What do you know about Huntington Park in Southern California.

  • Publicado el 29 ene 2023

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  • HispanicAtTheDisco
    HispanicAtTheDisco Hace 3 años +17

    I grew up in South Gate. But when I moved with my grandma before she passed away, she lived in Huntington Park. It’s a bit crowded here, I’ll admit that, but it’s home.

  • Gilbert Sanchez
    Gilbert Sanchez Hace 5 años +10

    I moved here back in 1965 from Texas.The majority of people in H.P, were caucasians. The rest were chicanos. There were only a handful of mexicans nationals from Mexico. About 20 at my high school and they didn't speak good english and the chicanos didn't speak good spanish. Some didn't speak spanish at all. H.P. was a great place to live. Now it turned into a ghetto. lol

    • Electric Bill Saver
      Electric Bill Saver  Hace 5 años +1

      good info, and everyone has their own opinion, and is all good...

  • Just Steve
    Just Steve Hace 2 años +8

    LOL I grew up there too and went to Gage Jr Hi and Huntington Park High School... probably waaaayyy before your time...My Mom also graduated from HPHS. I graduated in 1976. My Mom graduated in 1957. Former HP Mayor Rick Loya was my health teacher at HPHS. It was a great place then.... I guess it still is depending on your perspective. We still own property there. I grew up at 3046 Flower st. (in Walnut Park). My Grandma paid $13,000 for the house in 1959. Went to Kindergarden at State Street School. The DelMart on the corner of State St and Hope St was the "happening place" in the 60's lol Or the Wichell's Donut Shop or A&W Rootbeer on State St and Florence. The Mobile gas station on the corner of State and Flower was leased by my father for a couple years, then by a guy named Claire Prosser all through my teen years. The store and gas station are long gone. As are most of the things I grew up with there. My Grandma's house across from the hospital was bulldozed along with many others to make more parking for downtown H.P. Our house that my Dad built from a 2 br into a 6 br on Flower St still stands as he built it, but is no longer the biggest house in the neighborhood. When I was a kid the street car tracks were still running down Pacific Blvd... I'll never forget the pig murals in Vernon! Or the smell when driving by! The L.A. riverbed was our escape place then.... So many great memories from growing up there. I went to the Huntington Park Christmas Lane Parade every year of my young life. Don't know it is even still a thing. I left H.P for O.C. in 1978 Huntington Park and the surrounding area will always hold a special place in my heart and memories.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez Hace 3 años +3

    Used to live here and I loved it so much, moved literally just one hood over to South Gate and its much quieter but I miss the liveliness of HP sometimes

  • Constitution 1787
    Constitution 1787 Hace 4 años +7

    I lived in Long Beach/Downey and worked in H.P. at near Slauson and Florence in late 80's and early 90's and H.P. was great.

  • Dog Dust
    Dog Dust Hace 3 años +5

    I live in Maywood. It seems comfortable there if you get used to it there for about a year. It’s a good place to live but there’s a bunch of Latinos like me. But bad thing is that there’s gang members there and marijuana and other drugs or weed.

    • Dont Trip
      Dont Trip Hace 3 años +3

      Lmao how is weed a problem?

  • Jun Gallego
    Jun Gallego Hace 4 años +20

    There are alot latin people sometimes i wonder if i am really in california or in mexico 😂😂😂😂

    • Mex Zeppelin
      Mex Zeppelin Hace 5 meses

      Figure it out, clown...

    • Kelley Jones
      Kelley Jones Hace un año +4

      I love the latin culture, and they were here before white man's greed bullied them and the native American Indians out. Something to think about.

    • Arlene M.
      Arlene M. Hace 2 años +2

      They're native Americans that speak Spanish

    • Rocky Racoon
      Rocky Racoon Hace 4 años +5

      There is no need for Americans to visit Mexico. Just send them to HP or Santa Ana!

  • Louise is Cheese
    Louise is Cheese Hace 5 años +3

    i wanna go here when I'm older to meet my friend but I am too young right now but I hope it is a nice place lol ive always wanted to go to California XD

    • Ruben Chavez
      Ruben Chavez Hace un año +1

      @Mexican God finna get robbed soon as he step out the whip 😭😂

    • Mexican God
      Mexican God Hace 3 años +2

      Cheesedoesnthaveholes Owo don’t come its ghetto nigga

  • Eva Rent
    Eva Rent Hace 2 meses

    My brothers and sisters went and graduated from Huntington park High back in the 60’s and early 70’s and it was a beautiful city so clean and higher end stores, but now it’s so ghetto and junky over crowded it’s really sad😢

  • 56deedles
    56deedles Hace un mes

    I grew up in HP. Pacific Blvd was full of shopping and movie theaters. It was awesome. Our Christmas parade was on TV every year. They ruined it!!

  • Bh
    Bh Hace un mes +1

    Born and raised in HP class of 2004 Palm Pl stomping grounds ❤

  • Adrian Ayub
    Adrian Ayub Hace 2 meses

    My grandmother moved with her family to Huntington park from jalpa, south Zacatecas Mexico, at first she didn’t like it

  • Daniel
    Daniel Hace 4 años +5

    HPHS - Class of '79. I now live in Texas. Over $337,000 for a house!? WOW! I bought mine for $120,000 - 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1.519 sq ft, 7,000 ft lot.

    • Ish2021
      Ish2021 Hace 2 años +1

      @star ibarra I know that’s why I’m leaving soon I’m the same way

    • star ibarra
      star ibarra Hace 2 años

      @Ish2021 me personally I would NEVER live there. I'm a city girl.

    • Ish2021
      Ish2021 Hace 2 años

      @star ibarra yeah, If you don’t mind living in the desert and not having much entertainment around you . Speaking from experience living in the Inland Empire.

    • star ibarra
      star ibarra Hace 2 años

      You didn't have to go that far ... Lol for your $125,000 home. ... U know barstow and lancaster are still cheap ass hell.

    • Ernie Sanchez
      Ernie Sanchez Hace 3 años +1

      Daniel Rodriguez good for you. I’m glad you left this shit hole. I’ll be leaving soon

  • Nidia Perez Gonsalez
    Nidia Perez Gonsalez Hace 4 años +8

    wow memories from cali now im in texas

  • yellowgroove Pyro1
    yellowgroove Pyro1 Hace 2 años

    Cool looks like great weather there

  • o p r a h
    o p r a h Hace 5 años +10

    huntington park isn’t the prettiest place to be in but it’s home

    • Ish2021
      Ish2021 Hace 2 años

      That’s a good way to put it Oprah ... a lot of good memories in HP but also some bad ones.

    • jaganshi
      jaganshi Hace 2 años

      Same bro I love Huntington park

    • Katherine Castillo
      Katherine Castillo Hace 3 años

      o o f hey oprah 💀

  • yayo a
    yayo a Hace un año +1

    Huntington is like Mexico

  • chente2020
    chente2020 Hace un año +4

    Huntington park is now ghetto . It used to be a beautiful city back when I used to live in I 1970 through 1989 .

    • Mex Zeppelin
      Mex Zeppelin Hace 5 meses

      Still a beautiful city. Not even close to a ghetto, idiot ...

  • Tim King
    Tim King Hace 4 años

    Nice video, I grew up in HP, which is west of downtown LA bro, not east, thank you for making this!

  • Cloud Hye
    Cloud Hye Hace 5 años +4

    Safeness I give it 7/10
    I wish they would upgrade there stores tho we have some cheap ass stores here smh lol

    • just2
      just2 Hace 6 meses

      Update from 2022:
      Safety= 3/10
      They closed Fallas Paredes and made a mattress shop out of it 😭 Fallas paredes was the best store fr

  • Franky-With-a-Y
    Franky-With-a-Y Hace 6 años +14

    Ok, its not the nicest place ever. But I live here and it seems very comfortable.

    • jaganshi
      jaganshi Hace 2 años

      Franky-With-a-Y yes sir

    • Billy Bob
      Billy Bob Hace 5 años

      Moto Franky me too bro!

  • just2
    just2 Hace 6 meses

    No mames bro I live and grew up in Malabar St. and everyday there are cops outside istg I'm not in shock at this point and rn there are helicopters flying around at 12 am, I'm just wondering what these people did now😂. But once you get to know the cholos here your good

  • J Martinez
    J Martinez Hace 2 años

    good video !! you still sound Salvadorian lol ... God bless ..and the house prices are crazy there stupid really I was born in LA lived in SG but moved in 97 bought a home for $85 thousand 4800 Square feet ... crazy but true shoot I never pay $380.000 for HP home that's less than 1100 sq foot sad ... but I get it ... but stay there lol

    • J Martinez
      J Martinez Hace 2 años

      @Patrick Bateman true that my dear human , it's totally true I only wish the best for your generation I'm sure you will be fine work hard and you will accomplish success 😊

  • themopedmetallist
    themopedmetallist Hace 4 años

    Y' wanna see comps double, and shelf time cut down to 2 weeks? Include famous residents y la hisroia as the cradle of changes in the Aerican auto industry, and the worldwide aftermarket to modify all those cars

  • StuQinThe80z
    StuQinThe80z Hace 2 años +3

    A great place to get your Micas & Seguros!

  • LPS Popzee
    LPS Popzee Hace 3 años

    I searched this up because this is where i live in.

  • jehu2134
    jehu2134 Hace un año

    Huntington park is not a good city to live in this days there's alot of thief,homeless,drug adicted,gang members around the neighboorhood. My cathalitic converter got stolen,My car battery got stolen too in the afternoon also somebody broke my car window on the street. The city of Huntington Park is not doing anything to solve the delinquent problems this days.

  • Mr. Camacho
    Mr. Camacho Hace 10 meses

    It used to have no homeless.

  • Prince Erick
    Prince Erick Hace un año


  • Rick Zepeda
    Rick Zepeda Hace 6 meses

    337,000 wow i bet its doubled in the 6 years

  • CindyGiovanna
    CindyGiovanna Hace 2 años +1

    This city is so overcrowded and the streets are disgusting! There is always no parking, no matter the time or day. I can’t wait to finally leave Huntington Park! :(

    • Ish2021
      Ish2021 Hace 2 años +2

      That was me not too long ago couldn’t wait to leave the city. Now I find myself going back every now and then for the food. They have some good taco places. Yes, HP has terrible parking I don’t miss that at all. Good luck on your search, you will find something better. I felt like I was never going to get out of HP lol I felt stuck.

  • Addie Loves games
    Addie Loves games Hace 4 años

    Well i know this because I live there

  • Elsa Cuevas
    Elsa Cuevas Hace 3 años

    I live there

  • Tere Doan
    Tere Doan Hace 5 años +8

    HP=1970's and Before Ok! Now A cesspool!

  • Ramon Malacara
    Ramon Malacara Hace 5 años +9


    • Just Steve
      Just Steve Hace 2 años +2

      yeah it's been that way since the 1970's when I went to school and grew up there. Got quite a few beat downs from F13 "Florencia Trese" until I stood up to them and became friends with some of them.

  • Whitenacho
    Whitenacho Hace un año

    Looks like a real armpit. But it's home.

  • Alex S.
    Alex S. Hace 5 años +6

    left in the 90s never looked back.

  • Elizabeth Neri
    Elizabeth Neri Hace 3 años


  • Ysl
    Ysl Hace 3 años

    Nigga i miss living there bro i remember when i used to go to Gage middle school n i lived on Regent n gage

  • Rose Flores
    Rose Flores Hace un año

    Santo pecado wk el gallo norwalk south gate huntington park stay in your condado

  • Rose Flores
    Rose Flores Hace un año

    American team property hilton

  • mike vasquez
    mike vasquez Hace 2 años +4


    • Ish2021
      Ish2021 Hace un año

      @Christina Cyrax you might be right, it could’ve been 2017. They changed the arcades to where they didn’t take quarters anymore and you just paid for a certain time limit. It was kind of whack and it was empty I stopped going.

    • Christina Cyrax
      Christina Cyrax Hace un año

      @Ish2021 oh ok! I believe it closed in 2017 but if it was 2 years ago it might of opened back up hopefully. I havent been in years

    • Ish2021
      Ish2021 Hace un año

      @Christina Cyrax Hi, I was in HP about 2 years ago before this whole Covid craziness started and it was open back then. I don’t know if it’s open now.

    • Christina Cyrax
      Christina Cyrax Hace un año

      @Ish2021 the underground arcade is open again?

    • Ish2021
      Ish2021 Hace 2 años +1

      The arcades are still there but it’s a ghost town now, hardly anyone down there. Used to be a lot of people playing against each other. Good times.

  • Thecashman
    Thecashman Hace 4 años

    Ive made 0vrr 300k the past 2 year in hp

  • eon14873
    eon14873 Hace 2 años +1

    all i know is SLAYER are from there

  • Destiny's Reyesin
    Destiny's Reyesin Hace 6 años

    what heal

  • Rose Flores
    Rose Flores Hace un año

    Sandiego I got back up

    FERNANDO GONZALEZ Hace 5 años +3


  • daniel bravo
    daniel bravo Hace 5 años


  • Fernanda Valenzuela
    Fernanda Valenzuela Hace 6 años +1

    que rraro

  • Rose Flores
    Rose Flores Hace un año

    Ramirez eduardo

  • Allen guzman
    Allen guzman Hace 4 años +1