University Challenge - S51E26 - King's, London v Imperial


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  • Lindokuhle Sibande
    Lindokuhle Sibande Hace un año +6424

    You can drop Zeng in the middle of the Pacific, he'll still know the way home

  • Mungs A.C
    Mungs A.C Hace 11 meses +1338

    Everytime Rashid answers correctly, he's like 'I'm so smart, I'm going to hydrate myself with this glass of water'.

    • Nefeytiri Su Namun
      Nefeytiri Su Namun Hace 2 meses

      @broggli broh hes just trying to stay positive

    • Polynesian warrior
      Polynesian warrior Hace 2 meses

      6:10 really 😂😂 over confidence 😂

    • Izzat Ramzi
      Izzat Ramzi Hace 5 meses

      He looks super gay

    • gopal
      gopal Hace 7 meses +1

      @Abhilash Thakur then this is clearly the first time youve seen him, hes very smart and a nice person

    • Una uva entre rosas
      Una uva entre rosas Hace 7 meses +2

      @Abhilash Thakur he didn’t even bother you and you are judging him

  • Buenomars
    Buenomars Hace 11 meses +2088

    When the other team guessed that Cambodia's Hun Sen was from Singapore, Zeng must've smiled quietly. 😅

    • Stephan Ruan
      Stephan Ruan Hace 8 meses +3

      l guess now is the correct time for all the Asean nations to make themselves known to the world and welcome all those outside ASEAN to visit them with sincerity and gets to understand them then to mixed up.
      Its very disappointing and insulting.

    • jmei 🍀
      jmei 🍀 Hace 8 meses +4

      @John Browning 21:42

    • John Browning
      John Browning Hace 9 meses +4


    • Fred Frond
      Fred Frond Hace 11 meses +17

      @tomie myspace even I know Hun Sen is not from Singapore.

    • tomie myspace
      tomie myspace Hace 11 meses +216

      He smiled three times. 1 for Indonesia, 2 for Singapore, 3 for not knowing Hun Sen is from Cambodia.

  • hwangsae ssi
    hwangsae ssi Hace un año +3593

    Did Zeng simply memorise all of geography? Incredible.

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace 8 meses +4

      @Draven Draven well that's your problem if you were bothered. His teammates had no problem because they weren't left out. Stop assuming.

    • Haiqal Haziq
      Haiqal Haziq Hace 8 meses +1

      @Jake Howie GPS-Zeng

    • Lalrindika Ralte
      Lalrindika Ralte Hace 8 meses

      @Helen Swan eidetic memory don't exist

    • Draven Draven
      Draven Draven Hace 9 meses +1

      @Fiat 500 I thought I was the only one bothered by Mays and Jackson talking to each other and left Max and Fatima like they are outsider🥺

    • Romania Goh
      Romania Goh Hace 10 meses +2

      he loves cartography as a kid. I think they all complement each other well.

  • Ted Davidson
    Ted Davidson Hace un año +1878

    "If only we had Zeng on our team." - A quote by every quiz team in history.

    • John Cedrick Cabelin
      John Cedrick Cabelin Hace un año +11

      @KLGoodman dont forget mr kim from trinity cambridge ☺

    • Matt Barr
      Matt Barr Hace un año +70

      Hutchinson's the best all-rounder this series, but Zeng's definitely Top 3 all-time best at a single subject (and easy all-time #1 in Geography)

  • Ramboost007
    Ramboost007 Hace un año +1576

    Sheriff has had her best game so far, Mays and Jackson have good shared knowledge in humanities, and Zeng is a cheat code

    • Balaji
      Balaji Hace 10 meses +16

      She is the quickest buzzer of them all.. quicker than Zeng

      MAKE YOUR MOMMA PROUD Hace un año +188

      Zeng is a human google maps.

  • d4dagger
    d4dagger Hace 11 meses +1125

    Mays shows great leadership skills overall, he knows who is a favourite in a subject and falls back on them. He is well rounded in his knowledge and uses logic to reach to his answer pretty well. Sheriff is clearly the wild horse in the team and will bring out the big guns when others struggle. Ofcourse, Zeng is the star of the show but the overal team dynamic is amazing and not to be dissected upon. Jackson does better in other rounds but has an approach similar to Mays. He is a natural second, this is a team game.

    • Diving Husky
      Diving Husky Hace 10 meses +1

      @Hermione Malfoy ya…Mays always speaks to Jackson only even when Sheriff was talking to them, and Mays never look at Sheriff…

    • G Vasu
      G Vasu Hace 10 meses

      @Simo Z That's all you can do. First come to us, kill our leaders and become our "rulers", loot and plunder us as colonies and slaves, take away a massive wealth worth trillions of $ value, completely destroy the societies here, and then one day just leave, go back and sit in your ivory towers sipping tea, and "pity" us. Shameless to the point now where you've deleted from your school textbooks all the major events of atrocities by the British on the colonies with blatant violation of Human Rights and complete disregard to morals and ethics.. You made us poor, and now instead of reparations, you don't even acknowledge the colonial wrongdoings, but you pity us?
      Remember, every poor child that is dying of starvation even today in Africa, Indian Subcontinent, ASEAN countries et. al, is a direct result of the massive loot and wealth depletion by the Brits and the East India Company. Countries are still reeling to come out of it even today after their wealth and natural resources have been destroyed or snatched away for centuries.

    • Simo Z
      Simo Z Hace 10 meses +1

      @Akhi I pity poor people like u... poor outside and inside :(

    • Simo Z
      Simo Z Hace 10 meses +2

      @G Vasu I pity poor people like u... poor outside and inside :(

    • G Vasu
      G Vasu Hace 10 meses +1

      @d4dagger a brown person, saying Jeez (jesus). See where I am pointing towards. Yes it has a lot of things to do with the race, colonial mindset and supremacy. Mays is as useless as the person calling an Indian call center to ask how to do a copy paste function in his computer. He keeps ignoring sheriff and zeng, looking first at Jackson. This Jackson is more useless.
      As an employer, who would you hire for competency - Mays or Zeng. Do you think Zeng won't be a good leader with so much of good critical thinking? Anybody can become a leader if given the captain's position. The point is, who is a better leader, what makes Mays a leader, his whiteness, ideally it should have been zeng. If zeng was the captain, he wouldn't even keep Mays there, no value add for his team. He'd have got someone more useful, someone who'd help him in the critical analysis, not just sit and order and put the workload on the oriental employees.
      Jackson btw is just useless.

  • Stephen's Rocket
    Stephen's Rocket Hace un año +1590

    Because the comments will probably miss what happened on Twitter, Imperial's captain's teammates defended him on their own accounts. 1) they have earpieces to hear each other; 2) they were conferring with the team's designated specialists on topics - Zeng's best parts this match were mainly starter questions which are no-conferring; 3) they edited out the bit where Sheriff and Mays even joke with each other about panhandles. The team's working well together and they're having fun, otherwise they don't get scores like what they have been doing.

    • Angelica Licari
      Angelica Licari Hace 8 días +1

      @Flying Pen and Paper Zeng and Shariff seem to be specialists who feed Mays answers that only they know. In contrast, Jackson and Mays help each other work out answers from topics they have in common. Discussions naturally take longer than being fed a single-word answer,

    • Ice_Garth_Sx
      Ice_Garth_Sx Hace 10 meses +4

      That is why Sheriff occasionally adjust her earpiece

    • Simon Levy
      Simon Levy Hace 10 meses +6

      Zeng's speciality is also Geography.

    • Ronkyort0dox
      Ronkyort0dox Hace 11 meses +16

      Maybe he's his best friend. Or they're lovers.

    • 甘•CKk
      甘•CKk Hace 11 meses +19

      @Flying Pen and Paper I think the reader was on his left, which is where Jackson is sitting obviously

  • population: me
    population: me Hace 11 meses +952

    i know its old news but i hope the people who are/were attacking mays have watched the other rounds of imperial, they all work so well together, their dynamic is so great to watch, to me, mays keep turning to jackson because the reader is on his left and theres one person on his left rather than two which makes it idk, like more convenient for a human being, also jackson is really good at music questions too, and in other rounds, hes always turning to the person with more skill in a subject, he knows his teammates and you can see all of them having fun, okay thats all, thank you

    • Johnny Swimbait
      Johnny Swimbait Hace 10 meses +2

      Rohan first

    • Rohan Salvi
      Rohan Salvi Hace 10 meses

      Shut up

    • Alexander
      Alexander Hace 10 meses +5

      So many delusional people trying to find faults were there are none

    • ParadoX _
      ParadoX _ Hace 11 meses +19

      mays is the assurance of the team why would they attack him?i mean technically most of the questions are in the field of zeng so naturally he can answer it what do they expect

    • Amal
      Amal Hace 11 meses +32

      Totally agree. Zeng Geography, Sheriff Literature, Mays music and history, Jackson Biology. I think so

  • TomWatsonB1
    TomWatsonB1 Hace un año +873

    As an American geography teacher who prides himself in knowing a great deal of geography, I am very impressed with Zeng! Very surprised he knew the one about Alaska so quickly and the one about the Sea of Marmara, as well. I found myself getting annoyed with him, because I wanted a chance to think on some of the geography questions!

    • steamroller82
      steamroller82 Hace 9 meses +2

      You DO have a chance. Well, you have the same amount of time that he has anyway.

    • black cat
      black cat Hace 10 meses +7

      Americans and geography, better love story than Twilight

    • Derek Lucas
      Derek Lucas Hace 10 meses +2

      @TomWatsonB1 we can have a little game of GeoGuessr and we'll see 😎

    • Derek Lucas
      Derek Lucas Hace 10 meses +4

      @TomWatsonB1 there's nothing to take pride being the smartest in geography in a nation where common people treat Africa as a single country lmao

    • TomWatsonB1
      TomWatsonB1 Hace 10 meses +1

      @Derek Lucas LOL, hilarious. I guarantee I know more about geography than you or just about anyone you know. It's been my obsession since I was a little kid. Don't believe everything you see on TV.

  • Amos Cai
    Amos Cai Hace un año +600

    Zeng must have found it quite funny when they guessed his home country incorrectly for the picture round. He probably knew the answer but definitely knew it was not what they guessed.

    • budi
      budi Hace 8 meses

      As an Indonesian citizen, I confirm that there is no correlation between the figure and historical Indonesian president or all the association

    • Shaz Lol
      Shaz Lol Hace 10 meses +1

      Ya that is right how the heck is that old guy looking like a Singapore leader tbh 😂😂😂 I was laughing in my heart too

    • L2
      L2 Hace 11 meses +3

      @Mynah Lu presidential republic**

    • Mynah Lu
      Mynah Lu Hace 11 meses +2

      @L2 And so is Singapore

    • L2
      L2 Hace 11 meses +2

      @Ramboost007 except the fact that Indonesia is a republic.

  • CHIN0094
    CHIN0094 Hace 11 meses +545

    Frodo would have an easier path to Mordor if Zeng was by his side…

    • HariHari Hujan☔
      HariHari Hujan☔ Hace 6 meses

      Zoro tidak akan tersesat kalau ada Zeng 🗿

    • Raj S
      Raj S Hace 10 meses +2

      You sir/ma'am are a legend. Most underrated comment.

    • Charlesfield Ochava
      Charlesfield Ochava Hace 11 meses +3

      He should have dropped Sam in favor of Zeng. :D

    • Vintage Jock
      Vintage Jock Hace 11 meses +2


    • N.20 Zee
      N.20 Zee Hace 11 meses +8

      That's a good one! 😂

  • Jivya Jinn
    Jivya Jinn Hace un año +811

    Max "The Human Atlas" Zeng strikes again! Can't wait until they either win or get knocked out and someone makes a hypercut of every Geography question Zeng answers.

    • cheznardi
      cheznardi Hace un año +17

      @Marveh …Zeng really had amazing speedy buzzer skills…👍🏾

    • Marveh
      Marveh Hace un año +44

      Geography is generally my strong suit, but it's next to impossible to beat Zeng to the buzzer, or even hear the full question most of the time!

    • furkangoth
      furkangoth Hace un año +17

      @dadt I think they do that for all the teams. Too many music theory questions were asked when music college was competing.

    • dadt
      dadt Hace un año +50

      In this match, he shows us he can answer non-geography question as well. But is it me imagining it, or whenever Zeng is on there are an exceptional number of geography questions?

    • Hollando
      Hollando Hace un año +18

      If i got the time, I’d definitely try that

  • sfumato
    sfumato Hace un año +315

    An abundance of geography questions tonight gave Zeng plenty of room to flex his incredible knowledge. It’s a considerable advantage to have 30-40 points *on lock* every single game, but in today’s match the advantage was far greater. One of my favorite players to watch this year!

  • Anshaal Chawdhery
    Anshaal Chawdhery Hace un año +232

    Zeng is a freak, inspiring knowledge. He seems to know country, city, capital, state, river ACROSS time. Legend 👏

  • J Jia
    J Jia Hace 11 meses +137

    In this round, it's apparent that Mays is a better leader than Rashid - doesn't rush into answers, look to specific teammates in their expertise and is a good all-rounder in topics. Then again, who am I to judge since I barely know any answers LOL

  • Amal
    Amal Hace 11 meses +92

    Imperials were good equally. Zeng's Geography is incredible, but we shouldn't ignore how well the others did in other subjects

  • Dirigo Blue
    Dirigo Blue Hace un año +159

    Not only is Zeng great on geography, but his knowledge of US history is amazing.

    • RaideN
      RaideN Hace 10 meses +10

      Even other countries' history, tbh. His depth in Ancient Indians history is impressive, too. I am from India and have studied Indian history extensively, but he manages to be even quicker. Truly impressive.

    MANISH CHAVAN Hace 8 meses +19

    "I study biochemistry"
    *Proceeds to outclass multiple geography majors*

  • forte27
    forte27 Hace un año +381

    It must be disheartening to go against Imperial when you know Zeng will be good for at least about 60 points automatically. There were slightly more geography questions than normal tonight, so it was actually more like 100 (without even mentioning the non-geography questions he got). It really goes to show just how powerful a geography specialist can be in a format like this.

    • Eugene K.
      Eugene K. Hace 7 meses +1

      @Kinabalu Cat probably because he studies chemistry?

    • Kinabalu Cat
      Kinabalu Cat Hace 11 meses +21

      Apart from world map, looks like he remembered chemistry periodic table too

    • peiceofcheese87
      peiceofcheese87 Hace un año +54

      Every time there's a team that's weak at geography on this show you have to wonder if they've ever even watched it before. It's probably the most consistently useful knowledge base to secure a lot of points

  • SmileyStarz
    SmileyStarz Hace 11 meses +557

    I came here to see Zeng, but was impressed by Rashid’s leadership and the way he passed the time to his teammates to answer some questions. Bonus points for his cute smile too

    • Jas
      Jas Hace 8 meses

      Right his smile is cute af

    • liv
      liv Hace 10 meses +3

      dudeeee when you mentioned his smile i can't stop looking at him lmao

    • Tzyagama Lyezer
      Tzyagama Lyezer Hace 10 meses +3

      Hes cute as well lol
      I agree

    • albin123003
      albin123003 Hace 11 meses +10

      @Charsiupao Yea. Especially when the topic directly falls within the specialisation or even field of studies of that particular team member, the pronounciation of the word may be subjective.
      That said, the question-giver is fair in accepting alternate pronounication of words that are globally disputed. Fon(tain) or Fon(tyn) being 1 of them.

    • potatoes
      potatoes Hace 11 meses +26

      he's attractive gosh

  • J Aravind
    J Aravind Hace 11 meses +251

    What's impressive is that Zheng got the Chennai and Tamil Nadu faster than sathya nath who is Indian. Good on ya mate!

    • unnamed
      unnamed Hace 5 meses +2

      @steamroller82 Better than almost every person currently living in India? Really? Even university profs and students in Indian universities whose entire job is to study it? Lmao.

    • 2_Titirsha Biswas
      2_Titirsha Biswas Hace 7 meses +4

      @steamroller82 lmao something Norwegians are not aware of , everyone knows Carlsen

    • S. Aslah Ahmad Faizi
      S. Aslah Ahmad Faizi Hace 8 meses +8

      @steamroller82 "something that many Norwegians are unaware of." lol. You clearly don't know norway

    • steamroller82
      steamroller82 Hace 9 meses +19

      I'd hardly think being Indian gives someone any advantage in knowing geography about India. It's all common knowledge that's available to the public. Zeng probably knows geography about India better than almost every person currently living in India.
      I play chess and know that the world chess champion is from Norway, something that many Norwegians are unaware of.

    • nengnengnengable
      nengnengnengable Hace 9 meses +15

      Sathyanath is also clearly south Indian in descent, probably from tamil nadu!

  • Colin Sherman
    Colin Sherman Hace un año +216

    Zeng is so good he's buzzing before he even knows what he is supposed to answer counting on the host to continue for a few seconds after the buzz.

    • Ultimate Weeaboo
      Ultimate Weeaboo Hace 11 meses +3

      @Atyab Rashid just wanna let you know, I love the way you speak

    • peiceofcheese87
      peiceofcheese87 Hace un año +11

      Well played regardless, unlucky that so many of the starters were geography-related.

    • Atyab Rashid
      Atyab Rashid Hace un año +107

      It's legitimately so impressive - after the match, Ananth (Sathyanath) told me how sure he was that Zeng pressed the buzzer before the picture was even shown to us in the first picture round, so confident was he that he'd know the answers

  • Hieu Nguyen Dinh
    Hieu Nguyen Dinh Hace 7 meses +9

    Zeng is surely the MVP but the point is the Imperial team would still outscored their opponents without him. Such a strong team

  • V W
    V W Hace un año +250

    It would be magical if UC could do an all-stars episode where they bring back the 8 most Zeng-esque players and pit them against each other.

    • janinah bishop
      janinah bishop Hace 11 meses

      Yes! Monkman, Seagull, and Lovejoy. It will be nice to watch an individual version.

    • zippygotsillyagain
      zippygotsillyagain Hace un año

      Emmanuel Guttenplan!

    • Fog
      Fog Hace un año +2


    • Zhizi Hao
      Zhizi Hao Hace un año +3

      @翟 how come?

    • 翟
       Hace un año

      @Meevious Brandon would never appear again representing Imperial lmao 🤣

  • GroovingPict
    GroovingPict Hace un año +348

    this was an entirely predictable slaughter, but holy hell, is there any conceivable piece of Geography trivia or question that Zeng wouldnt know the answer to?

    • Martin
      Martin Hace 6 meses

      @Josh Abrillo Because he has mastered geography already, it is not challenging anymore. It has become boring for him.

    • Josh Abrillo
      Josh Abrillo Hace 9 meses

      @Samantha Yap why is he on biochemistry?

    • Ronkyort0dox
      Ronkyort0dox Hace 11 meses

      I used to do that too. I used to know all the capital cities.

    • TheStroke
      TheStroke Hace 11 meses +6

      Should be change the map of earth in place of dinosaurs live to make Zeng not scoring.. but i guess in 2 hours of studying probably he get all the information haha..

    • Samantha Yap
      Samantha Yap Hace 11 meses +45

      Almost impossible. In recent interview with Zeng, he mentioned about his obsession with maps and geography since the age of 3, and then 10. He spends hours day tabbing in and out of maps. He is crazy over physical geography! Such an amazing kid.

  • 6TheBACH
    6TheBACH Hace 8 meses +9

    If you are having problems sleeping, and want to feel humiliated, this is your show.

  • Ryan Ergo
    Ryan Ergo Hace 11 meses +100

    Everyone is suddenly a psychologist. Great stuff.

    • Ryan Ergo
      Ryan Ergo Hace 11 meses +10

      @abhi verma What do you mean. They touch grass for 15 minutes every Tuesday AND watch detective shows. They are basically professionals.

    • abhi verma
      abhi verma Hace 11 meses +18

      People who haven't stepped out their entire life suddenly know for how long one should look at his left side in proportion to the number of people on his right.

  • Oscar
    Oscar Hace un año +227

    I was so excited for Max Zeng to buzz in for the next word after "in geography" but then the gong went

  • Ritik Pratap Singh
    Ritik Pratap Singh Hace 11 meses +337

    Zeng was absolutely genius. But the funny thing is that in both the teams, Asians were giving most of the answers lmao

    • Ritik Pratap Singh
      Ritik Pratap Singh Hace 9 meses +2

      Not us, u! I am an asian. 😂

    • jojo jojo
      jojo jojo Hace 9 meses +1

      there is always an asian who is better than us.

    • steamroller82
      steamroller82 Hace 9 meses

      @NOX AL HAJJ MALIK in general you'd want most teams to be majority white, since allowing too many minorities on a quiz show increases the chance that someone might get stabbed.

    • Kit Carson Scout
      Kit Carson Scout Hace 10 meses +1

      The reality is that Asian schooling is not free and comes at a cost. Therefore parents take a keen interest in their children education to ensure every penny spent is well worth it. Corporal punishment is still quite common and teachers have control of the classroom unlike here in the UK. By the way I'm a teacher here in the UK having been educated in Asia

    • Ami
      Ami Hace 10 meses

      @NOX AL HAJJ MALIK intelligent? You have a very flawed notion of "intelligence" if you think knowledge means immediately intelligence. I suggest you modify your comment.

  • Wong Ijen
    Wong Ijen Hace 11 meses +40

    As a Singaporean teenager who loves staring at maps for fun, Zeng is my super idol now

  • Cosy Cribs
    Cosy Cribs Hace 11 meses +157

    Zeng is MVP for sure. Another level.
    And I can imagine Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger falling off their rocking chairs if they watched this when they implied Hun Sen is Lee Kuan Yew.... 😂

    • N.20 Zee
      N.20 Zee Hace 11 meses +30

      I wonder what went through Zeng's mind when Kings fiercely discuss Hun Sen as LKY 😂

  • T.L.
    T.L. Hace 11 meses +99

    I love how Mays and Jackson will look into each other eyes lovingly everytime there's a question asked.

    • Sheliza Sakandal
      Sheliza Sakandal Hace 6 meses

      @hexnazar KENHCJSJS STOP

    • Tracy Chiroro
      Tracy Chiroro Hace 7 meses +1

      Why does Mays mosof the time check Jackson for answers ignoring the other two...

    • S
      S Hace 8 meses +3

      lol yeah ignoring their other 2 teammates.

    • hexnazar
      hexnazar Hace 8 meses +8

      And the answer they both agreed to is always wrong lmao

  • David McGurrin
    David McGurrin Hace un año +111

    I love how Zeng maps out the places in his head, sometimes see him using his hand figuring out east/west and that

  • Adz
    Adz Hace un año +147

    Zeng's map knowledge is simply out of this world.

    • Dylan Dylan Toriyama
      Dylan Dylan Toriyama Hace 11 meses +3

      @Jake Howie No they don't lol...Singaporeans don't travel all over the place. And the majority of them don't have geographic knowledge.

    • castelo de ossos
      castelo de ossos Hace un año +8

      @Jake Howie Their education system is authoritarian and unWoke, so the pupils really benefit.

    • Jake Howie
      Jake Howie Hace un año +11

      He is from Singapore though, they are well travelled people and have good geographic knowledge in general

    • Khalid
      Khalid Hace un año +26

      Technically its in this world haha

  • Chris Hobbs
    Chris Hobbs Hace un año +44

    Imperial just moved up in my estimation as one of the favorites to win it all. Incredible buzzer speed, a wide array of knowledge, especially in geography! Zeng is the man there! GL to both teams in their next game!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hace un año +33

    Zeng is so absolutely OP, I'm beyond amazed. A good quantity of geography questions in coming rounds presumably means undeniable victory for Imperial.

  • Joseph Karl
    Joseph Karl Hace un año +73

    I've watched UC for a long long time. I thought I'd seen it all. But Zeng and the first picture round just absolutely floored me. He really needs to change his surname to Fogg, acquire a loyal manservant and set off on a journey. He'll never go wrong 😎

  • Dennis Grießner
    Dennis Grießner Hace un año +26

    despite the fact zengs range of knowledge is limited his robotic accuracy and encyclopedic knowledge on all things geography never cease to amaze me. i look forward to his matches, the way i did with loveday, monkman and many others before and after.

  • Chand Ekam
    Chand Ekam Hace un año +34

    Zeng from this season and Leo from the last season. Two truly memorable people! Leo had breadth, but Zeng just does not miss in geography.

  • Dave Harris
    Dave Harris Hace un año +182

    I hope if he watched this back Mays had the guts to apologise to Sheriff for the snarky way he pointed out her error. Incredibly rude and disrespectful.

    • Bara’a A.W
      Bara’a A.W Hace 10 meses

      @Sharanya Ray Thank youu🦋🌹

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace 10 meses

      @Bara’a A.W it's @sheriffsciences I guess. Even Gilbert is there on Twitter. The other 2 aren't so I guess Mays isn't that affected but his teammates do see them.

    • Bara’a A.W
      Bara’a A.W Hace 10 meses

      @Sharanya Ray do you have their account .?

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace 10 meses +3

      @MAKE YOUR MOMMA PROUD why are you lying? Sheriff literally defended her captain on Twitter and in another video.

    • CPT Clonks
      CPT Clonks Hace 10 meses +2

      @SSgt Mole you are just assuming misogyny and discrimination just because someone said an 2 word opinion.

  • Niall Sheridan
    Niall Sheridan Hace un año +65

    Sorry to hear you're not well Dave. Thanks again for what you do for all of us UC punters!

  • Tommy
    Tommy Hace un año +74

    Excited to see which uni is next to get utterly Zeng'd in the semis

  • TG mod
    TG mod Hace 11 meses +21

    Zeng is the most humble yet a genius person

  • darkless60
    darkless60 Hace 11 meses +40

    I love how Imperial looks to the right for their geography questions (Zeng) and KCL does the same for their questions on biology (Sathyanath)

  • Lucas Foo
    Lucas Foo Hace 11 meses +351

    Zeng is flying the Singapore 🇸🇬 flag high!

    • Fran
      Fran Hace 11 meses

      @Dylan Dylan Toriyama do you see any East Asians up there?if it was the other way round i would have said the same thing too

    • Dylan Dylan Toriyama
      Dylan Dylan Toriyama Hace 11 meses

      @Fran Many East Asians themself are very racist...but why don't you point that out.

    • A A
      A A Hace 11 meses

      @Fran no he isn't. If you watched all the episodes you'd know he doesn't only consult with Jackson. He asks all of them, but it's easier to turn to Jackson's side, and also, there isn't much to discuss with Zheng. He knows the answer immediately! If Zheng knows the answer, he would've immediately said that, and I guess Mays knows that. There were many times where Mays turned to Zheng without any discussion, because as the leader, he knows who specialized in which area

    • Buki
      Buki Hace 11 meses +1

      @Fran why are you like that?

    • Aliv 1403
      Aliv 1403 Hace 11 meses

      @Fran bruh how do you know that?

  • KSfan4ever
    KSfan4ever Hace un año +41

    Thank you Dave! Hope you feel better soon! Amazing and very enjoyable game even though it was a slaughter. I always enjoy Rashid's debonair charm. Zeng blew me away.

    • camban
      camban Hace un año +16

      “Debonair” is such an underused adjective these days unfortunately - perhaps because there are now so few worthy of it - but Rashid definitely is. Someone else said “smug” but I don’t get that vibe from him at all. He’s all class.

    G AKSHAY Hace un año +74

    At 26:26, it seems like Paxman has just assumed Zeng is going to be right with the geography questions. Certainly can't fault him for that.

  • Emil Apostol
    Emil Apostol Hace 11 meses +56

    Host: *flashes map*
    Zeng: "It's free real estate."

  • Keshav
    Keshav Hace un año +21

    Absolutely cracking performance by Imperial. Zeng was as usual the king of geography , Sheriff did great with literature, Mays and Jackson were supportive and made their own contributions. All in all a very good team effort. Excited for this team. Hope we can see Reading University vs Imperial challenge soon !

  • Star Carter
    Star Carter Hace 11 meses +87

    Zeng died alittle when the other team tot hun sen is 🇸🇬 PM ( 21:21 - 21:44) I’m now a fan of Maximilian Zeng, he maintained humility despite been the MVP

  • Dimes
    Dimes Hace 11 meses +14

    Imperial is so good and well balanced. They got 200+ every time, imagine that

  • Beauty Surroundings
    Beauty Surroundings Hace 11 meses +11

    What a delight to see younger people in a battle of ideas and intellectual knowledge.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Loren Montes
    Loren Montes Hace 6 meses +2

    I'm so impressed by Zeng's knowledge about geography 👏 that was so cool 😻

  • A Visal
    A Visal Hace 10 meses +19

    "Hi I am Max Zeng I am from Singapore and i Study Bio Chemistry"
    Such an iconic line

  • C. T
    C. T Hace un año +38

    I hope that Mays looks right more often in the next programme.

  • VLera
    VLera Hace un año +176

    Thanks, Dave Garda! Sheriff did really well and Zeng is out of this world. Mays and Jackson are fairly inconsiderate and often seemed to forget they are members of a team.

    • Irene Dagami
      Irene Dagami Hace 11 meses +3

      @AlphaOmega You are basically overthinking. Whether or not they are sincere for siding with him, is not up to us to speculate. Trying to put an issue to a group game can affect their dynamics.

    • AlphaOmega
      AlphaOmega Hace 11 meses +2

      @Grace T exactly

    • AlphaOmega
      AlphaOmega Hace 11 meses +4

      @kami just because they defend their teammates to save face doesnt mean nothing was happening, i know it was edited but there's definitely something going on between them.

    • kami
      kami Hace 11 meses +4

      @AlphaOmega no, the team members defended mays on social media. the ep is heavily edited. y’all throw powerful words left and right to the point that they’re watered down.

    • Grace T
      Grace T Hace 11 meses +10

      Whether they were different races or not, it’s pretty awkward and a bit rude to just whisper to the person you’re closest to and ignore the rest of your team lol

  • Rozana Williams
    Rozana Williams Hace 11 meses +60

    Proud of Max Zheng. 🇸🇬 we are rooting for u!

  • Siyabonga Mchunu
    Siyabonga Mchunu Hace un año +134

    The beauty about GPS Zeng is that he either knows or he doesn't know. Nothing in between. The same goes for Imperial in general though...a statement has been made tonight.

    • DavidsonLoops
      DavidsonLoops Hace un año +3

      @Siyabonga Mchunu but its not like Jacksons input was so ridiculous that he wouldnt look at him either, and mays and sheriff laugh sometimes theres no beef lol

    • Siyabonga Mchunu
      Siyabonga Mchunu Hace un año +7

      @João Pedro Petric It almost feels like the guess work has been left to Jackson by

    • João Pedro Petric
      João Pedro Petric Hace un año +26

      @zzzzoijzzzzz I had the same thought watching the match, Zeng and Sheriff were way more eficient than Jackson and despite that, Mays always seems to consult Jackson instead of them.

    • zzzzoijzzzzz
      zzzzoijzzzzz Hace un año +19

      He correctly guessed (or seemed to guess) the South American orchestra. Strange Mays didn't seem to consult him much compared to Jackson, but I'm nit-picking in the extreme. Really a great performance from a top team.

  • MJ
    MJ Hace 10 meses +7

    So the Imperial Team won all the round with points over 200! Now that’s impressive!

  • Dennis Jeffs
    Dennis Jeffs Hace un año +24

    I want Zeng on my team, an encyclopedia of knowledge 👍

  • Alex Robb
    Alex Robb Hace un año +541

    I could understand looking toward Jackson for a subject that he specialises in, but focusing on him when Zeng and Sheriff are giving better answers consistently is odd

    • CPT Clonks
      CPT Clonks Hace 10 meses +3

      @Renate Frey not at all, they wear earpieces. The others even defended him on twitter.

    • CPT Clonks
      CPT Clonks Hace 10 meses +2

      @Ray that's literally not what's happening. They even edited out when sheriff and mats were joking about panhandles. Don't just assume.

    • Alexander
      Alexander Hace 10 meses

      All these comments are because he is white and the others aren’t, so racists in full force

    • MannB
      MannB Hace 11 meses +3

      @Ray maybe he's just best friends with Jackson, no need to be weird

    • Shaun
      Shaun Hace 11 meses +1

      I have a bot-sounding nickname and I think they're racist too. Green lozenges chop fiery ice thousand islands.

  • G
    G Hace 11 meses +8

    I have seen the clip of zeng answering the questions about Indian states so many times and it still blows my mind every single time

  • Rebecca Owen
    Rebecca Owen Hace un año +15

    Thank you Dave, I hope you feel better soon!
    May needs to look at these videos. It was hard to watch him. But Zeng is legendary and Sheriff was not bad either.

  • rob cross
    rob cross Hace 11 meses +17

    Zeng is an amazing contestant, his geography and history knowledge is unbelievable 😊

  • Helen Swan
    Helen Swan Hace un año +18

    Get well soon Dave. Take loads of vitamins. And I hope all our good wishes reach you, like the best medicine, from the heart.

  • Sanem
    Sanem Hace 8 meses +2

    Fun fact : you can never get lost when traveling w/ Zeng. anyways Imperial was fire. Rashid also did pretty good.

  • Laurie Wiegler
    Laurie Wiegler Hace un año +16

    I’m so proud of the King’s team! I’m an alum. Love to know who Rashid studies Philosophy with. I had Niall O’Flaherty. Am sorry they didn’t win. Tough game!

  • mary okaniba
    mary okaniba Hace 9 meses +5

    It's amazing that Imperial college team turn to zeng when questions are about locations

  • Stu Pidas
    Stu Pidas Hace un año +8

    Zeng is good for 70+ points every game on his geographic knowledge alone. Funny thing with geography and question shows is that it is often included in questions of every category, not just geography specific ones.

  • Elli
    Elli Hace 11 meses +7

    I really like how after they introduce themselves they turn to their teammates.

  • Daanyaal Khan
    Daanyaal Khan Hace 10 meses +2

    Get you a man that looks at you the way Mays looks at Jackson and vice versa 🤣.
    Kudos to the whole team, uni challenge editing team did you dirty.
    For those spouting rubbish I'd recommend reading Felix where you'll hear the accounts of the team #keepthecatfree
    Well done to the team at Imperial and congratulations on your hard work dispelling the myth that we all are super geeky lol 🤣

  • Lanka Rocks
    Lanka Rocks Hace un año +309

    The two best players get completely overlooked by the Imperial captain for the person with zero contribution

    • Attaboy
      Attaboy Hace 8 meses

      @Lanka Rocks was it jackson & mays fault that those starter's questions were not his forte, yet bonus questions actually were his? Please just...stop

    • Lanka Rocks
      Lanka Rocks Hace 9 meses

      @Niño John Sabuero please Jackson. Stop using a pseudonym in defending your captain’s prejudice

    • Niño John Sabuero
      Niño John Sabuero Hace 10 meses +1

      Also, this just goes to show how people are fast to assume things base on videos without even witnessing the whole thing live or in person. There are always things that we xan miss when we wactch it on videos so DONT assume things

    • Niño John Sabuero
      Niño John Sabuero Hace 10 meses +3

      @Lanka Rocks You do realize that this isn't the only round they participated in right? There were other rounds where Jackson contributed to the team so I have to disagree with your term of "zero contribution"

    • Lanka Rocks
      Lanka Rocks Hace 10 meses

      @Ken Ceus yes i did. Jackson got zero starter. Bonus answers are a team effort. I think you were watching in a parallel universe

  • Lisa lalalala
    Lisa lalalala Hace 11 meses +33

    "She moved away from Bath" spoken like they were neighbors. I found that strangely funny.

    TAPROW Hace 11 meses +91

    While a man like Zeng are rare, there’s always a man like Beard in a group project lol

    • L
      L Hace 11 meses +13

      that's rude, stop bullying him

    • E M
      E M Hace 11 meses +33

      To be fair, he did contribute more in the previous episodes, it just happens that this round's questions are less of his expertise

  • Ubiquitary
    Ubiquitary Hace un año +427

    It would have demonstrated better manners had Mays not automatically turned to his left every time for conference, especially to the dud of the group who was outspoken but highly fallible. Having said that, Sheriff and Zeng were fully capable of looking after themselves. Zeng doubles as a GPS.

    • Afridi
      Afridi Hace 9 meses

      He was looking to his left bcz his hairstyle looked cool ftom that side

    • steamroller82
      steamroller82 Hace 9 meses

      @Zaph Brox I didn't think it was condescending. Seemed like a clarifier. Just my opinion.

    • CPT Clonks
      CPT Clonks Hace 10 meses

      They are all facing left. Its a lot easier to look left than right in that case. They also wear earpieces to talk. You should really watch the other Uzc episodes with imperial. He's a great captain. Just cause someone looks left more doesn't mean they are discrediting the others.

    • MannB
      MannB Hace 11 meses +1

      @Simon Hill haha

    • Hansolo
      Hansolo Hace 11 meses +2

      @Simon Hill you can hate you can be rasicst but you need to know that its a very sensitive topic+ no one really cares about race and colors anymore (except for, yknow cough america cough)

  • Telomeke
    Telomeke Hace 11 meses +23

    "These bonuses are on panhandles of the USA..." And three Imperial contestant heads automatically swivel to their right at 25:41 in deference to Max Zeng 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jainafel
    Jainafel Hace 11 meses +7

    It is a joy to see someone's lifetime of personal expertise "useless information" being rewarded with public recognition :D

  • Reverseinverse
    Reverseinverse Hace un año +38

    Zeng should be the captain. There is something wrong with Mays, acting as if there is only one more person in his team, also he doesn't score much anyways.

    • Buki
      Buki Hace 11 meses +11

      Don't just watch the videos with cuts if you're gonna form an opinion based on these videos you might as well do it with full context rather than bringing down someone you know nothing about.

    • Joan
      Joan Hace 11 meses +18

      You must not have watched all their videos then. He always discuss with Jackson when questions on art / architecture and science is asked , the subjects they specialises in. But he never fail to consult sheriff on literature questions and zeng on geography. I would say he knows to play using the strength of each player .

  • Misha Gelenava
    Misha Gelenava Hace un año +12

    Could you imagine Brandon and Zeng on the same Imperial team?

  • Oliver Leung
    Oliver Leung Hace un año +5

    Loved the last set of bonus questions! I have great memories of playing Marquez's Danzon No. 2 with my high school's orchestra. I also remember watching the Simon Bolivar Orchestra's rendition of Danzon many times (with Dudamel conducting, of course).

  • Lesley Blank
    Lesley Blank Hace un año +164

    Mays can waste a dangerous amount of time conferring with someone who has not the answer.

  • Jas
    Jas Hace 8 meses +5

    Rashid smiles a lot, he’s cute. Zeng and sheriff are very knowledgeable

  • james farquhar
    james farquhar Hace un año +10

    Thank you Dave. Wishing you a speedy recovery. From Italy.

  • AJ4724
    AJ4724 Hace un año +191

    GPS Zeng is an absolute BEAST. But it’s also downright rude how Mays constantly consults Jackson at every question when there are two far superior teammates.

    • hihikatamari
      hihikatamari Hace 11 meses +3

      @RJTheCerealGuy Yes sir

    • RJTheCerealGuy
      RJTheCerealGuy Hace 11 meses +4

      @hihikatamari agree with me?

    • hihikatamari
      hihikatamari Hace 11 meses +11

      I agree, for example with geography questions and chemistry questions, Zeng's teammate don't need to consult with him and they all turn their head toward Zeng. HE KNOWS!

    • RJTheCerealGuy
      RJTheCerealGuy Hace 11 meses +39

      It’s edited, the team mates have defended him on Twitter. He’s just being logical each person has a different specialty, it’s not like a race thing like come on

    • Papa El Jefe
      Papa El Jefe Hace 11 meses +5

      In Asia, the Europeans will consult each other, and we asians will execute , best partnership ever

  • ET ET
    ET ET Hace 11 meses +28

    Thanks for posting Dave. So thankful and happy to be able to watch this from Singapore. From a proud Singapore mother with a son (reading Law) around Zeng’s age, Congratulations Imperial, well done Zeng! So proud of you 🇸🇬. God bless.

    • Jack Zeinder
      Jack Zeinder Hace 11 meses +2

      Should ask your son to double major computer science or something. There is a glut for Law students currently, might find difficulty in employment after graduation.

  • Erryday
    Erryday Hace un año +17

    Zeng has a weapons grade mastery of geography. Hope you get well soon Dave, thanks for the upload.

  • Tdawg Luxor
    Tdawg Luxor Hace un año +147

    They should just say "nominate Zeng for the next 3 questions".

    • hexnazar
      hexnazar Hace 8 meses

      @Wesley Hopmans true its kinda annoying but i guess its bcuz hes captain

    • Tdawg Luxor
      Tdawg Luxor Hace un año

      @Wesley Hopmans what a mad lad.

    • Wesley Hopmans
      Wesley Hopmans Hace un año +1

      I think Paxman treats every 5 point question such even if they didn't say it.

  • Max R
    Max R Hace 9 meses +3

    Everybody talking about Zeng, can we appreciate the great performance from Oliver Beard aswell, outstanding.

  • E M
    E M Hace 11 meses +19

    Would love to see Rashid and Zeng in a team together, a star player and a captain who appreciates the strengths of each of his teammates, I bet once a geography question comes up he'd be directly nominating Zeng no questions asked

    • L
      L Hace 11 meses +1

      No, a bad idea

  • Stephan Ruan
    Stephan Ruan Hace 10 meses +2

    Zeng has made us glad that he has done well. Keep it up as still it's teamwork! Well done imperial.

  • Chris Hobbs
    Chris Hobbs Hace un año +37

    Thanks again Dave! Today's meal is another of my favorites....Fettucine Alfredo, Parmesan Chicken, Caesar Salad, Garlic Toast, and Chianti! Edit: And hope you feel better Dave!

    • John Macpherson
      John Macpherson Hace un año +5

      @Jonny Bingham Pipe down Bingham

    • Jonny Bingham
      Jonny Bingham Hace un año +1

      Why do u share what food you are eating? Shall I tell you my meals for the last week.

  • Grim
    Grim Hace un año +4

    Thanks again, Dave - I appreciate your efforts and hope you're well soon.
    I'm American and even I couldn't answer all of the American geo questions. I did get a couple of bonus questions that no one could answer, though.

  • GildaLee27
    GildaLee27 Hace un año +5

    Feel better, Dave! Grateful for these episodes.

  • Sagar Jamwal
    Sagar Jamwal Hace 8 meses +8

    "*Zeng knows Geography More than Geography knows itself*"

  • Renato Regalado
    Renato Regalado Hace un año +7

    Would love to see a trivia show that pits Brandon Blackwell vs Max Zeng.

  • Rohin Balkundi
    Rohin Balkundi Hace un año +12

    Hope you feel better Dave! Happy New Years

  • Kiteflyer
    Kiteflyer Hace 11 meses +23

    love how they call his name: IMPERIAL ZENG! as if he is from star wars or the china dynastic empire heir in waiting

  • Mindless Quantity
    Mindless Quantity Hace 9 meses +4

    When Zeng guessed three correct answers in a row and did that hair flip kinda thing in 26:13 omg cutest🥺

  • JB Loveday
    JB Loveday Hace un año +15

    Mr Paxman seemed very relaxed and laid back in this episode.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Hace un año +6

      It seems the surgical operation to remove the broomstick was successful and he can sit without pain again