NBA Top 5 Plays of the Night | December 2, 2019

  • Publicado el 3 dic 2019
  • Check out the top 5 plays of the night from around the league on Dec. 2 featuring Al Horford, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Matisse Thybulle and more!
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Comentarios • 280

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7 Hace 20 días

    That was ordinary at 1:03.

  • MrTitanSword
    MrTitanSword Hace un mes +1

    Giannis really is the second coming of Shaq😱🤗

  • Ranking The Data
    Ranking The Data Hace un mes

    San Antonio Spurs, is the greatest NBA team in the last 30 years! Proof givenídeo.html

  • Always Unit G
    Always Unit G Hace un mes

    I told you . Yaniss! 😅

  • Šatara
    Šatara Hace un mes

    yo NBA where the top 5 or 10 from last night????

  • Mr Macarony
    Mr Macarony Hace un mes

    Lol Giannis 😂 My man ruined SAS's whole day .

  • Kiril Kirilov
    Kiril Kirilov Hace un mes

    the new cringementator

  • cheruzaleming
    cheruzaleming Hace un mes

    Goatmentator lowkey ghostwriting for Averagementator

  • Nell Dizon
    Nell Dizon Hace un mes

    No top plays today dec4 here in Philippines

  • brendan baird
    brendan baird Hace un mes

    For some reason Giannis's shit doesn't impress me.

  • 2Tuntematon
    2Tuntematon Hace un mes

    I aint gonna lie Giannis is a lil bitch! Hahaha, would fuck him up ANYtime. And im chinese -_- !!

  • J. Buck
    J. Buck Hace un mes

    I only seen 2 Good Ones

  • Lazyeye_o
    Lazyeye_o Hace un mes

    #3 should be 1

  • Ilias Halemi
    Ilias Halemi Hace un mes

    Yo Giannis why do that guy like that tho

  • CL Supreme
    CL Supreme Hace un mes

    That’s a career highlight. Julius Randle will be haunted by that 4 the rest of his days 😔

  • Emerson Ramos
    Emerson Ramos Hace un mes

    Chris webber can do that in his prime

  • william barney
    william barney Hace un mes

    #3 should've been #1

  • King of Strong Style.
    King of Strong Style. Hace un mes

    Was it a defense randle?

  • Martin Racey
    Martin Racey Hace un mes

    he reminds me more and more of Lew Alcindor the more I watch him.. maybe with a better jump shot.

  • Enigmafiresup
    Enigmafiresup Hace un mes

    Goatmentator teaching his ways to his apprentice I see

  • High Morale
    High Morale Hace un mes

    You guys have problem with Warriors?? Jordan Poole drive and bounce pass for dunk to Omari is a joke? lobs to Marquesse Chriss is a joke? lol

  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia Hace un mes

    Cringementator got bullied off?

  • alex05k
    alex05k Hace un mes

    The commentator kinda sounds like Beck Bennet

  • Comments only
    Comments only Hace un mes +1


  • MrABStheMan
    MrABStheMan Hace un mes

    Giannis was that really necessary? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • OMGItsPav
    OMGItsPav Hace un mes

    "As Giannis, the Greek Freak, moves so sleek, reaching the peak of top plays THIS WEEK" is what you should have said. One day you'll day...

  • iDOthisFORfun
    iDOthisFORfun Hace un mes

    Giannis dunks things everyone else would lay up, dude is a cheat code

  • Gerald of Rivia
    Gerald of Rivia Hace un mes

    most improved-mentator

  • Antoine baller
    Antoine baller Hace un mes

    Where da fuck the GOAT been at. It's been a week!!!!

  • Kzplays Roblox
    Kzplays Roblox Hace un mes

    Giannis dunks usually aren't nice but that's how you dunk in u 9 feet tall straight punish a mf

  • Preston Proulx
    Preston Proulx Hace un mes

    Kelly Oubre dunk WAY better than Simmons soft lob

  • Βασιλης μπουμουκος

    I wanna watch Giannis destroying clippers so bad...everyone keeps the memory of Leonard postering Giannis but in reality Giannis blocked 3 times and poster Leonard 2 times in regular season!I bet Leonard will be off for a week just so he gets ready for the game!

  • Jonah Switzer
    Jonah Switzer Hace un mes

    The fact that Sabonis's dunk isnt here is a damn shame

  • Cristopher Ramírez
    Cristopher Ramírez Hace un mes

    That Al horford chase was so sloooww....

  • Mondo Shredder
    Mondo Shredder Hace un mes

    That reee-jection at #4 was with *attitude* - a bonafide Dikembe "Not in my house!" moment...

    GOLVEL Hace un mes

    Was that "one more time" a nod to you-know-who?! :-D

  • Vasilis M. Kouroublakis

    The Greek Beast.........

  • Floww _
    Floww _ Hace un mes


  • Whibie Adi Nugroho
    Whibie Adi Nugroho Hace un mes

    Now that's some energy!!

  • guy harper
    guy harper Hace un mes

    This top five was nice. Good commentary

  • cesar leon
    cesar leon Hace un mes

    improvementator was cool.

  • Earl Savanna
    Earl Savanna Hace un mes

    Now this guys rhyming.. wtf he’s a little better though

  • Γεράσιμος Μπαλτσαβιας

    I'm not sure who😂🤣

  • wrightterence680
    wrightterence680 Hace un mes

    #1 & #3 are my favorite plays

  • Roger Tiwari
    Roger Tiwari Hace un mes +1

    Giannis is a Giraffe with handles and vision!

  • Jonathan Encarnacion
    Jonathan Encarnacion Hace un mes

    Giannis doesn’t care

  • DAR walanghiya TV
    DAR walanghiya TV Hace un mes +1

    Wow nice my dunk rin aku guys maganda promise

  • Dr. Reynell Rodríguez

    Am i the only one who hates all this new color trends by all the teams in the league? I get confused as to what team am watching

  • Amos Njine
    Amos Njine Hace un mes

    If I saw Giannis go for a dunk and I was on defense, call me a coward. I would split 😂

  • Trafu Guess
    Trafu Guess Hace un mes

    You must to watch this too dudeídeo.html

  • Oran 1488
    Oran 1488 Hace un mes

    Brink back sadmentator

  • hüso Orta
    hüso Orta Hace un mes

    Noone should put giannis' move to 1,dude he was against to randle there.Randle is the worst defensive player with whiteside right now

  • Marko Dianežević
    Marko Dianežević Hace un mes

    i like how big Al shitted on bogdanovic, and i'm from croatia.

  • Iyk Maduakor
    Iyk Maduakor Hace un mes

    Nobody seen kelley oubre poster

  • George Rodriguez
    George Rodriguez Hace un mes

    MVP still LeBron James tho....

  • UFmamba8
    UFmamba8 Hace un mes

    Giannis vs Shaq would’ve been something to behold

  • Darron J
    Darron J Hace un mes

    I see you! Getting your bars up, nice

  • Yaard
    Yaard Hace un mes


  • dwilliams02
    dwilliams02 Hace un mes

    Always two there are... No more, no less. A master and an apprentice.

  • Say Hi Lobby
    Say Hi Lobby Hace un mes

    Wow you guys love giannis