized as lining up "extremely well", not "pretty closely", so that was a mistake on your part that I'm sure was accidental and not due to dishonesty) shows that the delegates (most of whom, by the way, are not super delegates but ordinary people selected through their local caucuses) who actually decide the results are making a decision that agrees with the broader small-d democratic process of primary voting. The delegates decided the way the people voted. That's not rigging, it's democracy.

  • For An Angel
    For An Angel Hace 4 meses +24

    Please get Andrew Yang on your show.

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses

      John Fitzgerald Kennedy was rich. So was Theodore Roosevelt, and these are two of the most progressive presisents we've had, although to be fair we'd have to concede most presisents have been rich

    • Bolton
      Bolton Hace 4 meses

      Yang is a silicon valley rich kid. No thanks.

    • ih8tusernam3s
      ih8tusernam3s Hace 4 meses +5

      We have to unite under #Bernie2020 there's no hope for us if we split the vote. @futurestoryteller

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses +6

      I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't think Yang is going anywhere this election cycle, I think people will stick with Bernie and I think it's probably better if people do. Andrew Yang is the type of person who becomes president when people realize that Bernie's so-called "free stuff" is actually good for the country, and simply democracy in action and their taxes put to good use. That way universal basic income doesn't seem like a pipe dream. Besides which when Sanders is asked about UBI he says that he thinks it's something we need to seriously consider, and he has a political track record that makes it clear he's not kidding. I've got no reason to change my vote. Andrew Yang seems like a future president to me, just not necessarily a future this near

    • Stephen M
      Stephen M Hace 4 meses +1

      His appearance on JRE really won me over, Im not sure I want him as President but I really think he is thinking about our problems the right way and the more we have voices like that on the left the less we need to rely on the far left for our identity.

  • tubularmonkeymaniac
    tubularmonkeymaniac Hace 4 meses +7

    Looks like a wet otter crawled onto his head and died

  • Tak
    Tak Hace 4 meses +26

    A first for American civil rights history... A breakfast cereal is running for president!

    • Cyclopsblast
      Cyclopsblast Hace 4 meses

      How does this line make it a breakfast cereal? I don't think cereal ads would word anything that way.

    • brazmanoqk
      brazmanoqk Hace 4 meses +2

      Big seltzer stooge.

    • Mich Ellio
      Mich Ellio Hace 4 meses

      It's called "Fruit Loops "

  • futurestoryteller
    futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses +18

    This guy said you negotiate with Mitch McConnell by repeating his words back to him so he knows he's heard. That's about as dumb as anything I've heard Trump say.

    • rawhamburgerjoe
      rawhamburgerjoe Hace 4 meses

      If youre interested;

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses

      Look up the ESclips video I referenced and see if they have links. If they don't, find the studies as cited and look those up. I'm not your google machine.

    • rawhamburgerjoe
      rawhamburgerjoe Hace 4 meses

      i have never heard of that research, can you provide a link? and i dont mean a link to a tv show. it is very common for the media to over-extrapolate meaning from studies that were never meant to show what the media says they do.
      heres the thing, if someone is literally screaming at you, the first thing you have to do is get them to stop. i literally use this technique at least a couple of times/week in my work.
      let me give you an example.
      A pt is pissed off because i am late. they have yelled at, and insulted the receptionist, and they are out in the waiting room telling anyone who will listen what a dump the place is. i pull them back to my office for their appointment. Literally the very first thing I say to them is, "ah i see you are upset and i heard that it is because i am running late today". the pt will often then launch into a diatribe- this is the point where you NORMALIZE, "well, anyone would be upset if someone made them wait longer than expected". Honestly, you would be shocked to see how well this often works for calming someone down. See 80% of the time, what REALLY pissed the person off was when the receptionist blew them off when they complained, making them feel embarrassed or whatever. it is only when they have calmed down to the point where they are CAPABLE OF LISTENING that I explain to them that they actually showed up an hour early, so the appointment is actually right on time.
      There is a narrative in politics right now which states that the other side is beyond reason. We are at the point where we're just shouting at each other half the time. In such cases, using the technique outlined above might help. Its not something you do in every situation, only when needed.

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses +1

      Can you read? No it isn't, research has indicated that it's a very ineffective tactic, you're basically reinforcing the thought by repeating it.

  • Euler Costa
    Euler Costa Hace 4 meses +6

    This guy is a moron. Does he not know Bernie is already solving the problems he mentioned? And the crisis he mentions is 'divide'??? Wow...

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses

      Earlier research says not to trust youtube comments from people that go off in their own direction inexplicably

    • j love
      j love Hace 4 meses

      futurestoryteller do your research...

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses

      Considering how many of your statements seem to be non-sequiturs I don't trust that you are.

    • j love
      j love Hace 4 meses +1

      futurestoryteller nope, I just live in Colorado and I’m telling you like it is .

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses

      Are you seriously getting paid to do this?

  • Vern Etzel
    Vern Etzel Hace 4 meses +4

    I like him. The fanatics on the left won't like him, but they're a problem just as much as the fanatics running the GOP.

    • j love
      j love Hace 4 meses

      Akmal Ibrahim he’s passed the Asset Bill which it gives DACA or undocumented students the opportunity to go to College at a decent rate . He legalized recreational marijuana and made those tax dollars work for the different school districts in Colorado. Has pushed for the red flagged bill which bans individuals from getting guns for a period of time until a judge grants permission when there is reasonable doubt of danger. Colorado has a become one of the most popular states in the US, the economy is booming here and unfortunately we have people moving here from every state.

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses +5

      Socialism is the seizing and controlling the means of service or production by the community in what would otherwise be a for profit system. This guy is going to block me, but he's such an idiot he doesn't realize that medicare for all is the very definition of a socialist policy. This is what centrism is everyone. Indiffensible, wilful ignorance. His last response is a flag of surrender. Don't socialize everything, but don't demonize the word either. Vote Sanders

    • Vern Etzel
      Vern Etzel Hace 4 meses

      @futurestoryteller I just hope ESclips doesn't have a block list limit

    • futurestoryteller
      futurestoryteller Hace 4 meses +5

      I'm not surprised that you can't defend your pointless centrism for centrism's sake. That is, after all, what "pointless" means. You do however have a passionate message for future generations: MEDIOCRE FOR ALL!

    • Vern Etzel
      Vern Etzel Hace 4 meses

      @Akmal Ibrahim I'll take medicare for all, because he can sell it for what it is and sufficient Republican voters would go for it.
      M4A isn't "socialism", and most people understand that. Only the radical left and the RW propaganda machine call it socialism.

  • monkeymuggs
    monkeymuggs Hace 4 meses

    Can take that centrist reach across the isle bullshit and go home John.

  • Dorian sapiens
    Dorian sapiens Hace 4 meses +15

    Go away, Frackenlover.

  • Zia Hakimi
    Zia Hakimi Hace 4 meses +13

    Donald Trump is going to end this guy's campaign with a random nickname. it's time for Bernie. He would have won in 2016 and he will beat Donald Trump in 2020 if the DNC doesn't rig the primaries in favor of a neoliberal establishment candidate like Biden

  • Ananasexpressler
    Ananasexpressler Hace 4 meses +17

    Don't get divided... and go Bernie!

  • Edward Kim
    Edward Kim Hace 4 meses +22

    This bland centrist thinks he's going to win?? hahaha!!!!!!!