SURPRISING DANCERS on Got Talent! | Top Talent


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  • Alysa Maskall
    Alysa Maskall Hace 2 horas


    G1RL1SONW4TER Hace 2 horas


  • Juliette f.g
    Juliette f.g Hace 2 horas

    That old lady moves better than me & I'm only 25 SMFH

  • TheDannyShow
    TheDannyShow Hace 3 horas


  • MouseTrap
    MouseTrap Hace 3 horas

    First song name ?

  • Saint Paulux
    Saint Paulux Hace 3 horas

    Le truc avec le show de l'handicapé c'est que si tu dis non, tu passes pour un connards sans âmes

  • Zada Clarke-Figeroux
    Zada Clarke-Figeroux Hace 4 horas


  • Janayja O.m.g
    Janayja O.m.g Hace 4 horas

    I loved 7:07💗😂😂I still can’t believe he can dance better than me

  • Janayja O.m.g
    Janayja O.m.g Hace 5 horas

    1:17 when mid age people can dance better than you😫😂🔥🔥

  • jana maz
    jana maz Hace 5 horas

    The wheelchair dancer and partner were extremely moving!

  • Kelly Abraham
    Kelly Abraham Hace 5 horas

    That cool!!!

  • jssangel416
    jssangel416 Hace 6 horas

    That 1st group was the cutest thing I've seen since dancing babies, the old lady had me shook with fear and laughter and the wheelchair dance made me cry. Let me off this damn roller coaster of emotions!!

  • EL KhaLwI dz
    EL KhaLwI dz Hace 6 horas

    what is the name of the nicki minaj's song

  • Lesley
    Lesley Hace 7 horas

    Oscar is my idol now XD

  • K. Röschmann
    K. Röschmann Hace 8 horas

    Number 5 😭❤

  • vishal kumar
    vishal kumar Hace 8 horas


  • Lizzie Gogola
    Lizzie Gogola Hace 8 horas

    Someone get their teachers 😂

  • Regoil GD
    Regoil GD Hace 8 horas

    I love light balance

  • Muteki no Ishizoku
    Muteki no Ishizoku Hace 9 horas

    Trop fort la team darron😂

  • Ayka Qurbanova
    Ayka Qurbanova Hace 10 horas +1

    Superrrrrrrrrrr peformans

  • kopal singh
    kopal singh Hace 11 horas


  • Le Tinh Song
    Le Tinh Song Hace 11 horas

    I'm not much of a fan of modern dance, but that wheelchair dance was fantastic!

  • Simo Moha
    Simo Moha Hace 12 horas

    top talents is in every place is not matter how your age or body look like good share

  • Haerter wong
    Haerter wong Hace 13 horas


  • Marie-Paule OHOUO
    Marie-Paule OHOUO Hace 13 horas

    9:57 Song?

  • Celaena Moon
    Celaena Moon Hace 14 horas

    As to what happened in the third one...
    "So I am confusion"
    *ah... Ahhh!!!.... AHHH!!!!!!!!!*

  • Lean Bonetto
    Lean Bonetto Hace 14 horas

    You are simply amazing.

    SC PLAYS Hace 14 horas

    The second one was epic!

  • Louloute Nounours
    Louloute Nounours Hace 14 horas

    8:28 magnifique vraiment beau

  • Disha Harwin
    Disha Harwin Hace 14 horas

    11:50 NO

  • Phil1589
    Phil1589 Hace 15 horas

    lol in subtitles: He says: Iam a teacher in subtitles is Iam a gay person??? xD

    GOZKILLER Hace 15 horas

    WOW I MUST GIVE UP ...AMERICAN GOT TALENT..IT' S NOT A JOKE, i'm French but if you look at our broadcast, you will see, we are so much hopeless.....

  • Gemma Rendell
    Gemma Rendell Hace 16 horas

    Oscar got me dead like *WORK IT HONEY*

    DaRebels RANDOMNESS Hace 17 horas

    The third one was so sassy- they just like "How dare you buzz our dance?! We'll show y'all a thing or two!! OR HOW ABOUT THIS, A FULL-ON FUCKIN DANCE?!" Nanny 'n man power, don't fuck with 'em!!

  • Nasreen Fathima
    Nasreen Fathima Hace 18 horas

    The third act, what would you do in that age.....!? For sure I would be under the graveyard some were in my country☺😊😀😂😁😃😄😅😆😉.

  • Isa Pouso
    Isa Pouso Hace 18 horas

    Min 11:34 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Emilie du 93
    Emilie du 93 Hace 18 horas

    Le dernier est très émotionnelle

  • Rose tyl
    Rose tyl Hace 20 horas

    The 2nd was so LIT! Amaziiiiinnnggg👏👏

  • Eleora Angel
    Eleora Angel Hace 20 horas

    1:57 leaelui, ona, malu, who?

  • Jasmine MSP
    Jasmine MSP Hace 21 un hora


    ANKUSH GAWANDE Hace 21 un hora


  • chillerkiller 99
    chillerkiller 99 Hace 21 un hora

    Whoa... the Anaconda guy was just outrageous!!

  • Maggie Zevlogger
    Maggie Zevlogger Hace 23 horas

    Sees the name of the first dance group *laughs* “can’t wait to see this!” *watches it* “omg:o”

    DAMNED TMR Hace 23 horas


  • TheFluffy Kit
    TheFluffy Kit Hace un día

    1. Suprising
    2. AMAZING

  • Prox_
    Prox_ Hace un día

    Video starts at 0:00. Your welcome.

  • Jonathan Johnson Johnson

    When old men dance better than you like if you can relate

  • Shantai Kinsey
    Shantai Kinsey Hace un día

    I swear if I saw my teacher on this..

  • Valeriu Ulinici
    Valeriu Ulinici Hace un día

    and the back ones look like fresh sans from underfresh

  • Valeriu Ulinici
    Valeriu Ulinici Hace un día

    the 2d looks like undertale king frisk XD

  • Roblox992 9222
    Roblox992 9222 Hace un día +1

    Look at 5:02 it funnded

  • Satrio Tio
    Satrio Tio Hace un día +1

    8:26 that's so deep :')

  • oliver nakakande
    oliver nakakande Hace un día

    I like the old lady's dance

  • Guilherme Farias
    Guilherme Farias Hace un día

    Quais são os nomes da música?? Alguém sabe pfvr

    DESTINY BUCKNER Hace un día

    I’m not crying you are!!😭

  • Stitch! The Sans fangirl


  • Angie Amari
    Angie Amari Hace un día


  • jessica32947
    jessica32947 Hace un día

    2nd is a mistake it’s a light show

  • Morgan Frazee
    Morgan Frazee Hace un día


  • Alex Gaskarth's Eyebrows

    Those two guys were my favorite, the guy in the wheelchair and his partner....that was just so cool

  • shahid haafiz
    shahid haafiz Hace un día

    The fat guy was cool

  • Baby Ari
    Baby Ari Hace un día

    2nd was my fav

  • Frances Magro
    Frances Magro Hace un día

    Without the ability to dance as one did before is no longer life , it's life you pray will pass quickly. NOTHING compares to dancing to every bit & sound of music. Not even music is the same anymore. Oh well, there's still writing. Searching is interesting .

  • Frances Magro
    Frances Magro Hace un día

    When your first true love is dance & it's been taken, there are no words.

  • Anas Malik
    Anas Malik Hace un día

    2:30 man in the mirror by MICHAEL JACKSON

  • Lingna Zhao
    Lingna Zhao Hace un día

    I loved the last one

  • Random Fox
    Random Fox Hace un día

    The old lady gave him the death stare when he pressed the buzzer

  • Kawaii Tacocat!
    Kawaii Tacocat! Hace un día +1

    My first thought when seeing this vid: Is Merrik on this?

  • Coot2706
    Coot2706 Hace un día


  • Pentti Saarikoski
    Pentti Saarikoski Hace un día

    No 🇫🇮🇫🇮

  • Loqman AYACHE
    Loqman AYACHE Hace un día

    Kik off stupide french

  • Sankar kumari
    Sankar kumari Hace un día +1

    These performance shows appearance are deceptive

  • 梅村友瑛
    梅村友瑛 Hace un día

    where is Ebina Kenichi?

  • Hala Diarbakerli
    Hala Diarbakerli Hace un día

    3:47 Song?

  • Karla Rodriguez
    Karla Rodriguez Hace un día


  • Markie N' Maggie
    Markie N' Maggie Hace un día

    When you think it's gonna be weird but instead it is a fat piece of gold

  • Redly Msp
    Redly Msp Hace un día

    I love the seconde one so much!!! :D

  • Gruz VN
    Gruz VN Hace un día

    4:02 what name the song ?

  • Undertale Forever
    Undertale Forever Hace un día


  • Katya mallia
    Katya mallia Hace un día

    The first one is AMAZING! if my dad did that I WOULD BE SO HAPPPYYYY! however my dad is lazy and has NOT got the back to do that anymore Bhahaha

  • Afnan 246
    Afnan 246 Hace un día +1

    Who knew a maths teacher would have such wild moves....(first act)

  • Action Jackie
    Action Jackie Hace un día

    Simon is kinda retarded,....

  • Action Jackie
    Action Jackie Hace un día

    old but GOLD!....

  • Khushi di angelo
    Khushi di angelo Hace un día

    I love light balance group . How can someone's dance like that!!!!!!

  • Gabriella Sinka
    Gabriella Sinka Hace un día


  • Leonarda Škara
    Leonarda Škara Hace un día

    Imagine seeing your teacher on bgt dancing like this (my english is bad i am from croatia forgive me)

  • Dalia Jaber
    Dalia Jaber Hace un día +1

    OMG 8:26 It was so emotional 😢 that made me cry 😭because the one that was on the well char was talking about his true story about his relationship with his friend 👬 through a dance🕺 it was AMAZING 😘I LOVE IT❤

  • ImJustJazzy
    ImJustJazzy Hace un día


  • ImJustJazzy
    ImJustJazzy Hace un día

    For the 3rd one that grandma must be really be in good shape and very, VERY, fit
    Unlike me i’m the opposite cuz i’m lazy AF

  • Jack Xerox
    Jack Xerox Hace un día

    These guys hang out at my local pub, a few beers and they're on the stripper pole twerking.

  • zz
    zz Hace un día

    what I'm doing here..I should be studying

  • BubbaBlu
    BubbaBlu Hace un día

    imagine seeing *your* TEACHER practically man-twerk on britain's got talent.
    like if that would be FRGGIN HORRIFYING

  • Ahmet Yasin Aydoğdu
    Ahmet Yasin Aydoğdu Hace un día +1

    11:49 müzik adı ne

  • mr cm
    mr cm Hace un día

    This is what happen when you take steroids

  • Radek Dráb
    Radek Dráb Hace un día

    The second one is the best 🚼🎵🎵

  • Christine Walter
    Christine Walter Hace un día +1

    The man and the woman was so funny

  • Christine Walter
    Christine Walter Hace un día

    Waaaaaaahhh. I was so laghing

  • KawaiiShovey
    KawaiiShovey Hace un día

    Simons face when he yawns at 4:50. XD

  • Mia Van Kolver
    Mia Van Kolver Hace un día

    The 2 is always my favourite