The Weird, Watery Tale of Spinosaurus

  • Publicado el 8 may 2018
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    In 1912, a fossil collector discovered some strange bone fragments in the eerie, beautiful Cretaceous Bahariya rock formation of Egypt. Eventually, that handful of fossil fragments would reveal to scientists one of the strangest dinosaurs that ever existed -- the world’s only known semi-aquatic dinosaur.
    Thanks as always to Nobumichi Tamura for allowing us to use his wonderful paleoart:
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    The Baryonyx walkeri is from Cuff A, Rayfield E
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  • Robert Lohmann
    Robert Lohmann Hace un día

    Excellent presentation, fun stuff. Thanks.

  • domsau2
    domsau2 Hace un día +1

    Not creature, but evoluture, please!

  • Rashidi Shamuddin
    Rashidi Shamuddin Hace un día

    Irritator. What a name.

  • Fross Fairy
    Fross Fairy Hace un día

    Irritator, I love its story.

  • Mahaj Mahir
    Mahaj Mahir Hace 2 días

    I seriously want to marry her

  • Tom Cross
    Tom Cross Hace 3 días

    spinosaurus wasn't an apex predator.

  • SuperHigh Gaming
    SuperHigh Gaming Hace 5 días

    wow this was released this year and no information about the spino walking on all fours seems like the all quadrupedal stuff im seeing is just non sense or not there is obviously a lot more research that has to be done on this creature

  • Kathleen Dougherty
    Kathleen Dougherty Hace 5 días

    Like to see a video on feathered dinosaurs , and why some now think raptors had feathers

  • Daniele Ferretti
    Daniele Ferretti Hace 6 días

    Forgive me, I'm not an expert but according to some (very old) documentary I've seen, I knew hadrosaurids spent much of their time in water if they could, isn't that correct?

  • Ehh Embb
    Ehh Embb Hace 6 días

    Do an episode on gigantopithecus!

  • Seb C
    Seb C Hace 7 días

    In the future people will look back at this and laugh at our stupidity. Presenting all this info as facts based on tiny fragments.

  • Gelo Serrano
    Gelo Serrano Hace 8 días

    What about big sea dinosaurs or something similar? I don't really know what that big thing is in Jurassic World, the one underwater but I found it both fascinating and terrifying. It actually became my favorite since I love fishes and underwater creatures. So it'd be great to know more of those kinds of things from back then and whatever period they came from.

  • Spinotopia NL
    Spinotopia NL Hace 8 días

    I still miss a few points in this video. First of all, the fact that the Spinosaurus is both, bipedal and quadruped. Used both propulsion possibilities when it was needed. Second, the Spinosaurus could not walk on the knuckles, as many think. Because of the weight, these knuckles would break too often. And last but not least, the Spinosaurus was not only a fish eater, but also ate (little) dinosaurs, tortoises, and did not hesitate to snatch a Pterosaur from the air every now and then.

  • The Poke'Saurus
    The Poke'Saurus Hace 9 días

    3:27 Fun fact:
    They named that dinosaur Irritator because they had a hard time finding out what it was! Very irritating...

  • Julian ART
    Julian ART Hace 9 días +1

    'No other semi-aquatic dinosaurs' But, but, but .... What about Halszkaraptor, which shows evidence of adaptations to a semi-aquatic environment? (it was only described late last year, so depending on when this video was made the report might not have been out yet) BTW, I really like these videos and find they very interesting.

  • Dan Vallentyne
    Dan Vallentyne Hace 11 días

    Excellent story!

  • Henk Spierings
    Henk Spierings Hace 12 días +1

    Enjoy these vids. Food for thought. Always.

  • William Bailey
    William Bailey Hace 12 días

    You can add the duck-like Halszkaraptor into the list of potential semi-aquatic non-avian dinosaurs.

  • VaciliNikoMavich
    VaciliNikoMavich Hace 13 días +1

    Excellent video, I love it ^_^
    Maybe some day, there will be more fossil discoveries!

  • Tremayne Collins
    Tremayne Collins Hace 13 días

    Spinosaurs was crocodiles

  • Squambiblio _
    Squambiblio _ Hace 14 días

    Awesome video!

  • Anirban Roy Chowdhury
    Anirban Roy Chowdhury Hace 14 días

    So jurassic park 3s spinosaur was based off a few bones found a hundred years ago

  • Icespoon
    Icespoon Hace 14 días

    What about Suchomimus? I was reading Wikipedia and Sucho and Spino lived at the same time (although Sucho was in Niger, Spino in Morocco), but the fossil evidence still portrays Sucho as a more "typical" carnivore who could walk on its back legs and having short arms. Sucho is the one who "stayed" in the ground whereas Spino went for the amphibian lifestyle? If anyone has a paper or a video, I'd totally appreciate that :D

  • J. Robert R
    J. Robert R Hace 14 días

    The Spinosaurus is one of my favourite dinosaurs, because it is an amphibious dinosaur, betsides to be the most exotical and large theropod! :D

  • singularity
    singularity Hace 14 días

    I think the sail is the product of sexual selection....why else would an animal develop useless huge bonestructures which decrease evolutionary fitness due to deadweight....i am looking at you megaloceros, winner of darwin award

  • King cobra 59
    King cobra 59 Hace 15 días

    Whats the difference between baryonyx sucho and Irraritator

  • Brief Thoughts
    Brief Thoughts Hace 15 días

    If possible make a video about the Devonian period, and how the life looked like in our planet at that time

  • The Banana Melon
    The Banana Melon Hace 15 días

    Every time a trailer says “what if,” it’s actually a statement, not a question

  • Rezone Rizu
    Rezone Rizu Hace 17 días

    I wouldn't have watched it if not for Jurassic park 3

  • chris kingston
    chris kingston Hace 17 días

    There are signs in its snout that it could have had whiskers. I think it was a underwater digger. And it favourite food was a prehistoric flat fish. That’s my guess 👍

  • Just Jake
    Just Jake Hace 17 días

    Oh my. Think of this animal as a toothed Heron or Shoebill Stork not some crocowhale, This current reconstruction is a very wild speculation based on far spread fossils and many different representatives of what is likely more than one species. In the end Spinosaurus will be found to be a very large but very svelte, mostly piscivorous wading animal like most modern herons, some storks and other shore/wading birds of today, not some alligator seal nightmare that couldn't even haul itself ashore according to current reconstructions to nest and and clutch eggs. Think great blue herons, Shoebill and marbou storks when considering the behaviour and lifestyle of this enigmatic creature, not the chimerasaur rapidly rushed to dissertation to monopolize dwindling grants and funding for 'celebrity' paleontologists.

  • Robert Newkirk
    Robert Newkirk Hace 18 días

    please diversify...i guess only a certain race is qualified...

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith Hace 15 días


    • creative username
      creative username Hace 18 días

      Robert Newkirk diversity isn't something that should be forced. That being said they probably have a diverse crew but you only end up seeing 3 or 4 different people on camera

  • Zedanty yorant
    Zedanty yorant Hace 18 días

    next video about,why there no dinosaur on water !!!

  • squigglewacks
    squigglewacks Hace 18 días

    It's strange how rare the fossils are, especially considering that they lived in the water. Plesiosaur is super common for this reason.

  • kitty cat
    kitty cat Hace 19 días


  • V N krishnan
    V N krishnan Hace 20 días +1

    Can Eons tell us out the raptor s

  • A Lego Creation
    A Lego Creation Hace 21 un día +1

    Just to be clear... the evidence of what the spinosaurus looked like was published in 2014 while the jurassic park 3 movie came out in 2001. This cool analogy proves that the spinosaurus has gone through some changes while keeping its own very similar appearance. Guys, this is how dinosaurs were conserved throuhout the ages !!! 🙄😎

  • A Lego Creation
    A Lego Creation Hace 21 un día +1

    6:55 that’s my grandpa !

  • ShopKeep Magolor
    ShopKeep Magolor Hace 21 un día +1

    "Worlds only semi-aquatic dinosaur"
    *looks at Baryonyx and Suchomimus*

  • Suraj Bhosale
    Suraj Bhosale Hace 22 días

    Can you please make a video on tertiary sharks of india and their palaeobiogeography.

  • Dean Fawcett
    Dean Fawcett Hace 23 días


  • Jacksattacks
    Jacksattacks Hace 23 días

    It was also one of the biggest carniverous dinosaurs

  • Rob van der Sloot
    Rob van der Sloot Hace 25 días

    I'm still not convinced the current reconstruction of the Spinosaurus is correct. It looks too much like they might have mixed up two or more different dinosaurs, or that they made mistakes with the reconstruction.

  • Partha Sarathi Dey
    Partha Sarathi Dey Hace 25 días

    please do a video on megalodon

  • Trevor Ross
    Trevor Ross Hace 26 días

    I'd love to see a video dedicated to the T-Rex. Also, one dedicated to what aquatic life was like during the Mezozoic.

  • Aziz Abdullah
    Aziz Abdullah Hace 26 días

    interesting spinosaurus

  • Julian Goans
    Julian Goans Hace 26 días

    Men spinosaur was a monster but can you keep making more more videos about spinosaur

  • Merkestor
    Merkestor Hace 26 días

    Koreaceratops is thought to possibly semi-aquatic

  • JumPInfectioN
    JumPInfectioN Hace 27 días

    I have a hypothesis that spinosaurus was a shallow water/swamp dwelling predator. The sail was multipurpose, and i think it served as both a way of temperature regulation, mating and intimidation as well as a tool for swimming and hunting.

  • M Parker
    M Parker Hace 28 días

    It seems like the hind legs were not strong enough to support the weight out of the water. Crocs can't stand on their hind legs. Seeing the sail, I'm surprised modern crocs don't have the sail to get some sun while the body is submerged in cooler water. Also bones on the belly? Doesn't that sound like it was dragging its belly around, instead of walking?

  • Steve Mcqueen
    Steve Mcqueen Hace 29 días

    Spinosaurus are the coolest dinosaurs

  • Reinhardt Huber
    Reinhardt Huber Hace 29 días

    7:40 go check it out, go buy 1
    its so cool you'll love it
    its going to look perfect on your room wall.

  • Sashka D
    Sashka D Hace un mes

    I would like to know why all those prehistoric animals look bulky, gawky and ugly... I haven't seen one rendition that makes them look light and gracious like modern birds or cats... Why is that?

  • The Nameless One
    The Nameless One Hace un mes

    When I was in kindergarten, my teacher made the class present what we wanted to be when we grow up in fornt of the group. When it was my turn to present, I said that I wanted to be a spinosaur. Today, I can safely and successfully say that am a spinosaur. It took a lot of surgery, but I hired the best. People can't tell the difference. I don't just look like a relic of the past, I am a relic of the past.

    LEGOSAURUS Hace un mes +2

    Wait a minute.. so any depiction of spinosaurus that I've seen before 2014 was based on pictures of a few bones? That's actually quite impressive!

  • batt3ryac1d
    batt3ryac1d Hace un mes

    I like the theory that the sail was for thermal regulation. Water would be pretty cold for a reptile so maybe the sail let it sun while in water.

  • Phil PBOY
    Phil PBOY Hace un mes

    It seems quite obvious to me that this dinosaur must have lived mostly in water, using its fin to catch sunlight for heat.. which is more necessary if the entire body spends most of its time submerged in water. It had heavy bones, like whales, not light bones like typical land dinosaurs... it was also very wide which probably added to a ballast effect. I also imagine it walked on all four’s and was quite similar to modern day crocs when on land. I’m not quite sure what on Earth the spinosaur in Jurassic Park was about lol

  • Anna Noble
    Anna Noble Hace un mes +1

    I'm sure there's many other aquatic dinosaurs out there, waiting to be discovered!

  • Zachary Nixon
    Zachary Nixon Hace un mes

    No not the sail of a sail fish

  • Zachary Nixon
    Zachary Nixon Hace un mes

    The sail is for help spinosaurus a to breath under water ok spinosaurus was not the biggest dinosaurs there's giganotsaurus there's yutyrannus t rex so take dis in ppl

    • Plazma47
      Plazma47 Hace 21 un día

      Zachary Nixon trex was smaller

  • Zachary Nixon
    Zachary Nixon Hace un mes

    Spinosaurus. And baronix were very aggressive they ate fish with other dinos

  • SRFriso94
    SRFriso94 Hace un mes +1

    "River of Giants". I don't care how bad you say scientists are at naming things (they generally are) but that is an awesome name. It sounds like it comes straight out of Dark Souls.

  • valinperal
    valinperal Hace un mes

    I figure the sail would have helped both make it look bigger and when most of it's body is in the water the sail could stick out so if the water is cold the Spino could turn it's sail to the sun to warm it's blood easily without having to leave the water. Also the sail fish idea sounds good for when it's in deeper waters but that might not have been something every Spino would do.

  • Gabriela Montemor
    Gabriela Montemor Hace un mes

    Anyone has a link for that beautiful lake art that appears several times, like at 5:17

  • The Canine Nutritionist
    The Canine Nutritionist Hace un mes +1

    Keep dishing out these dinosaur videos since animal planet and discovery wont.

  • Matthias Tan
    Matthias Tan Hace un mes

    are Plesiosauria and Mosasaur considered aquatic dinosaurs? i'm still an dino noob so forgive me if that was a dumb question

  • JFNC
    JFNC Hace un mes

    Stupid allies...

  • Lewis Peverelli
    Lewis Peverelli Hace un mes +1

    Oxalia ?

  • Plipp the First
    Plipp the First Hace un mes

    You can’t just say ”coelacanths the size of buses” without giving us an episode on giant fish.

  • Jive Junior
    Jive Junior Hace un mes

    You didn't answer the real question about Spinosaurus: Was it bipedal or quadrupedal?
    Perhaps it's better left unmentioned, because it'll cause a flame war in the comment section.

    • Nomnivore
      Nomnivore Hace un mes

      It was both. It could walk on it's hind limbs if needed but because it was so front heavy it most likely mainly walked on all four. And because it had huge claws on its front limbs it probably walked on its knuckles.

  • candice hinds
    candice hinds Hace un mes


  • Iiro Peltonen
    Iiro Peltonen Hace un mes

    I wanna know about the first ever life forms! :)

  • Vinit Kamble
    Vinit Kamble Hace un mes +1

    l am in love with this channel❤

  • Mikel Dioso
    Mikel Dioso Hace un mes

    Wait, if it wasn't complete till 2008 then how was it accurately shown in Jurassic park?????

    • Aakashi Baku
      Aakashi Baku Hace 28 días

      They just re-designed Baryonyx with a giant body and a sail. Baryonyx was related to Spinosaurus, so there are a few similarities in relation to it's snout. It's not accurate however to the modern Spinosaurus.

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins Hace un mes

    Almost sounds like a Great idea for a movie.
    Original archeologist finds fragments and makes his mark in history, but the war destroyed his works, and years pass and many people forget, until one scientist (who admires the archeologist's work) looks for clues until he has nearlt given up, until a mysterious fossil collector gives him a crate with a spino sail bone. Then, he strikes gold!
    Would be a very good drama movie!!!!

  • Vongalaxy
    Vongalaxy Hace un mes

    My favorite dinosaur tbh

  • Entertainment
    Entertainment Hace un mes

    Spinosaurus is better than T. rex and would wreck T. rex don’t hate I’m just stating facts kids sorry to burst your little bubbles 😘

  • David Brown
    David Brown Hace un mes

    Just gonna ignore the jurassic park version

  • mosamaster
    mosamaster Hace un mes +1

    spiny was a huge duck

  • Khairi Jamaludin
    Khairi Jamaludin Hace un mes


  • Henry-Sarah Mike-Show
    Henry-Sarah Mike-Show Hace un mes

    What about liangosaurus?

  • Daniel McDavid
    Daniel McDavid Hace un mes

    "The word's only known semi-aquatic dinosaur"
    To that, I say "penguins".

  • The Primal Earth
    The Primal Earth Hace un mes

    penguins are semi aquatic dinosaurs

  • Christian Valerio
    Christian Valerio Hace un mes

    I want to learn more of the ice age

  • 3100 Vincent
    3100 Vincent Hace un mes

    does anyone know the music that is going on around 6:50? thanks

  • Ian Alvord
    Ian Alvord Hace un mes

    This was great. I want more episodes like this, that focus on the actual discovery and fossils.

  • Angelo Mastri
    Angelo Mastri Hace un mes

    Still, T-Rex wins

  • Haiti LeBlanc
    Haiti LeBlanc Hace un mes

    Spinosarous vs super croc

  • animalia555
    animalia555 Hace un mes

    Could you talk about the theory that Tyrannosaurs might be pack hunters and weather or not it is likely.

  • VicariousReality7
    VicariousReality7 Hace un mes

    I put a spinosaur tooth on my neck chain

  • Drunk in a Dark Room
    Drunk in a Dark Room Hace un mes

    have there ever been primates in North Americas..? if not why? if...what?? thanks

  • Martin Donnelly
    Martin Donnelly Hace un mes

    Can you do a video on how palaeontologists work out animal behaviour from fossils.

  • Jerome Man
    Jerome Man Hace un mes

    Without a full seleton we will never know

  • mary_ joe
    mary_ joe Hace un mes

    could you please make a video about andrewsarchus? :)

  • Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson Hace un mes

    My five-year-old daughter and I *love* your videos. We were wondering about the differences between frogs and toads. When did they evolutionarily diverge?

  • Sole Tickler
    Sole Tickler Hace un mes +1

    I still prefer the SpinoSaurus from Jurassic Park 3.

  • Matt C
    Matt C Hace un mes

    Awesome video!! Thanks so much!

  • Ethan Lam
    Ethan Lam Hace un mes +1

    Do Haast's Eagle!

  • Jeong-hun Sin
    Jeong-hun Sin Hace un mes

    Ille Spinosaurus? What the hell is that?