How the Chalicothere Split In Two

  • Publicado el 24 abr 2018
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    Two extinct relatives of horses and rhinos are closely related to each other but have strikingly different body plans. How did two of the same kind of animal, living in the same place, end up looking so different?
    Thanks to Ceri Thomas for the very cool Anisodon reconstruction. Check out more of Ceri's paleoart at and
    And thanks as always to Nobumichi Tamura for allowing us to use his wonderful paleoart:
    Finally, thanks to Dmitry Bogdanov, Roman Uchytel, Ryan Somma and Julio Lacerda for their excellent images as well.
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    I love how the massive bumps on those rhino-horsey's foreheads formed because they thought headbutting each other to the death was the best way to figure out who gets all the ladies

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  • Shiverz
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    I've always found Chalicothere's fascinating, so thank you so much for making this video! I learnt so much from it.

  • Alicia McMurchy
    Alicia McMurchy Hace 11 d铆as

    I enjoyed this video but I think you missed a credit for Jay Matternes whose illustrations are featured at least twice (1:49 and 5:29).

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    But one question not answered by this video is how the early differences weren't wiped out by interbreeding.

  • Lenny Lucas
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    juan Garcia Hace un mes

    So Parallel Evolution in todays time would be an example of Polar bears and Brown Bears? Or ?

    • Jascha
      Jascha Hace 14 d铆as

      +juan Garcia I'm from Germany so I don't know the English names, but there's a Wikipedia article which shows examples

    • juan Garcia
      juan Garcia Hace 14 d铆as

      +Jascha Mmmm...yea true..but so what could we compare in todays time as parallel evolution?

    • Jascha
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  • Jen Leya
    Jen Leya Hace un mes

    So much science

  • Nasir j
    Nasir j Hace un mes +1

    how come all these animals even dinosaurs are not explained or have any proof from our ancestors but we got drawing and artifacts of dragons from every culture and bibles and medieval time. hmmm

    • Divinum
      Divinum Hace un mes +1

      Most of these animals and homo sapiens did not live together. They lives millions of years apart. Also most "dragon" artifacts and paintings are just fossils of other prehistoric animals like in this video or they are stories and that's it. If you think Dragons were real and these were not you are an idiot sorry, but its true

  • Nikbecool
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    So if we hadn't hunted these monsters to extinction we could have gotten horse humans. Perhaps a Equus Erectus

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    SYNONYMOUS Hace 2 meses

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    If these two animals lived in the same planes and areas, how come they didn鈥檛 breed with each other before their evolution branches off, hence halting the evolution process? You would think by being the same species in the same areas, they would be breeding with each other, therefore staying in the same species. Can anyone answer this for me?

  • Issou Amine
    Issou Amine Hace 2 meses

    Sorry, you made me confused here, Parallel evolution is not the aquisition of different traits for the same purpose (eating the top tree leaves) from a common ancestral state!!! this is wrong! that is a normal case of divergence! parallel evolution is the aquisition of similar traits (maybe for similar puposes) from the same ancestral state independently!!!
    see, examples in the link!

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    Simple Dude Hace 2 meses +1

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    Great experience.

  • Gautham StarShadow
    Gautham StarShadow Hace 2 meses

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    German Ruiz Hace 2 meses

    does anyone knows which museum has the Chalicothere complete story?

  • FaeQueenCory
    FaeQueenCory Hace 2 meses

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  • KryssLaBryn
    KryssLaBryn Hace 2 meses

    Could you do an episode about any relationship (or not) between the 12,000 year old meteor impact crater recently discovered in Greenland, and the extinctions of most of the megafauna, and also the Clovis culture, which also disappeared around the same time? My own understanding is that, lacking such an impact crater, the impact theory has rather languished; I'd love to see it re-examined in light of the discovery.
    Thanks for an interesting and informative series!

  • I Was a Teenage TeenWolf

    The scary thing is that modern-day giraffes fit the niche left by the Chalicotheres, and are extremely specialized too. This means that if Africa dries up further, or grows weather, they'll be susceptible to environmental pressures and may not be able to survive. Same with pandas and koalas.

  • HypnoGaming
    HypnoGaming Hace 2 meses

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  • Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem this animal had also been a threat to trilobites and they were the ones who left the infamous 'W' shaped bite.

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    Animal sympatric speciation is pretty sketchy and ascribing it to long extinct animals is pretty dodgy.

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    Harley Fagan Hace 5 meses

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    Lute The Mage Hace 5 meses

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    One still ate leaves the other ate more fruits.

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    thomassaurus Hace 5 meses

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    rekkovi Hace 5 meses

    I still don鈥檛 understand how they completely split if they lived in the same area. Wouldn鈥檛 the long necked and long armed ones still have reproduced and created one new species instead of two? Or ddi I misunderstand and they actually didn鈥檛 live in the same territory?

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    doobiesmoke15 Hace 6 meses

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  • PattiMichelle Sheaffer
    PattiMichelle Sheaffer Hace 6 meses

    As long as you're discussing extinction of these species, you probably should mention how lifespans of species vary in general; origin -> extinction. It's very common that evolution "fails" (although that's an anthropomorphism) and species go extinct.

  • themarquess
    themarquess Hace 6 meses

    I have to say, I really don't understand evolution and I wish someone explained it to me. If the evolutionary differences between two generations are too miniscule to notice, how can they have an impact on survival and lead to selective breeding? Take a non-venomous snake, that evolves to look exactly like a dangerous snake, so that predators don't attack it. This trait wouldn't have any impact on survival until it's fully evolved. A snake that's sort of on the way to looking like the venomous one, but has all the colours and patterns all wrong, won't have a better chance at survival. So how does such a trait continue evolving in an incremental manner over generations?

  • KTo288
    KTo288 Hace 6 meses

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  • Timothy Beckett
    Timothy Beckett Hace 6 meses

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    Organ Farm Hace 7 meses

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  • Kerian Halcyon
    Kerian Halcyon Hace 7 meses

    The only issue I have with this explanation for chalicotheres is that its body structure doesn't appear to fit. The arms are incredibly long, got that...but so is the neck, and the upper part of the body, so why bother wasting energy reaching for limbs to bring closer to your mouth when you can already reach it by just standing? And if it was to break branches off of the trees and pull them to the ground, it's already physically very top-oriented, so having to bend those forelimbs to get at the food would be awkward and difficult. The claws don't appear opposable, so gripping branches must have been a challenge...
    There has got to be another reason why these animals look the way they do, but I think the current accepted explanation is kind of...pardon the pun..."reaching."

  • Necrodermis
    Necrodermis Hace 7 meses

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  • Noah
    Noah Hace 7 meses

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  • Cyrus Hale
    Cyrus Hale Hace 7 meses

    So you are saying the hump header one is what turned into the horse and the lanky one turned into the rhinoceros? Okay, now I'm confused.

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