Tesla CyberTruck Test Ride

  • Publicado el 22 nov 2019
  • FREE Supercharging when you order a Model S/X/3: ts.la/numan5362
    Tesla Cybertruck Test Ride
    Tesla Cybertruck Unveil
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Comentarios • 3 494

  • MrGamerNoob
    MrGamerNoob Hace un hora

    So ugly

  • sreyroth chan
    sreyroth chan Hace 8 horas

    lol jailbreak in reallife

  • Liinadec
    Liinadec Hace 15 horas


  • Justin Owens
    Justin Owens Hace 21 un hora

    Not a truck

  • 彡Z a r o彡
    彡Z a r o彡 Hace un día

    Il design sembra io che taglio una patata

  • paul kraft
    paul kraft Hace un día

    God cards are so going to be ugly now

  • Fernando Vera
    Fernando Vera Hace 2 días


  • Mister Alexko
    Mister Alexko Hace 2 días

    Sk /cz?

  • Maxim 4:20
    Maxim 4:20 Hace 2 días

    Я один русский?

  • Gian Saria
    Gian Saria Hace 2 días


  • Vin A
    Vin A Hace 2 días

    is it me looking for side mirrors?

  • Jose Ribera
    Jose Ribera Hace 3 días

    Homer Simpson will be proud of this car.

  • Top Roman
    Top Roman Hace 3 días +1

    Tesla chibertrack WONE LOVE

  • Eden Chia
    Eden Chia Hace 3 días

    It looks weird for me

  • Chronous Style
    Chronous Style Hace 3 días +1

    He really designed his products like he's gonna use it in outer space!

  • Muanzova Chhakchhuak
    Muanzova Chhakchhuak Hace 3 días

    Who else thought that truck ugly..


    Esse carro é muito feio 😰

  • priabernamadimas
    priabernamadimas Hace 3 días

    Designed by ruler but definitely not for commoners

  • Slashy31
    Slashy31 Hace 3 días

    This car looks like it was made by Mojang

  • VectorSkill The Loser Playboy

    This is shit in car form

  • OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer
    OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer Hace 3 días +1

    Truck From Cyberpunk 2077

  • Nicholas Eggers
    Nicholas Eggers Hace 3 días

    surprised it did not break down

  • Gilbert W.
    Gilbert W. Hace 5 días

    notebook alltime inside, bahh

  • Budgie
    Budgie Hace 6 días +2

    Looks like it came out of Los Santos Customs.

  • Aidid Rashed Efat
    Aidid Rashed Efat Hace 6 días

    It looks ugly

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade Hace 6 días

    *This isn’t a truck, its a moon rover built for the street.*

  • zeus ݓ
    zeus ݓ Hace 6 días

    That truck is so ugly ....I wouldn't drive this crap even if they paid me too

  • Chris Chill
    Chris Chill Hace 7 días

    If this car came out everyone in the world would want it than I look out only cyber trucks XDD

  • B Sherman
    B Sherman Hace 7 días

    I like it, really wanna feel how comfortable is the inside.

  • Lako Taco
    Lako Taco Hace 7 días

    Very boring dashboard design

  • Marko Marko
    Marko Marko Hace 7 días


  • Official Wafi - HD
    Official Wafi - HD Hace 7 días +1

    Man i wish i can get in

  • Debojyde
    Debojyde Hace 7 días

    Damn ....this truck has grown on me. Went from fking ugly to beautifully rugged

  • João Víctor
    João Víctor Hace 8 días

    A mala parece o carro do IML KKKKKKKK

  • Мария Кавунова


  • sjow
    sjow Hace 8 días

    strangest car ever

  • O_
    O_ Hace 8 días +5

    This is like a car you see in a game when it's to far away from you, so you see the low-poly model of the car.

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey Hace 8 días

    Algum BR nessa poha, Poha de cybertruck o negócio e Fordona e Chevrolet

  • TM Kim
    TM Kim Hace 9 días

    Is this a real full product? Not a prototype under development???

  • Dean Krasen
    Dean Krasen Hace 9 días

    стебаться можно над русскими комментами. всё им не так. типа в деревне полюбому лучше заколхозить можно стиль и фактуру 😁😁😁 дышите глубже, она и бабла еще потребует для обновлений. не будете же на старой прошивке по ебеням гонять.

  • TastyBacon
    TastyBacon Hace 9 días

    Modelled off of Harry Maguire's head

  • Джунейт БИЛГИН

    На поворотах стучит подвеска как в моих жигулях

  • LEON
    LEON Hace 10 días

    This better be in gta 6

  • Yerzha Tleuk
    Yerzha Tleuk Hace 10 días

    Млять такую шумиху подняли как будто автомобиль только изобрели. А народ как стадо баранов

  • Игорь Сидоренко

    В России начали делать свои кибертрайки

  • Игорь Сидоренко

    Тут есть кто-то из России?

  • Totally not the flash :3
    Totally not the flash :3 Hace 11 días

    Little do we know these things are designed that way so that they can sell it to rebel groups and it will be easy to modify and add some big guns on it thus explaining why it looks ugly but futuristic and fast. Remember Toyota War? Now we wait for Cybertruck war lol

  • Zanfo
    Zanfo Hace 11 días

    *This is my car*

  • Kurtuluş Ağca
    Kurtuluş Ağca Hace 11 días

    Bizim tsk daki land lara benziyor mk😄

  • JosephB55
    JosephB55 Hace 11 días

    To be honest, the design is ugly. Looks like a soda can with no color on it

    • Prashant M
      Prashant M Hace 8 días

      I know but to be honest this is future of Automobile Designs musk is immortal.... This vehicle is powerful and simplicity

  • Tens
    Tens Hace 11 días

    It won't be anything like that in production. That is a pure concept demo car. So many Elon fan boys here.. Make me sick believing everything Elon says. His hyperloop is the dumbest idea. And where is that tesla roadster? Hahaha it's all a scam.

  • Вежливые Люди
    Вежливые Люди Hace 12 días +3

    Уже не понятно, или настоящая, или пареварена с какого-то уазика.

  • garrison evans
    garrison evans Hace 12 días

    Is the Tesla logo anywhere??

  • Hsbehd Jsjdbd
    Hsbehd Jsjdbd Hace 13 días

    Own one of these get inside and looks like playing roblox and you start smashing everything you see

  • против правил, кто со мной?


  • Magnum ss
    Magnum ss Hace 13 días


  • BBBYpsi
    BBBYpsi Hace 13 días

    Interesting but the steering wheel needs to change to be totally round. Many people like to rest there hand on top. I know your not supposed to but driving a few hundred miles on a trip that rest is needed. Also is there a cruise control?

  • Mh M
    Mh M Hace 13 días

    Real live Roblox car

  • Said Kurbanov
    Said Kurbanov Hace 14 días

    Skolko stoit

    SHIMOL GEARZ Hace 14 días

    2 BIT race game