q&a 馃専 moving to sweden, studying abroad, making friends

  • Publicado el 5 nov 2021

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  • Riya Gujarathi
    Riya Gujarathi Hace 10 meses

    Hi Niki! I am an Imperial undergrad as well. How did you get this opportunity to go to Sweden? Is it for you final year project reached out to the uni in Stockholm or is it a formal exchange program that the EEE dept. runs? Thanks :) I鈥檝e been watching a lot of your video btw. They鈥檙e awesome!

  • virre1981
    virre1981 Hace un a帽o

    In theory we should know Brittish, that is what we are meant to learn in school even if media is very US heavy (that might be why some of us mix-up words and spellings from both). Also at least when I went in school, there where tests with listening comprehension of different English accents for me I remember it went from The Bronx to Australia so it surprises me a bit that people do not understand your dialect.

  • Niki Sarker
    Niki Sarker  Hace un a帽o +6

    hey! I know 99% of y'all are super nice and respectful but I've gained a couple new subscribers lately since moving to Stockholm so please if you have any *ideas* about where I live/my neighbourhood, please do not comment that! Normally I see the comments super quickly and can delete them but if you see anyone saying where I live please report it, thank you!!

  • Rocio Bandala
    Rocio Bandala Hace 9 meses

    Hi, I just got accepted to KTH and, I am a EU citizen so I don't get accomodation, the problem is I have never been to Europe and I am kinda lost on how to find accomodation. Could you explain how you got your apartment in Stockolm? It seems to be exactly what I am looking for, I would really appreaciated bc I am lost

    • Rocio Bandala
      Rocio Bandala Hace 9 meses

      @Niki Sarker Thanks, I'll check it out. Great videos, they're very entertaining!

    • Niki Sarker
      Niki Sarker  Hace 9 meses

      Hi, I explained it in another video! It鈥檚 called 鈥淗ow I moved to Sweden鈥

  • Erik
    Erik Hace un a帽o

    The word semester is so confusing.. it almost means the opposite in swedish. :)